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@TiredBhiim @iamFirki 🤣🤣
09-12-2021 02:09
RT @vinayak_jain: Satpal Rai and Vivek Kumar also lost their lives today. Om Shanti 💔
09-12-2021 02:05
RT @SandyAhlawat89: Lance Naik B Sai Teja from Para SF, we lost this young soul in the chopper crash today. He was PSO to Chief of Defence…
09-12-2021 02:00
RT @elitepredatorss: Naik Gursewak Singh, 9 Para Special Forces perished with CDS as his PSO till his last breath. Thank you for the servic…
09-12-2021 01:58
RT @37VManhas: India is probably the only country where roiters can kill a SPECIAL FORCES PARATROOPER and whole nation is just a mute spect…
09-12-2021 01:56
RT @Theintrepid_: Hope this will help @Uppolice @JindalGlobalUNI
08-12-2021 22:12
RT @memenist_: At such times, generally everyone in the country get united. Be it a leftist or a rightist. But in India, leftists, even fe…
08-12-2021 21:21
[email protected] this man @draxler_77 mocking death of Bipinji and wishing death for PM Plz initiate action against…
08-12-2021 21:21
@ajaishukla No difference between you and these parasites
08-12-2021 21:12
RT @Untoldind: You will always be in our heart General Bipin Rawat ji.
08-12-2021 21:11
And this Congress stooge calls himself defence expert. Shame on you
08-12-2021 21:10
RT @Smokingskills07: @ajaishukla Even if it’s not intentional.. this tells u a lot about ignorance of Congressis about national issues. But…
08-12-2021 21:09
@ajaishukla They say ignorance is bliss but this is done to not grieve but to mock the grieve.
08-12-2021 21:09
RT @HatePatroller: Tirtharaj Dhar, studying at ULC Bengaluru is mocking death of CDS Bipin Rawat Please look into this @CPBlr @BlrCityPoli…
08-12-2021 21:06
RT @sincerely_epic: Hyenas are laughing as one Tiger is down Don't worry, you will get a new Tiger of the jungle very soon. Khauff ka mahau…
08-12-2021 20:14
[email protected] this scum is making fun of CDS death do you endorse this if not then initiate action against him.
08-12-2021 20:05
RT @Moody_Gaurav_: Hamari deshbhakti pe shak mt karo.🤷‍♂️ Mentally Retarded Peacefuls..
08-12-2021 19:58
RT @effucktivehumor: Hey @serailwaykol, do you endorse this? One of your employee, Prabal rejoicing and celebrating the tragic demise of…
08-12-2021 19:58
RT @memenist_: Army banaani hai. BTS army nahi.
08-12-2021 19:58
No wonder this parasite has Akhilesh as his header on his profile.
08-12-2021 19:57
RT @Theintrepid_: Ahmad Faizan lives in Kanpur 4th year BA LLB student of Jindal Global Law School @JindalGlobalUNI Do the needful @Uppo…
08-12-2021 19:55
RT @BesuraTaansane: Every dept of the massive Govt machinery is infested with deep state loyalists at all levels working 24x7 for their pay…
08-12-2021 19:54
RT @craziestlazy: Just peαceful cοmmunity things
08-12-2021 19:54
RT @craziestlazy: ΝDTV and thier followers
08-12-2021 19:53
@squineon Sleeper cells activated
08-12-2021 19:51
RT @squineon: This feels like all over Pulwama again. Too many sleeper cell cockroaches come have came out from hideouts, as if they just w…
08-12-2021 19:51
@Smokingskills07 @IndicRant This is why I respect this handle, isn't afraid to call spade a spade. Smokie Bhai massive respect 🙏
08-12-2021 19:51
RT @Smokingskills07: There are something in my life which are above my friendship, love & ideology. Indian Army is one of them. I just cann…
08-12-2021 19:50
You laugh at Modi You laugh at BJP You laugh at RSS You laugh at Bhakts But when you laugh at the death of an Armym…
08-12-2021 19:49
RT @Spoof_Junkey: Iski achchi tarah khatirdari ki jaye 🙏 @serailwaykol @AshwiniVaishnaw
08-12-2021 19:46
@thakkar_sameet Agli Priyanka Shiv Sena se hogi
08-12-2021 19:45
Sarphira with screw dhila
08-12-2021 19:45
RT @Right_Wing_Guyy: #BipinRawat According to ❤️day ka fact checker . . They r Indian they r Pakistani Muxl!ms…
08-12-2021 19:44
RT @vijaygajera: I don't know why every time bad news comes after every foreign visit of Rahul Gandhi or Sonia Gandhi?
08-12-2021 19:44
RT @desimojito: A real hero, a lion 💔
08-12-2021 19:42
RT @coolfunnytshirt: The most [email protected] thing abt the leftist liberals & secular variety wokes.. their hate against a political party or le…
08-12-2021 19:41
RT @DDNewslive: 5) Brig LS Lidder 6) Lt Col H Singh 7) Nk Gursewak Singh
08-12-2021 19:41
RT @DDNewslive: The Indian Army personnel who lost their lives in the #Nilgiris chopper crash today: 1) L/Nk Vivek 2) L/Nk S Teja 3) Nk Ji…
08-12-2021 19:41
@FrontalForce OM SHANTHI 🙏
08-12-2021 18:24
RT @FrontalForce: Om Shanti 🙏🙏 Gen Bipin Rawat Mrs Madhulika Rawat Brig LS Lidder Lt Col H Singh Wg Cdr PS Chauhan Sqn Ldr K Singh JWO Das…
08-12-2021 18:23
@TheRightster Absolutely 💯
08-12-2021 18:21
RT @TheRightster: Sir, dil se thank you to you all for your service & sacrifices for the nation. We will always be indebted ❤️ ॐ शांति 🙏🏼…
08-12-2021 18:21
RT @thakkar_sameet: He is Journalist of National Herald News Paper run by @INCIndia & Gandhi Maino Family.
08-12-2021 18:19
RT @effucktivehumor:
08-12-2021 18:13
RT @Marwadi99: [email protected] this scum is making fun of Rawatji's death. Take action against him.
08-12-2021 18:11
[email protected] this scum is making fun of Rawatji's death. Take action against him.
08-12-2021 18:10
RT @TheAngryLord: A product of Commie Jadavpur university, Pranadev Basu is a doctoral student at IISc Bangalore. He seems to be having his…
08-12-2021 17:59
@squineon @Uppolice plz look into this
08-12-2021 17:59
RT @squineon: Average Ambedkarwaadi
08-12-2021 17:59
Akhirkar kya hota hai bhomsadike Wait kar raha tha kya ye Khabar ki
08-12-2021 17:54
RT @BekaarAaadmi: #CDSBipinRawat #Bipin_Rawat Inke kh00n mein inki Qaum sani hui hai ...inki wafadari sir Qaum ke prati hai…
08-12-2021 17:52
@khanumarfa Crocodile tears
08-12-2021 17:51
Absolute Gold from Bipin Rawatji on Pakistan
08-12-2021 17:51
@anjanaomkashyap Prayers
08-12-2021 17:47
This is the biggest difference where on one-side people are mourning and on the other side celebrating.…
08-12-2021 17:39
RT @thakkar_sameet: रहने को सदा दहर में आता नहीं कोई तुम जैसे गए ऐसे भी जाता नहीं कोई ।।
08-12-2021 17:36
Not one tweet from this [email protected] on #bipinrawatji
08-12-2021 17:36
RT @erbmjha: "ढाई फीट जमीन में गाड़ देंगे" 🔥
08-12-2021 17:32
@RgGhai @kirpy6 @adgpi @nitingokhale OM SHANTHI 🙏
08-12-2021 17:29
RT @RgGhai: and lost my brother too. Your energy, cheer, love for family and friends was unmatchable Commander. Devastated but will live he…
08-12-2021 17:29
RT @BefittingFacts: @narendramodi must fulfil hid dream getting POK back.
08-12-2021 17:17
This parasite sadly also was in Indian Army. Enemy Within
08-12-2021 17:17
Here also politics, glad that you are suspended from Parliament. Shame
08-12-2021 17:14
People celebrating this decorated man's death are worst than parasites and should be dealt with mercilessly. Enemie…
08-12-2021 17:12
@ANI @i_srujana Modiji's face says it all
08-12-2021 17:06
0 34562
RT @narendramodi: Gen Bipin Rawat was an outstanding soldier. A true patriot, he greatly contributed to modernising our armed forces and se…
08-12-2021 17:06
RT @MeghBulletin:
08-12-2021 17:05
RT @Spoof_Junkey: Ye Pakistani hai ❤️Day ???
08-12-2021 17:05
RT @effucktivehumor: Couldn't have been more apt
08-12-2021 17:05
RT @erbmjha: Kaum se badhkar kuch bhi nahi @zoo_bear prooved it
08-12-2021 17:05
RT @Ra_Bies: Idiots, our Armed forces don’t represent government, they represent the nation
08-12-2021 17:04
RT @squineon: Ban gaya dank ka Khoda @ifbychance__ ? Jail me bhi ab denk memes banana
08-12-2021 17:03
RT @Invincible_Squi: Hello @aspireias this asshole Rayees Rafiq is working with you please remove him from your academy .…
08-12-2021 14:19
RT @Sidha_memer: 🤣🤣
08-12-2021 14:18
RT @ChillamChilli_:
08-12-2021 14:04
RT @vijaygajera: So @priyankagandhi doesn't have time to tweet for CDS Bipin Rawat Ji, but she has time for her pity politics! Shame on yo…
08-12-2021 14:04
@rose_k01 OM SHANTHI 🙏
08-12-2021 14:04
@Smokingskills07 Ok
08-12-2021 14:01
RT @BefittingFacts: @iamFirki Its not about the person but the position. Life of all person is equally valuable.
08-12-2021 13:52
Get your facts rite before tweeting. Shame Enemy within
08-12-2021 13:43
@Rishabh_RW @BaljitBakshi Ye he should
08-12-2021 13:41
RT @effucktivehumor: They are all Indian Kashmiri. Inka internet toh kya basic facilities like Bijli, Pani sab band kara dena chahiye BC!…
08-12-2021 13:33
@kingkongkohli @imVkohli Ohh so that is your defense? Entire world knows but the wokeness has got better if him
08-12-2021 13:29
A cricketing icon doing ridiculous things when the whole nation is depressed shows the wokeness he has instilled in…
08-12-2021 13:28
Surgical strike on parasites in this Country is the need of the hour.
08-12-2021 13:26
@imVkohli A cricket team captain is upto adventurism when the whole country is depressed is just disgraceful
08-12-2021 13:25
@imVkohli Not the great time to do adventure. Shame on you
08-12-2021 13:24
He apologized and now has deleted the apology tweet aswell Coward @BaljitBakshi
08-12-2021 13:22
RT @FabulasGuy: This is the voice of @RahulGandhi @INCIndia themselves, they just can’t manifest their feelings at this situation. https://…
08-12-2021 13:14
RT @ExSecular: Fumigation is required to get rid of pests
08-12-2021 13:13
And this scum served in the Indian Army.
08-12-2021 12:34
@BaljitBakshi Shame on You
08-12-2021 12:32
RT @effucktivehumor: Waah @BDUTT, Waah!
08-12-2021 12:29
Secularism has reaped monsters in this Country.
08-12-2021 12:02
Pathetic but this is what we can expect from Bootl!ckers
08-12-2021 11:50
@PankajPachauri Thuu hai tere pe
08-12-2021 11:48
@IAF_MCC Prayers
08-12-2021 11:47
RT @BefittingFacts: Dont fall for any rumour. Just read tweets from official defence handles.
08-12-2021 11:47
This is purely hatred for Hindu's It doesn't matter to them if he is a General of our forces or whatsoever They w…
08-12-2021 11:46
I just hope CDS Bipin Rawatji is safe.
08-12-2021 11:34
Praying for CDS Bipin Rawatji and others in that chopper crash.
08-12-2021 11:33
RT @desimojito: Prayers for Bipin Rawat ji and people on board. Hope they are safe 🙏
08-12-2021 11:30
@ANI 😔
08-12-2021 11:30
RT @Smokingskills07: 1400 साल पुरानी बीमारी है.. इतनी जल्दी ठीक कैसे होगी?
08-12-2021 11:27
@sanket [email protected] anchor dreaming off something which will not happen.
08-12-2021 11:00
RT @GareeboOP: जो अपनी पार्टी की जगह दूसरी पार्टी को सपोर्ट करो वो जरूर केजरीवाल का लण होगा
08-12-2021 10:35
Who is going to be UP CM?
07-12-2021 20:01
RT @Marwadi99: 😂😂😭
07-12-2021 18:17
RT @Mohit_ksr: है हिम्मत खुद को साबित करने की अखिलेश यादव ? 😂😂🤣
07-12-2021 18:15
@BeingTrickyy Congrats
07-12-2021 18:14
07-12-2021 17:11
RT @Mohit_ksr: लाल टोपी वालों से सावधान रहें सतर्क रहें 😂
07-12-2021 17:09
RT @effucktivehumor: Kam se kam 14 saal ki saja
07-12-2021 17:09
RT @Sidha_memer: Wait for it😭🤣🤣🤣
07-12-2021 17:09
@rashedkhan_inc Tweet delete kiya toh 2 baap ka
07-12-2021 12:42
RT @BefittingFacts: Telangana Congress secretary Rashed Khan stands by his. Just listen to his words 👇🏻
07-12-2021 12:40
@starrytalks 😂😭
07-12-2021 12:03
@Bittruth1 😂😭
07-12-2021 12:02
@starrytalks Ye apne daanton se villain ko pel deta tha 😭😭
07-12-2021 12:02
RT @Scar3rd: Swara Bhaskar danced for hours in front of Salman Khan but he didn't even give a penny to her & now his girlfriend Katrina get…
07-12-2021 11:59
Thriller Manju K!ller Ranveer
07-12-2021 11:58
@starrytalks He is Thriller Manju
07-12-2021 11:57
RT @thakkar_sameet: 6-year-old girl child raped and murdered by Amjad in Hapur, UP. The girl was missing from the last 3 days. Peaceful Am…
07-12-2021 11:39
RT @StringReveals: Perfect example of "let people think whether you doing right or wrong, you must keep going"😂👇 The #ConsciousPlanet 🌎 Th…
07-12-2021 11:39
RT @ExSecular: After Punjab, yugpurushji promised Rs1000/ month for women in Goa too .. what did Delhi women do? Why he is not paying them…
07-12-2021 11:38
RT @memenist_: That Insta mutual of yours who gets his knowledge from ScoopWhoop and Quint articles.
07-12-2021 10:18
Selmon Bhai taking baraati's to the destination #KatrinaVickywedding
07-12-2021 09:29
RT @SirRaowlGandhi: Who did this 😭😭😭
07-12-2021 09:02
RT @Spoof_Junkey: Congratulations @ShashiTharoor ji
07-12-2021 07:58
RT @thakkar_sameet: Peshab se Chirag Jalyenge @yadavakhilesh ko layenge. Samajwadi Maulana 🤲😂
06-12-2021 21:18
RT @squineon: Be Alert Gaiz
06-12-2021 20:49
@Rebel_notout Kohli
06-12-2021 20:49
@Smokingskills07 @Being_Humor Congrats Bhaiji
06-12-2021 13:59
@Smokingskills07 @Aastha____ @Being_Humor @KalyugKiDevii #WeMetOnTwitter hashtag chalao
06-12-2021 13:59
RT @Lolflix_: जय श्री राम 🙏🚩 #ShauryaDiwas
06-12-2021 13:23
RT @BekaarAaadmi: La waris ko jhula diya 😭🔥
06-12-2021 13:22
06-12-2021 04:57
@Kamsamay 😂😂
05-12-2021 19:56
@A_BrahminGirlll Alluring Dazzling Enticing
05-12-2021 19:55
@imurAlisha @kannadaveera
05-12-2021 19:52
05-12-2021 19:51
Sahi bola kyunki ye ek bottle mai bhik jaata hai.
05-12-2021 19:49
@KalyugKiDevii I meant 👇😂
05-12-2021 19:48
@KalyugKiDevii Sexy Sassy Smokie 😂
05-12-2021 19:42
@anujmanocha_ Karle bhai
05-12-2021 19:40
RT @Mohit_ksr: कोई इतना गलत कैसे हो सकता है दुनिया में सबसे अमीर एलन मस्क है ये भी पता नहीं इसे 😂🤣
05-12-2021 18:40
05-12-2021 16:24
RT @SirRaowlGandhi: Mera Yeshu yeshu 😂😂😂
05-12-2021 16:08
RT @Hindavi_Swarajy: #Dramebaaj @iamFirki My pessimistic brain to me whenever I try to achieve something
05-12-2021 16:08
RT @Sidha_memer: Savdhan rahe satark rahe🙂 #Thuknaan
05-12-2021 16:08
RT @Lolflix_: Farm Laws toh bahana hain, Modi Sarkar ko girana hain 🤧🤧
05-12-2021 16:08
@Keshu__11 True
05-12-2021 12:11
RT @Keshu__11: Girls cry for equality in each and everything and can't even lift a "Cylnder and Aante Ki Bori"👎🏻
05-12-2021 12:10
@Keshu__11 @Shubh4_all0 😂😂
05-12-2021 12:10
@RetardedHurt 😭
05-12-2021 12:05
@LoyalSachinFan Greater than Kohli atleast
05-12-2021 12:05
@RetardedHurt Usne gaana bajana sab kar liya
05-12-2021 12:04
@coolfunnytshirt Jaa raha hoon Vicky aur Katrina ki shaadi mai
05-12-2021 11:58
RT @NagpurKaRajini: Friends follow @Netaji_bond_ he lost another account.... #FF
05-12-2021 11:56
@KalyugKiDevii @A_BrahminGirlll Interaction bhi hogi ma'am
05-12-2021 11:52
@A_BrahminGirlll @KalyugKiDevii
05-12-2021 11:51
@abirchiklu @Manchu_1997 @GaurangBhardwa1 @BefittingFacts 😂😂
05-12-2021 11:45
@A_BrahminGirlll @KalyugKiDevii It will be a privilege for me to Rt your tweets cuties 😍
05-12-2021 11:43
@KalyugKiDevii @A_BrahminGirlll Ma'am aapke tweets bhi rt honge agar miss hojaye toh link bhej dena
05-12-2021 11:42
@A_BrahminGirlll @KalyugKiDevii 😂😂
05-12-2021 11:37
RT @A_BrahminGirlll: कंजूस रिश्तेदार 🤬
05-12-2021 11:37
No Difference
05-12-2021 11:20
@ajmeripoet Rt >>>>₹
05-12-2021 11:17
@p4prapti Chappri tiktokiya
05-12-2021 11:14
@CricCrazyJohns Kohli and John
05-12-2021 11:10
@coolfunnytshirt Ab declare karega Kohli 5 Greedy 6 56
05-12-2021 11:05
Pakistani Agent
05-12-2021 11:04
RT @BekaarAaadmi: Aap chronology samjhiye
05-12-2021 11:02
RT @Mohit_ksr: गजब लिखा है🔥🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
05-12-2021 11:02
RT @Sidha_memer: Chala ja bsdk😭🤣😭
05-12-2021 11:01
@BefittingFacts Keep didi as your make-up artist 🎨
05-12-2021 11:01
Dacait [email protected]
05-12-2021 11:00
RT @manoj_kotak: Imagine vaccinating whole of US, UK, Germany and New Zealand single handedly !!! India has done this statistically. We ha…
05-12-2021 10:59
@dikhhat_hai_ @hp_mode2 Happy B'day Bhai
05-12-2021 10:36
Team which got all-out for 62 in thr first innings but greedy Kohli is still not declaring when the lead is 460. Playing for hundred
05-12-2021 10:34
@priyankac19 @sansad_tv
05-12-2021 10:26
RT @Spoof_Junkey: Or bhai... aa gaya swaad @munawar0018 ? Show cancelled 😁 Then Vs Now…
05-12-2021 10:24
@BefittingFacts @Mahii1919 Vo jo puri train ghusai thi na vo pokershash
05-12-2021 10:23
When they don't get the girl in Love Jihad, these peacefools k!ll them.
05-12-2021 10:21
Happy B'day @BefittingFacts Guruji 😍🥳
05-12-2021 10:17
RT @adgpi: 05 December 1971 #LiberationWar1971 Captain Nawal Singh Rajawat, Havildar Rumesh Kumar and Sepoy Sampuran Singh displayed cons…
05-12-2021 07:41
RT @ExSecular: Self-explanatory
05-12-2021 07:38
56 Supremacy feat @coolfunnytshirt and @theskindoctor13
04-12-2021 19:47
04-12-2021 19:34
@BesuraTaansane Waah sir
04-12-2021 19:33
On one hand he is Praising yogiji and on the other hand completely r!pped Mulayam and Akhilesh apart. Watch and sh…
04-12-2021 19:32
@Spoof_Junkey Bhai 😂 😭 😂
04-12-2021 18:31
RT @Spoof_Junkey: 🙏
04-12-2021 18:31
Every Anti- Nationals are welcome in Congress.
04-12-2021 18:30
@Smokingskills07 Cheers bhai 👍
04-12-2021 18:28
[email protected] amazing Bhai 😂👏
04-12-2021 18:27
@thakkar_sameet @narendramodi @jairamthakurbjp Awesome
04-12-2021 18:17
RT @thakkar_sameet: Breaking !! Himachal Pradesh becomes the first state to be Vaccinated fully. Congratulations @narendramodi ji & @ja…
04-12-2021 18:17
@MeghBulletin Saudi everytime Pakistan asks for loan
04-12-2021 18:13
@desimojito OM SHANTHI 🙏
04-12-2021 18:11