Marcus Rashford fan club (@DinhoRebranded) — arguably a better CB than my face twin don't blame me I voted for RLB Views are for sale. #BlackLivesMatter He/Him
RT @Ciara87C: Hi @JohnnyMercerUK can you remind me again why it is that you think none of the soldiers who murdered these innocent civilian…
11-05-2021 16:24
RT @Ciara87C: #BallymurphyMassacre inquest result: 10 innocent people shot without justification, coroner finds. This won’t bring them back…
11-05-2021 16:02
Another fan
11-05-2021 16:02
Piece of fabric, flapping in the wind, representing Morocco? Red flag.
11-05-2021 16:00
@_emilyoram Annoyingly I've just seen this having made a similar but worse joke after this
11-05-2021 15:04
RT @_emilyoram: “Class” is when a football team you don’t even support does something good.
11-05-2021 15:04
Someone I generally have pretty pleasant conversations with just blocked me out of the blue and I realise it's very…
11-05-2021 14:50
Just quote Sean Connery in The Rock every time patriotism comes up and we'll be a lot better off: "Patriotism is…
11-05-2021 14:45
Not a fan of the bourgeois but this is class 👏👏👏
11-05-2021 14:40
@breadandposes Citation needed on 2 forward 1 back. 1 forward onto a rake knocking 2 backwards onto another rake th…
11-05-2021 13:43
@sheikyerbouti_ Cute ginger boy in a tree
11-05-2021 13:29
RT @Williesillie2: Me saying “No rush” when the restaurant calls and says my orders gonna be delayed a little because they’re busy https://…
11-05-2021 12:59
@GameofThrowIns Knew you'd end up milking this
11-05-2021 12:53
RT @hatttiegladwell: Idk isn’t it a bit of a red flag that we literally have so many mental health awareness weeks but no actual mental hea…
11-05-2021 12:52
@BillDevizes @JoanDevizes @MedicalAidPal Thanks for recommendation mate
11-05-2021 12:33
@BillDevizes @JoanDevizes @MedicalAidPal Thinks mate, managed to find someone yesterday (linked out to it in a foll…
11-05-2021 12:28
If I were a Bristol based institution that close to the river I would simply not do the kind of thing that would ma…
11-05-2021 11:34
@BuckinghamAlice I'm really sorry you're going through such a grim time, Alice. You're a good person and it'll get better.
11-05-2021 11:18
RT @DankAckroyd: 500 RTs and I drop to page 7 of Michael Caine’s ‘Not Many People Know That’ and give you some facts about nutmeg and the S…
11-05-2021 11:14
RT @bobby: :)
11-05-2021 10:54
RT @Jcmurdoch26: Israel is murdering Palestinian children and this is what my MP has to say about it. Fuck the Labour Party
11-05-2021 02:43
@taylor_walker8 Sorry how many other footballers have had to take on all 19 other teams AND the government this season?
11-05-2021 02:32
Full and unequivocal support, love & solidarity with Palestine 🇵🇸
11-05-2021 02:27
Is it just me or does Lawrence Fox just look like a tall, male Jess Phillips?
11-05-2021 02:08
RT @KateFlood: Full and unequivocal support, love & solidarity with Palestine
11-05-2021 02:01
RT @AllyFogg: I'm wondering if one or two have cause for reflection when they see Starmer & the moderate, mainstream centre of the Labour p…
11-05-2021 01:29
RT @YupThatsLo: *gets a PHD* My future daughter: Mom can I- Me: It’s doctor mom.
11-05-2021 01:09
Been recommended and just managed to set up a monthly donation in about 30 seconds so if yo…
11-05-2021 00:58
@ElephantSuitFan @IwriteOK Following now, thank you 👍
11-05-2021 00:58
@ElephantSuitFan Thank you pal, appreciate it
11-05-2021 00:55
I know it isn't going to really solve anything but if anyone knows of any charities who are doing good work on the…
11-05-2021 00:44
Sorry but if you're still on the fence on this or making excuses for this go fuck yourselves and never, ever speak…
11-05-2021 00:37
@Saltmine1000 @Ciara87C One of those where weirdly doesn't / didn't make it on to TV much - I saw it about 20 years…
11-05-2021 00:27
RT @TheSinanKose: A whole lot of people would save us some time if they just said "I don't think Palestinians are fully human" instead of t…
11-05-2021 00:21
RT @Ankaman616: These are my needs.
11-05-2021 00:17
@NJ_Timothy What the hell is wrong with you, you ghoul? Say hi to thatcher when you eventually rot in hell
11-05-2021 00:17
RT @sankarawasright: one of my non-political friends asked me for a recommendation on audible and I suggested the Jakarta Method. He’s fini…
10-05-2021 23:57
@Ciara87C Ah I'm willing to give it the I'll buy compensatory prosecco if you don't like it guarantee
10-05-2021 23:37
@Ciara87C One Fine Day is 10/10.
10-05-2021 23:32
10-05-2021 22:43
@iggigg Can't click your fingers at an app
10-05-2021 22:22
Getting a lot of positive feedback about my new conversational style of just sitting and listening and never giving…
10-05-2021 22:05
@Ciara87C Yeah if you can't see that charging a lodger 900 quid a month is fucked then maybe you shouldn't be in charge of housing policies
10-05-2021 22:00
RT @Scientits: Nailed it
10-05-2021 21:58
@PissPosts @jeremywhorebyn Reading this in a Walter Sobchak "This is what happens" voice
10-05-2021 21:57
@swanabi You're a top, top gal Abi
10-05-2021 21:56
@Ciara87C Genuinely mental that as a country we have to have twitter legends doing the job of investigative journal…
10-05-2021 21:55
RT @judeinlondon2: Worlds worst person dot gif
10-05-2021 21:52
@kentwix12 And my axe
10-05-2021 21:26
Going for a run on a hangover just so you can justify ordering a pizza from Fat Toni's. You love to see it.
10-05-2021 21:24
@milkwithno @Bealeionaire @DeanRed123 That's the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me
10-05-2021 19:30
@Bealeionaire @DeanRed123 @milkwithno Ah yeah fuck that. All of my bosses have been unreal - Phoebe was obviously c…
10-05-2021 19:29
@milkwithno @Bealeionaire @DeanRed123 Mate, you were a great boss but lets not pretend I needed smuggling. Consider…
10-05-2021 19:28
@Bealeionaire @DeanRed123 @milkwithno Yeah I'll be honest it a) sounds like prison not a festival and b) not a huge amount of fun
10-05-2021 19:25
@jeremywhorebyn *we're trying to find the guys that did this.jpeg*
10-05-2021 19:24
@Bealeionaire @DeanRed123 TBF I used to work festivals and never actually missed a shift. Well. I say that. I defin…
10-05-2021 19:21
RT @NickyBandini: Thanks for some lovely messages about the ESPN broadcast last night. I had a reflection that I shared on a private social…
10-05-2021 18:50
RT @DeanRed123: volunteering at a vacccine centre to get jabbed quicker is the new working a festival to get in for free
10-05-2021 17:44
RT @HayleyDLondon: People who have never or rarely been poor shut the fuck up about what poor people should do/how easy or difficult variou…
10-05-2021 17:18
RT @rachshabi: Israeli forces storming Al-Aqsa mosque, Islam's third most important site and during the holy month of Ramadan, is self-evid…
10-05-2021 14:12
@georgegrantham_ Me telling Toto his lunch is ready but it won't stay warm all day: "hurry boy, it's waiting there for you"
10-05-2021 13:47
@BuckinghamAlice Sorry if I'm being massively over dramatic from your last couple of tweets but, here if you need a…
10-05-2021 13:30
RT @DarickR: When you’re reading a tweet and Twitter automatically refreshes
10-05-2021 13:19
@georgegrantham_ "Right, right, so you change the tires? You know what I'm tired of? No union for the pit crew. Are…
10-05-2021 13:08
RT @jackbern23: Bugs Bunny won't accept any files through WeTransfer or Google Drive, the only way to send him something is as a Whatsapp d…
10-05-2021 13:05
@JohnnyMercerUK I mean, one of the reasons everyone else present is dead is because he shot a man in the back, John…
10-05-2021 13:02
RT @_jasminebaba: Wenger Out Brigade circa 2015
10-05-2021 12:25
RT @KateFlood: prioritising the exclusion of huge sections of the population from voting, instead of resourcing health and social care, or…
10-05-2021 12:24
RT @KateFlood: this is voter suppression, it is a means to naturalise increased surveillance, and it makes citizens accountable to the stat…
10-05-2021 12:24
@Ciara87C Quite the fucking week for it, between British attitude to Ireland and the complete silence from 99% on the IDF.
10-05-2021 12:18
@thehuwdavies If you find one let me know please!
10-05-2021 12:01
@Ciara87C Absolute fucking bastards. If you don't want to be done for murder don't go around murdering. Honestly ca…
10-05-2021 11:58
My liver is retaliating like Mark Wahlberg finding out his team has been wiped out.
10-05-2021 11:19
RT @AyoCaesar: In perhaps the biggest surprise of the reshuffle, Peter Mandelson has replaced Keir Starmer as leader of the Labour Party.
10-05-2021 04:00
Not being funny but I think Andrew WK has been working out harder than he has been partying
10-05-2021 03:53
RT @tobyherman27: Speed has perfect three shirt structure — he sheds a shirt for each act.
10-05-2021 03:46
@Ciara87C Not gonna lie, I'm smashed. Trying to stay awake long enough for the emergency scran. Please tell me you'…
10-05-2021 03:23
RT @johnmcdonnellMP: Sacking Nick Brown, one of the most experienced and tactically astute chief whips the party has ever had, is inept in…
10-05-2021 03:14
@georgegrantham_ Oh mate could totally see you leaking that X is off to drive for Y next year because they are a [insert insult]
10-05-2021 03:04
Look all im saying is one of you needs to remember I'm cooking Linda sausages and hashbrowns and nudge me in 20 x
10-05-2021 03:03
@Ciara87C Hah! Very late to the party but - cheers
10-05-2021 02:57
@LCSCalifornia You're a legend, big love x
10-05-2021 00:54
@Ciara87C Honestly getting up for an early bike ride trying to be wholesome this morning and seeing "YA DIRTY BASTA…
10-05-2021 00:49
@Ciara87C HAHA I love the idea that you've got multiple timelines on the go where this is a possible reaction. I su…
10-05-2021 00:31
10-05-2021 00:01
@Ciara87C TBH when you've got good company it's not a bad shout. We've gone super cliche Big Lebowski
09-05-2021 23:48
@Ciara87C What's the movie plan?
09-05-2021 23:29
@helloitskelly_ I had this phase where I had a beer tap at home and sure the beer tastes good but the intangible of…
09-05-2021 23:01
@Ciara87C Big fan of being smug when you've fucking crushed it and served up a big fat roast dinner for your best pals
09-05-2021 22:58
@Ciara87C Mate - proud of you. Veg looks incredible. Smashed the back doors off it.
09-05-2021 22:47
@helloitskelly_ Really fucking bangs. Like. Nearly cried at the fact we weren't on a video call but could actually chat in person?
09-05-2021 22:28
Having beers with a bunch of mates that I absolute love and haven't seen in a year? Yeah I love it.
09-05-2021 22:22
@NoelJnks Unless they get their puppies out they're not a dog milf
09-05-2021 20:46
RT @itspeterj: This is called a Nice-osceles triangle
09-05-2021 20:15
RT @papasombra: OMFG
09-05-2021 20:10
@jeremywhorebyn I may have voted remain, but I want to take control of British fish
09-05-2021 20:06
@jeremywhorebyn Think the Keir Starmer fish supper may have broken my mind
09-05-2021 19:44
@jeremywhorebyn Think this website has broken me but that was actually really hot.
09-05-2021 19:40
09-05-2021 19:38
@keewa @scrubmummy I don't want to make everything about politics but Liberals. Liberals would do that. Ooooh I'm b…
09-05-2021 19:32
@milkwithno Honestly, would be absolutely buzzing for this! Funny story - that October timing might just work out p…
09-05-2021 19:27
@scrubmummy Nah fuck that mate you're not a bad person and I will literally fight any cunt who tries positioning yo…
09-05-2021 19:26
@milkwithno Well, that's because I'm stupid. But some moonshine will help the healing process!
09-05-2021 19:24
@Ciara87C ah mate buzzing for you. Once that second jab hits my arm I'm going to be like Wolverine. Or, you know, a…
09-05-2021 19:23
@milkwithno Amazing. Thinking I can cheat the 12 countries thing by doing Canada, USA and Mexico in a 3 week period…
09-05-2021 19:14
@milkwithno FUNNY YOU SHOULD MENTION THIS. I want a US leg to this and I really, really, really want to come see yo…
09-05-2021 19:12
Too many beers in so going to share my ridiculously stupid idea with you lot in the hope you'll hold me to it. Ge…
09-05-2021 19:10
@mmtowns Can't forget it if you've already forgotten it eh?
09-05-2021 19:07
@Ciara87C Nah I get it - not quite as extreme for me but mine area all over the country + brother in Spain so you t…
09-05-2021 19:05
@Ciara87C I try not to be Live Love Laugh / World's Best Uncle too much but honestly just smashing a load of beers…
09-05-2021 18:58
@Ciara87C Ah well as long as it's sound people all being sound, smashing a roast and getting pissed what's not to love?
09-05-2021 18:51
@Ciara87C Nah fuck that you're just dealing in bigger portions but the maths is still roughly the same. Just promis…
09-05-2021 18:47
@Ciara87C Some people say melt, others say genius. It's a tough balance but when the roast absolute slaps I'm definitely in the genius camp.
09-05-2021 18:44
@Ciara87C @DawnButlerBrent @helensclegel @itrainedflowers DRAG HIM YOU LEGEND
09-05-2021 18:43
@Ciara87C Honestly buzzing to see a roast dinner veteran plying her trade this way. Oven off. Relaxed with a wine?…
09-05-2021 18:42
RT @leftoverpod: /// LEFT/OVER Episode 14. The Sewer Report /// We're back this week with the original twosome @aarjanistan and @jeremywh…
09-05-2021 18:41
@Ciara87C How's it all looking? More importantly how many 18+ Orange Juices have gone down?
09-05-2021 18:38
RT @DawnButlerBrent: @helensclegel @itrainedflowers This is funny... I probably shouldn't say it but... it is funny🤣
09-05-2021 18:34
RT @helensclegel: Keir Starmer abstaining on whether or not he's sacked Angela Rayner is peak forensic centrism.
09-05-2021 18:34
@_emilyoram Really looking forward to this, good work
09-05-2021 18:30
@jeremywhorebyn Love a season 3 joke that references season 1.
09-05-2021 18:12
@jeremywhorebyn Omg. Tbf we all had a weezer phase
09-05-2021 18:11
@scrubmummy You're a good person and they're lucky to have you as a neighbour. Genuinely DM me a link or some detai…
09-05-2021 18:05
@stephenkb @iammightor @amphitryoniades @AytonRichard Materially what do you think Keir Starmer has done to address…
09-05-2021 17:58
@scrubmummy Mate I'm a few hundred miles away and can offer zero practical support but if I can offer any financial…
09-05-2021 17:56
RT @Private_Fuq:
09-05-2021 17:47
@HamishDwyer She was stone cold sober and had a head start. I'd had a belly full of moretti. Even contest.
09-05-2021 17:40
When you've had 6 pints and a 7 year old tells you you can't catch them for tickle monster
09-05-2021 17:34
@BuckinghamAlice This sounds horrific but I promise you'd definitely be missed. Hope you're OK x
09-05-2021 17:32
@Ciara87C Favorite bit of Christmas with family coming here is locking myself in the kitchen like some genius at wo…
09-05-2021 17:18
@Ciara87C I'll be honest I've had too many pints for top right of image attention to detail but if that's a mimosa…
09-05-2021 17:11
@Ciara87C Ah you've done a banging job tbf. Get that lot boiling then roasting and get yourself a drink to celebrate
09-05-2021 17:04
@Ciara87C Fucked it pal. Absolutely fucked it.
09-05-2021 17:02
@Ciara87C Sorry but if you're making the roast then the people you cook for peel the potatoes
09-05-2021 16:56
RT @LauraSmithCrewe: If you are watching the clip from Hartlepool and blaming/judging the two voters then you are never going to understand…
09-05-2021 16:54
@papasombra I genuinely woke up this morning thinking I should try a Starmed Hams gag but didn't have the heart for it. Well played
09-05-2021 16:54
RT @papasombra:
09-05-2021 16:53
RT @multiplebears: @sharpeleven @bleftmaaaaate labour opposed it during the corbyn years but have gone back on that, and beforehand they to…
09-05-2021 16:49
RT @multiplebears: genuinely been really upset about this clip all day, people hear a north east accent and something that’s not some pat l…
09-05-2021 16:48
RT @multiplebears: they’re not stupid, they’re paying more attention than you are
09-05-2021 16:48
RT @multiplebears: then labour parachute in a candidate who was on the board of the company gutting the hospital!! & the auld lad is right,…
09-05-2021 16:48
RT @multiplebears: so depressed by the response to this, hundreds of replies and QTs calling them thick as pigshit when the reality is that…
09-05-2021 16:48
@TanaDJoseph @Ciara87C I'll be honest the mix of "yeah mate you're going to hell" and grudging admiration have been worth the shame.
09-05-2021 15:25
Labour friends of Carmagedon
09-05-2021 14:23
Don't get me wrong the Lawrence Fox thing is piss funny but let's not pretend he didn't more than cover his £10k de…
09-05-2021 13:57
RT @jrc1921:
09-05-2021 12:06
Anyone done this yet?
09-05-2021 11:52
RT @tezilyas: My, normally Labour voting, working class British Muslim cousin didn’t vote on Thursday. I text him to ask him why and he sa…
09-05-2021 11:43
RT @StefGotBooted: Funny seeing takes like 'you can't criticise because Corbyn did badly too'. Well, we are just using standards you applie…
09-05-2021 11:28
@YesMissMurphy @Ciara87C
09-05-2021 11:23
RT @RJConway92: When you ask what’s for tea and mum heads to the drawer with the takeout menus 😂.
09-05-2021 10:46
Labour Right Spartans 🤝 Losing 300 and claiming a victory
09-05-2021 10:41
RT @CatAldgate: Does Jenny Chapman get to keep the whip, though?
09-05-2021 10:28
RT @alifrond: Imagine him trying to undo a bra with this
09-05-2021 10:28
@ElephantSuitFan @Ciara87C Got to be honest the notifications on this at 8am are a lot more shame inducing than they were at 1am.
09-05-2021 10:17
Watching the new fast and furious trailer and can't help feeling like Dominic always talks about family because he…
09-05-2021 09:21
@misslucyp "No I said he's like Angela Eagle" "Right well I've written it down now so..."
09-05-2021 09:12
RT @ZinnTruther: Not being vindictive but based on genuine concerns of competence when I say that anyone who considers themselves on the le…
09-05-2021 08:56
RT @rushinformalism: In response to the election fiasco, Starmer has hired a pollster who wrote an amateur ethnography of the Red Wall, whi…
09-05-2021 08:55
RT @AbiWilks: I’m Keir Starmer’s only red wall focus group member. I’m roaring drunk, putting on different fake moustaches and regional acc…
09-05-2021 08:55
RT @LamentablyAwake:
09-05-2021 08:48
RT @jelly_pack: I can't believe how many extra layers of funny this has now
09-05-2021 08:41
Omg the Dog and Nonce is reopening
09-05-2021 02:58
RT @ryxnf: i hate this
09-05-2021 02:57
RT @kira_lerner: My dog is six months old and already understands irony
09-05-2021 02:53
RT @orbitingoccult: Soooo I turn 30 next year and my sister turns 13... Our bdays are a month apart.... so what I’m saying is I need to con…
09-05-2021 02:50
RT @jamesmoran:
09-05-2021 02:42
RT @wariotifo:
09-05-2021 02:37
RT @twcuddleston: keir starmer today
09-05-2021 02:37
RT @DawnHFoster: Labour Party HQ moving to a Travelodge room outside Norwich
09-05-2021 02:36
@jeremywhorebyn Finding out John Major got pegged
09-05-2021 02:29
@jeremywhorebyn This is more of a great hacks getting mugged off thing but Helen Lewis bresaola always sticks in my…
09-05-2021 02:29
Turns out he's hard left after all
09-05-2021 02:25
@jeremywhorebyn Does eat the book count?
09-05-2021 02:23
@AnarchoBob @Ciara87C
09-05-2021 02:21
@helloitskelly_ And I thought Hartlepool was the worst thing she'd blown
09-05-2021 02:20
@helloitskelly_ I was meant to be getting an early night
09-05-2021 02:20
RT @pouch_captain: Tbf were all missing Tim Shipmans greatest tweet today
09-05-2021 02:17
@helloitskelly_ That stings
09-05-2021 02:16
@misslucyp Yeah if there's downhill from that then seer my retinas now
09-05-2021 02:13
@misslucyp It's probably the worst image I have ever conjured
09-05-2021 02:12
@wherestheball11 @Ciara87C Best to mute the rudey dudeys if you're so fucking sensitive.
09-05-2021 02:06
He obviously doesn't Keir about his wife
09-05-2021 02:05
@wherestheball11 @Ciara87C No need to call me British, I can't help being born in a country full of cunts.
09-05-2021 02:01
RT @DmitryOpines: Perhaps the media should reflect on Laurence Fox apparently receiving less than one vote per article written about him in…
09-05-2021 02:00
@whatsiobhandid Love nights like this. Massive nerd that I am.
09-05-2021 01:59
@wherestheball11 @Ciara87C Hahaha shut the fuck up
09-05-2021 01:58
@isamyelyah I know, I know, I've just let the bar fall painfully fucking low.
09-05-2021 01:56
RT @alexnunns: Keir Starmer has just done Angela Rayner's leadership ambitions a huge favour.
09-05-2021 01:54
@isamyelyah Hayley, not now, let him take out Starmer first
09-05-2021 01:53
This might be the worst thing I've ever tweeted
09-05-2021 01:52
RT @steamedhamms: "how'd the reshuffle go?" "well, i need to stay at yours tonight"
09-05-2021 01:51
@sewadyllo @Ciara87C Don't pretend you're better than me.
09-05-2021 01:49
09-05-2021 01:49
@Ciara87C I heard he came on her stomach and called it abstaining
09-05-2021 01:47
Honestly not sure how many times I woke up in Enfield instead of East Finchley but going to guess upwards of 10.
09-05-2021 01:44
RT @johnmcdonnellMP: Keir Starmer said yesterday that he took full responsibility for the election result in Hartlepool & other losses. Ins…
09-05-2021 01:39
RT @ofthesparrows: at least somebody still wants keir starmer’s snake oil
09-05-2021 01:38
@ofthesparrows JOSIE!
09-05-2021 01:38
@jeremywhorebyn "Uhhh Jenny, it's Friday, Uhhh, you know what that means don't you? Fish supper"
09-05-2021 01:37