Lino Ghoul (@Odd_Laura) — PCP @ Limerick School of Art and Design “Powerful Raccoon Energy” [email protected]Donoghue
@BrodyxDean Jac wouldn’t dream of sending me this shite
23-01-2021 20:43
A person from work has shared an anti-mask anti-vax video with me and a follow up message about how I should watch…
23-01-2021 18:20
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RT @artistchuka: Took me 3 months to complete this pen drawing. Will take you half a second to retweet, please. Thank you.💙…
23-01-2021 03:30
RT @evadiminutive: imagine using a meme of the US's most left-wing presidential candidate for your business, while your company's boss once…
22-01-2021 23:49
FYP? Studio? Professional Practice? Arsle.
22-01-2021 13:06
RT @SeanOCearbhlain: Leo Varadkar thinks it's unfair to ask tourists to do for two weeks what people with underlying conditions have been d…
22-01-2021 04:54
@ninety6days I need to start celebrating my half birthday!
21-01-2021 22:20
@ninety6days December 26th Jimi, December 26th. 😭😭😭
21-01-2021 22:19
@ninety6days Politics is a societal failure.
21-01-2021 22:07
@mariahh_scary I am weak laughing but only because that is such an apt description of myself (if I would ever run)
21-01-2021 20:23
@Freemanhasaname You are a constant source of entertainment.
21-01-2021 14:17
@imgrandsure Two Tea Thursdays
21-01-2021 14:17
I have never spent as much of my life writing emails as I have in the past 12 months. I may make a book of haikus o…
21-01-2021 14:15
20-01-2021 21:22
@ImBethONeill Bit of Asian to spice things up maybe?
20-01-2021 20:57
@ImBethONeill The fucking state of him but you’re dead right. Pure Irish
20-01-2021 20:36
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RT @theaaronschmit: My girlfriend animated her 2021 mood and honestly? Same.
20-01-2021 20:35
Imagine being one of the people who queued for Garth Brookes and to hear him there. A few quid was saved by him cancelling his gigs here.
20-01-2021 20:34
@BrodyxDean So generous of them
20-01-2021 15:46
0 36878
RT @humanworkplace: RETWEET if you ever had a job where you were pressured to come to work when you were sick
19-01-2021 13:06
@crewbrewco Gimme one of those hoodies
18-01-2021 21:57
@tararoonies It is very exciting! I am buzzed which is a bizarre feeling these days 😅
17-01-2021 18:58
Here is the tiny video of my tiny test film on my projector in my house. I am so excited about making things!
17-01-2021 18:36
I bid on a 16mm projector this day last week and it arrived from the Netherlands on Friday. I bought an adaptor for…
17-01-2021 18:27
RT @citrusfrench: mam im on the tele
17-01-2021 15:08
@Freemanhasaname @DonnellyStephen That’s the attitude this country needs
17-01-2021 15:04
@Freemanhasaname @DonnellyStephen How much do you bet he has you muted?
17-01-2021 14:46
Highly recommend checking out the sounders that appeared on the #TommyTiernanShow this evening.
17-01-2021 04:05
@oienjaff has predictable eating habits. Thanks to all nine of you who voted to keep my friend entertained while in…
16-01-2021 19:58
@imgrandsure Ebenezer Hobbs
16-01-2021 19:57
Which oranges made the cut?
15-01-2021 19:56
Did some shopping for @oienjaff earlier. Which pack of oranges did he choose?
15-01-2021 19:54
@punchedmonet_ Want this hat so bad. They have a load of cool stuff 😂
15-01-2021 14:24
RT @ellsdesign_: Ní saoirse go saoirse na mBan ✊🏻
14-01-2021 22:50
@olliechau A food processor is a class gift and it will change your life!
14-01-2021 00:27
RT @KerGuinan: SELL NOTHING / poster & billboard campaign in Limerick City / 11-25 January
13-01-2021 19:33
@KerGuinan @Snodule These are great!
13-01-2021 19:33
I am finding myself going further and further down the 16mm rabbit hole. It is a very tiny rabbit hole. For real…
13-01-2021 14:36
RT @ActingTheGom: ✅ Worst in the world for rising cases ✅ Hospitals nearing capacity ✅ Airports wide open ✅ Not one journalist outlet hi…
12-01-2021 02:41
RT @davidtobin100: Never forget that Norma Foley wanted to put staff and children back into school today.
11-01-2021 21:11
@beanantea Lucy and Yak have capped the amount you can buy in the EU at like €135 + about €16 delivery so you don’t get the customs charges
11-01-2021 18:11
@ninety6days I had been in the from Christmas Eve til Friday also the longest I have been off work in 7 years 🙈 good luck tomorrow Jimi!
10-01-2021 15:18
@Freemanhasaname The nicest cup of tea I had on Friday. One of those ones where you are enjoying it so much that yo…
10-01-2021 14:36
This is a big mood.
10-01-2021 14:04
@ellsdesign_ Yes please!
10-01-2021 00:04
@ellsdesign_ Ellie... I did get the short leg option 😂😂
09-01-2021 20:07
@ellsdesign_ What are then chances 🙈
09-01-2021 19:34
@ellsdesign_ Which did you get? I tried the addisons but my torso is too short and I can’t breathe in them because…
09-01-2021 19:08
@ellsdesign_ Big fan of Lucy and Yak!
09-01-2021 17:34
@BigSkyCastle Is this for sale??
08-01-2021 02:37
@JackBluffy Bookmark the good recipes you find, build your own online cookbook!
07-01-2021 22:34
@Freemanhasaname Well I hope they gave ya some anti-sickness tablets there too.
07-01-2021 21:20
RT @FancyVegasPro: I think if Michael D Higgins was cornered by a load of Jim Corr supporters in his gaff he'd snap into action like Yoda a…
07-01-2021 15:07
@JackBluffy Straight onto the CV with that Jack.
06-01-2021 22:39
@JackBluffy Would you say graphic design is a passion of yours?
06-01-2021 22:26
RT @Ciaraioch:
06-01-2021 04:05
20 pages of notes on FYP in the past five days? You’d know it’s deadline season.
06-01-2021 02:35
Just tried to spell respiratory. What came out of the pen? Respitorary.
05-01-2021 23:53
@motherofnaggins I would love that.
04-01-2021 22:56
@jp_jordan JP 😂😂😂
04-01-2021 04:10
RT @Freemanhasaname: If you read one tweet today, read that Simon's government has repeatedly ignored public health advice, refused to expa…
02-01-2021 23:02
RT @newschambers: The Taoiseach’s speech on 30th December put the new strain as the chief explanation for the third wave. It’s clear - fro…
02-01-2021 02:35
RT @golferdylan01: I would like to thank @LeoVaradkar for featuring in another Tiktok as we recalled the achievements of our Government in…
01-01-2021 15:06
@TheGreenApron_ There are hundreds of Creme Eggs in Dunnes Childers Rd if you’re looking 😂
31-12-2020 15:06
@ImBethONeill Same though. We just have two big Irish heads haha
31-12-2020 03:03
@ImBethONeill Beth I am pissing myself because yeah.
31-12-2020 02:53
RT @ItsEricaCody: So you’re telling me 12 armed gardai & 1 black man with a knife couldn’t be be detained instead of being fatally shot 3…
30-12-2020 22:51
@greeneggs_ I am more of a Yoga with Kassandra person myself. Adrienne talks too much for my liking at the start 😂
30-12-2020 17:34
@jp_jordan Sign me up
30-12-2020 01:15
@pepsicolapussi She should have put salt in it. Undetectable until you’ve had a mouthful. This is amateur hour 😂
29-12-2020 19:49
Remember the days when people would dread getting the “you have been availing of [network offer] here for the last…
29-12-2020 03:40
I keep getting Domestika ads like “do you know what cyanotype is” “discover screen printing” yeah mate I actually d…
28-12-2020 20:22
28-12-2020 15:16
RT @clondalkhun: Step brothers were shocked that I roast my vegetables with herbs instead of boiling them and asked why ??? I'm fully convi…
27-12-2020 20:39
The more I read over my FYP the more apparent it is becoming that I had at some point in secondary school wanted to do Law Plus. 🙃
27-12-2020 14:31
@MedievalDuffer I really wanted to watch it but I’m not mentally able for the existential doom it would fill me with 🙈
27-12-2020 14:09
0 25204
RT @MyFoundationLyf: My brother and I made a gingerbread mosque. From scratch! Required more math than expected
27-12-2020 14:00
RT @emmahill95: Ah stop 😂😂
26-12-2020 22:46
@NVSTY_NIVLL I have tabs on my laptop open for literally 9 months 😭😂
26-12-2020 03:06
@NVSTY_NIVLL How much of the tab can you actually see? 😂
26-12-2020 01:40
RT @emma___flynn: God value
23-12-2020 20:22
23-12-2020 20:21
@broccolidoggo Oh NO 🙈
23-12-2020 17:16
@emocatmom_ Tori I am literally the same. Never broke a screen before and now this is the third time this year too
22-12-2020 14:56
Less than one month later and I have DONE IT AGAIN. Need Tech Star to sponsor me I stg
22-12-2020 05:15
Happy Solstice friends!
21-12-2020 16:28
@countdraculaura Where was this?
20-12-2020 11:25
0 59228
RT @StellaParton: If a little Hillbilly singer like my big sister Dolly can invest in the vaccine then why the hell can’t some of you old m…
20-12-2020 11:18
RT @jaseomcn: Someone in work gave me a box of Ferrero Rocher. Knowing I wouldn’t be able to wait till I got home, I opened the box. Now I’…
16-12-2020 23:33
RT @d_dddiana: If you’ve ever been here you don’t have to worry about what’s in the vaccine
16-12-2020 13:04
@Evie_Nevin Poor internet and transport
14-12-2020 18:49
@Freemanhasaname Worse than instant coffee?? My condolences. Throw a handful of dirt in some hot water next time
14-12-2020 03:06
@Freemanhasaname Why do these even exist?!
13-12-2020 14:27
RT @citrusfrench: Operating System out now ya jabronis!
10-12-2020 03:26
@Freemanhasaname I am roaring laughing 😂😂😂
10-12-2020 02:24
@Freemanhasaname Ciarán! 😂😂😂😂
10-12-2020 01:52
@jonobeer @LmaRirl Seconded!
08-12-2020 15:27
@EmmateurD Depends on the day
08-12-2020 00:25
I remember being in TY and trying to get this video to load using Opera Mini on my bright pink Sony Ericsson phone 🙈
07-12-2020 13:40
@Freemanhasaname 🥰
07-12-2020 02:10
@Freemanhasaname I have an award winning personality I will have you know.
07-12-2020 00:56
@Freemanhasaname Ouch
07-12-2020 00:47
RT @PMC112358: The new Government Press Secretary, Paul Clarkson, Editor of the British Sun for 4 years since April 2016, at the House of C…
06-12-2020 14:24
RT @Freemanhasaname: Again, for the millionth time. Student nurses & midwives are NOT saying that we aren't learning while on placement.…
06-12-2020 03:23
@Freemanhasaname What will they butter next?
04-12-2020 14:34
@Freemanhasaname The rich
04-12-2020 03:38
Wouldn’t it be ideal to move to the Southern Hemisphere for winter so I wasn’t miserable 😭
04-12-2020 00:51
@ImBethONeill All over the gaff
02-12-2020 16:38
@SeanKeany_ You can smell the cold off ya in that photo 😂
02-12-2020 14:38
@ImBethONeill I haven’t a notion what to make of this!
02-12-2020 14:36
@TheRealBarenzia I got this for BADBADNOTGOOD 😂
02-12-2020 14:34
God help @Freemanhasaname when he listens to the voice notes I’ve sent him because I am just weak laughing at mysel…
02-12-2020 04:30
@risingdamp_ Correction: Evelyn McDonnell wrote the essay! Apologies.
01-12-2020 18:02
Not Our First Goat Rodeo is a great album to write an FYP to.
01-12-2020 17:11
It has taken 26 days for something to get sent from the UK to Dublin so it’s still miles away. However I did get so…
01-12-2020 13:32
Ghostface Killah autocorrects to Ghostface Skillshare on my phone. I may be the only one who finds this funny but sure 🤷🏻‍♀️
30-11-2020 20:09
RT @Freemanhasaname: This you?
30-11-2020 17:01
@ImBethONeill Happy over a year since your last seizure-iversary
29-11-2020 22:50
@risingdamp_ If I come across some other sources I’ll let you know! ☺️
29-11-2020 19:29
@risingdamp_ Doing my FYP on similar topics and Culture Jamming is a great source so far! There’s an essay by Evely…
29-11-2020 18:32
@bettyoctopus Absolute unit
28-11-2020 19:07
@Freemanhasaname Explain yourself
27-11-2020 23:59
@Freemanhasaname Bosco Junior
27-11-2020 23:59
RT @stphnmlny: Not yours to share. New on South Richmond Street.
27-11-2020 19:54
0 52064
RT @DanielSalinas00: Story of my life:
27-11-2020 01:43
@emocatmom_ Maybe! Do you have a good sprout recipe?
27-11-2020 01:32
@imgrandsure The technology these days
26-11-2020 23:38
26-11-2020 23:37
2020 will henceforth be known as the year I smashed phone screens. 🙈
26-11-2020 03:15
There you go now.
25-11-2020 00:51
Pals, please stop giving people who are intentionally trying to antagonise victims of image based sexual abuse a pl…
23-11-2020 18:10
RT @brian_bilston: I wrote a poem in a tweet but then each line grew to the word sum of the previous two until I began to worry about…
23-11-2020 15:34
@Freemanhasaname @MangoDassle Only calling you Bosch Junior from now on
23-11-2020 05:06
0 153511
RT @DL_Blackburn: Kalief Browder’s family was not allowed to post his bail so he spent 3 years in Rikers Island for allegedly stealing a ba…
21-11-2020 17:02
Cutting mat makes the best background
21-11-2020 16:34
Update: I did not sit on the wet roof, instead I pulled the blinds up as far as they would go and am intermittently…
21-11-2020 15:19
@pepsicolapussi The wind would have it!
21-11-2020 12:14
What are the chances of a dry morning so I can read and drink coffee on the roof? 😅
21-11-2020 03:51
Made myself a little 2-pager for my FYP. Now to stop writing trash!
21-11-2020 01:26
@lumensttheatre @MikeFitzpatric4 @LSADatLIT Congratulations Giordana! 🎉
20-11-2020 22:57
Which came first, thinking about reading Walter Benjamin or my headache?
20-11-2020 22:27
@dgahk You’ll be great once you get the hang of it, I’d focus on gettin from one note to the other before working a…
20-11-2020 03:09
@dgahk Sent ya a couple tunes in a message there!
20-11-2020 01:31
@dgahk Literally just found the butterfly on the back of some other tunes!
20-11-2020 01:17
@risingdamp_ @dgahk Also I would definitely leave out any broccoli/cauliflower stems as I find they make it really…
20-11-2020 01:04
@risingdamp_ @dgahk
20-11-2020 01:00
@risingdamp_ @dgahk It’s easy, but a bit time consuming if ya need it quick but can be frozen and all! Let me just grab a link for ya
20-11-2020 00:58
@risingdamp_ While not always feasible, making your own stock from veg scraps is the best way to go!
20-11-2020 00:29
@TheRealBarenzia No. That is all.
20-11-2020 00:19
Never used to cut myself with the shitty relief tools and have managed to do it again today 🙃
19-11-2020 15:36
RT @sharkinfo_com: Tw/ revenge porn call out your friends on predatory behaviour. if you’re a guy and you’re not willing to do that you’re…
18-11-2020 23:01
18-11-2020 22:59
@MariaLarkin That sounds amazing! 😍
18-11-2020 03:19
@ellsdesign_ No excuse whatsoever
17-11-2020 23:56
@himynameisaine Agree on both counts!
17-11-2020 01:46
@ellsdesign_ You can watch it on 4OD!
15-11-2020 22:12
@Freemanhasaname Hard going that.
14-11-2020 03:33
@Freemanhasaname Ciarán I need to ask you why couldn’t you use the same cup or is this just for dramatic effect?
14-11-2020 00:16
Did you ever hear such nonsense
13-11-2020 00:52
@diarmuid_os Doesn’t bear thinking about hahaha
13-11-2020 00:24
@ellsdesign_ Silkes might have some? You can definitely buy eco bags on Amazon, but maybe if you just go directly t…
12-11-2020 23:24
@tararoonies I’ll help
12-11-2020 14:06
@diffin_ Do you need it to be animated?
11-11-2020 03:30
@Freemanhasaname Ciarán “The Violator” Freeman they’ll call ya.
11-11-2020 03:28
RT @christineomg5: You know what's scary, as a law student, witnessing barristers and solicitors in the Dáil defending somebody who broke t…
11-11-2020 02:20
What in the name of Jesus is up with those DREADFUL accents. A shower of gombeens is all they are. Makes me cringe so bad.
11-11-2020 00:34
@MuRliMuRl @ellsdesign_
09-11-2020 22:31
@NicoleMo_ If only I had the wonder of watching it for the first time. 😂
09-11-2020 22:06
@Aislingx_ He’s such an entitled little prick. I do love Jess but I think the Logan years are the best
09-11-2020 22:05
@NicoleMo_ No it’s about my 7th.
09-11-2020 21:49
On season 2 episode 16 of the Gilmore Girls and Dean is a jerk. There I said it.
09-11-2020 21:46
RT @HollyCairnsTD: From today, women in Ireland effectively work for free for the remainder of the year. The gender pay gap is currently 1…
09-11-2020 21:13
@jp_jordan Happy birthday JP 🎉🎉🎉
09-11-2020 21:12
RT @MartynMcL: Outstanding letter in today’s Irish Times.
07-11-2020 16:10
RT @Freemanhasaname: Biden - 253 Trump - 213 No. of unpaid & exploited student nurses and midwives in Ireland: ~3500
07-11-2020 15:18
0 64414
RT @MLSist: easily the best photoshop i've seen all week
07-11-2020 13:29
RT @veganeggma: The plan? Discourage your demographic from voting by mail. Then declare victory before mail in ballots are counted. Thus cl…
05-11-2020 22:04
@RoguePrintCo All I want to do is play chess and read that book.
05-11-2020 18:11
@Gods_Teeth I love these so much. Using them as research for a college project and was roaring laughing all the way through
05-11-2020 01:57
@RoguePrintCo So good!
04-11-2020 23:25
RT @deirdre_flynn: #AcademicTwitter anyone have a PDF of Jeffery Jerome Cohen's monster culture 7 theses? I'd be very grateful #gothic
03-11-2020 23:58
03-11-2020 19:08
@ninety6days @Ciaraioch *but
03-11-2020 12:06
@ninety6days @Ciaraioch After some quick maths, I am going to say you’re not quite old enough to be my dad, bud is…
03-11-2020 12:05
@ninety6days @Ciaraioch Jimi are you saying I sound like a yank?
03-11-2020 11:38
@101093R As a non mother, I feel like this cannot be real. Impossible
03-11-2020 00:09
Been editing photos for 3 hours which is the longest amount of time I’ve been able to do this in about two months.…
02-11-2020 21:35
@altkrelb “A sense of imminent disaster”
02-11-2020 21:03
RT @Freemanhasaname: If I "Shared" patient details, I'd never practice again as an EMT & I'd never qualify as a nurse. A breach of confide…
02-11-2020 20:37
@tori__davis I love it!
01-11-2020 19:41
@JJLeeNKY I love this!
31-10-2020 21:53
@DrawBoySeanie Seán. I am not able for this 😭😭😭
31-10-2020 21:14
@KarSugrue Oh my god Karen!! I am screaming laughing
31-10-2020 20:05
RT @Rubberbandits: There’s a blue moon tonight so here’s a great opportunity for an Irish politician to hold themselves accountable
31-10-2020 17:14
31-10-2020 02:19
@mariahh_scary All I want to do is play chess after watching it
31-10-2020 02:06
@motherofnaggins Thanks! I’m looking to invest ☺️
30-10-2020 00:27