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RT @BarrettWilson6: I’m so angry at @MayorJenny watching this.
02-07-2020 06:52
RT @JanJekielek: “The toppling of statues is the left attempting to have a cultural revolution…This is not about fighting racism or slavery…
02-07-2020 06:39
RT @BunnysDaughter: This guy should be the opening act to warm up the press corps at the next WH press briefing. @PressSec
02-07-2020 06:38
RT @scotty_kiker: Bless this Man! Stand up person!
02-07-2020 04:49
@LukeDuk16742252 Absolutely, thank you for your service. Appreciate a follow back
02-07-2020 04:49
@Joedelfino7 @lpmitchellrtr Me too watched at least a dozen times. Horse was not out of character at all. I guess t…
02-07-2020 04:46
RT @Joedelfino7: She got exactly what she deserved. These kids have no clue Anyway I still watched it like 10 times. The horse protected h…
02-07-2020 04:44
RT @LalaFlorida94: Horace Lorenzo Anderson 19 years old & killed in CHOP ! BLM that was his son ! His life mattered! 👇🏻…
02-07-2020 04:41
Yeah but do you remember them?
02-07-2020 04:41
Just gut wrenching - I was in tears
02-07-2020 04:39
0 12767
RT @LegallyAutumn: I wasn’t allowed to say goodbye to my mom before she passed. This makes me so angry.
02-07-2020 04:38
RT @DebHaslam: Attention All A-holes. Clay County Sheriff Darryl Daniels has a message for you, Clay county will be as friendly as “Mayber…
02-07-2020 04:37
RT @TheBabylonBee: Powerful: LeBron James Pulls Over To Lecture Homeless Man On His White Privilege
02-07-2020 04:35
RT @johncardillo: Funny how Mt. Rushmore only became racist when @realDonaldTrump planned a visit.
02-07-2020 04:35
0 11639
RT @greggutfeld: The government won't protect u from the mob. Most employers won't protect u from the mob. Advertisers won't protect u eith…
02-07-2020 04:34
WTH are you talking about? Hannity just had the father of one of the kids who were shot on his show. I was in tea…
02-07-2020 04:33
RT @JordanSchachtel: COVID-19 update: Today is lowest # of Wednesday COVID deaths on record since full testing capacity in early April. Sam…
02-07-2020 04:30
RT @McKaylaRoseJ: So far this year has taught me how dangerous being quiet can be.
02-07-2020 01:37
RT @BunnysDaughter: Statehood for the DISTRICT of Columbia would require a constitutional amendment since an independ­ent territory, subjec…
02-07-2020 01:36
RT @BunnysDaughter: Father Theodore Rothrock is right, and he is brave. Catholics need to stand with the Truth.
02-07-2020 01:36
RT @piney_the: One of the best cinematic scenes in modern history. It should also be noted that Gordon Wood completely dismantled @nytimes…
01-07-2020 23:25
RT @piney_the: The rules I live by:
01-07-2020 23:22
Wokeness and Its Not-at-all-racist Doctrines of Disempowerment via @NewDiscourses
01-07-2020 23:20
RT @JesseKellyDC: In case you were wondering if the GOP is fighting for the things you care about as you watch your nation burn:
01-07-2020 21:46
RT @bayareahausfrau: Thomas Jefferson wrote the document,The Declaration Of Independence, that eventually spurred George Washington to lead…
01-07-2020 21:45
RT @RedNationRising: Early this morning, this Black Lives Matter thug was arrested for attempted murder.
01-07-2020 21:45
RT @kylamb8: Out of an estimated 2.5 million cases there have been ~425,000 hospitalizations (17%). For weeks ending June 20-June 27 in t…
01-07-2020 21:44
RT @AlexBerenson: Guess again. That “spike” yesterday includes more than 600 backdated NYC cases, most from three weeks or more ago. In rea…
01-07-2020 21:43
RT @thebradfordfile: Liberals are mentally ill.
01-07-2020 21:42
RT @DrNealHouston: Rumors Swirl: Supreme Court Justices Samuel Alito, Clarence Thomas May Retire Thomas is 72 and Alito is 70 years old I…
01-07-2020 21:42
RT @CaptainLives: Harvard graduate threatens to stab anyone who says 'All Lives Matter' via @MailOnline
01-07-2020 21:41
RT @reubing: Ed Henry was just fired from Fox News on a sexual harassment charge and, yet, Joe Biden is the Democrat's candidate for Presid…
01-07-2020 21:41
RT @RealJamesWoods: A guy strutting around in a skirt lectures police on their ignorance of history and lack of education. White elitist ch…
01-07-2020 21:40
RT @jellen805: All of this. ALL OF IT. Is about the election.
01-07-2020 21:40
Cave Creek AZ
01-07-2020 19:13
RT @AriFleischer: The mayor’s job is to ensure public safety. This should have been done three weeks ago.
01-07-2020 18:51
RT @MrAndyNgo: Far-left accounts on Twitter are calling for backup to stop police from further reclaiming CHAZ. “Remember, white bodies t…
01-07-2020 18:49
RT @Jali_Cat: ‼️@MayorJenny should be sued for every penny she has or ever WILL HAVE‼️ Her irresponsible actions & lack of leadership have…
01-07-2020 18:49
Busted AZ reports both antigen + and antibody +. So their "new cases" are not necessarily active cases. If we had…
01-07-2020 17:40
RT @kerpen: Subtraction is hard huh? The dashboard -- and your tweet -- showed 13,138 yesterday. You are +43 today not +47. Still one of…
01-07-2020 05:01
@mlzema Sunshine
01-07-2020 02:04
RT @TomFitton: Good news! The #coronavirus crisis is over. Tell the politicians and media! #ConstitutionOverCoronavirus
01-07-2020 02:00
RT @Jali_Cat: Are we REALLY going to pretend that Joe Biden didn’t call Donald Trump a racist for stopping infections coming in from China?…
01-07-2020 02:00
RT @boxersforlife: Dr. Fauci is a fraud. Pass it on... #MasksOffAmerica
01-07-2020 01:59
RT @CassyWearsHeels: ALL lives matter. Bring it bitch!
01-07-2020 01:40
RT @brithume: In which Sen. Rand Paul cites a mountain of data that kids are not spreaders of Covid 19 — and Dr. Fauci agrees strongly that…
01-07-2020 01:39
RT @margaritaevna95: White girls who grew up in a culturally homogenous place with wealthy parents are always the most histrionically left…
01-07-2020 01:38
RT @SipowiczB: This “Russia!” shit goes away the minute someone gets perp walked for the coup. You know, the coup that has still gone unpun…
01-07-2020 01:37
RT @CrockettLives: @SaraCarterDC Coulda, woulda, shoulda. Fauci ain’t been right about anything yet, Give me a reason I should listen to hi…
01-07-2020 01:36
0 25840
RT @Jim_Jordan: House Democrats just introduced a resolution to impeach the Attorney General. Are you kidding me? Bill Barr is cleaning…
01-07-2020 01:36
RT @LoraAConnor: New Q📁 Does a combination of prisoner release + 'mask' mandate(s) provide for a more dangerous en…
01-07-2020 01:34
RT @KimStrassel: Wow. Biden comes out of basement and agrees to finally answer a question or two. Our intrepid press corps uses the moment…
01-07-2020 01:34
RT @Antman52899: First off, "codify" is too big a word for your vocabulary so we know you didn't type this. Second 👇👇👇…
01-07-2020 01:33
RT @Timcast: I love how the Revolution™ has corporate sponsorship
01-07-2020 01:31
RT @AP4Liberty: Indeed black lives do matter, but Black Lives Matter the organization is a Marxist org and deserves no support. We need cri…
30-06-2020 22:31
RT @cannoneerfour: @chhardman @MsCBBoots Strong family ties hinder implementation of the New World Order.
30-06-2020 22:30
0 11069
RT @Rockprincess818: HOLY SHIT Biden just said "they gave me a list of who to call on for questions"
30-06-2020 21:16
RT @RMConservative: What is becoming clear is that only the northeast hit de facto herd immunity. But other places had enough immunity to w…
30-06-2020 20:38
RT @RMConservative: @tomvaughan @nosmhnmh Exactly, its one thing to have a planned outdoor event. But when you have such an insane and ubiq…
30-06-2020 20:37
0 15790
RT @AlexBerenson: Wondering what’s really happening in Texas? Here’s the email, from a senior executive at a Texas ER chain that sees thous…
30-06-2020 20:35
RT @aginnt: History rhythms. Due to classification decisions, we had the died "from" or "with" COVID debate. Now, we are having the admit…
30-06-2020 20:32
RT @kerpen: Florida update. +27 long-term care deaths; all others +31. Batch 46.6%. Totals now 1,846 LTC; all others 1,659. 52.7% https:/…
30-06-2020 20:31
RT @Brixton_Ben26: Bars in Los Angeles opened about 10 days ago and nearly 700k people flocked to bars. These bars have now been closed as…
30-06-2020 20:31
RT @chhardman: Look at all the Utah companies supporting an organization that states on their website they want to eliminate the nuclear fa…
30-06-2020 20:30
RT @nosmhnmh: For all the absolute PANIC about new cases in FL, TX, AZ etc., did people REALLY think that these states wouldn’t eventually…
30-06-2020 20:28
RT @nosmhnmh: @Browns20181 @kerpen @RMConservative @pdubdev @co_hurricane
30-06-2020 20:20
RT @nosmhnmh: @RMConservative 2,500 of 3,780 cases reported in Maricopa county yesterday were under 44, & only 85 new hospilazations on 3,7…
30-06-2020 20:18
RT @sassy_gramma: You should delete this tweet as the DNC did!
30-06-2020 20:16
RT @kerpen: Florida age stratification June 30
30-06-2020 19:59
RT @wishykeely: Kamala is circling for a landing on the oval office. Then she'll open the back door for the rest of the riff raff ,all the…
30-06-2020 19:58
@TedInATL Answer the question. Get a spine. I block spineless wonders
30-06-2020 19:57
Show us the evidence based science that masks save lives? You mouth off without substance just like your mother
30-06-2020 19:56
RT @RandPaul: Today in the HELP hearing on COVID-19 with Dr. Fauci I forced him to admit that we MUST get kids back to school.…
30-06-2020 19:53
0 11571
RT @DanCrenshawTX: This is the official twitter account of the Democratic National Committee, stating that Mount Rushmore is racist. Not f…
30-06-2020 19:53
@TedInATL Are you calling the retirees at The Villages white supremacist?
30-06-2020 19:52
Perfect! #backtheblue #ThinBlueLine
30-06-2020 19:51
RT @michaelmeans49: SCOTUS Blows Gaping Hole in Liz Warren's Rogue CFPB, Making it Accountable to the President
30-06-2020 19:41
@Beholden2None 👊👊👊
30-06-2020 19:39
RT @Beholden2None: @MsCBBoots Actually, she might be talking about Joe Biden.
30-06-2020 19:39
RT @WhereJuliet: @MsCBBoots Didnt HER family own slaves Yes they did
30-06-2020 19:39
RT @DineshDSouza: August 7. In theaters nationwide
30-06-2020 19:36
Are you calling the POTUS a white supremacist? Get a spine Kamala, say it or STHU
30-06-2020 19:36
RT @johncardillo: The same Democrats and leftists apoplectic over a #fakenews story about Russian bounties on US troops were dead silent wh…
30-06-2020 19:33
RT @BuckSexton: @InezFeltscher Italy also did an incredibly harsh lockdown and has had the highest rate of mask compliance of any country i…
30-06-2020 19:28
RT @BuckSexton: New Zealand has completely suppressed covid- it has only a handful of total active cases in the whole country- and it does…
30-06-2020 19:27
RT @vmpcott: HUGE: Per His Lawyer -- General Flynn Was Targeted Because "He Knew About the Billions Brennan and Company Were Running Off th…
30-06-2020 19:26
RT @colt_leonard: @CNN @MSNBC @JoeBiden @SpeakerPelosi @dbongino so democrats where is the outrage over this? What about the one in Chicago…
30-06-2020 19:16
RT @Qualityonewind: @MsCBBoots Hey @CNN @donlemon I cant seem to find where you said this was going to kill millions like a @realDonaldTrum…
30-06-2020 19:15
RT @LizLiz_Di: Good Bye NYC it was nice to know you 😢
30-06-2020 09:06
RT @Squirrel275: You're a fucking idiot!!! Full Stop!
30-06-2020 09:06
RT @TheBabylonBee: ‘We Can't Just Overturn Precedent,’ Says Supreme Court Justice Of Nation Where Slavery Was Once Legal…
30-06-2020 09:06
RT @RichardGrenell: You don’t understand the intelligence community. Stop politicizing Americans’ security. The IC career officials are s…
30-06-2020 09:01
RT @Tiara_Talks: Yassss ma'am... she was not going 👇
30-06-2020 09:00
RT @FDRLST: Jerry Taylor, president and co-founder of the Niskanen Center, threatened a couple brandishing guns at protesters outside a St.…
30-06-2020 08:53
RT @seanmdav: Google gave $100,000 to this guy in January.
30-06-2020 08:50
RT @DLoesch: “They were just peacefully walking past”
30-06-2020 08:50
RT @Liz_Wheeler: Imagine being more outraged about a peaceful couple defending their own home with firearms (without hurting anybody) than…
30-06-2020 08:49
RT @rowdyone58: Who else tjinks this whole Country needs a total resetback to the days when people showed respect and God was respected and…
30-06-2020 08:48
RT @twanyouafool: Thank you for sharing my video! Rioting, looting, and destroying black communities in the name of ‘black lives matter’ m…
30-06-2020 08:46
RT @DeborahTCompton: Great job by Texas vs Covid. ❤️🇺🇸👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
30-06-2020 08:44
RT @WayneDupreeShow: We need more of this message to drown out the "race war" the media and Dems are trying to whip up…
30-06-2020 08:41
RT @17cShyteposter: Fun hate fact #1: the murder rate for black trans women is lower than the population as a whole Fun hate fact #2: ever…
30-06-2020 08:39
RT @MZHemingway: This segment with @SenatorBraun provides a tutorial in how the GOP can lose the Senate. GOP senators desperately need to s…
30-06-2020 08:38
@kimKBaltimore @Goatman62 @CAnderson2020 @m_andrews2020 @EBoikai @VoteVismale Good for you, this is so encouraging
30-06-2020 08:37
RT @BlueSea1964: 🚨👉 St. Louis Circuit Attorney Threatens To Take Action Against Couple Who Protected Home Against Protest Mob On Private St…
30-06-2020 07:54
RT @r1944gmailcom: @DougBillings @MsCBBoots @GovParsonMO @mcdowellformo @realDonaldTrump The clown had better respond instead of hiding beh…
30-06-2020 07:52
RT @sistronk: This is Dr Doom. He wants to force you to wear masks all the time. He only wears his when the cameras are rolling
30-06-2020 07:27
RT @kksheld: Dear @GovAbbott @Ron_Nirenberg @Judge_wolff Please,don’t repeat deadly mistake and shut us down again.That hurt hospitals and…
30-06-2020 07:24
RT @katrina_wiser: Protesters show up at Bezos DC complex with ‘guillotine’, demanding wealth redistribution Ultra-liberals are not immun…
30-06-2020 07:21
0 24233
RT @charliekirk11: Any "Republican" who supports BLM Inc. is NOT a Republican and they should leave the party immediately or be forced out…
30-06-2020 07:20
@LifesstyleD We all were, just to varying degrees sister
30-06-2020 07:19
RT @DougBillings: I'm calling on @GovParsonMO to make a public statement defending the rights of Mark & Patricia McCloskey to defend their…
30-06-2020 07:18
RT @I_C_I_Rt: 🤔😅
30-06-2020 07:18
RT @Jali_Cat: Why is anyone listening to Bill Gates?? 👉🏻Hes not a scientist, virologist, epidemiologist, or a doctor. He's a computer geek…
30-06-2020 07:17
RT @DineshDSouza: @davidmweissman @ABC @realDonaldTrump Doesn’t this trouble you, David, that the Left shows such blithe disregard for othe…
30-06-2020 07:13
RT @sethweathers: According to the media, this is how protesters "peacefully" enter a neighborhood.
30-06-2020 07:12
What law did he break Lois? I'll wait
30-06-2020 07:12
@WoodrowCall1 Good one
30-06-2020 07:10
RT @AtlantaLiberal: Can someone explain to @SenatorBraun that Republicans weren't in the room during Obamacare b/c Democrats had.... Democ…
30-06-2020 06:50
@LifesstyleD Of course that is their plan. That has alway been their plan. Dr Fauci probably has an off-shore acco…
30-06-2020 06:49
Woo Hoo
30-06-2020 06:42
RT @EstherJM6: So, Hillary Clinton lost her appeal 2day & has 2 testify September 9th 2020. Haven't seen it on MSM. What r they hiding?💃💕
30-06-2020 06:41
RT @marklevinshow: America warned
30-06-2020 06:34
0 10770
RT @charliekirk11: Any politician with taxpayer-funded, private security who calls for defunding the police should resign or be forced out…
30-06-2020 06:34
Willing to bet they refuse to fly
30-06-2020 06:33
RT @TonyDungy: Our son Jordan is one of those she was talking about. He has a genetic disease. We were told he wouldn’t make it past early…
30-06-2020 06:29
RT @JackPosobiec: There have now been 5 shootings and at least 2 deaths in CHAZ
30-06-2020 06:28
Oh hell no
30-06-2020 06:27
0 10381
RT @RandPaul: Hey Nancy glad to see you wanting to expunge the terrible history of White Supremacy, in the Democrat Party! Nine of 11 stat…
30-06-2020 06:25
RT @TheLastRefuge2: Notice how stupid @MichaelSteele is here. The WH doesn't deny the intel because the intel never reached the WH. DNI…
30-06-2020 06:25
RT @BrandiKruse: DEVELOPING: Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best confirms both victims of this morning's #CHOP shooting are black males. One d…
30-06-2020 06:24
0 15148
RT @mattgaetz: In Joe Biden’s America your job is illegal, you are locked in your home, borders don’t exist, MS-13 lives next door and the…
30-06-2020 06:23
@csckirk @JordanSchachtel How about The Texas Medical Center or don't you look for yourself before believing talkin…
30-06-2020 06:22
@csckirk @JordanSchachtel 😂😂😂 a source please
30-06-2020 06:17
RT @iamjumpingin: Now days it's near impossible to know a real reporter when you see one. This ⤵️ is an example of what they look like. htt…
30-06-2020 06:16
0 12503
RT @SteveScalise: 🚨 BREAKING → Nancy Pelosi just unilaterally extended her proxy voting scheme for ANOTHER 45 DAYS. As Americans get back…
30-06-2020 06:15
0 10946
RT @cummings2020: My name is John Cummings. I’m the Republican nominee who will defeat @AOC in November. Please retweet this tweet, follo…
30-06-2020 06:15
0 10532
RT @greggutfeld:
30-06-2020 06:13
RT @BarnettforAZ: Hey Governor @dougducey, I’ll send you my Wells Fargo info to pay my bills this month. APS, rent, insurance, Cox, my…
30-06-2020 06:13
@csckirk @JordanSchachtel Source?
30-06-2020 06:12
RT @kerpen: That was weird.
30-06-2020 05:47
RT @kerpen: Better headline: Hospitalization Numbers Are a Testing Effect Too
30-06-2020 05:46
RT @kerpen: "Epidemiologists made their normal error. They see their job not as getting things correct, but as preventing an epidemic. So…
30-06-2020 05:43
RT @ClayTravis: On Sunday we hit a ninth straight week of coronavirus death declines. Just 273 people died of the coronavirus Sunday, down…
30-06-2020 05:41
RT @kerpen: 0.22% CFR
30-06-2020 05:41
RT @kerpen: The crisis was New York's catastrophic policy response that quadrupled the natural COVID death rate.
30-06-2020 05:40
RT @tan123: On 5/14/20, with 203 COVID-19 ICU patients, Minnesota was told to brace for "a peak of cases on June 29 that would require 3,39…
30-06-2020 05:40
RT @kerpen: SCOTUS strikes down the CFPB king-clause that claimed the director can't be fired by the president. But only 5-4, which is cra…
30-06-2020 05:37
RT @boriquagato: the greatest disappointment of 2020 is this: we have seen governments and experts fall on their faces, revealed as panic…
30-06-2020 05:35
RT @tlowdon: The upturn in US cases began on June 9 by the 7-day avg line, maybe earlier if we look at daily cases. The CDC reports mean ti…
30-06-2020 05:34
RT @caseybmulligan: #COVID19
30-06-2020 05:34
RT @boriquagato: THAT is some serious chart crime. short duration, no baseline, starts at 650 to magnify the moves, ignores that 750 is 4.…
30-06-2020 05:33
RT @JordanSchachtel: Let me get this straight: A bunch of 25-45 year olds with no symptoms are testing positive for COVID, and we are suppo…
30-06-2020 05:31
RT @kerpen: Consider CDC has been on both sides of every significant factual question this is puzzling
30-06-2020 05:14
RT @kerpen: Southeast Texas ICUs. Same pattern of rising COVID with flat total census continues. ICU COVID patients yesterday +85 from 715…
30-06-2020 05:14
RT @Garrett_Archer: Another reason we are seeing an extremely high positive number is today's report exposes numbers for @azdhs lab partner…
30-06-2020 05:04
RT @Garrett_Archer: Today's #COVID19 death epi curve (actual date of death) for #Arizona is -2. 2 entries were pulled off of the curve from…
30-06-2020 05:02
RT @kerpen: Hey @NYGovCuomo how about a sculpture of your nursing home deaths spiking 35x higher than the same period last year? (3x worse…
30-06-2020 05:02
0 21329
RT @chadkanera: Cameras off? Good, I can take off this mask then.
30-06-2020 05:00
RT @boriquagato: watch as the scaredy-karens completely misuse data and present cases without reference to increased testing levels. since…
30-06-2020 04:58
RT @kerpen: We had weeks, maybe months of normal school with rampant community spread of SARS-CoV2 in January and February and *nobody even…
30-06-2020 04:57
RT @SassySouthern10: AND THAT'S HOW IT'S DONE👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 Kayleigh @PressSec slaps them ALL in their place❗❗❗GOTTA LOVE HER❗❗❗She's the total pac…
30-06-2020 04:24
RT @petluvers4Trump: @SidneyPowell1 @jack @Twitter @realDonaldTrump @ChuckGrassley @JennaEllisEsq @GenFlynn @Jim_Jordan @DevinNunes @Barbar…
30-06-2020 04:03
RT @P4tR10tBoo: 💥💥💥 Supreme Court Approves Trump Administration’s Use of Fast-Track Deportations 🇺🇸 💥 #F4 #Border…
30-06-2020 04:02
No but the democrats are
30-06-2020 04:01
Please point to where in the constitution it says that states can't require a doctor to have hospital admission pr…
30-06-2020 04:00
RT @Liz_Wheeler: SCOTUS strikes down Louisiana abortion law... says requiring abortion clinics to have admitting privileges at a local hosp…
30-06-2020 03:48
RT @TomCottonAR: John Roberts knows that there is nothing in the Constitution prohibiting a state from requiring abortionists to meet medic…
30-06-2020 03:47
RT @seanmdav: 7 Times John Roberts Was A Leftist Hack
30-06-2020 03:46
RT @TomFitton: Chief Justice John Roberts’s Lack of Courage Is Damaging the Supreme Court
30-06-2020 03:45
RT @seanmdav: Both of Trump’s SCOTUS nominees voted the right way. John Roberts, who was installed as Chief Justice by Bush, voted for abor…
30-06-2020 03:45
0 12218
RT @dbongino: Chief Justice John Roberts strikes again! This epic fraud has done more damage to the Constitution than many of the liberal a…
30-06-2020 03:44
RT @thebradfordfile: If you replace “peaceful protesters” with “violent mob” on every CNN story, they make more sense.
30-06-2020 03:42
RT @larryelder: "It is self-destructive for any society to create a situation where a baby who is born into the world today automatically h…
30-06-2020 03:40
RT @eafortmeyer: Apparently St. louis AR-15 guy is a Democrat. I wonder how he’ll feel when he finds out conservative twitter loves him and…
30-06-2020 03:40
RT @GeorgePapa19: We flattened the curve. We saved our hospitals. Why the lockdowns again? This feeds the perception that this is no longer…
30-06-2020 03:31
RT @ian_mckelvey: The McCloskeys were hesitant to come forward with the full story of how they were menaced and threatened out of fear that…
30-06-2020 03:30
@American_Jen @TMG08688403 Crate him
30-06-2020 03:29
RT @tan123: "virtually nobody seems to have wondered yet if there is any connection between the lighter fluid arson at 12:40 am on June 24…
30-06-2020 03:28
RT @DreamWeaver61: They never think it could happen to them.
30-06-2020 03:27
RT @LifeNewsHQ: Yesterday the worldwide coronavirus death toll passed 500,000. By comparison, 20,996,535 babies have been killed worldwide…
30-06-2020 03:25
RT @ReneeCarrollAZ: 'We were in fear of our lives'; Central West End couple seen pointing guns at protesters speaks…
30-06-2020 03:24
@1776Stonewall Come to Arizona, open carry 🏜
30-06-2020 03:24
RT @SenTedCruz: We now know on January 5, 2017, corruption occurred at the White House: -In a room with Barack Obama and James Comey, Joe B…
30-06-2020 03:15
0 12214
RT @JesseKellyDC: I cannot describe how salty I am about politicians in both parties wiping out businesses and preventing Americans from at…
30-06-2020 02:39
RT @marklevinshow: Pelosi, fascistic nut
30-06-2020 02:34
RT @TomFitton: The #coronavirus crisis is over.
30-06-2020 02:22
RT @RMConservative: But not the ports of entry
30-06-2020 02:22
RT @Shem_Infinite: This New York Times Trump/Russia leak about unverified intelligence and lies about President Trump's involvement sure se…
30-06-2020 02:21
RT @BatchelorAlan: This is what all grandmothers do💕
30-06-2020 02:19
RT @JeffTaylorWeb: Crazy isn’t it!
30-06-2020 02:19
Arizona wild mustangs. Colt's first river crossing - she is unsure and hesitates. Grandmother goes back to help h…
30-06-2020 00:09
RT @larrythkw: Biden knows that he can count on Donna Brazile to lie, cheat, and steal.
29-06-2020 22:04
@susansaga1 @ron_carver Followed appreciate a follow back thanks
29-06-2020 22:03
RT @susansaga1: Go ahead. Tell me this isn’t mental illness. Who goes out in public like that? I mean, come on! No mascara or liner? Pshaw!…
29-06-2020 22:03
@jellen805 @AllanKirkhart Or buy it on the internet and have it shipped to you
29-06-2020 22:00
RT @AllanKirkhart: It warms the heart
29-06-2020 21:59
My employer probably thinks I'm worried about traveling to NYC because of the virus. Nope I'll be asking what plan…
29-06-2020 21:58
RT @BigAlPeoplesPal: Cover 19 outbreak right here.
29-06-2020 21:56
RT @dbongino: Get out of NY before you get hurt, or God forbid, worse. It’s going to get worse there very soon.
29-06-2020 21:53