Henna ♥️Riaz Brothers♥️ (@HBegum101)
RT @UmarRiazWorld: No one exposes 🧳 the way #UmarRiaz does. He decoded his game so well 🔥 #BiggBoss15 @realumarriaz @OrmaxMedia https:…
08-12-2021 23:58
RT @Fashionopolis: #AsimRiaz fans who are now supporting Pratiik in #BB15 do you remember who was supporting & fighting for Asim on social…
08-12-2021 23:57
RT @AsimRiazEmpire: [email protected] Looks like @justvoot heard #UmarArmy say SUBSCRIBED VOOT FOR UMAR. Because #UmarRiaz is all over the…
08-12-2021 22:49
RT @TheReaIKhabrri: @ColorsTV doing all the things they used to do in early weeks. sidelining Umar, giving his credit to someone else, b…
08-12-2021 22:48
RT @iamrealmuzzu: #BiggBoss15 Biggest Twitter Battle Popularity Poll Retweet and Like if #UmarRiaz is Your favourite Contestant. https://t…
08-12-2021 22:44
RT @ColorsTV: Wohoo! @realumarriaz bante hai iss round ke winner 🎉 @BeingSalmanKhan #BiggBoss15 #BB15
08-12-2021 22:42
RT @BIGGBOSSFC2: #BiggBoss15 Popularity Poll. Retweet and Like if #UmarRiaz @realumarriaz is Your favourite Contestant. https://t.co/x…
08-12-2021 18:57
@BiggBoss_Tak #Umran is the best
08-12-2021 18:57
RT @Nasrin94168059: #UmarRiaz's every word is so sweet & point to point 😘 UMRAOjaan ❤ https://t.co/vwLfnoYDfh
08-12-2021 18:55
RT @Akshay9000Gupta: #RashamiDesai ne mast bajadi pratik ki. Dada banne ki havit hain pratik ki😂😂 @TheRashamiDesai on fire. #BB15LiveFeed h…
08-12-2021 18:54
Yes you're right, this is just to defame #UmarRiaz as he is the most popular contestant in BB15 https://t.co/TyPPYZbfzJ
08-12-2021 18:50
RT @TEAMASIMFC: Manushi being MBBS can do Movies than why can't #UmarRiaz follow his passion & have two profession. Kabir Singh ko appre…
08-12-2021 18:45
RT @superboredgirll: Some issue with Bichukle using the washroom and a problem he has. But the way Rashami spoke here 🔥 https://t.co/8NhZS…
08-12-2021 18:44
RT @AsimUnity: Umar Riaz Exposing Pratik Game Plan Clear In Thoughts 🔥🔥 But Ye Telecast Nhi Karnge Isiliye Yaha Dekhlo Sab Log 😍❤🤪 #UmarR…
08-12-2021 18:42
RT @shxnaya: Umar Riaz Exposing Pratik Game Plan Clear In Thoughts ⚡🔥 #UmarRiaz #BiggBoss15 https://t.co/2gUJw1w6WA
08-12-2021 18:04
RT @its_dsk: Umar & teja ka argument ho raha background main & LF main POTTY-LEENA dikha rahev https://t.co/HYPoPqWvBO
08-12-2021 18:02
RT @King_Sidharth1: Naam - Potik Sehajpal.. Kaam - Maar khana Uske bad - Rona Dhona.. Favourite card - Sympathy Card khelna.. Uske bad - VI…
08-12-2021 17:39
RT @JThakers: According to me non of the wildcards ( VIP ) deserve to become finalist , this is totally unfair for others who are there in…
08-12-2021 17:36
RT @KartikLite: Guys go n Search @realumarriaz On Google 10 times in a row. Make him trending there.. This is very important for Ormax List…
08-12-2021 17:35
RT @Bollyspy_: #BiggBoss15 #UmarRiaz vs #PratikSehajpaI. Aap Kise Kar Rahe Ho Support? RT🔄 Umar LIKE❤️ Pratik
08-12-2021 17:34
UMAR DESERVES TO BE FINALIST He truly does #UmarRiaz https://t.co/QfBzGX3QPO
08-12-2021 17:33
RT @ltsRubioIogy: Let's face it. #PratikSehajpal is fake, all he does is all about games, he is not showing his filthy real side. and #Ka…
08-12-2021 17:32
RT @amitbhatia1509: #BIggBoss15 case against #UmarRiaz for not properly tagging the designer, and at this point of game when he being appre…
08-12-2021 17:31
RT @AlwaysSidhearts: Thanks Pratik😂 for Talking Stand for #UmarArmy Sunlo Potik fan #UmarRiaz https://t.co/ljcMcSVbHJ
08-12-2021 06:10
RT @AsimRiazworld: .#AsimRiaz is only 3rd indian in top15 fashion influencers Such a big achievement. He is in first position male from i…
08-12-2021 06:08
RT @AryanDeshbhakt: !Umar To Gotik! !Ab Vip khtm ho gya ab dekhte he gotik kiski chaatega - Lmao! !Who all agree RT who don't agree get los…
08-12-2021 06:07
RT @SayaniGS: #UmarRiaz told #Rashami that 'KK, Teja, Rajiv keep askin me 2 prioritize them, help win task. But Im always thr 2nd priorit…
08-12-2021 06:07
RT @reallumarriaz: Khoob jamega rang jab mil bethenge 4 yaar #Royalstage #UmarRiaz #UmarArmy #UmRash #UmRan https://t.co/P75ADF9Pgz
08-12-2021 06:04
RT @ItsMeRida_: This is Wrong Na 💔 Kk & Rajiv Want Umar Unko First Priority Pe Rakhe or Khud Ye Dono Ki First Priority Koi Or Ha?? #UmarR…
08-12-2021 06:03
RT @fairyXasim: Good Going #UmarRiaz Yahi Chahiye🥳 Play only for yourself the victory will be yours😎 https://t.co/4SpYpbugwp
08-12-2021 06:02
RT @NiyazMasoom: Umar Riaz is the winner of this season. Kahi likhe lelo ya SS lelo. Agar mere baat galat hua toh I will propose @eyehina…
08-12-2021 06:02
RT @TeamUmarTweets: Why the slow pace Umar lovers what happened to getting more content of Umar come on wake up smell the game one spot on…
08-12-2021 05:59
RT @sidsimFC: How can @ColorsTV be so biased towards #UmarRiaz. They are not even including him in the contestant's list on Twitter and Ins…
08-12-2021 05:58
RT @SonaliFan: POPULARITY WEEK 9 WINNER is Umar ⚡️ #BiggBoss15 #BB15 #BiggBoss Umar (2,664) ⚡️ Tejasswi (1,673) Karan (1,615) Pratik (7…
08-12-2021 05:57
RT @s44388929: Umar is nominated this week too guys!! This time we have to take it seriously !!!! Din raat multiple ids se vote kro!!!! 🖐️…
08-12-2021 05:57
RT @Asimhood: LiveFeed-- If Devo and Potik R Together then they r okay.. But Rashami Hold Umar's Hand Or Talking to him then they r Snapp…
08-12-2021 05:57
RT @BB15LiveFeed1: The kind of things #Devoleena is saying about #RashamiDesai during the task. YUCK. How was she even her 'BFF'? Serious…
08-12-2021 05:57
RT @GelaniGirish: BiggBoss nahi sudhrenge😂💯! #umarriaz #UmarArmy @realumarriaz @ColorsTV https://t.co/aPs8txI4je
08-12-2021 05:56
RT @Stone_warrior29: Exactly It Seems as if Being a Doctor is a Curse for him in this Show SUBSCRIBED VOOT FOR UMAR
08-12-2021 05:55
RT @Fashionopolis: Yet another boring episode of #BiggBoss15. @ColorsTV we want to see more of #UmarRiaz and not this VIPs. Bas hogaya. Sho…
08-12-2021 05:55
RT @Fashionopolis: Unsubscribing @VootSelect. There is too much of Pratiik, Devo, Rakhi, Ritesh, Abhijeet and Rashami. I am not paying mone…
08-12-2021 05:53
RT @TheReaIKhabrri: DOCTOR k profession ka mjak udane wale wahi hai na jo 'chowkidar', 'bawarchi' or 'daily soap k actor' wali baat ka mudd…
08-12-2021 05:52
RT @iamrealshamshad: Pratik agar ott Nhi direct yahan aata to Koyi Nhi jaanta use, lekin agar #AsimRiaz Nhi b aaya hota tab b #UmarRiaz apn…
08-12-2021 05:52
RT @Hayakhan1820: #UmarRiaz #UmarArmy @OrmaxMedia @ColorsTV @realumarriaz @BiggBoss @VootSelect @EndemolShineIND
08-12-2021 05:51
RT @ShrutiA10396332: Rashmi to umar: Aj raat ko kambhal me baithungi tumhare sath . Umar : ignored Rashmi : suno na , thodi der k liye kabh…
08-12-2021 02:07
RT @its_dsk: Potik : I don't need alliance, main khud ki mehnat se aage asoongs kisi ki help se nahi. Same potik was happy jab dumbo , ca…
08-12-2021 02:06
RT @iamrealshamshad: this is not done, have lost all respect today for @BeingSalmanKhan atleast you should watch the show before you judge…
08-12-2021 02:05
RT @VividhaK007: Sach bolu toh I have lost interest on #BiggBoss15 completely. Just watching for #UmarRiaz Otherwise this shitty show is…
08-12-2021 02:05
RT @iamnomaanellahi: No doubts FASHION ICON ASIM RIAZ
08-12-2021 02:03
RT @IamAsimRiaz01: This guy give me more reason to stan him #UmarRiaz gave cough syrup as soon as Kk cough has coughing issues Which shows…
08-12-2021 02:03
RT @TrueKhabri: #UmarRiaz fans it's High time to raise your voice. @BiggBoss are cutting the scenes of Umar. #BiggBoss15
08-12-2021 02:03
RT @vishalkotian07: #Umar is the most deserving contestant to win the show. He has given his 100% into this show🏆❤️ #UmarRiaz #Vket2021 #B…
08-12-2021 02:02
RT @BeingSadiqIslam: Both are lonely ..... all others are in jhund Voting option to hai hi nahi @BiggBoss @VootSelect #UmarRiaz #RashamiDe…
08-12-2021 02:02
RT @SameerYasir8: Aaj umar ko dhikaya hi nhi, why are @ColorsTV sideline him Fashion ICON UMAR
08-12-2021 02:02
RT @MaryemAbid6: #UmarRiaz is sad k for me KK is first & Rajiv is second priority! But rajiv ki shamita or KK or teja ki wo dono hai ! Me k…
07-12-2021 22:12
RT @BollySpy: #BiggBoss15 #UmarRiaz vs #PratikSehajpaI. Aap Kise Kar Rahe Ho Support? RT🔄 Umar LIKE❤️ Pratik
07-12-2021 22:08
These guys are acting as if #UmarRiaz is not even in the show https://t.co/0FxfXTsFqb
07-12-2021 22:08
RT @jadoreasim: Pratik didn’t have problem when other vips were biased but #RashamiDesai not choosing him is biased 😂🤣👏🏼 Slow claps lol #B…
07-12-2021 21:06
This Tweet from @HBegum101 has been withheld in: Turkey.
07-12-2021 21:05
RT @TrueKhabri: Guys time to support the most deserving player. Ab Colors ka favourite winner nahi banega , Winner wahi banega jo haqdar h…
07-12-2021 21:03
RT @BB15LiveFeed1: Promos, episodes, Live Feed, social media try as hard as your want @ColorsTV @justvoot @VootSelect to curb, stop, demoti…
07-12-2021 21:03
RT @BB15LiveFeed1: Since Sunday night so little of #UmarRiaz is being shown on the livefeed, it's beyond evident, the camera 50% of the tim…
07-12-2021 21:02
RT @KKundrraFeeds: Lost track of the show will catch up to it soon #KaranKundrra https://t.co/x9YbNmPw6U
07-12-2021 21:01
RT @KKundrraFeeds: Looks like #KaranKundrra Played solo in task today and the way he shut rajiv up 👏👏👏 These days everyone comes and tells…
07-12-2021 20:59
RT @Umariaz_TM: Today I can say and this might hurt many but truth be told. True fans of #UmarRiaz didn't cared for tagline, they just wa…
07-12-2021 20:57
RT @narula_ofc: Round 2 :- 🪙 BIGGEST FRIENDSHIP BATTLE🪙 Which JODI is most real Like for #pranish Retweet for #umran [ Round 1 #pranish…
07-12-2021 20:57
RT @umar123fanclub: My First periority is #UmarRiaz My 2nd periority is UmarRiaz My 3rd periority is UmarRiaz ..... ........... .........…
07-12-2021 20:56
RT @TheRealKhabri: #UmarRiaz Deserves respect and is favourite to Win #BiggBoss15 He is unnecessarily being targeted by makers to make the…
07-12-2021 20:56
RT @HamaraUmar: #UmarRiaz vs pratik and umar was bajaoing pratik umar: tu sirf VIPs ki chaat tha hai tere paas dimaag nhi hai tu sirf bols…
07-12-2021 20:56
RT @TeamSidharth_FC: Why is the camera on #TejRan they are literally silently sitting? How can @ColorsTV be so biased towards #UmarRiaz. Th…
07-12-2021 20:55
RT @ItsRubiology: BIGGEST BATTLE ON TWITTER Who is the Strongest Male Of #BB15 ? Retweet 🔁 For #UmarRiaz Like ❤ For #KaranKundrra https…
07-12-2021 20:55
RT @BollySpy: Brotherhood And Togetherness 😎✌️ #AsimRiaz Tweets For Brother #UmarRiaz @imrealasim @realumarriaz #BiggBoss15 #BB15 https:/…
07-12-2021 20:55
RT @glamsham: Bigg Boss 15: Asim Riaz’s motivational message for brother Umar Riaz #glamsham @imrealasim @realumarriaz #AsimRiaz #UmarRiaz…
07-12-2021 20:54
RT @BiggBoss_Tak: #UmarRiaz Ranks No.1 Contestant of #BiggBoss15 for Week9 on #BiggBoss_Tak Polls Congratulations to all the fans who vote…
07-12-2021 20:54
Smart, Intelligent, Handsome #UmarRiaz https://t.co/BPHMrJf8qu
07-12-2021 20:54
RT @IamAsimRiaz1: [email protected]'s latest tweet for his brother @realumarriaz ❤️✨ #AsimRiaz | #UmarRiaz | #BB15 | #BiggBoss15 | #UmarArmy |…
07-12-2021 20:53
RT @realitytv_media: #BiggBoss15 Popularity Poll. Retweet and Like if #UmarRiaz is Your favourite Contestant. #RealityTv https://t.co/E…
07-12-2021 20:52
RT @TheRealKhabri: I have never seen #UmarRiaz being aggressive in the show, he has not pinned anyone down, he has not pushed anyone like h…
07-12-2021 20:44
Is this for real ? What happened there did I miss something ? #UmarRiaz https://t.co/KAXyhy3bzr
07-12-2021 20:29
RT @Bollyspy_: Umar is the most deserving contestant to win the show. Hes given his 100% into this show🏆❤️ #UmarRiaz #UmarArmy #UmarIsTheB…
07-12-2021 20:17
RT @TheRealKhabri: #BiggBoss15 Biggest Twitter Battle Popularity Poll Retweet and Like if #UmarRiaz is Your favourite Contestant https://t…
07-12-2021 20:04
RT @Thehuntbegins01: Let's see who will hold the trophy in Big Boss 15 finale?? 🤩🤩💪 RT🔁 for #umarriaz Like❤️ for #KaranKundrra #umar…
07-12-2021 20:02
RT @KartikLite: We are watching ur show for @realumarriaz , 50% are watching for him!! I don't understand why u r again n again sidelining…
07-12-2021 19:56
RT @MediaPieTak__A: Here #UmarRiaz destroying Lone warrior 🤣🤣 #UmarArmy #BiggBoss15 https://t.co/wZlthxrpXY
07-12-2021 19:37
RT @AwaraPa41942458: Rashmi is saying false things against Umar . Karan wants Umar save na ho. He is preferring Nishant over Umar. So who i…
07-12-2021 19:36
RT @Umariaz_TM: Live feeds se bana hai Umar ka game, kya aap log samjh jate ki umar ke sath kaisi hinsa hui? Kis tarah usko pool mein fenka…
07-12-2021 19:34
RT @faisaltalks: Abhi main concern LF se sidelining hai guys. Jaa kar ek baar reddit thread dekho live feed ka, everyone is annoyed Umar ko…
07-12-2021 19:33
RT @Rabia50992106: Respect for Doctor @realumarriaz Doesn't matter u WIN or loose. Ur already ruling million 💕 💞 ♥ The show will come & go…
07-12-2021 19:30
RT @Ashwi9Bajaj: So Prateek target #UmarRiaz on his profession!!! N said, "Salman ne joote marne h tujhe". So sad to see this! Mocking som…
07-12-2021 19:29
RT @iamnomaanellahi: UMAR RIAZ- -He is a doctor -He is a great son -He is an amazing brother -He is an amazing entertainer -He is humbl…
07-12-2021 06:54
RT @Chetana_CND: None of the hms in 15 season have played these many cards like pratik did Mother card Sympathy card Lone warrior card Vic…
07-12-2021 06:53
@nafisakhanx @indiaforums Karan & #UmarRiaz #UmRan
07-12-2021 06:49
RT @BB15ND: Now a days #UmarRiaz not winning any of the polls.People saying he is not getting much votes Bigg Boss is insulting him as well…
07-12-2021 06:46
RT @TejranL: Oh my god... I laughed soo hard here..😂😂 Umraao 🙌🏻😂 #UmTejRan #TejRan 🧿💫 https://t.co/DcW0S1Xi8r
07-12-2021 06:45
RT @ANUSHKASUHANI: He is so Cheap Potik 🤮🤮 #UmarRiaz
07-12-2021 06:43
RT @Asimhood: LiveFeed-- KK and Umar is only who is thinking About Game and Future Smartly... According to LiveFeed 10lakhs Decreases Fro…
07-12-2021 06:43
RT @siddikha87: Don't u think there should a massive trend against rangu and makers for sidelining #UmarRiaz #UmarArmy
07-12-2021 06:42
RT @Chetana_CND: #UmarRiaz - “Taqdeer mein jo hai, woh koi nahi cheen sakta” So doesn't matter how hard anyone tries to portray him cluel…
07-12-2021 06:42
RT @MediaPieTak__A: Ohh god Umar 😂😂🙏🙏 #UmarRiaz #BiggBoss15 #BB15 https://t.co/hmodRywYK5
07-12-2021 06:37
RT @the_khabri1: Once ur had Told #AsimRiaz " You're the most Trending Contestant of BB13 " Now #UmarRiaz come out & See, You're the most…
07-12-2021 06:34
RT @KartikLite: Why u all tensed about promo? When bb showed umar in their promo except 2 or 3 only. Ryt? So take a chill pill n concentrat…
07-12-2021 06:33
RT @BB15LiveFeed1: #RashamiDesai has promise #Devoleena that she won't remove her if the Non VIPs accept her deal, on the other hand Devo h…
07-12-2021 04:38
RT @Dante10782260: jo #PratikSehajpal asim fans hai #UmarRiaz ke paas..aisa tana marta hai in debate against him. ek kaam karo so called as…
07-12-2021 04:35
@ColorsTV @realumarriaz @realsehajpal @BeingSalmanKhan MERE DIL KI DHADKAN UMAR hai #UmarRiaz
07-12-2021 04:28
@ColorsTV @realumarriaz @realsehajpal @BeingSalmanKhan #UmarRiaz is the best
07-12-2021 04:28
@ColorsTV @realumarriaz @realsehajpal @BeingSalmanKhan We love #UmarRiaz
07-12-2021 04:28
@ColorsTV @realumarriaz @realsehajpal @BeingSalmanKhan He has a golden heart #UmarRiaz
07-12-2021 04:27
@ColorsTV @realumarriaz @realsehajpal @BeingSalmanKhan #UmarRiaz rocks
07-12-2021 04:27
@ColorsTV @realumarriaz @realsehajpal @BeingSalmanKhan #UmarRiaz is the most dignified
07-12-2021 04:26
@ColorsTV @realumarriaz @realsehajpal @BeingSalmanKhan #UmarRiaz is a gem
07-12-2021 04:26
@ColorsTV @realumarriaz @realsehajpal @BeingSalmanKhan #UmarRiaz will lift the 🏆
07-12-2021 04:25
@ColorsTV @realumarriaz @realsehajpal @BeingSalmanKhan #UmarRiaz is the winner
07-12-2021 04:25
@ColorsTV @realumarriaz @realsehajpal @BeingSalmanKhan Only #UmarRiaz
07-12-2021 04:24
@ColorsTV @realumarriaz @realsehajpal @BeingSalmanKhan #UmarRiaz @realumarriaz
07-12-2021 04:24
@ColorsTV @realumarriaz @realsehajpal @BeingSalmanKhan #UmarRiaz
07-12-2021 04:23
@ColorsTV @realumarriaz @realsehajpal @BeingSalmanKhan NO RETWEETS ONLY COMMENTS FOR #UmarRiaz
07-12-2021 04:23
@ColorsTV @realumarriaz @realsehajpal @BeingSalmanKhan Guys ONLY COMMENT FOR #UmarRiaz IF YOU RETWEET THEN VOTE GOES TO PRATEEK
07-12-2021 04:22
@ColorsTV @realumarriaz @realsehajpal @BeingSalmanKhan Guys only comment for #UmarRiaz DO NOT RETWEET
07-12-2021 04:20
@ColorsTV @realumarriaz @realsehajpal @BeingSalmanKhan Do not retweet, only comment for #UmarRiaz
07-12-2021 04:19
RT @_Riddhi1609: Teja is definitely asleep KK had cough Umar gave him syrup.. He slept again.. Try to sleep fam.. Try to manifest a great…
07-12-2021 04:12
RT @aditi7506: Watch this two clips carefully! This is the reason I keep mentioning #DivyaAgarwal in my tweets while tweeting about #UmarRi…
07-12-2021 04:09
RT @bilkis_sheikh4: Oh bhai saab.. Yeh toh khiladi nikla. Isse Pehle mujhe laga tha it was genuine connections with the girls but Yeh dekh…
07-12-2021 04:07
RT @MagarRimma: Pratik ki chaplusi kaam aagai aaj.. tavi to #UmarRiaz was bang on wid his points...n Umar n Teja both were better than ps .…
07-12-2021 04:05
RT @BBmarathinewz: #UmarRiaz truly deserves to win nomination task.. he was on point.. Unlike #PratikSehajpal jo sirf bhaukne mai khudka g…
07-12-2021 04:04
RT @AbidaSwabnam: Jitna bhi target karlo umar will shine more @BeingSalmanKhan @BiggBoss @ColorsTV MERE DIL KI DHADKAN UMAR
07-12-2021 04:03
RT @kartik_613: For all those ppl who say only asim fans are supporting #UmarRiaz I wasn't there on twitter during bb13. I watched only th…
07-12-2021 04:01
RT @vidhi_pandya7: I don’t understand why umars profession is been brought up every now and then ? #BB15 Mai game khelne aaya hai na ki doc…
07-12-2021 04:00
RT @iamrana: @Umariaz_TM @realumarriaz @ColorsTV I like Umar Riaz. I love his sense of fun. Whenever I watch it's for him, Karan and Rajeev
07-12-2021 04:00
RT @UmarArmy07: All the runner ups of bigboss 15 in one frame. we all know whose the winner. One and only one UmarRiaz MERE DIL KI DHADKA…
07-12-2021 01:51
RT @TheReaIKhabrri: #BiggBoss15 Biggest Twitter Battle Popularity Poll Retweet and Like if #UmarRiaz is Your favourite Contestant https://…
07-12-2021 01:51
RT @Media_Tak1: For those who are saying "It was by mistake" Dekho...Kaise U Turn maara devoleena ko dekhe. https://t.co/PyDrWigs31
07-12-2021 01:51
RT @JThakers: Shame....!
07-12-2021 01:49
RT @ColorsTV: [email protected] ko lagta hai #AbhijitBichukale ka andaaz uncomfortable. Retweet if you agree! @BeingSalmanKhan #BiggBoss15 #BB15
07-12-2021 01:17
RT @BeingSadiqIslam: Kahe ka Single khel raha hai pratik🤣 Saare Vip to bas uske liye hi kel rahe hai Sabke sab #UmarRiaz ke khilaf hi khel…
06-12-2021 22:20
RT @meUmarRiaz: I have never seen a Annoing person like Pratik in whole BB history ।। Can't Tolerate anymore This 🐂 shitt Hinsa,fair, ak…
06-12-2021 21:15
RT @Chetana_CND: Not interested in rakhi ritesh ka fake breakup story #BiggBoss15
06-12-2021 21:15
What is this Where is #UmarRiaz @ColorsTV ? https://t.co/db22c8eakm
06-12-2021 21:14
RT @DivyaHeartz: We dont need a trend. We need a movement. 🙂 They are oppressing #UmarRiaz too badly now. He is a shinning star but bunch…
06-12-2021 21:07
RT @fairyXasim: Salman didn't even give #UmarRiaz chance to keep his point on WKW Bcz he knew vry well that if he let it speak for even 1 m…
06-12-2021 21:05
RT @its_dsk: Umar was Brilliant in Putting forward Genuine Points.. But Everything was Pre Decided But public ko pata to Chala Yeh Vip ke…
06-12-2021 21:04
RT @Umsim0: Ye mai hu .. girl .. hahaha MERE DIL KI DHADKAN UMAR https://t.co/wXnEQ1pHdT
06-12-2021 19:16
RT @das_manya: Guys keep trending ...please don't slow down .... MERE DIL KI DHADKAN UMAR https://t.co/DfEBZht5KO
06-12-2021 19:16
RT @IamAsimRiaz01: [email protected] please take action against this account that is repeatedly vilifying @realumarriaz on his religion first, no…
06-12-2021 19:15
RT @TeamUmarTweets: Task Master is all prepared to rocking the task !! « MERE DIL KI DHADKAN UMAR » #UmarRaiz https://t.co/RIlsr6DAjT
06-12-2021 19:13
RT @Iam__PraShantt: WE LOVE PRINCHI coz she is just so amazingly beautiful in and out !! It doesn't matter how many times you fall, what…
06-12-2021 19:13
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06-12-2021 19:12
RT @Zeeshan59181744: MERE DIL KI DHADKAN UMAR WE LOVE PRINCHI @IamPrinchii “A strong friendship doesn’t need daily conversation and doesn’…
06-12-2021 19:12
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06-12-2021 18:05
RT @nirmutweets: Now I m remembering 'Mein Bhi Asim ki GF' wala trend & all the boys who were part of this haha Boys are you guys there in…
06-12-2021 18:05
RT @Euphoric_Shaila: A gentle reminder that from Today onwards each one of us will search Umar Riaz's name on Google and YouTube atleast 20…
06-12-2021 17:57
RT @isalilsand: #BiggBoss15: #SalmanKhan was so right, #ShamitaShetty Didi is straight from #BuckinghamPalace!! Uff Itna Attitude!! Also, D…
06-12-2021 17:55
RT @raviranabjp: STOP DEFAMING DOCTOR UMAR Somtimes when you speak truth , people don't accept it. सत्य परेशान हो सकता है, लेकिन पराजित…
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RT @Fashionopolis: When Rashami was outside she never once spoke about #UmarRiaz or supported him. She always spoke about Karan, Teja, Jay…
06-12-2021 16:20
RT @iamrana: I've watched @BiggBoss15 off and on. Last night I felt there was unwarranted targeting of @realumarriaz for his profession an…
06-12-2021 16:17
RT @JThakers: Youtube has 44.8 crores, Twitter has 1.5 crores users in India...! Who is ruling Youtube from #BiggBoss15 ?
06-12-2021 16:16
RT @isalilsand: #BiggBoss15: why single out #UmarRiaz?? Why is be being pulled down for no reason or is it that @ColorsTV and @EndemolShin…
06-12-2021 16:15
RT @imrealasim: Time is the healer brother @realumarriaz main thing is now I see you strong like never before …. Keep your head up Real e…
06-12-2021 16:14
RT @___BuiltInPain: @YashasviShukla7 Ha bhai God protect him Insaff God k hath pa ha Ham ladenga STOP DEFAMING DOCTOR UMAR
06-12-2021 00:15
RT @4simplypurple: Umar said he ate so much spice that he has to drink a lot of water for it. He's telling Rakhi now that the way Rakhi w…
06-12-2021 00:15
RT @4simplypurple: Umar livefeed said that bichkule is veg but meat ghuma ghuma ke khushboo le raha tha. Lol. STOP DEFAMING DOCTOR UMAR
06-12-2021 00:15
RT @naukhez2: Near to 1m . Lets do it fast STOP DEFAMING DOCTOR UMAR
06-12-2021 00:15
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06-12-2021 00:15
RT @umarrochelle786: Sensible, Kind @realumarriaz while every1 was busy Arguing he still stepped up & called out 4 BB "A little act of kind…
06-12-2021 00:15
RT @AsimAcc: He knows Everything . I can bet on it. He will not Fall for her !!! STOP DEFAMING DOCTOR UMAR
06-12-2021 00:15
RT @realumarriazzz: Let's do it again. 1 Million+ tweets really soon. STOP DEFAMING DOCTOR UMAR
06-12-2021 00:15
RT @AsimRia61549130: Hey Fam can we do it 1M before 10:00 PM ??? STOP DEFAMING DOCTOR UMAR
06-12-2021 00:15
RT @Stone_warrior29: Halla bol guys they have to repsect the frontliners who served us and appreciate them instead of pointing fingers at t…
06-12-2021 00:15
RT @MaryemAbid6: As I heard there is no #UmarRiaz in tomorrow's Promo makers might sideline Umar again!! We are boycotting tomorrow's Epi…
06-12-2021 00:14
RT @Media_Tak1: Yesterday Salman gave one hint to Karan. "Tum aur Pratik kahi plan karke toh nahi aaye yaha aake fight karna sab ? Agar ka…
06-12-2021 00:14
RT @AsimKaFan143: @UmarRiazWorld Public ka winner is Dr Umar STOP DEFAMING DOCTOR UMAR @BiggBoss @OrmaxMedia @Banijayasia @ColorsTV @En…
06-12-2021 00:14
RT @ImRealScout: Being a doctor is an achievement. He suffers, fails, learns, fails again, fights and grows but never wants to give up...…
06-12-2021 00:14
RT @mahesh_kaushik1: 1 dctr ko apne merit and kabiliyt pe kam milta h naki ispe ki wo kiska beta h.same is wid other prffsn But in Bullywo…
06-12-2021 00:14
RT @KartikLite: OK, am free now, What's the count guys?? STOP DEFAMING DOCTOR UMAR
06-12-2021 00:14
RT @143all1: “You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose.” STOP DEFAMING D…
06-12-2021 00:14
RT @143all1: “Keep smiling, because life is a beautiful thing and there’s so much to smile about.” STOP DEFAMING DOCTOR UMAR
06-12-2021 00:14
06-12-2021 00:14
RT @YashasviShukla7: @___BuiltInPain Yaa bro. Hum log ek sacche Or dil-saaf insaan ke liye lad rahe. God will bless him & us. STOP DEFAMI…
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06-12-2021 00:14
RT @Aashi73781983: @SariyaXYZ10 @opinionated_her @4simplypurple Such a great people in BB15 STOP DEFAMING DOCTOR UMAR
06-12-2021 00:14
RT @asim_diehard: "A good doctor treats the disease, but the great doctor treats the patient who has the disease." STOP DEFAMING DOCTOR UM…
06-12-2021 00:13
RT @AkhtarRaza26: Let's do it again. 1 Million+ tweets really soon. STOP DEFAMING DOCTOR UMAR
06-12-2021 00:13
RT @YashasviShukla7: Don't worry. I m sure he won't fall for her. STOP DEFAMING DOCTOR UMAR
06-12-2021 00:13
RT @serious_Akash: Promo sbko dikha dia Umar ka nahi dikhaya wa STOP DEFAMING DOCTOR UMAR
06-12-2021 00:13
RT @umarrochelle786: There is overwhelming evidence that the higher the level of self-esteem, the more likely one will be to treat others…
06-12-2021 00:12