ChiLLWiLL (@Get_Money615) — 2+2=Me......I just gotta keep GOD 1st and every thing else will fall in line !!! #UTK #VFL #GoVols
RT @GemTeni: how tf a computer gone ask me if i'm a robot 😭 bitch you da robot 😭😭
08-03-2021 21:13
RT @espn: This is wild once you think about it 🤯 (h/t @_JasonLT)
08-03-2021 21:12
RT @overtime: The quickest sub you’ll EVER see 🤣 (via @jaybvibez)
08-03-2021 21:11
RT @1DJFirstClass: This Happened To Me When I Asked For A Patron & Pineapple...........
08-03-2021 21:09
RT @Blameitontati: These girls down here in Atlanta for All Star Weekend are sleeping in cars😳
08-03-2021 21:03
RT @_Og2xx: Mane hell naw 🤣🤣🤣 this what they doing down there in the A
08-03-2021 21:03
RT @VirgoJ24: Yall wasn’t there
08-03-2021 21:03
RT @LxrdTVE: Niggas finna take they Stimmy and put it into doge coin. Finna flip they 1400 into 700
08-03-2021 21:02
RT @BleacherReport: This angle of the LeBron and Steph chalk toss 🔥
08-03-2021 21:01
08-03-2021 21:00
RT @StephenCurry30: That’s a wrap 💯
08-03-2021 20:59
RT @ogkeyaa: If the casino had a uno table I’ll tear some shit up 😂😂😂😂
07-03-2021 17:19
RT @BronGotGame: Westbrook like: "look at that, 5 more boards and you coulda got a triple double" 🤦🏽‍♂️
05-03-2021 02:24
RT @kingvader: “When the people robbing your store want to vibe “ pt.2
03-03-2021 08:43
RT @thisiskashmir: LMAO SHE IS TOO GOOD
03-03-2021 08:43
RT @chris__mukasa: Tuskegee 👏🏾 isn’t 👏🏾 the 👏🏾 only 👏🏾 reason 👏🏾 Black 👏🏾 Americans 👏🏾 distrust 👏🏾 the 👏🏾 American 👏🏾 healthcare 👏🏾 system…
03-03-2021 08:40
RT @fineapple22_: I’m not arguing with people that choose an 800 credit score over 20M lmaooo r u crazy
03-03-2021 08:40
RT @_doncru_: A black owned plant shop in Memphis
03-03-2021 08:40
RT @znuieaahjefi: Don’t say you proud of me, you gotta PRADA me 😻
03-03-2021 08:40
RT @TheShadeRoom: Boosie was READY for his dolphin experience lol
03-03-2021 08:40
RT @highdopetexts: Best add ever? Probably yes
03-03-2021 08:40
RT @HotNewHipHop: #GucciMane and #KodakBlack trade jokes over Instagram after Gucci suspects Kodak of being a clone 😭😂…
03-03-2021 07:30
RT @kai_newkirk: How can a worker be both essential and unworthy of a living wage?
03-03-2021 07:30
RT @soyeahnah: this killin me
03-03-2021 07:28
RT @Flashyasf: I fuck wit people genuinely ion need shit from nobody
03-03-2021 07:27
RT @HoopMixOnly: This is the most disrespectful foul call I have ever seen a ref make
03-03-2021 07:27
RT @DeeLaSheeArt: One nonviolent red flag in relationships is your partner sabotaging you or your work under the guise of playfulness. Gasl…
03-03-2021 07:26
RT @ceraliza: We really work 5 days a week just for 48 hours of freedom LMFAOOOOOOOOOOO
03-03-2021 07:26
RT @JoeDaActivist:
03-03-2021 07:24
RT @YUNGPOOHPOOH: hearing "i miss you" from somebody you missed too >>>>
03-03-2021 07:24
RT @Official7Teen_: It’s like you gotta stay busy or you’ll get stuck in your head
03-03-2021 07:24
RT @abdashsoul: Life always works out, usually.
03-03-2021 07:23
RT @overtime: Damn training for the US Marines is INTENSE 😳 (via chito_thedog/TikTok)
03-03-2021 07:23
RT @gucci1017: Don’t give up!
03-03-2021 07:22
RT @lovesickkk12: Don’t Skip. YOU WILL HAVE MONEY TOMORROW
03-03-2021 07:20
03-03-2021 07:20
RT @SLAMonline: The double spin move is crazy tuff. @CHIBAJETS
03-03-2021 07:20
RT @whoisteezy: Case closed, you heard him.👨🏽‍⚖️
03-03-2021 07:18
RT @jstcwarrior: Fun fact: Lil Kim was the first person to own the custom drop top G-Wagon in North America
03-03-2021 07:18
RT @Robfrfr: “My grandma want me to be with you forever I do too” let me add that to my arsenal
03-03-2021 07:17
RT @iamshellz: My water broke 😆
03-03-2021 07:17
RT @TheKitchenista: Raising a real one.
03-03-2021 07:16
RT @DamnDidHeReally: common
03-03-2021 07:16
RT @CantGuardMike24: This social media shit don’t matter. Make sure you’re happy in real life
03-03-2021 07:15
RT @ungodlyalexis: bobby shmurda was released ... about a week ago.
03-03-2021 07:13
RT @iEkimNitram: you just had to be there
02-03-2021 19:30
RT @lilduval: Wendy’s got the best breakfast food in game right now.
01-03-2021 18:34
RT @Jupinapapi2: Y’all wasn’t there fr
01-03-2021 18:34
RT @1ckaay: Imagine how many people hate you because they didn’t hear your side of the story...
01-03-2021 18:31
RT @findrnr: Santorini at night!
01-03-2021 18:25
01-03-2021 18:24
RT @ESPNNBA: Buddy Hield becomes the fastest player in NBA history to hit 1,000 threes (350 games).
01-03-2021 18:24
RT @147_dash: "Come inside it doesn't bite"
01-03-2021 18:24
RT @mimithenerd_: due to personal reasons I’ve decided to overdress everywhere I go after lockdown
01-03-2021 18:19
RT @Sensei1van: that fight between your mind & your heart ain’t no joke
01-03-2021 18:19
01-03-2021 18:18
RT @Ballislife: 👀 LAMELO!
01-03-2021 18:18
RT @ECallawayBio: "We teach black and brown kids obedience and other kids curiosity." - Amirah L. Saafir, PhD
01-03-2021 18:17
RT @JoePompliano: IKEA is now selling tiny pre-built homes, which are assembled on a flatbed trailer for easy transportation. The base mod…
01-03-2021 18:16
RT @TeezySooSkep: No wonder why Goku was chasing those damn things around
01-03-2021 18:15
01-03-2021 06:51
RT @Miradoll19: I’m Never Eating A Edible Again I Watched A Whole Movie On Mute & Started Crying Cause I Thought I Was Deaf 😭.
01-03-2021 04:56
RT @yayaxtonye: aries season is approaching and my little flames are igniting.
01-03-2021 03:54
RT @YaBoiiZec: LMAOO this concept is crazy 😂
01-03-2021 03:53
RT @SportsCenter: Look how far this guy slid 😳😂
01-03-2021 03:49
RT @manifestmomryan: RT to Receive a Financial Blessing tomorrow
01-03-2021 03:48
RT @SportsCenter: This football workout looks brutal 😦 (via @Cajun_73)
01-03-2021 03:46
RT @Rachael_Conrad:
01-03-2021 03:46
RT @sixteenburritos: Life is just choosing your subway sandwich when you're 9 and ordering the same one until you die
27-02-2021 04:03
RT @snkrsvibes: AJ1 Milan 🔆
27-02-2021 04:01
RT @philz_admz: A simple ADULT conversation can clear up a lot of childish misunderstandings.
27-02-2021 04:01
RT @jheane1le_a: Your birthday is indeed a holiday. Take the time off in advance. It’s the same day every year.. no excuses.
27-02-2021 04:00
RT @Mani_Drips: Y’all remember these?😭😭
27-02-2021 04:00
RT @eiman1433: I can tell u 20 different stories while TRYING to tell u litterally ONE
27-02-2021 03:56
RT @maxalan: joe biden through his first month as president
25-02-2021 18:04
RT @livingbreadgurl: How the FUCK did a generation raised on South Park and Family Guy become so offended by everything?
25-02-2021 03:08
RT @dudebeyourself: grandma did not come to play 😂👏🏾
25-02-2021 03:07
RT @melanatedho: Ima smoke first before anything & that’s on Mary had a little gram
24-02-2021 17:26
RT @RapAllStars: Quavo brought Bobby Shmurda home on a private jet 🛩
24-02-2021 17:22
RT @kaaymilaa: nobody gonna sit in my face & tell me yaya not slow.
23-02-2021 19:26
RT @sweizy: I Pranked my mom into thinking I got hired to be a ZOOM FITNESS TEACHER AND I TOLD HER SHE CAN JOIN MY CLASS TONIGHT OMG 😭😭😭😂 S…
23-02-2021 19:24
RT @BillyM_91: This story about Percy Harvin only adds to his legendary status
23-02-2021 19:22
RT @DavidSFOX4: An 18-year old black man — Rodney Reese — was walking home from work at @Walmart during #TexasFreeze when @PlanoPoliceDept…
23-02-2021 12:28
RT @paidtav: i am not fly i represent i am levitation an entire generation
23-02-2021 12:28
RT @_AngelicNumbers: Retweet this as your sign to the universe that you are ready to attract more money and business opportunities in March…
23-02-2021 12:26
RT @tgo_bossshit: A woman in your corner is way different than just a woman in your bed
23-02-2021 12:26
RT @jadethebrand: People show you in small ways they don’t fuck with you.... pay attention!
23-02-2021 12:21
RT @famouslos32: Click Link Click Link Click Link
23-02-2021 12:21
RT @deep_dab: This man knew what he had!
23-02-2021 12:19
RT @whatevieedid: I’ve just seen this on Facebook & it’s quite honestly made my day
23-02-2021 12:18
RT @PhoenixMercury: Swappin' jerseys with @JaMorant! 🤝
23-02-2021 12:17
RT @RubbaBand_Grant: Yea no problem lil bro 😂😂😂 we goals
23-02-2021 12:17
RT @shaTIRED: “How did you know I was a Virgo?” Virgos no matter the scenario:
23-02-2021 12:15
RT @KittyBeeJr_: i would fight everybody
23-02-2021 12:15
RT @espn: Kyrie Irving has shown he is "willing to give up everything" for social reform. @KyrieIrving #BHM x #BlackHistoryAlways https:/…
23-02-2021 12:15
RT @krspxi: as bad as you wanna address it some things are just better left unsaid
23-02-2021 12:14
RT @SportsCenter: Cam isn't done yet 😤
23-02-2021 12:14
RT @Strip4Jon: If u c me talking to myself don’t say nun to me I’m having a staff meeting.
23-02-2021 12:13
RT @mmelanindaj: Never let a OUTSIDER get in your ear bout a mf YOU love
23-02-2021 12:13
RT @JamariJones_ATL: I just want to know what she was trying to do
23-02-2021 12:13
RT @archillect:
23-02-2021 12:10
RT @glo_bamba: I hate being rushed. Like fuck it, leave me then. Ion gaf 😒
23-02-2021 12:10
RT @chinx_102: Me after rediscovering an old song I used to Fw heavy
23-02-2021 12:09
RT @jaceeeee: Bobby Shmurda’s hat rn:
23-02-2021 12:09
RT @yoBitchJEALOUS_: Gotta fuck wit somebody who wanna fuck wit you all the time🔑💯
23-02-2021 12:08
RT @TheRealEnvyMuah: Don’t let no one who ain’t been in your shoes, tell you how to tie your laces.
23-02-2021 12:08
RT @janellejeann1: Yaya is funny asf idc 😂😂this girl be deadass when she dancing
23-02-2021 12:06
RT @IAmSteveHarvey: God, I just want to thank you 🙏🏽
23-02-2021 12:05
RT @A_kamara6: I’ve never felt bad bout bein me. 🤷🏾‍♂️
23-02-2021 12:05
RT @SportsCenter: Young Rondo made the game look so easy 😳 The two-time NBA champ turns 35 today 🎉
23-02-2021 12:05
RT @cavallidior: Only want pure things around me
23-02-2021 12:05
RT @KingHenry_2: Lmao Ightt bet , don’t be looking crazy when I tell you to go in for me 😭😭
21-02-2021 01:28
RT @marcustewartjr: They really used to cast black families so well back in the day. Now they got us trying to believe that Mary J Blige ha…
21-02-2021 01:27
RT @NaturallyTyraG: Y’all 😂😂😂
21-02-2021 01:24
RT @Druski2Funny: Niggas had a whole cheer routine 😂 she's over there disgusted 😫😭😭
21-02-2021 01:24
RT @Meghan_Triplett: It’s my favorite NIGHT!! ##HBCUNight I’ll be reppin’ @TSUedu tonight 💙🐯💙
21-02-2021 01:21
RT @kilokiana: i’ve officially lost my mind
20-02-2021 18:39
RT @jailanwattley: New home didn’t have a fireplace, so I built one!
20-02-2021 18:33
RT @rolmfat: the ultimate snow man
20-02-2021 18:32
RT @currypiston: Never forget 😭
20-02-2021 18:31
RT @naomiosaka: Absolute madness. number 4 #ausopen
20-02-2021 18:30
RT @TaylorRooks: How do u come back from this
20-02-2021 18:29
RT @BudrykZack: How you gonna do a US remake of a movie whose plot revolves around high-speed rail infrastructure
20-02-2021 17:41
RT @WrittenByHanna: I truly don’t care how people live their lives but heroin just doesn’t feel like a drug to casually take 😭😭
20-02-2021 17:41
RT @jonovelli_: 1 more week nephew
20-02-2021 17:39
RT @Flashyasf: I done fell in love with staying out the way
20-02-2021 17:38
RT @NL_Vossi: Medium rare bread with a buttered glaze, so simple yet so elite
20-02-2021 17:38
RT @RexChapman: Dad of the Year...
20-02-2021 17:37
RT @TobysWurld: When you have to read the same page over and over cause you keep zoning out
20-02-2021 09:27
RT @FirstGentleman: "Who yo people?" -An African American background check
20-02-2021 09:21
RT @BillionBus: The comfort.. You just had to be there.
20-02-2021 09:15
RT @remzel__: i wish i had SpongeBob's energy, that nigga was always ready for work
20-02-2021 09:11
RT @SportsCenter: Gotta take the risk right? 👀 (via @chicagobulls)
20-02-2021 09:11
RT @T1_Ondabeat: lecture at 9am Me at 08:55:
20-02-2021 09:08
RT @blacklovefeed: I was not expecting this🥺🥰
19-02-2021 18:21
RT @abk_gatez: Bitch Long Live @YCBDRE
19-02-2021 18:21
RT @1DJFirstClass: Kodak Black & Lil Yachty A Nasty Duo Wit This Rap Shit
19-02-2021 18:20
RT @DailyLoud: Popular Alabama rapper HoneyKomb Brazy lost both of his grandparents tonight as their house was shot up and then set on fire…
19-02-2021 18:19
RT @SportsCenter: This move from Kyrie is still filthy three years later 🤧
19-02-2021 17:55
RT @tcburkejr: Anyone else realize Ted Cruz had no problem crossing a border to give his family a better life?
19-02-2021 10:37
RT @Dame_Lillard: Idk wtf I was thinkin
19-02-2021 10:36
RT @DollyParton: ❤️
19-02-2021 10:36
RT @le_debut: Broke Lmaoo
19-02-2021 10:35
RT @___Colb___: Dave Chappelle told the world to stop watching ‘Chappelle Show’ until he got paid for it, and we listened. They cut that m…
19-02-2021 10:25
19-02-2021 10:24
RT @cynfinite: YALL! 😂😂😂
19-02-2021 10:22
RT @espn: Carson Wentz is headed to the Colts, league sources tell @AdamSchefter and @mortreport.
18-02-2021 20:11
RT @LudaChris_: @zayheath
18-02-2021 19:26
RT @neIIychillin: Real rap is back
18-02-2021 19:25
RT @_IAintGotIt: Started my taxes and they saying I owe so I logged off
18-02-2021 19:24
RT @TheHoopCentral: Melo to a fan that told him to retire last night: “Shut yo ass up.” (h/t @gifdsports)
18-02-2021 19:24
RT @DeanScorpion_: Russell Westbrook after he gets an and-one 😭
18-02-2021 19:24
RT @PleaseBeGneiss: i miss my chiropractor
18-02-2021 19:23
RT @TheShadeRoom: Floyd Mayweather making sure his grandson has that drip!! 🔥
18-02-2021 19:22
RT @___Colb___: Naomi Osaka and Serena Williams.
18-02-2021 19:21
RT @Pimps4Sale: 💀💀💀
18-02-2021 19:21
RT @1DJFirstClass: Chicago Received $403 Million Of The Federal COVID Relief Funding............ .............65% Went To CPD. https://t.c…
18-02-2021 19:20
RT @_BPritchett: Would’ve got my ass up and told her don’t worry bout it
18-02-2021 19:19
RT @1lilce: Don’t dwell on shit .. jus move on
18-02-2021 19:19
RT @zayheath: “Dem boys know you sold em Robitussin” 😂😂😂
18-02-2021 19:18
RT @nicekicksgabe: They really started a new groupchat and left Russ out of it
18-02-2021 19:18
RT @Panola_Jones: If we don’t get these stimmys soon i got some voter fraud evidence and think ima have to tell them what i know! @JoeBiden…
18-02-2021 19:17
RT @mOneyMakinNique: it’s somebody that don’t like you cuz niggas was lying on you
18-02-2021 19:16
RT @SportsCenter: Serena addressed her future after her match against Naomi Osaka.
18-02-2021 19:05
RT @GoVols247: Tennessee basketball signees Kennedy Chandler, Jahmai Mashack nominated for McDonald's All American game…
18-02-2021 19:04
RT @ScamNewton64: netflix be having the movie in the search bar but not on netflix😭
18-02-2021 18:02
RT @DGB_Media: BREAKING: The grandparents of Mobile Alabama artist #HoneyKombBrazy have reportedly been shot, killed and had their home set…
18-02-2021 18:01
RT @blxisme: Willona Woods’ entrances >>
18-02-2021 18:00
RT @masterwilliams: Naomi different, but certainly cut from same regal cloth as Serena. I’m sure it’s wild for Serena to be battling the ma…
18-02-2021 18:00
RT @SkyHighEph: Mos Def after Alicia Keys gave him Hot Chocolate to wash down fried fish, greens, and yams.
18-02-2021 17:59
RT @OsheaJacksonJr: Serena vs Naomi right now
18-02-2021 17:58
RT @NFL: The 25 best plays from the 2020 season! 🔥
18-02-2021 17:57
RT @rieslingbeauty: Every time y’all throw shade at people for electing Joe Biden I giggle, because what other fucking choice did they have…
18-02-2021 17:56
RT @itskeyon: Throwing away good food so resources are limited which gives you the leverage to raise the price....... during a snowstorm. T…
18-02-2021 17:56
RT @SportsCenter: Naomi Osaka was repping the Lakers during her post-match presser 💜 💛
18-02-2021 17:53
RT @FuckYaDeadGuys: He put N O fear in his heart .
18-02-2021 17:52
RT @meganwhitnee: All I know is that durag emoji don’t need to come in Caucasian
18-02-2021 17:51
RT @Cancelled7times: I’ll say it wit my chest
18-02-2021 17:51
RT @jadethebrand: Taking me a little longer to upgrade my life bc this all self made... don’t judge me!
18-02-2021 17:02
RT @RacksOnZach: The last 72 hours has shown me once again that one of America’s biggest issues, is a genuine lack of empathy for problems…
18-02-2021 17:01
RT @cantlose2x: y’all sleep on them jeep trackhawks🥶
18-02-2021 17:01
RT @MayaFiasco: And that’s on John A Merritt
18-02-2021 17:01
RT @BikoMandelaGray: 1. It’s striking how quickly people shift blame. For some, it’s wind. For others, it’s the grid. For others, it’s the…
18-02-2021 16:54
RT @naomiosaka: See you in the finals #ausopen
18-02-2021 16:53
RT @JustinLaboy: I’m proud of myself but I got to go a little harder. #Respectfully
18-02-2021 16:53
RT @_MilkyWayy: Y’all come look at this shit 😂😂
18-02-2021 16:53
RT @4TheCulture____: I guess her trigger word is Becky. 😂
18-02-2021 16:51
RT @tariqnasheed: White couple gets some tap shoes for their Black adopted child.. 🤔
18-02-2021 16:50
RT @nflthrowback: Just two college buddies catching up 😂 @AaronRodgers12 | @MoneyLynch
18-02-2021 16:48
RT @shakaylajanai: peace over proving a point.
18-02-2021 16:47
RT @_Callmejayx: Y'all I just made fried rotel balls... OH MY GOD.
18-02-2021 16:47
RT @LeekSoATL: Imagine guarding a fucking dumpster so ppl don’t get food.
18-02-2021 16:46
RT @JordanUhl:
18-02-2021 16:46
RT @TreyfromNY: $24.2M per season, would rank him 47th in the nba. right between buddy hield & lamarcus aldridge.
18-02-2021 16:45