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RT @Nigel_Farage: The Queen and her family have worked tirelessly for the Commonwealth for 70 years. The racist slur against the Royal fami…
09-03-2021 00:06
RT @obeyamark: Peter Okoye is Igbo. He left even his own twin brother. Rochas is Igbo. He even got arrested while fighting to reclaim his…
08-03-2021 23:32
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RT @nkxnnia: How can you marry a prince and find out he's broke. Prince Harry na Abuja boy, Wallah
08-03-2021 10:02
RT @chosensomto: Support @AppBoots , download and register. Support a young developer @UcheKalu_ ; he’s put in some good work into this. h…
08-03-2021 09:47
RT @BusinessDayNg: Today In BusinessDay- Nigeria can save N3.7trn by gutting inefficient MDAs https://t.co/IGIrMQl7Qs
08-03-2021 09:36
RT @USinNigeria: Join us as we #ChoosetoChallenge for a gender equal world & to raise awareness against bias. We hosted Nigerian women lea…
08-03-2021 09:36
There is no downfall https://t.co/v46gK28xht
08-03-2021 07:29
0 29354
RT @corrinsfilm: the crown writers’ room right now https://t.co/OhiYwpcx1v
08-03-2021 07:27
RT @karaswisher: Season 7 or so of The Crown is going to be lit: https://t.co/P7zS1UkrDR
08-03-2021 07:27
RT @piersmorgan: We’re going to need a longer show. @GMB
08-03-2021 07:23
RT @larabillionaire: Singing gospel songs on your way home from the club at 3:30am > omo jesu lemi 🙏🏾 https://t.co/gL3de9mUJ7
08-03-2021 07:20
RT @fairfightaction: THREAD: As the nation remembers #BloodySunday and the violent scenes on the Edmund Pettus Bridge, Republicans in state…
07-03-2021 23:45
@AbangMercy Whats going on
07-03-2021 23:31
@OlDirtyBarbie @Friedricejim Whats the actual day?
07-03-2021 23:27
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RT @AndyKimNJ: Her name is Kyal Sin and she was brutally murdered this week. She wore this black shirt that said “Everything will be OK” wh…
07-03-2021 03:18
RT @Complex: Facebook is being investigated amid allegations of racial bias in the company’s hiring and promotion practices. https://t.co/h…
07-03-2021 03:18
@packlesshepherd @adanna_dr 😅
07-03-2021 03:17
RT @AjaSaysHello: Overt racism. The covert stuff feels a teensy bit more toxic because it’s harder to catch so well done Britain.
07-03-2021 03:16
RT @mattschaar: @myfriendjanine !! https://t.co/KjGzAL6BzO
06-03-2021 22:24
@CadmusGbenga @Jimmyflames @Aloyebaba @GDBofAfrica @toluogunlesi @MBuhari Are negative perceptions towards the vacc… https://t.co/CwvuokJ8uR
06-03-2021 22:09
@GDBofAfrica @Jimmyflames @Aloyebaba @toluogunlesi @MBuhari Yea same difference
06-03-2021 22:08
@WandileSihlobo Ngiyabonga
06-03-2021 19:55
@WandileSihlobo Is this on Spotify?
06-03-2021 18:24
RT @femme_economics: #EconTwitter: a mentee has an econ PhD interview next week. I never did any of these so I'm at a loss on advice. For a…
06-03-2021 17:44
RT @dambisamoyo: 📚I’m so happy to announce that you can now pre-order my book ‘How Boards Work: And How They Can Work Better in a Chaotic W…
06-03-2021 17:33
@ChizzyAndre @ChifeDr @BorisJohnson @DominicRaab @dambisamoyo Chinese are cutting back on aids or lending. They have their own issues
06-03-2021 17:31
Good https://t.co/pFzEro4Loj
06-03-2021 17:30
RT @Adheydayor: Oil prices are up, production is still down. Explains why our brother is still nervous. @seunsmith @effizee84
06-03-2021 17:01
@afalli @ShoutsAndMiras @subomioo @1creeknation @HrHCoolshegs @akindolu Still doesn't explain why I should buy a tweet..
06-03-2021 16:45
@Jimmyflames @Aloyebaba @GDBofAfrica @toluogunlesi @MBuhari I think his question was what is it about? Global leade… https://t.co/GwCTAn506j
06-03-2021 15:23
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RT @munyachawawa: How the British press come up with Meghan Markle headlines 🥴🗞 #meghanmarkle https://t.co/ksy7qb0lHa
06-03-2021 15:08
RT @APanagariya: Read how the pursuit of self sufficiency morphed into investment licensing, import controls, small-scale industries reserv…
06-03-2021 14:36
RT @USAIDNigeria: To celebrate #InternationalWomensDay, we hosted the Leveraging Networks for Leadership event. Panelists shared lessons &…
06-03-2021 14:30
RT @KatieJohnson214: "Paul Ryan was the worst Speaker of the House in American History" https://t.co/3Q5ipVD9tW
06-03-2021 14:29
2hy is this a problem https://t.co/hUm2dj30YV
06-03-2021 14:27
How you came into this terrible vile being is fascinating. You have lost your self in the process. https://t.co/p2UnTiwmVH
06-03-2021 14:27
@EditiEffiong https://t.co/ygjOdqhmRy
06-03-2021 11:09
@_SalmanAnwar Cc @damienics fyi
06-03-2021 10:36
RT @RitaPanahi: “88% of global coronavirus deaths occurred in nations with high levels of obesity” https://t.co/BrP0cD4OqB
06-03-2021 10:33
RT @RitaPanahi: "Our[ intensive care unit] patients seem almost universally obese, while most ill but stable patients elsewhere in the hosp…
06-03-2021 10:33
RT @RitaPanahi: Incredible how little coverage was given to the link between obesity & Covid hospitalisations & deaths. Something doctors l…
06-03-2021 10:33
@SpicyBaeGF All the best
06-03-2021 10:32
RT @ayanshizi: #FreeSenegal ✊🏿 https://t.co/g6r9QmHMyo
06-03-2021 01:22
RT @SaharaReporters: Southerners Spend N8billion Daily On Beef Consumption, North Not Doing Us A Favour —Gani Adams | Sahara Reporters He a…
06-03-2021 01:22
@dentalgiorgio @UcheKalu_ 🤣
06-03-2021 01:11
RT @Jason: She’s not playing games https://t.co/uu25nUzW9W
06-03-2021 01:02
RT @superwuster: Happy to say I'm joining the Biden White House to work on Technology and Competition Policy at the National Economic Counc…
05-03-2021 21:22
Okay they spoke. What happened next...I don't see the context here? https://t.co/AvO9NwGdto
05-03-2021 21:16
@Illustrious_Cee Well.. https://t.co/WvhRm37lPW
05-03-2021 21:11
RT @KarenAttiah: Our state is still dealing with the fallout from a catastrophic power grid collapse. Our state is going to open up 100% d…
05-03-2021 20:53
RT @pmnewsnigeria: I once tested positive for COVID-19 – Obasanjo https://t.co/8EsDSuLN6H
05-03-2021 19:55
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RT @drpenking: This is Dr Okorie Ifeanyi Venatus,an intern Doctor in UPTH. He collapsed with his forehead to the ground after a 72 hour shi…
05-03-2021 19:53
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RT @ktbenner: Federico Klein, the ex-State Dept aide arrested Thurs, was charged with assaulting an officer. He was videotaped in a tunnel…
05-03-2021 16:31
RT @citizentvkenya: Kenyan private sector firms cut employee salaries further https://t.co/Mi1xIzpssG
05-03-2021 16:31
RT @NewsWireNGR: Breaking: Last minute decision as NAFDAC certifies #AstraZeneca vaccine https://t.co/MdjVDwy0QP https://t.co/ajVqvv3hPz
05-03-2021 14:49
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RT @ZykyAdejor: 😭😭😭 My mom y’all https://t.co/hOV8dxXVkb
05-03-2021 09:28
Yup...it was at their own peril https://t.co/DlvrP76sFq
05-03-2021 09:25
@JBeachFerrara All the best
05-03-2021 09:24
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RT @JBeachFerrara: I’m Democrat Jasmine Beach-Ferrara and I’m running against Madison Cawthorn. As a gay woman, Christian minister, mom of…
05-03-2021 09:24
RT @notcapnamerica: This feels like a good time to remind everyone that @RepTerriSewell introduced a minimum wage bill that ties the wage f…
05-03-2021 09:08
Uhmm no https://t.co/hQO77v3S5R
05-03-2021 08:51
RT @themaxburns: Trump State Department official arrested in connection to January 6 terrorist attack on the U.S. Capitol
05-03-2021 06:50
RT @aimeerawlins: I started a (very small) monthly donation to @WisDems about a year ago with the idea that it was a presidential battlegro…
05-03-2021 06:48
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RT @SenSchumer: Thank you, @VP Harris.
05-03-2021 06:48
@devonzuegel @patrickc Ceo of mainone a visionary
05-03-2021 01:29
This is really the new low. https://t.co/SGvk9Qv6VJ
05-03-2021 01:29
Hmmm...... https://t.co/5us7RdKsd5
04-03-2021 23:24
Texas will accept a gun license to vote but not a student ID. lol
04-03-2021 23:23
@iKillCuriosity thanks 😊 for the fun space...
04-03-2021 21:48
@fatuogwuche 🤣🤣🤣🤣
04-03-2021 21:29
@fatuogwuche kara was okay ....Lawrence own has been consistent
04-03-2021 20:09
RT @BetaList: Vencru: A simple invoicing & accounting software for your business https://t.co/OLk2KUMMqM https://t.co/6NlY6awxYr
04-03-2021 20:02
RT @VencruHQ: At Vencru, we care about helping small businesses become profitable. Run your business with Vencru -FREE. ⁣ ⁣ Invoicing, busi…
04-03-2021 20:02
Lol.... https://t.co/yyBbxvxroQ
04-03-2021 19:39
0 2608
RT @sc: This partnership will be a game-changer for many. I look forward to all this new chapter has to offer!
04-03-2021 16:53
0 2936
RT @sc: Jack is one of the greatest minds of our times, and our many discussions about TIDAL’s endless possibilities have made me even more…
04-03-2021 16:53
0 7611
RT @sc: I said from the beginning that TIDAL was about more than just streaming music, and six years later, it has remained a platform that…
04-03-2021 16:53
RT @csea_afric: Happening Now| DECLINE AND FALL event, we are discussing the Crisis of the Global Fossil Fuel Industry and Outlook for Nige…
04-03-2021 16:15
@af_mada quick one though since twitter spaces is beta testing.... What is the actual goal for spaces? Are there pl… https://t.co/X2ysa58j0c
04-03-2021 14:50
@MsNemah Which infuencer is doing this
04-03-2021 12:54
RT @Bonisile_RMS: A lot of people get their cars broken into and then go around saying "I don't know how they knew I had a laptop in the bo…
04-03-2021 11:59
RT @Aligarciaherrer: #Blinken on #China: “competitive when it should be, collaborative when it can be and adversarial when it must be” ...…
04-03-2021 05:12
@damienics 😂thats true....
04-03-2021 05:05
RT @AmakaAnku: This could help boost fx reserves for #Nigeria and other commodity dependent exporters.
04-03-2021 05:01
RT @jsstansel: “Social Media Marketing Agency Owner Who Gives Questionable Advice on TikTok” starter pack...🙄 https://t.co/lG1KLZgQPF
03-03-2021 17:18
RT @mamaOlanna: Because of their proximity to consumers, neighborhood markets/groceries have been resilient during this pandemic
03-03-2021 17:17
RT @mamaOlanna: If you have a tight budget, invest in increasing visibility in neighborhood markets and modern retail outlets
03-03-2021 17:17
@LNeidermire @LisaDaftari @BoutcherAriel Its left for the people within the society to dictate that. Nevertheless,… https://t.co/G27Fd3XovD
03-03-2021 17:13
@LNeidermire @LisaDaftari @BoutcherAriel I think you are the one missing the point. Npr is part of society and doe… https://t.co/Y7g8gKiiRE
03-03-2021 17:12
RT @JoeIshie: @LisaDaftari @BoutcherAriel I don't see the correlation. Did npr denounce dr Seuss? No.... What makes this analogy balanced?
03-03-2021 15:20
RT @BoristheG: @JoeIshie @LisaDaftari @BoutcherAriel Nothing it's a giant false equivalency.
03-03-2021 15:20
@LisaDaftari @BoutcherAriel I don't see the correlation. Did npr denounce dr Seuss? No.... What makes this analogy balanced?
03-03-2021 09:02
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RT @lailatweetzx: I’m SO interested in Black stories that go beyond the Black American or Black British experience.
03-03-2021 08:49
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RT @kylegriffin1: The Pentagon inspector general has issued a scathing review of Republican Ronny Jackson, concluding he made "sexual and…
03-03-2021 08:48
RT @IAtalkspace: @EghosaO @shaunmmaguire @patrickc @paystack @Parallel_tw True. OpenRAN is an interesting approach to cut the cost of build…
03-03-2021 08:13
RT @kyledcheney: NEW: The House has reissued a subpoena to Donald Trump's accounting firm and laid out a schedule to pursue his finances in…
03-03-2021 06:15
@ElohoGM 🤣
03-03-2021 06:12
@ElohoGM Hmmm is it safe?? Anything that has access to my mails is a no for me though
03-03-2021 06:11
@Osiyemi_O I don't see the problem here....yes Diana is his mother but when circumstances around her death is used… https://t.co/AC0g7B5DUg
03-03-2021 06:08
RT @andreamatranga: @Noahpinion I mean he is ashamed of having Russian origins. I don't want to go all ad hominem, but that's the hominem y…
03-03-2021 06:01
RT @Noahpinion: Good reminder that the "red state/blue state" mentality we inherited from the 00s is totally morally bankrupt and ridiculous
03-03-2021 06:01
RT @Jason: Just make it $30 a year to have a twitter handle — first year free!
03-03-2021 05:59
RT @Molson_Hart: Damnit forgot Djibouti!
03-03-2021 05:53
RT @Molson_Hart: - the big hope for Africa is China, whether it’s for the purchase of African resources, or the building of infrastructure…
03-03-2021 05:53
RT @Molson_Hart: The development of Africa is an interesting topic, but this article feels mostly like hand waving and overly optimistic.…
03-03-2021 05:53
RT @ChrisCoons: There has been a persistent & broad effort—including at CPAC last weekend—to mischaracterize the participants of the riot o…
03-03-2021 05:48
RT @PeterKolchinsky: Last Call! Apply by Thu March 4th for Spring 2021 “Business of Biotech” discussion sessions (Wed, 3-5pm ET, March 10/1…
03-03-2021 05:04
@themaxburns Well, let's see what he has to say.
03-03-2021 05:03
RT @KPMG_NG: Attend our upcoming webinar focused on the "Finance Act 2020" and discover its implications on public and private sector busin…
02-03-2021 15:27
RT @The_EastAfrican: Fake News: Some politicians and prominent bloggers have been announcing that DRC has become the seventh member of the…
02-03-2021 11:36
@noahopinion raises important questions here. What should African countries focus on to drive industrialisation and… https://t.co/PrdbGZpf3W
02-03-2021 08:12
0 62755
RT @mistergeezy: black and carefree. I love it. https://t.co/b48KPR4ngU
02-03-2021 05:18
RT @eeyyrrww: @Phil_Lewis_ “Chadwick Boseman is the good guy” https://t.co/onlsjeewUm
02-03-2021 05:17
RT @Kenya_D: @Phil_Lewis_ I wasn’t ready for that ending https://t.co/VHEnVNoElr
02-03-2021 05:16
0 10862
RT @Phil_Lewis_: The real stars of the #GoldenGlobes https://t.co/Il1h18KxIs
02-03-2021 05:16
RT @obasaolorunfemi: "US agencies responsible for construction didn’t even ask the Afghans if they wanted or needed the buildings they orde…
02-03-2021 05:14
@obasaolorunfemi @gyude_moore The agencies have come to learn that and are engaging locals in various countries on… https://t.co/t9WcnvP1nl
02-03-2021 05:14
RT @gyude_moore: Bitcoin at 'tipping point, Citi says could become the preferred currency for international trade. https://t.co/fYmXXZz4VB
02-03-2021 05:12
RT @AJEnglish: Two wanted Americans are handed to Japanese authorities after helping former Nissan Motor Co Chairman flee the country https…
02-03-2021 05:11
RT @samckiernan: Slovakia joins Hungary and breaks from EU to buy Sputnik V doses. 200,000 doses arrived today. As Eastern European state…
02-03-2021 05:09
@AmakaAnku Uhmmm does the chart consider other factors (not done with noahs article) such as intake or demand for c… https://t.co/3inFlVybjZ
02-03-2021 05:07
RT @JonathanSaid1: @Noahpinion You didn't mention the main reason to be optimistic. It's that political & business elites are explicitly lo…
02-03-2021 05:00
RT @Noahpinion: The future of Africa is literally the future of humanity on this planet. So whether Africa can industrialize is one of the…
02-03-2021 05:00
RT @CDCgroup: Our Coverage Director for Nigeria, Benson Adenuga, is joining the @nigeriafinance1 conference on Wednesday to discuss infrast…
01-03-2021 21:02
RT @Kdenkss: @wizaj Insurance markets depend on a healthy degree of financialization + spare income, and South Africa is tops on both for t…
01-03-2021 21:01
RT @TechCabal: Opera posted strong results for Q42020 with $50.4 million in revenue. This is an increase of 19% from Q3 when its revenue wa…
01-03-2021 21:00
0 4944
RT @BerniceKing: Christ is not American. The Church that Christ heads is global. Our neighbors are all of humanity. The U.S. National…
01-03-2021 20:59
RT @LeoneSaudi: The Embassy of the Republic of Sierra Leone in Saudi Arabia rescues a Sierra Leonean that was languishing as maid in Oman S…
01-03-2021 10:14
RT @TheEconomist: “Being an MP is like being a bank,” explains one former MP. Most use savings, but many borrow. In Sierra Leone MPs regula…
01-03-2021 10:14
RT @KiiraMotors: 📽️ Check out the interior of the #KayoolaEVS. #MissionVehiclesMadeinUganda https://t.co/5MXXROhgNr
01-03-2021 09:45
RT @KiiraMotors: LIVE: 📻 Our Director Marketing and Sales @allantmuhumuza is live on @Magic100FMUG to discuss vehicle manufacturing in Ugan…
01-03-2021 09:45
0 1072
RT @MobilePunch: Tinubu, Buhari, el-Rufai weren’t arrested when they asked Jonathan to resign —Falana https://t.co/hTHp8jwkpv
01-03-2021 03:26
0 1171
RT @benwikler: Want to end Ron Johnson’s political career? Help the Democratic Party of Wisconsin make it happen. We’re 110 new monthly don…
28-02-2021 23:19
RT @business: Walmart poaches a pair of top Goldman executives as it muscles its way into the banking business https://t.co/gZsBpIU5wy
28-02-2021 23:19
While I agree that there should be a standard but $DANG claim for some of ban due to standards/health issues. Is t… https://t.co/7ThUymXg6X
28-02-2021 23:18
RT @Amena__Bakr: For the first time in the US Energy Information Administration's (EIA) records dating back to 1973, the US shipped more oi…
28-02-2021 20:46
@leifwickland @TheStalwart @tracyalloway Lol
28-02-2021 20:45
RT @IFCAfrica: Tune in for @IFC_org's @JumokeJagunD session at the @eacmarkup #EastAfrica Invest event on March 1st. Register now ⬇️
28-02-2021 13:27
RT @DorynMarl: I watched his YouTube. He has his own place, so organized ❤💙
28-02-2021 12:50
RT @ReutersAfrica: U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken on Saturday called on the African Union and other international partners to help…
28-02-2021 12:46
0 15738
RT @oseyiiii: I’m wheezing 🤣🤣🤣 https://t.co/dxY2MZwRV7
28-02-2021 06:55
RT @JonahDispatch: If you’re opposed to unnecessary deaths and bad media coverage, by all means dunk on Cuomo and his fans. But maybe offer…
28-02-2021 06:42
@Friedricejim 😆
28-02-2021 06:26
0 1966
RT @Alex_Danco: king https://t.co/u1eek1s1oq
28-02-2021 06:26
@Friedricejim No masks around
28-02-2021 06:23
@hsgibbons1 @naomirwolf @MeddlinMegs @djmarley6 @andrewcuomo 😅
28-02-2021 06:12
0 4981
RT @ubongabasi: Once again, the tailors came through with barely a day's notice.👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
28-02-2021 06:10
Iran is a threat, Iran has nuclear weapons of mass destruction ....soundbites by you guys for years but nothing to… https://t.co/uJsfuPngbo
28-02-2021 06:07
RT @TheZenCorner: Exactly. Iran, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Syria are all bad in their own ways.
28-02-2021 06:04
RT @Noahpinion: What I don't understand is why Iran is a "threat" and must be "contained". Seems like they're just one of several authorita…
28-02-2021 05:59
RT @OttawaFencer: @jpittsaz @Noahpinion Iranian theocracy is not a model that can be exported. It's entirely bound up with Shiite Iranian i…
28-02-2021 05:59
RT @OttawaFencer: @jpittsaz @Noahpinion That hasn't been practically true for decades. The fact that their model can't be exported is prett…
28-02-2021 05:59
@data_salsa @81_eagles @RichardHaass Love this....
28-02-2021 05:49
@Claudia_Sahm Thanks
28-02-2021 05:09
RT @Claudia_Sahm: @JoeIshie https://t.co/Sinc84otSi
28-02-2021 05:03
RT @Claudia_Sahm: was so frustrated in Covid spring with the all dude virtual macro seminars. so I put together a podcast series https://t.…
28-02-2021 01:46
@Claudia_Sahm Wat series is that?
28-02-2021 01:34
RT @tokenwhitedude: 99.99% of Americans can't tell you what the 10th Amendment is. Also, Pete has degrees from 2 Ivy League schools
28-02-2021 01:13
How does that bring comfort and satisfaction to them..? Not wage increase, health coverage..?? https://t.co/4BD2ntcESi
28-02-2021 01:13
0 27740
RT @MajorPhilebrity: Jonah Hill ❤️❤️❤️ https://t.co/NEfu5DIabO
28-02-2021 01:10
RT @therealpeterm: Mike Pompeo (not Jewish) calling Ben Rhodes (who is Jewish) antisemitic for supporting Palestine is next level ignorance.
28-02-2021 01:08
RT @EmekaOkoye: African women ♥ 👏 👏
28-02-2021 01:04
@MissWanaWana Hmmm ..maybe not how to think like a man ....
27-02-2021 21:17
0 2838
RT @NOIweala: This beautiful young girl and all the other adorable young girls and young women modeling my look just make me feel humble an…
27-02-2021 21:13
RT @pstAsiatech: Wuhan Gives Up on Troubled $18.5 Billion Chipmaking Project https://t.co/qkEkAKud2W
27-02-2021 21:12
RT @JWPaller: ICYMI: @fsvl1 @belindaarch @abhitbhandari @_janakrause @BeattyRiedl @GManMac @abenadove @gyude_moore @LandrySigne @MssZeeUsma…
27-02-2021 21:12
RT @pastorpoju: Schedule Yaba: 400 Herbert Macaulay Way Time: 6.30am and 8.15am Iganmu: Right next to the National Theatre. Time: 7.45am…
27-02-2021 21:09
RT @USAmbUN: The United States condemns the violent kidnapping of over 300 girls from the Government Girls Secondary School in Jangebe, Nig…
27-02-2021 17:03
0 1367
RT @ayosogunro: Dawisu was an active supporter of Buhari's govt when it oppressed people he disliked. He changed only when the govt's cruel…
27-02-2021 13:15
RT @IncubatorGHAI: We're pleased to announce our 4 new Healthy Food Policy Advocacy Fund partners, supported by @BloombergDotOrg: @Gatefi…
27-02-2021 11:29
RT @mattyglesias: Forty years ago when the US was a huge net oil importer and our top national security priority was competition with the o…
27-02-2021 01:22
RT @mattyglesias: The entire US posture in the Middle East is a closed loop of “we must fight Iran for the sake of our allies” and “we need…
27-02-2021 01:22
RT @mattyglesias: On the contrary, I understand international relations just fine and the US/Saudi relationship — while lucrative for a han…
27-02-2021 01:22
RT @nowthisnews: Almost 60 years ago, Calvin Tyler dropped out of Morgan State University because he couldn’t afford tuition. He became a d…
27-02-2021 00:35
RT @MsNemah: This statement reads like the president, who is the commander-in-Chief is asking states to take responsibility for their own s…
27-02-2021 00:34
RT @makispoke: I am 100% confident that if we SPLIT Nigeria between the North and the South, in 10 years the development of the South will…
27-02-2021 00:33
RT @Variety: Gillian Anderson to Play Eleanor Roosevelt in Showtime Series ‘The First Lady’ https://t.co/9If2yMutP9
27-02-2021 00:12
0 1557
RT @Variety: #TheFirstLady: O-T Fagbenle has been cast in the recurring role of President Barack Obama, opposite Viola Davis who will portr…
27-02-2021 00:12
RT @Variety: ‘The First Lady’ Anthology Series at Showtime Casts O-T Fagbenle as Barack Obama https://t.co/LB6TsGJR8S
27-02-2021 00:12
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RT @NOIweala: Very sad to learn about the abduction of the Zamfara girls following on the heels of the Kagara boys. Praying for their safe…
26-02-2021 23:14
@fatuogwuche 🤣😂😂😂😂so accurate
26-02-2021 23:14
RT @IAtalkspace: @JoeIshie @kopalo @NationAfrica Even with AfCFTA, African countries are running their own side hustles... lol
26-02-2021 23:11
RT @business: BREAKING: The Biden administration is identifying 76 Saudi Arabian individuals who may be subject to sanctions under what it’…
26-02-2021 22:58
RT @mwiyas: Sobering thread; but consistent with my own conclusions. I call this accidental nationhood.
26-02-2021 21:08
@GlobalPolicyIn1 @B_Eichengreen @anneokrueger @gyude_moore @PaolaSubacchi Was this recorded???
26-02-2021 20:45
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26-02-2021 20:00
RT @FredSwaniker: Do you know any talented but unemployed African youth? We can help them find work. Please share this link widely: https:/…
26-02-2021 17:58
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RT @SayItLikeJay: When you really start learning how to budget and tracking where and how much your spending you slowly morph into this man…
26-02-2021 17:52
@MsNemah We will discuss later
26-02-2021 16:31
RT @paulcanetti: Special guest @seyitaylor helps explain what NFTs are and why it matters, Twitter wants you to pay for certain tweets, Spo…
26-02-2021 16:31
Never supported perpetual closure..... Then who did? https://t.co/3DxBeYj2dk
26-02-2021 15:17
@SMLaraba 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
26-02-2021 14:48
@SMLaraba Lmao..abu waht???
26-02-2021 11:26
@kopalo @NationAfrica No one should sign anything imo...we have afcfta they should be signing with AU i think
26-02-2021 11:24
26-02-2021 10:21
26-02-2021 10:21
@MsNemah any similar cases in 🇳🇬? https://t.co/lUn7Eb0zu5
26-02-2021 03:10
@gyude_moore Excuse me...
26-02-2021 01:28
Is this a joke or what? https://t.co/oSrXu9N8Xq
26-02-2021 00:19
India 🇮🇳 vs US 🇺🇸 https://t.co/WVf1TAMZQ8
25-02-2021 23:29