Edd Ortiz (@ItsEduardoOrtiz) — Join me on OSRS - Seoul Taco #Lakernation
RT @kevinsukholee: One more for extra credit? https://t.co/ARvzgg0BbE
23-01-2021 16:31
RT @kevinsukholee: Am I too late to submit? https://t.co/PsO07S4kk6
22-01-2021 23:29
RT @GretaThunberg: He seems like a very happy old man looking forward to a bright and wonderful future. So nice to see! https://t.co/G8gObL…
21-01-2021 02:14
RT @CountOn24: Brooklyn Nets Big 3 👀 (KD, Kyrie, James Harden) https://t.co/3EcNNo3krI
14-01-2021 04:31
RT @LakeShowYo: James Harden to the Nets? https://t.co/jtzeEim3QF
14-01-2021 00:57
@DBirkla04 Exactly, It looks nice cause you see three superstars, but I’m not sure they’ll play good together. Hard… https://t.co/6bwNKrw48i
14-01-2021 00:40
A Nets team with Harden, Irving, and Durant isn’t winning a title.
14-01-2021 00:29
RT @NOTSportsCenter: REPORT: To keep James Harden, Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving all happy, the Nets are expected to install an offense tha…
14-01-2021 00:27
@atsumitflores @sanbenito They meant to send this to me.
08-01-2021 01:00
RT @guapdad4000: No tear gas, no brutality , no unmarked cars , just vibes
07-01-2021 01:35
RT @sarahlugor: all i know is that they better not be using MY tax dollars to pay for this damage done by these THUGS.
07-01-2021 01:29
Literally no one: Daphene: “have you ever seen cats having sex.”
05-01-2021 22:08
RT @WorldWideWob: https://t.co/fhRYAIji0A
05-01-2021 03:55
RT @_enehpad: @ItsEduardoOrtiz daydreaming about when the Lakers win the 2021 championship https://t.co/XWLu1V01dW
01-01-2021 06:19
RT @sanbenito: se acabó
01-01-2021 04:54
RT @RapCaviar: The greatest supervillain hip-hop has ever seen. R.I.P. MF DOOM https://t.co/r2GvkhJGMx
01-01-2021 00:59
RT @iAintHarden: She 16x all NBA ?
30-12-2020 23:30
I HATE talking on the phone, but @_enehpad loves it. So we compromise and only talk on the phone for 2 hours.
30-12-2020 20:35
RT @jmurffff: 1st base: sex 2nd base: wii bowling 3rd base: I let you know how I feel without disguising it as a joke
27-12-2020 23:50
@Serg_iBlock_YA Bro I’m copping as soon as they drop.
26-12-2020 19:24
RT @espn: No presents for the Mavs as the Lakers take the Christmas W 🎄 https://t.co/RqTGL2aUej
26-12-2020 07:18
RT @ACFresh21: Merry Christmas y’all 🎄🎁🎅🏼
25-12-2020 23:36
RT @jaboukie: the $600 stimulus isn't in bad faith almost half of congress thinks its 1949
23-12-2020 00:47
NBA IS BACK TODAY! LAKERS IN 4. https://t.co/b1yTBxWzfx
22-12-2020 16:58
RT @drunkenoprah: BREAKING: Congress has announced that the next round of stimulus will be a pizza party
18-12-2020 01:36
RT @_enehpad: Lakers in 4
17-12-2020 05:36
Basketball is back 😭
12-12-2020 05:24
@Serg_iBlock_YA Every time he talk shit just come out of his mouth.
11-12-2020 00:04
These Classic Edition Laker jerseys need to drop soon.
10-12-2020 22:08
@DBirkla04 They gave up a BUNCH of draft picks just for him to choke in a game 7. Now they’re giving him 40m a year… https://t.co/XNz7mLYrEx
10-12-2020 21:46
RT @Palace_gio: Gonna tell my kids this was Bad Bunny https://t.co/3UZzc36V9l
04-12-2020 21:46
@_enehpad Noooooo, what would ever give you the idea that I tweeted that tweet? 😑
03-12-2020 01:56
Daphene be like >:||
03-12-2020 00:16
@atsumitflores Ahuevo
01-12-2020 03:49
Oh word? Lakers in 4 https://t.co/j4cIi5IAs6
01-12-2020 03:07
RT @kingnathalia: sbsvsbdbssnsv https://t.co/DDBk4R4fhz
26-11-2020 04:09
RT @Keefmorris: Run it back! #Lakeshow
23-11-2020 21:30
RT @northstardoll: https://t.co/RteK3BxTRN
23-11-2020 21:17
Lakers in 4.
23-11-2020 21:14
Kimetsu No Yaiba is the best ever.
23-11-2020 04:39
@_enehpad @stevent665 You just jealous.
17-11-2020 20:20
@stevent665 <3
17-11-2020 19:48
@_enehpad Yoooo I know you ain’t talking.
17-11-2020 18:42
@bennettpies_ I can’t stand Cholula. It’s all watered down and flavorless.
17-11-2020 18:03
@bennettpies_ Marry Valentina, fuck Frank’s, kill Cholula
17-11-2020 18:01
RT @ProBirdRights: i am so hamsone !⃝ 𝖳𝗁𝖾𝗌𝖾 𝖼𝗅𝖺𝗂𝗆 𝘂𝗻𝗱𝗶𝗯𝘀𝗽𝘂𝘁𝗮𝗯𝗹𝗲
17-11-2020 07:10
Bruh I’m so annoying
17-11-2020 05:38
RT @_whitloww: Joe and Kamala ain’t off the hook though. We gone put that same pressure on them to make a difference.
08-11-2020 00:40
RT @schmidtsam7: A man wearing a Puerto Rican flag tosses paper towel over the fence toward the White House. “Never forget,” he said. https…
08-11-2020 00:22
RT @GretaThunberg: So ridiculous. Donald must work on his Anger Management problem, then go to a good old fashioned movie with a friend! Ch…
06-11-2020 02:46
RT @Al_Sanchino: It’s wild Trump supporters believe there’s voter fraud with 0 evidence but couldn’t believe he sexually assaulted any wome…
05-11-2020 23:44
RT @goldlinkjonny: decriminalizing drugs allows for rehabilitation programs for addicts instead of prison. idk why people are confused lmfa…
05-11-2020 20:51
RT @BermudezWrites: After reading this thread, I hope u see how silly & out-of-touch politicians come across when they try to woo the “Lati…
04-11-2020 21:18
RT @BermudezWrites: Please think twice before you lump Latinos into a single category & stop chasing the "Latino vote" unicorn each electio…
04-11-2020 21:12
RT @BermudezWrites: It’s laughable that in 2020, this country still needs to be reminded, Sesame Street style, that Latinos are not a monol…
04-11-2020 21:11
RT @kumandgo: kum & go to the polls
03-11-2020 20:42
RT @TheMSeries1: https://t.co/qux1wmzLUS
02-11-2020 22:20
RT @AriBerman: GOP traded 225,000 American lives for 220 Trump judges
27-10-2020 21:32
RT @KFC_ES: https://t.co/JvpjhiKA0w
21-10-2020 02:30
RT @Fact: Scooby Doo is actually short for “Scoobert Doo.”
18-10-2020 05:14
RT @SportsCenter: This is incredible 💜 💛 (via @kobemurals, flaxworx, gz.jr/Instagram) https://t.co/QMHgjgND0M
13-10-2020 19:52
RT @espn: How it started ➡️ How it's going 🏆 (via @aggiembk) https://t.co/ezU8BbbJlQ
13-10-2020 19:38
RT @SportsCenter: Kobe called it in 2018 👀 https://t.co/hx2UCD1UGV
13-10-2020 19:32
RT @Lakers: Who out there loves Alex Caruso? https://t.co/PIjYWKNDD9
13-10-2020 18:28
RT @TomBrady: Congrats to my brother @KingJames on winning his 4th championship. Not bad for a washed up old guy! https://t.co/mm0fylMbS7
12-10-2020 20:54
RT @WorldWideWob: A year unlike any other. This was the 2019-2020 NBA Season ⬇️ https://t.co/ECtafEley2
12-10-2020 20:52
RT @LakeShowYo: good morning everyone I had a wild dream last night that Lakers were 2020 Champs
12-10-2020 20:42
RT @pressures_on: Thinking about this pitty https://t.co/KC8IuI1RiJ
12-10-2020 19:11
RT @FollowThroughLA: Job finished. #LakeShow https://t.co/IgHldxrZKd
12-10-2020 07:32
RT @BleacherReport: "...And i want my damn respect, too" Talk your talk, Bron https://t.co/hiyJ1hRA3K
12-10-2020 07:31
RT @ESPNLosAngeles: Mamba and Mambacita Forever. The Lakers have done it For Kobe and For Gigi 💜💛 https://t.co/I9qKw6TDUW
12-10-2020 05:32
12-10-2020 05:32
RT @Serg_iBlock_YA: How it started vs how it ended https://t.co/jg7D2HqPEq
12-10-2020 05:15
12-10-2020 05:11
RT @Serg_iBlock_YA: 2020 CHAMPIONS BITCH
12-10-2020 05:11
@bennettpies_ @TayloeBOOM Yeah, fuck that guy.
11-10-2020 04:22
RT @pressures_on: I can play like green for $15 million
10-10-2020 06:46
Danny Green you’re fucking trash.
10-10-2020 06:43
RT @LakeShowYo: When I die I want DANNY GREEN to attend my funeral & lower me into my grave so he can let me down one last time.
10-10-2020 06:42
RT @meredithekay: mike pence's real name is mechanical pencil
09-10-2020 16:07
RT @AirrJohn: Damn that nigga really did it https://t.co/YbVWoqp1Dy
08-10-2020 19:38
RT @IAMNERDIShare: I didn't go to work because a cat fell on my head and then a dog with shoes tried to do me justice. https://t.co/20oSin7…
08-10-2020 16:56
RT @LynnSharig8: Just a reminder that before Trump’s COVID diagnosis- Melania was on tape swearing and complaining about Christmas and the…
07-10-2020 01:35
@xobabyboi F
05-10-2020 23:45
RT @abbydphillip: "Don’t be afraid of Covid. Don’t let it dominate your life," the president says after being rushed to the hospital and re…
05-10-2020 23:45
@theserguation Bro red looks kind of sus.
04-10-2020 18:16
Issa wrap
03-10-2020 06:33
RT @halseyandone: Caruso is a gift
03-10-2020 04:56
RT @GhibliPose: Netflix Adaptation: Anime: https://t.co/DMgK1Wl1m5
03-10-2020 00:55
RT @FridaySailer: https://t.co/XaE72U1ox8
02-10-2020 15:50
All I want is some Girl Scout cookies.
02-10-2020 04:13
RT @LakeShowYo: Danny Green already 0/2 on open threes https://t.co/73MMdP0h9Q
01-10-2020 04:38
It’s game day. Lakers in 4! https://t.co/h53A5rGS0D
30-09-2020 23:08
RT @KingJosiah54: How Biden and Trump arguing https://t.co/rMyaY52qdk
30-09-2020 15:35
RT @jonfavs: “Will you shut up, man?” - Joe Biden, speaking for...most Americans
30-09-2020 06:14
RT @eddyburback: bro all they said was “condemn white supremacists” and this man started SWEATING
30-09-2020 05:47
RT @KingJosiah54: How Biden and Trump debating https://t.co/E95NT2xwpU
30-09-2020 05:32
RT @Danez_Smif: The Real White Men of Washington is great tonight.
30-09-2020 04:55
This is like watching two 10 year olds argue.
30-09-2020 04:32
Trump extra orange tonight. Rolled in a few extra Cheetos for his shit show tonight.
30-09-2020 04:29
RT @pressures_on: https://t.co/MGcpA4xFdr
29-09-2020 22:40
RT @illicitima: 🖤 https://t.co/idFFpYI9t0
29-09-2020 20:34
RT @DickKingSmith: Perfectly normal behaviour of the day. https://t.co/s4Qe3ewsva
28-09-2020 22:21
RT @FourwandsW: Caroline Williams is memorizing. 🥕 https://t.co/AZf6Fy7w8D
28-09-2020 22:21
Im fucking geeked for this series. Lakers in 4 tho.
28-09-2020 05:11
RT @Lakers: The stage is set. https://t.co/l2gGY7q82a
28-09-2020 05:09
Joji’s new album is just sooo.... https://t.co/DMCO8PYvMu
28-09-2020 01:37
RT @CBSSports: Some said he'd never lead the Lakers to the Finals. Some said he was overhyped. But he never stopped. He never quit. Now,…
27-09-2020 19:20
RT @FridaySailer: https://t.co/IC5S7quHLR
25-09-2020 16:12
Jk lakers don’t choke like the clippers.
25-09-2020 05:36
Lakers taking a 3-1 lead got me nervous.
25-09-2020 05:35
RT @diabotriste: https://t.co/nP69d7ovlu
24-09-2020 20:05
@Serg_iBlock_YA AND against brees and the saints
22-09-2020 04:50
I bet @Serg_iBlock_YA geeked as fuck these raiders playing decent
22-09-2020 04:42
RT @halseyandone: TALK SOME SHIT
21-09-2020 05:13
RT @LakeShowYo: ANTHONY DAVIS AT THE BUZZER!!!! https://t.co/ngItqQGLFk
21-09-2020 05:10
RT @SHAQ: Can I plaese cheat on my diet and go to dairy. Queen pls pls pls
20-09-2020 20:31
RT @sugaplumami: Trump is fighting harder to end Tik Tok than to end COVID-19
19-09-2020 19:12
RT @wojespn: What a blow. Rest In Peace to an American icon.
19-09-2020 02:39
RT @Serg_iBlock_YA: https://t.co/ws7PNhQPw4
18-09-2020 17:43
Lakers in 4
18-09-2020 16:26
RT @tylerthecreator: make sure yall niggas register to vote.....and then vote
18-09-2020 02:56
Don’t let the Clippers slander die down.
18-09-2020 00:06
RT @big_business_: PS5 coming out in November, I know what I gotta do. https://t.co/MRfMPg70wV
17-09-2020 23:36
RT @SteezyWasHere: Crazy how J Cole produced one of his greatest beats and one of my favorite uses of a sample and used it to make us watch…
17-09-2020 17:53
RT @MatthewACherry: Fuck ICE
17-09-2020 02:11
@lizluengasx Imagine trying to impress your white friends, but you just end up looking stupid.
16-09-2020 22:41
RT @TJay: I’ma push back my barber appointment tomorrow. Can’t trust any clippers right now. I’m shook.
16-09-2020 08:42
RT @TheKDEra: The Clippers did add something to their resume tho https://t.co/zElsI41X9j
16-09-2020 08:39
RT @CJMcCollum: My last tweet before I finish this glass. They did vote they ain’t wanna play no more. . . But I didn’t think they was gonn…
16-09-2020 06:41
LMAO the clippers bruh. Biggest joke of 2020.
16-09-2020 06:33
RT @LakeShowYo: This guy wreaking HAVOC on the Clippers😭😭 https://t.co/o8uIchb5F6
16-09-2020 06:10
RT @themandalorian: "Wherever I go, he goes." Watch the brand new trailer for #TheMandalorian and start streaming the new season Oct. 30, o…
15-09-2020 20:06
RT @drivingmemadi: pro life people be like: i’ll kill you for having an abortion
15-09-2020 04:51
RT @LakeShowYo: “hey LeBron, how does it feel to blow back-to-back 16pt leads and now have to play a game 7?” https://t.co/u6y2xQqEzT
13-09-2020 23:05
RT @Serg_iBlock_YA: @ItsEduardoOrtiz ily2
13-09-2020 05:58
@Serg_iBlock_YA Ily
13-09-2020 05:05
RT @NubianKingBenji: Her: *looks up* Me in missionary position: https://t.co/h4u7f4oCmd
13-09-2020 04:27
RT @2tonbug: Always so annoying to refill the ice cube tray https://t.co/gY4if1yh40
12-09-2020 22:32
@DBirkla04 I would love to see a Raptors and Lakers final.
12-09-2020 04:43
Watching the Clippers lose gets rid of my depression.
12-09-2020 04:42
RT @tW1TTEr_trash: Good morning. #AllBuildingsMatter and #AllDaysMatter and to say otherwise is marxist, racist, and probably funded by Geo…
11-09-2020 21:27
RT @Lakers: Alex Caruso appreciation tweet.
11-09-2020 05:01
Nothing like a hot cup of coffee in the morning to fuel my anxiety.
10-09-2020 16:16
RT @Danny174st: I fuckin love this video 😂😂😂 https://t.co/UyOBvJACIN
10-09-2020 01:23
RT @punished_picnic: here’s the problem with fruit: it’s inconsistent. some apples are delicious, some taste bad. sometimes blueberries are…
09-09-2020 21:40
RT @redditships: My girlfriend (2700F) and I (87M) are struggling because her father (6500M) doesn't approve of interracial relationships.…
09-09-2020 18:30
RT @litdesu: why are we only focusing on these sinking boats when all boats matter?
09-09-2020 06:59
That’s y’all DPOY and MVP? Pssssssh
09-09-2020 04:29
RT @sh_wnee: its michael cera https://t.co/LcI4Y86E0D
09-09-2020 04:00
RT @ceciigarciaaa: SEPtiembre de SEPalaverga que estoy haciendo con mi vida
08-09-2020 22:20
RT @chaselyons: the lonely stoner seems to free his mind at night https://t.co/MJRJxN3m7W
07-09-2020 20:37
RT @NiggazWILIN: imagine ur card declines at build-a-bear and they rip ur bear apart in front of u
07-09-2020 19:20
This is a Markieff Morris fan account now.
07-09-2020 04:09
05-09-2020 06:43
RT @LakeShowYo: Was this just for regular season? Asking for a friend.
05-09-2020 04:00
I wonder if my plants love me back. 🤔
03-09-2020 21:17
It’s been over a year since Game of Thrones ended and I’m still mad.
03-09-2020 21:13
It’s still Lakers in 4.
03-09-2020 21:02
RT @BrettMau5_: Mentally I am here https://t.co/jLEl5FUerX
03-09-2020 20:48
RT @aquafinahyena: If you don’t keep your nose in your mask, I’m snatching it https://t.co/JqyLQzUYT8
03-09-2020 20:48
I just be mad for no reason https://t.co/eZysGneyMQ
25-07-2020 23:23
RT @humorandanimals: dad : we're not getting a dog also dad : (bluenjy IG) https://t.co/PBUpi8wgYR
25-07-2020 21:09
RT @joekay: shout out to the women who go out of their way to make me a playlist & who put me on to music i never heard before or forgot ab…
25-07-2020 19:25
Lakers actually playing right now 🥺😭
24-07-2020 03:16
RT @GNCordova: Being bilingual.
24-07-2020 00:57
RT @lizgnq: ill trade 4 cousins on my dads side for a Range Rover rn
23-07-2020 22:23
RT @joekay: Reggae music in the morning is good for the soul
23-07-2020 21:44
RT @just_kdot: nobody: me at the club: 🗣 WE STILL GOING TO GET SOMETHING TO EAT AFTER THIS?
23-07-2020 05:04
RT @EddieBarstool: People who exclusively back into parking spots act like they save themselves 10 hours a week
23-07-2020 01:21
This has been a really weird week.... it’s only Wednesday too.
22-07-2020 20:57
@bennettpies_ Ahh no it’s cool, Thanks though. You should start a food page. You post alot of good quality dishes.
20-07-2020 21:16
@bennettpies_ This looks delicious man! You got a recipe 👀
20-07-2020 19:47
RT @ShakeZuIa: lmao imma just ignore him and run these bands up 💯too many people worried about a strangers opinion
19-07-2020 07:43
RT @buttsmacks: he's pissed bc I held him like a burger dont be burger shaped then idiot https://t.co/CuNduMlzS6
18-07-2020 02:21
RT @ExtendoBans: Ah hell nah this nigga finessed me🤬 https://t.co/a8w7564uqr
14-07-2020 19:23
RT @Craftonia: My favorite Myspace post of all time, @robwhisman said it best: https://t.co/KAQWhjbREV
14-07-2020 17:12
RT @UniversallyCAPE: THIS IS INCREDIBLE!!! https://t.co/hEzz6lKoyv
14-07-2020 06:51
RT @sasponella: We should cut the US police budget to see if it’s cake
13-07-2020 19:11
RT @kingzson: Kids cough like this but you wanna open up schools??? https://t.co/j3v8cf8Uq4
12-07-2020 18:50
RT @GER4RDOSTX: Chalino Sanchez still performing at a concert after being told he was going to die that same night.
11-07-2020 07:48
RT @mhdksafa: Schools can't even control lice, you think they can control Covid-19.
10-07-2020 18:59
RT @JAYVERSACE: aye we need new snacks. i’m tired of walkin in the store seeing the same shit. when did we stop makin snacks
09-07-2020 23:20
It took one episode to get hooked on Sword Art Online, I hope it doesn’t disappoint.
07-07-2020 05:06
RT @MrBeastYT: Dogs > Cats
06-07-2020 20:33
RT @Thundercat: I make music for niggas that cried at the final fight between Naruto and Sasuke
05-07-2020 07:23
@DebbyDowner13 @bennettpies_ 🤐 My lips are sealed.
04-07-2020 05:08
@bennettpies_ That first picture is really good! Where did you take it?
04-07-2020 02:53
RT @clay_png: https://t.co/vBny1yBgWh
03-07-2020 17:18
RT @BetoORourke: Vanessa Guillen was willing to put her life on the line for this country, and we badly failed her. She and her family dese…
03-07-2020 07:03
I wish my neighbor was Totoro.
03-07-2020 06:39
RT @SethEverman: oh to be a cloud in a studio ghibli movie
03-07-2020 06:28
RT @SAINTWAVO: A US soldier dies in a foreign country and its a huge deal. A US soldier is sexually assaulted & murderered by OUR OWN FUCKI…
03-07-2020 06:26
RT @nowthisnews: Human remains have been found in the search for missing 20-year-old soldier Vanessa Guillen — here’s what we know about th…
03-07-2020 06:26