someblackchick (@ALISHANANDI) — I give it to you raw like you like it. Check out my Youtube channel link in the bio.
@oranicuhh Gorge 🥵
04-07-2020 22:06
Shaun King should be in jail if we are being honest.
04-07-2020 22:06
RT @iHartEricka: This is hilarious that 1. Shaun King blatantly stole this and 2. That the white person he stole from said it took HOURS. L…
04-07-2020 22:03
RT @ProjectLincoln: This is art.
04-07-2020 11:09
@ShadowTodd Ugh been there, and will not go back
04-07-2020 11:04
03-07-2020 23:03
Idk why Shia is trending but to anyone that thinks he is pretend wild, he is not. I met him a few times when I work…
03-07-2020 23:02
RT @JanelleMonae: Y’all can’t wait to call women every bitch , hoe , discuss violent acts against women, etc for clout in rap, rock, and th…
03-07-2020 22:17
@lilyachty It doesn’t just have to be the athletes either
03-07-2020 22:14
03-07-2020 22:13
0 677844
RT @Twitter: You can have an edit button when everyone wears a mask
03-07-2020 12:19
RT @BoaHancock25: Fort Hood has always been a toxic place even when I was stationed there, plus harassments. SHUT IT DOWN.…
03-07-2020 00:01
0 123952
RT @itsKatieKelly: if you’re pro-life and are on birth control, you’re actually pro-choice. thanks for coming to my ted talk. 🥰
02-07-2020 13:42
@JAYVERSACE Let me keep it 2 Virgils...if you are black and all your employees are “off white”, you are a part of the problem.
02-07-2020 13:38
@7777morgan That’s wtf I came for lol
02-07-2020 01:17
@jtylerconway Now I’m just mad that this team didn’t work...
02-07-2020 01:17
@qsteph Terry Coons is an opportunist. He doesn’t care about these movements. Which is why he refuses to educate hi…
01-07-2020 19:03
RT @rohitak: The fact that Tr*mp isn’t making MAGA masks proves that he was never “good at business.”
01-07-2020 18:52
RT @fagocean: Viola Davis is one of the greatest actors. Not one of the greatest black actors. Not one of the greatest female actors. NO. S…
01-07-2020 18:44
Terry Crews the bigots have pulled up a chair for you at the porcelain table. Enjoy...
01-07-2020 09:54
RT @crissles: jada gon have to put a mirror on the red table.
01-07-2020 09:49
@Blk_Chauvinist @ATLBlackStar This is such a false generalization
30-06-2020 11:12
@rapvillainy @theneedledrop It’s the darkening of the “Faith” tattoo for me fam😂
30-06-2020 08:56
Just saw that Zach Campbell and Doja Cat have a YouTube video. Idk why but my initial thought was I’d love to see…
30-06-2020 08:49
RT @LAPostmatesGirl: I don't know who needs to hear this, but #Postmates Drivers are working for the tips. #TheMoreYouKnow #LosAngeles #De…
30-06-2020 08:38
@blkkstar Theeee dumbest questions. Like the infamous, your number isn’t in my phone anymore shit.
30-06-2020 05:46
@AltersReality88 I am not chastising you. I was speaking in general. We should have a term that represents what you…
29-06-2020 04:48
RT @TreMelvin:
29-06-2020 03:13
@AltersReality88 It’s 2020 and black men still use the term “Bed Wenches”. Can we please not? It comes from white…
29-06-2020 03:08
@brandnaqua @sebastiansoulja Ok well you keep on enjoying a man that supports child pornography and fucked his cat...
29-06-2020 01:59
@youngsinick I walked into an interview and the interviewer came to greet me, asked me for my resume, and told me i…
29-06-2020 01:56
White people are finally ready to give up John Wayne? Love to see it...
28-06-2020 19:01
I’d also like the timeline to remember that Shane Dawson also fucked his cat...goodnight.
28-06-2020 11:36
28-06-2020 11:34
@JAYVERSACE @shanedawson Jusss block em baby
28-06-2020 00:47
@AdrianXpression Wait till you see why he’s trending today🤢
28-06-2020 00:46
RT @urangelicboy: since willow is trending for an unfortunate reason....sigh.....let’s give her music the recognition it deserves https://t…
28-06-2020 00:44
RT @Ginza_black: Omg it's Shane Dawson and Jefree Star, Yaaass 😍
28-06-2020 00:43
RT @jadapsmith: To Shane Dawson ... I’m done with the excuses.
28-06-2020 00:43
0 173283
28-06-2020 00:43
@TickleDa_Kitty @blkchrysalis @DaniLeigh non black people really just do not respect us or see us as humans. and th…
27-06-2020 00:41
0 143438
RT @SKimemia: They are reopening the case of Elijah McClain’s killing because of the petitions signed, def don’t slow down and take the tim…
27-06-2020 00:35
RT @pitchfork: Huey, the rapper best known for his debut single "Pop, Lock & Drop It," has died
26-06-2020 23:25
@supatkelli @yagirlabz True but they probably don’t have parents that exposed them to music.
26-06-2020 10:09
RT @JusAire: I want people do realize, NBC andTina Fey are only doing this because fo negative pressure they may feel if they keep it. Blac…
24-06-2020 02:08
RT @divanificent: Tidal giving a platform to Russell Simmons to speak about BLM in the wake of several women speaking out about his decades…
24-06-2020 02:05
RT @AngelinaMLopez: Tete Gulley was found hanging from a tree in a park in Oregon. Portland Police Bureau REFUSE to investigate because “th…
23-06-2020 22:20
RT @leiomy: 3 years ago today @Nike #betrue campaign !!!
23-06-2020 20:35
RT @jaida_jackson1: it has been 3 1/2 months #BreonnaTalyor
23-06-2020 20:24
@sapphicdesi Damn I never thought about that yet I absolutely believe it. Straight men have said some insane thing…
23-06-2020 20:19
RT @mmpadellan: BREAKING: Kentucky cut its polling places down from 3,700 to only 200 for Tuesday's primaries. THIS IS VOTER SUPPRESSION.…
23-06-2020 19:20
RT @ira: The closed curve in a Venn diagram of people who love sports and black athletes but don’t actually care about black people is v la…
23-06-2020 19:17
RT @marieguerraa: Hey everyone can we please spread this like wild fire!! Both doctors neglected multiple women who unfortunately lost thei…
23-06-2020 19:15
@MatthewACherry Leave Martin Luther Cream alone...
23-06-2020 10:27
RT @TeeBiggs: If Shaun King wants to demolish imagery of White people in misplaced power, he could start with his Twitter account.
23-06-2020 10:23
RT @EyesOnTheRight: If cancel culture were real and meaningful Mel Gibson wouldn't have had a job in decades.
23-06-2020 10:22
@LaReignStorm @MatthewACherry The NFL is so trash 😂
22-06-2020 23:40
RT @LaReignStorm: Wow. I didn’t expect this at all. NASCAR drivers push Bubba Wallace's car to the front of the field at Talladega https…
22-06-2020 23:40
@Dani_Knope @gothaggis @_pem_pem Doja Cat got a W with this video
22-06-2020 23:38
RT @_SJPeace_: Tampa, Florida. TPD officer pointed a gun aiming directly at the head of a 23 year old unarmed innocent black woman, Jonesh…
22-06-2020 13:06
I came back to the timeline lost. And I’m ok with that.
22-06-2020 10:42
0 215615
RT @naz3karim: This is sexual harassment. Y’all just used a woman to do it that’s the only difference. Until the laws and the system apply…
22-06-2020 03:38
@fallenliars @noname
22-06-2020 03:37
@ccoloredgreenss Fuck Obama and I have nothing against Beyonce but I’ll throw Oprah off the boat...
22-06-2020 03:35
RT @ToneQapo: There’s a reason why Bernie Mac CLOSED the show.
21-06-2020 10:32
@photosbyhsemit @normaldweeb @Martenzie Excuse me?!
20-06-2020 19:39
@HSMSpen @JohnBoyNUFC Also ask why he’s doing it. Is it cause his friends do? Is he unhappy? Does it help his anxie…
20-06-2020 13:10
@tadiwagram @KayJovahkiin Lmao I loved that frog. I’m getting me a gekko sometime this year😂
20-06-2020 04:11
RT @ira: The Kentucky Attorney General, Daniel Cameron, who hasn't "decided" if he's going to charge the cops who murdered Breonna Taylor,…
19-06-2020 15:23
@KayJovahkiin See what’s fucked up is that technically I did lol I set him outside to give him fresh air while my m…
19-06-2020 03:47
RT @Pharrell: [email protected], please join Virginia and New York and make Juneteenth a paid holiday in California for state employees. Thank…
19-06-2020 00:28
@KayJovahkiin My middle school pet, Mr. Froggy Frog doesn’t like this.
19-06-2020 00:23
@775AC Yeah that’s literally how it went. And then my sister fiancé died.
18-06-2020 22:45
0 195472
18-06-2020 22:41
@DaMrWestside She got a Pretty Little Thing contract
18-06-2020 13:31
RT @wkamaubell: Just so we're clear, white people, firing Aunt Jemima & giving us Juneteenth off are not the frontlines of defeating white…
18-06-2020 13:24
@NaveThaShade @m_paris270 @MorganJerkins I’ve used the word some multiple times. I’m not generalizing. You’re enti…
18-06-2020 07:58
@jasmineeslami “Can a who?” Response took me the fuck out tho😂
18-06-2020 07:42
RT @Nicole_saysLove: Today, a black film editor posted in a Facebook group for Hollywood editors looking to connect w/other black editors,…
18-06-2020 07:20
@NaveThaShade @m_paris270 @MorganJerkins It only separates men because men choose to separate themselves. Everyone…
18-06-2020 07:13
RT @thomasqjones: ARREST THE COPS THAT KILLED #BreonnaTaylor!!! TF!!!
18-06-2020 06:58
@irregularlogic @MatthewACherry Karate kid not playing with you hoes😌
18-06-2020 06:40
@esejohnp Thanks those look pretty nom nom
18-06-2020 06:38
@NaveThaShade @m_paris270 @MorganJerkins Dysmantiling systemic racism isn’t only about cold blooded murder. Black…
18-06-2020 06:37
@esejohnp The dust tastes great, but I really don’t like the flavor of the chip. It’s kind of bitter.
18-06-2020 06:31
@esejohnp Takis?
18-06-2020 06:26
@FredTJoseph No, same though.
18-06-2020 06:19
@freedaummah Really? I only heard about two in recent years. 6 peolpe in two weeks. Was that normal before the protest?
18-06-2020 06:14
@cantbeyourwife @NaveThaShade @m_paris270 @MorganJerkins It gets no more empathetic me. And any black man with an o…
18-06-2020 06:09
RT @LAPD_unreal: The LAPD budget of $3B sounds like a lot out of context but when you break it down we only have $8.2M per day.
18-06-2020 05:57
@cantbeyourwife @NaveThaShade @m_paris270 @MorganJerkins Black men are the ones pitting themselves against us. Plea…
18-06-2020 05:56
@ColeWorld_SIMBA We are talking about two different things. His response to Noname is what I’m referring to. And I…
18-06-2020 00:21
RT @singkirbysing: ARREST THE COPS WHO KILLED #BreonnaTaylor
18-06-2020 00:05
@ColeWorld_SIMBA It’s okay to have a conversation about things. He was tone deaf af, and he’s ok with being ignora…
18-06-2020 00:05
RT @awkward_duck: I’m actually done demanding y’all ‘Protect Black Women’. I’ma protect myself, and ima do what i need to do to protect Bla…
18-06-2020 00:00
RT @SylviaObell: Some of y’all need to stop using the phrase “cancel” like it’s synonymous with “critique.” There’s a difference b/w wantin…
17-06-2020 23:08
Very confused to how Kane Brown got invited to the BET Awards before the cast of Pose did...
17-06-2020 23:06
@NaveThaShade @m_paris270 @MorganJerkins But y’all don’t deal with the shit we go through. Black men are also prote…
17-06-2020 23:05
RT @Phil_Lewis_: #BREAKING: Fulton County District Attorney announces that the officer who shot #RayshardBrooks has been charged with felon…
17-06-2020 23:01
RT @chancetherapper: It’s been 96 days since Breonna Taylor was murdered in her home. And for 96 days, while everyone has cried and protest…
17-06-2020 23:00
RT @chancetherapper: Yet another L for men masking patriarchy and gaslighting as contructive criticism.
17-06-2020 23:00
RT @chancetherapper: They both my peoples but only one of them put out a whole song talking about how the other needs to reconsider their t…
17-06-2020 23:00
@chancetherapper Speak on it brother😀
17-06-2020 23:00
@Naimaism @DenzelScott Right?! I had to re-educate myself. AND my mother. These men can’t even be bothered to try.
17-06-2020 22:56
17-06-2020 22:51
RT @oranicuhh: i should’ve known when he said pray for tekashi. i blame MYSELF.
17-06-2020 11:55
J. Cole is just one of many...
17-06-2020 09:03
RT @GPBmadeit: Adrian Brody grabbed Halle Berry in a kiss as his gift for winning an Oscar and it was celebrated as romantic, fun and okay.…
17-06-2020 09:00
RT @GoldingGirl617: After Breonna Taylor was killed in her bed, a day after Toyin's body was found and HOURS after a viral video shows blac…
17-06-2020 09:00
RT @KielenKing: Lynching is back in 2020. Every. single. person. who told folks they were overreacting during the election can go straigh…
17-06-2020 09:00
RT @awkward_duck: Just last year Noname was advocating Black entrepreneurship/capitalism. She was called in (and out, tbh) and started to d…
17-06-2020 08:59
RT @_CharlesPreston: If J.Cole is sending shots at Noname, fuck him. First of all, say her name. Second of all, you told your audience to…
17-06-2020 08:55
@AdrianXpression Halle wanted to be messy so bad🌝
17-06-2020 08:55
@erosmua The crazy thing is that it does affect the person, but they have internalized bigotry. It’s a part of thei…
16-06-2020 23:35
@YesMrHoward @taylaurambrene I am sorry. I don’t understand it. I have felt a small portion of this with the way th…
16-06-2020 23:26
RT @erosmua: Stop dating men that are homophobic, racist, transphobic, and misogynistic just because it doesnt affect you directly.
16-06-2020 23:22
FTR I mentioned the woman in Africa because black women are too often left out of the brutality conversation. And o…
16-06-2020 15:51
@NoelleThePUP We are talking about 2 different people. You’re referring to Toyin. Rest her soul.
16-06-2020 15:43
I am muting this tweet. I’m not dealing with racist trolls. There is limited info on the other two gentlemen but if…
16-06-2020 15:42
16-06-2020 15:38
@Blargg11 @0xButterSec Shut the actual fuck up and google
16-06-2020 15:37
Cis straight black men are not getting any “ride or die” type support from me. Idk if they ever have really, but th…
16-06-2020 15:34
@Dr_Ezekwesili @taylaurambrene I believe this man was Hispanic but yes it’s complete bullshit.
16-06-2020 15:28
@AricCougar So far all cases are being handled as if they are suicides. Though some are still under investigation.…
16-06-2020 15:26
@I_said_Uhh @GNCordova Which narrative?
16-06-2020 15:20
RT @GNCordova: Black women are fighting so many different wars.
16-06-2020 15:19
2634 1280
URGENT SAFETY MESSAGE POC (5 black/1 hispanic) are mysteriously being hung and the media is ignoring it, per usual…
16-06-2020 15:16
@ksgrodeo @DravenNbw @YourMusicWhore Maybe cause no one values or respects them. Just guessing 😒
16-06-2020 11:00
There is a war quietly occurring in America.
16-06-2020 10:57
0 245403
RT @LoupeDaDon: Rt’ing this because I feel like black people that die of police brutality are becoming nothing more than hashtags and I fee…
16-06-2020 10:54
@juliannakarina I read that a Hispanic man was hung in Texas outside of a store. If that’s true. That’s FIVE lynchings in a week.
16-06-2020 10:53
RT @jxzz_hndz: lol ok trans ppl can’t be fired but are Black trans folks getting hired?
16-06-2020 10:52
RT @theferocity: (As long as I live, I will NEVER forgive America for allowing Brett Kavanaugh to become a Supreme Court Justice.)
16-06-2020 10:51
@DeeRosee_ Nah women are always the problem. I thought you whores knew that...
16-06-2020 10:50
RT @oranicuhh: like i promise, i’m not suicidal, but i don’t wanna be here anymore. im so fuckin tired dude.
16-06-2020 10:48
RT @ww3colorized: Y’all only defend black women if they’re Cis, conventionally attractive and light skin say im fucking lying
16-06-2020 06:18
RT @JAYVERSACE: 5 black men were lynched this week
16-06-2020 06:15
RT @SOULJAKRY: who df is givin u niggas fireworks EVERY NIGHT
14-06-2020 08:46
So where are the new justice reform bills? Police reform? You have been a little too quiet. What are you doing for…
14-06-2020 00:19
Dr. Miami gon find some clout. That’s for damn sure.
13-06-2020 10:55
What can we do about this? This is disgusting😢 #transgender
13-06-2020 05:15
RT @DeanteVH: Lil Baby goin ultra instict right in front of us.
13-06-2020 05:12
RT @_SJPeace_: BLACK LIVES MATTER A young man was lynched in yesterday. His body was found hanging from a tree in Palmdale, CA. He was on…
12-06-2020 21:10
RT @yolian_ogbu: this you? #BoycottStarbucks
12-06-2020 00:31
@ChadTheCoolcat @iamMelsmith That’s a good point.
12-06-2020 00:30
@ChadTheCoolcat @iamMelsmith Well my response is essentially your last sentence. Plus the added layer of the fact t…
11-06-2020 22:47
RT @alexandergold: Anyone who hurts Kelly Clarkson hurts me.
11-06-2020 22:08
@ChadTheCoolcat @iamMelsmith It’s not a stretch. I thought the same way. It didn’t bother me, but I don’t care for it.
11-06-2020 22:05
0 144908
RT @Victorie_____: Please don’t stop talking about Breonna Taylor until justice is served. They broke into her house with no warrant lookin…
11-06-2020 22:02
RT @AdrianXpression: Again: that’s how I know y’alls bullshit “health” takes on Lizzo are disingenuous. I mean.........she’s showing y’all…
10-06-2020 23:21
2020 is wild; who gets dragged by Hozier? The nice Irish guy that sings Nina Simone in a field of lilies.
10-06-2020 23:20
RT @Hozier: You won’t drag me into your weird, obsessive little culture war, mate. I wrote a message in solidarity of a group who’s life ex…
10-06-2020 23:17
@thoughtfulbae Those choruses are ass
10-06-2020 12:05
@MatthewACherry @OfficialLivePD Aren’t the Game of Thrones dudes doing a “What if the the south won” series? I need…
10-06-2020 06:43
RT @RBReich: This is why tear gas is banned in war.
10-06-2020 06:41
RT @notpettyheaux: People disrespected Monique and Colin Kaepernick just to steal their talking points years later and throw their support…
10-06-2020 06:39
0 231387
RT @obscuree_: these are the kinds of photos that we’re gonna look back on in 50 years and be like WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK 💔…
10-06-2020 03:04
@thehill “The black vote”. Look at the way y’all talk about us. These old white people shimmy into a black area ev…
10-06-2020 02:59
@JAYVERSACE What. Year. I’m.
10-06-2020 02:52
@Makaaveli_ @ayoofaith2 @tega4040 @JAYVERSACE Yup. The hills people will die on😂
10-06-2020 02:22
@ItssDunke Welp
10-06-2020 00:31
@YourMusicWhore Dis me.
10-06-2020 00:09
@B_oySix Aaliyah, Amy Winehouse, Kobe, Chester Bennington, Bernice Mac.
09-06-2020 22:30
RT @RomeTrumain: Like for left RT for right trynna see sumn
09-06-2020 22:28
RT @oranicuhh: niggas still eat grits like we ain’t free
09-06-2020 22:27
@ayoofaith2 @tega4040 @JAYVERSACE Lol I don’t actually know. It was something about him asking me how I slept. As…
08-06-2020 12:19
@kareem305king @JAYVERSACE Damn
08-06-2020 12:12
@ogonus_chris @Lamar26_ @JAYVERSACE Akon has sampled tribal sounds. Not sounds from African artists within the music industry.
08-06-2020 12:10
@kareem305king @JAYVERSACE We got Steph Curry bruv
08-06-2020 11:51
@Sweezy_RSA @tega4040 @JAYVERSACE Lol thank you.
08-06-2020 11:51
@KevOnStage Employment. He saw Jason Whitlock got fired and said let me dance a little harder.
08-06-2020 11:46
RT @Wale: We see you 💯 @BTS_twt
08-06-2020 10:33
RT @JAYVERSACE: Arrest the cops who KILLED #BreonnaTaylor
08-06-2020 07:22
@GithumbiGuff @Lamar26_ @JAYVERSACE I’m good luv, enjoy
08-06-2020 05:17
@Lamar26_ @JAYVERSACE I am a music nerd. I can tell you random shit about random artists/projects. I can’t take cr…
08-06-2020 03:59
@Luphelohopa @JAYVERSACE Lmao I’m not sure which country. I know his main wife is from an African country. I don’t…
08-06-2020 03:57
This nigglet just keep a foot in his mouth.
08-06-2020 03:13
Whoever first said, “Your silence speaks volumes”, didn’t get paid enough.
08-06-2020 03:01
@no_askfrances @JAYVERSACE @tega4040 😂😂😂
08-06-2020 03:00
@JAYVERSACE @tega4040 Hehe. I really shouldn’t have.
08-06-2020 02:34
@tammy2turnt @tega4040 @JAYVERSACE No worries sis💁🏽‍♀️
08-06-2020 02:15
@tammy2turnt @tega4040 @JAYVERSACE Also I’m a woman
08-06-2020 02:06
@tega4040 @JAYVERSACE Hahaha I can’t hear what you are saying cause his testicles are muffling you’re voice. To ans…
08-06-2020 02:06
@JAYVERSACE Akon has stolen ALOT from African artists. And when people ask him why he won’t give credit them, he sa…
08-06-2020 01:51
RT @JAYVERSACE: akon signed jeffree star to konvict music and is helping china colonize africa
08-06-2020 01:48
@mirandalambert Your silence speaks volumes.
08-06-2020 01:47
RT @Zendaya: RT RT RT
07-06-2020 23:33
RT @ashlxync: Let’s remove “You talk so white” from phrases to use when a black person speaks with articulation and has an extensive vocabu…
07-06-2020 23:28
@noisecontrol1 @ThePOTUSBox @georgiainoregon @DeepNotion2 I know how undercover works because I had undercover offi…
07-06-2020 22:59
RT @standup4justice: yo tf i didn’t come out, y’all came in
07-06-2020 11:52
@JAYVERSACE You gettin Trumped with the Twitter faccs 😂
07-06-2020 06:21
07-06-2020 02:18
RT @yellow_grape10: If you’re BLACK raising homophobic kids, you can’t be mad at White people for raising RACIST kids. You’re both teaching…
07-06-2020 01:38
@_tlucien My roommate that pops them shits open at 4am did it. Come get her. Miss I can’t clean the bathroom when i…
07-06-2020 00:28
@sesamestreet Welp I’m crying
06-06-2020 23:30
@versacetaehyung @DenzelScott They finally arrested him!!! Omg if it wasn’t for social media outrage, no one would ever be held accountable.
06-06-2020 23:26
@noisecontrol1 @ThePOTUSBox @georgiainoregon @DeepNotion2 Yeah and they didn’t identify themselves because they wer…
06-06-2020 21:56
@artsdior @standup4justice And his mans is to see it🏳️‍🌈
06-06-2020 21:52
RT @JAYVERSACE: wondering when we’re gonna talk about the underlying racism in the porn community. and especially these websites
06-06-2020 21:43