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RT @iam_dankaka: Spend time with your parents. Treat them well. Because one day, when you look up from your phone they won't be there anymo…
26-01-2021 02:41
Happy birthday, more wins to your name. https://t.co/natLZAyXhz
26-01-2021 02:38
@IamKellyJoe @__yellows Sergeant Taino no fit disguise in peace again? 😂💔
26-01-2021 02:23
@ItsSlyGuy So, where is the fifth finger?
26-01-2021 02:20
@zeinarhb 😂💔
26-01-2021 02:18
RT @zeinarhb: 😂😂
26-01-2021 02:17
@HARUNA__IYA @fateemakurfi Gaskiya kam 😂😂
26-01-2021 02:16
@TweetOjie Or single Garba from filing makaranta 😂💔
26-01-2021 02:16
@Meeno______ Y’all laughing at my pain 😂💔
26-01-2021 02:15
@TweetOjie Chelsea need to bring their A game to the table to sign him 😂
26-01-2021 02:12
@TweetOjie Haha
26-01-2021 02:09
@Waspapping_ 🔥
26-01-2021 02:07
RT @Waspapping_: Arewa twitter upcoming hoe It’s your time. Enjoy. It didn’t end well for the ones that came before you. We are just obser…
26-01-2021 02:07
RT @cchukudebelu: The more you know about Nigeria, the less likely you are to believe in it.
26-01-2021 02:06
@fateemakurfi Na small small e take start sha
26-01-2021 02:06
RT @Capt_Aliyu: The next generation will miss prayerful mothers, slay queens everywhere subhanallah🥺😪
26-01-2021 02:05
RT @Waspapping_: Guys, don’t forget to book me for your early morning drive to work or pick up at train station All you have to do is con…
26-01-2021 02:00
RT @firdaws_yahya: So basically, what is happening in Palestine isn't just a fight for land but a deliberate cleansing of the country, its…
26-01-2021 01:58
RT @MaccidoAbdallah: I think men need to be educated on the changes a woman’s body goes through after pregnancy
26-01-2021 01:57
Rashin aure bala’ine ina shan lemo na kware babu mai ce min sannu a daren nan da ko mutuwa nai sai dai da Asuba a g… https://t.co/R3uqsvY2sv
26-01-2021 01:57
@faatimaemgee Ameen! 😂 Cool drip between.
26-01-2021 01:51
I laughted way too hard at this. https://t.co/P2PVIcnNiY
26-01-2021 01:20
@rodryanshow Her after finding out: https://t.co/M6FkDqewip
26-01-2021 01:19
@abdullahee_wada @MrOdanz @Mr_garko @umarkhalifa19 Hahahah! Za ka mai katsinancin kenan
26-01-2021 00:51
@abdullahee_wada @MrOdanz @Mr_garko @umarkhalifa19 Haushi aka bashi... guy din yana write ups masu kyau... ya san m… https://t.co/uqb6urAdAB
26-01-2021 00:48
RT @Waspapping_: I just want the rest of you using GB WhatsApp to know that you’re violating people’s privacy and it’s totally uncool. Dele…
26-01-2021 00:42
@Abdullahi_wolf He said https://t.co/jvskpkxCqN
26-01-2021 00:40
RT @KawuGarba: Cc. @PoliceNG, @DefenceInfoNG @HGNigerianArmy. Some know their leader reach out to him.
26-01-2021 00:22
@adelana109 @umarkhalifa19 On God 😂
26-01-2021 00:15
@umarkhalifa19 Wait! Is this bants?
26-01-2021 00:07
@umarkhalifa19 Once again it is not just Twitter.
26-01-2021 00:06
@umarkhalifa19 Why do feel like I saw this coming?
26-01-2021 00:04
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26-01-2021 00:03
RT @Shugar_baebi: U had a generous man ,u called him Mugu. Now u have a stingy man,& u're calling him wicked.What is Color of ur problem??
26-01-2021 00:03
RT @Sheikh_Mujie: Ya ALLAH..provide food and shelter for the homeless children around the world ..🙏🙏🙏 https://t.co/21J8K77R2w
26-01-2021 00:03
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26-01-2021 00:03
RT @kamal_aliyu: MORAL OF THE STORY: It is not about money that makes us rich, its simplicity, love, compassion, friendship, values, family…
26-01-2021 00:03
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26-01-2021 00:03
RT @__TIm______: #MondayMotivation: And the Reds go marching on.🔰🔱🔴 #GGMU
26-01-2021 00:03
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26-01-2021 00:02
RT @Rajjau1: Why most of the Public Offices gets females as their secretary or P.A?
25-01-2021 23:52
RT @YunusaMcFc: Omo this must be from faculty of education cos na them dey get this kind girls
25-01-2021 23:52
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25-01-2021 23:52
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25-01-2021 23:47
RT @Missnyclady: Not everyman who is nice to you is flirting with you. A lot of mothers raised their sons to be gentlemen. #MyThoughts
25-01-2021 23:47
RT @M_bosting: The awkward moment when you`re eating dinner at someone else`s house & you don`t like the food, but you have to pretend to l…
25-01-2021 23:47
RT @TheGentleWulf: That awesome feeling when someone you hate cracks a joke and nobody laughs.
25-01-2021 23:47
RT @afrexdanlami: Whether they help you or not They're still good people. Don't let your sense of entitlement make you hate people unnece…
25-01-2021 23:47
@afrexdanlami Hello
25-01-2021 23:46
RT @Zara_beeruwa: Don’t introduce me to the vibe you can’t maintain.
25-01-2021 23:44
RT @Blank_cheq: To whoever who's reading this: I pray you've a heart free of sadness, a mind free of worries, a life full of no worries, a…
25-01-2021 23:43
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25-01-2021 23:43
@_wallfl0w4r Ameen😣
25-01-2021 23:24
@whoisezaY Thanks
25-01-2021 23:24
RT @whoisezaY: @Absane_ms Nice stuff
25-01-2021 23:24
@Udedibia Thanks
25-01-2021 23:24
RT @Udedibia: @Absane_ms Beautiful fabrics
25-01-2021 23:23
RT @Agyriba1: So what if I decide to cook beans on my wedding day?
25-01-2021 23:18
@lasucom @OgbaraOlabode @Isomibala But the quality is worth it. I have other varieties, DM me anytime
25-01-2021 23:10
RT @Chiomy_mi: I'm so addicted to God so much that I sing his praises even in my lowest moments when it seems my world has come to an 🔚😢 Gi…
25-01-2021 23:09
RT @oluwaa_pelumi: I don't regret knowing the people that came into my life. Good people give me happiness. Bad people give me experience.
25-01-2021 23:08
RT @baddestcash_: A genuine relationship makes you realize how boring other people are, sometimes it just makes you forget about people, t…
25-01-2021 23:06
@lasucom @OgbaraOlabode @Isomibala Sir, are you interested in the materials?
25-01-2021 23:06
RT @hall_nasha: There’s a difference between being liked and being valued! A lot of people may like you, but may not value you. BE VALUED ‼️
25-01-2021 23:05
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25-01-2021 23:05
RT @Udedibia: To whoever is reading this, I pray that God heals whatever is hurting or stressing you out. May your heart be at ease and you…
25-01-2021 23:04
RT @onlyone_prodigy: I have a womanizing Yoruba friend named Sunday who we used to think is an Igbo guy. Whenever we wanted to hail him we…
25-01-2021 23:04
RT @Wils_Atumeyi: One of the ways any nation can quickly achieve access to safe water and sanitation is by harnessing youth resources. We w…
25-01-2021 23:04
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25-01-2021 23:02
RT @aboladejohn_: Making money makes you glow even with no skin care routine
25-01-2021 23:02
RT @YunusaMcFc: A girl tweeted: who's in ikeja and he's free to go out for a date? So this nigga replied: I'm far from Lagos but send me y…
25-01-2021 23:02
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25-01-2021 23:01
RT @oluwaa_pelumi: You are doing quite well... it's okay to give up and re-strategize ❤️❤️
25-01-2021 23:01
RT @whoisezaY: I’ll never regret someone that I had an amazing time and experience with, even if we fall off. You made my life special at a…
25-01-2021 22:58
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25-01-2021 22:58
RT @casmirtheking: Teacher: Who's your favorite celebrity? Me: Arnold Schwarzenegger Teacher: Spell it Me: I'm joking oo... it's AY http…
25-01-2021 22:57
RT @AminuAishat5: Please retweet
25-01-2021 22:50
RT @delight_three: See my food ooo. Hewwwwooooo, 11k likes🥺 Thank you @africa_jollof https://t.co/QejbRxzAPE
25-01-2021 22:50
RT @DSamdave: You don't find your worth in a woman. You find your worth within yourself as a King and then find a woman who's worthy of you…
25-01-2021 22:49
RT @Isomibala: Arise and shine🌞 For is a New Day to be Grateful #MUFC Polos so comfy👌 🙏Patronize me🥺 📞/WhatsApp:08176743005 Delivery Natio…
25-01-2021 22:47
RT @Talk2_lowell: TRUE lovers are best friends who protect each other from their own frailties. They help each other DISPOSE of all the yea…
25-01-2021 22:47
RT @_modap_: Women, even if both of you are doing the same job and receiving the same salary, they'll still ask you for money 🤦🏽‍♂️
25-01-2021 22:47
RT @SorryButYeaah: I can’t be around people too long. The constant need to provide attention and interaction is exhausting to me.
25-01-2021 22:44
RT @Mahaba_nitongo: All the people falling in love are idiots😅 https://t.co/j4uL5CDQop
25-01-2021 22:43
RT @briaananax: what if you plug sold you "meowijuana" instead of marijuana https://t.co/zz3FqJm0id
25-01-2021 22:42
RT @btbringim: Still Available 🥺🥺
25-01-2021 22:40
RT @cupofpositivtea: Stop worshipping English and teach your kids your mother tongue. They will learn English at school naturally but they…
25-01-2021 22:38
@LeslieMac My womb is itching me😭
25-01-2021 22:29
RT @Noorieyyaah_x: Allahumma anta rabbi,la’ilaha illah anta,khalaqatani,wa’ana abduka,wa’ana ala ahdika,wa wa’adeeka mastada’atu,a’uzubika…
25-01-2021 22:24
RT @7signxx: Ibn Taymiyah رحمه الله said: “Asking for Allaah’s forgiveness is more important than any other du’aa.” [جامع_المسائل ٦\٢٧٧]
25-01-2021 22:23
RT @___ELMAGNIFICO: Baggy Rashid has good songs more than many Nigerian Artists... Argue with your keyboard 😌 https://t.co/DO6gLeP1Gl
25-01-2021 22:15
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25-01-2021 22:14
@_wallfl0w4r One yard fit do.
25-01-2021 22:12
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25-01-2021 22:11
RT @Ummiee_: She Allowed her children to enter neighbour's house to play but immediately her husband enter the neighbour's house she follow…
25-01-2021 22:11
RT @yngnotorious: Nowadays you gotta watch your back because there are too many snakes 🐍 in the grass 😎
25-01-2021 22:09
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25-01-2021 22:09
RT @Haedar___: Romantic Movies. Thread. https://t.co/I3nZbZmvSe
25-01-2021 22:08
@_wallfl0w4r With pockets abi no pockets?👉🏽👈🏽
25-01-2021 22:06
Damino yards available 100% cotton Price: 3500 per yard Location: Kano Nationwide delivery https://t.co/JxYgYL8CS0
25-01-2021 22:03
0 63266
RT @throatgoatlisa: my great grandpa with me vs. my great grandpa with my daughter 20 years later 🥰 https://t.co/i0YFDxGgkH
25-01-2021 21:39
@LUQMANHARUNA4 Allah ya baka wadda tafita.
25-01-2021 21:35
@fatuummm Ameen! Tnx🥺
25-01-2021 21:35
RT @Yaksbrother193: Inkayi abun kirki kamar kayi ajiya ne In kayi sharri Ko mugunta kamar kaci bashi ne
25-01-2021 21:33
My girls is going through a lot and moments like this make me wish we are already married. Just fix us diner, have… https://t.co/EfegRaw692
25-01-2021 21:16
@_wallfl0w4r @officialdeezell You really think you are not the only Single Pringle in Nigeria 😂
25-01-2021 21:07
@_wallfl0w4r @officialdeezell I’m relating this to what my woman does for me 😂
25-01-2021 21:03
@slambama @Mo_belabbas @nofaceukhti @HiTechBitch Well! Get back to this thread when you have enough knowledge to an… https://t.co/z66gaKIyLl
25-01-2021 20:59
@slambama @Mo_belabbas @nofaceukhti @HiTechBitch What do you think Islam as a religion demands of an individual within the religion?
25-01-2021 20:39
RT @salimsajma: Always try to calm yourself when you’re angry. It’s Sunnah.
25-01-2021 20:35
@KhAzZiY @ChuksNoble4 @Alex_Houseof308 @shank_comics @instablog9ja @_harrisonJNR @_VALKlNG @UncleMohamz… https://t.co/hWCvYa96Qp
25-01-2021 20:29
@slambama @Mo_belabbas @HiTechBitch @nofaceukhti Do you let your kids do what ever they want or you guide and teach them as a father?
25-01-2021 20:27
@slambama @Mo_belabbas @nofaceukhti @HiTechBitch What do you understand by Islam as a religion? It’s meaning, motiv… https://t.co/e353SOtwhZ
25-01-2021 20:26
@Dants_xie Watch government allocate money for that see the reactions.
25-01-2021 18:45
@maryamamasa This him? https://t.co/KodjtjxWcb
25-01-2021 18:18
RT @Wizarab10: Nigeria is a country in which people start a meeting with opening prayer and then go ahead to steal money, discuss and imple…
25-01-2021 18:02
RT @harrypetsanis: "You'll never be good for anyone until you're good with yourself. The key to life is not finding someone, it's finding y…
25-01-2021 18:01
RT @_Sufy2: Nigerian unity is only a British intention for the country.”- Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa, 1948.
25-01-2021 18:00
RT @_Sufy2: “Since 1914, the British Government has been trying to make Nigeria into one country, but the Nigerian people themselves are hi…
25-01-2021 18:00
@faatimaemgee Muma zamu dinga tofawa tamu Ayat Al-kursi. https://t.co/JTwuNJTVQ0
25-01-2021 17:39
@Nigeriangod_ So, we are not blaming his religion, tribe or region?
25-01-2021 17:34
@faatimaemgee I hope my 7+ is seeing it’s mate https://t.co/mLVQ4QAsqF
25-01-2021 17:32
RT @hajjahaauwa: An average Southerner thinks all Hausa/Fulanis are shoe shiners and truck loaders. They don't know these folks they look d…
25-01-2021 17:24
RT @umarkhalifa19: Another quick reminder; Nobody abandoned you,people are just there waiting for you to have money and claim they know you
25-01-2021 17:24
@zhurg_ Boss man https://t.co/9mjqmRa6PW
25-01-2021 17:19
RT @zhurg_: In life, Note that it be your own people. https://t.co/TqkjNeRbgR
25-01-2021 17:17
@nofaceukhti @slambama @Mo_belabbas @HiTechBitch They drive pleasure from making us waste time to explain our deen… https://t.co/2H1EJ8WLG7
25-01-2021 17:14
@Iamdanirich She thought he was a Kepa, but she wasn’t his catch 😂💔
25-01-2021 17:05
@jerh_jerh @ii_khaleedor Aired
25-01-2021 17:03
She needs to Chilwell https://t.co/XkY60slSGR
25-01-2021 16:58
@AstroBunka @ChuksNoble4 @Alex_Houseof308 @shank_comics @instablog9ja @_harrisonJNR @_VALKlNG @UncleMohamz… https://t.co/NO1iPa4q1v
25-01-2021 16:57
@adaanico @ChuksNoble4 @Alex_Houseof308 @shank_comics @instablog9ja @_harrisonJNR @_VALKlNG @UncleMohamz @Tife_fabunmi 😂
25-01-2021 16:56
@IBUILD01 @ChuksNoble4 @Alex_Houseof308 @shank_comics @instablog9ja @_harrisonJNR @_VALKlNG @UncleMohamz @Tife_fabunmi 😂
25-01-2021 16:56
RT @AM_Saleeem: This YOU? https://t.co/waSEhx87uS
25-01-2021 16:47
@Mister_Mash A dog can only bark.
25-01-2021 15:25
RT @Mister_Mash: Are you guys giving birth to in a state of anger? Y’all can’t keep a civil discussion with an open mind? You have this sup…
25-01-2021 15:24
RT @Belshagy: All these regional and tribal groups should be proscribed. They don’t represent any region or tribe, they are divisive elem…
25-01-2021 15:22
RT @NWali_X: The Fulani nomadic lifestyle is just unsustainable in the 21st century. In 59 years time, it'll be practically impossible, the…
25-01-2021 15:20
@OluwaStunna_YSL Be like say this one Jazz don expire https://t.co/Ab5pprMaW7
25-01-2021 15:20
@DanBORN0 Ya kaita karshen karatun ya fassara mata bakin
25-01-2021 15:17
RT @Mister_Mash: Omo, Who vexed you? How are we supposed to understand this English??
25-01-2021 15:15
RT @electri_cute: I think Nigerians should really be careful with the way they carry this ethnic hatred and sentiments in their hearts. Thi…
25-01-2021 15:14
RT @Abatam01: Truth is that nobody can drive the kind of fundamental Changes Buhari is doing in Nigeria & not have both local & internation…
25-01-2021 15:05
0 48768
RT @luliaax: he’s spitting https://t.co/m9E7nBUv5H
25-01-2021 15:02
RT @NgugiEvuti: One of the ways I test how aware a Nigerian is of his country is to tell him that a Hausa man has never been President of N…
25-01-2021 14:55
RT @KawuGarba: Arewa Twitter is becoming a better version it should be. if you're not okay with it go and hug transformer. We're not here f…
25-01-2021 14:52
@Ali_Vizuals @officialdeezell Wetin man go do?
25-01-2021 14:50
The Fulanis have been herding all around Africa way before the white man though of partitioning West Africa, they a… https://t.co/lu4r2mIT5I
25-01-2021 14:50
RT @jerh_jerh: It's so low to joke about people's insecurities and then expect them to laugh it off .
25-01-2021 14:43
@YahayaIliyasu11 Have money kawai
25-01-2021 14:43
RT @Tellemmmmm: Might forget and fry it
25-01-2021 14:42
@officialdeezell “Wow”
25-01-2021 14:40
RT @Mahmud_wazeeree: You just have to always make peace with food, no matter the circumstance.
25-01-2021 14:34
He wan dey use am to police you make you no dey rush life... na better person be that https://t.co/Ol3aZmyvoQ
25-01-2021 14:33
RT @Mister_Mash: If Christians choose to ignore biblical injunctions because they are not backed by Nigerian law, it’s their choice to do s…
25-01-2021 14:29
RT @hajjahaauwa: My heart breaks anytime I see people from other parts of the country rejoicing on SM over the unfortunate happenings in th…
25-01-2021 14:29
@jerh_jerh @ii_khaleedor Like the head of most BUK students https://t.co/oj9g4QvhnP
25-01-2021 14:27
@jerh_jerh @ii_khaleedor Rest. HND pro max students.
25-01-2021 14:23
RT @AhmadGanga: Arewa Twitter is trending just because netizens of AT refused to drag and sag Bashir for a picture they shared with the int…
25-01-2021 14:21
@_Sufy2 Na stupidity be this
25-01-2021 14:20
RT @ashatuuuu: My uncle just said "Good men still exist but your fake lashes won't let you see them".... 😭😭😭😭😂😂😂😂😂💔💔💔💔
25-01-2021 14:19
RT @serhdeeyerh: Assalamu Alaikum , baya cikin ladabi ka tambayi abinda aka boye maka. Bawani abu yasa ake boye maka shi ba sai dan bai sha…
25-01-2021 14:17
@BNkenny @Min_MooNah @miftahudeenA @OladiranIlias @jeffphilips1 Can you read the Arabic text in your Qur’an?
25-01-2021 14:17
@BNkenny @miftahudeenA @Min_MooNah @OladiranIlias @jeffphilips1 She is clearly ignorant and stupid.
25-01-2021 14:15
25-01-2021 14:13
@dieko_x Never lose your focus
25-01-2021 14:12
@jerh_jerh @ii_khaleedor We are still naturally ahead though
25-01-2021 14:11
0 28594
RT @lofiWav: Bruh my history teacher wants me to fail at this point https://t.co/18AfIxYJ8M
25-01-2021 14:09
@GenSamad The thing is she seems poorly educated on the deen and yet opinionated and ready to defend her ignorance… https://t.co/4hPyS7oauV
25-01-2021 14:03
RT @YALHAQ__: ليلة القدر خير من الف شهر.﴿٣﴾ سورة القدر
25-01-2021 13:51
@GenSamad Ameen! May Allah guide our sisters.
25-01-2021 13:51
@_Sufy2 @staarrgirlll At all😂
25-01-2021 13:50
@NwekePriscilla @ChuksNoble4 @Alex_Houseof308 @shank_comics @instablog9ja @_harrisonJNR @_VALKlNG @UncleMohamz @Tife_fabunmi I had to 😂
25-01-2021 13:49
@zayneeeeee @ChuksNoble4 @Alex_Houseof308 @shank_comics @instablog9ja @_harrisonJNR @_VALKlNG @UncleMohamz… https://t.co/YgOunF4wTW
25-01-2021 13:49
@GenSamad you are really patient, may Allah reward you for it.
25-01-2021 13:47
@Adesaka_ @akua_ohenewaaa This nigga came with a Drone to a hide and seek😂💔
25-01-2021 13:46
RT @GenSamad: @Min_MooNah @Absane_ms @BNkenny @OladiranIlias @jeffphilips1 https://t.co/qKPWK63YnP
25-01-2021 13:44
Not fearing women is absence of wisdom https://t.co/mUsunD3OjI
25-01-2021 13:43
@_Sufy2 @staarrgirlll They fit run you raw street sef 😂💔
25-01-2021 13:38
@Min_MooNah @GenSamad @BNkenny @OladiranIlias @jeffphilips1 So 4:34 does not seem to be implying a hierarchy to you… https://t.co/RG66DWMcb0
25-01-2021 13:38
@GenSamad @Min_MooNah @BNkenny @OladiranIlias @jeffphilips1 She is clearly ill mannered.
25-01-2021 13:37
@_Sufy2 @staarrgirlll You now... which one is Olosho privilege 😂
25-01-2021 13:27
@Min_MooNah @GenSamad @BNkenny @OladiranIlias @jeffphilips1 Albert Einstein is not a biologist, he was a physicist.… https://t.co/9DqeOI9fAn
25-01-2021 13:27
@_Sufy2 @staarrgirlll Who be this guy?
25-01-2021 13:18
@Min_MooNah @GenSamad @BNkenny @OladiranIlias @jeffphilips1 May Allah heal you.
25-01-2021 13:15
@GenSamad @Min_MooNah @BNkenny @OladiranIlias @jeffphilips1 In term of deeds and worship no one is. But in hierarch… https://t.co/Y3LWwd9gcM
25-01-2021 13:10
My French teacher called me this Monday morning talking about “Abdul, tu ne viens pas à l’école maintenant, pour qu… https://t.co/YhQlrH8qC0
25-01-2021 12:57
RT @RahmahMlm: 200 naira per sachet!
25-01-2021 12:41
@ado_zuleeyhart @Kaduna_MoE Thanks
25-01-2021 12:20
@alphaaliy @Min_MooNah @BNkenny @OladiranIlias @jeffphilips1 She probably don’t even know the meaning of feminism.
25-01-2021 12:18
RT @realspower: Hello twitter, I’m here to introduce @Waspapping_'s new Uber business “Waspapping Drive” For your safe & convenient rid…
25-01-2021 12:13
@The_8bitCyborg @ChuksNoble4 @Alex_Houseof308 @shank_comics @instablog9ja @_harrisonJNR @_VALKlNG @UncleMohamz… https://t.co/V70fFEBwsi
25-01-2021 12:11
@Min_MooNah @BNkenny @OladiranIlias @jeffphilips1 https://t.co/VhINOqhHUp
25-01-2021 12:06
@wani_dave @ChuksNoble4 @Alex_Houseof308 @shank_comics @instablog9ja @_harrisonJNR @_VALKlNG @UncleMohamz… https://t.co/0JrbOjO8Ag
25-01-2021 12:03
RT @mabba_: Are some elements not paid to disunite this great nation called Nigeria? First, the attempted to disunite us religiously, but f…
25-01-2021 12:00
@Min_MooNah @BNkenny @OladiranIlias @jeffphilips1 No! The two don’t go.. in Islam men are superior to women and that’s on that...
25-01-2021 11:59
@jeffphilips1 Dear Jeff, how can you not comprehend what she said. https://t.co/8TjtvBVcz6
25-01-2021 11:57
@Min_MooNah @BNkenny @OladiranIlias @jeffphilips1 There is nothing like Islamic feminist... everything about gender… https://t.co/oX0ELt5T4t
25-01-2021 11:55