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@sedstrat @TaotaoTasi LOL. Dude is from Saipan. He’s very literally Chamorro.
05-07-2020 21:13
@sedstrat @TaotaoTasi This is President Bush creating the Mariana Trench Marine National Monument. Without Angelo,…
05-07-2020 20:54
I really like tiger sharks. They might be the only shark that routinely eats turtles. And they like warm water.…
05-07-2020 15:42
@T_rexellence A fish swims around New England.
04-07-2020 15:46
@TaotaoTasi Overfishing is a bigger threat than climate change. Invasive species are a bigger threat. Pollution is a bigger threat.
04-07-2020 05:22
I still cannot believe how much fishing line and gear I took off reefs this week. Or how many hooks I saw on sharks. Fairly ridiculous.
04-07-2020 00:19
@cmlebugg @SolomonRDavid What if I’m just a Bond villain?
04-07-2020 00:18
@SolomonRDavid Let’s be honest here, David. If you dismiss a scientist’s qualifications, then they’re not qualifie…
03-07-2020 20:35
@TaotaoTasi I used to take allergy medication. But then my doctor gave me a prescription for Allerdent. It’s a to…
03-07-2020 20:33
@robr0013 No one saw me cry. 😉
03-07-2020 18:47
17 dives over 4 days, amazing pictures and video, including of a great hammerhead, and then a panicked diver went…
03-07-2020 18:44
@duffy_ma Parrot fish make a cocoon of mucus at night and sleep inside of it.
03-07-2020 14:45
Reef sharks are my favorite sharks. Please make a note, there will be a quiz later. #shark #ocean #wildlide…
03-07-2020 14:43
@CarlDowningUT @DeidreHenderson @KSLcom 😂
03-07-2020 05:56
@DeidreHenderson @KSLcom @CarlDowningUT? Who is your courier?
03-07-2020 05:53
@Hophead48 @Scichelle
02-07-2020 14:34
I’d like to thank the idiots showing up to a protest with black rifles, especially for the optics of it being acros…
02-07-2020 14:33
@BradleyBeck1 I think he’s produced a lot of policy. On the issues I care about, he’s great. I can’t remember a p…
01-07-2020 18:49
The best part of election night is seeing the Alan Crooks / SLTrib bromance displayed in his reserved quotes to the…
01-07-2020 12:54
01-07-2020 12:15
@SpencerJCox Isn’t that the video from when your son said he didn’t want to work?
30-06-2020 20:12
@TaotaoTasi I didn’t know breakfast taquitos were a thing and now I feel like my life has been a waste. So cool.
30-06-2020 19:00
RT @CoralReefWeek: Global Coral Reef Week starts in t-minus 2 days? We have a jam-packed conference filled with over 100 presentations and…
30-06-2020 08:49
@am_wex @DrewLawDesign Buy Apple Stock.
30-06-2020 08:38
@NatureUtah Oh, yeah. That’s a much better clue! Bravo!
30-06-2020 04:45
Name this shark. Here’s a hint: 🐄
30-06-2020 04:42
Maybe don’t get within 10 feet of a bison when you’re out doing #wildlifephotography. #wildlife is just that, wild…
30-06-2020 04:00
@PCG_Utah @blacksitepod My son is why the Utahraptor is our state dinosaur. We’re ordering multiple.
29-06-2020 08:53
@harryreefeco Swim throughs would be challenging.
29-06-2020 02:15
Everyone, if you want this, this or this, wear this. #utpol #covid #WearAMask #Utah
29-06-2020 02:12
@harryreefeco I can think of worse.
29-06-2020 02:10
@jcase16 Yup. But we’ve had a lot of fires caused by target shooting. Even from our National Guard. You can’t co…
29-06-2020 02:00
I love target shooting as much as the next person, but we likely need to put in restrictions. It’s been so dry and…
29-06-2020 01:17
@NicoSGonzalez Perhaps @DrewGDraws will enjoy this. It’s interesting as heck.
29-06-2020 00:59
Way to go, Utah! #utah #nationalgeographic #hiking
29-06-2020 00:48
The people have spoken. #utpol
28-06-2020 22:04
@CoralReefFish The dorsal fins on the males are incredible. When are we going? :)
28-06-2020 21:48
@Prince_Tay_ @HankSouth247 @LS_LancerFB
28-06-2020 21:47
@CoralReefFish I’ve seen them in the Red Sea. Did you dive with a rebreather? They hide in the sand a lot.
28-06-2020 21:45
@CoralReefFish Nice spotted sea diver. Did you take this in Australia?
28-06-2020 21:44
RT @UtahWildfire: The #TraverseFire was caused by fireworks; the suspect is cooperating with law enforcement. #ffslkw
28-06-2020 14:17
@aflchambers Yup
28-06-2020 13:23
@aflchambers Sure
28-06-2020 13:22
@fox13 Of course: tell @BenWinslow hello.
28-06-2020 12:36
28-06-2020 11:45
The #traversefire has died down quite a bit on the north side. By the way, my filter makes it look like it isn’t n…
28-06-2020 11:43
@StoryfulNews Current location.
28-06-2020 11:41
@StoryfulNews Yes. Sure.
28-06-2020 11:31
@spectee_news Yup. Lehi, Utah, about 2.5 hours ago.
28-06-2020 10:49
@BowlerDerek Sure
28-06-2020 10:34
@spectee_news Sure
28-06-2020 10:34
RT @UtahWildfire: Location of the #TraverseFire. #ffslkw
28-06-2020 10:04
@FictionsofHaiti @MarianneEPorter I’ve read all 6 Harry Potter books.
28-06-2020 10:03
@tuckemel I’m not sure. It’s shockingly close if it hasn’t yet.
28-06-2020 09:46
@Russbus33 Very kind of you to say. It’s my old neighborhood, I moved a few years ago. The video is from up top o…
28-06-2020 09:45
@SpencerJCox My old neighborhood.
28-06-2020 09:40
Holy Traverse Mountain! #utah #fire #utpol
28-06-2020 09:39
We’ve all almost done this.
28-06-2020 02:33
It’s time to play, “Shark, Skate or Ray!” Also, asking @DrNeilHammer is cheating. 😇 #ocean #sharks…
27-06-2020 22:38
RT @HooperInSharks: That’s a 20-footer. #Jaws45
27-06-2020 21:41
@SioneHavili1 @unga45 @keilani_unga45 You gotta admit, that was pretty well played.
27-06-2020 07:32
In case you were wondering, that wasn’t me kicking up dust. #defendmybuoyancy
27-06-2020 05:00
@bluebeingblue1 @sltrib But let’s also not engage in Whataboutism. It’s wholly sufficient to point out these Hitle…
27-06-2020 03:10
@bluebeingblue1 @sltrib Well, I’m pure and neutral. So, I guess I support everyone toning down the crazy talk.
27-06-2020 02:55
I thought I covered this yesterday. There’s a reason why Godwin's law is a thing. Folks, let’s turn down the craz…
27-06-2020 02:47
I love barracuda. Also, I miss the ocean.
26-06-2020 19:00
@paleochick I sometimes take extra bolts to carnivals and give them to employees saying they just came off of a ride.
26-06-2020 09:11
I have a shark quilt, the bottom of which is a beach with no people, and we used red yarn for it. That’s how I fle…
26-06-2020 09:08
26-06-2020 08:07
Hi. I’d like to teach all of you something. Do not compare ANYTHING to slavery or to the Holocaust and/or Nazis.…
26-06-2020 08:02
@darinbushman @GovHerbert Everyone has said dumb things—maybe not this dumb, but really dumb things. I hope you re…
26-06-2020 07:13
The only thing better than swimming with whale sharks is when someone’s mask defogger gets on your @GoPro lens whil…
26-06-2020 06:04
Do you want @SLCgov to have fireworks, ever? #utpol
26-06-2020 05:56
@jerryjeudy Because you’re paying attention.
26-06-2020 05:48
Two fine young men, @Brandonkah0 and @cameronlatu, are such great representatives of the Polynesian community. Cam…
25-06-2020 23:52
@thecapeboss @A_WhiteShark @ChristineMNews No, they’re also seals. If you want to see Great White Sharks, and a lo…
25-06-2020 23:44
@CoralReefFish Beautiful Fuchsia!
25-06-2020 23:34
RT @collieennis: Just look at the incredible variety of Piranha species in existence. AMAZING!
25-06-2020 06:14
25-06-2020 06:13
@thesidetrack @NatalieCGordon @BenWinslow There’s only one way to solve this. Invite them to take over a bird sanc…
24-06-2020 22:41
@TaotaoTasi What about plastic straws and sunblock? Isn’t that a key component?
24-06-2020 22:40
@ElasmoBro I’ve been in the water with great whites a number of times. I’ve never felt nervous or threatened. If…
24-06-2020 11:39
My two dive buddies. They’ve been diving with me since they were 10. I don’t want them to grow up.
24-06-2020 05:21
@CoralReefFish French Angelfish just gets in the way. ;)
24-06-2020 05:09
@CoralReefFish Junior emperor angelfish are still my favorite.
24-06-2020 05:04
This is literally the worst. We don’t need ecosystems destroyed.
24-06-2020 00:42
RT @GrandCanyonNPS: It's hot—but do you know how hot? What many don't realize is that when the forecast calls for, say, 112°F/44°C at Phan…
24-06-2020 00:25
@brian_treadye @TLeav4Yfan
24-06-2020 00:24
@mcsuggafree Wearing ceremonial clothing as a symbol of a covenant isn’t an appeal to faith. ;)
24-06-2020 00:19
I really love sharks.
24-06-2020 00:17
@mcsuggafree It’s still not logical. 😜
24-06-2020 00:14
@mcsuggafree Logical fallacy. ;)
24-06-2020 00:09
@TaotaoTasi @SpinyDag @OCEARCH @mcmsharksxx @Elasmo_Gal @dr_catmac
23-06-2020 22:59
Antelope Canyon has a shark.
23-06-2020 18:41
We need to talk. @RepBrianKing has a picture with @ewarren wearing the “Flip the Switch” outfit. Her performance…
23-06-2020 18:35
In the book, the propaganda machine of Oceania would have erected statutes of Civil War generals. They wouldn’t ha…
22-06-2020 22:57
The removal of statues in 1984 was to hide, rewrite and conceal the historical record. Interestingly, that’s also…
22-06-2020 22:57
One of the major themes in 1984 is denialism, or historical negationism. And one such attempt at denialism is the…
22-06-2020 22:57
I’ve seen multiple people post a quote from George Orwell’s 1984 that deals with the removal of statues. Unfortuna…
22-06-2020 22:57
RT @ESPNCFB: Mississippi State RB Kylin Hill says he will sit out the 2020 football season unless the state flag of Mississippi is changed.…
22-06-2020 22:52
@_hannahem_ Send them this. It certainly inspired me.
22-06-2020 22:21
@davidcschooley @AlongsideWild He’s just on the Jungle Cruise ride at Disneyland. Don’t let him fool you.
22-06-2020 22:16
Just filming a school of fish when...
22-06-2020 20:16
My 2020 Survival Guide 1. Don’t be a racist. 2. Wear a mask. You’re welcome.
22-06-2020 08:50
@ayanaeliza I just had my son, 11, read this. He said, “They can come swim with us.” So, I guess you’re invited,…
22-06-2020 06:53
@MISS_Elasmo @Meyer_Sci @OtletResearch Done!
22-06-2020 06:40
RT @BubbaWallace:
22-06-2020 06:18
@MISS_Elasmo @Meyer_Sci @OtletResearch You all want to do a field day where we can donate to dive with you...just let me know. I’m 💯
22-06-2020 06:17
@H_Kylin Congrats, by the way.
22-06-2020 03:28
I love the #ocean. It’s pretty cool to see my sons learn to love its diversity. This is a nurse #shark. One of m…
22-06-2020 03:13
There are like maybe 7 or so statues I care about.
22-06-2020 02:49
@birdturntable I can stomach it.
22-06-2020 02:48
@NicoSGonzalez I love that she has that. I planted milkweed this year.
22-06-2020 02:34
I’d like to live in a world where we don’t hurt one another.
22-06-2020 00:09
21-06-2020 20:43
Well, @AlongsideWild, I think we have a gopher snake. Correct?
21-06-2020 19:51
I miss the ocean. I even miss my son not tucking away his SPG.
21-06-2020 08:30
The best safety stop of my life. And I really miss the ocean.
21-06-2020 01:47
RT @NatGeo: One of the world's rarest dolphin species finds sanctuary in the Indus River
20-06-2020 20:18
I miss the ocean, very, very much.
20-06-2020 17:58
@SuperMegaBrenno @biologistimo @Sternarchella You’re right. It’s a Thalassoma purpureum. Why anyone would fish fo…
20-06-2020 09:00
@jkfordays @elasmotri Ha! You noticed that, too?!
20-06-2020 08:39
@elasmotri They’re also showing a leopard shark.
20-06-2020 08:38
RT @chefjoseandres: "We're still strong and we are not letting this take us down. We are still fighting back to make us stronger." Please w…
19-06-2020 21:22
This is perhaps the best piece of baseball memorabilia ever. Bravo, @PeteRose_14.
19-06-2020 21:17
@AlongsideWild It would be a murder. Sorry, bad pun. I’ll show myself out.
19-06-2020 21:16
This 2020 gubernatorial campaign has become so lame. We FINALLY have candidates who differ in policy, have incredib…
19-06-2020 20:57
RT @RepChrisStewart: #Juneteenth should be a federal holiday—a day of celebration and education. I encourage all to reach out, listen, unde…
19-06-2020 20:32
Do you think the ocean misses me, too?
19-06-2020 20:19
RT @USUAggies: We stand strongly in favor of today’s U.S. Supreme Court decision upholding the DACA program nationwide, further reaffirming…
19-06-2020 18:23
RT @SIBirdClub: Wait for it... 😮😱
19-06-2020 08:26
@sofiabiologista This is how I feel, halfway through 2020.
19-06-2020 08:24
I think #Juneteenth should be a national holiday. And we should all know what happened at Ashton Villa and why.
19-06-2020 07:45
@ElasmoBro I’m starting to see a pattern...
19-06-2020 05:36
I really miss the ocean.
19-06-2020 05:01
I really, really miss the ocean.
18-06-2020 19:28
So you know, seagulls are terrifying. :)
18-06-2020 19:25
@TaotaoTasi Normally speaking you’d be cynical, but in 2020, it’s just that you’re paying attention.
17-06-2020 19:50
RT @RexChapman: His father had been away for nearly a year due to his job. This is the Twitter content I’m here for...🌎❤️…
16-06-2020 10:02
I’ve loved #BlackBirdersWeek. I’d also like to request #BlackSharkWeek. People like @ayanaeliza, @DrAshantiJ,…
16-06-2020 09:45
You know, voters in Utah aren’t going to have to stand in lines. If nothing else, our vote by mail program is a pl…
16-06-2020 06:51
@editoremilye It could be worse. They could be trying to cure COVID with essential oils.
16-06-2020 06:46
RT @SpringerCORE: Latest research from @SpringerCORE by @Bouyoucos uses telemetry and mark-recapture to reveal very small home ranges of n…
16-06-2020 06:46
@editoremilye @RobertGehrke But take away credit for having Ammo outside the safe.
16-06-2020 02:40
An Air Force pilot from North Ogden was involved in an F-15 crash today in England and didn’t survive. How horribl…
16-06-2020 02:17
@CoralReefFish @DrAlistairDove Did I mention how jealous I am of this dive?!
16-06-2020 02:02
@genealogy_jill @TaranaBurke @Ancestry You can edit the relationship—and you have options. There’s one screen that…
15-06-2020 17:24
@TaranaBurke @genealogy_jill To be clear: @Ancestry isn’t listing them as a spouse. This is someone’s personal ped…
15-06-2020 05:53
Dear @Jaguar, How about a convertible I-Pace? Thanks!
15-06-2020 05:24
@SolomonRDavid The appropriate response here is, “I’m sorry you may face prejudice, bias, racism and bigotry. What…
15-06-2020 00:15
@n8ture_al @NappyHairRevel I like wolves.
14-06-2020 10:02
I worked with David Ure on 2002’s HB144, which made it so these kids would get in-State tuition at Utah’s colleges.…
14-06-2020 01:18
@ShawnVee07 @shabazzwrld @JessiePaladine @NotYourBitch217 @superduperedy In most states, having weapons that close…
14-06-2020 01:02
@TaotaoTasi Latent racism is really a nasty habit.
14-06-2020 00:57
It’s time we all finally admit the Mexican wolf is the best #wolf and timber wolves are a distant third. Thank you…
13-06-2020 20:54
There are few people who are more pleasant, kind and thoughtful as @JenSeeligUT. She is such a phenomenal soul. H…
13-06-2020 20:23
@AliceMilligan6 bluespotted ribbontail ray
13-06-2020 15:50
What to replace Confederate statues with? Hear me out...giant Chia pets!
13-06-2020 06:42
@juliaritchey My backyard neighbor is on the series.
13-06-2020 03:21
@KevinTConnor @williamadler78 Guns N Poses
13-06-2020 03:18
@NaturewatchTH @Avibase I’ve never seen a did-he-do-it. Very jealous! Great picture!
13-06-2020 03:15
If on the word of one person the protections can be revoked, they never really were protected to begin with. That…
13-06-2020 03:14
@GOPKT801 That entire tweet is a straw man. It’s an example of people refusing to listen. That makes me sad.
12-06-2020 22:02
Happy #FlatSharkFriday. And yes, rays are included because no one wants to use #FlatElasmobranchFriday.
12-06-2020 18:46
I can’t think of many experiences in the ocean that are more rare than this. Absolutely amazing.
12-06-2020 10:01
@jkfordays @sawsharkman That water is likely going to be cold. We need them to visit tropical waters. :)
12-06-2020 09:58
RT @BrittanyGlasTV: "If other places would do what the law enforcement – what they’re doing here in Salt Lake City – and working to bring t…
12-06-2020 09:24
@USUtheRightBlue @avery_abe 678. If you don’t have a medical school, you’re going to get crushed according to thes…
12-06-2020 09:21
@SpencerJCox @ShilohLloyd @coxforgovernor He’s good people, Spencer. I grew up with Shiloh. I’ll bring him to Fai…
12-06-2020 09:14
@evornithology That’s incredible. As an amateur, casual observer, I’ve always wondered how different raptor eggs a…
12-06-2020 01:21
@evornithology What are you studying with the shells? I find this type of stuff fascinating.
11-06-2020 21:45
At @BYU, about 1/2 of a percent of their student body are Native Hawaiians or Pacific Islanders. At @UUtah, its ab…
11-06-2020 21:43
@poliARB @WiseBossy @BYUfootball I’m a fan, Adam.
11-06-2020 21:38
RT @BYUfootball: Be The Change. #BlackLivesMatter
11-06-2020 21:37
You up for this, @AlongsideWild? Just saw this on Facebook. [email protected] will go with us to Brazil. 😳
11-06-2020 21:27
@DrBirdLady Congratulations.
11-06-2020 20:42
RT @nbc6: Looks like sharks were eager for beaches to reopen in Miami-Dade today. This small shiver of sharks was spotted swimming close to…
11-06-2020 20:40
RT @Oceandiversity2: Wow🐳🐬
11-06-2020 06:39
I love American White Pelicans.
10-06-2020 18:25
I think the Caspian Tern was pretty cool. The heron was beautiful. The red tailed hawk stayed near us for 30 minu…
09-06-2020 22:34
@divefinatic @TaotaoTasi The appropriate response here is, “Thank you for teaching me about this. I am ashamed of…
09-06-2020 18:11
Happy World Ocean Day! #WorldOceanDay
08-06-2020 23:50
@ElasmoBro The death is a tragedy, and such a rare event. I don’t surf, so I have no frame of reference for shark…
08-06-2020 08:44
Utah is such a beautiful state.
08-06-2020 08:39
Watching @UtahDWR restock our lakes never gets old. #utpol
07-06-2020 22:19
@soniagupta504 That’s how sophisticated people roll!
07-06-2020 21:48
@JenSeeligUT @lowrysnow @lizabeth_verse @katcoquemont @RepKarenKwan @BJohnsonTV @RepEWeight @ErinJems…
07-06-2020 21:48
@CoralReefFish I had one in Belize that followed me around and nipped at my fins. It was curious. It swam with me…
07-06-2020 21:35
@SpencerJCox @CarlDowningUT - Cancel Operation PickUp.
07-06-2020 21:31
RT @DiscoverMag: Paleontologist Peter Roopnarine wants to bring forgotten fossils into the spotlight.
07-06-2020 12:11
RT @NWF: #BecauseOfBlackBirdersWeek, the National Wildlife Federation is expanding its Conservation Fellowship & Intern Programs to create…
07-06-2020 08:44
@BradleyBeck1 I hope @MayorJonPike and his police department are able to identify this guy.
07-06-2020 08:42
RT @GibBrogan: If you are looking for information about the monument that President Trump is trying to eviscerate, here is a good resource…
06-06-2020 09:38
RT @KSL5TV: On May 31, the @NAACP issued a call to action for police reform. Today, at a press conference at the State Capitol, the NAACP…
06-06-2020 06:11
RT @utahsenate: Happening today: @SenThatcher will be joining @NAACP’s press conference to discuss proposed legislation regarding police re…
06-06-2020 06:10
RT @UtahAG: Today, AG Reyes will join the @NAACP to speak about the importance of legislation on police relationships with the public and l…
06-06-2020 06:10
RT @UtahManDC: On May 31, the NAACP issued a call to action for police reform. Today, at a press conference at the State Capitol, the organ…
06-06-2020 06:10
I really love our state. Well done, @GOPKT801! #utpol
06-06-2020 06:06
The ocean isn’t having a very good day today. Nor are those who’ve been battling to protect fragile ecosystems. R…
05-06-2020 22:10
@TaotaoTasi Florida? Canada? And don’t they work because THEY ARE MANAGED?!?!
05-06-2020 22:08