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Why is adult bedding so boring 🥱
23-01-2021 07:33
@CoolCatCarece Wow I’m .... so aggy https://t.co/qdL8jjedJB
23-01-2021 07:29
RT @MojoDisco: Solange had that boy learn 5 languages before he was 5 and this is the language he chooses? https://t.co/DM4haCHdT7
23-01-2021 06:25
@CoolCatCarece Wait the beanie or the meme https://t.co/heH7BppIXM
23-01-2021 06:23
RT @JASMYNMILAN: None but that’s probably why I’m off 💀
23-01-2021 06:12
@allysa_etain Wooow that’s why they always got attitudes & be tryna growl well hiss 😭. That’s amazing & scary
23-01-2021 06:12
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RT @sapphicbisexual: bringing this back https://t.co/jLBpiaVSSB
23-01-2021 06:11
I still don’t get the joke but this cute as shit 🥺 https://t.co/AwOFx5P3xy
23-01-2021 06:10
Bish whet?!!!! https://t.co/4ROFYmAVGr
23-01-2021 06:10
RT @Epithymia__: A lot of women have reached success thru using their sex appeal & that bothers everyone.
23-01-2021 06:05
Yessss! https://t.co/YmSWCHF40A
23-01-2021 06:04
RT @3exoticbroads: why do people text me asking if i know some nigga cuz if i say yeah then what Lol
23-01-2021 05:36
RT @evilrashida: I need to know who made this omg https://t.co/lx8JS27tCE
23-01-2021 05:00
RT @YungYinkv: Y’all: Let people enjoy things! Me: https://t.co/Dhc6zXTteS
23-01-2021 04:52
@TreyTheStoner The way y’all both kill these hoes Bloody Mary style lol
23-01-2021 04:51
RT @munnnyyhunnyy: Bitches be sexual predators too.
23-01-2021 02:48
RT @memwho: My manager is a racist veteran I would like to move for my health. He is at my job interviewing without a mask on Pls bxxsr
23-01-2021 02:48
RT @OgLakyn: Bitch shut up!
23-01-2021 02:25
RT @bhalilg: Cap to dem not me
23-01-2021 02:22
RT @TopDawgEnt: #GoodDays officially certified Gold 📀 #TDE @sza https://t.co/yHtH1rer9w
23-01-2021 01:57
RT @QuadieDiesel: Quadell https://t.co/1kiSOndYjA
23-01-2021 01:48
RT @polaristhelight: Hey guys my roommate recently moved out on me and my partner with literally no notice at all, and we have so much more…
23-01-2021 01:48
Lmaoooo https://t.co/b5uMExGca1
23-01-2021 01:47
RT @NotLaja: This guy is doing a live reading of the full Harry Potter book series for this non-profit that supports the legal funds of ref…
23-01-2021 01:43
Smh and it’s one of the mall security guards. Them niggas love being creeps https://t.co/16YpEAWlVW
23-01-2021 01:41
RT @Epithymia__: Montana Ball (1993) https://t.co/6RaqF7t0uo
23-01-2021 01:37
RT @kelis: Hey fam! Sat down with @harpersbazaarus to talk about everything I eat in a day. You already know there’s lots of sauce 😘 Watc…
23-01-2021 01:37
What’s the joke about that Bernie meme?
23-01-2021 01:34
RT @big_business_: They made the DaBaby slide down a semen mountain, mistakes been made.
23-01-2021 01:28
RT @thotscholar: Decriminalization will not automatically give erotic laborers labor rights and protections. Because of how labor laws have…
23-01-2021 01:27
I be so content being in my lil area at work on my phone minding my business then boom here go a coworker tryna tal… https://t.co/2ZvHocCECQ
23-01-2021 01:23
RT @foreverimbetter: @selfiegoddesss Imagine teaching your kids that your word ain’t bond https://t.co/pS52b1nuVj
23-01-2021 01:13
White bitches will do the most mid regular degular shit on the pole while y’all give them their 10’s meanwhile Blac… https://t.co/K6MzFcLn0A
23-01-2021 01:12
Literally my face. Like damn all these tables and you tryna be up under me tf https://t.co/Cy3R9Fbhkd
23-01-2021 01:00
RT @yeyeisdark: Ok anyone whos done cosmetology or esthiology, does the noncredit vs credit school matter? Like how big of a role do y’all…
23-01-2021 00:59
RT @MurderGeeWrote: When has Charlemagne ever made a good point
23-01-2021 00:59
Omg! They look so fire. Thank you boo I appreciate you 😘 https://t.co/9Dz4hbCY2M
23-01-2021 00:58
This nigga really changed tables so he can sit & look directly in my face. I hate men https://t.co/82VJBFdvNt
23-01-2021 00:58
That almond had me shook to my core 😭 https://t.co/wwTLRKMkFK
23-01-2021 00:56
@memwho No but that sound interesting. Thanks boo! I’m bouta send this to my bae 🖤
23-01-2021 00:56
I haven’t tried it cus their almond milk taste sweet as a bitch https://t.co/ZvQfW92PKT
23-01-2021 00:55
RT @memwho: @kei_aotic @BaeG0d_47 Follow them for moreee foods and mutual aid requests 🤗🤞🏿I gotta recipe for some vegan birrira tacos a fri…
23-01-2021 00:55
RT @deathbydoll: When he rub his feet together and it sound like the intro to computer love https://t.co/9NbMmrAdlW
23-01-2021 00:53
RT @yagirltoomuch: These came out the same year ... we were truly blessed 🥺 https://t.co/MQ1r5R7TS6
23-01-2021 00:52
RT @ghoul_spice: i’m ur Clown https://t.co/tSw9cvIR1O
23-01-2021 00:50
RT @lucidnee: my throattt crazzzyyyyy - Jatavia LaBelle https://t.co/o7TiPFsD2b
23-01-2021 00:48
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RT @realpawpaw1: I received the Lifetime Achievement Award at the African Movie Academy Awards. Congratulations to myself 🔥🤲🏼🥺🥺 https://t.c…
23-01-2021 00:44
RT @frankenfemme_: I’m ctfuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
23-01-2021 00:44
@memwho @kei_aotic I don’t have one yet but I’m listening 👂🏾
23-01-2021 00:41
RT @moonmillionaire: a prophet https://t.co/6gAWho17of
23-01-2021 00:40
RT @TheKingofReads: As he should. Kroger cut hazard pay for their employees during a pandemic. Ask me do I care.
23-01-2021 00:39
Okayyyyy! When these stamps hit in like a week or 2 I will. Then I’ll update you! https://t.co/2d7uwnhhIz
23-01-2021 00:39
@Only1Shana_MUA I’m sorry friend 😭 sometimes it be tasting weird af like a nutty flavor to me & I be like wtf brand is this baby?!
23-01-2021 00:37
RT @CAKESDAKILLA: Everyone got an opinion but everybody don’t got funding.
23-01-2021 00:36
RT @evilrashida: Jatavia Aretha Carey ate
23-01-2021 00:36
@Only1Shana_MUA Lol yes. If you drink Dunkin Donuts they carry it so like u can try it in a coffee or something bef… https://t.co/fjctSmw1ue
23-01-2021 00:11
I miss this style https://t.co/hDPG5UmfS4
23-01-2021 00:07
RT @rianphin: Bob the drag queen is the best winner of drag race in the entire show’s history, it’s actually crazy...
23-01-2021 00:06
The way planet oat the only oat milk I can stomach cus he not lying 🤣 https://t.co/auGEVOYFnk
23-01-2021 00:04
Baeee 😍 and why my mom got that shirt https://t.co/OeregkVS8u
23-01-2021 00:03
RT @jiggyjayy2: Are you relating drug dealing to blackness?????????
23-01-2021 00:01
The alphabet mafia strengthens errday https://t.co/Yb1eM6IPWB
22-01-2021 23:59
RT @shaTIRED: Somebody PLEASE take this dog from this woman 😭 https://t.co/BrymnB6bPG
22-01-2021 23:59
RT @evilrashida: Y’all actually listen to yt men and give them pet names...
22-01-2021 23:57
RT @jiggyjayy2: Me, someone with 2 black parents, 4 black grandparents and 8 black great grand parents https://t.co/2OkG8IToJJ
22-01-2021 23:00
RT @PhilayeFilms: Yall need to stop calling Justin Timberlake "JT". JT is a City Girl 😂
22-01-2021 22:20
This is it!! https://t.co/GN1B2N40Ez
22-01-2021 22:17
RT @delafro_: Having two black parents who also have two black parents... who also had two black parents >>>>>
22-01-2021 22:15
In my business!!! https://t.co/zrBZ7XEjDe
22-01-2021 22:14
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RT @PhilayeFilms: Dani & DaBaby belong together. DaDummies
22-01-2021 22:09
RT @KadineLindsay: “Northside of The Map” 8x11” Acrylic on Canvas https://t.co/HPku98jlih https://t.co/59FYHaFjWM
22-01-2021 20:57
RT @BrujaTalksTarot: this means people on daca can now buy a home with as low as 3.5% compared to the sometimes 20% down they'd have to put.
22-01-2021 20:57
RT @GODISMlKEY: take your ass back to Facebook bug eyes
22-01-2021 18:01
RT @ToiMeetsWorld: Justice for Keyshia’s OG Verzuz look https://t.co/D68mJydEEV
22-01-2021 09:29
RT @x_tvphr: Me singing Sean Paul part: https://t.co/M4BVUECgJ2
22-01-2021 09:22
RT @jiggyjayy2: And they really was letting Fat Joe say n*gga??? But we gonna circle back to that another day
22-01-2021 06:21
RT @NiggerPearls: ¿Que .... es negro ?
22-01-2021 04:32
RT @Niggaolas: Danileigh is a yt woman disguised as a lightskin to spy on us...she was sent by the mulatto militia to separate the black co…
22-01-2021 03:59
RT @itsrealpinkk: now this is a white woman!
22-01-2021 03:53
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RT @yvngfinessa: Remember when Spongebob pop 4 pills at once in the opps hood? Bob was a wild nigga https://t.co/gLMnHDuJEK
22-01-2021 03:52
0 14639
RT @siennajori: Y’all gotta understand curly hair don’t make you black 😭
22-01-2021 03:51
RT @itskeyon: Y’all be antagonizing ppl on this app then when they get you together now you going private 😭😭😭 so scary and corny
22-01-2021 03:26
RT @Hector_E_Alcala: *Pretends to be shocked that the military was well-represented among the fash that stormed the capitol* https://t.co/…
22-01-2021 03:26
RT @AsiaChloeBrown: Find the worst, most disrespectful, dumbest tweet you've ever seen by a man and there is always either a light-skin wom…
22-01-2021 03:25
She so pretty 🥺 https://t.co/21sjAJyFrm
22-01-2021 03:24
RT @jamaicastar: Twinning on a Thursday! @KingBeenieMan and his daughter Ikyra! https://t.co/YoWjWIqvNS
22-01-2021 03:24
RT @rianphin: this is objectively good
22-01-2021 03:24
RT @TheOnlyDetox: Latest drop from the Boy Incognito shoot. Wearing @_charlesjeffrey https://t.co/1Q7spLyeh3
22-01-2021 03:21
RT @thetrillgent: On this day in 1971 the southern hummingbird that is Charlene “Tweet” Keys was born. One of my all time FAVORITE singers!…
22-01-2021 03:16
RT @chromedend: @beau_jf https://t.co/U099GcJmpI
22-01-2021 03:04
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RT @beau_jf: Over 300 episodes of Drag Race and this is the most stunning face I've ever EVER seen on the runway https://t.co/5vrkfTFG7D
22-01-2021 03:03
Free smoke for everybody but T.I https://t.co/OqY08OFjLx
22-01-2021 03:03
0 44854
RT @imjustgen: Nigga got a restaurant grade pizza cutter for 7.99+/- and got an attitude about it.
22-01-2021 02:33
RT @Zsay_610: history revisionists want him to be the heroic white face of Black liberation so bad.
22-01-2021 02:32
Crackers stop tryna haggle the natives challenge https://t.co/GOYVDI6K04
22-01-2021 02:32
@BlewThisCHANCE Umm my exact question https://t.co/HpNsYrM6EO
22-01-2021 02:27
RT @WrrrdNrrrdGrrrl: If you can, please uninstall Instacart. They're terrible. They've always been terrible, and now they're just ramping i…
22-01-2021 02:26
Okay I feel like Rikishi https://t.co/Ge2ZFSC0OR
22-01-2021 02:20
RT @yungxleani: Idk how I’m feeling about this weird mash up but I always thought I panther and a sacred heart looked cool https://t.co/Z5W…
22-01-2021 02:19
RT @GODISMlKEY: oh HELL no, idk who this woman is y’all speak up but why she put words in my sister mouth like this!?
22-01-2021 02:11
RT @evilrashida: I would like to add stud to the list
22-01-2021 02:11
They did this for the hood Muslims I’m convinced https://t.co/HXo5UWS801
22-01-2021 02:10
Nah let me cop cus this flavor so fire https://t.co/6wyNXPh5bh
22-01-2021 02:09
RT @DubJ: I remember when folks praised her for "listening to protestors" and "empathy" before Brooks died, only to turn around and defend…
22-01-2021 02:08
0 10648
RT @byr420n: It’s literally your job as a lightskin person to unlearn colorist and antiblack sentiments it’s not optional actually and I fe…
22-01-2021 02:07
I need a Black Cow boy in my life https://t.co/v5gh06sDNL
22-01-2021 02:07
RT @CNRush: Having a body double that news outlets tried their damnest to convince the American people not to believe their own eyes about
22-01-2021 02:03
RT @TrueLaurels: lol this is hard https://t.co/p4RoLqxiCB
22-01-2021 02:03
I can’t wait to kick a mf with these https://t.co/v8QtwaF4md
22-01-2021 02:01
RT @yunghermoso: i feel like.....you can want the best for your friend while struggling to detach from a shitty situation yourself but that…
22-01-2021 02:00
RT @GODISMlKEY: idk not much to imagine i would’ve called the police
22-01-2021 01:59
0 23769
RT @AsiaChloeBrown: Buying a designer outfit > evicting indigenous people off an island cause it's "yours" now
22-01-2021 01:58
RT @evilrashida: I know you aren’t black
22-01-2021 01:58
RT @ThegirlJT: I’m his baby mama we got throat kids.
22-01-2021 01:57
💀💀 https://t.co/xJscjtn7Ry
20-01-2021 21:51
RT @HEATHERxHILLS: good morning to everyone except those who paid $400 to see J*mes Ch*rles sing a couple years ago. Y’all are the reason h…
20-01-2021 20:48
Same! Every time I see cutesy picnic pics I’m like hmm ik them ants bouta have a field day 🤢 https://t.co/K3kpB8fpZN
20-01-2021 20:44
0 78972
RT @rubycramer: Bernie’s mittens are made by Jen Ellis, a teacher from Essex Junction, Vt. She gave them to him 2+ years ago and was surpri…
20-01-2021 20:41
RT @Only1Shana_MUA: I imagine that Michelle Obama’s hairstylist is beaming from ear-to-ear seeing these comments! What a feeling...♥️
20-01-2021 20:41
@JLo Bitch you sound terrible 😔
20-01-2021 20:41
Lmaoooo I hate her. Bitch be doing the most for them weak ass vocals https://t.co/ROt2JBHzic
20-01-2021 20:40
RT @DaShaunLH: it was giving you nothing of the sort. delete this.
20-01-2021 20:39
Frfr 😭 https://t.co/AHrtakjqag
20-01-2021 20:37
0 21000
RT @_benjvmins_: i like people who cuss a lot. lol they make me comfortable
20-01-2021 20:36
Meeeee!!!!!!! 😖 https://t.co/WIelaH30ge
20-01-2021 20:36
RT @JusttBarb: Y’all still be singing the national anthem and reciting the pledge?! https://t.co/svhfKPPWEu
20-01-2021 20:35
What dark time is over? Y’all give these crackers entirely too much but ain’t nobody stopping y’all gullible asses https://t.co/DXVoMBCqUX
20-01-2021 20:34
RT @JusttBarb: Is it too early for liquor? I have a glimpse of the next 4 years and I want no parts.
20-01-2021 20:33
Girl ... https://t.co/4GaM4M7Ayq
20-01-2021 20:31
Nah this wine color is doing it for me!!!! https://t.co/9ZHBdFSYmQ
20-01-2021 20:30
Woulda CHEWED https://t.co/9ND7TTtFCi
20-01-2021 20:28
RT @3exoticbroads: very weird https://t.co/2zcC52iNOz
20-01-2021 20:27
RT @Namastaywoke: A blasian, an AKA, and a Howard student walk into a bar.... which one bringing up Kamala first
20-01-2021 18:21
Y’all always talking about Obama but our grannies really was obsessed with Michelle
20-01-2021 18:19
Damn they was down bad. They got them rightttt! https://t.co/BoeFOhUwS0
20-01-2021 18:16
That color! I can’t wait to see close up pics https://t.co/KlQpjGCFPk
20-01-2021 18:15
RT @VeronicaXSantos: Nobody is owed sex I don’t give a fuck who you or how horny you are if I don’t wanna fuck I’m not fucking you’re disgu…
20-01-2021 18:14
RT @stopolive: let’s see are u creating a narrative where u have enemies and haters bc there’s a little self-sabotaging piece of u that ca…
20-01-2021 18:11
20-01-2021 18:04
Why don’t you adopt all our babies then bitch https://t.co/dM23ln5jcG
20-01-2021 18:04
RT @LaDiovanna: https://t.co/gmdknCiP8L
20-01-2021 18:03
RT @LaDiovanna: Gaga putting on her nun drag just for the sake of this photo is slaying me.
20-01-2021 18:01
RT @theerkj: soul? https://t.co/o2bYJ9Ur6b
20-01-2021 18:01
RT @SheaCoulee: Happy Inauguration Day! https://t.co/5O7hqpXWbg
20-01-2021 17:55
Build the wall 🤪💀 https://t.co/vbWUTpgNed
20-01-2021 17:54
RT @RVAReid: A lot of y’all seem to think that all “crackheads” are disheveled and destitute. That’s not true. I’ve known plenty of crack a…
20-01-2021 17:47
RT @kaylabynature: Where the bag at joe https://t.co/iiDtWIyNM2
20-01-2021 17:39
RT @dox_gay: what time does Reagan 3 get sworn in?
20-01-2021 17:32
RT @TrueLaurels: Baltimore City has no say in its school board, police force or transportation. The state of Maryland’s agenda when it come…
20-01-2021 17:30
Fucking hot stepping in them https://t.co/vL8n3Jr0OA
20-01-2021 17:29
RT @WTNH: BREAKING: An excavator has arrived at a Farmington property where police are digging in connection to the search for Jennifer Far…
20-01-2021 17:26
Or some Lugz and still don’t forget the pearls https://t.co/vnep276OVP
20-01-2021 17:25
RT @TheCosby: Jadakiss “We Gonna Make It” belongs in the same conversations as Lift Every Voice and Sing and Sounds of Blackness “Optimist…
20-01-2021 17:18
💀 y’all play tew much https://t.co/gxPwqX6FSh
20-01-2021 17:17
A super cop who wears pearls 💀💀💀 https://t.co/0iMGWRQvJ7
20-01-2021 17:16
https://t.co/Hr2bLi3pW2 https://t.co/qbXQ8H46vp
20-01-2021 17:15
Whereeee this been all my life !! https://t.co/F6soMOk7Zo
20-01-2021 17:13
RT @DrAndrewThaler: Remember when he plagiarized a cake?!?
20-01-2021 17:02
RT @Yamuva_: About me:
20-01-2021 17:01
RT @bigbootyjuliii: That’s trick daddy tf
20-01-2021 16:59
0 43383
RT @Parkour_Lewis: No pics....so he’s definitely white
20-01-2021 16:59
I done seen this pic 3x within an hour. What vibe is this? https://t.co/qbvRvi7e4u
20-01-2021 16:58
RT @DatNolaShorty: Only thing I remember is this chile https://t.co/E2x8s5RT0f
20-01-2021 16:54
RT @HipHopObama: He's leaving the White House but not the white hearts.
20-01-2021 16:54
RT @TrueLaurels: Naw it was actually worse. That nigga said an UBER. 5 decades before them bitches existed.
20-01-2021 16:53
0 10282
RT @ungodlyzainab: this is so funny to me😭😭 https://t.co/glaxzEgW6w
20-01-2021 16:53
This whole thread is crazy. I feel bad for her cus she can’t even rightfully beat her mom up https://t.co/ZbfWCMbXzv
20-01-2021 16:52
She love hanging with opps like girl sit tf down we in a Pokémon & you going out ya way to post up with these type… https://t.co/EGfs6zYpw4
20-01-2021 16:45
RT @cashhndrxx: niggas be like “wrong hole” aht aht stick that dick back in my ass 🤣🤣🤣
20-01-2021 16:42
@BlewThisCHANCE Okay reasons I’m not a mutha but I’m tryna figure out why everyone running to TikTok to film their… https://t.co/mmv5lT783R
20-01-2021 16:42
RT @imsosick1234: Shameik Moore really said that Rosa Parks could've just taken a cab home instead of getting on that bus after work. https…
20-01-2021 16:39
RT @yunghermoso: ik the first person to wear an earring was feeling the fuck outta themself before they died of tetanus
20-01-2021 16:37
RT @itsmatay: Best thing on earth
20-01-2021 16:37
RT @irie__c: Who got a bail fund link...
20-01-2021 05:32
0 13792
RT @Son_ImSleep: Niggas be having 3 kids talking bout our hustle not the same lmfao it better not be nigga I only gotta feed me
20-01-2021 03:09
Character development https://t.co/eVtkBVoHOz
20-01-2021 02:01
RT @elaxation: Free sis and cut her a check since she’s clearly a detective too
20-01-2021 01:35
RT @KingAmiyahScott: now why would you ask me that like they a pair of shoes 😭
20-01-2021 01:35
RT @Willy_Yumm: I need to smoke & eat before I kill people
20-01-2021 01:34
RT @HEATHERxHILLS: in case you were wondering why don’t nobody fwm on FB https://t.co/C1gSi38fVx
19-01-2021 23:50
RT @KW33NSOHI9H: When I said killers can’t be rehabilitated, I wasn’t talking about her kind
19-01-2021 23:50
RT @ByrellTheGreat: Im deadass celebrating every holiday this years. Dear Jewish people, shalom darling!
19-01-2021 23:50
RT @RVAReid: Is Russell Simmons still in Bali? Because they can put that nigga on the same flight as that couple.
19-01-2021 23:32
@yeyeisdark 😭💀
19-01-2021 22:25
Lmaooooooo https://t.co/UIIYBmmepe
19-01-2021 22:25
0 16032
RT @Stasisociety: My life turned around when I realized I deserved fun even at my lowest dollar. Read that again.
19-01-2021 22:22
RT @cumbust: it is so strange to me how y’all will talk about how you don’t like a person/don’t fw them YET be all in their face whenever g…
19-01-2021 21:17
RT @Genius: Mac Miller would've turned 29 today 💙 RIP Mac 🕊 https://t.co/doyUmuwQ2R
19-01-2021 20:12
RT @jstcwarrior: He grabbing her rib
19-01-2021 20:02
RT @symplyjas16: They’ve started fada Lord
19-01-2021 20:02
RT @sailorfemme: the way tomorrow bout to be a movie https://t.co/r8p5VqW1Yz
19-01-2021 19:59
Lmaooo now where’s the think pieces https://t.co/VgP0p43KT3
19-01-2021 19:59
It’s the “it’s 🏳️‍🌈 LGBT friendly” and the country be like Noooo tf we not!!! https://t.co/wPcntzrIgK
19-01-2021 19:56
RT @jstcwarrior: Oh she ate https://t.co/TXqP4VF2nv
19-01-2021 19:54
RT @thotscholar: lmao i knew what this was without clicking in omg
19-01-2021 17:29
Him so fine https://t.co/CG5i2vPm8t
19-01-2021 17:29
RT @94GRACES: they need to put plastic surgery on afterpay https://t.co/QIN6QgDENm
19-01-2021 17:28