. (@Caydarvs)
RT @ashindestad: https://t.co/QS4TQSHiv4
27-11-2021 19:03
0 2860
RT @ArsenalSZN77: Ce genre de femmes méritent de finir au cachot https://t.co/X016p5Allz
27-11-2021 18:19
https://t.co/oQDy3Ksf3R https://t.co/2NTpfmr5sL
27-11-2021 17:07
RT @sucaad___: This is the beginning of a bright future ahead for Somaliland 🙌🏾 Please take the time to check it out if you’re in Hargeisa…
27-11-2021 15:47
0 1605
RT @muslimdaily_: A Turkish Imam opens the Mosque for cats to keep warm in the winter months ❤️ https://t.co/vCc3POCLqz
27-11-2021 15:01
@jjjen01 @abz5674 😭😭😭😭😭 https://t.co/oiCLdb8Ow4
27-11-2021 01:53
RT @YoungMuslim0: The reminder that we need on this blessed day https://t.co/oqFYMM3DZM
27-11-2021 00:11
@897ki https://t.co/50UPqz5Uyy
26-11-2021 01:12
@e20sfinest Dfkmm I’m just glad you didn’t get caught in the crossfire
26-11-2021 00:49
“Hoo iga qabo cerealka” 💀💀💀 https://t.co/BApMVY75TQ
26-11-2021 00:38
Sadiya witnessing a crime scene whilst holding a box of Wheetos still has to be the funniest thing I’ve seen this week
26-11-2021 00:37
“Salamalekun sister do you have a minute to talk about knife crime-” https://t.co/MtmJ9daHGD
25-11-2021 23:57
https://t.co/gktseBWFQ2 https://t.co/EBmSEGKvZj
25-11-2021 23:21
RT @SadiqKhan: There is no UK economic recovery without a London recovery. There is no London recovery without a properly funded public tr…
25-11-2021 23:05
RT @Lowkey0nline: "European Union crimes against refugees make what Trump did look mild, it's much worse. It's one of the worst crimes of t…
25-11-2021 21:20
RT @ashindestad: @PoliticsForAlI @standardnews It seems the numpties in these comments have forgotten that Boris Johnson changed TfL's fund…
25-11-2021 20:20
RT @ItsAmalA_: Hargeysa is wild 😂😂 https://t.co/nvOO5o2TNG
25-11-2021 16:49
RT @sanomilki: his mask tho- https://t.co/cXZY3TpGRy
25-11-2021 16:47
RT @ashindestad: If you have familial or other connections to the UK and cannot function in a wholly French-speaking country, why exactly w…
25-11-2021 16:27
RT @ashindestad: This Conservative Government is 100% responsible for the mess that TfL is in right now btw. I am not blaming Sadiq Khan at…
25-11-2021 15:40
0 19416
RT @wiscrible: Ain't this so beautiful? https://t.co/do1EQ9g7LV
25-11-2021 14:56
@jjjen01 Whoever said the h*rshabelle flag looks like a primary school logo needs to be locked up- https://t.co/g0ikGfKAd2
25-11-2021 14:10
@jjjen01 Hawiyephobia at this time?? https://t.co/YLbV4dXWuC
25-11-2021 14:04
إِنَّا لِلَّهِ وَإِنَّ إِلَيْهِ رَاجِعُونَ https://t.co/DtZxK4SbQT
25-11-2021 13:31
May Allah swt protect us from these kinds of people https://t.co/QlGpqXXQR1
25-11-2021 12:41
@jjjen01 How was she just parading her dog in the car like that pls💀💀
25-11-2021 12:35
0 9448
RT @CH_Laval: Nicolas Sarkozy si Kadhafi avait oublié de faire le virement
25-11-2021 04:32
RT @Arabbeau: Egypt ❤️ https://t.co/DF3AwBnbMI
24-11-2021 22:22
RT @Yasmomar: I first saw this in 2016 and I still die every time 🤣 “shoutout to the gang, shoutout to the north side shoutout to Honey D”…
24-11-2021 21:31
@e20sfinest Counting down the days until you finally deactivate https://t.co/XlbmQ9FyQA
24-11-2021 21:09
This is truly the saddest downfall of a twitter account I’ve ever seen https://t.co/A7nf0INtXJ
24-11-2021 20:59
0 41374
RT @BUTTERFLEY3: Me when mfs think I fell off:
24-11-2021 15:31
@waaxay_ I think you should read his stance on Kosovo, Gn boss- https://t.co/RXvhcHUnZB
23-11-2021 23:56
@waaxay_ https://t.co/aNQBCmOnxv
23-11-2021 23:52
RT @AfricanAstro: Be blunt and call out Sada Mire (@SomaliHeritage) for her involvement. Here's one example of a media piece by her. https:…
23-11-2021 17:15
@waaxay_ @e20sfinest Double homicide
23-11-2021 04:08
RT @waaxay_: @e20sfinest time to deactivate me thinks https://t.co/yf0w31jsKX
23-11-2021 04:08
0 1088
RT @earth: A fluffy gentoo penguin on Wiencke Island, Antarctica ❄️ https://t.co/sbujo83tPh
23-11-2021 04:04
@e20sfinest @waaxay_ Not on my watch hun https://t.co/vh4Mf5HlEp
23-11-2021 04:04
@e20sfinest @waaxay_ YOU WHAT https://t.co/83jUdOn6Lc
23-11-2021 04:01
RT @ashindestad: The CIA is 100% responsible for the explosion of Twitter Spaces skksksmd
23-11-2021 03:54
Dfkmmm😭😭😭😭 https://t.co/IFEXrmvJ8h
23-11-2021 03:43
R.I.P Nicole #nobluetickneeded
23-11-2021 02:59
0 3846
RT @Nigel_Farage: #SingYourDialect https://t.co/weNWCErGg8
23-11-2021 02:52
RT @balabillions: the telegraph in here waiting for raheem sterling to sing vybz kartel so they can say he’s promoting gang violence
23-11-2021 01:03
😭😭😭😭 https://t.co/rsdd69LkhU
23-11-2021 00:57
RT @mxoneyy: https://t.co/vJpwdfFBeE
23-11-2021 00:24
https://t.co/YhbXgxGVlV https://t.co/fh9r4oOdZn
22-11-2021 02:58
Sadiya joining a women’s recitation space with a Michael Moon dp https://t.co/jkFu2skntG
22-11-2021 01:54
RT @garowle: Mixed recitation spaces https://t.co/cECqabBApV
22-11-2021 00:44
💔 https://t.co/8ygzaADtbg
21-11-2021 21:14
RT @munaay_a: My father never missed an opportunity to give sadaqah and as a beautiful gift we will be building him a water well as sadaqah…
21-11-2021 20:35
0 2021
RT @dontsmileattee: https://t.co/eRURkWufts
21-11-2021 18:55
RT @NadeefsViews: URGENT APPEAL Jubaland is experiencing an unprecedented drought, with no rain for weeks in Southern Somalia. Livestock &…
21-11-2021 17:45
RT @omithewaffler: Allahuma barik the way he recites is beautiful https://t.co/iYZoASKEpu
21-11-2021 02:09
RT @IayaIi: in a book im reading currently, there is a section where the author mentions the things that corrupt the heart. one of them bei…
21-11-2021 00:27
RT @dervishconan: While all of you were busy with #survivingsofia trash. A young Somali doctor had won first prize for discovering how to i…
20-11-2021 22:12
@amreani Bet https://t.co/UkV0X8Ngq2
20-11-2021 19:20
@amreani plugzinho
20-11-2021 19:10
Excited https://t.co/v00jeOHeVE
20-11-2021 19:10
@e20sfinest 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 https://t.co/IwxA8U3D9x
20-11-2021 18:10
RT @thefaqiir: Thousands of people attended the Janaza of Ali Abucar Ali earlier today. May Allah grant him the highest ranks in Jannah.…
20-11-2021 16:56
0 1139
RT @YoNipplesSoft: https://t.co/qwngGneNhy
20-11-2021 01:43
@e20sfinest @waaxay_ She successfully scammed qowmu luud yh https://t.co/5nZUo1tnYL
19-11-2021 22:53
@waaxay_ @e20sfinest https://t.co/RzzkzohIBv
19-11-2021 22:50
@897ki Come off private and give me some clout sxb https://t.co/ujgj5B54bD
19-11-2021 22:43
RT @riptmin0793: OMG government officals are already talking about sophia on somali news channels. #SurvivingSophia https://t.co/UhJ2YhIVoC
19-11-2021 21:33
@waaxay_ 2 years? What have we been watching this whole time omg https://t.co/p78SX0zQo6
19-11-2021 20:42
Real niggas remember Mohammed Awale https://t.co/6btZUahPmT
19-11-2021 20:35
What even happened to young apprentice??
19-11-2021 20:35
RT @SuugaannYahan: Paid for a train ticket instead of bumping it https://t.co/V3Chddd9Lx
19-11-2021 19:26
RT @IdelCilmi: bougainvillea blossoms 🌺 https://t.co/AdDESGUkb7
19-11-2021 18:22
@e20sfinest Dick and Dom legends wallahi😭😭😭 https://t.co/IUgmfjOg3T
19-11-2021 17:13
The amount of Ofcom complaints that would’ve gotten now dfkmm
19-11-2021 16:51
😭😭😭😭😭 https://t.co/DGe3x1CY5l
19-11-2021 16:51
RT @maryafrikana: When they catch Sophia 😩 #SurvivingSophia https://t.co/6wbrgwGRyv
19-11-2021 14:06
RT @Flowerboywill: Moral of the story, lie your way to the top🤪 #survivingsophia https://t.co/aV1Tf3K1O9
19-11-2021 13:21
RT @_gara1d: Subac Raxanweyn is the best Subac style ever! https://t.co/M236aVwZkO
19-11-2021 04:08
0 1401
RT @vantee_spartaa: Waterloo Road was ahead of it’s time such an elite show. Every week mixup
19-11-2021 00:02
@LilNaajma Not you baiting yourself out- https://t.co/4uOgz6PhoQ
14-11-2021 23:14
I’m convinced the people paying to watch Suldaan Seeraar live online probably paid for BkChat Uncensored
14-11-2021 23:12
RT @v5hooyadaweydii: Savoury malawax 😩> https://t.co/hkEsTwUyT3
14-11-2021 19:48
@897ki We’re supposed to be an oasis of democracy in the HOA man https://t.co/4HTyWrIDXH
14-11-2021 17:11
@897ki Edna is actually working overtime for what- https://t.co/fur86a7sBU
14-11-2021 17:09
0 1586
RT @panafrikam: https://t.co/I84qUDF7D7
14-11-2021 17:01
0 1040
RT @defact0_: That young Somali boy had the heart and courage to do something most people wouldn’t. He saw a woman get stabbed and he ran t…
14-11-2021 01:13
0 3172
RT @Naziino365: Help make his dream come true in sha Allah ❤️ https://t.co/mNsBDAnLrk
14-11-2021 00:10
RT @MubarikTwo: May Allah Grant You Jannah’tul Fardus Brother. Amiin. Please Donate Whatever You Can! Sadaqah jariyah for our brother Ali A…
14-11-2021 00:09
@e20sfinest @897ki @cambz___ Alright matey- https://t.co/7aIsD1HJRB
13-11-2021 23:12
@897ki @cambz___ Asma to @e20sfinest https://t.co/NyQvmPgD2w
13-11-2021 23:10
@cambz___ Hold dat https://t.co/ZP9hQQohfT
13-11-2021 19:26
@cambz___ Hosts tweeting instead of entertaining their guests are even worse
13-11-2021 18:57
Everyday salafi this, salafi that but there are people salivating over a cup of water their ustaadh drank from💀 https://t.co/NwW8fiFlC0
13-11-2021 18:15
@fadi_weyn @Keir_Starmer I mean Jezza was a tad problematic but a particular faction of the party was out to get hi… https://t.co/hcuPQuSnzS
13-11-2021 04:18
@fadi_weyn @Keir_Starmer Labour died as soon as he became leader man… may it rest in power https://t.co/sgVKNnBFFk
13-11-2021 04:14
@fadi_weyn @Keir_Starmer Bro don’t you know Keir is a HUGE part of labour’s 2019 election defeat- https://t.co/izR1UiHZHz
13-11-2021 04:07
@fadi_weyn @Keir_Starmer Wallahi I hate him so much, absolute weasel of a man
13-11-2021 04:04
Labour under @Keir_Starmer??? https://t.co/AGcTXxDCmg https://t.co/5EZuEdgVgL
13-11-2021 03:59
Winners in my eyes https://t.co/kbaEYxndko https://t.co/ES4ItuxC8u
12-11-2021 23:56
RT @AltSomaliland: Boorama, Somaliland 📍 https://t.co/vjf5CqkRe6
12-11-2021 23:34
I- https://t.co/Gi7891lOal https://t.co/Y1Npwr6fXD
12-11-2021 23:03
😭😭😭😭😭 https://t.co/9N1S5w4q3E
12-11-2021 21:50
12-11-2021 18:13
@LilNaajma It’s the raw emotion for me https://t.co/yLeIU62fVP
12-11-2021 02:09
This era of spoken word >>> https://t.co/muS6va9pbY
12-11-2021 02:06
0 42538
RT @fineapple22_: You may lose ya phone and wallet but Alicia Keys still there https://t.co/WOF4Hchvv4
11-11-2021 06:42
RT @AltSomaliland: Quality of education is a key determinant of Somaliland’s future and a sector in need of attention and fundamental chang…
10-11-2021 23:21
RT @LilNaajma: Daallo Forest⛰ https://t.co/D6jlnATxHM
10-11-2021 22:01
RT @AltSomaliland: Edna Aden University has announced its new Masters Degree Programme for Micro Biology and Public Health. The degree pro…
10-11-2021 17:35
RT @AltSomaliland: Latest images from Maydh, Sanaag as the last phase of the jetty construction is underway. This 4th project under the SD…
09-11-2021 23:30
0 24156
RT @Omarruizz10: my dad when they ask him for my full name & date of birth https://t.co/4JzowtibnA
09-11-2021 17:11
RT @cambz___: May Allah swt bless our grandparents with countless blessings in this life and the highest rank of Jannah in the hereafter🤍
09-11-2021 00:00
RT @PasqualeLDN: British rail prices have really turned this country into a hunger games districts type setup.
08-11-2021 23:59
0 58878
RT @pubIad: When I’m half way thru watching a film on 123Movies and win a free iPhone 13 https://t.co/GFAhBTIciw
08-11-2021 16:08
0 6761
RT @kinyuaWaMuthoni: CIA agent
08-11-2021 02:44
😭😭😭😭 https://t.co/5KYXMpULUT
08-11-2021 00:48
RT @KreatelyMedia: ⚡More than 100 people have died in a fuel tanker accident in #SierraLeone, West Africa. https://t.co/Y91l7eA8B7
07-11-2021 01:17
0 2474
RT @AlphaBeatzJ: Guy Fawkes on the 5th November 1605: https://t.co/0gVJj1nWao
06-11-2021 16:30
RT @ashindestad: Sorry but… r u ok? How can this be your initial thought? https://t.co/IGGhIO4w9J
05-11-2021 21:01
@cambzino I was gone for 2 weeks and you were befriending strangers from this hell hole- https://t.co/1jE6sSVB9L
05-11-2021 01:09
@cambzino How did I miss all of this omg https://t.co/LIA2g5ev4P
05-11-2021 00:52
@01CYBERBAPE https://t.co/QHb4Z3tXl7
04-11-2021 21:44
@cambz___ Biggest plot twist of 2021 https://t.co/10wVgq01ha
04-11-2021 20:18
@897ki Another zoolander in my mentions https://t.co/hqToh9ezKT
04-11-2021 20:00
@AfricanAstro Time to rebrand I think- https://t.co/iqq2AknmF4
04-11-2021 19:47
Come at me if you’re bad🤬 https://t.co/PUx5Xx2GBu
04-11-2021 19:30
Sanaag, SSC 😍🇸🇴 https://t.co/UAraioGp9Z
04-11-2021 19:29
0 1013
RT @ilm_archives: modern day shirk practices that are overlooked:
03-11-2021 19:47
RT @Upsguy_: @business https://t.co/O4v4kUnDV1
03-11-2021 17:47
RT @hafsamohamed1: somalis be creating some funny memes https://t.co/ubkhqa4Jn8
03-11-2021 01:43
Landers driving through Quartier 6 to get to Hargeisa next summer https://t.co/Hw9XTGUg7c https://t.co/Crva6TYi6g
02-11-2021 20:03
@hxji99 https://t.co/dYIxPK69XC
02-11-2021 19:10
@hxji99 Let me catch you tweeting 👁🚪 again https://t.co/XuL16AoAtJ
02-11-2021 19:02
0 47094
RT @mrdespicable22: Lol imagine being the guy behind squid games, it becomes a MASSIVE success...Netflix doesn’t even give you a bonus and…
02-11-2021 18:35
@hxji99 https://t.co/xzD26X6oed
02-11-2021 17:39
0 1095
RT @camanpour: Barbados PM @miaamormottley says the climate emergency will inevitably lead to forced migration, and that “those who are unc…
02-11-2021 16:15
RT @celder_m: New article on Somaliland out in @IAJournal_CH! I use a political economy perspective to push back against a democratic succe…
02-11-2021 02:12
@wuftiana Heading to Scandinavia for Christmas? https://t.co/ZKFfgcMyma
01-11-2021 23:36
@wuftiana When are you going back https://t.co/RrV5G3fRSj
01-11-2021 23:28
@sweetninja_ https://t.co/c2v050op4L
01-11-2021 01:58
أعوذ بالله من الشيطان الرجيم https://t.co/JVH64tmYiS
01-11-2021 01:55
@sweetninja_ I accept your request https://t.co/ZxoeC3otEB
31-10-2021 02:38
@sweetninja_ Claim you as what🤨
31-10-2021 02:27
@sweetninja_ https://t.co/7I9OiSChk0
31-10-2021 02:23
@sweetninja_ I’ll do you a favour and hide this reply https://t.co/EPklTzdATi
31-10-2021 02:21
There’s a link between people that actively ratio on here and those that still do streaks on Snapchat. https://t.co/Wn6ta0r3OA
31-10-2021 02:20
@e20sfinest 🥺 https://t.co/JiFMPCr2xO
30-10-2021 18:18
I’m off https://t.co/7MGGhdnhYL https://t.co/IGe7udksbn
30-10-2021 17:46
This whole interaction😭😭😭😭 https://t.co/aRetUYnOYC https://t.co/Gyjj9byfCx
30-10-2021 16:50
RT @e20sfinest: Walee Garxajis wa dad gob ah.
30-10-2021 16:49
RT @ibnAhmdd_: 😭😭😭??? https://t.co/v7C10DSmaZ
30-10-2021 16:35
@sxvra_ I miss David https://t.co/ei9ME8V0Fj
30-10-2021 15:55
Watching Question Time on a Saturday afternoon >>>
30-10-2021 15:50
RT @Shuayb__: Don't be selfish with your duas, pray for the Muslims you barely even know, pray your mutuals, pray for your in-laws, pray fo…
30-10-2021 15:39
@hxji99 Any time sxb https://t.co/xubJxNmpGd
30-10-2021 01:26
@hxji99 Xildhibaan Xaamud Cismaan Cigaal
30-10-2021 01:19
Flagman pre ICJ hearing https://t.co/8bl8SLmhXV https://t.co/pcJKSGbshq
29-10-2021 23:01
@ female fkders https://t.co/Hcn4hbAf9A
29-10-2021 22:39
@waaxay_ Blocked. https://t.co/selKKsXpMs
29-10-2021 22:06
@waaxay_ Speak for yourself mate I got mine off Deliveroo today https://t.co/eSYH9PLA3O
29-10-2021 22:03
@waaxay_ DID HE SAY GIVE ME A KISS??? https://t.co/6amtWlNvuI
29-10-2021 21:59
RT @wuftiana: In light of Nimco Happy’s recent global fame, I’d like to bring some attention to London’s very own celebrity: Flagman #somal…
29-10-2021 21:37
RT @kevinredman9: @whateverwithjj For those who curious: https://t.co/8Ba0Xd6g1O
29-10-2021 21:07
RT @whateverwithjj: If Martin Niemöller's truly lovely poem were historical it would start "First they came for the Hereros, and I did not…
29-10-2021 21:06
0 2161
RT @whateverwithjj: Here's the occasional reminder that if your holocaust narrative doesn't begin with - or at least travel through - Namib…
29-10-2021 21:06
@wuftiana asking me if I use Diana https://t.co/F6Hg0fe5vt
29-10-2021 20:59
0 12123
RT @chloe_somethin: his face after he says “connecting with people” made me scream https://t.co/nKMnCadtEW
29-10-2021 20:22
RT @sirdarien_: Jamaican people different enuh https://t.co/0Eh8OV2Wb0
29-10-2021 20:01
😂😂😂😂😂 https://t.co/9YXf4TzyfH
29-10-2021 20:01
@waaxay_ Absolute dogs mate, I’m starting to see how they killed off ancient South American civilisations
29-10-2021 17:24
The stench white people produce in the rain needs to be studied
29-10-2021 17:17
0 1266
RT @kwabzz: https://t.co/vVxnz2NwmY
29-10-2021 15:47
RT @earth: Mount Ruapehu, an active stratovolcano in New Zealand. https://t.co/wKuJDcXOvo
29-10-2021 02:32
Me on my third cup of coffee https://t.co/zXaqsaB2TN
29-10-2021 02:09
@e20sfinest @waaxay_ Just saying what we were all thinking Sadzinho https://t.co/Zxap0mKJ0o
29-10-2021 01:22
@e20sfinest @waaxay_ When she said hotel- https://t.co/usRbKl6QHD
29-10-2021 01:21
@waaxay_ 6- 1 https://t.co/EOBeaRLVWU
29-10-2021 00:08
Update: Twitter user “Meh” is refusing to leave. https://t.co/RJKvQutozD https://t.co/Dzz4SM0Qub
28-10-2021 23:57
😭😭😭😭 https://t.co/kRJzPPS4Ia
28-10-2021 23:47
RT @__POTUK: I agree with IB. I think their demands would be good for ordinary people, and the environment, and are relatively realistic un…
27-10-2021 14:05
@waaxay_ Spend your last moments on here wisely x https://t.co/iiQ7146jVh
27-10-2021 02:40
@sadiyamane Bootan pois to the world and back https://t.co/xCct97X9oT
27-10-2021 02:39
Pre released footage of Sadiya and her mutuals celebrating “Meh” deactivating https://t.co/OhLWDeFwAD
27-10-2021 02:36
😭😭😭😭😭 https://t.co/MLP5UYMKwx
27-10-2021 02:36
@waaxay_ MashAllah ukhti https://t.co/HQNwXD7EQ0
27-10-2021 02:02
Zoo takeover
27-10-2021 01:55
R.I.P to my tl tonight
27-10-2021 01:55
RT @BintHas89137277: May Allāh expand our chests 🤲 @arhofficial01 حفظه الله @AMAU2525 https://t.co/JzAUIasoc9
26-10-2021 15:18
RT @cambz___: wlhi the way these girls have made me cry caawa🤣🤣🤣😭😭
26-10-2021 04:01
@waaxay_ FOUL😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 https://t.co/8TUkRe1vf2
26-10-2021 02:28
@waaxay_ I’d rather starve https://t.co/N1lR2m1jh0
25-10-2021 22:29
Freezing suugo in sandwich bags yk, rehabilitation is needed
25-10-2021 22:25
RT @suqaaaar: Random pics 🌄🍀 https://t.co/aNarsmKg4S
25-10-2021 20:52
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RT @NoorAbdelHaq1: Happening in Palestine right now https://t.co/olTHfyU8qA
25-10-2021 20:46