KARTHIK N (@KARTHIK71098337) — bookworm and cricket tragic
RT @sahajmarg_srcm: “Seek in you and you will find Him in yourself. The Master is there. But when? Only when you are not there.” - Babuji
11-05-2021 05:46
@Beathhigh Let me first buy borrow or steal and read song for dark times.😜
10-05-2021 19:02
@MohitKattaC1733 Nice reply
10-05-2021 14:58
@MohitKattaC1733 India winning coming only at last. This has been our attitude since time immemorial
10-05-2021 14:43
@RandomCricketP1 That's a good one. Didn't notice back then. Feeling sorry for Kenyan cricket.
10-05-2021 12:52
@rohiratian In the present context wary of covid 19
10-05-2021 07:26
RT @sahajmarg_srcm: It is good to avoid struggling with circumstances and judging them adversely. The outer circumstances, in that case, wi…
10-05-2021 07:25
@rohiratian 🤞
09-05-2021 18:32
RT @robelinda2: HE'S GONE FOR A DUCK! Happy birthday 59th to Neil Foster...the ONLY bowler to dismiss Viv Richards and Javed Miandad for a…
09-05-2021 17:20
RT @robelinda2: Here's the Miandad duck! 1987 https://t.co/UBJJdlH6h0
09-05-2021 17:20
RT @kamleshdaaji: A bigger role model as a spiritual practitioner than I have been. #MothersDay #Heartfulness #Daaji @heartful_ness https…
09-05-2021 16:07
RT @sahajmarg_srcm: True Prayer is done in such a way that the condition of nothingness is developed. - Babuji
09-05-2021 04:25
RT @kamleshdaaji: Yoga and meditation are the regulation of the restless mind. Experience Heartfulness Meditation. Join us on Sunday, May…
08-05-2021 16:33
RT @JosePuliampatta: You don't have to be rich to be looking good. Neither you need the help of "Fair & Lovely" For most, Ghar ki Murgi Daa…
08-05-2021 15:44
RT @sahajmarg_srcm: It is, of course, good to find work that one will like to do, but if one cannot do that then one must learn to like the…
08-05-2021 06:56
RT @ashwinravi99: Our turn is next! It’s Imminent. Hope better sense prevails and we don’t crowd markets and shopping spaces. We are at a c…
07-05-2021 19:09
RT @Swamy39: In view of the situation arising from Coronavirus Pandemic, I suggest that top 6 of the 8 floors[6+ 2 in basement] Party Offic…
07-05-2021 16:39
@ashwinravi99 @mkstalin First stint. Means more to come? For god's sake. No
07-05-2021 13:55
@RandomCricketP1 Thank you
07-05-2021 13:52
@KasthuriShankar Tasmac makes freebies possible for govt. No way can they close the kamadhenu! Sorry for comparison
07-05-2021 13:48
@RandomCricketP1 Which year was that?
07-05-2021 13:45
RT @Beathhigh: Take 2 minutes. Breathe...
07-05-2021 06:43
@vedakmurthy08 Heartfelt condolences. Be strong
07-05-2021 06:19
RT @sardesairajdeep: If only some netas and their IT cell cheerleaders spent less time playing Hindu Muslim politics on social media and be…
07-05-2021 06:18
RT @sahajmarg_srcm: Discipline is the elementary step of surrender. - Babuji
07-05-2021 06:17
RT @vasit0786: Catch this Ratio. https://t.co/aNb1MsBBMS
06-05-2021 15:57
@Beathhigh @broaddaylightUK @orionbooks @orion_crime There is no need to apologize, sir. Please ask rebus to wear m… https://t.co/B45YL815lB
06-05-2021 10:54
@Beathhigh @broaddaylightUK @orionbooks @orion_crime Err. Can readers from India participate?
06-05-2021 07:47
@Beathhigh @broaddaylightUK @orionbooks @orion_crime No. Thank you for letting me know.
06-05-2021 04:23
@broaddaylightUK @Beathhigh @orionbooks @orion_crime A bit too costly to me at the moment. Keeping my fingers cross… https://t.co/tlxSO0TtFZ
05-05-2021 20:24
RT @IamBhavaniDevi: #NewProfilePic https://t.co/Tj0MDBtkfr
05-05-2021 11:36
@satishacharya Draw something about violence too
05-05-2021 09:36
@vijaylokapally @RSingh6969a Now that the @IPL is postponed, Hope covid will be over too.
05-05-2021 07:51
@NandiniVenkate3 It's not mandatory that all brahmins should support bjp. We can be devout, believe in god but need… https://t.co/z1HifILsPl
05-05-2021 07:49
@Saravan34696791 @KasthuriShankar தினத்தந்தி report
05-05-2021 07:32
@KasthuriShankar No they didn't. Took tests out of lions' saliva
05-05-2021 06:51
@Beathhigh Wow! I imagined it almost exactly like this when Siobhan makes a call to a cop friend from her car witho… https://t.co/CyyNnwM7tJ
04-05-2021 20:08
@MRB17279806 @AsadUll65520293 @DaleSteyn62 Tells who?
04-05-2021 20:03
RT @CarolynGupte: In a new interview @BarbadosToday Sobers once again says that #subhashgupte was the best spinner he ever played against.…
04-05-2021 18:39
@VarunmThakur https://t.co/aQXgEmyEw8
04-05-2021 17:14
@AsadUll65520293 @DaleSteyn62 Steyn might come. He looks like one with his new hair style.
04-05-2021 16:37
@DaleSteyn62 @GabbbarSingh @c_aashish Finally, South Africa will be able to send a team for world cup after all. That took some time.
04-05-2021 16:26
#ShameOnMamata from a person's party who is dreaming to become PM one day, this is unacceptable.period. compare th… https://t.co/9K2Xg6xpTO
04-05-2021 13:03
RT @SitaramYechury: Are these reports of gruesome violence in Bengal TMC’s ‘victory celebrations’?Condemnable. Will be resisted & rebuffed…
04-05-2021 13:00
RT @sardesairajdeep: 2 days ago, @MamataOfficial told me her first task was to tackle COVID. But tackling COVID needs peace. Violence on po…
04-05-2021 10:19
@BoriaMajumdar @ChennaiIPL @IPL should be postponed now. If players are at risk no point in asking for entertainment, money etc
04-05-2021 08:14
RT @sahajmarg_srcm: I believe that if one does not feel grieved at the distress of others, he is devoid of the common sense of humanity or…
04-05-2021 07:55
RT @Swamy39: Govt should stop saying how much O2 is available but tell us how much has been supplied and to which hospital. As far back as…
03-05-2021 17:37
RT @azharflicks: Hearing news of players, support staff, management, and ground staff testing positive for COVID. Praying for their early r…
03-05-2021 15:32
RT @news18dotcom: "No money for oxygen and vaccines as people waiting for a hospital bed, BUT Modi will squander public money to feed his m…
03-05-2021 13:42
RT @iamyusufpathan: URGENT... 53-year old lady in Delhi's Dwarka Mor urgently needs an oxygen cylinder. Please help. Contact Sharad- 96501…
03-05-2021 13:36
RT @KasthuriShankar: Nearly all my election forecasts came true. Nearly all my poll picks won as well. Of all of them, this is the one tha…
03-05-2021 13:36
RT @CricCrazyJohns: According to Espn Cricinfo - CSK CEO Kasi Viswanathan, Bowling Coach Balaji and Bus Cleaner has been tested positive fo…
03-05-2021 12:43
RT @kamleshdaaji: In reassuring silence and in timely vigilance the heart speaks. When we heed the heart, there are only confident decision…
03-05-2021 09:18
@headingley_135 Sam curran
03-05-2021 09:15
RT @sardesairajdeep: Another bad day at the polling office for the Congress. @PChidambaram_IN admits that the party needs to course correct…
03-05-2021 08:17
@RahulGandhi You take responsibility for your party rahulji. @INCIndia is being destroyed all over India. Here you… https://t.co/CNeO7txpJM
03-05-2021 08:15
RT @PrattyCricket: Need a ICU hospital bed for dad In Kolkata , preferably private urgently. Heart patient and diabetic. Please amplify.
03-05-2021 07:27
RT @satishacharya: Gurudev! #BengalResult Patreon Cartoon. Join here https://t.co/I9eJU1a0mJ https://t.co/QPVj31AiA4
03-05-2021 07:24
RT @KasthuriShankar: So what is the status of the opposition now ? Are we all agreed that there was no EVM fraud? Or are we restricting…
02-05-2021 17:26
RT @sahajmarg_srcm: To have faith when faith is possible is not really faith. I have defined belief as the ability to believe in the possib…
02-05-2021 17:25
RT @sardesairajdeep: A truly ‘atma-nirbhar’ Bharat should not have to import oxygen concentrators in future. Invest in production of afford…
01-05-2021 19:25
RT @kamleshdaaji: Experience Heartfulness Meditation. Join us on Sunday, 2nd May, 9:00 AM IST: https://t.co/pznuaD9sTv #Yoga4Unity #Heartf…
01-05-2021 19:02
RT @SriniMaama16: Warner is one of 4 batsmen in IPL history to average 40+ with SR 140+. Absolute legend of IPL, who won SRH their only tit…
01-05-2021 15:02
RT @ChennaiIPL: Cuckoo Cuckoo paatu paadum fans ku 💛 #WhistlePodu team ku 🦁 Stay safe and #WhistleFromHome
30-04-2021 19:08
RT @IndianMourinho: "Maxwell has been doing really well as an off-spinner, so you can't have two similar players in the side. Unless Maxwel…
30-04-2021 19:06
RT @Ohyessabhi: Nicholas Pooran's Wagon wheel this IPL https://t.co/SdAUznUs3G
30-04-2021 19:02
@SriniMaama16 He more or less is out injured throughout the season😭
30-04-2021 17:00
RT @ShelJackson27: I need an icu urgently in bhavnagar for my aunty ,she’s very serious @Collectorbhav if you please help sir🙏.
30-04-2021 12:53
RT @MSDevote: Ravi Jadeja dismissed AB De villiers.10 times....most by any spinner (International+IPL) ABD against other. ABD agai…
30-04-2021 10:27
RT @AAsimper: Happy Birthday to our Wonder Woman, Gal Gadot!!! ✨🎊 https://t.co/oVe35U5btu
30-04-2021 10:25
RT @ChennaiIPL: Spell your first name but with safety messages! ⌨️ We go first: C-over your cough H-ygiene E-at healthy N-o to travel N-o…
30-04-2021 10:23
RT @Viratian0512: 140 against Pakistan in 2019 wc . Arguably his best Wc knock ever . https://t.co/AtytXNDkW4
30-04-2021 10:22
RT @Viratian0512: Second t20i 100 . 118 of only 43 balls . https://t.co/Rd8iLPrEcZ
30-04-2021 10:22
RT @ShreyasIyer15: Happy birthday Hitman 🎯 @ImRo45 https://t.co/kCGFufpG5Y
30-04-2021 09:15
RT @SitaramYechury: I wrote to PM during lockdown last year asking to emulate countries like Spain that nationalised all health facilities…
30-04-2021 09:12
@SitaramYechury We should stop blaming each other and come together for the people. This isn't the time for blame g… https://t.co/WyqyoBMEFf
30-04-2021 07:42
@Oct24P @rajini_bloods @rajinikanth @Bharathwajspb இப்பவே சுடலை உடம்புல வருது
30-04-2021 07:35
@KKRiders Utilise Russel and Cummins to the hilt. U are now using them as side dishes, main dish being the likes of… https://t.co/wLPw8W3hKu
30-04-2021 07:32
RT @sardesairajdeep: Exit polls done and dusted: may whoever the voters want win on Sunday. We will return to the reality of the Covid coun…
30-04-2021 07:30
RT @sahajmarg_srcm: The way to eternal happiness is enjoying God’s love - laden attraction which is always pulling us towards Him. - Babuji
30-04-2021 07:10
#DCvsKKR why KKR are being ridiculous with regards to proper utilisation of Dre Russ and pat Cummins. BAFFLING @KKRiders
29-04-2021 19:27
RT @robelinda2: Shot boy https://t.co/awyHHsR3HQ
29-04-2021 14:09
@vijaylokapally @StarSportsIndia @IPL I watch it precisely because of the sense of doom prevailing all over as me a… https://t.co/KsIl8ad7QV
29-04-2021 09:21
RT @vijaylokapally: Can @StarSportsIndia do away with the silly Fan Wall during the @IPL matches ? Or have they done it already ? Not watch…
29-04-2021 09:18
RT @Zohaib1981: Happy Birthday Ashish Nehra Left arm Fast Medium Bowler Played for 🇮🇳. But now presenting his famous stunning 6 & 4 against…
29-04-2021 09:18
@ComeonPant Sam Curran, Tahir, jadeja
29-04-2021 07:39
RT @arunbothra: Ten thousand rupees for a distance of four kms. Ambulance rental in Delhi. The world is watching us today. Not only the…
29-04-2021 07:36
@Beathhigh Belated wishes
28-04-2021 15:09
RT @Beathhigh: Thank you for all your birthday wishes! https://t.co/DKS7SokpHi
28-04-2021 15:08
RT @WasimJaffer14: Please help if anyone can, it's urgent 🙏 #CovidSOS #CovidHelp #GujaratCovidSupport https://t.co/x6Oy38xG5e
28-04-2021 15:06
RT @sardesairajdeep: Wear this on your T shirt folks! Good night, shubhratri! Stay well, stay safe!🙏 https://t.co/1sU17SP2qC
28-04-2021 06:09
@sardesairajdeep Bjp wants to coerce people to vote for it otherwise... It's what has tilted the scales in favour o… https://t.co/uQXQbvL7EK
27-04-2021 18:27
RT @OmarAbdullah: Forwarded message: https://t.co/89AOS2zQ6m
27-04-2021 15:23
@narendramodi Resign please
26-04-2021 18:23
@piersmorgan @narendramodi If IPL is stopped will the families' woes be over? My whole family is affected by covid… https://t.co/zMxOJyeq8X
26-04-2021 18:21
RT @babarazam258: Prayers with the people of India in these catastrophic times. It's time to show solidarity and pray together. I also requ…
26-04-2021 16:23
@krithikasivasw If PM and CMs don't care enough about crisis as evidenced by them carrying on campaigning till last… https://t.co/DJKhcofRkq
26-04-2021 16:05
RT @patcummins30: https://t.co/2TPkMmdWDE
26-04-2021 15:04
RT @kamleshdaaji: As feeling develops, the spectrum of experiences opens for us. It is our overall condition that creates the quality of th…
26-04-2021 12:18
RT @OmarAbdullah: Forwarded message: Patient Name:- Jai Devi W/0 Late sh. Suresh Pratap Singh Attendant Name - Durgesh Attendant Phone - 99…
26-04-2021 12:07
@ChloeAmandaB Thank you so much
26-04-2021 12:06
RT @Comedy_Praveen: Except umpiring Jadeja is doing everything... What a player 🔥🔥🔥
26-04-2021 11:34
@Zohaib1981 @sachin_rt @irbishi Dubious decision
26-04-2021 08:55
RT @sardesairajdeep: For those bashing me for hailing Kerala model of investing in public health, here is another factoid: Kerala is an oxy…
26-04-2021 08:51
RT @tinatengra07: Urgently looking for a hospital bed with an Oxygen cylinder in Ahmedabad for an older woman in a semi conscious state. Ve…
26-04-2021 07:52
RT @CricCrazyJohns: Hanuma Vihari scored his first fifty in county for Warwickshire - 52 runs from 115 balls including 5 fours. Keep going,…
25-04-2021 17:38
RT @salim_merchant: Heartbreaking news - Padma Bhushan Shri Rajan Mishra ji left us today. He died of Covid in Delhi . He was a renowned cl…
25-04-2021 17:38
RT @bhogleharsha: I hope all of you are staying safe. If each of us is responsible, we have a chance. Please avoid congregations of any kin…
25-04-2021 17:37
RT @KP24: Loyalty to players and coaches by @IPL franchises goes a LONG way - CSK! 💪🏽
25-04-2021 17:36
RT @deepak_chahar9: Our lion @imjadeja roared and hunted at his best 🔥✊ And yellow lions wins today🦁 💛 Entertaining game it was! #CSKvsRCB…
25-04-2021 17:35
@KasthuriShankar Too much negativity and depression mam. People need cricket or cinema or TV, atleast I do ,especia… https://t.co/vq2z3MTtZu
25-04-2021 10:05
@krithikasivasw Ache din are here
25-04-2021 07:28
@KasthuriShankar What about elections? The victory parade that is sure to follow may 2 results. People want some distraction. Come on.
25-04-2021 07:27
RT @robelinda2: Imagine you are Sachin Tendulkar And you did this- Walking out to bat in test cricket and hitting 2 sixes off your first…
24-04-2021 14:46
RT @ICC: 🏏 Highest international run-scorer 💯 International centuries 🏆 @cricketworldcup winner 🥇 ICC Hall of Famer The India legend turns…
24-04-2021 13:08
@bhogleharsha Curious case of Hardik pandya
24-04-2021 08:03
@Mahesh10816 That doesn't rectify the petty minded first tweet man.
23-04-2021 19:19
@krithikasivasw He is correct. If central govt can take credit for good things it also has to take blame for their goof ups.
23-04-2021 18:43
@Mahesh10816 What an inhumane reply. You deserved to be dumped
23-04-2021 18:41
@narendramodi Uhuh https://t.co/0ZlOUVwjg1
23-04-2021 18:35
@RaunitRanjan2 @robelinda2 Off field issues and lack of consistency by his standards
23-04-2021 09:07
RT @kamleshdaaji: Are you listening to Mother Nature? Let’s pledge to live in tune with Nature, this #EarthDay and every day. #Heartfulne…
23-04-2021 06:32
#selectdugout @StarSportsIndia why are the modern T20 batsmen are reluctant to take twos and threes instead of ta… https://t.co/TMYI4Ne2zQ
22-04-2021 19:28
@Zohaib1981 @sachin_rt Azhar had a great year as Indian captain and Sachin was primary reason. While Sachin had his… https://t.co/IHrL8Y0quN
22-04-2021 15:00
RT @MichaelVaughan: The @ChennaiIPL swagger is back ...
22-04-2021 05:50
RT @sahajmarg_srcm: Anything that is filled with love must be perfect. - Chariji
22-04-2021 05:50
RT @VVSLaxman281: My warm greetings to all on the auspicious occasion of #RamaNavami.. May Shri Ram fill your home with happiness, peace an…
21-04-2021 18:55
RT @SriniMaama16: 3 games, 3 failures & people called for his head. But those who know CSK know that there was absolutely no way in the wor…
21-04-2021 18:06
RT @sardesairajdeep: This photo has been circulating across WhatsApp and social media. It’s FAKE.. 🙏 https://t.co/QKTMeOQY4o
21-04-2021 16:52
@cricketpun_duh As long as people vote for a particular party it is their victory also because they like a leader t… https://t.co/IPjPA91Zvl
21-04-2021 07:17
@JosePuliampatta It's hard on the players, officials and broadcasters too. But can't deny the fact that an interest… https://t.co/l2r7vWi1r0
21-04-2021 07:10
RT @bhogleharsha: See, taking the no-ball call away from the on-field umpire has been such a good decision....
21-04-2021 07:05
@Jagadeesan_200 Hope for your re entry
20-04-2021 15:05
@ChennaiIPL @CurranSM Curry
20-04-2021 15:03
@MichaelVaughan @ChennaiIPL He should be a part of non playing staff
20-04-2021 14:28
@BoriaMajumdar @msdhoni @ChennaiIPL Then why he shouldn't be in the Indian team or why shouldn't Steve Waugh lead A… https://t.co/ltdgaGmr41
20-04-2021 14:26
@PictureSporting So, as I can see @SGanguly99 was not the first cricketer to take his shirt off at @HomeOfCricket… https://t.co/L9kO0mHvBD
20-04-2021 14:20
@robelinda2 How the TV score card lead is always 122
20-04-2021 14:15
@JosePuliampatta Yes that's why I guess his retirement in 2023 or later maybe
19-04-2021 19:12
@narendramodi But we are ashamed by you politicians and your total disregard for human life shown by your crowd pul… https://t.co/kqAvBBGoIo
19-04-2021 19:11
@JosePuliampatta He knows. mama knows. A couple of years of poor show might prompt him to retire in 2023 may be.
19-04-2021 18:55
@mufaddal_vohra All three should be playing in the legends game. Not ipl
19-04-2021 18:53
#CSKvRR oh dear! @ChennaiIPL is the most boring side in this year's @IPL . How low the mighty have fallen 😓
19-04-2021 18:52
@JosePuliampatta Tonight's innings Another proof of his waning ability and his body language tells the story
19-04-2021 18:34
@JosePuliampatta Yes. But he is losing a lot of respect from the fans because he refuses to retire. Not confident e… https://t.co/yHTh25o4vL
19-04-2021 18:15
@JosePuliampatta MSD is finished. Well, almost
19-04-2021 17:32
RT @Enraged_Indian: @drharshvardhan @PiyushGoyal @INCIndia @narendramodi @PMOIndia @PIB_India @AmitShah @RahulGandhi @RSSorg @BJP4India @ht…
19-04-2021 09:47
@PathakRidhima No not
17-04-2021 18:29
@ashwinravi99 Ban political rallies, election campaigns and religious festivals. And those who talk about "E" banki… https://t.co/bT1MSNwDCD
16-04-2021 17:55
@rajasthanroyals Thank god pant didn't bowl Ashwin
15-04-2021 21:16
@JosePuliampatta Useless at this level poor boy
15-04-2021 21:15
RT @virendersehwag: Pic 1 last match - Paisa mila par izzat nahi mili Pic 2 today - Isse kehte hain Izzat. Izzat bhi , Paisa bhi - Well d…
15-04-2021 21:15
RT @vijaylokapally: Some ordinary cricketers, over paid, of course not my money, being praised sky high, has ruined my game. The beautiful…
15-04-2021 21:15
@NorthStandGang @delhi_cricket @cricketaakash @GautamGambhir @virendersehwag @BCCIdomestic @DurhamCricket I don't t… https://t.co/IIwQ6PZFEL
15-04-2021 15:18
#MIvsKKR dreadful batting from @KKRiders great win for @mipaltan but in subcontinent and in IPL there is always… https://t.co/ygj3QKubPG
13-04-2021 20:52
#தற்குறி_ஸ்டாலின் பாவம். பள்ளிக்கூடம் போகலை. பெரியார் பாசறையில் மட்டுமே படித்ததால் இந்த தடுமாற்றம்.
13-04-2021 15:47
@isaguha Viewership?
13-04-2021 15:41
RT @RandomCricketP1: Cricket can be unintentionally funny on some days. https://t.co/Adfq8mqTWw
13-04-2021 13:53
RT @NorthStandGang: Rahul Dravid, the ODI Champion ❤ Rahul Dravid, the Test Legend Right from practising the off breaks to sharpening his…
13-04-2021 10:08
RT @sardesairajdeep: Both the Australian quick bowlers go for over 50 runs each in their 4 overs.. both the Indian seamers pick up 4 wicket…
13-04-2021 09:54
@JosePuliampatta But the problem with the third woman is she will run her partner out more often than not. Other tw… https://t.co/rS3dtl2Myq
13-04-2021 06:34
@JosePuliampatta Gayle runs slowly and ranatunga used to walk briskly between the wickets.
12-04-2021 19:37
RT @kamleshdaaji: When I change myself, my perception of the world will change accordingly. The glasses through which I see – if they are y…
12-04-2021 15:12
RT @bhogleharsha: Please,please,everyone. Please be careful,please be responsible. Everything can wait, birthdays,celebrations, everything.…
12-04-2021 15:10
@virendersehwag What is stat padding?!
12-04-2021 06:12
@robelinda2 Has this stopped now?!! One can only wonder. Especially at the IPL. After the allegations few years bac… https://t.co/DSoFcvFq6q
11-04-2021 11:43
RT @RandomCricketP1: Three boundaries from four balls. A pull, a straight drive and a cover drive against peak Akhtar. https://t.co/LNWLUN6…
11-04-2021 11:21
RT @kaustats: Virat Kohli winning the toss Nitin Menon getting a decision wrong "I know it sounds ridiculous. It's like saying Rahul Dravi…
10-04-2021 07:15
RT @VVSLaxman281: Wonderful to see 75 year old Selvamma using high tech solar power fan to grill Bhutta on the rode side in Bangalore. The…
10-04-2021 07:15
@umasudhir @dhanushkraja @ndtv @ndtvindia No. They won't care to give advice to the young fans lest they might get offended.😌
09-04-2021 15:57
@ashwinravi99 Films without vulgarity,violence and drinking scenes will go a long way in curing the society. Yes, b… https://t.co/6npPWpIKW6
09-04-2021 15:44
RT @BoriaMajumdar: My foremost reason for liking the @ipl is there is never any tension. When India plays there is always tension! Be it cr…
09-04-2021 15:38
RT @FarziCricketer: I waste a lot of time but thankfully IPL starting tomorrow. That doesn't mean I would stop wasting my time, it's just I…
09-04-2021 06:51
RT @Zohaib1981: One of the Best Bilateral Tour of 90s 🇦🇺 IN 🇿🇦 comes to end #ONTHISDAY 08-04-1994 @ Bloemfontein. Test Series drawn 1-1…
08-04-2021 15:44
@_eshan @robelinda2 It's like saying a batsman can play pull shot or hit the ball over slips for fast bowlers. Simi… https://t.co/inFbx93AFs
07-04-2021 15:47
@robelinda2 The bowler should too should be allowed to "switch-bowl" if they want to. Totally in batsman's favour, cricket is.
07-04-2021 06:51
@RandomCricketP1 That pitch was as flat as it could get and kumble was missing. Sarandeep was a new comer.Still great effort.
07-04-2021 06:43
@sanjaymanjrekar Oh you are closely following the series it seems
07-04-2021 06:41
@JosePuliampatta Vijay mallya
06-04-2021 17:33
RT @virendersehwag: Veda Vyasa, Mahabali, Kripacharya, Hanuman ji ,Maharishi Markandeya, Ashwathama ,Parshuram ,Vibhishan. These are the As…
06-04-2021 06:48
@harbhajan_singh Stop election campaigns. It will drop surely.
05-04-2021 18:21
@robelinda2 Amazing pace. Even full tosses got him wickets as it seems batsmen were beaten by raw pace.
05-04-2021 15:17
RT @gulu1959: Got this beauty today via Amazon India https://t.co/ubMzcBEZyf
05-04-2021 15:08
RT @sardesairajdeep: Daily COVID cases in India cross the one lakh mark. Citizens warned to stay at home. But not to worry: mask-less elect…
05-04-2021 14:53
RT @BCCI: Keeps things simple with the ball 👍 Fires yorkers at will 🔥 Here's wishing #TeamIndia speedster @Natarajan_91 a very happy birth…
04-04-2021 09:02
RT @sahajmarg_srcm: The mystery of all happiness lies in the steadying and settling down of the activity of the mind - Lalaji
04-04-2021 09:01
@virendersehwag Care less. Give more.
04-04-2021 05:33
RT @NotMK45: Reasons why Rohit Sharma deserves HATE! (A Thread) RTs appreciated https://t.co/q7ugnyEa0N
03-04-2021 18:37
RT @danredford70: 4 April 1932 saw the birth of Indian left arm spinner Bapu Nadkarni who, in January 1964, bowled a record 21 CONSECUTIVE…
03-04-2021 16:01
@DineshKarthik A case of constant suicides by John Dickson carr
03-04-2021 15:30
@CricCrazyJohns @ESPNcricinfo What about csk?
03-04-2021 15:22
RT @irbishi: All things considered, this was another tour of growth and development for @windiescricket across formats. Well done to @Coach…
03-04-2021 07:50
RT @Zohaib1981: Dramatic Ending of a Pak vs WI Game @ Georgetown #ONTHISDAY 03-04-1993. Series Leveling at 2-2. 17 req of 12 balls. Even s…
03-04-2021 07:49
Zaheer khan's great opening spell of fast bowling created the best possible start for India in 2011 WC final https://t.co/CkY9G7kRMS
02-04-2021 17:31
RT @vijaylokapally: Thanks @ShoaibScoreLine bhai for giving me this platform to write on Mr. Sunil Gavaskar, one of the the greatest batsme…
02-04-2021 14:29
@anubhav__tweets Not exactly. Virat took over nearly a year later when he chased 300+ against Srilanka on the Tri series at Australia.
02-04-2021 14:24
@NorthStandGang Oh what a night that was! Hopefully world cup final victories will become more often.
02-04-2021 06:34
RT @NorthStandGang: This wasn't just any other MSD 6️⃣ This was a beautiful emotion which will be reverred forever & ever. We live for su…
02-04-2021 06:32