Brodie Summas (@912Made_Moon) — herb is the healing of the nation, alcohol is the destruction- bob marley
Gotta be consistent this month
02-07-2020 06:14
RT @NoLimitjuskiii: I don’t use them enough
02-07-2020 06:04
RT @xhersian: And the b stands for “borrow”
02-07-2020 06:03
@GotYoInterESSt Iight then. Don’t let that 15 year old drive you crazy. Your 50s are your relaxation years
02-07-2020 06:02
Aye man I think I be overusing emojis
02-07-2020 06:01
@GotYoInterESSt Lol! So I’m guessing you got no choice but to wait then huh? 🤣
02-07-2020 06:01
Well then you tip for everybody mr big bucks
02-07-2020 06:00
@GotYoInterESSt Shit then fuck love go head and become a babymama.... 😂😂
02-07-2020 06:00
@GotYoInterESSt 😂 naw man by 30 you should be prepared to receive and give love responsibly
02-07-2020 05:58
No love should compare.
02-07-2020 05:57
@GotYoInterESSt Smart folk lol
02-07-2020 05:56
I got an hour and 5 mins left on twitter. Who dms open?
02-07-2020 05:55
Why are we in a rush to fall in love? It’s gone happen with the timing is right
02-07-2020 05:54
Take your time with me and I’ll take my time with you
02-07-2020 05:54
@GotYoInterESSt Lol “you be tripping on god”
02-07-2020 05:53
If I was really single I would be wilding on this app cuz
02-07-2020 05:52
@GotYoInterESSt 😂😂 shit me too until I kept reading
02-07-2020 05:51
@GotYoInterESSt 😂😂 I feel cuz because that’s some random fuckery
02-07-2020 05:50
Really gotta stop biting my fingernails
02-07-2020 05:49
@GotYoInterESSt 😂 wylin
02-07-2020 05:44
@BeanRozay Fuck no lol you can see EVERYTHING
02-07-2020 05:43
2004 Honda Civic
02-07-2020 05:37
RT @AdoreAviana: but y’all knew he was in the car & still did it, y’all sad af too😂fuckin youtubers
02-07-2020 05:36
Gotta stop calling bitches, bitches so heavily
02-07-2020 05:34
Pretty bitches annoy me
02-07-2020 05:33
RT @DJZeeti: Nah if somebody put sausage in my oxtail the whole family owe the fade from granny to the kids
02-07-2020 05:27
RT @mymixtapez: #KobeBryant has been named the final #NBA2k21 cover athlete 🔥
02-07-2020 05:27
RT @BasicBitching: While I’m on the topic of dark skinned women, I want to mention Leslie Jones. Her complexion & strong facial features ar…
02-07-2020 05:26
RT @calypso2_u: Where are they getting the wombs???
02-07-2020 05:25
I feel we should be able to curse each other out without getting in our feelings
02-07-2020 05:25
Healthy relationship
02-07-2020 05:24
RT @WebbDeveja: New Bounce Loading...
02-07-2020 05:22
RT @__justkeith: “If you are black and you’re standing in it, stand in it in all shades.” - Tiffany Pollard. New York ate Laura Govan up. h…
02-07-2020 05:21
RT @jiggyjayy2: August Alsina lost his brother, his sister and turned into dad/uncle 4 girls, and battled lupus all before 30....that is he…
02-07-2020 05:12
RT @Mufaa6: I really thought that cow was gonna move 😭😭😭
02-07-2020 05:11
RT @JuiceWorlddd: If you feel like giving up, don’t. 😌
02-07-2020 05:09
RT @nyabryant2: it’s the side view for me 🤩
02-07-2020 05:09
Bitchass all that crying
02-07-2020 05:08
RT @jiggyjayy2: Saweetie, (who i love) having a rap career is pretty privilege personified 😭😭
02-07-2020 05:05
RT @sndfmari: That chocolate skin just do something to my soul 🥰
02-07-2020 05:03
Hi, face!
02-07-2020 05:03
Kill these niggas man
02-07-2020 05:02
RT @makaysmith10: This happened today in Auburn Hills,MI Another Karen ..
02-07-2020 05:00
RT @jiggyjayy2: This Jada - August situation has taught me yall really dont have the same empathy for men in situations when they are broke…
02-07-2020 04:50
RT @shmood_xxx: That apology sex >>> 🥵
02-07-2020 04:48
RT @cliff_ohio: @OchoNoHoez @YoungTaccc @THEPERFOURMER It was niggas try too hard on here
02-07-2020 04:43
RT @YoungTaccc: @THEPERFOURMER Lmfaoo relax
02-07-2020 04:43
RT @YoungTaccc: Welp.... 🤷🏾‍♂️ Lol since we all telling 😂😂😂😂
02-07-2020 04:43
RT @Lcazares50: As a former eight year old.. I just know this wasn’t his idea lmao
02-07-2020 04:42
RT @PlayGirlAsi: She’s absolutely correct. Slave owners stripped identities from slaves, separated families for the sole purpose of deletin…
02-07-2020 04:41
RT @Brandivo: I’ve never really this into perspective as being a type of “privilege” but it is. What do you guys think?…
02-07-2020 04:41
RT @ShannonSharpe: Leave me out of this. Y’all play too much 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
02-07-2020 04:39
RT @SportsCenter: If NBA and NFL teams swapped jerseys 🔥 (via Digitalize/Instagram)
02-07-2020 04:39
2 hrs and 21 minutes left
02-07-2020 04:38
RT @Loso__official: “Oh you very successful? Jerry Lorenzo, You can’t purchase the Fear of God” Produced by @mpaxmusic | 🎥 by @snubbgeez |…
02-07-2020 04:12
RT @MackStyles_: Should be up anyday day now but go ahead and save it 🖤
02-07-2020 04:07
RT @aniyahl8ter: day 28374837298283 of wearing a mask :
02-07-2020 03:48
I need my own girl
02-07-2020 03:46
@1Keezyke Lol twitter is going to be my only problem. Because niggas be bored
02-07-2020 03:14
“Lyrics for the mid, flow for the heart”[email protected] ... Best advice I’ve got in years
02-07-2020 03:13
I don’t wanna hear shit when lebron win because all these niggas got the same amount of time to chill and regroup
02-07-2020 02:22
Man @Akademiks following snitch boy blueprint. This nigga is clearly trolling to stay afloat! Can’t make money if n…
02-07-2020 02:21
His best friend is tekashi... this shit is right out of his playbook to stay relevant
02-07-2020 02:20
@demiblowdollaz I should start with a week and then flow into it being a month long
02-07-2020 02:19
Top 3
02-07-2020 02:18
No social media for the month of July? Hmmmmmm a deep cleansing is needed
02-07-2020 02:17
RT @ModdThaGod: Drop 7lbs & read 2-3 books.
02-07-2020 02:17
RT @1Keezyke: @ModdThaGod Sounds similar to mine. My 30 day starts tomorrow.
02-07-2020 02:17
Kenya is my soulmate
02-07-2020 02:17
@HoesLuvJoeDirt Lmao bartow
01-07-2020 23:23
RT @MiPSosa: I’m craving a big bag
01-07-2020 23:10
@SavDjHighLyfe_ Iight
01-07-2020 23:08
@lovealways__rae I think y’all fronting lol
01-07-2020 23:07
Twitter has been giving me Facebook vibes for about a week now
01-07-2020 23:07
@lovealways__rae Lol ijs! 🤦🏿‍♂️
01-07-2020 23:06
Saving 4 bands is nothing I just gotta stop eating lol
01-07-2020 23:03
@ochocinco $brodie912
01-07-2020 23:03
Niggas actually went to shaman pool?
01-07-2020 23:02
@signed_LV Won’t he do it
01-07-2020 23:01
RT @signed_LV: Look at god tellinsending me confirmations😂😂
01-07-2020 23:01
It’s never too early for a glass of wine
01-07-2020 22:57
RT @skip__dip: I wouldn’t mind Georgia shutting back down.
01-07-2020 22:26
It was this food truck in Orlando on Oak Ridge lord have mercy 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥😋😋😋😋
01-07-2020 22:25
Food truck tacos >>>>>
01-07-2020 22:25
RT @pinheadd_larry: I aine een know zion was averaging damn near 24 lol smh that man be goin nuts
01-07-2020 22:24
RT @SavDjHighLyfe_: She said you finna put all that weed in that blunt ??? Bitch you know I roll thonks get to the point
01-07-2020 22:24
RT @callmeCourtnee: How do I delete all my tweets from 2011 to 2013? Lmao
01-07-2020 22:24
Bout to slide to fire street food real quick then head to the crib
01-07-2020 22:16
RT @Mojojo_NY: 53yr old Superwoman to Wonderwoman 🥵😍❤ get it mamacita!!!!
01-07-2020 22:11
RT @KendrickPerkins: Greatest Player Of All-Time! Carry on...
01-07-2020 22:11
Bold face lie
01-07-2020 22:09
RT @_raebanz: Y’all know how to play spades?
01-07-2020 22:04
“I’m from New Orleans” lol so
01-07-2020 22:02
RT @Jay_Piff: ???)
01-07-2020 21:49
I need a haircut already
01-07-2020 21:46
Don’t tempt me because lol
01-07-2020 21:45
Hate when niggas see me with a bitch they run and tell other niggas and them niggas somehow come and tell me. Why d…
01-07-2020 21:31
Lose 10 pounds & save 4 bands
01-07-2020 21:28
RT @wojespn: JR Smith has signed his deal with the Lakers, source said.
01-07-2020 21:24
A lesson I’m learning
01-07-2020 21:15
RT @hoodrichdomo2: If ya nigga tank top ain’t tight he had that bitch on yesterday 😒😭😭😭😭
01-07-2020 21:09
RT @AlexusMarshayBB: I DO NOT wanna see the same recycled Will & Jada jokes all day sheesh
01-07-2020 21:09
6 months just give me 6 months
01-07-2020 21:09
RT @cashhbandit: me & my niggas we shinin like some bald heads
01-07-2020 21:05
RT @BigFlock187: Hood Vibez Ft. A Guitarist 💕
01-07-2020 21:02
RT @suede_santoro: Sadhus "Holy Sacred Men" of South Asia near the Himalaya region of Nepal who detached themselves from earthly vices , re…
01-07-2020 20:57
RT @1Keezyke: I don’t like small talk. Like at all.
01-07-2020 20:56
01-07-2020 20:54
RT @DaddyDenDen: Everything is making sense now
01-07-2020 20:54
RT @RoxzySoFoxy: I thought we “loved” Will and his beautiful family?? No?? Everybody has their day onhere
01-07-2020 20:54
Quick like derty lol
01-07-2020 20:52
01-07-2020 20:42
RT @newtonland_: They live by different laws than the common folk. You can’t see it cause you can’t afford it 🤷🏿‍♂️
01-07-2020 20:41
01-07-2020 20:41
Lakers vs Celtics in the finals. Lakers with the sweep
01-07-2020 20:35
Ain’t blurrr cuz number or nothing. Lol I think his instincts on this one was spot on
01-07-2020 20:34
I’m too high for this shit mane lol
01-07-2020 20:32
01-07-2020 20:32
RT @icecube: Making some minor adjustments. Stand by.
01-07-2020 20:31
RT @icecube: This Contract With Black America was designed to start the hard conversations. It was made to be perfected and debated. Add co…
01-07-2020 20:31
RT @icecube: I will release a document called, A CONTRACT WITH BLACK AMERICA at 10:30am est.
01-07-2020 20:31
RT @_TaeBella: Carey Hilliards doin Nimbas rn
01-07-2020 20:30
Yeah man it’s getting more and more uncomfortable out here
01-07-2020 20:30
@IndiaUzumaki The man ask who you was and who sent you.... let a random nigga text you and say “my homeboy gave me…
01-07-2020 20:29
RT @kalimoon_: people and their illusions...i just pray for protection from them.
01-07-2020 20:24
I’m going back to rolling .7s
01-07-2020 20:24
RT @CoastboyMook: Ain’t say they name or who sent em or nothing lol
01-07-2020 20:23
Shit cuz better than me. I would’ve left you on read
01-07-2020 20:22
Bad derty
01-07-2020 20:19
That’s the most impressive part
01-07-2020 20:19
@_donnababy No the crazy part is y’all taking a 2 minute clip and just saying the nigga was fucking the lady lol
01-07-2020 20:18
RT @O2Confident:
01-07-2020 20:15
@_donnababy Lol yeah if y’all gone put a whole sexual relationship on that man ...
01-07-2020 20:14
I’m going back to sleep
01-07-2020 20:14
It’s the first day of July let’s just make it through today with positivity
01-07-2020 20:13
RT @SirShawn_: Aight July don’t you come in acting up either, we’ve had enough
01-07-2020 20:13
@_donnababy Yeah that lil 2 mins 😂
01-07-2020 20:13
@_donnababy Lol just starting shit
01-07-2020 20:11
RT @TonyBananas_: Crazy how many bodies have been found trying to look for one person.... and people are just like “meh” about it. Like yo…
01-07-2020 20:10
Did August actually say they was fucking? Lol
01-07-2020 20:08
RT @ashdoll__: I really get Jada, August needed her and she gave herself how she could, whether that be sex, just talking or just listening.
01-07-2020 20:08
RT @chloexhalle: 🥳🥳💓💓❣️❣️happy 22nd birthday to my absolute angel of a sister. chloe, you truly are the light up my life and…
01-07-2020 20:07
RT @kashgood__: A lot of y’all in an open relationship in Savannah....
01-07-2020 20:07
RT @almightyysoso: “My dawg just sent me ya tweets, I’m good off you”
01-07-2020 20:01
RT @sasha_nicolle: Grateful, blessed and excited to see what our future brings! ✨
01-07-2020 19:56
Boy niggas in Savannah don’t care bout no $500 fine lol
01-07-2020 19:41
RT @trvlyblessed__: What’s even more hilarious is that 40% of people STILL didn’t get theirs but the government mailed out about $1.6 billi…
01-07-2020 19:06
RT @OJTheKing: Jada don’t look like he supposed to be able to do this lmao
01-07-2020 18:51
RT @1Keezyke: 2021 we gon see who really been grinding and taking advantage of all this down time..
01-07-2020 18:51
RT @ShadroFrescobar: Happy gday brudda man. Love to ya 4 🖤 @MackStyles_
01-07-2020 18:51
Got my soul snatched
01-07-2020 18:50
RT @jstkiaa: stream August’s new album while yall at it😘
01-07-2020 18:50
RT @abooker678: Sheeeeeesh.
01-07-2020 18:49
RT @BeccaLodahl: Oklahoma Has 100% Positive Test Rate For COVID-19 Following Trump's Tulsa Rally. “Yesterday in Oklahoma, they tested 352 p…
01-07-2020 18:48
RT @eeeeann: @emiIIIiano @wavy11x This how he'd been like LMFAO
01-07-2020 18:46
RT @wavy11x: That nigga can have her fr
01-07-2020 18:46
RT @monithemogul: July will be a great month for us all!🙏🏽
01-07-2020 18:46
RT @MastaBruce_: Happy birthday my boy @MackStyles_ 💯🖤
01-07-2020 18:44
RT @GHSH_SF: Hope July Is Full Of New Blessings 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾
01-07-2020 18:44
RT @altonhall: Stop looking for the next thing to go wrong in 2020. Y'all are focused on the wrong shit
01-07-2020 18:44
RT @NoLimitjuskiii: She’ll always come back home cause I’m her backbone
01-07-2020 18:44
@ochocinco still top 5
01-07-2020 18:38
RT @ochocinco: Good morning, i fucking love all of you fuckers & today is July 1st, drop ya cash app, zelle or PayPal, will be “randomly” c…
01-07-2020 18:37
@ochocinco $Brodie912
01-07-2020 18:37
RT @MackStyles_: NIP ALL DAY 🖤
01-07-2020 18:35
RT @baghdadriggz: Don’t forget me and @BigPoppaDrugz made history last weekend and arguably had one of the best back and forth battles this…
01-07-2020 09:34
RT @HoesLuvJoeDirt: Why everybody gay on 13 reasons why ? Lmfaooooooo
01-07-2020 09:33
Beach vibes
01-07-2020 08:23
How long this helicopter been on Tybee ?
01-07-2020 07:49
Idk why when I was younger it felt like an hour drive to get to Tybee... shit legit a 20 min drive
01-07-2020 07:13
RT @MackStyles_: @912Made_Moon Preciate that my dawg much love 🖤
01-07-2020 07:09
@MackStyles_ happy birthday lil bro. Much love king O⬆️C 4L
01-07-2020 07:01
Okay I can do one more
01-07-2020 06:51
RT @callmeCourtnee: @912Made_Moon Lmfao idk why y'all think my opinions change because I'm somebody wife.
01-07-2020 06:41
Hate when bitches start making sense lol
01-07-2020 06:36
Go to sleep you married woman
01-07-2020 06:35
RT @Britt__Knee: I just know jada Pinkett 🐱 bomb😂😂😂
01-07-2020 06:34
RT @cashhbandit: boy you shaking like a strippa, tighten up.
01-07-2020 06:22
RT @killerkj_: ard now lemme take my ass to sleep i do have to be up dumb ass early in the morning 😒
01-07-2020 06:17
RT @eastmepls: Jada Pinkett-Smith interviewing Jada Pinkett-Alsina on the next episode of Red Table Talk.
01-07-2020 06:07
01-07-2020 06:06
RT @__oadebanjo__: the way caramalized onions will take a burger from an 8 to a 10
01-07-2020 06:05
RT @joE97rico: Still learning, I wouldn’t consider myself fully spiritual yet but I’m connected with the spirits...
01-07-2020 06:05
RT @1Keezyke: This the wrong time to try to flex and act like y’all having y’all way!! Everybody damn near getting unemployment u was broke…
01-07-2020 06:05
RT @cpoteprincess: $500 fineeeeee?!!! Just shut this shit down for all that.
01-07-2020 06:04
RT @JustCommonCurt: @912Made_Moon Undefeated! IYKYK..
01-07-2020 06:04
RT @_jasabel: I want a new car but I can’t pay no car note bro lmao that’s so inconvenient I can’t stand spending my own money
01-07-2020 05:54
RT @dmedetroit: Hey yo drugz the send-off 🤣🤣 greatest pen in battle gotta get the ice 💀🙅🏼‍♂️
01-07-2020 05:44
RT @fungirlpumpkn: My name is Maya aka “Pumpkin”. I’m a 21 year old SELF-TAUGHT logo/flyer designer from Atlanta,GA🍑. So go on ahead and DM…
01-07-2020 05:43
RT @cpoteprincess: I want oomf 🥴
01-07-2020 05:38
RT @TeeAirRa_: Y’all be so fine....still not gone dm you tho.
01-07-2020 05:38
RT @RaylaMikyaa: y’all pick and choose who to bully, that’s weak bitch activity.
01-07-2020 05:32
RT @BoDelvante: i love pleasing my partner more than gettin pleased
01-07-2020 05:32
01-07-2020 05:31
I got some pain I need to deal with
01-07-2020 05:29
I’m going to the beach tonight
01-07-2020 05:29
RT @tootallmyers4: ‼️
01-07-2020 05:29
@xbonita_ken you’ll love it
01-07-2020 05:27
Really want to hear @sza song broken clocks live
01-07-2020 05:22
RT @_badassiee: I love being around good vibes. no fake shit.
01-07-2020 05:21