Guy Holt (@GuyHoltANutr) — Associate Nutritionist specialising in weight management and metabolic surgery working within the East Midlands Bariatric and Metabolic Institute.
@Mpmok @AbdTahrani @IfsoSecretariat That’s great, thanks Mary!
14-01-2021 19:42
Good for you @Paulsredemption You have an inspirational story, it’s important for people to hear this. Thanks for s…
14-01-2021 19:22
RT @Mpmok: Prof @Dr_A_Johnstone starting @IfsoSecretariat IH webinar on Chrono #nutrition Should we eat like a king at breakfast? Shift wor…
14-01-2021 18:32
I find the area of chrono-nutrition fascinating...I need to know more! Unfortunately I missed this webinar, can it…
14-01-2021 18:31
Yet more evidence of the barriers people face in getting the support they need. An interesting study on primary car…
14-01-2021 12:45
An absolute pleasure to present at the first @bariatricBOMSS monthly journal club. Thank you to @drsherifawad…
14-01-2021 00:38
@sallyabbottRD @bariatricBOMSS Thank you Sally!
14-01-2021 00:30
RT @sallyabbottRD: My take home messages: ensure protein requirements are met/physical activity is promoted, espec. in 3-6 months post-op,…
14-01-2021 00:27
@cathybreen24 @bariatricBOMSS Thank you! Great turn out for the first of many I’m sure.
14-01-2021 00:25
@Mpmok @bariatricBOMSS Thanks Mary! ☺️
13-01-2021 23:34
RT @Mpmok: First @bomss monthly journal club for medics and IHPs. 13Jan8pm. Discussion of paper on loss of FFM after #BariatricSurgery led…
07-01-2021 11:57
Really pleased to be a part of the first monthly @bariatricBOMSS journal club. Come join us at 8pm next Wednesday 1…
07-01-2021 00:51
RT @AbdTahrani: A guide for #obesity management in primary care with @helen_parretti Dr Hasan Chowhan @Mpmok @DrDenisePsych @BrocqSarah wh…
15-12-2020 22:33
Thank you for the goodie bag @UHDBTrust! What a nice idea...and yes, the Skittles were open within seconds.
15-12-2020 22:30
@UHDBAHPs Thank you!
12-11-2020 22:54
@Liz_Bonnett It was great to finally meet you Liz! And thank you, let me know your thoughts.
12-11-2020 22:53
Happy to share our recently published paper investigating the main barriers and facilitating factors when accessing…
12-11-2020 15:57
RT @bariatricBOMSS: #bariatricsurgery is the most clinically effective and cost effective treatment for #obesity. The risk of complications…
02-06-2020 17:38
@Paulsredemption @CarolCag6973 @UHDBTrust Now you’re doing the pushing! 💪🏻👊🏻
12-04-2020 11:01
Standard bariatric operational meeting...Cake is always the first agenda item. #embmi
12-03-2020 20:52
RT @iidris13: Our latest publication - Effect of Bariatric Surgery on Diagnosed Chronic Kidney Disease and Cardiovascular Events in Patient…
06-03-2020 10:28
Midlands Obesity Symposium 2020 - A great opportunity to connect and learn...Join us! #obesity #embmi @UK_ASO
04-02-2020 18:56
Decorating the outpatient department with some recent work...on to the next project! #embmi @Al_Khyatt
31-01-2020 17:58
@lisadcfckeates I really appreciate your kind words Lisa, but we only give the do the hard work!
24-01-2020 22:46
@Al_Khyatt Thanks for all your help and support Waleed!
24-01-2020 21:32
Fantastic #BOMSS2020 Conference with the team! Topped off with the poster of distinction prize...Thank you to the o…
24-01-2020 20:00
RT @ECPObesity: Day 2 of #BOMSS2020 in Aberdeen, promoting #peoplefirst language with @BrijMadhok & @kenclare
24-01-2020 14:38
Bariatric portion for a bariatric conference #BOMSS2020
22-01-2020 17:03
@kellierose51 I’d hate to know what they call over 40s!
20-10-2019 17:00
First 10k done. Happy with the time...not so happy with being classed as a ‘senior male’. @ Sherwood Pines
20-10-2019 14:55
RT @KatiePattinson8: Let's celebrate the AHP role within our service. #EMBMI dieticians, psychologists, physiotherapists @LPJPHP1 @GuyHoltA…
14-10-2019 15:09
@lisadcfckeates Non of that on a school night Lisa!
26-08-2019 21:05
Could get used to this new office
26-08-2019 20:12
Congrats @Paulsredemption...You’ve come a long way!
23-08-2019 21:37
10 miles, 28 obstacles. Great fun doing @ToughMudder at the weekend. Now time to recover...
19-08-2019 11:30
Nice idea...but what about us adults! Food shopping makes me hungry.
07-07-2019 21:34
2 years already...That’s flown by! Well done @lisadcfckeates
07-07-2019 14:43
RT @Mpmok: How does bariatric surgery work? Prof Batterham - but people may have different responses #rcgpobesity2019 #obsmuk…
25-06-2019 20:45
RT @davearterburn: Health Care Provider Knowledge Regarding Oral Contraception Effectiveness for Women with a History of Bariatric Malabsor…
24-06-2019 07:41
@lisadcfckeates @Paulsredemption Thank you Lisa...I hope you’re well!
19-06-2019 12:00
That’s a rap on this year’s #EMBMI symposium...Great talks and discussions around #obesity & #bariatricsurgery. See…
18-06-2019 20:58
@Paulsredemption Great to see you mate
18-06-2019 20:18
Great to catch up with @Paulsredemption - lucky to have a patient’s perspective at today’s event #EMBMI
18-06-2019 19:01
RT @drsherifawad: Round 2: @iidris13 takes no prisoners (vs @AbdTahrani) #embmi @obsmuk @UK_ASO 🥊🥊🥊
18-06-2019 18:29
Round 1 in the debate section - VLCD & lifestyle (@AbdTahrani) vs. Novel drug therapies (@iidris13) for the treatme…
18-06-2019 18:08
“Diets don’t work” - Big statement!Interesting talk about the genetic aspects of obesity #EMBMI #obesity @UK_ASO
18-06-2019 16:42
RT @altaf_awan12: Dr Austin delivering an interesting talk on #NALFD #EMBMI obesity symposium
18-06-2019 16:08
Excess skin surgery after weight loss - “No commissioning”, “postcode lottery” #EMBMI #obesity @UK_ASO
18-06-2019 14:30
RT @drsherifawad: Vaughan Keeley - Small prevalence observational study at Derby #embmi >60% patients in Bariatric clinics could have oedem…
18-06-2019 14:16
Up next..Group sessions vs. 1-1 lifestyle interventions: A systematic review #EMBMI #obesity @UK_ASO @sallyabbottRD
18-06-2019 13:02
RT @Al_Khyatt: Obesity is very expensive - £6.1 billion costs the NHS every year @iidris13 @UK_ASO @drsherifawad @Mpmok @AbdTahrani #EMBMI…
18-06-2019 12:15
First talk of the day - Preventing childhood obesity: An economists perspective #EMBMI #obesity @UK_ASO @EFrew12
18-06-2019 11:56
RT @bariatricBOMSS: We're supporting the launch of the latest @HealthAwarenessUK campaign on #weightmanagement, featuring Prof Kerrigan pre…
12-06-2019 17:47
Go team! Its great to spend time outside of work with these guys. #embmi #bariatricsurgery @Medtronic @UHDBTrust…
12-06-2019 11:39
@lizzyelsey @Al_Khyatt It was pleasure to speak and be a part of, thank you @Al_Khyatt for the invite
11-06-2019 19:46
A privilege to be a part of the #embmi bariatric surgery training day. Talking about my role in post operative care…
11-06-2019 18:14
RT @BrijMadhok: @Al_Khyatt @UHDBTrust @Schoolofsurg @pcleeder @LPJPHP1 @GuyHoltANutr Brilliant day for regional trainees. Talk on RYGB by @…
11-06-2019 15:09
RT @Al_Khyatt: @pcleeder “Principles of gastric band surgery & band related complications” .. Still about 10% of patients undergoing LAGB i…
11-06-2019 12:40
RT @Al_Khyatt: Dr David Hughes kicks start #EMBMI East Midlands registrars teaching day @UHDBTrust with interesting talk “Obesity Surgery:…
11-06-2019 12:09
RT @Mpmok: Great progamme put together by EMBMI/ASO Midlands network See below for more details @bariatricBOMSS @BDA_Obesity @DMEG_BDA @BDA…
16-05-2019 19:13
RT @UoN_CIEL: Our first speaker, @iidris13 with @UHDBTrust explaining the great impact bariatric surgery has on long-term reduction of type…
15-05-2019 22:14
It was a pleasure to speak at the #ObesityandDiabetesIPM event delivered by @UoN_CIEL. Discussing my role in the ba…
15-05-2019 10:08
RT @UoN_CIEL: "The MDT is key" @GuyHoltANutr discussing his role as a Nutritionist at the East Midlands Bariatric Metabolic Institute #embm…
14-05-2019 23:58
RT @helen_parretti: V excited to be part of a FREE obesity training day for GPs with an excellent programme : Plea…
11-05-2019 19:54
RT @cynthiamich: Statistics on Obesity, Physical Activity and Diet, England, 2019 @bariatricBOMSS @obsmuk @IfsoSecretariat…
09-05-2019 23:12
RT @bariatricBOMSS: Hello! If you are interested in #obesity and/or #bariatricsurgery or affected by #obesity or had #bariatricsurgery, ple…
08-05-2019 07:25
RT @Paulsredemption: 3yrs ago today on the left walking into the unknown weighed approx 43st in that pic. Now a healthy 17.7st and happy.…
06-05-2019 01:33
@Paulsredemption Good luck Paul!
24-04-2019 08:07
I will be talking about my role in the bariatric MDT at this great interprofessional learning event alongside…
15-04-2019 11:42
RT @Derby_LEAD: Looking forward to tonights bariatric support group @UHDBTrust with @GuyHoltANutr & @LPJPHP1 exploring how our behaviour st…
27-03-2019 22:00
RT @Derby_LEAD: Our amazing dieticians @UHDBTrust @LPJPHP1 @GuyHoltANutr are incorporating a coaching approach with their patients. #Healt…
15-03-2019 14:23
Interesting discussions at yesterday’s bariatric patient support group focused on health coaching and micronutrient…
28-02-2019 10:29
Homeward bound after a great conference. Thank you @bariatricBOMSS and all the speakers.
25-01-2019 20:00
Team Derby! @BrijMadhok
25-01-2019 03:27
RT @drsherifawad:’s link 2 #Shutins Britain’s Fattest People:Emily’s story @Channel4 that aired last night.See misery of life w…
24-01-2019 10:31
RT @Mpmok: Prof Rachel Batterham Obesity-a chronic disease. Not a lifestyle choice #BOMSS2019
24-01-2019 00:16
Enjoying all Ireland has to offer ☘️
23-01-2019 23:37
Powerful message.
23-01-2019 21:39
RT @Al_Khyatt: Great day at #bomss2019 training day with @GuyHoltANutr & Rita #EMBMI #UHDBTogether @UHDBTrust .. Excellent day so far. http…
23-01-2019 19:58
@KatiePattinson8 Agreed. Let us dietetic lot know how we can support you!
07-01-2019 15:34
@KatiePattinson8 That’s a shame! Would be good to see some physios at the training day for their input.
07-01-2019 15:21
Just booked on to the @bariatricBOMSS 2019 annual conference in Belfast. Particularly looking forward to the AHP tr…
07-01-2019 13:35
RT @ObesityAPPG: The APPG recommends the Government supports efforts by the clinical community to investigate whether obesity should be rec…
07-01-2019 13:28