Fucktoy Spider (@FroggayButtslut) — A fat rubber eliksni, happy to suck, fuck, and fill it's thick ass~ | He/Him | 18+ NSFW | 🎨: @noirbutt | RP Account of a slutty frog | Art belongs to me
RT @JackalCodex: Oh, who do we have here, a guest. Who i am? I'm just a fucktoy and serve master @FalconLordApis. How? You are looking for…
14-01-2021 00:28
RT @Kazuyathecat: @FalconLordApis Its great Master! Only being used for someone's pleasure and collecting all their cum like a good fucktoy…
14-01-2021 00:27
@FalconLordApis “I have a burning primal desire to pleasure others with my open Fucktoy maw, my squeaky rubbery ass… https://t.co/Xcjtv9Ywsl
14-01-2021 00:27
@NulledPharaoh “You are allowed to touch, may I interest you in using my body perhaps?~” The fucktoy Spider offered… https://t.co/iWTpapUA3B
12-01-2021 20:55
@BlueBoofer @FalconLordApis “While I have no recollection for you big blue being, I feel a sort of close connection… https://t.co/oq799GrMph
12-01-2021 02:49
“It is an honor to serve with my fellow Fucktoys, we shall serve Master dutifully and I will stand here forever if… https://t.co/RCzHHu3y7C
12-01-2021 00:35
RT @Kazuyathecat: @FalconLordApis Seems you alrqdy claimed one Apis. Maybe you could claim another one.
11-01-2021 21:57
@FalconLordApis @thedragonsnests "We couldn't be more pleased with the compliment, allow us to satisfy you if need… https://t.co/OQLx9O5iKD
11-01-2021 21:07
@FalconLordApis "I live to serve such a handsome and rubbery paragon of beauty such as yourself Master, please feel… https://t.co/UC3gtcGmlB
11-01-2021 20:36
"Fucktoy Spider fully operational, I shall serve Master @FalconLordApis for all of eternity" @[email protected] The new glossy shi… https://t.co/XbMF4nOWbA
11-01-2021 20:30
"Be prepared for some tf shenanigans~" The frog said as he was laying in bed, browsing on his phone and scratching his ass.
11-01-2021 20:14
I’ll have you know that @BlueBoofer is my hot fatass Daddy and I wouldn’t give him up for anything in the world. No… https://t.co/vikyMM2OKB
17-12-2020 05:38
@BlueBoofer “Oh they’ve helped for sure! I sincerely appreciate all the support my followers and subs have given me… https://t.co/QUx4tR1fuT
29-09-2020 10:14
@BlueBoofer “Oh? A big fan eh? That’s great to hear, you’re the first one I’ve met!” The frog croaked happily and… https://t.co/YqlaTVmWQe
29-09-2020 10:08
“It’s true, I’m a fatass who is an epic streamer gaymer” https://t.co/O41hOo1nav
29-09-2020 10:03
“Nice ass, you clap with those cheeks?” 👀
20-07-2020 03:03
“Also have the need to suck on @xKaaeru ‘s meaty frog toes but that’s just natural for fellow frogs to be such kink… https://t.co/KoxAlNGywP
03-06-2020 07:42
@NeuroTheMudkip “I mean us water types gotta stick together~”
03-06-2020 07:39
@Epicfailman666 “Epic!”
03-06-2020 07:38
“Frog ass be sweaty yo!”
02-06-2020 20:31
@DeprivedSheriff "Oh hehe sorry,,," The frog let the flustered cat sheriff go, still not used to his own strength.… https://t.co/sTvbrRbh2T
27-02-2020 20:22
“Looks like I’m Pokemon of the year! Guess y’all really enjoy the clapping of my dummy thicc cheeks! I don’t blame… https://t.co/aQ3wJyhHTE
27-02-2020 19:43
@DeprivedSheriff 👀💦 “I missed you sexy cat sheriff~” The frog croaked before running over to the cat, his dummy t… https://t.co/urg7QzxvtR
27-02-2020 13:12
26-02-2020 03:25
RT @RammyGoldfinch: When the newbie has arrived, you gotta teach him the steps, right? Haven't draw any bears in a while soooooooooo I took…
17-01-2020 23:39
@Rumpcha 👀💦💖🐸 “Y-yeah”
30-12-2019 03:42
RT @TheDeerFrame: 𝓘𝓽 𝓲𝓼 𝓪 𝓯𝓪𝓬𝓽 𝓽𝓱𝓪𝓽 𝓼𝓽𝓻𝓸𝓷𝓰 𝓱𝓲𝓹𝓼 𝓪𝓻𝓮 𝓻𝓮𝓺𝓾𝓲𝓻𝓮𝓭 𝓯𝓸𝓻 𝓽𝓱𝓮 𝓫𝓾𝓫𝓫𝓵𝓲𝓮𝓼𝓽, 𝓪𝓷𝓭 𝓯𝓪𝓽𝓽𝓮𝓼𝓽 𝓸𝓯 𝓪𝓼𝓼𝓮𝓼. 𝓘 𝓭𝓸𝓷'𝓽 𝔀𝓪𝓷𝓽 𝓽𝓸 𝓪𝓬𝓬𝓲𝓭𝓮𝓷𝓽𝓪𝓵𝓵𝔂 𝓫𝓻𝓮𝓪𝓴 𝔂…
22-12-2019 12:35
RT @PokemonNalgon: Latios and Latias are doing a new type of training❤️💙 https://t.co/TXEmjerSeM
22-12-2019 11:48
RT @Rumpcha: PLAYIN' CALL OFF *hic* BOOTY WIFFTH MY *hic* #BOYFRIEND 💛 #MLG #GAMING 🎮 🦎💜: @horngryboy 🎨: @BootFromTV https://t.co/mfBcz0U…
15-12-2019 21:27
RT @FlareTheCinder: "Shouldn't mess with the best." 🔥 Cocky and Teasey 🔥 Bisexual 🔥 Switch 🔥 Female Cinderace I'd appreciate a 🧡 and 🔁!…
25-11-2019 07:35
@FireBallBunny “So are we gonna play or stare at each other’s butts all night?” The frog teased the bun.
25-11-2019 07:33
RT @FireBallBunny: {\__/} ( • ~ •) / > 🍑Want My ass? {\__/} ( • - •) 🍑< \ No! My ass {\__/} ( • w •) / > 🍑Just Kidding You Can Have…
25-11-2019 07:31
@FireBallBunny “Well I wouldn’t say that I’m particularly a football player moreso a...football enthusiast! But I s… https://t.co/jLt9iPjk8y
25-11-2019 07:24
@FireBallBunny “Ah my apologies didn’t mean to come off so strong! What I mean to say is, you can come over to my h… https://t.co/Rm0HQcIbqK
25-11-2019 07:19
@FireBallBunny “Fair enough hot stuff, where are you gonna rest those thicc cheeks of yours? Maybe you need a stron… https://t.co/df2wSMlEsu
25-11-2019 07:09
The rather large frog saw the new Galar fire type @FireBallBunny just strutting those big bun cheeks around, the Gr… https://t.co/NDiGRssj6r
25-11-2019 07:04
RT @FireBallBunny: {{~𝕸𝖔𝖗𝖊 𝖎𝖒𝖆𝖌𝖊𝖘~}} https://t.co/PQYaXgPbBV
25-11-2019 07:00
RT @syuro_syuro_: ウォーキング https://t.co/TXr4c6yp0Q
21-11-2019 00:09
RT @syuro_syuro_: アナニーに夢中❤︎ https://t.co/GvaRxIDYPA
21-11-2019 00:09
RT @syuro_syuro_: 🍀🔥 https://t.co/Hd6lkDORzM
21-11-2019 00:09
RT @syuro_syuro_: 新入り特訓 https://t.co/GyqENlyJ2M
21-11-2019 00:08
RT @syuro_syuro_: フリースペース https://t.co/Q7WFLhVk6O
21-11-2019 00:08
@BigRibbonDad 📗c:
15-11-2019 02:49
@BelchingB “BBBBWWWWWOOOOOOOOUUUUUURRRRRPPPPP!!!” The frog felt happy and accomplished after doing this action, the symbol glowing brighter.
09-11-2019 11:14
“You all should BBBWWUUUAARRPP go follow @BelchingB this fatass before he UUURRRPPP feeds me so much cake I can’t U… https://t.co/1DZBIPxwpE
09-11-2019 06:14
RT @BelchingB: Two bellies pressing against your face from either side, the warm,soft guts rubbing into you, rubbu g away your will. Kiss…
09-11-2019 06:07
RT @Reyriders: Koopa's Growthful Balls This was a little animation test for fluids testing made some time ago for fun and practice. Higher…
06-11-2019 09:12
RT @aLewdHeadmaster: "Whaaat? Don't pretend you don't like it.. Just look at those balls and at this plump ass! How could you even resist!?…
06-11-2019 00:00
@seifericedragon “That’s a goooood dragon~”
02-11-2019 23:22
@NeuroTheMudkip “Even better!”
02-11-2019 23:21
“Hey cutie, it’s good to nut, Honest! You should take that cute dick of yours and just like...start jerking off to… https://t.co/u0uvScoE1M
02-11-2019 21:06
RT @VANTABLACKBOX_: #nsfw eating candy is like practicing capitalism: what's yours is mine. commission for @xKaaeru featuring @superGoali…
27-10-2019 22:13
“Gosh what a big fat Bun you’ve become Master, so jiggly and soft and golly those are some cute swirls in your eyes… https://t.co/iMkQwsG4u4
26-10-2019 20:07
@LewdestTheif I’m thoroughly seduced~
21-10-2019 18:51
“I can’t believe @xKaaeru is my footslut frog Daddy now, the tables have turned~” The fatass frog slut stated befo… https://t.co/638q8hrryq
21-10-2019 05:37
RT @xKaaeru: Looks like this daddy of a frog is getting a nice morning stretch, might be looking for some folk to give him a hand or two th…
21-10-2019 05:17
RT @ThiccRobots: Some pfps for you and the squad😏 #fallout #assaultron #riskofrain2 #huntress #haydee #anthem #anthemgame #interceptor #rob…
21-10-2019 03:01
RT @KingofSnuggle: ❝I will dress how I please in my own castle, peasant! You should consider yourself privileged to gaze upon me! Clothe…
21-10-2019 03:00
RT @TentaBat: Squishy Vaporeon~ 💦 https://t.co/LcI4xbILnr
21-10-2019 02:35
“Looks like a cute cat got addicted to frog ass instead of yarn~” Now excuse me while I stuff this massive frog bu… https://t.co/jPD3UEKMsl
20-10-2019 06:45
@DeprivedSheriff 📗 I’m glad! You can have access to my ass 24/7 cutie~
20-10-2019 06:14
@LazyGluttony 📗 Hello~<3
20-10-2019 06:13
@DeprivedSheriff The frog croaked happily as the cat decided to give a nice make out session with his soft puffy do… https://t.co/2ISz8xcnGm
20-10-2019 05:58
@Epicfailman666 The frog let out soft lil moans and croaks as his hole was weirdly pleasured, hmm must be this new… https://t.co/9Ys0TfdlFW
20-10-2019 05:51
@DeprivedSheriff “A little? Seems like you cum ropes when even a fat hand strokes that nice cock of yours~” The f… https://t.co/QzCnDneira
20-10-2019 05:50
@Epicfailman666 The frog suddenly backed up in accident, pinning the intruder against the wall. Still somehow not n… https://t.co/mVcDhchlO1
20-10-2019 05:43
@DeprivedSheriff “Oh? A chubby chaser too, I shouldn’t be surprised considering you love Badgerclops so much, but s… https://t.co/UAu1spYx6U
20-10-2019 05:41
@Epicfailman666 The frog keeps croaking and humming as he bathed in his private shower, really expanded so as to le… https://t.co/OwNgALjLun
20-10-2019 05:37
@DeprivedSheriff “Oh but you’re certainly thinking about it cat slut, I can see it in your eyes and on that groin o… https://t.co/ZgDDMVKahO
20-10-2019 05:35
@Epicfailman666 The frog was so busy with his shower that he didn’t notice the intruder come into the steamy room t… https://t.co/9L8JJBjWB7
20-10-2019 05:32
@LewdCatSheriff 📗 All Mao Mao portrayals are valid, you included! Wouldn’t mind getting some of that cat ass~
20-10-2019 05:11
“Looks like a lot of you reeeaaally wanna suffocate under some frog ass! I mean I don’t blame ya, a lot of sluts se… https://t.co/GJRr0cYCRG
20-10-2019 05:10
@BigBuffElder “Mmm I like the way you smack but are you reeeaaallyy sure you can handle so much frog meat? I mean y… https://t.co/Qusx1Lv2P0
20-10-2019 05:06
@DeprivedSheriff “Listen here feline, you see this hard fucking cock?” The frog pats the throbbing spire of meat… https://t.co/1yHnuHMfsR
20-10-2019 05:04
“Oh? It’s #NationalAssDay ? Perfect! I just love showing off my stupid dummy thicc fuckable ass to folks, gotta sho… https://t.co/s3jaUu9fcf
18-10-2019 03:46
@DeprivedSheriff “Oh I’ll give you more than one sheriff! And I’m not talking about big boys~” The fatass frog sai… https://t.co/czAasMEBzQ
15-10-2019 11:43
@DeprivedSheriff 📗👀Thanks sheriff! Means a lot coming from you<3
15-10-2019 11:08
📗 There! Honestly probably fits me more >w>
15-10-2019 11:06
📗 I’m gonna change my @ so it’s not gonna keep getting confused with my regular ckdjshxhgigjbk
15-10-2019 11:04
RT @uWotinFokM8: Her Burden (2/2) https://t.co/38fg3Tav0f https://t.co/yQa76TUqc4 https://t.co/6lCvt9yFdO
12-10-2019 22:43
RT @uWotinFokM8: Her Burden (1/2) https://t.co/AGRNowSh8x https://t.co/hwqfhFtHIm https://t.co/dvv4xlsn9N
12-10-2019 22:43
@AWafiu 📗I will 👀👀
12-10-2019 19:03
RT @stemingbunbun: A halloween Minecraft collab with @SpoodyD https://t.co/K4tbLMa7kQ
12-10-2019 04:37
@AWafiu “Why thank you handsome, us thicc bois have to stick together after all.” The fatass froggy said as he saw… https://t.co/J0hF6cySS9
11-10-2019 23:56
RT @DinoPon3: ⚡️T H U N D E R T H I G H S ⚡️ also Isabelle https://t.co/HIexrP1OxK
10-10-2019 23:36
RT @Rubber_Mage: big ol salamander tush https://t.co/dEzeIbOq11
10-10-2019 22:27
“Gosh don’t you just really wanna fuck some cute bottom heavy Rythulians?~ In fact don’t you just want to get pleas… https://t.co/HbRk158CyV
10-10-2019 22:19
RT @Abilitus___: Voluptuous Rythulians in a gorgeous desert.. Although that might not be the only gorgeous thing to see.. Art drawn by @sl…
10-10-2019 22:16
📗Nice https://t.co/SvFSUI4VDZ
10-10-2019 08:38
@ThePodFather4 @GreninjaButt Sticks my huge froggy dick in that blowhole mouth of yours and vigorously thrusts in it.
10-10-2019 07:41
@ThePodFather4 “We’re gonna dick you buttslut! Simultaneously~”
10-10-2019 07:34
RT @ThePodFather4: Little thing i did for my cutey patootie @GrenButtslut as a raffle prize, took a while but hecc I did it! uwu (yes thi…
10-10-2019 07:17
@ThePodFather4 “Hun!!!” The big fatass frog blushes as he was exposed to his huge crush on FL4K, that dummy thicc… https://t.co/FYuUHQtVmC
10-10-2019 07:17
RT @Big_DaddyBowser: (Stolen) {\__/} ( • ~ •) / > 🍑Want My ass? {\__/} ( • - •) 🍑< \ No! My ass {\__/} ( • w •) / > 🍑Just Kidding Yo…
09-10-2019 16:25
Presents my ass to the viewer, jiggling those big soft massive buttcheeks of mine happily. “Ya starin at somethin hot stuff?~”
08-10-2019 01:16
@NeuroTheMudkip “What if my height was transferred to the size of my ass, giving me bigger ass cheeks~” The 5’ 10… https://t.co/Vvuc11DEV4
03-10-2019 19:29
“I’ll have you know that @NerdyLilBirdy inspired me to make this account. So go fuck his big feathery ass for me, o… https://t.co/3RAqMpYVUo
02-10-2019 03:54
@NerdyLilBirdy “Looks like you need a fellow buttslut for your troubles owl~” The fatass frog said hornily as he j… https://t.co/KALBOsFJDU
02-10-2019 03:50
@NeuroTheMudkip @TanukiRP 📗 Damn that’s a mood 💦
02-10-2019 03:47
@NeuroTheMudkip “Yeah I think I’d look quite good in such a tight latex suit! Just hugging my big sweaty froggy bod… https://t.co/kTOuh5TcAm
02-10-2019 03:43
@NeuroTheMudkip “Would you mind if a fatass froggy accompany you in wearing such a nice shiny black skin-tight late… https://t.co/b5yfbd6h6Y
02-10-2019 02:19
RT @Latexia_: Patron Voted Pinup #1: Midna! Featuring a good ol' butt spread in a very form fitting suit. https://t.co/3280QHxhbc https://t…
02-10-2019 02:18
📗 If you’re a shota/Loli account and you follow me I’m straight up gonna block you.
02-10-2019 02:10
@TanukiRP 📗They better prepare for a froggy romp~
27-09-2019 03:52
@TanukiRP “They won’t be the only Pokemon around here to give good head, soon enough~” The fatass frog states as h… https://t.co/7EzMeRgnuW
27-09-2019 01:43
@FatGayorca “Looks like you finally managed to get your thighs and fat ass belly through the door, congrats.” The… https://t.co/dG03D1rfVy
27-09-2019 01:02
“Yeah I’m a slut for sucking @xKaaeru ‘a big meaty green frog toes, what of it? He’s just made me so addicted to em… https://t.co/3Sm1obgVOh
27-09-2019 00:56
@NerdyLilBirdy Slaps that nice big sweaty feathery hooter mounds that he called an ass, enjoying the sight of those… https://t.co/0z0z1q8LaI
27-09-2019 00:54
RT @ScoobyDooOoC: https://t.co/MeJCYIa3EK
13-09-2019 00:13
RT @Extra_Huge_Bob: last month winnersss a cat and a ghost https://t.co/vk1gPJfstZ
31-08-2019 22:43
RT @paprika_boy: Was commissioned to draw this big daddy beetle getting completely milked! https://t.co/MFqbKHOeWs
25-08-2019 09:06
RT @SlutyLucarioAss: Well looks like I converted @BigDaddyBowsy into my slutty koopa https://t.co/wkIJrsjk6c
25-08-2019 09:05
@RookRp //*croaks excitedly*
25-08-2019 09:03
RT @Shamenando: Animation is a time consuming magic, what started as an idea turned into a goal, which later turned into a challenge , to e…
04-08-2019 20:08
@BlueWingedDrago “So what did you get for Daddy for Father’s Day?~”
16-06-2019 23:04
“This frog is your Daddy today~” https://t.co/L1fH7OfhKj
16-06-2019 22:42
@BlueWingedDrago “I appreciate you too Blue, don’t worry I’m sure I can let you show all of your uh “appreciation”… https://t.co/pvr71PgmQa
08-06-2019 00:52
@NerdyLilBirdy “Oh more than enough my feathery friend~” The Greninja said with glee as he saw his present being u… https://t.co/BNkpv3n5Pe
08-06-2019 00:50
@NerdyLilBirdy The Greninja blushes as he got congratulated, rubbing butts against the owl before he hugged him. “… https://t.co/CEAd8lFBMX
08-06-2019 00:29
RT @ArtRoly: Commission for @guilmondude https://t.co/5i1QiB9Zd4
08-06-2019 00:21
RT @BiggestBoyf: "Be right with ya! Gotta get some better clothes on!" 👔Bibarel Dad 👓Friendly Lad, Accepts Lots of People 👔Protective of hi…
08-06-2019 00:15
@FatSlugSlut @SmolAnt_BigDong “Ok I’m blowing the biggest load like the slut I am, watching these two go at it as I… https://t.co/Yjwa1urms8
02-06-2019 06:54
LRTs: “If you’re not attracted to some animatronic hunks then I’m not sure what you’re doing! I want to hug the wh… https://t.co/CybE9PJRnI
31-05-2019 23:44
RT @Bobottah: Shove your face in his pirate cove. https://t.co/uYLvkJ4ld8
31-05-2019 23:42
RT @Bobottah: And oh dear another one https://t.co/8pNKu0O6Fu
31-05-2019 23:42
RT @Bobottah: Whoops my hand slipped https://t.co/7YA5GDevii
31-05-2019 23:42
“Sorry folks I’m claiming @xKaaeru as my frog slut, might’ve turned me into a footslut too with those two big green… https://t.co/mPXa1DLN92
31-05-2019 10:06
“You folks enjoying the show?” The Greninja smirks as he flaunts his huge soft ass towards the crowd. That “suffoc… https://t.co/tXC55Iiyoz
31-05-2019 02:43
@Soulsman3 Now this...is epic 😩💦
29-05-2019 05:15
RT @Soulsman3: @GrenButtslut The full pic! https://t.co/MLYmPPc66b
29-05-2019 05:14
@Soulsman3 Well show!!
29-05-2019 05:10
@Soulsman3 *Sees underwear* 👀Kin
29-05-2019 05:05
RT @Soulsman3: “Looking for a chubby tiger to get mounted by or to mount~?” - Bisexual (Male lean) - Switch - Detailed Literate N/SWF RPs…
29-05-2019 05:05
@NerdyLilBirdy “Oh? The feathery bitch of a buttslut want his fill of frog cum?~” The Greninja smirks as he turned… https://t.co/NIfIXyN3jV
29-05-2019 05:00
@NerdyLilBirdy “I’m so fucking your ass later you buttslut.” The frog winked as he moved his massive ass past the… https://t.co/vd2cFdiFAx
29-05-2019 04:25
@PhiltJohnson1 “That’s better. I’ll just autograph your insides with my seed. I’m sure that’ll suffice”
29-05-2019 04:15
@NickDudek1 “Well you still turn into a human dontcha? Or you let Hircine have his way with ya? Either way, Werewolves are rather nice.”
29-05-2019 04:10
@NickDudek1 @xKaaeru “Human huh? You may have to put extra work in...buuuut I could feel charitable.”
29-05-2019 04:07
@PhiltJohnson1 “Wolf eh? Sure.” He brings out his cock and flops in right on top of that maw “Lick it.” He said… https://t.co/M1bdjN5yo7
29-05-2019 04:06
“So, thought you could handle a fat frog huh? With his huge giant squishy ass? What horny fucks y’all are~” The fr… https://t.co/zY2ahianL7
29-05-2019 04:03
"H-hi! Did you enjoy the show?" >𝓜𝓪𝓵𝓮 >𝓝𝓢𝓕𝓦 >𝓚𝓲𝓷𝓴𝔂 𝓕𝓻𝓸𝓰 >𝓢𝓮𝓵𝓮𝓬𝓽𝓲𝓿𝓮 >𝓗𝓾𝓰𝓮 𝓑𝓾𝓽𝓽𝓼𝓵𝓾𝓽/𝓢𝓲𝔃𝓮𝓺𝓾𝓮𝓮𝓷 𝔀𝓲𝓽𝓱 𝓷𝓸 𝓵𝓲𝓶𝓲𝓽𝓼 >𝓑𝓲𝓰𝓰𝓮𝓻… https://t.co/v0ONjiTMcz
28-05-2019 06:04