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RT @GerryHassan: One year of #COVID19 & still the UK Govt give the impression of not taking this emergency seriously. Shut the borders, shu…
23-01-2021 02:13
RT @jallison1924: @CameronMcNeish #ResignJohnson
23-01-2021 02:10
RT @DaveWCurrie: On the side of Ben Lomond today, with Loch Lomond below. #Scotland
23-01-2021 02:09
RT @piersmorgan: A question for @BorisJohnson: If the new covid variant is 70% more transmissible than the original, and apparently more l…
23-01-2021 02:08
RT @ka10_c: Eddie Mair just played a clip of the news one year ago today - Hugh Pennington telling us that Covid was nothing to worry about…
23-01-2021 02:08
23-01-2021 00:04
@LindaBauld @BBCBreakfast @Lenniesaurus Agree. “a sari fecht” “scunnered” and “shoogly peg”. Get those in and it’ll make every Scots day!
22-01-2021 22:58
RT @acatherwoodnews: Without any apparent irony a Government Minister spells out the competitive advantage of being in the EU single market…
22-01-2021 21:33
@FelicityM It is. At Cromwell by Almondbank
22-01-2021 21:25
@MarkJon69630134 @networkrail With you on that Mark. Not a pretty sight and something that sticks with you. Woman c…
22-01-2021 19:36
@FelicityM Lovely day to get out!
22-01-2021 19:30
Heard it but no time to get the ultimate shot! @freedar_uk
22-01-2021 18:19
RT @ScotNational: Promising news.
22-01-2021 16:13
RT @mgvadhc: Some good news at last, looking forward to this ! @IAMKP @CameronMcNeish @LesleyRiddoch @ProfJWR @Scotpol1314 @weegingerdug @B…
22-01-2021 16:12
RT @billtully: Here's the guy that was ALLEGEDLY yes to no on TV last night, his twitter feed confirms he was a media plant 😁👍…
22-01-2021 16:06
@AndSpitfires @PeteWishart If you actually listen, she asks 2 questions, how are the govt going to sort it out, and…
22-01-2021 16:04
RT @qikipedia: Classic Sandi 😂
22-01-2021 00:45
RT @haveigotnews: Joe Biden forced to hold socially-distant inauguration with only a handful of attendees, therefore only marginally beatin…
22-01-2021 00:43
@AnnaDeacon A wee mouse in the garden hoovering up the bird seed
22-01-2021 00:37
@TweedValleyMRT Wow! Who would have thought!
22-01-2021 00:35
RT @CraigMurrayOrg: So the UK accords full diplomatic status to Ann Sacoolas as the spooky wife of a spook technician on an air force base,…
22-01-2021 00:34
@AnnaDeacon You’re in Edinburgh. Get down to the Water of Leith and see that Otter.
22-01-2021 00:25
@AnnaDeacon Won’t be long!
22-01-2021 00:24
@PeteWishart How can you ask a question in UK parliament, receive an answer like that, not even addressing the ques…
21-01-2021 20:12
RT @jonlis1: I still can’t believe that our death rate is higher and our economy worse hit than a United States led by Donald fucking Trump
21-01-2021 19:30
@AnnaDeacon It is very hard if your an outdoors person. But I now go to woods and listen for birds. They are hard t…
21-01-2021 19:30
RT @PhantomPower14: The Scottish Tories want you to look this way @ScotTories #Scotland
21-01-2021 19:28
RT @JacobiteJen: Hey @CNN what do you think about opening a new channel here. #CNNScotland We have no proper national news here and real jo…
21-01-2021 19:27
RT @PhantomPower14: 2014 Vote No to protect our NHS 2021 How would you like to pay for your US Healthcare? #Scotland
21-01-2021 19:27
@WildlifeBlog Funny looking deer! Certainly a bloated cattle beast!
21-01-2021 19:26
RT @haveigotnews: After Gavin Williamson says he hopes schools will reopen before Easter, parents begin making homeschool arrangements unti…
21-01-2021 16:46
RT @qikipedia: Based on data from 1990 to 2015, a 2019 study estimated that raising the minimum wage by $1 in each US state would have prev…
21-01-2021 13:52
@CameronMcNeish @SamHeughan Have downloaded the app to listen on the go!
21-01-2021 13:49
@CameronMcNeish Is it wrong to have little sympathy for the Fishing Industry that voted for Brexit, although sympat…
21-01-2021 13:48
@Vinny38371402 @BBCNews True but wasn’t a French specific charity.
21-01-2021 13:46
RT @dawnylou84: Ruth Davidson and Douglas Ross say more about SNP and Independence that they do about themselves. 😂😂 How embarassing https:…
21-01-2021 12:54
@BBCNews Charity T-shirt from France
21-01-2021 12:53
RT @mikegalsworthy: Where’s Wally?
21-01-2021 12:07
RT @KayBurley: Erm...
21-01-2021 12:06
RT @CameronMcNeish: Tomorrow morning at 11.30am I'll be guesting on Caledon Media radio and talking about hills, mountains, my outdoor care…
20-01-2021 22:27
RT @Hedgehogg16: x24 boxes sent Fedex before xmas to Italy by Fedex at a cost of £454 and returned yesterday at our own cost, - none delive…
20-01-2021 20:17
RT @CaroCobbo: @GeorgeMonbiot According to most local practitioners the vaccine roll out was going so much better than the testing and ppe…
20-01-2021 19:28
RT @TaysidePolice: These two bikes – an orange + black Specialized mountain bike and a green + black YT Capra mountain bike – were stolen f…
20-01-2021 17:58
RT @AngusMacNeilSNP: Submitted PlanB to be discussed at SNP National Assembly this weekend! RT to back.
20-01-2021 15:50
No shit Sherlock!
20-01-2021 15:40
@CorrourStation I stayed here in 1996 when doing the Great Outdoors Challenge enroute from Fort Willam to Blair Ath…
20-01-2021 15:34
RT @CampbellGunn1: Received a leaflet from the @ScotTories this morning. Mentioned Douglas Ross twice, Ruth Davidson once. But it had three…
20-01-2021 15:32
RT @joao_kay: Didn’t know my husband and I lived in a far right dictatorship. But we do. George Osborne says so. If we vote for the right t…
20-01-2021 11:48
RT @northernlad18: So let me get this right. Back in December firms used to sell fish to EU countries. Now £23M of taxpayers money is going…
20-01-2021 11:31
@thecourieruk @thecourieruk is a paper I have grown up with, but now in my 50s it remains in the newsstand with the…
20-01-2021 00:03
I stole this from a friend off Fb. @RNLI @RNLIMontrose @Visit_Angus @MontroseBasin
19-01-2021 22:28
RT @TaysidePolice: A black Volvo XC40 reg SP70KZX was stolen from an address in Ross Ave, Perth, between 3am - 4am Sun 17th Jan. May have b…
19-01-2021 22:21
@crankitupgear @CameronMcNeish @RoyalMail Can’t even buy a T-shirt!
19-01-2021 22:21
Can’t even buy a T-shirt online! @brexit_sham @scotgov @Douglas4Moray The UK is now alienated from Europe. We may a…
19-01-2021 22:20
RT @CarolineLucas: Government repeatedly says #NHS is “not on the table” in trade negotiations, yet leaked documents reveal US “probing” on…
19-01-2021 22:12
@radicalrises @ChildOfAlba Douglas Ross in a MP at Westminster. Ruth Davidson is nearest thing to, or highest ranki…
19-01-2021 21:44
RT @wap1884: As we were saying...
19-01-2021 19:28
19-01-2021 19:23
@freedar_uk @FelicityM @RAFBrizeNorton And this! Missed it!
19-01-2021 19:22
19-01-2021 16:54
@FelicityM have you seen the Hercules today? Just flew over the house at Almondbank. Very low, but then it is foggy…
19-01-2021 16:51
RT @davidschneider: Interesting fact. The UK has the highest Covid death rate in the world and not a single minister has resigned.
19-01-2021 16:03
RT @haveigotnews: After weeks of painstaking research, scientists say they’re fairly confident we’re somewhere around the third week of Jan…
19-01-2021 15:56
RT @AngusRobertson: Now that Labour and the Liberal Democrats have given up on the European Union there is only one major mainstream Europe…
19-01-2021 15:52
RT @RobThomas14: Ooh this is an interesting development!
19-01-2021 15:50
@DuncsH @EilidhCarr Which one?
19-01-2021 15:34
@DuncsH @EilidhCarr Aw! Missed it!
19-01-2021 15:33
RT @flightradar24: Flight two two two two to Toulouse 😂
19-01-2021 15:32
RT @ScotNational: The Greens say 'transportation of nuclear weapons can hardly be described as an essential journey'…
19-01-2021 15:31
RT @lllllinda: I want my EU back! I never voted Brexit! 62% of Scotland voted EU! We get what England votes! Vote indy! Get us out of UK!
19-01-2021 15:29
RT @withorpe: It was confirmed today some track and trace consultants are being paid £7k a day. In 4 days they will earn what the average N…
19-01-2021 15:26
RT @haveigotnews: UK is in a ‘leading position’ to track Covid, says Dido Harding, on basis almost entire population now has it.
19-01-2021 15:25
@_antonycharles @joeturn55177435 @KristinaHafoss So have these tunnels projects been paid by Faroese funds?
19-01-2021 15:23
RT @ProfJWR: New Kent Maritime Bypass to massively reduce travel time, pollution, accidents, stress levels!
19-01-2021 00:28
RT @tomfrench85: Six rebel Tory MPs voted with @theSNP tonight to oppose Boris Johnson's devastating cuts to Universal Credit. Not a singl…
18-01-2021 23:55
RT @ChildOfAlba: “599 deaths announced today in UK,” reports all news channels. But it’s NOT UK. Scotland reported zero deaths today. Lazy…
18-01-2021 23:27
RT @Naturalist_Sam: Golden eagle takes out 2 capercaillies for the price of 1
18-01-2021 23:25
@LewisYeardley @ScotRail Or get a driver’s eye view on the ScotRail YouTube Channel.
18-01-2021 21:22
RT @marcuschown: BBC's Laura Kuenssberg used the the word "generous" while describing universal credit. This an opinion and not evidence-ba…
18-01-2021 19:40
@FelicityM Now landing at Brize Norton. I was parking at Aldi’s Crieff when it went over. Not a great day for the…
18-01-2021 19:39
RT @brawday: Lord McConnell under fire for suggesting half of SNP voters are extremists
18-01-2021 18:15
RT @ChrisGDwyer: Any cycling guys please retweet and keep an eye out. @lagganwolftrax is a brilliant place. @Jgs_x @CameronMcNeish @chrishoy
18-01-2021 18:14
RT @jimac111: The SNP have already voted to raise our pension to EU average, that is more than doubling it. All you have to do to get it is…
18-01-2021 18:12
Essential Food delivery took me to Inveraray today.
18-01-2021 15:42
@JoaquimCampa @LindaBauld @devisridhar something to make you smile.
18-01-2021 12:44
0 211405
RT @JoaquimCampa: Animals interrupting wildlife photographers. A thread: 1. 📸 Dan Dinu
18-01-2021 12:43
RT @MrsAstronaut: 🤣🤣I definitely cannae say that
18-01-2021 01:19
@FelicityM I have been using it along with to research the family tree. Pity it costs a lot to look at documents!
18-01-2021 00:10
RT @mgvadhc: @BBCLBicker @BBCPhilipSim @BBCLauraMac @BBCDouglasF @bbclornag @BBCScotlandNews BBC’s reputation as an informative unbiased s…
17-01-2021 21:53
RT @FelicityM: “Masking can prevent up to 70% of transmission, that’s basically as good as one dose of the vaccine,” Messaoudi said. This I…
17-01-2021 19:56
RT @BjCruickshank: Every person living in Scotland deserves the basic human right & the civil right of their country being able to govern i…
17-01-2021 19:52
RT @davidson_robert: Secret files show how Tory ministers cut Highland support to boost the party's heartlands | Press and Journal https://…
17-01-2021 19:49
RT @JujuliaGrace: If you think that NHS staff should receive full COVID-19 vaccine courses (2 doses) immediately, please RT this👇 NHS staf…
17-01-2021 17:01
RT @gavinesler: I think this clip bears repeating, daily.
17-01-2021 16:56
RT @Zarkwan: Interesting fact: a cargo ferry running between Grangemouth and Dunkirk would have to travel 95 miles *less* than the new ferr…
17-01-2021 16:55
RT @SaorAlba59: 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂You just couldn’t make this up!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
17-01-2021 16:54
@joeturn55177435 @KristinaHafoss Perhaps the EU?
17-01-2021 16:53
RT @ukiswitheu: New Zealand began travel quarantine on March 16th 2020 Australia began travel quarantine on March 17th 2020 The UK will b…
17-01-2021 16:49
RT @GeoffLeyshon: Has anyone noticed, coronovirus up dates the Welsh have two Welsh flags Bojo can hardly move for Jacks and none for Nicol…
16-01-2021 21:06
@DrewLawDesign Don’t do it!
16-01-2021 21:04
RT @RussInCheshire: The PM has announced restrictions on flying into the country, only [ checks notes ] 371 days and 87,000 deaths after th…
16-01-2021 01:07
RT @Zarkwan: To join the EU, Finland took 2 years, 9 months and 14 days from application to entry.
16-01-2021 01:06
Great quote from @adamhillscomedy @TheLastLeg on returning from Australia and his reason for not having to self iso…
16-01-2021 00:54
RT @PhantomPower14: A reminder of the £200B abomination Jackie Baillie is perfectly content to keep in her constituency and make Scotland p…
15-01-2021 22:00
RT @wildscotland: Most Scots want short-term let changes paused during pandemic, Airbnb poll shows… via @eveningexp…
15-01-2021 22:00
RT @piersmorgan: BREAKING: This clip has now been viewed 20 million times on social media - making it the most watched moment in ⁦@GMB⁩ his…
15-01-2021 20:04
RT @MassiveAttackUK:
15-01-2021 19:08
RT @susie_dent: @matthaig1 yes, aka ipsedixitism (insisting that something is the 'truth' because someone, somewhere said it was).
15-01-2021 14:06
RT @bigbenn1e: Douglas Ross says "Today I urged the UK Government and Scottish Government to work together to resolve the issues those expo…
15-01-2021 13:58
RT @devisridhar: Happy Friday! ☀️ New article in Science on herd immunity 👇🏼. We need a long-term strategy to suppress this virus & protect…
15-01-2021 13:57
RT @BBCandrewkerr: [email protected]_MSP tells @BBCScotNine there was a meeting last night between Scottish Labour party people, Westminster pa…
15-01-2021 13:53
RT @susie_dent: Word of the day is 'quockerwodger' (19th century): a puppet-like individual whose strings of action are pulled by someone e…
15-01-2021 13:52
@OchAyeCanoe Wow. I didn’t know that.
15-01-2021 13:51
RT @DavidLammy: Boris Johnson said Donald Trump is a suitable candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize. US Congress voted to impeach him, twice…
14-01-2021 22:14
RT @pjwoodside:
14-01-2021 22:13
@Spittalfield My old house next to the cafe.
14-01-2021 20:46
RT @davidschneider: Want a return on investment that’s x19 what you put in? Simply donate to the Tory Party. Bonus: you can then produce…
14-01-2021 19:43
RT @Iblogtoglasgow: Look at these per capita statistics in order to understand why England simply can’t allow Scotland to become independen…
14-01-2021 19:41
RT @JMPSimor: Why did the Government refuse the offer from the European Commission to extend transition up to two years to deal with pandem…
14-01-2021 19:38
@EilidhCarr @coralboxshop Do you have an online shop?
14-01-2021 19:37
RT @haveigotnews: Tottenham players banned from owning dogs after RSPCA raises concerns that none of them know how to hold onto a lead.
14-01-2021 19:34
RT @policescotland: If you receive a call, email, text or social media message you weren't expecting #TakeFive to stop fraud.
14-01-2021 19:33
“Good morning! The choice of fare for breakfast seems to be limited. At what time are the mealworms and seed served…
14-01-2021 16:06
RT @LevenmouthPol: As temperatures drop, take care on those roads and mind yer cannabis plantation might no be as well hidden tae.. 👀 #Hash…
14-01-2021 15:28
RT @AngusMacNeilSNP: "Ireland has felt consistent solidarity from EU partners"... Well Scotland has been shown ZERO solidarity from UK wit…
14-01-2021 15:28
RT @ewangkennedy: Get your brains round this! Scotland’s fishing interests were represented by an Oxford MP who didn’t read the Bill becaus…
14-01-2021 15:27
@CameronMcNeish With you on that one! Just popped my back out clearing an elderly neighbour’s path. Thankfully did…
14-01-2021 15:21
@SeanBattyTV Almondbank, Perthshire
14-01-2021 11:25
Will today’s home schooling lesson involve Engineering, Meteorology, and perhaps physics. How many ⛄️ ⛄️ will appea…
14-01-2021 11:24
@sjur_ur @KristinaHafoss Thanks. So the change was a ban on drinking and driving?
14-01-2021 01:45
RT @willnorman: Being active isn’t just good for physical health, it’s good for your brain. For everyone who is working at home, or home sc…
14-01-2021 01:19
@susie_dent Thanks you @susie_dent ! The word that the UK has been looking for. Keep up the good work! Love it!
14-01-2021 01:19
@YvetteCooperMP #circumlocutionist
14-01-2021 01:18
Aah! So this what @ConserativesUK @Eton_College @RuthDavidsonMSP have a PhD in! @CameronMcNeish
14-01-2021 01:13
@FelicityM Do @Conservatives and @Eton_College do a PhD in avoiding and not answering questions. This is not a Lead…
14-01-2021 00:34
@CameronMcNeish And now @Douglas4Moray has set the ball rolling for anti-independence with his party political broa…
14-01-2021 00:27
@sjur_ur @KristinaHafoss New drink drive limit!
14-01-2021 00:26
Well @Douglas4Moray ! You cannot complain if @NicolaSturgeon or @theSNP mention the #indyref2021 now. Your…
13-01-2021 21:49
RT @si_rix: Yesterday was a fantastic day in Oslo's forests. It was cold - the thermometer in the car fell to -15C - but as the locals will…
13-01-2021 20:43
Not even an attempt to answer the question. @Ianblackford_MP should have been afforded the chance to re-ask the que…
13-01-2021 20:40
RT @haveigotnews: After the resounding success of its free school meals scheme, govt delivers the first of its 300,000 laptops for disadvan…
13-01-2021 20:39
RT @haveigotnews: As confusion builds over lockdown exercise rules, govt confirms it’s ok to do sit-ups as long as you’re holding a Scotch…
13-01-2021 20:38
RT @WildlifeBlog: Police appeal after three kestrels shot.
13-01-2021 20:38
@BBCPolitics @BBCNews Believe there’s a vacancy on Acension Island!
13-01-2021 12:49
RT @devisridhar: OMG I’ve died & gone to Nigella heaven. Thank you!!
13-01-2021 12:48
RT @PhantomPower14: If you think the NHS is stretched now, wait for Spain’s Costa Brit immigrants to come back. Thousands of seniors with t…
13-01-2021 12:35
RT @EnduranceCoach: We’ve still got funds left over from virtual Lakeland 100, if you’re aware of any NW groups providing meals for kids wh…
13-01-2021 12:34
RT @WildlifeBlog: OMG!
13-01-2021 12:34
RT @qikipedia: I have noticed that even people who claim everything is predetermined and that we can do nothing to change it, look before t…
13-01-2021 12:26
@JamesAmcvean @devisridhar Spectator = Boris Johnson. It will have to work a lot harder to gain any form of respect…
13-01-2021 12:25
@BBCBreakfast @BBCNews And of course @MattHancock , you voted against supplying these meals! Is the company that su…
13-01-2021 12:21
0 15635
RT @JolyonRubs: Foreign aid? No. Being in the EU? No. Helping refugees? No. Why? “We need to look after our own.”…
13-01-2021 12:18
@thoughtland That’s incitement to break the law!! I thought you were supposed to be an intelligent person. Obviousl…
13-01-2021 12:17
@KristinaHafoss Congratulations. But in such a small island nation, what was the reason for so many fatalities?
13-01-2021 12:13
0 12798
RT @MisterABK: Give a man a fish and he can feed himself for a day. But give him one eighth of a fish, and you can keep the rest of the fis…
13-01-2021 12:09
RT @mark_mclaughlin: [email protected] says Scotland is second only to Israel in vaccinating its population "We are vaccinating as quickly as…
13-01-2021 12:08
RT @sritchie43: -3 degrees at Loch Leven this morning, but quite potentially my most favourite sunrise ever! The photos never do it justice…
13-01-2021 12:07
@HettiesTearooms @The_PA @PerthshireWild @nature_scot @VisitLochLeven It was the second picture I saw, when I first…
13-01-2021 12:05
RT @ArtyBagger: Have interrogated a very experienced runner as to whether wearing a mask would seriously compromise their run. Their opini…
13-01-2021 01:21
RT @annewitha_e: '194 countries in the world, Scotland is Second, only Israel has vaccinated more of its population' So Scotland doing pre…
13-01-2021 00:50
RT @haveigotnews: Ahead of Joe Biden’s inauguration, authorities in Washington bring in Britain’s top security expert:…
12-01-2021 22:41
RT @RaptorPersScot: THIRD HEN HARRIER 'missing' since Sept - this time a young bird optimistically named 'Fortune' who vanished from a roos…
12-01-2021 22:29
RT @haveigotnews: After Matt Hancock declares the UK is at the "worst point" of the pandemic, Joe Wicks says he’s only trying to help.
12-01-2021 22:27
RT @tominfrance: £30.00 food voucher direct to family for £30.00 of food to feed starving kids = socialism = bad. £30.00 to private Co. to…
12-01-2021 22:25
RT @haveigotnews: Boris Johnson defends contentious lockdown bike ride, as 80% of it was backpedalling.
12-01-2021 18:55
Sometimes you have to stop and look up to the trees. @The_PA @PerthshireWild @nature_scot @VisitLochLeven
12-01-2021 18:55
RT @haveigotnews: Donald Trump lashes out at new impeachment charges, in strongly-worded tirade posted to Tripadvisor and Mumsnet.
12-01-2021 18:55
RT @DrAnaMRSB: Getting tired of this 'Protect the NHS' narrative - suggests the NHS is weak and needs protecting. INVEST in the NHS - use o…
12-01-2021 12:34
0 10739
RT @Keir_Starmer: This Government gave Dominic Cummings a £40k pay rise after his trip to Barnard Castle. Wasted £22bn on a testing system…
11-01-2021 20:32
@msm_monitor Nothing but planted questions to @Douglas4Moray when on @BBCScotlandNews . He can’t handle the hard on…
11-01-2021 20:31
RT @Sheilam19534814: @SkyNews I am shocked that there are no vaccination centres in London I would have thought a large city like London wo…
11-01-2021 20:28
RT @NorthEPolice: FOUND DOG A Golden Retriever has been found and handed to Police Scotland officers in the Keith area. It is currently at…
11-01-2021 18:33
@DeborahMeaden @BorisJohnsons I’m in!
11-01-2021 18:30
RT @haveigotnews: Chris Whitty warns the worst is yet to come, before inviting Boris Johnson to the lectern.
11-01-2021 14:52
RT @carltonreid: Dutch border guard: “Welcome to Brexit, sir. I am sorry.”
11-01-2021 13:48
RT @Feorlean: Just over three years ago - now read yesterday’s news which pretends it never happened.
11-01-2021 13:46
@devisridhar I wouldn’t worry about tomorrow’s chip paper! Impressive show again this morning. Liked how you manage…
11-01-2021 13:42
@erikgeddes @CameronMcNeish Perhaps he was due to do his “day job” this evening? @Douglas4Moray?
11-01-2021 13:40
RT @mrjamesob: If you do find yourself affected by temporary shortages of certain foodstuffs, do remember that ‘sovereignty’ is a perfect s…
11-01-2021 13:39
RT @Dr2NisreenAlwan: Hello good people of Twitter☀️ I have a plea for you: If your rapid covid test is negative, or if you got vaccinated…
11-01-2021 12:52
@HomeOfHibs @CameronMcNeish Agree 100% and I am in no way a football fan! If this was St Johnston or Ross County, w…
11-01-2021 12:50
RT @albafreewalker: Keir Starmer on Marr, "Scottish NHS is on it's knees" What a real journalist would have said... "aren't the Scottish…
11-01-2021 12:13
RT @holyroodmandy: 80,000 deaths from COVID in the UK and this is the message today for some outside an Edinburgh church in Morningside. Ch…
11-01-2021 12:07
RT @gowdavy: Less than 2 weeks ago there was a leaked memo fromm Gove confirming he had set up a propoganda section to attack @NicolaSturge…
11-01-2021 01:54
RT @KentonCool: This will put a smile on your face on a lockdown Sunday!!!! Who else LOVES this??!! #dogsoftwitter @AdventureBase @Benfogl…
10-01-2021 23:09
RT @KatyJayne101: Miriam Margolyes was bang on with this:- “The UK has fallen. There has been a right wing coup in this country… And nobod…
10-01-2021 23:05
RT @lateralnorth: This is ridiculous #QueensPark #Glasgow
10-01-2021 23:00
@euanmcilwraith Have you tried Amazon Euan, it’s where I buy mine. (International)
10-01-2021 15:50
@cheellwood @CameronMcNeish I enjoyed the Munro Show with @ArtyBagger and used to a few on VHS Tapes. That and the…
10-01-2021 13:49
RT @jfranklynh:
10-01-2021 13:33
RT @djbarratt: You might be forgiven, if you watched BBC Newsnight, for thinking hospital admissions in Scotland were higher than England.…
10-01-2021 00:39
@LoubinWally And before our 90 year old Monarchs and I agree, your mother, but frontline staff, etc... @MattHancock…
09-01-2021 23:58
@Douglas4Moray @BorisJohnson @MattHancock can you explain why a Mr Stanley Johnson was able to get his 2nd Covid Ja…
09-01-2021 23:23
@Davyshanks Almondbank, Perthshire.
09-01-2021 21:03
@MancRockChick @CameronMcNeish @ASPaton Lemmings!
09-01-2021 20:59
@ThatTimWalker @FelicityM Not forgetting that BoJo’s Dad has had his second!
09-01-2021 19:50
RT @HardingMike: In case you missed it - the cold contemptuous stare from the man who claimed expenses for heating his stables and who has…
09-01-2021 19:48
@OllyBruftin @WithaVeeAy
09-01-2021 19:33