pkirui piere (@CLEANIN569506)
Please is not enough ongeza kitu kidogo
04-03-2021 23:33
@GraceKuriaKE Never
04-03-2021 23:28
@BettyMKyallo someone is admiring you so much @GraceKuriaKE
03-03-2021 18:39
Ng'wan nea
02-03-2021 22:51
@GraceKuriaKE Its only that you are too personal
01-03-2021 11:54
Nairobian lady
25-02-2021 08:41
@Belive_Kinuthia Hahahaa cowards
24-02-2021 18:28
@Queen__tija Never
24-02-2021 18:26
24-02-2021 18:23
24-02-2021 18:22
We know you didn't want to go direct to @susankihika but the point is at home....#BBI will be brought down by Raia.…
23-02-2021 12:07
@Layetshugaberry Good morning....come DM"
23-02-2021 08:53
@JunetMohamed Call him former PM stop pretending as if you are the only perfect man in the world.
22-02-2021 21:19
@Layetshugaberry Feeling loved
22-02-2021 19:25
@Layetshugaberry Have been waiting for this from you sweetheart
22-02-2021 19:23
You put it well that "if I lend a lady money?" Lending_the action of allowing a person to use a sum of money under…
21-02-2021 15:06
@GraceKuriaKE @2015ArthurM Mmmmmmm kenyans yawa
18-02-2021 21:50
@David1Mutai But Baba should accept to deputise william Ruto nothing beyond that
18-02-2021 15:40
@Msupa_A Yes
18-02-2021 15:30
@DonaldBKipkorir You are trying to get her attention though .
12-02-2021 00:05
@MillicentOmanga Umevaa ile khamisi ya black
09-02-2021 09:18
@KiruiChebet8 Achomin nia
08-02-2021 11:22
@MillicentOmanga I have never seen you tried to boost a kalenjin hustler .....can I be one please ?
08-02-2021 11:20
@DonaldBKipkorir @WehliyeMohamed Its so shameful that a competent and respected senior lawyer is defending such peo…
07-02-2021 18:12
@DonaldBKipkorir @WehliyeMohamed That guy is fill of pride and carelessness he must be rebuke completely...
07-02-2021 14:34
@cbs_ke Both should be facing disciplinary committee but ni SIRKALI....
04-02-2021 12:07
I like how you are putting it ....he was but he his nolonger .....n he will never be.
04-02-2021 12:05
How many times @MusaliaMudavadi run fir presidency?
03-02-2021 17:00
@MusaliaMudavadi You are doing all this on behalf of the government or just wasting time for Ambassadors I hope th…
03-02-2021 15:53
@UGmanofficial ❤
03-02-2021 15:49
@GraceKuriaKE I love you right ✅ back Grace
02-02-2021 16:52
Watu wa kisii mko sawa
02-02-2021 07:31
@Ayigbe_Nani55 Hehehee men are in big trouble
01-02-2021 09:05
@cbs_ke 🙏
01-02-2021 09:03
We need to watch football ....atii spider man
31-01-2021 15:02
@Juliana_mcute Only when she is dirty and smelly
31-01-2021 10:43
@RyanAFournier Really
29-01-2021 19:11
Its is what is called kujipanga mapema.....
29-01-2021 19:10
Its nice that you can see some positive side of hustler all inclusive......
29-01-2021 19:09
They never [email protected] @MillicentOmanga
24-01-2021 22:01
@davvydmoore @CLEANIN569506
24-01-2021 10:07
@CLEANIN569506 I will follow back
24-01-2021 09:53
Since morning 🌄 i haven't seen my sweetheart post today ....are you doing good @GraceKuriaKE
24-01-2021 09:49
Meza tu polepole ......#kitaeleweka
24-01-2021 09:48
Its quite interesting actually......its called the art of politics 🤣🤣🤣
24-01-2021 09:47
@CarolRadull Arsenal tena
23-01-2021 17:16
@GOtvKenya Please correct the problem stop forwarding me to the next step
23-01-2021 16:34
@GOtvKenya I have upgrade my package to max but still I m not getting the other supersport channels like select 36....why...?
23-01-2021 15:47
@GOtvKenya I need to upgrade my package from 815 to next which supersport channels will I enjoy ?
23-01-2021 11:37
@GraceKuriaKE I belive it is because you never communicated your destination
22-01-2021 21:37
@GraceKuriaKE @KTNNewsKE Hey please tell us your destination please ama ni statehouse presser......
19-01-2021 08:56
@GraceKuriaKE @KTNNewsKE 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
18-01-2021 15:01
Heading to where.. ..😭😭😭😭😭😭
17-01-2021 20:19
@ItsMutai Who are you to advice Isaac have failed to advice Alfred Mutua you are thinking of Isaac Ruto
15-01-2021 18:37
@GraceKuriaKE Aki Nairobi surely
15-01-2021 15:03
Are coming to Bomet tomorrow....?if so reach me true this no 0720715585
14-01-2021 21:39
@MillicentOmanga where are you.....
13-01-2021 09:14
@GOtvKenya kindly updates us if you are airing today game btw Burnley and machester United
12-01-2021 19:22
@GraceKuriaKE Ni teargas ama
12-01-2021 19:06
@ledamalekina I quit
06-01-2021 11:55
Good point but the question is how will you do talent such if you don't take them to school...?
04-01-2021 21:04
@RealJaguarKenya But the report is at home anyway.....
04-01-2021 20:54
We are wondering too ....
03-01-2021 16:41
Happy new to all my politician I look upon on them @JohanaNgeno @kipmurkomen @MillicentOmanga my sweetheart 😘 💕…
31-12-2020 20:56
@MillicentOmanga Sometimes your sentiments are quite good but can you recall the time you were asking us to vote for Jubilee government....?
22-12-2020 11:46
@BigMan_Xander Pretence that ladys have on Twitter
21-12-2020 20:44
@MillicentOmanga In green stadium already Waiting to see you Milly. 0714743744
20-12-2020 08:53
Enyewe uko ready
20-12-2020 08:32
@MillicentOmanga @Aaroncheruiyot @ManUtd Please make sure I see you my Favourite Bujubuju. I WILL be waiting, tell…
19-12-2020 19:57
He his your ODM party member please do as the favour to ask
19-12-2020 15:50
@GraceKuriaKE My country people......Till the day I will stand up hii upuzi ndio itaisha sasa
18-12-2020 21:00
@MillicentOmanga @JunetMohamed Ole kaparo bado ako kazi [email protected]
18-12-2020 20:55
@bosibori_Ke N saa hii
18-12-2020 15:15
Silently admiring
18-12-2020 15:13
I some time want to ask you this ....Do you remember asking us to re-vote for this same Government you are talk ill…
18-12-2020 15:09
@GraceKuriaKE you need to air this our very loudly .
18-12-2020 15:04
@MillicentOmanga then you should also apologise to me too
17-12-2020 17:00
When leaders speaks there minds it doesn't mean ni tangatanga.
17-12-2020 06:27
16-12-2020 22:34
@bonifacemwangi @MillicentOmanga Most of this guys who pretends to be best bloggers are thinking too shallow.kwani…
16-12-2020 22:27
Ifikie @CarolRadull @kipmurkomen @MillicentOmanga
16-12-2020 21:16
Hahaaa 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
16-12-2020 21:16
Is Robert Alai today running short of bundles .....I m not seeing him posting [email protected] @ItsMutai
16-12-2020 12:01
Teach these boys good manners
16-12-2020 11:22
@MillicentOmanga Byteway I m not understanding it too how will that be possible could you please take us true this noble time @kipmurkomen
05-12-2020 12:32
Don't forget that It was only Dp Ruto who asked you during 2010 constitution,lets make changes bfr we effect but yo…
03-12-2020 06:53
Don't forget that It was only Dp Ruto who asked you during 2010 constitution,lets make changes bfr we effect but yo…
03-12-2020 06:50
Help a brother meets his dreams
03-12-2020 06:44
@bosibori_Ke Tuko busy watching the great game .....
02-12-2020 23:48
@MillicentOmanga Remind me to kiss your nibLe when we win this game #GGMU
02-12-2020 23:48
@iamnobodyex Good question for the broke guys
02-12-2020 23:43
@MillicentOmanga Unfocused Kenyans
02-12-2020 23:42
@kipmurkomen @kipmurkomen it's high time we stop telling each other the hurts
02-12-2020 23:41
@Duncanbee4 @MillicentOmanga @ManUtd GGMU
02-12-2020 23:38
@GraceKuriaKE Nowadays your are cutier
01-12-2020 17:18
@climate Mimi 🤚🤚🤚
28-11-2020 19:12
@Virginchk Forest
28-11-2020 19:12
@90s_darling Did you just say men.....Or your man or dost mean you have more than 1 men
27-11-2020 17:49
@David1Mutai Ofcourse kenyans aren't ready for any other lady apart from William Ruto ...being there president...Wi…
27-11-2020 17:48
@David1Mutai No one is ready to answer your question Mutai ....where is sifuna Edwin secretary general
27-11-2020 17:25
@ledamalekina Don't forget that you mobilized government resources to displace our people from Mau Forest it is equally the same .
26-11-2020 11:21
@DonaldBKipkorir You hate your kalenjin brothers equally the same way
26-11-2020 11:20
@MillicentOmanga And byteway you @MillicentOmanga how many hours do you give your husband for a talk .I hope it's n…
26-11-2020 11:16
@Asamoh_ 🤣🤣🤣🤣 my broda ooohh
23-11-2020 21:30
@ledamalekina Now days you are trying to talk.....Or you want to be the next Narok Governor [email protected]
23-11-2020 21:20
My friends from the lakeside is it true ..? @kipmurkomen @MillicentOmanga @gladyswanga
23-11-2020 16:28
@GraceKuriaKE Pamoja
15-11-2020 15:23
@Safaricom_Care I m beyond this type of regulating data I did that 3 years ago ..and nothing has changed that .Stop…
14-11-2020 16:00
@Safaricom_Care you need to stop steal from comes 500mbs get finished in 30 minutes withou…
14-11-2020 11:03
@MillicentOmanga Too much make ups....what for at your age #grandma
14-11-2020 11:01
@Virginchk Waaauuuuuh ladys nowadays you just amazing....
09-11-2020 19:40
@KTNNewsKE Why were they detaining him .....?there are some question we need to ask this rotten police force in kenya. @IG_NPS @kipmurkomen
09-11-2020 19:38
@FaithLala13 Amen
07-11-2020 13:47
@FaithLala13 That is really fun ..
07-11-2020 13:47
@GraceKuriaKE Joe ofcox
04-11-2020 03:59
@MillicentOmanga It shall be well my sweetheart
02-11-2020 06:49
RT @NBCNightlyNews: When a medical student's mail-in ballot didn't arrive, she flew home to Florida to vote in person. “I know that I’m ver…
27-10-2020 22:50
@Railajunior Give a wheelbarrow to take fish to the market @David1Mutai
27-10-2020 22:43
I can still reject #BBI and still reject Dr.william Ruto bcx all of them are bringing [email protected]…
27-10-2020 22:34
@David1Mutai I support this Mutai bcx most of this guys are not good in may aspects of an MCA some even not in a po…
23-10-2020 14:00
@cbs_ke Good morning too
20-10-2020 07:29
@DonaldBKipkorir Please tag @RailaOdinga to answer this ...
20-10-2020 07:20
@MillicentOmanga 🤣🤣🤣🤣 kenyans yawaa
20-10-2020 06:56
@EtalePhilip @WilliamsRuto So you haven't seen him mention William in his tweets too......?
20-10-2020 06:54
@David1Mutai The guys must be dead now.....
19-10-2020 07:21
@MutahiNgunyi Hakuna kuambiana ukweli....🤣🤣
15-10-2020 23:18
@MillicentOmanga Make this trend
15-10-2020 23:17
RT @Opinion_PollsKE: Have your say today on @Opinion_PollsKE , Who is your next president among the two front-runners @WilliamsRuto and @…
15-10-2020 20:07
RT @AbdulahiAdan10: Have your say today on @Opinion_PollsKE , Who is your next president among the two front-runners @WilliamsRuto and @R…
15-10-2020 20:07
@MillicentOmanga Enyewe uko hustler
15-10-2020 20:04
@MillicentOmanga Its nice you never forgot to wear bra .....😅😅
15-10-2020 20:02
@GraceKuriaKE Hiyo ni ukweli kama Raila ameingilia kati
14-10-2020 21:29
@DonaldBKipkorir As if @RailaOdinga has done something worth.....bure kabisa
14-10-2020 15:58
@GraceKuriaKE This chepalungu mp is damn seriously 21 century joker
14-10-2020 15:57
@MillicentOmanga Do you do that your husband....?
14-10-2020 15:56
The only people we should give our attention when they are @[email protected] political brokers
09-10-2020 14:15
Sabina chege please go back to Koinage street you were doing good there [email protected] @GraceKuriaKE @kipmurkomen
06-10-2020 12:29
@GraceKuriaKE Tuju is sick at head all true his body ....
02-10-2020 16:25
@kipmurkomen Did you say farting donkey
02-10-2020 16:22
@MillicentOmanga Pare you not lieing to your Boss
02-10-2020 16:19
@MillicentOmanga The beauty in you is unexplainable
02-10-2020 11:13
@black_bhoy_ Long distance
30-09-2020 14:54
@GraceKuriaKE @nyolsy This woman is driving many to insanity
29-09-2020 13:55
@oloye__ Yes
29-09-2020 13:46
@MillicentOmanga Hope yours too will start staggering from tomorrow
28-09-2020 20:49
@galaxyfashionKE @MillicentOmanga How much ......
28-09-2020 13:10
@MillicentOmanga So we assume the real meaning n we go by your meaning ....?
28-09-2020 13:09
@MillicentOmanga @WilliamsRuto Let's not forget that Raila can move seas of persons and he has never been the president.
28-09-2020 12:57
@Layomhie_ @GraceKuriaKE indeed
25-09-2020 21:14
@GraceKuriaKE Have been waiting to see the results za zile awards
17-09-2020 08:53
@DanielMaithyaKE 4500
17-09-2020 08:45
RT @kipmurkomen: I am not worried so much about the letterhead I am worried about the misleading content.We have no reasons begging Oparany…
16-09-2020 21:42
@susankihika This is your government don't forget soo easily
16-09-2020 21:41
@Elvinahseer This won't work
16-09-2020 21:27
@waharrier_Ke @254_icon Makuja ya miguu
13-09-2020 16:10
@David1Mutai @DrAlfredMutua The problem is that Mutua is copy pasting on Dps agenda where he has realised most of the Kenyans are.....
06-09-2020 21:00
@ItsMutai How many jobs so far he has created since 2013 as the governor.....
06-09-2020 20:58
@MillohJ @Xavia60541266 @Belive_Kinuthia I presume that you have an inbuilt problem....I preserve my comment for an…
06-09-2020 20:54
@Belive_Kinuthia This statement you are making is amouting to infringing to DP Ruto privacy.... why did had to tell…
06-09-2020 09:20
@kipmurkomen @kipmurkomen spend your better part of your time to deal with real issues affecting Kenyans ....utuwachie hii Tobiko
05-09-2020 14:22
CS keriako Tobiko is a good example of charlatan.....
05-09-2020 14:17
@MutahiNgunyi I just can't understand why you behaving like you don't understand kiswahili.....
04-09-2020 15:16
@WilliamsRuto You just politics of hate .
04-09-2020 15:12
@MakenaFriday thanks for following
01-09-2020 20:55
@GraceKuriaKE For the benefit of doubt and to prove my hearty love for you here is the evidence.😘😘😘😘
28-08-2020 23:24
@queen__ee This is the quern
28-08-2020 23:23
For the benefit of doubt and to prove my hearty love for you here is the evidence.😘😘😘😘
28-08-2020 23:19
RT @GraceKuriaKE: 1 more day to go people!! The deadline is tomorrow. Let's finish strong😊😊 Here is the link: God…
27-08-2020 23:10
@kipmurkomen Say no to dictatorship and imperialism
27-08-2020 11:18
@queen__ee thanks queen for following
27-08-2020 11:05
@ItsRileyKe @CLEANIN569506
27-08-2020 11:03
@queen__ee Maria
27-08-2020 11:03
RT @Michelle_xq: Guys, I need your help. Please help me get to 300 RTs so that I can take a course in web development. @Osama_otero
27-08-2020 11:02
@african_finezt @DapoDavid6 Buy a banana n do the necessary
27-08-2020 10:13
@EtalePhilip @FrankMtetezi And I think has that right as an elected Deputy president he his doing his job .....unl…
27-08-2020 10:04
RT @Silvia_Wangeci: obado's daughter shows Kenyans a middle finger 😢
27-08-2020 09:49
@JunetMohamed Greatest pretenders
25-08-2020 23:24
@KBonimtetezi 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I die
25-08-2020 23:04
RT @bosibori_Ke: Najua nimewasumbua leo na RTs, lakini inamean a lot to me and I really appreciate every single of your Retweet🙏
25-08-2020 22:58
@JunetMohamed This the Dp for this country hata ukimdharau aje.....
25-08-2020 22:14
@TheStarKenya This are Cowards after stealing #covid-19money they now want to seek support from the other side ......
25-08-2020 21:07
@VioletAuma18 😘
25-08-2020 21:02
@kipmurkomen 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
25-08-2020 20:58
@VioletAuma18 thanks Violet .....
25-08-2020 20:54
@GraceKuriaKE @WashikaKen Be on this hair style when you will be receiving that award @GraceKuriaKE absolutely ama…
25-08-2020 16:27
@GraceKuriaKE Beautiful indeed
25-08-2020 16:25
@JanetAtieno_ That is more than obvious
25-08-2020 16:24
@David1Mutai Hit my WhatsApp with this vedio
25-08-2020 10:44
@ledamalekina @StateHouseKenya Maasai warrior is roaring ....😅
25-08-2020 08:45
@bosibori_Ke This is an insult @bosibori_Ke
24-08-2020 21:12
@Queen_Maureen1 Classic
24-08-2020 21:06
@kipmurkomen This are the current #covid19heist team
24-08-2020 21:00
@JunetMohamed @TheODMparty @ahmednasirlaw @kipmurkomen How can you call for audit for your own self ......for this…
24-08-2020 20:59
@Queen_Maureen1 Lying ....
24-08-2020 20:56
@rutiie_xx They are the one that screwed you well
24-08-2020 20:52
@MigunaMiguna @RailaOdinga @orengo_james @AnyangNyongo @StateHouseKenya 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
24-08-2020 20:13
@kipmurkomen Murkomen go for this #Covid19millioners
24-08-2020 20:13
@JunetMohamed This is cowardice of your @JunetMohamed face the reality and tell us where you took the Covid 19 Bill…
24-08-2020 20:10