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@PositronicWoman Yes!
04-07-2020 13:32
RT @5_on_: #TFTOYの面白さを伝え隊 かっこいい系を目指したフレンジーとランブル お気に入りのトイ写真 https://t.co/gaQn3bSqx2
04-07-2020 13:31
RT @222_ju: #原作の隣に自分の作品を貼る 未来を切り裂く刃! https://t.co/CPbpMJe8iP
04-07-2020 13:30
@sol0sii I love him alright
04-07-2020 13:16
#NewProfilePic https://t.co/Pjzi90MTIh
04-07-2020 13:10
@Ricken_art Aaaah wonderful 💕💕💕💕
04-07-2020 13:09
RT @yoshita99827294: ねこぬった https://t.co/4TEwhiqkaN
04-07-2020 13:03
RT @NikkitaOliver: I wasn’t there but talking to people who were for the last hour and seeing the video has me fucked up. People need immed…
04-07-2020 13:02
RT @kohquette: ✌️ #aerti #ff7r https://t.co/nicWJqHjG9
04-07-2020 12:35
RT @ling_extra: strongest rabbit miruko❤👑 #BNHA https://t.co/6Gu00CvOiz
04-07-2020 12:32
@HBJohnXuandou What’s that character XIII from?
04-07-2020 12:32
RT @LukewarmHoliday: Apparently people don't know how E burst works so here https://t.co/vJUuhl2dwa
04-07-2020 12:29
RT @rm0rms: 👻 https://t.co/pMxQyNqAut
04-07-2020 12:28
RT @starshadowmagic: 迷 宫 饭 多 人 运 动 见 链 接 https://t.co/lqzC3b6YZN https://t.co/E50Yrs40Cs
04-07-2020 12:28
RT @starshadowmagic: 继续迷宫饭涂鸦 https://t.co/rq76YuNf9V
04-07-2020 12:27
RT @starshadowmagic: 在迷宫饭里看到杀人小兔兔真是梦回龙冠wwww想来那也是个把地城里干掉的所有怪都一锅炖了吃的游戏呢…… https://t.co/aVGOSXIRIH
04-07-2020 12:27
RT @KinosKe39: 扇風機に群がるNHG(なぞの日焼けガールズ)の絵を描きました。 暑がってくるくせにヘッドホン付けてるのは性癖とでも思ってください。 #mkgk 79 https://t.co/W4kQZRHoYD
04-07-2020 12:27
RT @KinosKe39: ケーキを奪い合うNHG(なぞの日焼けガールズ)の絵を描きました。 #mkgk 81 https://t.co/l3dzlL7MRJ
04-07-2020 12:27
RT @Nyattoberry: ...eeyori....... https://t.co/kl76vDWRii
04-07-2020 12:26
@Burlee_Girlee Get some rest fam
04-07-2020 12:26
RT @sueokitype: 古明地姉妹 https://t.co/oX7Crnx7mO
04-07-2020 12:22
@PositronicWoman Wild take possible I love Robocop 2
04-07-2020 12:14
RT @tokugifs: RoboCop 2 (1990) https://t.co/BA8Cu1ZQmB
04-07-2020 12:14
RT @csyday829: 初雪/Pramanix https://t.co/ryo7g0asGw
04-07-2020 12:09
RT @LarrySubramania: This was a purposeful attack, plain and simple. Pray the driver is brought to justice. #seattleprotests https://t.co/y…
04-07-2020 12:09
RT @GRUBTHOR: whenever i think of MGSV i think of this post https://t.co/jmDV3bFqxs
04-07-2020 11:58
RT @adamant369: RQ大鳳 https://t.co/8dri1KFUqg
04-07-2020 11:57
RT @mokkimori: だーく☆ぺがさす https://t.co/bXHvlvDHpF
04-07-2020 11:16
RT @jnovelclub: Yuri fans, rejoice! From the author of "Sexiled" comes “A Lily Blooms in Another World”; after ending up in an otome game,…
04-07-2020 11:14
RT @Yuyucow: The latest episode of Pokemon Twilight Wings had the most thorough animation effort so far and that's a high bar to clear. The…
04-07-2020 11:12
RT @naphthalines: still looking for housing options in the seattle area, im 23 and trans and relatively neat and unchaotic lmk 🦋 trying to…
04-07-2020 11:08
RT @tokimekiwaku: yumemi 事情 https://t.co/WRPmNNZgUf
04-07-2020 11:08
RT @VIZMedia: But first - don’t forget our upcoming anime releases! Inuyasha, Set 1 coming July 14, 2020! https://t.co/EtuY5QnHOB
04-07-2020 11:04
RT @VIZMedia: We have a special message from Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon series writer Katsuyuki Sumisawa! Please look forward to this n…
04-07-2020 11:04
RT @VIZMedia: Tokyo Ghoul: re Complete Box Set is coming this Fall! https://t.co/fddsPLNeit
04-07-2020 11:03
RT @VIZMedia: Maison Ikkoku: Collector’s Edition, Vol. 1 releases this Fall! https://t.co/Yw3fg8kIxI
04-07-2020 11:03
RT @VIZMedia: Ready for more manga? We have tons of new series coming your way! Junji Ito’s Venus in the Blindspot releases August 18! htt…
04-07-2020 11:03
RT @Dr55246231: ちょっとお知らせ。 ダキがご飯食べる短いお話詰めた本を近いうちに通販で頒布予定です。 B5/全60p/フルカラー よろしくお願いします~! https://t.co/65YQwCUufF
04-07-2020 11:00
RT @baceNYC: Shinku and other experiences I had in 2019-2020 as a female in the FGC Read: https://t.co/IB2iTLAEfT
04-07-2020 10:59
RT @hiyadamya: てんしの日だったんですってね https://t.co/qIos9p4DlX
04-07-2020 10:49
RT @LucasBrownEyes: They're arresting Lakota people protesting on Lakota land now.
04-07-2020 10:49
RT @nekonabe18: フォロワーさん(@kasaori )のイラストを自分の絵柄で描くやつ 描かせてもらいました 傘君さんのさてはええぞ。。。。 ええぞ。。。。 https://t.co/ma0GcA97jr
04-07-2020 10:37
RT @nekonabe18: 13 https://t.co/kBu7K1qGHL
04-07-2020 10:37
RT @nekonabe18: https://t.co/Gp7vtV9dzJ
04-07-2020 10:37
RT @nekonabe18: でき~ https://t.co/WoZ6ey3haK
04-07-2020 10:37
RT @nekonabe18: #毎月13日はサーティーンの日 https://t.co/rsWm92umvW
04-07-2020 10:34
RT @nekonabe18: さーてーん https://t.co/N84KMDhd37
04-07-2020 10:33
RT @stalkeralker: Wanna know about witches? https://t.co/lweF7vhPPv
04-07-2020 10:24
RT @fxstc1996: 俺はアラレちゃんで行く! たぶん最強😁 #レディ・プレイヤー1 https://t.co/UPrG0e5Nd8
04-07-2020 10:19
RT @ebis_chan55: マシュマロリクエストから 👿スパイク兄妹😈 https://t.co/ueCEzVr0oW
04-07-2020 10:19
RT @skysign_FT: #巴絵 巴さんの新衣装が綺麗でとても良かった…😌 https://t.co/XJPAYbsfNV
04-07-2020 10:19
RT @C3R0M3R: Tourists C #명일방주 #明日方舟 #アークナイツ https://t.co/a1aKw6Jxof
04-07-2020 10:14
RT @WilliamsChan_: Barnes. https://t.co/s1H71f1kA6
04-07-2020 10:12
RT @dreamboum: Masao Ogino worked with Grasshopper Manufacture for 6 years before joining Remedy. It's such an impressive resume to have wo…
04-07-2020 10:09
RT @Rebirth_Photos: I have faith that July won't b- https://t.co/zgqDBydxrR
04-07-2020 10:08
@anxiouscowboy Twisted Wonderland character
04-07-2020 10:08
RT @ChiboAway: がさっと1122リガヤチン https://t.co/58ZG1fjcjB
04-07-2020 10:08
RT @o_a_tmeal: つまりさ https://t.co/J7KgFGG9Ns
04-07-2020 09:41
RT @galsteaks: big sister type #hannibal https://t.co/tmOu4k4NwO
04-07-2020 09:41
RT @DoubleE1218: 👑🚒 性癖:攻抓著受舔腋下,受羞恥的掙扎但是掙脫不開(過於複雜) https://t.co/eZb7RLDtVb
04-07-2020 09:41
RT @ym_838: ゴスマリルークさん描けた!👻 https://t.co/E0n1z53GlX
04-07-2020 09:41
RT @to03ko18se: ゴスマリ🏹! https://t.co/MdjBbELWqt
04-07-2020 09:41
RT @ym_838: #ツイステファンアート ルークさん🏹 https://t.co/9gxwzEDvnU
04-07-2020 09:41
RT @ele_nnk1201: めっちゃ可愛い攻めくん見て(仕上げ残19) https://t.co/Z0FCtLg3ui
04-07-2020 09:40
RT @roxan6915: プチDIO! https://t.co/NpIwxZExsc
04-07-2020 09:40
RT @Setsuakiishsh: https://t.co/uEUyYkqbXY
04-07-2020 09:40
RT @umeshiso_t: いろんなバイトするラギーくんをみたい🍩 #ツイステファンアート https://t.co/4K7ZDrk68c
04-07-2020 09:39
RT @Hot_Bid: All those people sending harassment and DMs about "fabricated screenshots" and false accusations, surely they will apologize n…
04-07-2020 09:39
Just cannot believe he really thought this was a smart point https://t.co/AXJjDplJnl
04-07-2020 09:32
RT @screamsinham: https://t.co/gZMRIdUlhO
04-07-2020 09:30
RT @Pan_Neji: このイフがかわいいと思わない? https://t.co/T2bZitTOY3
04-07-2020 08:29
RT @X1Ashe: https://t.co/fceybTHH4n
04-07-2020 08:17
RT @honzogonzo: I agree, let's start with people who lured community members into a cryptocurrency scam
04-07-2020 07:58
God this is the most transparent bullshit
04-07-2020 07:58
RT @Norue6: Been seeing a lot of people redrawing scenes from Zero, so here's Elpizo #zeroredrawchallenge https://t.co/lOccTDLERB
04-07-2020 07:58
RT @666pigeon: 모리가 연상인거 뇌피셜인 https://t.co/FNiLzMDdt0
04-07-2020 07:57
RT @666pigeon: 로드리 젤좋 https://t.co/Cz1nraKArH
04-07-2020 07:57
Fuck off you piece of shit & be months late on paying people rather than spouting some devils advocate shit https://t.co/FNyPkcYuRF
04-07-2020 07:57
RT @totu_q: Bloody Roar 3 casuals (2 Jul. 2020) added. https://t.co/m7t1hj5Bxe
04-07-2020 07:27
RT @Azusa1019: 【FGO】毎日の種火周回の前のトレーニングカイニス! こちら、30tになります(◔౪◔) #FGO 💪🏋️💪 https://t.co/c84jQJl1VK
04-07-2020 07:27
RT @fivemegos: 👑🐉 raihan thinks he's small https://t.co/jKoAcAlowz
04-07-2020 07:24
RT @qoochan2001: #できたてころね 🐶完 成🦴 https://t.co/y3j9DKoadv
04-07-2020 07:16
@MagsRevere Closest is the Charge Rifle innit
04-07-2020 07:09
RT @sheepytia: THEY'RE HERE!! Restock on Trans + Bi pins PLUS Agender and Pan pins!! $12 each BUT if you buy 3 or more, you get a hot 15% o…
04-07-2020 07:01
RT @Fe3hSins: art thread! Here's all my ferdibert works (my OTP www), other pairings etc, as well as commission info below! https://t.co/c4…
04-07-2020 07:00
RT @jnovelclub: We’ve saved the best for last! The legendary fan-favorite “Slayers” light novel series by Hajime Kanzaka will be published…
04-07-2020 07:00
RT @Mappo_M2: お準備 https://t.co/XW7i5Ezg02
04-07-2020 06:58
RT @Mappo_M2: 💜💜 https://t.co/DcHellxmUA
04-07-2020 06:57
RT @Mappo_M2: お昼寝ダンホプキバちゃん🏆🐏🐉 https://t.co/rFiUbTI4OC
04-07-2020 06:56
RT @Mappo_M2: チャンピオンダンデ https://t.co/a4vHivndzK
04-07-2020 06:55
RT @Mappo_M2: 道には迷うが心は大層真っ直ぐな青年と道には迷わないが心のどこかに迷いのあった少年…ダンホプ兄弟……グッ… https://t.co/OHpH00Qcud
04-07-2020 06:55
RT @Mappo_M2: ※ポプくん幼児化 パパみのあるダンデを描きたかっただけ https://t.co/OAlwzhf5bw
04-07-2020 06:55
RT @ionomycin: Keeper https://t.co/Z5hf8LRPCf
04-07-2020 06:54
RT @woofycakes: BLUE REVOLVER: DOUBLE ACTION Original Soundtrack is now available on bandcamp! Owners of BLUE REVOLVER can enjoy the new so…
04-07-2020 06:52
RT @takatuki_iti: ミッドナイト先生 https://t.co/MHn4A7y08C
04-07-2020 06:40
@dot_lvl Touhou Mountain of Faith imo
04-07-2020 06:35
RT @toumoro_22: 海開き〜!🏝🐚 住民さん…水着は着ないのですか…?😳 https://t.co/cGZsIZPjKd
04-07-2020 06:24
RT @sakurai_umi_: 【おじさまと猫 60話(前編)】 パパさん不足 本編の60話(前編)が更新しました! 続きはこちらです↓ https://t.co/J9HEbHGqXA https://t.co/zwntndvkDZ
04-07-2020 06:15
RT @romyavery: the gofundme to help homeless black trans women still haven't reached their goal of $3M, but they're at $2.6M and could stil…
04-07-2020 06:15
@HBJohnXuandou You’re making this up
04-07-2020 06:09
RT @LukewarmHoliday: Made a quick MBON burst guide for beginners https://t.co/RqC4PL2JN8
04-07-2020 05:48
RT @crulge: Fuck Chuck Wendig https://t.co/WsjQZ3amUZ
04-07-2020 05:41
04-07-2020 05:41
04-07-2020 05:36
@silencedrowns LEEEEEEET’S GO
04-07-2020 05:36
RT @Lun88757583: 【Eli and his monster boyfriend】 Eli:I'll help u to wash ur back! Hastur:No,i can... Eli:If we human can't help our lover w…
04-07-2020 05:27
RT @line_250: 지마 https://t.co/0wFFEq3h2Z
04-07-2020 05:27
RT @line_250: 클릭 https://t.co/k0EnEkj68a
04-07-2020 05:27
Send me any & all good Wen Zhului fics https://t.co/AE1lqVSEQx
04-07-2020 05:23
RT @chandeloor: 2B #NieRAutomata https://t.co/lP3C5nsJuQ
04-07-2020 05:15
RT @loy_roy_b: 😇😇😇 https://t.co/GgtbAdSI2q
04-07-2020 05:15
RT @GoodSmile_US: WonHobby Gallery 2020 Plastic Model Update! POP TEAM EPIC MODEROID Super Pipimi BARI Mode (Painted Prototype) Stay tune…
04-07-2020 05:15
@ThaDeezo One & only
04-07-2020 05:14
RT @Blankzilla: So I know I have a lot of followers who like comics but don't keep up This just got announced and sounds rad It's from St…
04-07-2020 05:14
RT @bunnycartoon: I wonder if they'll localize it to Himbo High School 😂
04-07-2020 05:14
0 20077
RT @AAAAAGGHHHH: https://t.co/Y5bK3Bsgiq
04-07-2020 05:13
RT @REALpunknews: Four Guys Standing in a Field Somehow Not a Band https://t.co/Iv0X3tXcv9
04-07-2020 05:12
0 12734
04-07-2020 05:12
0 14344
RT @AAAAAGGHHHH: https://t.co/g5urmpT9nt
04-07-2020 05:12
RT @Ruru_Berryz: 【WonHobby Gallery 2020 ONLINE & OFFLINE】 figma Max Factory x Good Smile Company Hime & Iida Splatoon 2 #ワンホビG #maxfactory…
04-07-2020 05:12
@KeliraTelian Why I wish more FGs would do non FG spinoffs cuz I know hella people that would vibe with the charact… https://t.co/cZ1QWg9LgH
04-07-2020 05:08
@PITBUSTAR Wait People don’t typically send money Friends/Family style?
04-07-2020 05:06
@KeliraTelian IDK how much you know about Under Night but theirs definitely some characters you’d like aestheticall… https://t.co/NdAg9GD0QN
04-07-2020 05:05
@Bboy_Izilla She was so goddamn cool, prolly finally gonna learn her when I get USFIV on PS4
04-07-2020 05:02
CW CSA & Assault These niggas Zerk & Unknown should never be allowed within 30 feet of an event ever again. This s… https://t.co/bhiDKwX8JU
04-07-2020 05:00
@Drewchuck_ Hold on I’m older than you
04-07-2020 04:58
RT @hanavbara: purple night 💜🌙 #SUNMI #pporappipam #보라빛밤 https://t.co/YICagXACce
04-07-2020 04:54
RT @kirbcen: #StreetFighter #decapre https://t.co/Z52bcNDGlU
04-07-2020 04:54
@ginkun312 💕💕💕💕💕
04-07-2020 04:53
RT @ginkun312: 好久沒畫這兩個可愛 #halbarry https://t.co/luf7b8vitg
04-07-2020 04:53
RT @ginkun312: All WILL BE... #halbarry https://t.co/dufwgGtAYy
04-07-2020 04:53
RT @ginkun312: セイボリー…cute https://t.co/sLBohb0zIu
04-07-2020 04:53
@thenipahhut Good Lord Miz, I’m so sorry this happened
04-07-2020 04:45
RT @Homisima_: 不知为何满脑子都是那个捏猫猫耳朵的gif https://t.co/veTfNTcpW0
04-07-2020 04:43
God that pic of @EbonicPlagueBB is just iconic https://t.co/ZszIuPRNGA
04-07-2020 04:18
RT @AohadaPeach: Had a dumb quick idea https://t.co/CR331pzpru
04-07-2020 04:17
RT @taba00000: まりんさん https://t.co/oe2VeOp0KS
04-07-2020 03:45
RT @SleepyBasilisk: rogueyoshi emotionally manipulated me, lied about having terminal brain cancer, has been a creep to a lot of people and…
04-07-2020 03:03
RT @fussybabybitch: If you want to see how the coronavirus crisis interacts with the rent & court systems this is a fun little thread of la…
04-07-2020 02:59
RT @ningiou: So yeah every weekend until release Gundam Maxiboost is a having free open beta It’s 9GB, even if you’re not into Gundam, try…
04-07-2020 02:59
RT @hatakeni831: ずっこけた https://t.co/MejVdun6q8
04-07-2020 02:58
RT @zenixdd: Jill #va11halla https://t.co/OL8eMh01qs
04-07-2020 02:47
@dokikinoko @livelymotion YEEEEEEEES Also you fool I told you about Gungrave yeeeeeears ago I will never steer you wrong
04-07-2020 02:45
RT @A_Zedig_Diboine: i dont have enough time to produce new muscly women content so have some old muscly women content instead https://t.co…
04-07-2020 02:44
Is Denpa just a digital only pub?
04-07-2020 02:44
RT @Ziege113: アタイの友達からのリクエスト 「博打で身ぐるみはがされた小汚いひと描いて^ ^」 https://t.co/ZLpxeEnZst
04-07-2020 02:43
RT @denpa_books: NEW TITLE ANNOUNCEMENT: Our first new property is very unique and new LOCKDOWN ZONE: LEVEL X written by: Remy Oishi dra…
04-07-2020 02:43
0 73119
RT @AntiFashGordon: wild how fast the cops can fire someone if they actually want to
04-07-2020 02:43
0 12262
RT @PaidbyAttention: Nobody: Sisqo in the Thong Song video:
04-07-2020 02:28
I am just a lowly support main hoping my team knows how to shoot
04-07-2020 02:20
RT @nunwithgun: good news everybody guess who's the tallest woman in the game #fedatamineparty https://t.co/xuD2uA7pHj
04-07-2020 01:53
The American Military is a War Crime engine of unfathomable evil but Vanessa Guillen deserves Justices & the domest… https://t.co/x4WorrQzgG
04-07-2020 01:53
@dot_lvl You carry big Orin energy but have Lorelei aesthetic
04-07-2020 01:50
RT @jewlari: No justice, No peace https://t.co/Bc8sFppiHM
04-07-2020 01:50
RT @oversized_frog: Hubert, like a cat, despises being wet. He also looks like a wet cat. Ferdinand laughs hysterically as Hubert tramps on…
04-07-2020 01:50
RT @oversized_frog: God just imagine it. Hubert and Ferdinand, standing side-by-side looking over water. Hubert lets loose a monotonic diat…
04-07-2020 01:50
RT @jouhou_bl: Nitro+ Chiral’s “Slow Damage” is coming this December!! Available now is a brand new PV, cast list, and comic release, avail…
04-07-2020 01:49
Paladins Ranked Grind #PS4live (Paladins) live at https://t.co/Tx0Y6x3Sax
04-07-2020 01:30
RT @spekulation: Holy fucking shit, they're just straight up denying residents access to their homes without an armed police escort...anyon…
04-07-2020 00:44
RT @six811217: 我今天就在翻我的資料夾而已😂 https://t.co/vBxnQF3WEP
04-07-2020 00:41
RT @chaseburnsy: SPD is going to court to force local media to hand over documents. That’s fucked up. “Granting the subpoena could foster…
04-07-2020 00:40
RT @souptheg: this scene from Community just Screamed #Eizouken to me so I hadda draw it #eizouken_anime https://t.co/qiMJjVdJQ2
04-07-2020 00:39
RT @scumbelievable: well i'm lin-manuel and i'm here to say when you cuss a swear that's not o-kay! https://t.co/CjzP8fbTwx
04-07-2020 00:39
RT @fishermantalks: here’s that hanneman sketch i was talkin about a day or two ago 👀👀 https://t.co/atZBSNLdp7
04-07-2020 00:38
That Zeef*xesart art account is 100% a Channer
04-07-2020 00:10
RT @Kusi_zaki: https://t.co/I4AuTkDkCF
04-07-2020 00:06
@TopTierHarley It’s real goooooood
04-07-2020 00:05
@TopTierHarley You watch Reincarnated as a Slime?
04-07-2020 00:00
RT @highimpactsex: just learned that abraham lincoln ordered the largest mass execution in history and it was ofc to indigenous people (spe…
03-07-2020 23:51
RT @HolyYuriMother: NEWS: Fantasy #Yuri series A WITCH'S LOVE AT THE END OF THE WORLD by @kujira92 licensed by @yenpress In a world where…
03-07-2020 23:49
RT @gomanga: Here's a little more info on our upcoming magical comedy manga series THE DEMON GIRL NEXT DOOR by Izumo Ito 👿✨🥰 https://t.co/X…
03-07-2020 23:47
RT @gomanga: Brand-new license announcement! THE DEMON GIRL NEXT DOOR (Machikado Mazoku) manga series by Izumo Ito, the comedic tale of a w…
03-07-2020 23:47
RT @gomanga: Here's a little more info on our upcoming high school comedy manga series REIWA HANAMARU GAKUEN by Kotobuki 💪😘💕 https://t.co/8…
03-07-2020 23:47
RT @gomanga: Brand-new license announcement! REIWA HANAMARU GAKUEN manga series by Kotobuki, an ultra cute and hunktastic high school comed…
03-07-2020 23:46
RT @gomanga: Here's a little more info on our upcoming romantic drama novel AND manga for Masaaki Yuasa's RIDE YOUR WAVE by Mika Toyoda, Re…
03-07-2020 23:46
RT @gomanga: Brand-new license announcement! RIDE YOUR WAVE novel and manga spin-off by Masaaki Yuasa, Mika Toyoda, Reiko Yoshida, and Mach…
03-07-2020 23:46
Aight this sounds dope as Hell https://t.co/sl5Hl6kSVY
03-07-2020 23:46
RT @gomanga: Here's a little more info on our upcoming dark fantasy light novel AND manga series BERSERK OF GLUTTONY by Isshiki Ichika, fam…
03-07-2020 23:45
RT @gomanga: Brand-new license announcement! BERSERK OF GLUTTONY by Isshiki Ichika, fame, and Daisuke Takino, the dark fantasy light novel…
03-07-2020 23:45
RT @koroguchi: 俺はメカゴジラでいく https://t.co/xfLMlK5poL
03-07-2020 23:39
RT @Oattions: So I spent too much time making a WMTSB Quiz for my friend who doesn't play GBF (but has to listen to me ramble about it), an…
03-07-2020 23:03
RT @cbu_cbuki: みれちゃん😺笑顔 https://t.co/9OwF4cSCOk
03-07-2020 22:55
@2dJazz @hecksmaniac Requiring a Parent/Guardian is iffy because it cuts out kids dealing with abusive home situations.
03-07-2020 22:54
RT @RedEye_rei: 뱀 싫어하고 좋아하는 사람 인식 차이 대충 이러할 듯 하고.. https://t.co/rpmVvfSoLL
03-07-2020 22:51
RT @KnippzCGL: I’d like to put together a replacement event for the players who no longer get to participate. If I make them free to ente…
03-07-2020 22:40
RT @Tweedy_FGC: Wanted to take a minute to give a big shoutout to Knippz. Man has put a lot of effort and resources into the NRS scene in t…
03-07-2020 22:40
RT @NAGGGGNE: 바론 ~ https://t.co/kmxYO5ggP3
03-07-2020 22:40
@dot_lvl Popukar
03-07-2020 22:39
RT @GxGrainSon: NEW stage made by @SchipTimmer this bg is simply amazing and feels like it has a lot of lore behind its creation :) Also d…
03-07-2020 22:37
RT @GxGrainSon: Super dope Nosferatu combo by TotalConnor from the Community discord #FGC #fightinggame #AC #Acruschroma #indiegame #indie…
03-07-2020 22:37
RT @djyoungvenom: I own a black owned alternative culture shop that sells records, comics, art toys, anime & manga toys. If ya know anyone…
03-07-2020 22:30
Can’t wait! https://t.co/j4EXHEaXfx
03-07-2020 22:29
RT @TRDM_ROTL: Terrordrome Reign of the Legends is coming to steam early access on the 24th of July with 5 playable characters and 5 stages…
03-07-2020 22:27
RT @OoCPokemon: The Unovan HMMMMMMMMMMMMM https://t.co/D3SE87pHgl
03-07-2020 22:13
RT @GMcustom00: Me and my family are victims of online/offline harassment: Read: https://t.co/5kQlpUuVAd
03-07-2020 22:13
RT @bootprince: wei wuxian please he was trying to read #wangxian #mdzs https://t.co/1rzaovDCqa
03-07-2020 22:11
RT @SelenitisDraws: Casual Piers 🦨 #PiersPokemon #ネズ https://t.co/pbFEHuselM
03-07-2020 21:59
RT @SelenitisDraws: Piers/ネズ https://t.co/eaxrISRPNf
03-07-2020 21:59
RT @SelenitisDraws: morning coffee ☕️ #ネズ #PokemonSwordShield https://t.co/hE4kzizFt3
03-07-2020 21:59
RT @LetItMelo: Tweaked a few nitpicks with an old favorite. Don't mess with a Ctarl-Ctarl. https://t.co/iGaBzQVILY
03-07-2020 21:59