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is almost impossible to trace. Daphne is 5'3, 110 pounds, and white w/ light brown hair & eyes; she would be 17 yea… https://t.co/BDaQ7XpIQR
07-03-2021 14:53
he has used approxomately 10 aliases including the name "Oscar Bourne". Westbrook is an IT expert who specializes i… https://t.co/W60RNaxvLK
07-03-2021 14:52
Santa Fe area. Westbrook & Daphne may use hair dye & false teeth to alter their appearances; they may try to travel… https://t.co/wRZ05h1jiX
07-03-2021 14:52
In February of 2021, Westbrook was seen in Colorado Springs, but it's not clear if Daphne was with him. Later that… https://t.co/Ng3qDsfJJR
07-03-2021 14:52
there for at least 24 hours. Daphne's father, John Oliver Westbrook, has been charged with aggravated kidnapping in… https://t.co/7drehT0TKl
07-03-2021 14:52
missing with her. On October 8th, Daphne called her mother from the Dalton, Georgia area to tell her she was not mi… https://t.co/J2GQ0CG2yi
07-03-2021 14:52
16-year-old Daphne Westbrook was last seen at her father's home in the 4700 b/o Florida Avenue in Chattanooga, Tenn… https://t.co/VO2wtDdxiJ
07-03-2021 14:52
wig. Contact the Birmingham Police Department's Special Victim's Unit at 205-297-8485 with any information about he… https://t.co/FyMhH7uEu4
04-03-2021 10:23
18-year-old Jordian Valentine was last seen in Wylam, Alabama on February 27th at 9:30PM. Jordian is 5'3, 135 pound… https://t.co/TIdXa5qCw4
04-03-2021 10:23
*Katlin Gallaread has been found safe.* https://t.co/JiIxdtUWgv
04-03-2021 08:12
Contact the Tuskegee Police Department @ 334-727-0200 or the Secret Witness Line @ 334-727-9865 with any informatio… https://t.co/hrqAH17lTI
04-03-2021 03:48
22-year-old Marquez Duncan, Jr. was last seen in Tuskegee, Alabama on February 23rd, 2021; he is a student at Tuske… https://t.co/H6V7YWIz19
04-03-2021 03:48
937-296-2555 with any information about Erica's disappearance. (Photos edited using Remini.) https://t.co/d0Df0PmXwS
03-03-2021 09:45
of one of her feet; she was last seen wearing a pink raincoat, a pink Winnie The Pooh sweatshirt, pale blue jeans,… https://t.co/XcqBdraisI
03-03-2021 09:44
unable to lead investigators to Erica's body. At the time of her disappearance, Erica was 3'10-'11, 65 pounds, and… https://t.co/R761ACfAxe
03-03-2021 09:43
In December of 2004, Gabriel told police he was the one who struck Erica & that he buried her body in Caesar Creek… https://t.co/VwzExx0eAC
03-03-2021 09:43
Place. They put Erica's body in the trunk & returned to his apartment where they smoked crack cocaine & discussed w… https://t.co/n7LxqdHiS0
03-03-2021 09:43
girlfriend Jan Franks, Clifford Butts, and Butts' girlfriend were on their way back to his apartment after stealing… https://t.co/p990KdAYQN
03-03-2021 09:42
Several days after Erica went missing, a pink Winnie the Pooh sweatshirt was found on a road in Germantown, Ohio; b… https://t.co/zL4LdbD83d
03-03-2021 09:42
At 3:45PM, a couple saw Erica & the dog sitting on a park bench near the pond. Twenty minutes later, they found the… https://t.co/7oiEUJeLpH
03-03-2021 09:42
February 7th marked the 22nd anniversary of 9-year-old Erica Nicole Baker's disappearance. Erica's father dropped h… https://t.co/fAceLlDlyS
03-03-2021 09:42
*Jalen Maxwell has been found safe.* https://t.co/sMQeQyRbo0
03-03-2021 08:38
*Abigail Toeneboehn has been found safe.* https://t.co/grdiC9OoRQ
01-03-2021 09:28
*February 6th marked the 6th anniversary of 28-year-old Cieha Annette Taylor's disappearance from Plant City, Flori… https://t.co/SMJ6YViHry
28-02-2021 13:50
*Savannah Childress has been found alive in Arkansas over a week after she went missing from Denton, North Carolina… https://t.co/SlpYUXedyG
27-02-2021 16:06
@ 503-823-0400 with any information about her current whereabouts. https://t.co/9hTi3I3ZCc
27-02-2021 16:03
ago; she has run away before but was found with her father's former neighbor. Sofie is 4'5, 72 pounds, and black w/… https://t.co/L6xkdwvf5B
27-02-2021 16:03
vanished; she took her personal belongings including her clothes & school laptop. Sofie was born is Sierra Leone; s… https://t.co/KgX5nTEFJd
27-02-2021 16:03
13-year-old Hassanatu "Sofie" Turay was last seen at her home on NE 81st Avenue in Portland, Oregon on January 9th… https://t.co/JY9BRWbncM
27-02-2021 16:03
missing. Contact the Michigan State Police at 989-875-4111 with any information about his disappearance. (Photos ed… https://t.co/IghXjnzEbm
24-02-2021 08:33
has an unspecified mental disability; he has never traveled outside the Middleton area or lived on his own for any… https://t.co/h4FxI2OmVs
24-02-2021 08:33
head, a birthmark on his neck, a large gap between his upper front teeth, and blisters on both of his feet; he was… https://t.co/w33pOchiDY
24-02-2021 08:33
his disappearance; during that time, she felt like people were following her, received threats, and had her car win… https://t.co/Pk77DWTZwo
24-02-2021 08:33
basket on the front to & from work but he left it at the gas station because a coworker had offered him a ride home… https://t.co/DGo0URHAOw
24-02-2021 08:33
his job at Fulton County Corners & evicted from his apartment. Brown was facing up to 5 years in prison if convicte… https://t.co/kHXfbuDjnG
24-02-2021 08:32
testify against his landlord & employer, Roger Eugene Brown. Glenn was allegedly with Brown when he entered another… https://t.co/7iLhLYFGNF
24-02-2021 08:32
Last Friday marked the 20th anniversary of 30-year-old Glenn "Lenny" Richard Hustin, Jr.'s disappearance from Middl… https://t.co/CTJXXvtErO
24-02-2021 08:32
seen wearing a black & white striped shirt, blue Bermuda shorts, teal shoes, black sunglasses, and a white face mas… https://t.co/iCaJLFu9wJ
23-02-2021 12:06
Drive at 11PM. Noemi loves nature; she recently graduated from Brigham Young University with a degree in wildlife e… https://t.co/EtyjTvhRGD
23-02-2021 12:06
from the observation deck at Anne Kolb Nature Center to her friend via Snapchat; they continued exchanging messages… https://t.co/S1drHmOGdf
23-02-2021 12:06
21-year-old Noemi Bolivar left her family's house in Hollywood, Florida on February 11th at 4PM to go for a walk. N… https://t.co/81iFLvBXP5
23-02-2021 12:06
@Parisina13F Yes, and they refused to look for him because he was listed as a runaway.
23-02-2021 03:24
Kristopher would be 20 years old today; he may wear glasses or contact lenses. Contact the Boston Police Department… https://t.co/t4xuZr6jER
22-02-2021 14:57
he had designs shaved into his hair. Kristopher was last seen wearing a navy blue polo shirt, a black sweater w/ re… https://t.co/pimasMzfBI
22-02-2021 14:57
Police believe Kristopher left of his own accord but it is unusual for a runaway to be gone for so long. At the tim… https://t.co/Doy29MIKZm
22-02-2021 14:56
corner of Morton Street & West Selden Street in Boston's Dorchester neighborhood. One of Kristopher's friends told… https://t.co/LTtbRsYA2Y
22-02-2021 14:56
Last Thursday marked the 7th anniversary of 13-year-old Kristopher "Kris" Bryan Lewis' disappearance. Kristopher wa… https://t.co/CkSyiNdtx3
22-02-2021 14:56
right arm or pinky; her nose is pierced & she was last seen wearing a black coat & black Ugg slippers. Contact the… https://t.co/jSR374L1m1
22-02-2021 14:38
20-year-old Nyrah Barner Curry was last seen in Paterson, New Jersey on February 11th; her phone pinged in downtown… https://t.co/FFbwlTJSgx
22-02-2021 14:38
@KaylaraOwl @zellieimani @BAM_FI @IHaveVanished @DisfunkGlee @aware_the @truecrimez_com @Yogini Thank you. This is… https://t.co/GH3u7PWyOr
22-02-2021 14:18
@KaylaraOwl @zellieimani @BAM_FI @IHaveVanished @DisfunkGlee @aware_the @truecrimez_com @Yogini I'm actually in the… https://t.co/5SrpQ0cUBs
22-02-2021 13:33
*Last Wednesday marked the 38th anniversary of 4-year-old Mitchell Deon Owens' disappearance from Menlo Park, Calif… https://t.co/rQY1EnlxNa
22-02-2021 03:09
*Last Tuesday marked the first anniversary of 59-year-old Abbie Flynn's day from Gloucester, Massachusetts.* https://t.co/g5URqPUsSX
20-02-2021 09:20
*Stephnie White has been found safe. One suspect is in custody.* https://t.co/lTk5ZJwOPG
20-02-2021 07:24
Police Department @ 415-553-0123 or the FBI @ 415-553-7400 with any information about Nicole's murder or Arianna's… https://t.co/iWNVWs0B9V
19-02-2021 07:51
the San Francisco, San Mateo, Oakland, Emeryville, Fresno, and Silicon areas. There is a $100K reward for informati… https://t.co/0MsS1zltVS
19-02-2021 07:50
Martins gave conflicting statements & stopped cooperating when police named them persons of interest in Arianna's d… https://t.co/oswNMzPAM1
19-02-2021 07:50
good grammar & spelling. On April 8th, Nicole's body was found buried in a shallow grave in John McLaren Park; the… https://t.co/8IPtskmlwB
19-02-2021 07:49
Nicole didn't own a car or know anyone named Sam. Less than half an hour later, Nicole's Facebook status was update… https://t.co/TM5oMNrXQd
19-02-2021 07:49
Goyette she was going to meet the babysitter at BJ's Restaurant on Third Street & would be home in about 5 minutes.… https://t.co/7Q3XHj44Nw
19-02-2021 07:49
her disappearance, Nicole went to work & helped a friend pick out clothes for a job interview. On the way back to N… https://t.co/X9Yp8ZIC7Q
19-02-2021 07:49
Martin she was ready to bring Arianna home, but they refused to give her up because the new home was "too far". In… https://t.co/lmXPCHiERt
19-02-2021 07:49
Services had removed Sendy from her father's home, and Nicole was fighting for custody. In January or February of 2… https://t.co/VtgPNtgX2G
19-02-2021 07:39
& Helen Martin; she trusted them because she knew they didn't get along with Briggs. Hearne lived with a roommate i… https://t.co/zveDiCGfLz
19-02-2021 07:38
Claire picked Nicole & Arianna up from Briggs' house & brought them to their home in Santa Cruz. Briggs started sen… https://t.co/W1rUGTSALt
19-02-2021 07:38
feet. Nicole met a street pastor named Lemasani Briggs while she & Arianna were living in a homeless shelter in 201… https://t.co/Sm0dbqhT7C
19-02-2021 07:38
with her daughter Sendy, her younger sister Contessa "Tess" Fitts, and Tess' girlfriend Claire Bonnar. Nicole got p… https://t.co/vyGUI0G9O1
19-02-2021 07:38
February marks the 5th anniversary of 2-year-old Arianna Fitts' disappearance from Oakland, California. Arianna's m… https://t.co/6ka5rM2SqS
19-02-2021 07:38
green pants w/ gray, orange, and green camouflage stripes on both legs, and a black face mask. There is a $10K rewa… https://t.co/vw1RLpay21
19-02-2021 02:45
Antoine's friend said he seemed paranoid on the night of his disappearance. A friend spoke to him while he was on t… https://t.co/LpVx05DUZ4
19-02-2021 02:45
17-year-old Antoine Whittley left a friend's house in the 300 b/o Marina Way South on February 10th shortly before… https://t.co/tbIdx0Jr0j
19-02-2021 02:45
@KaylaraOwl I'm so glad Alexis' family will finally get to give her a final resting place. 💛🕯
18-02-2021 02:52
*Destiny Blackston has been found injured but alive. The investigation into her disappearance is ongoing.* https://t.co/uiiDKs20cf
16-02-2021 13:12
or people responsible for her disappearance. Contact the Bolingbrook Police Department @ 630-226-0600 or Crime Stop… https://t.co/L1Hgq0s944
16-02-2021 12:46
her lip; she was last seen wearing a pink sweater or sweatshirt, yellow sweatpants, and red house slippers. Rachel… https://t.co/ZPid5PKbPa
16-02-2021 12:46
youth leader at First Baptist Church; she was described as being intelligent, responsible, bubbly, and kind. At the… https://t.co/6X4c2WbPsk
16-02-2021 12:46
found a steak knife & a children's book titled "Daddy Kisses" under her bed. In 2000, police obtained a warrant to… https://t.co/QbsE1ybgON
16-02-2021 12:46
broke; she slept outside one of her friend's houses & returned home the next morning. Later that year, Rachel wrote… https://t.co/ZpZwyuTexr
16-02-2021 12:46
against him for hitting her, pushing her down the stairs, and making threats against Rachel; the two reconciled & t… https://t.co/B8bjUh191z
16-02-2021 12:46
behind all of her personal belongings including her winter coat & shoes; the only things missing from her room were… https://t.co/0W3SvymuQZ
16-02-2021 12:30
brought him back to the house with the help of a local real estate appraiser. Police looked into the possibility Ra… https://t.co/lP8tKcsCo4
16-02-2021 12:30
a rabbit in a nearby field; Mellon figured the dog would find its way home & returned home at 3PM. Rachel's 6-year-… https://t.co/3C8T9f18wp
16-02-2021 12:30
hung up. Rachel & Mellon played Nintendo together that afternoon until she decided to take a nap. Mellon told polic… https://t.co/fNSHfVYP2p
16-02-2021 12:30
stayed home from school with a sore throat on January 31st, 1996. Rachel called her grandmother at 10:45AM after re… https://t.co/8RgL73NZ08
16-02-2021 12:30
Last Sunday marked the 25th anniversary of 13-year-old Rachel Marie Mellon Skemp's disappearance from Bolingbrook,… https://t.co/dYVfDmRbie
16-02-2021 12:30
*Last Saturday marked the 32nd anniversary of 13-year-old Illene Beth Misheloff's disappearance from Dublin, Califo… https://t.co/xZJ5GoW27K
16-02-2021 00:56
brown hair & hazel eyes; she was last seen wearing a long black housecoat, a gray T-shirt, blue jeans, and black sh… https://t.co/8PvxCGE9xJ
15-02-2021 11:10
#SilverAlert: 55-year-old Helena DuBoy was last seen leaving the English Village Manor Nursing Home in Atlus, Oklah… https://t.co/C2WcUeSi3J
15-02-2021 11:10
*Last Friday marked the 29th anniversary of 17-year-old Byron "Eric" Page's disappearance from Los Angeles, Califor… https://t.co/hbt6vn6Rv0
14-02-2021 12:55
*RIP Tiara Lott. Tiara's body was found on the train tracks near Wex Avenue. Her death is under investigation but f… https://t.co/wqwzKFBsBD
14-02-2021 12:49
Department @ 501-321-6789 with any information about his current whereabouts. https://t.co/Xm7WlfcZO2
14-02-2021 12:08
several tattoos including "April" on his neck, "Orena" on his arm, "All eyes on me" on his stomach, and a dragon on… https://t.co/BE3vkLFQWn
14-02-2021 12:08
47-year-old Joe Frazier was last seen in Hot Springs, Arkansas on February 3rd; he has missed several important dat… https://t.co/UtlvcBFjA1
14-02-2021 12:07
over 300 miles away, but there was no sign of Baby Andrew. Contact the Miami-Dade Police Department @ 305-471-2400… https://t.co/ALhK1pYtP2
13-02-2021 13:39
*Last Friday marked the first anniversary of 1-week-old Andrew Caballeiro's disappearance from Miami, Florida. Andr… https://t.co/fGqJdWdEdx
13-02-2021 13:39
@WilveriaS No problem. I hope your family gets closure soon. 🙏🏻
13-02-2021 03:58
years old today. There is a $140K reward for information leading to Elaine or the arrest & conviction of those resp… https://t.co/La6Z2OzZTo
13-02-2021 03:49
a cow skull & a moth on her left arm, and a dagger on her right arm; her ears & nose are pierced. Elaine was last s… https://t.co/jZa125Phpp
13-02-2021 03:49
including "Crazy Stupid Love", "Desperate Housewives",a "E.R.", "MADTV", and "Role Models". At the time of her disa… https://t.co/SaEvm5Gnw8
13-02-2021 03:49
College & police looked into the possibility that she committed suicide, but they no longer believe she took her ow… https://t.co/UajHclvlQS
13-02-2021 03:49
without searching the family's property. Elaine, who suffered from depression, was going through a rough patch at t… https://t.co/WEpECIVZVu
13-02-2021 02:59
Elaine's personal belongings including her cellphone, laptop, backpack, driver's license, and her money were in the… https://t.co/etJwvhvsnO
13-02-2021 02:59
Daylight Savings Time ended. Elaine's car, a gray 2015 Honda Civic was found abandoned on the left side of the 2600… https://t.co/XzZ5Echyuc
13-02-2021 02:59
tried to convince her to stay but the security camera showed her leaving the house at 6:05AM; she didn't seem distr… https://t.co/wZhXNNLeqj
13-02-2021 02:59
lived in his parents' guesthouse. A CCTV camera showed them getting into an Uber that took them to AMC Promenade 16… https://t.co/EO9zgfwgQt
13-02-2021 02:59
Last Thursday marked the 4th anniversary of 20-year-old Elaine Park's disappearance from Calabasas, California. On… https://t.co/jduuI0IvO4
13-02-2021 02:59
803-427-4209 with any information about his disappearance. (Photos edited using Remini.) https://t.co/nNxHWCO2us
12-02-2021 02:14
time of his disappearance, Shelton was 6'1, 225 pounds, and black w/ black hair, brown eyes, and a dark-colored bir… https://t.co/MbZy9Lttqr
12-02-2021 02:13
look for him. Cellphone records show Richardson was using his cellphone in the area where Shelton's car was found o… https://t.co/kOUlurj8Ey
12-02-2021 02:13
Richardson's neighbors reported hearing three gun shots from his home on Olympia Avenue. When police brought him in… https://t.co/ULv94qIEI6
12-02-2021 02:13
had been there since he went missing. In 2005, Shelton's former roommate, Mark Anthony Richardson of Columbia, was… https://t.co/G5WTJZgdf9
12-02-2021 02:12
time of his disappearance. The car, a white 1988 Oldsmobile Regency w/ a sun roof, a "Carolina Richardson for Treas… https://t.co/tb2y8FAIsU
12-02-2021 02:12
was an administrative information management student at USC & a computer technician at the University's Department… https://t.co/DIIeGm6Rnm
12-02-2021 02:12
25-year-old Shelton John Sanders of Rembert, South Carolina was last seen at the Embassy Suites hotel in Columbia,… https://t.co/l0p9bSzDYc
12-02-2021 02:12
information about her disappearance. (Photos edited using Remini.) https://t.co/IjHmUsZG8V
11-02-2021 12:52
wearing a white long-sleeved terrycloth blouse, a dark-colored hoodie, blue jeans, and gray work boots. Jessi suffe… https://t.co/2xSPMP0KJt
11-02-2021 12:52
she was killed while hanging out with a group of 7-10 people at El Rio Beach or near Neshannock Creek & that her bo… https://t.co/EIjURKGPQM
11-02-2021 12:52
disappearance & sometimes engaged in prostitution to support her addiction; she had previously stayed at a motel ne… https://t.co/yoIRb7kLVo
11-02-2021 12:52
Last Wednesday marked the 8th anniversary of 25-year-old Jessi Machell Brumley-Short's disappearance from Shenango… https://t.co/ryLrOeCGh2
11-02-2021 12:52
information about Amanda's disappearance. Call 911 or the Greene County Sheriff's Office @ 205-372-1854 with any in… https://t.co/nuBUNTQJEQ
10-02-2021 12:52
32-year-old Amanda Sharde Burnett was last seen at Circle K Gas Station on US Highway 11 in Knoxville, Alabama on J… https://t.co/m1V1P2THWB
10-02-2021 12:52
*Whitney Lulloff has been found safe.* https://t.co/XB4kxS4VQ7
10-02-2021 11:15
@holdensmomma1 It looks like she was found safe. 💛
10-02-2021 11:15
information about her disappearance. (Photos edited using Remini.) https://t.co/J8DQYknhBu
10-02-2021 11:05
hair, brown eyes, and a burn scar on her abdomen; she was hearing-impaired, suffered from clinical depression, and… https://t.co/Skc2r3Vw8Z
10-02-2021 11:05
monthly social security checks through a payee, but she hasn't collected any of the money since she went missing. T… https://t.co/BxqqFwDOK5
10-02-2021 11:05
Last Tuesday marked the 15th anniversary of 28-year-old Tiffany Marche Phelps' disappearance from Henderson, Kentuc… https://t.co/xSeRVdOagR
10-02-2021 11:04
*Last Monday marked the 32nd anniversary of 16-year-old Michael Omas Masaoay's disappearance from San Francisco, Ca… https://t.co/Dhijn8i3Qe
08-02-2021 23:00
eyes; she may wear large fake eyelashes. Contact the Butte County Sheriff's Office @ 530-538-7671 or 530-538-7322 w… https://t.co/ItEzLbTvQP
08-02-2021 13:09
but Tatiana's family is concerned about her welfare. All of Tatiana's belongings including her Honda Accord were fo… https://t.co/HFJ4xxzQWv
08-02-2021 13:09
communication was a phone call with her mother on January 7th; they spoke for about an hour & she seemed fine. "Mar… https://t.co/QdS9ks1zZH
08-02-2021 13:09
Oroville & traveled to Oakland with a man named "Marcos" or "Marcus"; they were staying at the Westwind Lodge near… https://t.co/UHM3JRhzXe
08-02-2021 13:09
18-year-old Tatiana "Tati" Sunshine Dugger was last seen in East Oakland, California on January 8th, 2021 around 2A… https://t.co/up2NSMxEac
08-02-2021 13:08
today. Contact the Palestine Police Department @ 903-731-8422 with any information about his disappearance. (Photos… https://t.co/RxjKVxEj4V
08-02-2021 07:28
black hair, brown eyes, and "CC" tattooed on his inner left forearm; he was last seen wearing a blue Lugs sports s… https://t.co/v1mftMgEVi
08-02-2021 07:28
Last Sunday marked the 22nd anniversary of 24-year-old Craigory "Craig" Lamar Cofer's disappearance. Craigory was l… https://t.co/cXm9NytSgO
08-02-2021 07:28
*RIP Kaylah Blackmon & Michael Beasley. Kaylah's body was found several days after Michael was found dead in Witchi… https://t.co/JmPtCKdZ7w
07-02-2021 13:03
*Carolyn Jones has been found safe.* https://t.co/MOsgOMfOS0
07-02-2021 12:59
@UTMinorityAware @PMorris185 @KeithBeauchamp @SarahRudolp @jboogiebrown @SpeakTruth911 @RenagadeGirl @TheOralBuffet… https://t.co/fv3X1aJWYD
07-02-2021 12:56
253-798-4721 or the FBI @ 202-324-3000 with any information about her disappearance or the possible suspect's ident… https://t.co/7CSrNbdlzP
07-02-2021 08:47
sneakers, and carrying a clear purse w/ a fish design that contained Starbursts. Teekah has asthma & was being trea… https://t.co/ijmTxitfPN
07-02-2021 08:47
natural red highlights, brown eyes, a large birthmark & light discoloration on her left buttock, light discoloratio… https://t.co/D7xYFxVmGi
07-02-2021 08:47
know his name. A few weeks later, a white man w/ curly hair tried to lure a 6-year-old boy from the alley by preten… https://t.co/jXu2KrymTq
07-02-2021 08:47
the children's father chased him off & he fled in a blue 1995 Potiac Grand Am. In November of 1998, a 4-year-old bo… https://t.co/3dTyxHVohb
07-02-2021 08:47
wearing blue plaid shirt & faded jeans. A witness reported seeing a maroon Pontiac Grand Am leaving the parking lot… https://t.co/2x5Onwkmqn
07-02-2021 08:47
exits. Another witness reported running into a white man carrying a biracial girl he later identified as Teekah nea… https://t.co/LC2JUKAQXY
07-02-2021 08:46
mother, Theresa English, told police she turned away from her for a moment & when she turned back around Teekah was… https://t.co/qXpjn0FOQQ
07-02-2021 08:46
Last Saturday marked the 22nd anniversary of 2-year-old Teekah Latres Lewis' disappearance from Tacoma, Washington.… https://t.co/XDI8ktgXpu
07-02-2021 08:46
718-827-3551 or the NYPD's Crime Stoppers Hotline @ 1-800-577-TIPS or 1-888-57-PISTA with any information about his… https://t.co/bBVcqKfA2r
06-02-2021 15:01
blue jacket, a red T-shirt, blue jeans, and black & white Michael Jordan sneakers. Patrick is of Puerto Rican; he w… https://t.co/lNN9FOzOaP
06-02-2021 15:01
it will be used to search for Patrick & benefit him if he is found alive. At the time of his disappearance, Patrick… https://t.co/umZIQh75YC
06-02-2021 15:01
polygraph. Several of Patrick's family members as far away as Maryland & Florida have accused each other of hiding… https://t.co/GChVgtN4Bi
06-02-2021 15:01
Patrick talked about running away to be with Rodriguez; Rodriguez's aunt told police she was planning to kidnap her… https://t.co/96jyf0fZrH
06-02-2021 15:01
cellphone rang; when she turned back around Patrick was gone. Patrick has ADHD & before he went missing, a judge or… https://t.co/Djn8AS6lok
06-02-2021 15:00
their father, aunts, uncles, and cousins appealed for custody of them but they were placed in a foster home in the… https://t.co/bDr9pEp9Tr
06-02-2021 15:00
Last Friday marked the 11th anniversary of 7-year-old Patrick "Lil Pee" Kennedy Alford, Jr.'s disappearance from Br… https://t.co/YTG1V0qn2U
06-02-2021 15:00
nor'easter. Nasyre is 4'10, 80 pounds, and black w/ black hair & brown eyes; he was last seen wearing a black jacke… https://t.co/4GYYs5FXe1
06-02-2021 13:08
10-year-old Nasyre Jones was last seen in the 1500 b/o Arch Street in Philadelphia's Center City neighborhood on Fe… https://t.co/3OlszzRybd
06-02-2021 13:08
would be 41 years old today; she may use the first names "Colleen", "Melanie", and/or "Rish". Contact the New Castl… https://t.co/NKU0hj16Ai
04-02-2021 05:28
her other upper arm, "Risha" on her wrist, "Jamie" on her calf, a multi-colored butterfly between her breasts, and… https://t.co/CJ2rWlu6SF
04-02-2021 05:28
clear how long it had been there. At the time of her disappearance, Risha was 5'3, 130 pounds, and black w/ black h… https://t.co/XDjJqjmxz8
04-02-2021 05:28
Elkton, MD; she called home on January 21st @ 1:30AM & said she was on her way but she never returned & hasn't been… https://t.co/gwbDkA9fdU
04-02-2021 05:27
Last Thursday marked the 15th anniversary of 26-year-old Risha Aleena Lewis' disappearance from Elkton, Maryland. O… https://t.co/rMIrXVFADT
04-02-2021 05:27
she went missing. Maria's nicknames are "Cholla" & "Little Munchkin"; she may use the surname Valenzuela. Contact t… https://t.co/t0MYvkInTN
03-02-2021 12:34
"Benavides" down her left calf, "Casper" on her upper right arm, and unspecified tattoos on her left fingers & righ… https://t.co/4nhwZSn9gv
03-02-2021 12:34
on January 20th, 1997 @ 10:30AM. Foul play is suspected in her case. At the time of her disappearance, Maria was 5'… https://t.co/cz0533l0C3
03-02-2021 12:34
Last Wednesday marked the 24th anniversary of 19-year-old Maria Antonia Mauricio's disappearance from Pheonix, Ariz… https://t.co/QZFkG0pata
03-02-2021 12:33
911 or Crime Stoppers @ 910-483-TIPS with any information about her current whereabouts. https://t.co/yio9ofB5AR
03-02-2021 09:27
Alzheimer's Disease & may frequent downtown; she was last seen wearing a blue shirt, black dress pants black socks,… https://t.co/OfY8KI6CWv
03-02-2021 09:27
56-year-old Priscilla Williams Sands was last seen leaving her home in 6000 b/o Charles Avenue in Fayetteville, Nor… https://t.co/6VsVAvV2is
03-02-2021 09:27
*Rebecca Daquin has been found safe.* https://t.co/kZNygMnCfH
02-02-2021 14:47
gray hair, blue eyes, and pierced ears; she wore glasses at the time of her disappearance. Clare would be 108 years… https://t.co/AznGe29wT7
02-02-2021 14:38
breakfast & was preparing lunch when she vanished. Clare was a very quiet person; she did not own a car. Clare did… https://t.co/bUj5V6lDQi
02-02-2021 14:38
wasn't collecting her mail. When police went to Clare's home to investigate, they found a cup of coffee & a contain… https://t.co/BCFwRMAc7S
02-02-2021 14:38
Last Tuesday marked the 30th anniversary of 78-year-old Clare Faulkner Ales' disappearance from Batesville, Mississ… https://t.co/hq8ohaVJs0
02-02-2021 14:38
Police Department @ 414-935-7272 with any information about her current whereabouts. https://t.co/1VPTQRSv5d
02-02-2021 13:59
13-year-old Sopherira "Fi" Lacy was last seen leaving her home near Hopkins Street & Lancaster Avenue in Milwaukee,… https://t.co/luUvoJhtHu
02-02-2021 13:59
the back of her neck; she wears a silver heart memorial necklace with her mother's ashes. Call 911, Investigator Mi… https://t.co/RUW6ZgCBtb
01-02-2021 13:57
31-year-old Karen Kristina Lee was last seen with her Maltipoo Sophie in the 18000 b/o Roosevelt Highway in Greenvi… https://t.co/41ZaHI46q0
01-02-2021 13:57
*Live Oak Doe, a transgender woman who was murdered in Live Oak, Texas in July of 1986, has been identified by the… https://t.co/NKbuK0V6Sn
01-02-2021 01:59
*Last Monday marked the first anniversary of 20-year-old Keeslyn Noelle Roberts' disappearance from Resaca, Georgia… https://t.co/FxeQfXqlV6
01-02-2021 01:27
"Perfectly Imperfect" on her wrists & her son's name on her lower back; she was wearing a blanket & no shoes at the… https://t.co/4xMKTgeFhY
01-02-2021 01:14
39-year-old April Berna was last seen at her home in the 1200 b/o Sullivan Lane in Reno, Nevada on January 9th, 202… https://t.co/wiH7sTssmj
01-02-2021 01:14
@WhatsUpAlice09 Unfortunately I haven't seen any updates on Maya's case except for police serving a search warrant… https://t.co/ljyNzhPkaq
01-02-2021 00:55
blue sandals. Veronica would be 24 years old today; she may wear glasses and/or use the surnames "Minjares", "Reyes… https://t.co/TgzglThZc2
31-01-2021 09:23
time of her disappearance 4'9-'11, 130-160 pounds, and white w/ burgundy hair, brown eyes, pierced ears, and a dark… https://t.co/2KXe6rG2YU
31-01-2021 09:23
Many people believe Veronica's case may be connected to the disappearance of 28-year-old Cieha Taylor; Cieha went m… https://t.co/9r22XzCx3f
31-01-2021 09:23
woke up their oldest son who told him she went outside. Veronica left behind all of her personal belongings includi… https://t.co/AOCkmTJa7K
31-01-2021 09:23
her up from her home later that night while her husband stayed at home with their 1-year-old son; the friend droppe… https://t.co/XtsDJx8RLM
31-01-2021 09:23
Last Monday marked the first anniversary of 23-year-old Veronica Marllen Reyes-Diaz' disappearance from Dover, Flor… https://t.co/27paKwi5eG
31-01-2021 09:23
UPDATE: There is a $10K reward for information leading to the location & return of Sydney West. The reward is set t… https://t.co/cyfn9WCUGl
31-01-2021 06:15
County/Colonial Heights Crime Solvers @ 1-804-748-0660 with any information about her current whereabouts. https://t.co/23M5MP9bcq
30-01-2021 13:15
days later. Jasmine is 5'8, 180 pounds, and black w/ black hair, brown eyes, and the words "Quincy" & "Elijah" on t… https://t.co/zEiRekyiy3
30-01-2021 13:15
24-year-old Jasmine Lina Alfreda Moore was last seen leaving her home in the 20100 b/o Rowanty Court in South Chest… https://t.co/ZI1S0uj5uh
30-01-2021 13:14
years old today; he may have a goatee. Contact the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Office @ 909-829-7311 with any i… https://t.co/yNi3KwwX7e
30-01-2021 09:44
left the area with an adult male. At the time of his disappearance, Daniel was 5'10, 135 pounds, and white w/ brown… https://t.co/ufdaH2fOni
30-01-2021 09:44
Last Sunday marked the 24th anniversary of 15-year-old Daniel Bradley Carver's disappearance from Bloomington, Cali… https://t.co/lTBSir8rr6
30-01-2021 09:44
13-year-old Hassanatu "Sofie" Turay was last seen at her home in Portland, Oregon on January 9th @ 12:30AM. Call 91… https://t.co/dKhmqb4JnR
30-01-2021 02:54
time of her disappearance, Mabel was approximately 5'5 & 115 pounds; she was black w/ brown hair, brown eyes, and a… https://t.co/SwnZiTRC8m
30-01-2021 02:52
Last Saturday marked the 45th anniversary of 16-year-old Mabel Louise Andrews' disappearance from Orlando, Florida.… https://t.co/tChQ2wS1tN
30-01-2021 02:52