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Bitcoin pops above $50K again
14-05-2021 04:49
Japan's Prime Minister Suga press conference coming up (1100GMT) - more coronavirus restrictions
14-05-2021 04:39
US Sec State Blinken said the US will not leave Australia alone to face China coercion
14-05-2021 04:39
@zerohedge EverGiven strikes again?
14-05-2021 04:28
Reuters median forecast has the Federal Reserve to begin taper early in 2022
14-05-2021 04:18
PBOC sets USD/ CNY reference rate for today at 6.4525 (vs. yesterday at 6.4612)
14-05-2021 04:15
Early PCE expectations from Goldman Sachs
14-05-2021 04:03
Japan to declare state of emergency in another 3 prefectures
14-05-2021 03:30
Japan M6.2 earthquake - near Fukusima
14-05-2021 03:02
RT @stoolpresidente: Say whatever you want about him but @elonmusk is the best market manipulator in the history of earth. #doge up 20%…
14-05-2021 02:58
@LONGCONVEXITY stop the count!
14-05-2021 02:41
ICYMI - Bank of England Gov Bailey also says there might be a case for digital currency
14-05-2021 02:41
ICYMI - latest US firms to offer worker pay rises - McDonalds, Amazon
14-05-2021 02:24
Elon Musk tweet on Doge developments - Potentially promising.
14-05-2021 01:48
ICYMI - Big hitter Steve Cohen’s Point72 Asset Management is wading into crypto
14-05-2021 01:46
New Zealand manufacturing PMI for April 58.4 (prior 63.6)
14-05-2021 01:36
Japan set to introduce more stringent coronavirus restrictions in 5 more prefectures
14-05-2021 01:31
ICYMI - BoE Dep Gov Cunliffe sees good reasons for the Bank to issue its own digital currency
14-05-2021 00:57
Fighting continuing in Gaza - reports of troops, air
14-05-2021 00:32
Forexlive America's FX news wrap: Stocks snap a three day slide. CAD is lower on Macklem comments
14-05-2021 00:19
Elon Musk ( Bitcoin trashing guy) is tweeting - "High time for a carbon tax!
14-05-2021 00:13
Coinbase says it plans to list DOGEcoin in a few weeks time
14-05-2021 00:06
@northherofx Reuters have it
14-05-2021 00:03
Fed's Bullard says its a judgement call on whether inflation is transitory
13-05-2021 23:58
UK government's 'COVID-19 passports' plan is being ‘scaled back’
13-05-2021 23:56
More from Fed's Bullard: monetary policy is in a good position, do not want to shift policy in a crisis.
13-05-2021 23:43
Trade ideas thread - Friday 14 May 2021
13-05-2021 23:37
US President Biden says to meet with Republicans again next week on infrastructure
13-05-2021 23:13
Major indices snaps three days losing streak
13-05-2021 23:08
Fed's Bullard says US economy to grow beyond the pre-pandemic level of output by the end of June
13-05-2021 23:05
Economic calendar due from Asia today - Friday 14 May 2021
13-05-2021 23:00
AUDUSD and NZDUSD both trade above and below 100 day MA today
13-05-2021 22:33
Dow reaches a new high
13-05-2021 22:11
WTI crude oil futures settle at $63.82
13-05-2021 21:35
CDC revises guidance: Fully vaccinated air travelers must still get Covid 19 tests before returning to the US
13-05-2021 21:10
Mexico central bank keeps overnight rate unchanged at 4%
13-05-2021 21:00
USDJPY inches to a new session low
13-05-2021 20:58
CDC will loosen indoor mask wearing guidance for fully vaccinated people
13-05-2021 20:42
NASDAQ index turns negative for the first time today
13-05-2021 20:34
More from Feds Waller
13-05-2021 20:30
NASDAQ continues to whittle away the gains
13-05-2021 20:26
USDCAD runs up to 200 hour MA
13-05-2021 20:19
Fed's Waller: US economy going 'gangbusters' but now is the time to be patient
13-05-2021 20:09
RT @EnergzdEconomy: Is the Biden admin doing a 180 on pipelines now? Cause if so, KXL and DAPL would like a word.
13-05-2021 20:04
US 30-year bonds sell at 2.395% vs 2.377% WI before sale
13-05-2021 20:02
US bond auction coming up
13-05-2021 20:00
2.380%/2.375% on the bid/ask in the WI market ahead of the bond auction
13-05-2021 19:59
RT @DanielBZhao: In the last week, 12 states have announced they will withdraw from the federal UI programs and more are likely to follow.…
13-05-2021 19:53
Bitcoin falls as Binance said to face investigations from US Justice Dept and IRS
13-05-2021 19:52
If CAD 'moves a lot further, that could have a material impact on our outlook and it's something we would have to t…
13-05-2021 19:47
Macklem: If CAD were to continue to strengthen, particularly if it wasn't reflecting better news on the Canadian do…
13-05-2021 19:47
BOC's Macklem: We're still quite comfortable with our projections
13-05-2021 19:38
Macklem Q&A starting now:
13-05-2021 19:30
Oil extends slump to 4% in a fall to the weekly low
13-05-2021 19:27
Macklem Q&A: Canada is about 700,000 jobs shy of where it should be
13-05-2021 19:01
European equity close: Stock markets shake off the blues
13-05-2021 18:38
EURGBP moves back to 50% midpoint of the April/May range
13-05-2021 18:07
BOC's Macklem: QE can widen wealth inequality by increasing asset values
13-05-2021 18:04
Macklem speech is a risk beyond CAD
13-05-2021 17:32
USDCAD stays above the 100 hour MA. Still has work to do if buyers to take control
13-05-2021 17:30
The report doesn't say which crypto was used
13-05-2021 17:24
They paid in crypto hours after the attack started.
13-05-2021 17:21
RT @AxelMerk: confirmed covid cases in India may have topped (India presumably has many unreported cases, but the trend is noteworthy none…
13-05-2021 17:12
Fed's Barkin: Housing is booming and consumer confidence is skyrocketing
13-05-2021 17:12
GBPUSD trades between wide hourly MAs
13-05-2021 17:02
Stocks open higher and hope to snap a three day slide
13-05-2021 16:34
USD/CAD gets a boost as oil falls 3%. Watch out for Macklem comments
13-05-2021 16:33
US equity futures set for a modest bounce after yesterday's rout
13-05-2021 16:17
The USDJPY stuck in a 30 pip range above support swing area
13-05-2021 16:08
EURUSD trades up and down above and below technical levels
13-05-2021 15:54
US April PPI final demand +6.2% vs +5.9% expected
13-05-2021 15:30
US Initial jobless claims 473KK versus 490K estimate
13-05-2021 15:30
@zerohedge WTF!?
13-05-2021 15:28
The CHF is the strongest and the AUD is the weakest as NA traders enter for the day
13-05-2021 15:14
PPI and initial jobless claims are coming up next
13-05-2021 15:12
Plus500 reaffirms its commitment to social responsibility
13-05-2021 15:00
ForexLive European FX news wrap: Dollar mixed, Bitcoin stays pressured
13-05-2021 14:56
Equities recover slightly ahead of North American trading
13-05-2021 14:50
The power of diversification
13-05-2021 14:41
Momentum investing: Identifying the best-performing stocks on the market
13-05-2021 14:37
A case of the déjà vu?
13-05-2021 14:04
Bitcoin slips back under $50,000 as the pressure keeps up
13-05-2021 13:08
Risk looks a little heavy once again
13-05-2021 11:41
Dollar keeps steadier so far on the session
13-05-2021 11:39
European equities marked lower to start the day
13-05-2021 10:06
FX option expiries for 13 May 10am New York cut
13-05-2021 09:49
Tips: Placing stops when trading classic chart patterns
13-05-2021 09:14
Trade ideas thread - European session 13 May 2021
13-05-2021 08:55
It is a rather empty calendar day in Europe today
13-05-2021 08:45
BOJ's Kuroda: BOJ does not have automatic, set rules when it comes to ETF purchases
13-05-2021 08:35
BOJ governor Kuroda attributes sharp rise in US CPI to base effects
13-05-2021 07:41
Bitcoin under the microscope after overnight plunge
13-05-2021 07:34
Germany reports 17,419 new coronavirus cases, 278 deaths in latest update today
13-05-2021 07:19
RT @Scutty: Has @elonmusk been tweeting about Dalian iron ore, too?? #BTC
13-05-2021 06:52
737 MAX - Boeing has received US FAA approval for a fix of an electrical grounding issue
13-05-2021 06:29
Japan's government is asking business to help with the vaccination program
13-05-2021 06:15
ForexLive Asia FX news wrap: Bitcoin price smashed lower on Musk/Tesla
13-05-2021 05:57
US inflation data - it ain't over yet, more to come on Thursday (Goldman Sachs preview)
13-05-2021 05:49
Coronavirus - Australia will be receiving 25m doses of Moderna vaccine doses
13-05-2021 05:36
so leaving this one alone
13-05-2021 05:30
The BOJ says its ready to extend pandemic relief beyond the September deadline if needed
13-05-2021 05:30
Kuroda says the BOJ is implementing easing steps no other central bank is taking
13-05-2021 05:19
Here's the full statement from Musk on Tesla and Bitcoin (ICYMI)
13-05-2021 05:01
Coronavirus - New Zealand PM Ardern cautious on international travel reopening - the bar is high
13-05-2021 04:41
Just waking up? Bitcoin update - BTC trashed on Musk Tesla payment comments
13-05-2021 04:31
PBOC sets USD/ CNY reference rate for today at 6.4612 (vs. yesterday at 6.4258)
13-05-2021 04:15
RT @AvidCommentator: @ForexLive LOL
13-05-2021 04:13
@AvidCommentator love it!
13-05-2021 04:13
Has China urged Tesla to not accept AUD in payment yet?
13-05-2021 04:09
Bank of Japan Governor Kuroda says Japan's economy is picking up as a trend
13-05-2021 04:05
Taiwan's stock index TAIEX under renewed pressure, lower
13-05-2021 04:04
Bitcoin bounce, back above $50K. Other coins on the bounce also, DOGE back over 42c
13-05-2021 03:42
RT @FX_Button: Back in 2013, I predicted bitcoin would hit $10,000 ( Here's why I now believe it's topped https://t…
13-05-2021 03:26
Bitcoin crumbles after Elon Musk bails. Why it may never recover
13-05-2021 03:17
Cryptocurrency exchanges under immense strain with BTC meltdown - Reports that Coinbase is down
13-05-2021 03:13
Taking a hammering. BTC/USD now under 47K
13-05-2021 03:03
Bitcoin rout extends lower. BTC/USD now under $50k
13-05-2021 03:00
Japan data - current account, bank loans
13-05-2021 02:58
Meanwhile, inside MUSK HQ
13-05-2021 02:53
Bitcoin is continuing its slide after the Musk Tesla bombshell
13-05-2021 02:39
Boeing said to be near a fix for the 777
13-05-2021 02:36
possible delay that is
13-05-2021 02:26
RT @FX_Button: Reading through the comments on Elon's tweet, it seems we're in the 'denial' phase of grief
13-05-2021 02:26
UK scientists alarmed over COVID-19 Indian mutant strain - delay to lockdown exit
13-05-2021 02:25
UK data - April RICS house price balance +75%! (vs. expected 62%)
13-05-2021 02:06
Recap on Biden seeing an infrastructure compromise & Republican 'red line' on taxes
13-05-2021 01:58
BoE's Haldane says UK inflation is likely to be above 2% by the end of 2021
13-05-2021 01:32
Musk's BTC diss is the tail wagging the DOGE
13-05-2021 01:31
Musk's Bitcoin tirade put a cat amongst the DOGEs too
13-05-2021 01:20
Musk says Tesla has suspended taking Bitcoin for vehicle purchases
13-05-2021 01:09
13-05-2021 01:05
@GladiatorOffice :-D
13-05-2021 01:04
Coronavirus - Five vaccinated people in US state of Ohio will get $1 million
13-05-2021 01:02
Inflation (expectations) data due from Australia today expected to be non-impactful
13-05-2021 00:50
ForexLive pipeline of posts remains uninterrupted
13-05-2021 00:25
@FinanceGoriIla my bad ;-)
13-05-2021 00:17
US gas shortage - pipeline expected to restarted right about now
13-05-2021 00:16
Bridgewater says more inflation than the Fed expects is on the way (here's why)
13-05-2021 00:14
New Zealand house price index +26.8% y/y to a record high
13-05-2021 00:13
Forexlive America's FX news wrap: CPI shows its ugly head
12-05-2021 23:56
Trade ideas thread - Thursday 13 May 2021
12-05-2021 23:46
Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin has donated $1bn in Dog-Themed meme coin to India COVID-19 releif
12-05-2021 23:34
US President Biden says he sees room for compromise on infrastructure bill
12-05-2021 23:29
Major indices close at session lows. Lose 2%+ on the day
12-05-2021 23:08
Economic calendar due from Asia today - light one
12-05-2021 23:00
USDCAD moves above its 100 hour moving average
12-05-2021 22:46
Stocks trades in the lows as markets moved toward the close
12-05-2021 22:24
Sour mood spreads to crypto as bitcoin nears the lows of the month
12-05-2021 21:48
Crude oil futures settle at $66.08
12-05-2021 21:42
GBPUSD falls to rising 100 hour MA
12-05-2021 21:30
@69PostMax Interesting.
12-05-2021 21:17
David Einhorn makes the case for copper
12-05-2021 21:16
Fresh lows in the S&P 500. Down 77 points to 4074
12-05-2021 21:11
US equities struggle to get off the floor
12-05-2021 20:58
McConnell says GOP’s “red line” is repealing the 2017 Trump tax cuts
12-05-2021 20:27
Fed's Bostic: US in a 'turbulent time' and volatility in inflation is expected
12-05-2021 20:12
US treasury auctions are 41 billion of 10 year notes at a high yield of 1.684%
12-05-2021 20:01
WI yield at time of auction comes in at 1.697%
12-05-2021 20:00
Sen. GOP leader McConnell: There is bipartisan desire for outcome on infrastructure
12-05-2021 19:53
10 year note auction takes on more importance post CPI data
12-05-2021 19:36
CAD and USD battle it out as the strongest of the majors. NZD and AUD weakest
12-05-2021 18:57
S&P 500 extends decline to 1.5%. Nasdaq -2.3%.
12-05-2021 18:56
Biden set to meet with Congress on infrastructure, says will look for compromise
12-05-2021 18:52
European equity close: Decent bounce
12-05-2021 18:39
NZDUSD tests the 100 day MA
12-05-2021 18:29
The transitory inflation fight has been hyped up for months, but this was the first round of the real fight and inf…
12-05-2021 17:57
USDJPY reaching toward key swing area from last week's trading
12-05-2021 17:57
US dollar continues higher as risk assets wilt on inflation fears
12-05-2021 17:54
RT @JavierBlas: Better late than never, I suppose | #Colonial #OOTT
12-05-2021 17:38
USDCHF is backup testing the dual 100/200 day MAs
12-05-2021 17:37
EIA US weekly oil inventories -427K vs -2100K expected
12-05-2021 17:30
Are we counting plastic bag inventories in this week's data?
12-05-2021 17:29
EURUSD looks to retest the 200 hour MA
12-05-2021 17:27
US weekly oil inventories coming up next with oil at the highs of the day
12-05-2021 17:22
AUDUSD moves below 200 hour MA (again)
12-05-2021 17:12
RT @byHeatherLong: This is the best chart I've seen that clearly explains what's going on with inflation. Yes, April saw the fastest infla…
12-05-2021 17:11
Fed officials have cracked open the door to a climbdown on dovish stance
12-05-2021 17:07
US stocks open lower led by the NASDAQ index
12-05-2021 16:32
US dollar turns higher again as yields continue to rise
12-05-2021 16:27
RT @jc_econ: Here is a thing of beauty: crazy upward pressure on used car prices that will be evident in tomorrow's CPI report comes from 1…
12-05-2021 16:20
US dollar moves back to the downside after sharp declines are erased
12-05-2021 16:19
US 5-year yields make a fresh high, up 5 bps to 0.85%
12-05-2021 16:17
Clarida Q&A: I was surprised by today's CPI number
12-05-2021 16:14
Clarida Q&A starts now. Moderator says she will ask about CPI
12-05-2021 16:10
@VolaTim Those are virtual books so it wouldn't be too hard.
12-05-2021 16:08
Rosengren says Fed considering issues around a central bank digital currency
12-05-2021 16:07
Clarida needs to raise his zoom game.
12-05-2021 16:05
Fed's Clarida: Inflation rising above 2% is due to transitory factors
12-05-2021 16:01
US dollar gives back all the gains ahead of Clarida
12-05-2021 15:55
Dollar pop reverses in a big way. USD/CAD at the lows of the day, EUR/USD approaching the highs of the day.
12-05-2021 15:54
USDJPY moves above 200 hour moving average and topside trendline
12-05-2021 15:46
April was a bad month to buy a used car; prices were up 10.0% month-over-month, the largest rise in series history.
12-05-2021 15:40
12-05-2021 15:39
EURUSD runs from the 100 hour MA. Looks toward the 200 hour MA/50% retracement after stronger CPI
12-05-2021 15:35
The 0.9% m/m rise in CPI ex food and energy is the highest since 1982
12-05-2021 15:35
US April CPI +4.2% y/y vs +3.6% expected
12-05-2021 15:30
The CAD is the strongest and the NZD is the weakest as the NA session begins
12-05-2021 15:19
CPI isn't the only thing on the economic agenda today
12-05-2021 15:13
WTI crude climbs above $66 with eyes on Colonial pipeline
12-05-2021 14:46
US CPI may not tell us anything that we don't already know
12-05-2021 13:34