ann Lancashire born and bred (@Annleicester3) — love politics,,,love Europe not the EU brexiteer through and through,,,No DM please i was born in the 50s and loved it.
RT @kevinohara62: @BorisJohnson I actually dont believe you any more sounds like bollocks to me
22-01-2021 20:55
RT @KarenHa89817446: @lambo555 @BorisJohnson
22-01-2021 20:54
RT @2020the_truth: @BorisJohnson So let me summarise for everyone. THEY HAVEN'T GOT A FU*CKING CLUE!!! The three stooges offer little or n…
22-01-2021 20:53
RT @lambo555: @BorisJohnson More lockdown more labour policy making
22-01-2021 20:53
RT @garrisonrich1: @BorisJohnson If But Maybe Not sure Possibly Could be
22-01-2021 20:52
RT @catdog18: warning , all mutts must be vaccinated with new pfizer MUTTFACE666 vaccine developed by Pfizer in association with Pedigree C…
22-01-2021 20:51
And what about Heart attacks Cancer,Strokes Accidents,,,,all bloody gone,,AMAZING.
22-01-2021 20:51
RT @BecalmedMadness: @DrTeckKhong so - they begin to realise that the people are no longer buying it and now try to get themselves out of t…
22-01-2021 20:49
RT @Aristotles23:
22-01-2021 20:47
RT @marshall5188: @Anshul__K @BallouxFrancois What I can’t figure out is, if it’s less transmissionable how can it be more fatal
22-01-2021 20:47
RT @stuart_dandro: @Anshul__K @BallouxFrancois Yes surely the time of year effects the death rate a lot.
22-01-2021 20:46
RT @Anshul__K: For those reading the articles claiming the UK strain might be more deadly. Please take these headlines with caution. As exp…
22-01-2021 20:46
RT @Gal50OH: OMG! MSNBC just reported that the Capitol police took part in the riot on 1/6!! They actually told a TRUTH!! Is the world endi…
22-01-2021 20:45
RT @Nick_Pye: Unless @BorisJohnson says he's lifting all lockdown systems, I don't give a toss what he's says.
22-01-2021 20:44
RT @MickyB48523030: @Roydini25 @Annleicester3 new variants... from same places with new vaccines... just a coincidence... move along nothin…
22-01-2021 20:44
Hey Boris BIDENS in now so just open country up eh we know what you was up to.
22-01-2021 20:44
22-01-2021 20:42
RT @Roydini25: When three stooges turn up for a press briefing ,you know its going to be doom and gloom. Not so long ago everything hinged…
22-01-2021 20:38
Italy did it wonder why UK hasn't.
22-01-2021 20:38
RT @jacquihughes17:
22-01-2021 20:36
RT @JackPosobiec: SCOOP: Trump has given permission for the troops to stay at Trump Hotel DC if any of them need, per advisor @OANN
22-01-2021 20:36
RT @tonyedwardson: @Peston @neil_ferguson Name one thing the 'influential' Neil Ferguson has got right
22-01-2021 20:35
Always said myself its flu so what i am asking is FLU going to be called CV19 from now on only no other deaths hear…
22-01-2021 20:35
Just wished to god she bloody would give us all a rest from that mouth of hers OR is it she just loves attention wh…
22-01-2021 20:31
RT @GiveUsAQuid: 😂😂😂
22-01-2021 02:47
RT @AnnaSvan: I took this photo myself today of the surgical mask box used at the dentists. “Does not eliminate the risk of catching any di…
22-01-2021 02:47
RT @MalHay: We have just witnessed probably the biggest deceit ever perpetrated within the United States of America - if not the World. The…
22-01-2021 02:45
RT @LittleBoats2020: A reliable fosterer friend of ours in the NE has told us about a so called asylum child who was given a 2 bed flat & t…
22-01-2021 02:45
RT @AdoptionsUk: Please retweet, we are seeing so may lost and stolen dog posts. Keep your dog in sight, on a lead if necessary, stay with…
22-01-2021 02:44
RT @MaureenDalby: Le Pen tells it as it is...just wish we had more honest people like her around. Most politicians dare not even go near t…
22-01-2021 02:43
RT @CarnellAnita: I hear Election will go ahead in March! If so London must not allow those voting machines to be used. @sadiqKahn will Fix…
22-01-2021 02:42
RT @RealDeniseWelch: A man I spoke to today said this ‘we keep being shown a light at the end of the tunnel and then it’s switched off agai…
22-01-2021 02:42
RT @MrsMThatcher: I sometimes think the Labour Party is like a pub where the mild is running out. If someone doesn't do something soon, all…
22-01-2021 02:36
RT @barryAshcroft4: @afneil @DawnGiddings @Nigel_Farage
22-01-2021 02:35
RT @ghost_wales: Suspended for a breach of covid regulations. @AlunDaviesMS thought it would be a good idea to have a party in the Senedd b…
22-01-2021 02:35
RT @DehennaDavison: Because I’m a ridiculous nerd, I managed to catch the moment my watch hit 21 seconds past the 21st minute past the 21st…
22-01-2021 02:34
RT @SaraCarterDC: Biden seen without a mask on federal property hours after signing executive order requiring masks on federal property ht…
22-01-2021 02:33
RT @ajayjagota: Another barnstormer from @CharlesWalkerMP 👏 whatever your politics listen to this
22-01-2021 02:31
Bloody hell i am just surprised BBC has give this man air time ,,,,for once and hats off to him.
22-01-2021 02:30
Yes wonder why ??
22-01-2021 02:25
RT @dr_musgrave: As a GP, I am hearing: disadvantaged children left behind their peers, emerging mental health disorders in the young, chil…
22-01-2021 02:25
RT @LizBrexit: Biden removes the Churchill statue form the Oval office. Says theres no trade deal with the UK coming. We lost such a friend…
22-01-2021 02:22
RT @sophieblack2016: @LanceForman Because our govt are liars and cheats and they want their dividends from big pharma
21-01-2021 16:22
RT @LanceForman: Just left zoom meeting with Israeli Health Minister. Very interested to hear that Israel is not vaccinating people who h…
21-01-2021 16:22
RT @Jennyashash: How to weaken your immune system - avoid sunlight, cover face, breath in own germs, cut oxygen, avoid other humans, use ha…
21-01-2021 16:21
RT @Holbornlolz: £500M of UK aid to Pakistan well spent, then
21-01-2021 16:21
RT @Para_glider69: @Revsimonsideway Looks like it was a wallet. Representative of every US working man’s wallet she intends to dip into ev…
21-01-2021 16:15
RT @davidkurten: Regardless of what Johnson says, being woke is disastrous. Society has had enough of queer theory, BLM, toxic misandrous f…
21-01-2021 16:14
RT @AlanDaffern: Abraham is #Missing from the #Sneinton area of #Nottingham #NG2. He is quite distinctive, as he has a broken tail that lay…
21-01-2021 16:12
RT @ArielleScarcell: Whenever something bad happens because of Biden we should all trend #TrumpToldYouSo
21-01-2021 16:12
RT @billpage161: Tony should crawl into his rat hole. He destroyed Gt Britain
21-01-2021 16:06
RT @EssexPR: From reading many professors, medical journalists and statistics exports for the last hour. The latest REACT study from Imperi…
21-01-2021 16:06
RT @Kateandtheboys: If only someone had mentioned this earlier. Oh wait...
21-01-2021 16:03
Oh you mean like that speech you did about leaving UK if Boris got to be PM ???
21-01-2021 16:01
RT @Nana71143526: @TheCoronaCure_ Go to all fines cancelled website, here's a screenshot showing the website
21-01-2021 12:51
RT @petemorristwit: @wisteriawitch Let's be blunt about this. For years Morgan has 'bragged' that he is the only 'journalist' (that's a jo…
21-01-2021 12:43
RT @sscepticcAl: @CromwellStuff Yup I remember taking our kids to the docs, always got a standard answer, "theyve got a virus". I always li…
21-01-2021 12:42
RT @chicach67377131: @DominicRaab @JoeBiden @KamalaHarris @COP26 If you’re serious about climate change why have plans to build a coal mine…
21-01-2021 12:40
RT @nickstephens188: Are there any U.K. police officers on here that are against these lockdown measures are challenging the narrative? (…
21-01-2021 12:37
RT @TheFreds: Interesting, wouldn’t it be amazing if this was a success.
21-01-2021 12:29
RT @NewtonClarkeUK: Looks like @SagaHolidaysUK have gone ‘protected tweets’ after they posted this sh*tshow of a notice today for their cus…
21-01-2021 12:28
RT @PatrioticSocia1: This article was published in April. The Guardian has gone a bit quiet about it since Biden won.…
21-01-2021 12:23
RT @2tweetaboutit:
21-01-2021 12:23
RT @MillerStream: Nearly 8,000 people have died in America today from COVID under Joe Biden’s leadership. This is just terrible. 😢
21-01-2021 12:17
21-01-2021 12:17
RT @AdoptionsUk: Please retweet to help Azure find a home #COTSWOLDS 🇬🇧 Aged 1 ' super temperament' , a bit boisterous so best with childr…
21-01-2021 12:16
RT @MigrationWatch: It’s our border, our laws, our quality of life. Don't we deserve to be able to refuse bad people?
21-01-2021 12:15
RT @LittleBoats2020: If you dare to defend Britain today you will be vilified by treacherous Wokes 53 years ago people had a voice & took…
21-01-2021 12:14
RT @WorldofNC: So my manager has just advised me and given me the paperwork today to access an online counselling service after my decision…
21-01-2021 12:14
RT @spikedonline: The inauguration of Joe Biden will not heal America. On the contrary, Biden and the woke elites pose a graver threat to t…
21-01-2021 12:12
NO NO NO we have had enough.
21-01-2021 11:58
RT @MartinTwigs68: Top 5 worse UK Prime Ministers 1. May 2. Blair 3. Heath 4. Brown 5. Major
21-01-2021 11:56
RT @Grumpy_Scot8: Overall deaths week 1 2021 = 1704 Overall deaths week 1 2000 = 2275 Overall deaths week 1 1999 = 1838 Overall deaths week…
21-01-2021 11:56
RT @june_mummery: @DamonCarter5 Hopefully it will get better for the fish exporters, but for the fishing industry its over, @BorisJohnson @…
21-01-2021 11:56
21-01-2021 11:55
And still they let them in.
21-01-2021 11:53
RT @ArtBrown99: @Rob_Kimbell @C53758546Mandy I would BUT the scandal of illegal immigration and the benefits system which attracts them pre…
21-01-2021 11:47
RT @NeilClark66: There are around 68 million of us. And we are waiting for about 100 or so politicians and members of SAGE to tell us when…
21-01-2021 11:45
RT @CromwellStuff: Remember “flu”? “Go to bed, take paracetamol, fluids, isolate and you will be fine 5 to 7 days If not give us a call”? S…
21-01-2021 11:44
RT @UnwokenMan: My 11 year old Daughter has lost her childhood thanks to all this COVID bullshit, she's not seen her friends in months, she…
21-01-2021 11:44
RT @kathiebennett: Please DO NOT leave your dogs unattended ANYWHERE they are getting stolen from gardens, cars,outside shops , homes and…
21-01-2021 11:44
RT @Sozzinski: Quite a few on Twitter arguing that voting fraud in the US election didn't happen. The problem is that we'll never know beca…
21-01-2021 11:43
RT @dontthinkso2020: @DarrenPlymouth Ian Duncan smith just said government have known for some time that PCR test is not accurate on with @…
21-01-2021 11:41
RT @spax01: @DarrenPlymouth It's a miracle..... First day in office and Sleepy Joe cures covid. Wow, I hope Boris is watching. PCR proba…
21-01-2021 11:40
RT @Cookie_1973: @DarrenPlymouth 4 years to flatten the perv 🙈
21-01-2021 11:39
RT @DarrenPlymouth: Yesterday, as Biden was illegally inaugurated, the WHO announced that PCR Ct rates should be dropped to prevent false p…
21-01-2021 11:38
RT @sand_man16: Do not refuse vaccines. Shift the liability back onto your employer. Will you guarantee I suffer no adverse reactions? Are…
21-01-2021 11:37
RT @BlightyUK: Churchill bust gone from the Oval office/White House on Sleepy Joe’s first day! Just shows how much Biden thinks of the UK…
21-01-2021 11:36
RT @BurnsideNotTosh: @Peston From him to Him
21-01-2021 11:35
RT @Chrissi52027025: ' I dont think this really matters, give him another 20 years in office, and he still wont be able to turn this London…
21-01-2021 11:24
RT @jaynereadman: What's the connection with covid and climate change? And why are all the adverts trying to turn us vegan?
21-01-2021 11:23
RT @cornwall70001: This disturbs me.
21-01-2021 11:22
RT @NewtonClarkeUK: Also, I called this yesterday 😂
21-01-2021 11:22
RT @NewtonClarkeUK: The ‘anti-fascists’ have smashed up a Democratic Party headquarters on @JoeBiden’s first day in the job. That means @Th…
21-01-2021 11:21
RT @AdoptionsUk: Please retweet to help Annie find a home #BERKSHIRE 🇬🇧 Aged 8, looking for a quiet adult home as only pet, she's been wai…
21-01-2021 11:15
RT @Jeff77400952: @TiceRichard What for? It's seasonal flu. Never been anything else.
21-01-2021 11:13
RT @Eastwood1A1: @Rob_Kimbell @GuyFawk95323763 Each European country, which happens to be a member of the EU, have Consulates in the United…
21-01-2021 11:11
RT @NickAdamsinUSA: RT if you already miss President Trump.
21-01-2021 11:10
RT @PaulaBrexiteer: Ok so I’m under troll attack again, my worst troll attack was when I said how beautiful my blonde haired blue eyed gran…
21-01-2021 11:10
RT @Bear1Kuma: @LordBrexit Go out and have a drink on 30th. I'm going seaside then😉 🖕 the rules!
20-01-2021 14:54
RT @AnimaIWorIds: Everything is terrible so here’s a video of Pandas on a slide
20-01-2021 14:52
RT @rec777777: @mechanic_mrs @Gazzard101 Spot on. Yesterdays #BrexitCarnage HGVs were sent by an @theSNP supporter. The shellfish sent…
20-01-2021 14:51
RT @Theflyingfryer: Could be interesting.
20-01-2021 14:50
RT @JonBonnick1: @HopkinsBRFC I hope these numbers will help someone. Please share them.
20-01-2021 14:49
RT @HopkinsBRFC: This is truly heartbreaking Ethan Bourne, a 12 year old boy from London, took his own life earlier this month. Please…
20-01-2021 14:49
RT @Saturn90: Please retweet to advise Londoners of the dangers that London will face if Khan is elected for another term of office!!😧😧 htt…
20-01-2021 14:48
RT @tweettruth2me: Let’s pick the least healthy person to be in charge of this nation’s healthcare decisions.
20-01-2021 14:46
RT @RyanAFournier: I’m now hearing that National Guard troops are being sent home if they have “Pro-Constitution, or Pro-Trump” content on…
20-01-2021 14:44
RT @PeterSweden7: Meanwhile in Sweden... Yet another bombing took place that you didn't hear about in the international media. A grocery…
20-01-2021 14:43
And when the dead started to vote.
20-01-2021 14:42
RT @Belinda555777: Bacterial Pneumonia and Other Health Risks of Wearing Masks Alarm Doctors
20-01-2021 14:41
RT @tonyangelcyn: White English lives don’t matter to the british left wing establishment
20-01-2021 14:39
RT @stevec3457: Wonderful news. A win for whitey! 🖕@ukblm
20-01-2021 14:39
RT @davidkurten: Congratulations to @UTAG17 and @TheLTDA on success in your judicial review! Sadiq Khan and TfL's Bishopsgate Streetspace s…
20-01-2021 14:38
RT @Sozzinski: If you want a concrete demonstration of the swamp and how it is, in reality, a massive trough for the middle-class elites, h…
20-01-2021 14:34
RT @AdoptionsUk: Please retweet to help Chicco find a home #Hertfordshire 🇬🇧 Aged 5, very smart, but confused and stressed at the moment, l…
20-01-2021 14:33
RT @NickMalyon1: Dear Britain, can you resist the incessant marxist indoctrination by your radio, all your TV channels, your newspapers, yo…
20-01-2021 14:32
Oh dear oh dear.
20-01-2021 14:17
Just wondering Italy and few other countries have all opened up won their battle why UK not.
20-01-2021 14:10
RT @Andrew3rown1: What's going on @pritipatel why are you allowing this to continue ?
20-01-2021 14:08
RT @bagshaw2112: Got to love the #french language .
20-01-2021 14:06
RT @NicholasStonier: @NickHudsonCT Why did WHO have to classify the symptoms as a “disease”? Pneumonia,influenza etc aren’t classified as a…
20-01-2021 14:04
RT @AustralianEuro2: This is what your Government can do for you!
20-01-2021 14:04
RT @Belinda555777: why has the UK faired so badly with covid ? Whitty knows IVERMECTIN works for covid , why isn't he allowing it t…
20-01-2021 14:03
RT @CrazyWaterChic1: @kmkaznay26 This is not the military. I live near hear and it’s oil rigs and container ships that have been getting ba…
20-01-2021 14:01
RT @kmkaznay26: Somethings going down 🤔
20-01-2021 14:01
Hahahaha its good to laugh.
20-01-2021 13:59
RT @HappilyUnwoke: Exclusive: Albanian criminal twice deported from Britain boasts on social media about his return to the UK…
20-01-2021 13:55
RT @williamRN7: Why and how does @pritipatel continue to exist in a job that is clearly too much for her? How can she so blatantly ignore t…
20-01-2021 13:51
RT @MarcBozza: @talkradio I’ve just heard Julia HB state that she would have voted for Biden rather than Trump !!! Astonishing how journal…
20-01-2021 13:50
RT @sparkykeeef: keep retweeting this
20-01-2021 13:10
RT @Bigdogdigs: I wonder how many American civil war participants will be able to watch the inauguration of the man they voted for?
20-01-2021 13:09
RT @Tricky9993: @MrFezziwig5 Grooming children 🤔
20-01-2021 13:08
RT @teachertwit2: Tell me why the fuck every child needs a computer to learn? Remember books, pens, paper, activity books, good documentar…
20-01-2021 13:08
RT @grancake: @pritipatel Stop the illegals
20-01-2021 13:07
RT @MaureenDalby: That's just the first the others have seen how it works, they'll all have PTSD! @pritipatel you've let us dow…
20-01-2021 13:06
RT @NickAdamsinUSA: President Trump should absolutely start his own Patriot Party!
20-01-2021 13:03
RT @TergumAmore: Magic Grandpa,
20-01-2021 13:00
RT @WeLeftEU: This is NOT the America I know. America has fallen to the Globalists & it has sinister & scary implications for USA & therefo…
20-01-2021 12:58
RT @SeanAKehoe: When President Trump picked up the Marine’s hat. It wasn’t just to be helpful. He perceived that the young man felt acut…
20-01-2021 12:56
RT @Ziva2010: @Rob_Kimbell It would be viable, IF Govt had the intelligence to do what their voters demand & deport ALL illegals, extremist…
20-01-2021 12:55
RT @RosettaTickner: @Rob_Kimbell We're full.
20-01-2021 12:55
RT @Totusporcus: @Rob_Kimbell They would be the right kind of immigrants but where will they live?
20-01-2021 12:55
RT @Rob_Kimbell: Up to two million Hongkongers could move to the UK under the new visa. As the city’s political crisis deepens, residents c…
20-01-2021 12:55
RT @DCfegan: When you look around and see 20,000 armed men attending your inauguration. That should be a good indicator that “the people” w…
20-01-2021 12:54
RT @janekin24: Clever isn’t it. Terrify the public into loving lockdowns then say we can’t lift restrictions fast because public don’t want…
20-01-2021 12:54
RT @AlasdairSampso1: I don’t know what scares me worse that we still have this effing virus in 2037 or that, like Mugabe, this tedious l…
20-01-2021 12:53
RT @Roydini25: George Orwell's "1984" contains the lines: "Everything other than working was forbidden: walking in the streets, having fun,…
20-01-2021 12:49
Nat king Cole.
20-01-2021 12:45
RT @MPSSouthwark: #JAILED | Three men who posed as delivery drivers have been jailed after forcing their way into the home of a terrified m…
20-01-2021 12:44
RT @RickSacrop: Scottish fishermen say they are losing 50,% on orice of shell fish due to delays at the ports. Why are our shops not flood…
20-01-2021 12:42
20-01-2021 12:41
RT @Jayduck16803727: All apart from those on the left, we are all baffled as to how she became the Commissioner of the Met Police.🤔 https…
20-01-2021 12:39
RT @CeliaFarber: I'm about to publish a piece revealing the work of a US scientist who found evidence of shocking statistical fraud in orde…
20-01-2021 12:38
RT @Miss_HoA_T: I’ve just heard that 4 shops in the area I live in are considering opening on the 30th Jan as they have nothing to lose now…
20-01-2021 12:36
RT @LittleBoats2020: 832,302 British service personnel lost their lives in WW1 & 453,450 in WW2 Malignant Wokes & spinless politicians who…
20-01-2021 12:36
RT @MarshalTheWill1: Four years to flatten the perv
20-01-2021 12:35
RT @drmikehart: Many doctors & nurses are against lockdowns; they are just too afraid to say it. But the ones who are pro-lockdown are sho…
20-01-2021 12:35
RT @AnnaSobriety: Utterly disgusted to go my local supermarket only to find not one bare shelf save for baking parchment. There were green…
20-01-2021 12:31
RT @KEdge23: I really dislike Labour’s Lisa Nandy, ever since she blatantly lied about the Brexit WA back in 2019 & then did everything she…
20-01-2021 12:28
RT @jennyrickson: I don’t want to “stay safe”, I want to live life
20-01-2021 12:27
RT @Hellohowru12345: The Freudian slip! OAN Accidentally reports BIDEN IN CUSTODY 🤔
20-01-2021 12:24
Haha and the rest.
20-01-2021 12:24
RT @Joeby52:
20-01-2021 12:22
Sorry but people make mistakes and do not always get corrected so come on don't tell me you have NEVER.
20-01-2021 12:20
Me or them ??
20-01-2021 12:15
RT @kingsquest88: @MSANNCOOPER @Annleicester3 Latest survival rate estimates from the CDC: Age 0-19 … 99.997% Age 20-49 … 99.98% Age 50-69…
20-01-2021 12:13
RT @mosiestearn: These two gangsters are far more dangerous than clowns. It rather looking like a Mafia Government to me but I'm just a UK…
19-01-2021 15:35
RT @MickeyD44314901: MP Apsana Begum to stand trial in July on housing fraud charges
19-01-2021 15:35
RT @Belinda555777: Thailand Night Street 16th January 2021 via @YouTube Thailand 19th JAN 2021 . Prostitutes w…
19-01-2021 15:34
RT @AeHcat: @petemorristwit It culls people and there's some hints that it may sterilise the young. Agenda 30. Depopulation.
19-01-2021 15:34
RT @PoliticsPollss: Would you support or oppose requiring people to wear a mask in all public places, indoors or outdoors? #FaceMasks #Coro…
19-01-2021 15:33
RT @pantstopolitics: @boblister_poole Where are the flucking fathers.... they could all move in together and have plenty of funds to raise…
19-01-2021 15:33
RT @WasBunny:
19-01-2021 15:27
RT @PorkIsBest:
19-01-2021 15:24
RT @Tricky9993: @pritipatel Been down to Dover yet.
19-01-2021 15:24
RT @pritipatel: A historic win for India 🇮🇳 Congratulations to the team!
19-01-2021 15:24
Hey Mr Hancock you said you was going holidaying Cornwall in summer how you going to manage that ,,you keep this fa…
19-01-2021 15:21
RT @AdoptionsUk: Please retweet to help Bob find a home #WORCESTERSHIRE🇬🇧 Aged 5-7, loves to carry his toys around with him, best as only…
19-01-2021 15:17
RT @simsy1977: This all seems very staged to me 🤔
19-01-2021 15:14
RT @DinoJoachim: 2020 taught children about division between blacks and whites and I made damn sure they know where it came from. Politics…
19-01-2021 15:12
RT @HitmanPete: @MailOnline What a world we live in.
19-01-2021 15:11
RT @MailOnline: Christian girl, 12, who was 'kidnapped, raped and chained up by Muslim man who forced her to marry him', is rescued https:/…
19-01-2021 15:10
RT @CrankyKat: EXCELLENT question.
19-01-2021 15:10
RT @MajestyMagazine: The February issue of @MajestyMagazine is on the way to subscribers, but once again there will be a lengthy delay with…
19-01-2021 15:09
RT @AdoptionsUk: Please retweet to help Zeke find a home #SUSSEX 🇬🇧 Beautiful Collie aged 4, looking for adult home as only pet, please se…
19-01-2021 15:08
Anyone put pictures up of him.
19-01-2021 15:04
RT @RayMair3: I concur !
19-01-2021 15:03
RT @JN_Bespoke_Fit: ❤️ Please spare a few minutes to read this, Alex is a personal trainer who I work with so it’s hit home pretty hard 😞,…
19-01-2021 15:02
RT @Chicago1Ray: Trump was the best friend I ever had that I never met.. God Bless Trump
19-01-2021 15:01
RT @NelsonChurchil3: My son-in-law in Raleigh North Carolina , on Skype last evening . His Office closed . Tensions palpable with all staff…
19-01-2021 15:01
Thought we was all locked up and how far was this play from his house.
19-01-2021 15:00
19-01-2021 14:56
RT @nickelsgb: My only hope is Trump comes through otherwise i'm just the town idiot conspiracy theorist once again. For fuck sake Trump ma…
19-01-2021 14:56
RT @LPerrins: The attack on Lord Sumption is disgusting. He is attempting to debate the important balance between liberty and lockdown. H…
19-01-2021 14:54
RT @Harvesterb: @sir_frankuk If parents were doing right by their kids, surely we would be hearing stories about starving parents not starv…
19-01-2021 14:53
RT @ghost_wales: Dear remoaner’s rejoiner’s & any other whinging er’s, I promise to let the fact go we won & you lost despite your best at…
19-01-2021 14:53
RT @LonsdaleKeith: @pritipatel No government should ever have this level of tyrannical control over any of us, ever. We must take it from…
19-01-2021 14:52
19-01-2021 14:50