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RT @bellelieversofc: Sagot ni @bellemariano02 and pamasko niyo, mga bestie! Kaya laro na sa Shopee App! 🧡🎄 #BelleMariano #PamaskoNiBelle @…
08-12-2021 20:30
RT @simporlaypDB: THE AUDACITY NA MAG PA GMEET?! wala man lang respeto sa buong LICB producers at staff specially sa mga artist, kung naaaw…
08-12-2021 20:29
RT @angelyx_db: A sweet sparkle in your eyes ✨ #BelleMariano https://t.co/iBiujnkoQS
08-12-2021 19:14
RT @LiveSmart: Excited to stream Love Is Color Blind via the GigaPlay App: https://t.co/zVXEuRWv60? Let Donny Pangilinan himself share how…
08-12-2021 19:12
RT @KtxPH: Reminders for tomorrow's Digital Premiere of #LoveIsColorBlind : ✅ Stable internet connection. Make sure you have good wifi. O…
08-12-2021 19:08
RT @DonBelleOFC: CaraIno with Iris and Sky. Love Is ColorBlind bukas na! #LoveIsColorBlind #DonBelle https://t.co/K3hRymKWDv
08-12-2021 18:37
RT @zupdonny: HI DONBELLE https://t.co/uAKrMP2ZO9
08-12-2021 18:32
RT @donnywink: why my username is “donnywink” *sorry sa tili ko 😭 https://t.co/FafOVAVxKE
08-12-2021 18:31
RT @ms_baelinda: The audacity to question Belle's success and talent. My girl waited long enough for this album and concert and who ever tr…
08-12-2021 18:28
RT @donbhielat: 5ever and 4always < 3 https://t.co/B8jmkhS0yD
08-12-2021 18:25
RT @donbellefiery: sorry, queen things only. 😌❤️ #BelleMariano #DONBELLEmpire https://t.co/hHv8VSMoWJ
08-12-2021 18:21
08-12-2021 18:15
RT @donbelledrafts: uyyy 🖤🤍 #DonBelle #LoveIsColorBlind https://t.co/b7JVSiWibB
08-12-2021 18:14
RT @sincerelybubb: basta pumasok si direk sa dressing room… https://t.co/kXj8486rVn
08-12-2021 18:05
RT @bellelieversofc: [email protected] with @reich_ra3! 🤍 #BelleMariano #LoveIsColorBlind https://t.co/NhKOgJbxIL
08-12-2021 18:03
RT @lexy_belya: https://t.co/qOehUSgvD8
08-12-2021 18:03
RT @DonBelleOFC: Cara & Ino, spotted! 🖤🤍 #DonBelle #DONBELLEmpire #LoveIsColorBlind https://t.co/MpNb2wzkBc
08-12-2021 17:49
RT @DONATORSPH: We are getting more excited! 🖤🤍 See you tomorrow, @donnypangilinan, @bellemariano02, Tito @apangilinan, and Tita @mommymar…
08-12-2021 17:49
RT @DonbelleHIH: Hoyy grabe omgg goosebumps wait lang omgg congrats mahal @bellemariano02 #BelleMariano https://t.co/kgrMehDjOv
08-12-2021 17:39
RT @adoringdb: — 2 pretty bestfriend <3 https://t.co/CBSgvKIG7k
08-12-2021 17:09
RT @luvfordb: eto ba yun??? https://t.co/tq02TGRyss
08-12-2021 17:09
RT @LionhearTVNet: REVIEW: @bellemariano02 blooms with her debut studio album, ‘Daylight’ https://t.co/n5l6YZ5pJ3 #Daylight
08-12-2021 17:06
RT @doughnbel: ANG GANDAAA GRABEEE?!!😭❤️ #BelleMariano @bellemariano02 https://t.co/gtXCrrprSD
08-12-2021 17:02
RT @justforbelinda: Don. Belle. https://t.co/2XqJRg6Mnk
08-12-2021 17:01
RT @TODBOverseas: #MostRequestedASAP Opening choreography fir #DonBelle @gforce_michael IG post! 🖇 https://t.co/YhSWYYxvp6 #AlwaysWith…
08-12-2021 16:59
RT @intobelindaaa: From this To this https://t.co/e2dci3iC7l
08-12-2021 16:56
RT @dbbepeu: kaya mo yan belinda https://t.co/ebGO6FTFnG
08-12-2021 16:54
RT @donbellelisms: 5ever squad!🤍 https://t.co/96d1i0CtEz
08-12-2021 16:52
RT @bellelieversofc: 211208 Belle’s IG Post Update! 🖇: https://t.co/KMbAvxAHVH #BelleMariano https://t.co/c63NKQsQgi
08-12-2021 16:51
RT @bubblywrld: when they wear the same color palette >>> #DonBelle https://t.co/b9nTGA2Fai
08-12-2021 16:49
RT @doughnbel: Best squad? u mean, 5EVER SQUAD!? https://t.co/UyAfBr4FED
08-12-2021 16:48
RT @intodonbelleee: 5ever squad lang sakalam 🖤🤍 https://t.co/UK1tUN2RTz
08-12-2021 16:48
RT @zupdonny: LEMME CRY PLS 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 https://t.co/2RMHDXYG44
08-12-2021 16:48
RT @donatoriano: cute https://t.co/iJDWl8Lx5m
08-12-2021 16:48
RT @belyadunsdb: Dream. Manifest. Believe. Repeat. @itsShowtimeNa 🤞🙏 #DonBelle #kalmaeditlangto https://t.co/nV29Efr1aZ
08-12-2021 16:40
RT @onlyfordonbelle: Kayo na ni Donny? Belle: https://t.co/s57sOLRqwz
08-12-2021 16:40
RT @cookidonbelle: 🗝️ https://t.co/S4v6nrnbJ2
08-12-2021 16:39
RT @aishiteramen: the audacity to question belle's success when she's been waiting for this longer than your mains
08-12-2021 16:39
RT @doughnbel: ANG GANDA MO BELINDAAA!!!!!😩❤️ https://t.co/eicliDibHb
08-12-2021 16:39
RT @StarCinema: Sana all papanagutan? 🥺 Cara X Ino gotchu 5ever fam kaya naman 2 tulog na lang, #LoveIsColorBlind na! Streaming starts De…
08-12-2021 16:35
RT @dearscarjames: wow galing! will send this to belle grabe galing 👏🏼
08-12-2021 16:33
RT @fiveversquad: 2/5 🥳 Hello Ino & Cara! #5everSquad https://t.co/r4jq0xVMQM
08-12-2021 16:32
RT @lexy_belya: "Mahal ko si Ino. " - Cara https://t.co/kqfcsiQ0c9
08-12-2021 16:32
RT @DonBelleOFC: Thank you for this @DonBelleCebu 🖤🤍 #DonBelle #LoveIsColorBlind
08-12-2021 16:28
RT @DonBelleOFC: Can’t wait for you guys to meet Cara Love is ColorBlind bukas na! 🤍🖤 #LoveIsColorBlind #BelleMariano https://t.co/4Itolt…
08-12-2021 16:28
RT @donbelledrafts: mamamasko po ninang @bellemariano02 https://t.co/DJHCKS9iyh
08-12-2021 16:22
RT @onlyyydonbelle: yes donny? bakit ka andyan? kasali ka ba sa scene? 🖇: https://t.co/XnLbfp33Ov LOVE IS COLORBLIND OnDEC10 #DonBelle…
08-12-2021 16:12
RT @donatoriano: https://t.co/crjRWvWsz4
08-12-2021 16:06
RT @donnypangilinan: https://t.co/w8Y9OCphtq
08-12-2021 16:04
RT @bellemariano02: 💕
08-12-2021 16:04
RT @bellemariano02: @esnyrrr HAHAHA
08-12-2021 16:03
RT @esnyrrr: Quick glimpse of the night where it all started; And here we are now, one night away from our world premiere!🖤🤍 Ily 5ever! #…
08-12-2021 16:03
@bubblywrld LOVE IS COLORBLIND OnDEC10 #LoveIsColorBlind | #DonBelle
08-12-2021 10:37
RT @StarCinema: Belle's beauty is just breathtaking! 😍 SEE HERE: https://t.co/wA9peiD9xJ
08-12-2021 10:37
RT @zupdonny: * pinatag ang dagat * https://t.co/rsHTPYEocQ
08-12-2021 10:35
RT @samiisluv: Ang lugar kung saan may sariling mundo... LOVE IS COLORBLIND OnDEC10 #LoveIsColorBlind #DonBelle https://t.co/0aPpHi2xvm
08-12-2021 10:34
RT @dalplovebam: Akala mo ba belinda kinaganda mo yang pagpapakita mo ng pusod haa???? Kasi oo tama ka ang ganda ganda mo soaperrrrr!!!!! h…
08-12-2021 10:28
RT @titasofdonbelle: 𝐋𝐨𝐯𝐞 𝐈𝐬 𝐂𝐨𝐥𝐨𝐫 𝐁𝐥𝐢𝐧𝐝 LED Billboards To promote and congratulate @donnypangilinan and @bellemariano02 on their first m…
08-12-2021 10:24
RT @doughnbel: Watching city lights with u 🥺🖤 https://t.co/uNXpbJoadI
08-12-2021 10:22
RT @DonBelleOFC: We've got @belle_mariano's pretty face gracing this month's EQUAL Philippines Playlist cover, 'For Your Eyes Only'. 😉 LO…
08-12-2021 10:22
RT @angelinaisabele: Iris and Cara between takes 😗 @bellemariano02 https://t.co/UmPbv6i1Oe
08-12-2021 10:18
RT @DonBelleOFC: Love Is ColorBlind starring Donny Pangilinan and Belle Mariano, directed by John Leo D. Garcia. Streaming on KTX, iWantTFC…
08-12-2021 10:14
RT @DonBelleOFC: Two days left 'till the showing of the most awaited movie of DonBelle - Love Is ColorBlind. Are you excited to meet Cara &…
08-12-2021 10:14
@DonBelleOFC LOVE IS COLORBLIND OnDEC10 #LoveIsColorBlind | #DonBelle
08-12-2021 10:12
@tochiiinidonato LOVE IS COLORBLIND OnDEC10 #LoveIsColorBlind | #DonBelle
08-12-2021 10:11
Mag reply kayo!! LOVE IS COLORBLIND OnDEC10 #LoveIsColorBlind | #DonBelle
08-12-2021 10:11
RT @panengbalute: Sorry po kung palamura po ako! Nadala lang po ako ng bugso ng damdamin ko. Ganon po kasi ako pag masaya HAHAHAHAHAHA Ps:…
08-12-2021 09:36
RT @StarCinema: Love is... sharing the kilig with your mommy, daddy, ate, kuya, tito, tita, and the rest of the fambam! Book your tickets…
08-12-2021 09:05
RT @StarCinema: Isang CARA-mel macchiato nga po, Domino 🙈 SEE HERE: https://t.co/TN6gyLXxXl
08-12-2021 08:48
RT @DonBelleOFC: Belle’s IG Story Update #BelleMariano https://t.co/hldTgE1jq4
08-12-2021 07:05
RT @bellelieversofc: “Of neutral, prints and oversized fits.” ✨ #BelleMariano https://t.co/fSMta9psgD
08-12-2021 05:46
RT @phoeberdb: He's invited! 😍 @robertmarion #RobiDomingo #DonBelle #LoveIsColorBlindWorldPremiere https://t.co/83vTc3eT6G
08-12-2021 04:24
RT @samiisluv: doon talaga ako sa batas nila hindi yung utos ng kung sino-sino, yung cut & blocking pero magkayakap parin hindi nagbibitaw…
08-12-2021 04:23
RT @dalplovebam: bondelle dominating the music world aaaaaaa grabe yon!!!!! https://t.co/39Pzd2RFAn
08-12-2021 04:13
RT @bellelieversofc: Good morning! DAYLIGHT Update! 🤍 Daylight (- Sigurado) has 641,850 streams on Spotify and 876,000 views on YouTube, f…
08-12-2021 04:10
RT @DonBelleOFC: Donny's IG story update. #DonBelle #DONBELLEmpire #LoveIsColorBlind https://t.co/fotEJJyfWu
07-12-2021 19:19
RT @bellelieversofc: 📣 BOFC'S LICB BLOCKSCREENING Hey Fam! Our block screening for LICB is officially happening 🥳 ❕Book a slot at: htt…
07-12-2021 18:55
RT @titasofdonbelle: 𝐋𝐨𝐯𝐞 𝐢𝐬 𝐂𝐨𝐥𝐨𝐫 𝐁𝐥𝐢𝐧𝐝 ー Instagram and Facebook Ads The titas prepared online ads to promote LICB! 🖤🤍 📅 December 08-15,…
07-12-2021 18:05
RT @jasminip: #DonBelle with @darla bilang @janinegutierrez 😊 #MostRequestedASAP https://t.co/2YxDVk8xhy
07-12-2021 17:18
RT @KTinkerBelle: 🥺🤍 #DonBelle #DONBELLEmpire https://t.co/F9qByOMVE2
07-12-2021 16:46
RT @StarCinema: Belle's beauty screams perfect from any angle! SEE HERE: https://t.co/wA9peiUKWj https://t.co/VA80oh0D2G
07-12-2021 16:36
RT @StarCinema: Love is treatin' yourself because bestie... dasurb! 🤍🖤 3 days to go 'til #LoveIsColorBlind premieres worldwide on iWantTFC…
07-12-2021 16:35
RT @DONATORSPH: Do you want to have a chance to win a ticket for the Premiere of Love Is Color Blind? 🖤🤍 @LiveSmart Watch Donny’s IG Post…
07-12-2021 16:08
RT @StarCinema: Belle kept her cool while answering her bashers 💁🏻‍♀️ WATCH HERE: https://t.co/9wtR2gzSWz
07-12-2021 16:06
RT @mikaydb: Hannah: Of course I'm going to watch Love is ColorBlind Aww 🥺❤ #LoveIsColorBlind https://t.co/9WZ3ttBgVR
07-12-2021 16:06
RT @bubblywrld: good days and coffee with you~ #DonnyPangilinan as Domino Urbano in #LoveIsColorBlind ☕️ https://t.co/dip2h4bCFB
07-12-2021 16:06
RT @angelyx_db: Cutest 🥺 https://t.co/t2niNRH4iw
07-12-2021 16:06
RT @jasminip: #DonBelle ❤️#MostRequestedASAP https://t.co/XKVHjbtxmZ
07-12-2021 16:02
RT @DBcutiee: baby donato baby ni belle https://t.co/jLHBYnA6v5
07-12-2021 16:02
RT @StarCinema: Merry Christmas from Cara x Ino! 🎄🤍🖤 Love is... the much-awaited Donny Pangilinan-Belle Mariano film, #LoveIsColorBlind!…
07-12-2021 15:56
RT @donnynibeIIe: Question: "paano mo na meet parents ni donny?" " nag face time lang kasi parang hinahanap nila sila ano— wala nag call…
07-12-2021 15:55
RT @DonBelleOFC: Few days left ‘till Love Is ColorBlind. Can’t wait to meet you, Ino and Cara 🖤🤍 #LoveIsColorBlind #DonBelle #DONBELLEmpi…
07-12-2021 14:12
RT @onlyforDonnyyy: Donny: Hi Mom. Hi Dad. Miss u. Belle: Hi Tito. Hi Tita. GAGO KAPAG GANITO NANGYARI MAGKITA-KITA NALANG TAYO SA IBAN…
07-12-2021 14:12
RT @donbelleishome: how it all started vs how it’s going https://t.co/wnM6fxyqAE
07-12-2021 14:09
RT @titasofdonbelle: Catch Donny and Belle on At Home with Anthony and Maricel this Thursday at 4PM. See you DonBelle! 👀💓 🖇️https://t.co/G…
07-12-2021 13:57
RT @cutestbubbly_: Donny fidgeting/ toe-tapping then Belle tapped him to stop… 🥺 Nagstop agad si Donny 😭🥺✊🏻 DONBELLE5Ever OnHOTSPOT #Don…
07-12-2021 13:44
RT @donbelledrafts: hello po sa mag bestie 😍❤️ #DonBelle #DONBELLEmpire https://t.co/38WHCVOThM
07-12-2021 13:43
RT @PHBusinessworks: See you this [email protected] PM: At Home with Anthony and Maricel EP 73 🏡 we have special guests.. 👀 @donnypangilinan & @be…
07-12-2021 13:32
RT @zupdonny: new m3me unl0ckEd xD https://t.co/Mr45FKvnGL
07-12-2021 11:23
RT @StarCinema: #LoveIsColorBlind's Cara X Ino on #Hotspot! 🤍🖤 @bellemariano02 @donnypangilinan https://t.co/aPRKWQzA3h
07-12-2021 11:21
RT @bewithmyrr: Belle being comfortable with Donny hits different, parang she can share her secrets with him and Donny accepting her despit…
07-12-2021 11:21
RT @bellelieversofc: 📻 DAYLIGHT STATIONHEAD STREAMING 📻 Tune-in with us for the rest of the weeks to come as we stream DAYLIGHT. This is i…
07-12-2021 11:19
RT @trulydnbll_: gagiii napansin niyo ba hinawakan ata ni donny kilikili ni belle or kiniliti niya si [email protected]?$;)#!*[email protected]([% https://t.co/wXmMo…
07-12-2021 11:19
RT @EleanorHaig: Love is Color Black 😂 Smile or not? Meh. 🤷🏻🤷🏻‍♀️ #LoveIsColorBlind #DonBelle @donnypangilinan @bellemariano02 https://t.c…
07-12-2021 11:18
RT @donnyonlyy: “ginagawgaw mo” ha donny? https://t.co/KuRqPkrB3I
07-12-2021 11:18
RT @doughnbel: Donato ano ba problema mo sa bangs ni belle HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA DONBELLE5Ever OnHOTSPOT #DonBelle #LoveIsColorBlind https:…
07-12-2021 11:18
RT @doughnbel: ANG CUTE N'YOOOOO !! #DonBelle #DONBELLEmpire https://t.co/l7XrpqSqik
07-12-2021 11:04
RT @justforbelinda: BELINDA “Nakailang palo na kay donny” MARIANO
07-12-2021 11:02
RT @BellesIntoDonny: For your eyes only. https://t.co/Swr0SYco2s
07-12-2021 11:01
RT @donnyonlyy: “hopefully .. i'm still working with belle, kung papayag siya ..ehem!” - donny seeesshhh 😭
07-12-2021 11:00
RT @donbelletoptier: TINK TINK TINK https://t.co/g23I6TIxzX
07-12-2021 10:58
RT @itchy_____: mama jhai: five years from now saan niyo nakikita ang tambalang DonBelle? Donny: we're focusing on now, continue to grow t…
07-12-2021 10:47
RT @intodonbelleee: uhmm https://t.co/StpnQSqNpc
07-12-2021 10:44
RT @onlyforDonnyyy: Belle: Kailan ang birthday ko? Donny: June 10. 6pm. Ay. Pati oras alam? 👀🤪
07-12-2021 10:36
RT @DonBelleOFC: Good Afternoon, DonBelle! DONBELLE5Ever OnHOTSPOT #DonBelle #LoveIsColorBlind https://t.co/8XTAMXghq5
07-12-2021 10:23
@DonBelleOFC DONBELLE5Ever OnHOTSPOT #DonBelle #LoveIsColorBlind
07-12-2021 10:20
@DonBelleOFC @bellemariano02 @donnypangilinan DONBELLE5Ever OnHOTSPOT #DonBelle #LoveIsColorBlind
07-12-2021 10:13
RT @Krishteynnn: The first day we met Domino and Caramel. 🖤🤍 📸 taken during Direk @johnleogarcia 's LICB look test. https://t.co/ilR7LNE6…
07-12-2021 10:11
@DonBelleOFC DONBELLE5Ever OnHOTSPOT #DonBelle #LoveIsColorBlind
07-12-2021 10:09
@sweet_sparkles8 DONBELLE5Ever OnHOTSPOT #DonBelle #LoveIsColorBlind
07-12-2021 10:06
@BonBon_DB DONBELLE5Ever OnHOTSPOT #DonBelle #LoveIsColorBlind
07-12-2021 10:06
RT @soaringdonbelle: I'm very sure we know what that means. Let's not make an issue na out of a very little thing such as that. Spare his f…
07-12-2021 09:26
@tochiiinidonato DONBELLE5Ever OnHOTSPOT #DonBelle #LoveIsColorBlind
07-12-2021 09:25
@cherrypom3 DONBELLE5Ever OnHOTSPOT #DonBelle #LoveIsColorBlind
07-12-2021 09:25
RT @ABSCBNNews: Donny Pangilinan defends Belle Mariano against bashers: 'Sobrang ganda niya' https://t.co/mflppjejFs
07-12-2021 09:25
@DonBelleOFC Happy 25th monthsary, #DONBELLEmpire DONBELLE5Ever OnHOTSPOT #DonBelle #LoveIsColorBlind
07-12-2021 09:25
@onlybelleee DONBELLE5Ever OnHOTSPOT #DonBelle #LoveIsColorBlind
07-12-2021 09:24
Hiii, replies?? DONBELLE5Ever OnHOTSPOT #DonBelle #LoveIsColorBlind
07-12-2021 09:23
RT @justforbelinda: Look test👀 https://t.co/YgGAEBKTPf
07-12-2021 09:18
RT @mikaydb: Omgggg cant wait for this to happen manifesting https://t.co/4dewTKpOE6
07-12-2021 09:16
RT @bellelieversofc: 211207 Belle’s IG Stories Update! 🖇: https://t.co/huIo0rfsFD #BelleMariano https://t.co/B7MpQ5paR3
07-12-2021 09:14
@DonBelleOFC @bellemariano02 @donnypangilinan D-3 LOVE IS COLORBLIND #DonBelle #LoveIsColorBlind
07-12-2021 07:50
RT @DonBelleOFC: It’s been a journey, a rollercoaster ride, and we went through it together. Happy 25th Monthsary! D-3 LOVE IS COLORBLIND…
07-12-2021 07:50
RT @johnleogarcia: maraming bagsak para sa ating mahuhusay na art dept! at sa PD na si nico!! woot! 👏👏👏👏👏 🙌🙌🙌🙌
07-12-2021 07:10
RT @DonBelleOFC: Words cannot ESPRESSO how much we love you! D-3 LOVE IS COLORBLIND #DonBelle #LoveIsColorBlind https://t.co/Nmo9RzcFQ0
07-12-2021 07:05
@donbelle4evssss D-3 LOVE IS COLORBLIND #DonBelle #LoveIsColorBlind
07-12-2021 07:04
07-12-2021 07:04
RT @mscydnbll: #DonBelle : [ PBP ] Private But Proud https://t.co/UYiiBEi8Ql
07-12-2021 07:03
@supremacydb D-3 LOVE IS COLORBLIND #DonBelle #LoveIsColorBlind
07-12-2021 06:32
RT @DonBelleOFC: You are blessed if you find both friendship and love in a single person. D-3 LOVE IS COLORBLIND #DonBelle #LoveIsColorB…
07-12-2021 06:32
@DonBelleOFC Dec. 10 naaa!!! D-3 LOVE IS COLORBLIND #DonBelle #LoveIsColorBlind
07-12-2021 06:31
RT @StarCinema: #LoveIsColorBlind's Cara (@bellemariano02) X Ino (@donnypangilinan) maha-#Hotspot by @mor1019jhaiho later at 3:20PM! Don't…
07-12-2021 06:29
@donbellehugs D-3 LOVE IS COLORBLIND #DonBelle #LoveIsColorBlind
07-12-2021 06:22
@DonBelleOFC ColorBlind D-3 LOVE IS COLORBLIND #DonBelle #LoveIsColorBlind
07-12-2021 06:21
@jamlovesdunbil D-3 LOVE IS COLORBLIND #DonBelle #LoveIsColorBlind
07-12-2021 06:20
@DonBelleOFC @bellemariano02 @donnypangilinan D-3 LOVE IS COLORBLIND #DonBelle #LoveIsColorBlind
07-12-2021 06:19
07-12-2021 06:18
@DonnyBelleni D-3 LOVE IS COLORBLIND #DonBelle #LoveIsColorBlind
07-12-2021 06:14
@tochipangilinan D-3 LOVE IS COLORBLIND #DonBelle #LoveIsColorBlind
07-12-2021 06:13
@blnd_pngln D-3 LOVE IS COLORBLIND #DonBelle #LoveIsColorBlind
07-12-2021 06:12
@tochiiinidonato D-3 LOVE IS COLORBLIND #DonBelle #LoveIsColorBlind
07-12-2021 06:12
@huhuBELLEss D-3 LOVE IS COLORBLIND #DonBelle #LoveIsColorBlind
07-12-2021 06:12
@dbellentonio D-3 LOVE IS COLORBLIND #DonBelle #LoveIsColorBlind
07-12-2021 06:11
@donny_belle8 D-3 LOVE IS COLORBLIND #DonBelle #LoveIsColorBlind
07-12-2021 06:11
@cherrypom3 D-3 LOVE IS COLORBLIND #DonBelle #LoveIsColorBlind
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Replies? D-3 LOVE IS COLORBLIND #DonBelle #LoveIsColorBlind
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@DonBelleOFC @bellemariano02 @donnypangilinan D-3 LOVE IS COLORBLIND #DonBelle #LoveIsColorBlind
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RT @DonBelleOFC: Their eyes met, and they stared together at each other, alone in space. D-3 LOVE IS COLORBLIND #DonBelle #LoveIsColorBl…
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RT @bellelieversofc: [email protected]’s wearing hoops by Octavia Studios! 🧚🏼‍♀️ #BelleMariano https://t.co/DG7ggckVdv
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RT @donnyphotos: when i say my JAW DROPPED when i saw this look of donny i mean it #DonnyPangilinan https://t.co/hrRwdOPMw0
06-12-2021 16:18
RT @titasofdonbelle: 𝐃𝐚𝐲𝐥𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐭 𝐀𝐥𝐛𝐮𝐦 by @bellemariano02 ー Instagram Story and Feed Ad 📅 December 7-9, 2021 ♡︎ Stream the album on all music…
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RT @bubblywrld: #DonnyPangilinan: my heartbreak boy https://t.co/lyud98Jzww
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RT @iwanttfc: THIS IS AN EVENT YOU SHOULDN'T MISS! We're unwrapping the titles, stars, and creators of our upcoming originals for 2022! Cat…
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RT @justforbelinda: INO CUTIE🥺 https://t.co/RxXC0BU133
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RT @StarCinema: Yes, bestie! CARA-may mo kami sa pag-iintay! 🥺 #LoveIsColorBlind 4 na tulog na lang! Streaming starts Dec. 10, 10AM, on iW…
06-12-2021 15:35
RT @donbelleslay: does it ever just how fast drive you the night crazy,…
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RT @d0natobelinda: “She lights up the room when she enters” #DonBelle https://t.co/YKdBP903p0
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RT @bellelieversofc: Congratulations, @bellemariano02! 💓 #BelleMariano https://t.co/j4FlRPX7GS
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RT @iwanttfc: CONGRATULATIONS, @bellemariano02! For winning the Facebook Best Dressed Award at the #AACA2021! https://t.co/gybf4XaE5A
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RT @titasofdonbelle: LED Billboard advertisement to promote and congratulate @donnypangilinan and @bellemariano02 on the success of wings a…
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RT @CignalTV: Is her love enough to fill his world with color? Meet @bellemariano02 as the bubbly Cara in #LoveIsColorBlind, available via…
06-12-2021 14:45
RT @DonBelleOFC: Our 2021 AAA Facebook Best Dressed Award Winner that YOU voted for goes to… Belle Mariano from Philippines! She is the mai…
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RT @donnypangilinan: Missed y’all
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RT @titaTeacher_K: BONDELLE... Donato pigilan mo juskooo ,hahahha https://t.co/e9XZuZw4Bj
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RT @titasofdonbelle: LED Billboard advertisement to promote and congratulate @donnypangilinan and @bellemariano02 on the success of wings a…
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06-12-2021 12:06
RT @ABSCBN: Abangan ang bida ng #LoveIsColorBlind, #DonBelle (@donnypangilinan & @bellemariano02) BUKAS (3:20 PM) sa EXCLUSIVE #hotspot ni…
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RT @DONATORSPH: For your eyes only, @donnypangilinan 🖤🤍 #DonnyPangilinan https://t.co/ofaTY5m83B
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RT @cookidonbelle: they hit different these days, wth... https://t.co/7ZULyhQ1d0
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@DonBelleOFC LOVE IS COLORBLIND 4DaysToGo #DonBelle #LoveIsColorBlind
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RT @DonBelleOFC: DonBelle on HotSpot tomorrow, 3:20PM! LOVE IS COLORBLIND 4DaysToGo #DonBelle #LoveIsColorBlind https://t.co/GLsOLSegez
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@DonBelleOFC LOVE IS COLORBLIND 4DaysToGo #DonBelle #LoveIsColorBlind
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RT @DonBelleOFC: Donny is now live on KUMU! https://t.co/I4sXgS0PUF #DonngPangilinan
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RT @jnpangilinan79: WATCH: Donny, Belle in ‘Love Is Color Blind’ trailer | ABS-CBN News https://t.co/bOgO6oBvar
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RT @ChismosangBula: The New Gen Phenomenal Loveteam: DONBELLE Wala lang, tweet ko lang ulit 😉🖤♥️ #DonBelle
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RT @ONLYD0NNY: LAGOT KA KAY MASTER https://t.co/zkHO1krq5V
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RT @justforbelinda: — Baklang si Sensui at Hambog na si Taguro https://t.co/57yJaZQR2d
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