J (@HuntersCantwell) — No 1. Don’t get shanked by a crackhead... @anja_bente
@sophsturningred Maybe this has something in it🤷🏽‍♀️ https://t.co/6u7KW3irr3
16-01-2021 00:41
@SeaveyDaniel I will. After I got the beats down
16-01-2021 00:05
@HunterRowland I know. I’m not ready to turn 20
15-01-2021 22:27
@HunterRowland Same babe. Same
15-01-2021 22:27
@JonahMarais Goodnight Jonah sleep tight
15-01-2021 20:44
@JonahMarais Jonah you should actually get some sleep! You’ll regret this in the morning
15-01-2021 20:33
RT @JonahMarais: i’ve waited for this day for years. our self written album “The Good Times and The Bad Ones” is officially out everywhere…
15-01-2021 20:33
My job interview went well now we wait until we hear back
15-01-2021 19:12
@HunterRowland Hee, how are ya?
15-01-2021 19:05
@HunterRowland Hee
15-01-2021 19:05
@HunterRowland Heyy
15-01-2021 19:05
I kinda wanna go and boy some mom jeans/ boyfriend jeans for the summer to kinda mix up my style. Idk.
15-01-2021 16:45
And we’re back at the dentist
15-01-2021 15:24
15-01-2021 15:21
@JonahMarais Grey
15-01-2021 11:04
Gotta go to the dentist in a few...
15-01-2021 10:29
@tgtatbomily Thankyou🥰
15-01-2021 09:44
@amyymatera Thankyou🥰
15-01-2021 09:44
@HunterRowland Idk. Don’t know him x
15-01-2021 09:44
@HunterRowland H that button up shirt looks so good on you!
15-01-2021 09:44
@HunterRowland The Netherlands, you should visit sometime
15-01-2021 09:42
@HunterRowland The Netherlands
15-01-2021 09:41
@whydontwemusic James Corden bc he is James
14-01-2021 23:35
@JonahMarais Is it now
14-01-2021 22:39
Am I gonna order a corset on amazon?👀
14-01-2021 21:54
@beokayharv Thankyou🥰
14-01-2021 21:53
I got a job interview tomorrow.... help
14-01-2021 21:53
@HunterRowland If only it would work👀
14-01-2021 21:52
@HunterRowland You calling yourself out luv?
14-01-2021 21:52
@HunterRowland You
14-01-2021 21:52
@HunterRowland I am most certainly not
14-01-2021 21:52
Am I gonna spend money on this?
14-01-2021 17:44
@savannahleemay actually seems like such an amazing and sweet young woman!
14-01-2021 15:11
I really want it to be summer
14-01-2021 14:09
Good afternoon y’all I hope everyone has the best day today and that you can enjoy it!
14-01-2021 14:09
@HunterRowland Yo you deleted your tweet for the cropped top petition. I wanted to sign!
14-01-2021 11:41
@HunterRowland You don’t know how I look today
14-01-2021 11:40
@HunterRowland You didn’t even see the way I looked
14-01-2021 11:40
@HRVY I’m here for it!
14-01-2021 11:40
It’s funny how I went from texting you every day and now I feel kinda awkward talking to you....
14-01-2021 00:27
@StayHydratedHLC I- wish I had the money to buy phones for games. I bought the 12pro and am as good as broke now
13-01-2021 22:45
@HunterRowland Hi babe. What are your plans for today?
13-01-2021 20:53
@HunterRowland Good evening luv
13-01-2021 20:53
@HunterRowland Nop
13-01-2021 09:12
@HunterRowland I have already dm’ed you my number
13-01-2021 09:11
@HunterRowland I miss you too
12-01-2021 21:41
@HunterRowland Hee
12-01-2021 21:41
@HunterRowland Get a husky or samoyed :)
11-01-2021 22:55
@HunterRowland Get a husky👀
11-01-2021 22:54
@HunterRowland Moodd
11-01-2021 22:54
@HunterRowland Yes same!!
11-01-2021 22:54
@HunterRowland We can change that if you want😉
11-01-2021 22:29
@HunterRowland @joeybirlem Welcome to the club
11-01-2021 22:28
Working on school for hopefully the last night in a long time!
11-01-2021 21:43
I actually kinda miss the gym what?
11-01-2021 20:43
@Cheeky_Danniee @HunterRowland Thank you so much! You are so kind!
11-01-2021 14:55
Not me going to videoland to watch my series realizing I already finished the fosters....
11-01-2021 13:12
@HunterRowland Than come over here
11-01-2021 11:31
@katiegoIdsmith Happy Birthday Harvey🥳🥰♥️
11-01-2021 01:10
I just changed the whole layout of my phone and I actually kinda like it
11-01-2021 00:16
@camlawley @HunterRowland Thank you so much! I hope one day I’ll be able to believe it myself...
10-01-2021 23:42
@HunterRowland Have you seen her? I can’t live up to that
10-01-2021 23:41
@HunterRowland I wanna believe this so badly
10-01-2021 23:40
@HunterRowland I’ve been struggling with my self image so much today. I keep seeing all those beautiful girl with t… https://t.co/I6AmaAsiKw
10-01-2021 23:40
@HunterRowland I wanna believe this so badly but I just can’t
10-01-2021 23:39
@HunterRowland The fact that I have actually been so insecure for the last few days and than you tweet this🥺
10-01-2021 23:38
@HunterRowland I wish I was pretty like her tho. Everyone seems to like pretty girls and I can’t seem to fit the picture
10-01-2021 23:38
@HunterRowland @joeybirlem Stop lying babe
10-01-2021 23:08
@HunterRowland @joeybirlem You’re not
10-01-2021 23:08
@ellagreer13_ Yes
10-01-2021 20:17
@HunterRowland Ik hou van jou
10-01-2021 11:38
@HunterRowland I love you H
10-01-2021 11:38
@Louis_Tomlinson I hope you are
10-01-2021 01:01
@Louis_Tomlinson I’m not but it’s fine
10-01-2021 01:00
I’ve actually been feeling so insecure the last few days and I hate it!
09-01-2021 22:54
@HunterRowland What would you think if I’d died my hair pink in a few months?👀
09-01-2021 22:47
@HunterRowland And fighting friends or losing friendships hurts like crazy
09-01-2021 22:46
@HunterRowland They can
09-01-2021 22:46
@iamlorengray I would actually love to he as pretty as you
09-01-2021 22:45
@iamlorengray Looks good babe
09-01-2021 22:45
I’m really scared that I can’t do what I want this summer like I wanna make a bucket list and I wanna take pictures… https://t.co/wsAO8Hdgv4
09-01-2021 22:44
Why does everyone like comedians all of the sudden. I actually think they’re so boring and everywhere I go people watch em
09-01-2021 22:39
I just finished the fosters....
09-01-2021 21:45
Fuck I really wanna dye my hair. I need 12 heads for all the colours I want hahaha
09-01-2021 14:56
I kinda wanna dye my hair again....
09-01-2021 14:25
@idtayhunter @HunterRowland HAHAHAH
09-01-2021 12:16
@JonahMarais You’re looking good Jonah
09-01-2021 02:52
Love How @idtayhunter didn’t have a clue about what was going on😂😂😂😂 https://t.co/juvRmYq5yA
08-01-2021 23:11
Seeing Hunter in my notification again makes me so happy omg. I needed this hahaha
08-01-2021 23:10
@idtayhunter @HunterRowland IKNOW (I did not lie tho👀)
08-01-2021 23:09
@HunterRowland Now take a good picture with them for my lock screen please🥺
08-01-2021 23:09
@idtayhunter @HunterRowland He always is babe👀🥰
08-01-2021 23:08
@HunterRowland Definitely boyfriend material 👀
08-01-2021 23:06
@HunterRowland I swear you look damn good with glasses
08-01-2021 23:06
@HunterRowland Looking good
08-01-2021 23:06
@HunterRowland You look hot babe
08-01-2021 23:05
@HunterRowland They look hot
08-01-2021 23:05
Why can’t I just see what my mom sees when she looks at me and what my friends see. Why can’t I see myself as a great and pretty person....
08-01-2021 22:15
@corbynbesson I’m to insecure to post anything myself because I’m having a bit of a bad day but I love seeing other people slay!
08-01-2021 22:12
Looking for bikinis and summer clothes because I love to look around early but I already feel uncomfortable and ins… https://t.co/RksVYmWc3O
08-01-2021 22:02
@SeaveyDaniel I’m not my self yet tho so can’t join sadly enough
08-01-2021 21:51
@owenjoyner I was 14....
08-01-2021 21:25
This dude added me on snap for the 3th time because I don’t add him back or respond hahahah
08-01-2021 19:04
The sky outside us blueee
08-01-2021 14:23
Loving the quote for today https://t.co/2RyjMMSB3k
08-01-2021 12:20
@HunterRowland Being sad is like all I do lately...
08-01-2021 01:13
@HunterRowland You don’t deserve to be sad babe
08-01-2021 01:13
@HunterRowland I swear I could use a hug right now
08-01-2021 01:13
@HunterRowland Guess I’m not a good person than
08-01-2021 01:13
I’m so scared that one day you will leave me too
08-01-2021 01:12
11:11 to get out of this mess
08-01-2021 01:11
@lisalommerse Saw this after you texted hahah
08-01-2021 01:10
I’m so out of energy
08-01-2021 01:09
If something I do or say bothers you just talk to me
08-01-2021 00:00
I’m done
07-01-2021 23:22
That moment you think you have class at 9:15 so you get up early only to realize it’s at 10
07-01-2021 11:16
I’m almost done with the things I had to do for school which means I’ll get my degree soon!:)
06-01-2021 23:55
@HunterRowland These are my glasses:) https://t.co/xOeAgu3jb0
06-01-2021 23:40
@HunterRowland I swear this one looks great on you
06-01-2021 23:33
@HunterRowland I say take it
06-01-2021 23:23
@HunterRowland This is definitely my favourite
06-01-2021 23:22
@HunterRowland Okay yes. This is my fave
06-01-2021 23:22
@HunterRowland I really like this one!!
06-01-2021 23:22
@idtayhunter @HunterRowland This is the reason I saved all the pictures 😂
06-01-2021 23:05
@HunterRowland One of the reasons I’m happy with my contacts hahahah
06-01-2021 23:04
@HunterRowland I like em but maybe try a little more round glasses👀
06-01-2021 23:03
@HunterRowland You should try see through pilot kinda glasses:)
06-01-2021 23:01
Just heard a passed another exam. Only 1 to go and then I’m actually done
06-01-2021 20:24
@amyymatera Omg hi
06-01-2021 20:24
@ellagreer13_ Omg hi
06-01-2021 15:38
That moment you are alone on your group and 3 kids decide to wake up....
06-01-2021 15:37
Wearing 3 gloves and my hands are still freezing
06-01-2021 10:56
Got another day at my internship today and I’m already exhausted.... send help!
06-01-2021 10:13
@HunterRowland Saw it. Now I’m gonna try and sleep on the couch again bc I’m tired
05-01-2021 22:14
@HunterRowland Liked and commented :)
05-01-2021 22:14
@HunterRowland This looks so gorgeous
05-01-2021 22:14
@HunterRowland Good old days
05-01-2021 22:14
@HunterRowland I’ve been here since 2015/2016 and I’m not planning on leaving anytime soon!
05-01-2021 09:45
@HunterRowland Ofcourse I will
05-01-2021 09:44
@HunterRowland Yes
05-01-2021 09:44
@HRVY Been struggling with school for this exact reason because I need my internship to sign things and the last da… https://t.co/Qh1KLicvQd
04-01-2021 23:49
Apart from the fact that I’m exhausted today was a good day with some positive things!
04-01-2021 23:48
04-01-2021 23:08
@owenjoyner Ah shit
04-01-2021 22:55
@HunterRowland I rather you cuddle with me tho🥰
04-01-2021 22:49
@HunterRowland Gimme a time and plce
04-01-2021 22:49
@HunterRowland We are hilarious
04-01-2021 22:48
@HunterRowland Try me darlin’
04-01-2021 22:48
@HunterRowland Try me bish
04-01-2021 22:48
@HunterRowland Definitely
04-01-2021 22:48
@HunterRowland How about boyfriend material?👀😉
04-01-2021 22:46
@HunterRowland I kinda see that one....
04-01-2021 22:46
@HunterRowland You have multiple aesthetics in my eyes. You can be a soft boy and you can be a though guy. You are… https://t.co/ZVXiqEMgGj
04-01-2021 22:36
I just slept for 2 hours and I’m still tired. Ughhh
04-01-2021 19:53
Passed my exam!:)
04-01-2021 12:52
@sp00kay Thankyouuu!
04-01-2021 12:51
@sp00kay Had an exam at 10... I passed to so that’s a relief!
04-01-2021 12:21
@StayHydratedHLC @SeaveyDaniel 😂😂😂
04-01-2021 11:49
I’m so fucking nervous and feeling so fucking sick
04-01-2021 11:48
I got an exam in less than 30 minutes and I’m actually exhausted. Decorated my whole living room for my mom’s birth… https://t.co/iUjqXkfQus
04-01-2021 11:32
I have barely slept at all.... been laying awake and feeling sick as hell
04-01-2021 09:49
I’ll be having less than 5 hours of sleep tonight... rip
04-01-2021 03:44
Gotta wake up early tomorrow to get the room ready with decorations and to make my mom breakfast in bed.... rip. I’m already so tired
04-01-2021 03:04
In less than half an hour it’s my mom’s birthday....
04-01-2021 01:34
@owenjoyner I’ve never passed a 60+ year old man riding a children’s bike in general
04-01-2021 01:16
@HunterRowland This would make me so happy. No joke
03-01-2021 23:38
@HunterRowland I’d love that
03-01-2021 23:38
@HunterRowland Yes please
03-01-2021 23:38
@HunterRowland Dm’ed you my phone number☺️
03-01-2021 23:38
@HunterRowland Dm’ed you my number on insta already
03-01-2021 23:37
@HunterRowland Yes
03-01-2021 23:37
I haven’t been able to keep my attention to reading lately and I hate it so much because I have books I really wann… https://t.co/q7JCNmBHqx
03-01-2021 02:51
@amyymatera Yeah I get that. I just not that comfortable in looser jeans hahaha
03-01-2021 02:03
@amyymatera I still wear them..... find them pretty comfortable actually 😂
03-01-2021 01:44
@HunterRowland I bet he misses you too
03-01-2021 01:26
@HunterRowland Wow. What happened here? You’re missing your brother?
03-01-2021 01:26
@HunterRowland If we find out what that is
02-01-2021 22:07
@HunterRowland You are worth so much more than that!
02-01-2021 21:48
@HunterRowland Same
02-01-2021 21:47
Making my aunts Apple crumble again because it’s absolutely delicious and I felt like it:)
02-01-2021 20:10
@RUOKHARVEY Harry Styles!!
02-01-2021 16:18
Just got this picture in my snapchat memories from 4 years ago... is it bad that I kinda miss my red hair?😳 https://t.co/vajDTsEpcJ
02-01-2021 14:16
Every time I see a video on tiktok with “this is your 2021” it’s some couple. Is this a coincidence?👀
02-01-2021 14:13
@bangtanhrvy That sounds like such a good/smart idea. Love the creativity!!🥰
02-01-2021 14:09
When do I ever learn to keep my mouth shut
02-01-2021 13:18
@DoveCameron Well that sounds like fun
02-01-2021 12:18
@HunterRowland I love you
02-01-2021 02:29
I swear I love this man! @HunterRowland https://t.co/8ICGzRAMfV
01-01-2021 23:57
@NiallOfficial Happy new year Nialler
01-01-2021 23:43
@HunterRowland I hope you have the best 2021 H. You deserve all the good things you can get
01-01-2021 23:41
01-01-2021 23:39
Happy new year y’all. I hope you’re gonna gave the best year! I’m so thankful to be going into the new year with yo… https://t.co/QXtSUCjPhO
01-01-2021 23:36
@HunterRowland Pretty please🥺
01-01-2021 23:32
@HunterRowland The chance that you’ll dm me is 1 in to many but I’ll try
01-01-2021 23:32
@HunterRowland I swear I could use that!
01-01-2021 23:31
@HunterRowland Please do🥺
01-01-2021 23:31
@HunterRowland You would make me so happy if you’d dm me
01-01-2021 23:31
@HunterRowland Yesss
01-01-2021 23:29
@HunterRowland That would start off my 2021 amazing
01-01-2021 23:28
@HunterRowland Please🥺
01-01-2021 23:28