Ito (@Shadownek0) — Stop messaging my friends for info Stop messaging my friends for info Stop messaging my friends for info Stop messaging my friends for info
Don't ever try and bombard us to get info out of me and my friend's mouth ever again, it's our own choice to want t…
01-07-2020 18:55
I broke down again in public and during a time where I should be enjoying myself This is the LAST TIME I'm ever men…
01-07-2020 18:55
I'm being pampered like mocha The coke was nice Nfadja I told him I wanted to eat a&w again after circuit breaker…
01-07-2020 15:25
hello team?
01-07-2020 09:24
Do you want to go to jail that badly
01-07-2020 06:46
"@Lumiya1211 is cute" -Jesus
01-07-2020 05:38
You know who you are, you know what you did, but everyone else please be careful what you're spreading, some people…
01-07-2020 05:33
It's sad people left for nothing after knowing the full truth and watch the rest sweep this under the rug I wanted…
01-07-2020 05:33
You're not helping your friend when you don't even know and bother considering how bad it is compared to what you t…
01-07-2020 02:52
I don't want to open up, if I do I might be dead by the next day. I've said what I could but Some people get mani…
30-06-2020 13:56
I take back what I said, he isn't sorry, he is still blaming others, sorry for getting involved in something that is useless again
30-06-2020 11:29
@MeinKampf169 @ayucchibai bby dc?
30-06-2020 09:08
@ayucchibai @MeinKampf169 In camp bby
30-06-2020 08:50
5/5 experienced, I need to stand up for myself, just once, so others will not go through what I have. In feb, he ma…
30-06-2020 08:49
4/5 It just taught me I should shut up, I'm the one at fault, I'm the one ruining my group's friendship. It's my fa…
30-06-2020 08:49
3/5 That same guy got into my group of friends. I've opened up to my closest friend then, even though that guy said…
30-06-2020 08:49
2/5 there was someone that warned me. In my past, I was pressured to keep my mouth shut when I was 5. It happened,…
30-06-2020 08:49
Why I opened up (1/5) Yes these things is better off private, yes it is better not to blow someone up publicly. But…
30-06-2020 08:49
@MeinKampf169 because you put him before me last time😔
30-06-2020 04:45
@MeinKampf169 @LosliteOwO @seven2one6 Chicken
29-06-2020 18:03
Just a few notes because it is blowing up : - he went after me when I was 15-17 years old - I'm not the first, I'm…
29-06-2020 09:09
So much typos, I've barely slept for the past few days, it has been a year since I cried so much that my double eyelid is gone
29-06-2020 08:44
I'm done keeping quiet. Read:
29-06-2020 07:13
I'm quite done with keeping quite with the harrassment in the past and seeing how shitty the person has been treati…
29-06-2020 04:18
Omfg "i didnt tell anyone" I regret ever even trusting you why do such a person even fking exist I fking hate you w…
28-06-2020 23:19
My code decides to work for my teacher and got an A even though I'm pretty sure it didn't work for my other compute…
28-06-2020 19:05
y arcade girls dp all the same I mistook someone for another It's literally the same ???
27-06-2020 22:53
27-06-2020 13:15
my period got fked over by depression in Nov to Jan and basically stopped , but I think my parents thought I was pregnant l m a o
26-06-2020 20:58
Girls gets more childish when they become an adult.. .. I'm 18 and this is so deep..
26-06-2020 18:09
I got cucked because a cuck got cucked
26-06-2020 10:29
@Rainbowmeeps It's hai di lao HAHA now that you mention it I want kbbq ;w;
26-06-2020 06:55
It has been 2 months since I ate here
25-06-2020 13:51
@MeinKampf169 No the entra 4491 is from your heart
25-06-2020 11:13
@MeinKampf169 You put the decimal point wrongly $4990.0
25-06-2020 10:43
Remember to bring your protection kids
25-06-2020 10:08
25-06-2020 09:40
I don't get why people date less than 1 month into knowing them, I guess child predator exists monkaS..
25-06-2020 09:29
When you get cucked so much that you start cucking your own friends
25-06-2020 05:12
I went hyperthermia mode again LOL it has been a long time since Actually no playing osu also triggers it but it wasn't this bad
25-06-2020 04:27
I try so hard to save money by eating less.. But why am I even trying I get free money every week 😎
24-06-2020 09:28
@felys__ I'm a pro gamer on facebukk
24-06-2020 09:26
who spends so much on a necklace wtf..
23-06-2020 20:59
Is it that hard to ask and talk through private message YOURSELF to someone fking hell no balls I guess
23-06-2020 09:00
Because I didn't know how friends works, I didn't know people share so much with everyone, I don't know how people…
22-06-2020 01:02
Is this the effects of being groomed as a child
22-06-2020 00:57
I enjoy cutting people off because it just shows that the friendship between us is non-existent
16-06-2020 21:30
@MeinKampf169 I never mapped in the first place you're impressing others not me
05-06-2020 08:23
@m4dashk1 because you're old
04-06-2020 20:06
It has been so long I've had positive thoughts
04-06-2020 18:39
The teacher values giving us time to do exercises that isn't graded than having consultation for a graded assignmen…
04-06-2020 11:12
The teacher has only started teaching something that was required for submission that was due 2 days ago hi what
03-06-2020 09:24
why does everything that you need to use in an assignment not even taught then you check the slides and finds out…
02-06-2020 19:35
@MeinKampf169 Wait a minute
02-06-2020 12:32
@MeinKampf169 Time to eat it
02-06-2020 10:39
@MeinKampf169 @seelophobic @k_1ttyy Does mocha ver 9839 like underaged moths
02-06-2020 08:21
@k_1ttyy @seelophobic he found a pet already
02-06-2020 08:09
02-06-2020 05:06
@LockonCheng She can be flat though😳
01-06-2020 20:04
@LockonCheng When is brenda coming back
01-06-2020 19:28
so I just managed to figure the entire 2 weeks worth of javascript plugin in less than half a day
01-06-2020 18:13
01-06-2020 12:43
I swear to god javascript just decides to not work sometimes on its own
01-06-2020 11:43
🙏hopefully cb ends so I won't be stuck at home for term break with a broken laptop
01-06-2020 09:00
@MeinKampf169 169 when
31-05-2020 21:57
maybe I should have been more kaypoh it might have prevented something
31-05-2020 19:48
@ayucchibai Too bad sherwyn is gone 🦀
31-05-2020 17:36
@felys__ Sprankled
30-05-2020 22:18
30-05-2020 22:15
for believing that*
29-05-2020 21:13
I don't think I'm stupid to believe that most people have common senses
29-05-2020 21:12
@_atennya_ 😳
29-05-2020 16:24
RT @namgoreng: mosti #アークナイツ
28-05-2020 15:51
27-05-2020 18:27
@MeinKampf169 where's the other 9839 twitter posts of your previous mochas smh biased
27-05-2020 17:49
27-05-2020 12:09
27-05-2020 11:59
RT @_atennya_: 🌻700+ Followers Art Raffle🌻 Thank you for your support!😭✨ I’ll be hosting chibi art raffle with style like the pic attached…
26-05-2020 15:26
@ayucchibai b ruh
26-05-2020 10:35
The only thing good about a girl is their bodies!! Who gives a shit about everything else!!!!
25-05-2020 21:38
@m4dashk1 back to sg#2 when
25-05-2020 12:15
I'm a failure for not keeping to my own promises to myself.
24-05-2020 22:39
@Hayatokundesuwu @m4dashk1
24-05-2020 22:35
Why has this bothered me for more than 3 months wtf
24-05-2020 19:04
Why do people seem act like they hate a person even though they have never spoke to them personally to understand their situation
24-05-2020 18:59
If only there were vtubers back then so delusional weebs would be going after them Instead of trying to find me in…
24-05-2020 15:21
@MeinKampf169 @m4dashk1 Rotten egg?
24-05-2020 12:45
@m4dashk1 Doesn't it taste like sand
24-05-2020 12:08
Why does 1 of my eye hurts at a time, if you want to be swollen and sore why cant both of you be wtf
23-05-2020 22:22
First time stepping out of the house tmr after more than a month I hope my skin doesn't combust into flames when sunlight hits it
23-05-2020 22:13
@notSinn @ayucchibai wanna break the law
23-05-2020 22:11
@m4dashk1 Using eraser tip like xia 🤔 time to cross dress like him as well
23-05-2020 19:54
@LockonCheng Does that mean you can hit on secondary school girls 😳
23-05-2020 09:15
\ #本田とじゃんけん2020 /私は #本田にチョキで勝つ ✌ @pepsi_jpn をフォローして1日1回 #本田圭佑 とじゃんけん勝負!勝てばその場で新 #ペプシ #ジャパンコーラ ファミリーマート #無料 引換クーポンあた…
23-05-2020 07:24
What's the point of friends, it's just humans using each other, especially "close" friends and one of them is benef…
21-05-2020 18:58
Wouldn't you expect someone who has talked to me a lot for a few months to understand me better than someone I've n…
21-05-2020 18:58
@MeinKampf169 @m4dashk1 I didn't know you're going to eat it
21-05-2020 18:09
Imagine telling your friend a toxic view on someone else who your friend cares about because something happened The…
21-05-2020 17:03
21-05-2020 16:33
Imagine reverse searching a specific meme with a template..
21-05-2020 15:04
@MeinKampf169 @seelophobic U sure that's a girl It's a daddy long leg so you should be calling it daddy-
21-05-2020 14:31
My brain hurts
21-05-2020 05:43
\ #本田とじゃんけん2020 /私は #本田にグーで勝つ ✊@pepsi_jpn をフォローして1日1回 #本田圭佑 とじゃんけん勝負!勝てばその場で新 #ペプシ #ジャパンコーラ ファミリーマート #無料 引換クーポンあたる!…
21-05-2020 05:40
Burning down the kitchen with bread lets fking go!!!
20-05-2020 15:05
0 22296
RT @NoreeAlt: retweet to scare artists
20-05-2020 13:56
Just have a week of complete lockdown, no visiting, no opening of borders, if you want some groups to suffer while…
20-05-2020 12:00
Everything was gucci til javascript touched html 😔
20-05-2020 10:43
\ #本田とじゃんけん2020 /私は #本田にグーで勝つ ✊@pepsi_jpn をフォローして1日1回 #本田圭佑 とじゃんけん勝負!勝てばその場で新 #ペプシ #ジャパンコーラ ファミリーマート #無料 引換クーポンあたる!…
20-05-2020 05:51
Someone is a bts stan...
19-05-2020 21:11
The caffeine is hitting me hard and I'm pretty sure I was presenting at 10 words per second to the teacher
19-05-2020 11:10
\ #本田とじゃんけん2020 /私は #本田にグーで勝つ ✊@pepsi_jpn をフォローして1日1回 #本田圭佑 とじゃんけん勝負!勝てばその場で新 #ペプシ #ジャパンコーラ ファミリーマート #無料 引換クーポンあたる!…
19-05-2020 08:01
@m4dashk1 @k_1ttyy Wtf toxicc
19-05-2020 08:00
@ayucchibai It's time to throw money at vtubers!!!
18-05-2020 16:30
18-05-2020 07:05
In school at least I can do work and stay awake with 2 hours of sleep now 4 hours + coffee isnt even enough
18-05-2020 06:30
😔spotify removed dicko mode guess I'm uninstalling
17-05-2020 13:57
stfu you managed to finish 6 deliveries in 2 days when you were suppose to do it over 3-4 weeks how is this hard
17-05-2020 11:34
Since when did we have assignments and why is most of the class done with half of it-
17-05-2020 11:17
@MeinKampf169 @k_1ttyy @LosliteOwO @dmeonicla I thought you only played roblox-
16-05-2020 20:33
\ #本田とじゃんけん2020 /私は #本田にグーで勝つ ✊@pepsi_jpn をフォローして1日1回 #本田圭佑 とじゃんけん勝負!勝てばその場で新 #ペプシ #ジャパンコーラ ファミリーマート #無料 引換クーポンあたる!…
16-05-2020 09:57
\ #本田とじゃんけん2020 /私は #本田にグーで勝つ ✊@pepsi_jpn をフォローして1日1回 #本田圭佑 とじゃんけん勝負!勝てばその場で新 #ペプシ #ジャパンコーラ ファミリーマート #無料 引換クーポンあたる!…
15-05-2020 16:29
Have you watched boku no pico?
15-05-2020 15:27
@seelophobic @MeinKampf169 @sugurisherexd How is that an anime and that involves 2 men with ice cream-
15-05-2020 15:22
What is javascript and why is my brain fried
15-05-2020 14:07
@ayucchibai This sounds like some shitty pick up line
15-05-2020 11:30
It's not ok to support someone who is trying to get with underage girls just because you are friends I don't get t…
14-05-2020 22:00
Why is taking an advice from less than 3 months ago that hard thirstlord
14-05-2020 19:53
\ #本田とじゃんけん2020 /私は #本田にグーで勝つ ✊@pepsi_jpn をフォローして1日1回 #本田圭佑 とじゃんけん勝負!勝てばその場で新 #ペプシ #ジャパンコーラ ファミリーマート #無料 引換クーポンあたる!…
14-05-2020 19:26
@ayucchibai Challenge him
14-05-2020 11:21
@pepsi_jpn @m4dashk1 noob
14-05-2020 10:55
I went back to sleep like 10 times at least since idk 8am? Probably earlier
14-05-2020 08:33
\ #本田とじゃんけん2020 /私は #本田にグーで勝つ ✊@pepsi_jpn をフォローして1日1回 #本田圭佑 とじゃんけん勝負!勝てばその場で新 #ペプシ #ジャパンコーラ ファミリーマート #無料 引換クーポンあたる!…
13-05-2020 21:02
@m4dashk1 ???
13-05-2020 20:11
"In Singapore, bullying is WRONG, pedophilia is GOOD"
13-05-2020 18:30
@ayucchibai How do you map with your ears covered-
13-05-2020 18:16
Welcome to sg osu community, our dramas are as unrelevant as our players
13-05-2020 14:19
\ #本田とじゃんけん2020 /私は #本田にグーで勝つ ✊@pepsi_jpn をフォローして1日1回 #本田圭佑 とじゃんけん勝負!勝てばその場で新 #ペプシ #ジャパンコーラ ファミリーマート #無料 引換クーポンあたる!…
13-05-2020 14:13
Pool is rigged
13-05-2020 05:00
"40 and 16 years is not that much, it's only 24 years apart"
12-05-2020 19:45
Instant noodles
12-05-2020 18:35
12-05-2020 16:06
Just hit me with the pain come at me bro stop stalling I ain't scared ha ha..
12-05-2020 11:40
Some people spend more time while some people spends less But everyone's result will be different, that's why life…
12-05-2020 11:17
@ayucchibai @MeinKampf169
12-05-2020 10:54
RT @Shadownek0: u r horny on main
12-05-2020 09:28
RT @MeinKampf169: @Shadownek0 😉now it's you
12-05-2020 09:28
Soba noodles used to masturbate to GSBlank's scores
12-05-2020 08:48
Estimated delivery time : 31 minutes Actual delivery time : 1 hour and 1 minute
12-05-2020 07:45
@LockonCheng Crack your crack
12-05-2020 07:38
@MeinKampf169 @ayucchibai You're killing turtles
12-05-2020 07:37
@ayucchibai Maybe we are both psychopath
12-05-2020 05:30
@ayucchibai but 2nd way is much cleaner and you will most likely not waste as much as the first.. first one just l…
12-05-2020 04:54
3 more weeks
11-05-2020 12:17
u r horny on main
11-05-2020 11:31
yes I understand what's going on in the lecture
11-05-2020 09:55
@seelophobic you didn't finish the sentence
10-05-2020 18:18
0 51952
10-05-2020 17:51
@m4dashk1 What is Singapore, never heard of it
10-05-2020 16:52
RT @Fedmyster: "what are you doing step bro"
10-05-2020 16:24
10-05-2020 14:37
Round 10 of cucking Let's go ???
10-05-2020 13:31
why is psychology my favorite class now you literally don't need to do coding or design you just need eyes and reasoning
09-05-2020 13:33
@m4dashk1 @ayucchibai @imzenick
08-05-2020 16:38
08-05-2020 14:25
@felys__ 18D sound effect so that the listeners will feel like they are in a bathroom-
08-05-2020 11:54
@ayucchibai yes And where tf did cute girl pfp club go smh
08-05-2020 11:25
why am i thinking that i'm using zoom when i'm in a discord call
07-05-2020 18:55
@felys__ Sir mice spreads corona-
07-05-2020 18:36
@felys__ why aren't you out eating grass smh
07-05-2020 13:33
@m4dashk1 @riceyricevsrg @MeinKampf169 m4-k1's skin
07-05-2020 13:32
there's so much irony
07-05-2020 06:32
I dont get how songs that you listened to during the time period in the past can be associated to the same kind of feeling felt back then
06-05-2020 21:12
06-05-2020 15:17
16. Bruh. Osu. Players. Are. .
06-05-2020 13:21
I don't even wanna try
06-05-2020 08:58
@MeinKampf169 They must be highkey toxic as well
06-05-2020 04:12
"It's just 7 stars"
05-05-2020 16:23
How do you eat when you stay at home 24/7 I swear I developed some kind of habit from last time to not eat
05-05-2020 08:42
@ayucchibai i literally read it as "man hunting"
05-05-2020 03:56
Living to die or dying to live
03-05-2020 10:44
I'm a pedo who is going out with a 11 year old cute girl
02-05-2020 15:19
If you're abusive you're just being a tsun 😳
01-05-2020 10:22
@snowyani @MeinKampf169 I was forced to tweet it out
01-05-2020 07:05
[email protected] is so fking attractive that he can attract insects to him in less than 1 hour
30-04-2020 21:46
i literally need to force restart my phone for idk how many times so that it runs out of battery and die to fix it-
30-04-2020 07:28
haha false alarm haha false alarm everything is false alarm
30-04-2020 05:15
Humans are a bunch of liars
29-04-2020 22:09
@k_1ttyy Imagine double tapping one of the keys when you stream..
29-04-2020 21:49
but isn't it ok to have mean thoughts about people who does the same to you
29-04-2020 07:31
Very mean thoughts
29-04-2020 07:25
Cute girls are cute I just realise some of them are old af Ririchiyo Shirakiin Patchouli Knowledge Tashkent Myrrh…
29-04-2020 04:45
@ayucchibai I like cute girls
28-04-2020 17:23
Sometimes I don't like sympathizing with people Idk or it's maybe the fact that I would sometimes treat people like how I treat myself
27-04-2020 19:52
27-04-2020 08:57
Why is my class trying to give me an existential crisis
27-04-2020 08:55
I swear I didn't hear some kind of laughter in the middle of the night how tf do I sleep now it's just hallucinationsjfnsifjrk
26-04-2020 21:07
@ayucchibai @squashydotboy Cutting mat*
26-04-2020 14:54
@ayucchibai i mean the one she made it's pretty correct just that some is the size of tang yuan because she got lazy-
25-04-2020 15:44
My mum made pearls/boba now I'm tired of it
25-04-2020 15:29
RT @joze_phine_: 柔らかい光の中で
25-04-2020 14:46