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@Gothicheart13 👍
27-02-2021 22:10
Iran's got the Biden's backing and pay off money and are now popping off missiles of love at a Capital city. Iran…
27-02-2021 22:00
@AngleAmerican Based 😅
27-02-2021 21:54
RT @AngleAmerican: (Thx @Doom_Loop for pic) Give them all a ribbon or trophy for participating. Never spank em and as a result be rewarded…
27-02-2021 21:54
@wilderfortruth New recruit dance?
27-02-2021 18:08
@john_kbf @Eco_Nat_V2 @banthebbc She'll be housed in London no doubt.
27-02-2021 18:04
RT @adamscrabble: FBI will yank Gab records, logs, id's, exif, all of it. Soon
26-02-2021 23:08
RT @BoozeAndFagz: Miss Begum and Prince Harry are currently vying for top story. One was lured from their homeland by the promises of a cra…
26-02-2021 21:02
@wef What the hell are you promoting. Dead Business?. Dying economies?. Billionaires rinsing the world like its…
26-02-2021 20:56
@ZubyMusic Fair play Zuby. Can't wait to watch wrestling next next.
26-02-2021 20:28
RT @Jay_Beecher: The BBC call Shamima Begum a 'runaway schoolgirl'. She's an adult - an adult who stitched suicide vests used to kill innoc…
26-02-2021 20:25
@oldguy_steve Yes its dopey.
26-02-2021 20:24
@GOVUK Yeah no more of this we're sacking you today and grabbing a new guy tomorrow "crap" we had to put up with for the last 10-15 years.
26-02-2021 20:22
Im shadow banned so hard my Tweets don't even have a view count.
26-02-2021 20:14
@thetimes Its about time this country had some good news.
26-02-2021 20:13
RT @SaveWomensSport: When future generations of young women ask you what you did to save their rights, what will you be able to tell them?…
26-02-2021 17:30
Tried but the left were to insane to listen. They chucked women under the bus and made crazy men drive the thing.
26-02-2021 17:30
@realjuliasong Well she sounds upset. Doubt she's lying.
26-02-2021 16:23
Straight bullshit for the win
26-02-2021 15:43
26-02-2021 13:15
Shes the Myra Hindley of ISIL Hopeful she never sets foot in this country again.
26-02-2021 13:13
RT @LeaveEUOfficial: 👏👏👏
26-02-2021 13:11
RT @ggreenwald: Labour under the inspiring and vibrant leadership of Kier Stamer now polling lower than its 2019 result under Corbyn: https…
26-02-2021 01:38
RT @DotardTed: NO NUKES FOR JOE? “We respectfully request that you, as president, review ways in which you can end the sole authority you h…
26-02-2021 01:36
RT @JillRTeamXRP: Are they now saying they have finally Recognized he has Dementia?
26-02-2021 01:35
RT @LibertarianBlue: China: belt and road initiative, five year plans, a push to dominate the global 5G market, a massive military base in…
26-02-2021 01:34
RT @Victor_Ivic: @TrumpJew2 @JordanSchachtel
26-02-2021 01:32
@rising_serpent And all they went on about was Trumps health report. Biden's must be biblical. Clearly to old for the job.Jesus.
26-02-2021 01:29
@toryboypierce @AstraZeneca
26-02-2021 00:32
26-02-2021 00:21
@stauffelbaker @disclosetv
25-02-2021 22:42
He-Man's done for what's his new name? Person-person
25-02-2021 20:44
@piersmorgan @JoeBiden @Martina Cant wait to watch the Olympics this year. USA teams gonna look pumped...
25-02-2021 20:32
25-02-2021 19:57
RT @MartinDaubney: Haha, look at these muppets, triggered by the fact Asda has changed its Brussel Sprouts to British Sprouts…
25-02-2021 19:56
@LBC @eddiemair Good we have 16 million done that's that covered = 800.000 old people There's no definite stati…
25-02-2021 19:53
@JuliaHB1 Brace yourselves. Saddest picture I've ever seen.
25-02-2021 19:43
RT @addicted2newz: @JolyonMaugham @Jacob_Rees_Mogg I'm no fan of fox hunting, but this coming from a man that beat a defenceless fox to dea…
25-02-2021 19:33
@LBC @mrjamesob late by 14 days. .
25-02-2021 19:32
Young children pumped full of hormone drugs. Leftists live for it...
25-02-2021 17:52
The CCP are going to be selling the worlds wind to us in every country on earth at this rate.
25-02-2021 17:49
@wintersishere21 Wow here to in the UK.
25-02-2021 17:48
@LBC What the f#@k.
25-02-2021 17:46
@DailyMailUK @afneil Compensation and legal fees. The final bill could be close to £100million. Rangers are loving the extra cash! Jesus
25-02-2021 17:33
RT @FacundoSavala: Andrew Neil, pulling no punches. 👊💥 Alex Salmond vs Nicola Sturgeon What an unbelievably murky affair, with PLENTY mor…
25-02-2021 17:13
RT @OxmanMartin: It’s not about SAFETY it’s about CONTROL...
25-02-2021 16:52
@catturd2 Stacks yo
25-02-2021 16:45
@ChrisLi46525663 @_Davidtruthpill @BBCNews Facemasks are a religious item to you are they? We aren't all Islamists…
25-02-2021 16:05
@LBC @mrjamesob The card schemes tried to put an end to fake sparks and plumbers just turning up ruining jobs. The…
25-02-2021 15:54
@LBC @mrjamesob They gave our hard earned market away. Imagine being on site With 14 other guys and your told you…
25-02-2021 15:49
@LBC @mrjamesob This would have never have happen under the old. There wasn't the Labour market. They "Had" to re…
25-02-2021 15:44
@LBC @mrjamesob They threaten you with replacement weekly and talk to people as if they are worthless pieces of Sh1…
25-02-2021 15:42
@LBC @mrjamesob Example As an electrician our old sparks where treated with the respect they "earned" Foremen, sit…
25-02-2021 15:42
@LBC @mrjamesob Yeah because you've never worked in our sector you wouldn't "see" the problem your only "hear" from…
25-02-2021 15:35
@BBCPolitics To even try to scrap them through a test after not teaching them for 12 months says a lot. They failed these kids.
25-02-2021 14:59
Can I stop paying taxes to these nutters. I'll go private. They are mental.
25-02-2021 11:00
RT @SpectatorUSA: "The public was told over and over not to look away or forget these victims. Yet as soon as Biden entered the White House…
25-02-2021 10:47
@Holbornlolz Can't wait for some spotty kid at Argos to ask me about my health matters to buy a lamp.😅
25-02-2021 10:35
Just this week our young apprentice was stabbed in the neck for not handing over his wallet fast enough. If there…
25-02-2021 10:33
Poor bloke was right high immigration pushes nation folk to the right. And yes I would have a pistol in this prese…
25-02-2021 10:26
My god😅🤣😂
25-02-2021 10:01
They made 100 anti southparks movies to offset it all?
25-02-2021 09:59
@JohnStefaniFI @nola1107 A singer called lily Alan turned down 100,000 bit coins for a show once. Bet she crys alot.
25-02-2021 09:53
RT @debatenothate2: @petertherin2 @stezia7 @resist_great Of course you don’t... That’s the tragedy. You are sleep walking into totalitarian…
25-02-2021 01:58
RT @debatenothate2: @petertherin2 @resist_great Then you’re deluded.Johnson is as far left as they come. Look at his green and climate chan…
25-02-2021 01:56
RT @ArtValley818_: Bunch of cucks harassing a man without a mask on thinking they’re being outstanding citizens 🤦‍♂️
25-02-2021 00:20
@Keir_Starmer Building Reg's are complete up to date and fine as they stand Laws already strong and in place. Fun…
24-02-2021 21:52
@JoeBiden Wont be looking into this because he's either paid off or compromised to the point of submission.…
24-02-2021 21:25
@LBC Here we go. Goal post move and lockdown until next year again?
24-02-2021 21:17 I was Like wow Reading Festival's on!!! Then saw who was there and thought Nar your good next year then is then.
24-02-2021 21:16
I think this is the saddest picture I've ever clocked eye's on. When will this nightmare end.😞
24-02-2021 21:04
@mikepompeo I'm from Great Britain You did an amazing job Mike Fair play to not starting conflict. You really di…
24-02-2021 20:36
@BritishAlba @BBCScotlandNews @NicolaSturgeon The BBC will see the break up of the union all because the leftists f…
24-02-2021 15:40
@piersmorgan I reckon your duck this.
24-02-2021 15:33
@ImranMi97894746 @YouTube AJ is dreaming.
24-02-2021 15:30
LbC whining about covid freedom passes. Nick just said don't use the NHS if you don't have the vaccine.... I won'…
24-02-2021 12:55
Watch Biden do what he's told like the old cuck he is.
24-02-2021 12:48
RT @disclosetv: NEW - Not a single case of influenza has been detected by public health officials in England for the past seven weeks. 685,…
24-02-2021 12:24
@robclevedonuk @LBC @NickFerrariLBC Yeah I'll keep my tax then if I can't use society. I won't contribute.
24-02-2021 10:45
@LBC @NickFerrariLBC Won't be voting for them again the nutters
24-02-2021 10:44
RT @DarrenPlymouth: Zero flu cases have been detected by public health England for the past 7wks. Restrictions brought in for coronavirus &…
24-02-2021 09:37
RT @Azgunstar42: @davidwebbshow I will say Biden has exceeded my expectations. I thought it would take him at least a year to ruin the coun…
24-02-2021 00:47
@anthonyjoshua @258mgt
24-02-2021 00:43
RT @TartarusRespawn: FIRST TIME COVERAGE BY CNN! Presence Of Agent Provocateurs! Ron Johnson using his questioning time to defend Trumpe…
24-02-2021 00:35
RT @YoClandestino: NIH Director Says Trump Administration Deserves Credit for Operation Warp Speed. El director de los NIH dice que la adm…
24-02-2021 00:31
@BBCNews At the end of the lockdown, just like last time they up the ante and take more and ask us to do stupider things like this.
23-02-2021 23:35
@BorisJohnson @UN Wrong Bill mate. Change this you liar and stop with this green posh tax we can't afford it you n…
23-02-2021 23:14
RT @disclosetv: UPDATE - Helicopter over the scene where Tiger Woods crashed this morning in LA county.
23-02-2021 22:48
RT @govkristinoem: South Dakota kept our state Open for Business, and now we're a national leader in vaccinations. But the federal COVID b…
23-02-2021 22:44
@CandleOfHope77 @nypost
23-02-2021 22:38
@PresleyLives @RealEarthParty @KitTraverse @drsimonegold 9-11 ruined and changed the whole world. The capitol buil…
23-02-2021 22:18
@PresleyLives @RealEarthParty @KitTraverse @drsimonegold An old granny with a flag.
23-02-2021 22:14
@PresleyLives @RealEarthParty @KitTraverse @drsimonegold
23-02-2021 22:13
@PresleyLives @RealEarthParty @KitTraverse @drsimonegold 9/11 They broke some doors and windows and gave themselve…
23-02-2021 22:12
Cringe worthily stuff, well done.😅 #TheFutureIsNow #RoboBlade I hope our PC driven wanky UK police force takes…
23-02-2021 22:04
@BBCNews Covid Passports are a give to far. Even you as written in law can go to a magistrate and claim to be a "C…
23-02-2021 21:47
@Nigel_Farage @CPhilpOfficial I think we both know NOTHING can be done unless the law changes. The Immigration and…
23-02-2021 20:52
Change that law @Boris stop lying and do what we ask or @Nigel_Farage wins the next election.
23-02-2021 19:04
Read immediately :
23-02-2021 19:03
The police and law system in this country is a failure. You failed us all. They don't do there job unless your on…
23-02-2021 14:08
RT @SocialM85897394: I trust Anthea Turner will be fined the statutory £10,000? Are the "guests" liable too? via @…
23-02-2021 12:06
@SocialM85897394 @MetroUK For a meme...
23-02-2021 12:06
RT @stupid_cowboys: @GameTWynV @skb_sara I’m with the others. Who the hell is this reporter actually asking honest questions.
23-02-2021 10:21
RT @Finch101911644: @GameTWynV @EricMMatheny Was that a “real” reporter????? Where did he come from? I almost fell off my chair.
23-02-2021 10:20
RT @GameTWynV: BOOM 💥 Busted 😂 State Dept briefing gets heated as reporter asks if Biden admin taking credit for Trump accomplishments. ht…
23-02-2021 10:20
RT @Elev8_Minh: Uhhh auh ohhh “smirks” uhh ehh owhhh ehh. Stfu got your ass served that’s why your face is more red than a cherry tomato.…
23-02-2021 10:20
Cost of lockdown.
23-02-2021 10:18
RT @JuliaHB1: Hi @grantshapps do you remember saying this on my @talkRADIO show last month? All the over 70s have had their vaccines. Yet s…
23-02-2021 02:57
RT @AmandeepBhogal: "🇬🇧🇮🇳 relationship is special - not only economically and geopolitically, but also sentimentally." - @DanielJHannan is…
23-02-2021 01:56
RT @disclosetv: NEW - Canada votes to recognize China’s treatment of the Uighur population as #genocide. Parliament’s move was not supporte…
23-02-2021 01:39
23-02-2021 01:32
RT @themood2020: I voted for Boris. I unequivocally regret it. The words certificate of Covid vaccine uttered tonight has tipped the scale…
23-02-2021 00:18
Chris "Oh fuck off" Whitty.
22-02-2021 22:43
22-02-2021 21:35
Some how Boris has upset the Muslim "community" because he's opening the countries eating facilities and its Ramada…
22-02-2021 21:35
@LBC @eddiemair This bloke was a selfish pillock on the radio earlier you should of heard the self righteous melt.…
22-02-2021 21:24
@LBC They aren't even effected by covid yet we ruin there childhoods like wankers. We should be ashamed really as…
22-02-2021 20:53
Don't forget the leftists did this voting for this stupid old man as a protest vote.
22-02-2021 20:50
Just fuck off Boris you scared little CCP worrying shit-heap.
22-02-2021 20:45
They are more interested in slandering Trump's name than finding out weather the whole country fell into communist…
22-02-2021 20:42
@Census2021 Not doing it fine me.
22-02-2021 20:33
@DPJHodges Like with every vaccine treatment plan ever conceived. Do you think everyone wanted to take to Small pox vaccine at the time?
22-02-2021 20:08
@leftychris3 @DPJHodges Yeah that's the disrespectful tone he was looking for, we are being tarred with the same br…
22-02-2021 20:06
RT @RealMattCouch: JUST IN: The United States Supreme Court has REFUSED to review Pennsylvania Election Cases.. No Standing before an elect…
22-02-2021 19:56
0 13431
RT @charliekirk11: The Supreme Court proved today that they're okay with Trump's tax returns being audited but not our election results.…
22-02-2021 19:56
RT @TraderOne10: @No_Crusades @JackPosobiec It is not that fraud is absent in our elections it is that it is so prevalent that these justic…
22-02-2021 19:54
@DannyWh9 @rooney97221984 @nickeardleybbc Well the WHO said it wasn't transmissible from person to person at the st…
22-02-2021 19:48
RT @EdConwaySky: As the PM prepares to announce a tentative timetable for loosening lockdown, it’s perhaps worth noting that the UK current…
22-02-2021 19:45
0 12079
RT @NASAPersevere: Ingenuity, the Mars Helicopter I carry, is working as expected. I’m currently charging it, but once I set it down, it’ll…
22-02-2021 18:40
RT @dominiquetaegon: Goal post shift? I thought the whole point of this lockdown was so we could vaccinate the vulnerable?…
22-02-2021 18:40
RT @Elenaforever13: In the name of “progress,” we’re destroying their minds with Marxist lies. In the name of “safety,” we’re destroying th…
22-02-2021 16:21
Since the leftists run the media and have there guy in the big house they twist reality to fit around there agenda.
22-02-2021 16:01
RT @StarrRinko: @BustersBrew @Bree1914 @Shannon21300342 @BuckBond4 @XSteveSchmidtX @digi11111 @MichelleMaison7 @Jan4Jesus45 @momof331 @Toni…
22-02-2021 15:16
RT @gkkaraiskakis: @ArtValley_818 I think I’ve seen how this ends...
22-02-2021 15:07
RT @TrishForTrump: @SpeakerPelosi @JoeBiden @KamalaHarris What Say You? Your Thugs are attacking Trump Supporters Again!🤦‍♀️…
22-02-2021 15:07
Starmer tap dances for the tories they say. Gutted.😄😆😅🤣
22-02-2021 12:40
@LBC @Keir_Starmer @NickFerrariLBC What's with the fake patriot act?
22-02-2021 10:40
RT @JuniorM0331: @13ACR1 I feel like I served my country for absolutely N0THING because everything I stood and fought for means absolutely…
22-02-2021 01:49
This will get far worse if there's not fight back which Trump was and other nations had to follow and toe the US li…
21-02-2021 16:53
-- Its caused and from who. They are strong arming our leaders again right now. Its either shut up blaming us or…
21-02-2021 16:51
More concerned with the Covid Zombie apocalypse economy killer than internal interests. Remember its been blown up…
21-02-2021 16:48
Boris isnt fighting for us or the country. He's visionless. And still allowing the biggest threat to western syst…
21-02-2021 16:36
21-02-2021 16:31
@BorisJohnson I don't think ill be voting for you after this term. Have this strange feeling your a CCP shill lik…
21-02-2021 16:30
RT @ClarkeMicah: Supposedly temporary measures taken for our safety and security always end up as permanent restrictions on life - take for…
21-02-2021 13:54
RT @mcmahon64: @davidkurten Yes, I saw this article this morning.
21-02-2021 13:31
RT @davidkurten: All the media reports about Israel having reduced Covid infections after the second injection of experimental mRNA are usi…
21-02-2021 13:31
@pan1 @BBCPolitics Topped with a non stop vaccine treatment. You watch that 2 jabs set up will be twice a year wit…
21-02-2021 13:01
@BBCPolitics Normal flu is 1.2
21-02-2021 12:53
RT @w_terrence: WHERE IS THIS SLEEPY MAN ? Why has Joe Biden not been to TEXAS? How can you call yourself a leader but can’t travel in rai…
21-02-2021 12:46
RT @banthebbc: “Carrie Symonds' role in 'governing' the UK should be investigated, Tory think-tank says” NO KIDDING That fat ugly road a…
21-02-2021 12:45
RT @NewtonClarkeUK: Imagine being so conditioned to not question authority that your Government can remove your rights, restrict your movem…
21-02-2021 12:39
RT @AdoptionsUk: Please retweet to help Heidi find a home #MANCHESTER
21-02-2021 12:38
@pnjkrull Its part of the debt bond structure now any way. It couldn't be forfeited due to those bonds being sold…
21-02-2021 04:56
RT @thebradfordfile: The Biden COVID relief bill is the biggest political kickback in human history.
21-02-2021 04:52
Bill Gates went from cool nerd to massive turd.
21-02-2021 04:47
@catturd2 And milk.😅
21-02-2021 04:42
RT @SocialM85897394: @Nigel_Farage @GavinWilliamson This sounds bad Sir.
21-02-2021 04:30
Still trust @BorisJohnson ? I think ill be voting @Nigel_Farage next election.
21-02-2021 04:29
@BBCNews Same people as the statue committee on this I guess... We stay closed until the leftists want to go on ho…
21-02-2021 04:01
@josephadamczyk1 @m4x05 Bites finger runs off 🤣
21-02-2021 01:20
@disclosetv @united
21-02-2021 01:18
@noquitFelicity @w1mav
21-02-2021 01:14
RT @ACTforAmerica: Rt if you don’t trust Bill Gates
21-02-2021 01:02
RT @italia_patriot: Front of Australian newspaper today
20-02-2021 23:19
Ahhhh Green new deal life
20-02-2021 21:39
@_BettieRage_ @BBCNews
20-02-2021 19:37
RT @SubjectAccesss: "Jam for Freedom" Turnham Green
20-02-2021 15:56
Biden the dog kicker
20-02-2021 15:18
20-02-2021 15:16
20-02-2021 15:15
And I thought at the time this old man doesn't care about that dog. And I'm Glad its being picked up on. Call the…
20-02-2021 15:14
Then talks about pain and suffering... While that dog is resting because he cant walk around much more. Being a G…
20-02-2021 15:08
Bidens view Valentine's Day decorations on White House lawn via @YouTube Biden dragging h…
20-02-2021 15:06
20-02-2021 15:04
Biden on Valentines day dragged that old dog all the way down the drive to see the love hearts and you could clearl…
20-02-2021 15:03
in the 1960s, leading to moral questions. For example, the principle of double effect, originated by Thomas Aquinas…
20-02-2021 14:52
The use of fetal tissue in the development of vaccines has also provoked some controversy among religions opposed t…
20-02-2021 14:52
Jehovah's Witnesses banned their members from receiving vaccinations in 1931 but reversed that policy in 1952. The…
20-02-2021 14:49
English law. A further Act in 1907 made it easier to obtain exemption
20-02-2021 14:49
and 1896. It recommended the abolition of cumulative penalties. This was done in an 1898 Act, which also introduced…
20-02-2021 14:48
infant vaccination was compulsory and parents refusing to have their child vaccinated were fined and imprisoned if…
20-02-2021 14:48 In the UK, a number of Vaccination Acts were introduced to control vaccination and inocula…
20-02-2021 14:48
#SeizeTheHotels Wow so just steal and use what's not yours because they have a money pot somewhere to cover turni…
20-02-2021 14:43
@KP24 Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
20-02-2021 14:30
@ImranMi97894746 @YouTube Stupid as fuck.
20-02-2021 14:08
0 959700
RT @MrBeastYT: In 24 hours I’m going to give one random person that retweets this tweet $10,000 in Bitcoin! (Yup, gonna experiment with thi…
20-02-2021 14:07
@BBCPolitics Oh it sounds namby pamby but its not its a suing mechanism for leftists to hit and extract money from…
20-02-2021 14:04
RT @SocialM85897394: Where would Scotland be without the financial muscle of the UK? Raised in tax: £65.9 billion Spent on Scotland: £89.…
20-02-2021 13:33
Twitter is a wash with hard leftist propaganda today.
20-02-2021 13:32
RT @REDFOOLMK1: Don't give this senile old fart a cashiers job in your shop 😂 Ffs
20-02-2021 03:35 Boris and his build back better speech... From this week. Davos slogans.
20-02-2021 03:31
@GavinTrowbridge @ElectrikDave @DrKarlynB Yes.
20-02-2021 03:24
Phase 3: (Spring/Summer 2021) The general public can expect to receive vaccines through their primary health care p…
20-02-2021 01:27
Phase 2: (March 2021) Those with more moderate risk for getting COVID-19 are eligible for receiving the vaccine. Mo…
20-02-2021 01:27
correctional facilities and homeless shelters, those with certain underlying health conditions and those who are ag…
20-02-2021 01:27
residents will receive the vaccine first. Remainder of Phase 1: In early 2021, those who work in high-risk and…
20-02-2021 01:27
The Division of Public Health is responsible for providing the framework for acquiring and distributing the vaccine…
20-02-2021 01:27