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RT @sidhant: Countries/block which have extended condolences on the demise of CDS Bipin Rawat: US, France, Russia, Israel, UK, Australia,…
09-12-2021 05:06
RT @drskj01: I don't know from where did you get the hint. From day one vhp, bajarang dal and RSS are with the organisors. I myself went th…
09-12-2021 05:05
RT @divya_16_: Death by burns is one of the worst way to go, which you wouldn't wish for your worst enemy. To actually go out, buy a cake a…
09-12-2021 05:02
RT @Chugululu: @iMac_too 0.5
08-12-2021 21:10
RT @iMac_too: 👇
08-12-2021 21:09
RT @MuhamedHeib: We join the people of India in their hour of grief for the tragic loss of Indian heroes. Om Shanti 🙏
08-12-2021 21:03
RT @Vedmalik1: 1/3.Deeply shocked and anguished by the tragic news of helicopter crash in which Gen Bipin Rawat, Mrs Rawat and 11 other sol…
08-12-2021 20:59
RT @kshetragnya: The lesson from today, for normies, is that do not give any respect to Army Veterans who are zealous secularists and pall…
08-12-2021 20:59
RT @auldtimer: Even the highest-ranked officer of armed forces cannot escape occupational hazards. Meanwhile, judges in aircon chambers wil…
08-12-2021 20:59
RT @vikrams09: Anyone who is Anglicized will not connect fully wt soul of Bharat. Some are Anglicized on outer layer, but shreds of civiliz…
08-12-2021 20:33
RT @iMac_too: Gen Rawat was known as hard-nosed Kashmir expert in Defence establishment. Without his unstinting support & farsightedness Go…
08-12-2021 20:30
RT @divya_16_: How long before Rahul Gandhi tweets rubbish about today's crash? I say 72 hours.
08-12-2021 20:30
RT @TheRathore3: How can you not love this man .. Bipin Raqat on law like 377 ! https://t.co/nfJoYcU94z
08-12-2021 20:24
RT @Brahamvakya: *honor
08-12-2021 20:22
RT @Brahamvakya: There is some donor amongst thieves as well. Here you were brother in arms. No all can make it to high office, doesn't tak…
08-12-2021 20:21
RT @Brahamvakya: I would naturally deify all who have adorned uniform out of an upbringing that taught, highest sacrifice is of own life..…
08-12-2021 20:21
RT @Brahamvakya: I am stunned at the conceited contempt & kind of joyful relief some veterans hv shown at demise of Indian's Chief of defen…
08-12-2021 20:20
RT @vikrams09: I am not stunned anymore...have seen Army up close, and last half decade has proven how sections of Defense are as rotten an…
08-12-2021 20:20
RT @Our_Levodopa: Gen Bipin Rawat was a chad and liberals rightly hated him to the core. He was among the public figures to loudly warn of…
08-12-2021 20:15
RT @Ateendriyo: Criticize, abuse, hate the PM. By all means. But, doing this👇🏿, only means that you've moved from Modi hatred to India hatr…
08-12-2021 19:46
RT @kvsarmaj: I hope those stories don't end up in the hands of DrugWood and sister mafias. Hopefully, someday there would be a well resear…
08-12-2021 19:45
RT @kvsarmaj: From what I learned on Gravitas' story on Gen Rawat tonight, it seems to me that his life leading counter insurgency operatio…
08-12-2021 19:44
@Ateendriyo 👍
08-12-2021 19:43
RT @Ateendriyo: @Spirit_Hindutva you replied to someone, who had replied to my tweet. Avoid. He's a lowly troll, without testicular fortitu…
08-12-2021 19:43
@Dhapola97 @Ateendriyo Coward Modi created the CDS and pushed for indeginisation. I do want coward Modi to continue.
08-12-2021 19:15
RT @TimesNow: I dont want this anti-national Chandigarh lobby to negotiate on my behalf:RSN Singh, Fmr RAW Officer #OROPDelivered http://t.…
08-12-2021 19:11
RT @lalashwa: @joshio @vikrams09 @Spirit_Hindutva It is a great civilization. Only it stands before all conquering Abrahamism. Others have…
08-12-2021 19:08
RT @AbhishBanerj: BJP was in opposition for decades. But BJP supporters could never even imagine rejoicing in the misfortunes of the India…
08-12-2021 19:02
RT @Suhas_AN: Thank you to all: Gen Bipin Rawat Mrs Madhulika Rawat Brig LS Lidder Lt Col Harjinder Singh NK Gursewak Singh NK Jitendra Ku…
08-12-2021 19:01
RT @amargov: Pensions can be withdrawn. Or inexplicably delayed for a few months.
08-12-2021 19:01
RT @GemsOfBollywood: Tragic death of CDS #BipinRawat and other Sena Veers is a devastating moment for nation and children of Bharat Mata li…
08-12-2021 19:00
RT @nationworrier78: @maidros78 @AdityaVasudev21 probably you would like to go through previous 6 chief of army & airforce especially army…
08-12-2021 19:00
RT @maidros78: Seeing the amount of hatred for Gen. Rawat [including many ex defence personnel!], I am beginning to wonder how many desired…
08-12-2021 18:58
RT @joshio: @vikrams09 @Spirit_Hindutva I think we can forgive Naipaul. I believe he wished for India to be a greater civilisation than it…
08-12-2021 18:57
@TheUnfazD @AgentSaffron We are the last man standing. Our murti pujak cousins passed away more than a 1000 years ago.
08-12-2021 16:42
RT @SirJambavan: You are still better than any other party that led the country. You are miles ahead of INC. But, you aren't there yet when…
08-12-2021 16:18
RT @SirJambavan: Sadly, @PMOIndia @HMOIndia - you are no exceptions.
08-12-2021 16:18
RT @SirJambavan: @dylanhead94 @Manik_M_Jolly https://t.co/yrUBUtgxAQ
08-12-2021 16:18
RT @Manik_M_Jolly: 3 types of people on Twitter right now. 1. Those really hurt and mourning the loss of our #CDS. Majority of Indians. 2…
08-12-2021 16:17
RT @vikrams09: Om Shanti. Om Sadgati 🙏 The nation has lost a true son of the soil
08-12-2021 15:55
@alok_bhatt Om Shanti 🙏
08-12-2021 15:53
RT @alok_bhatt: 2nd Uttarakhandi General to occupy highest office in armed forces & second Uttarakhandi General to die in office. We lost…
08-12-2021 15:53
RT @barbarindian: Learn from Momta.
08-12-2021 15:17
RT @himantabiswa: I join millions in praying for the well-being of CDS General Bipin Rawat.
08-12-2021 15:16
RT @vikrams09: @Spirit_Hindutva self-flagellation is deeply embedded
08-12-2021 15:15
RT @ArunKrishnan_: When Indians who give up their citizenship to gain a US/UK/Aus/Canada etc passport, moat people say Congratulations! I…
08-12-2021 15:14
RT @Yajmane: RoP/RoL/Porkistan
08-12-2021 15:11
RT @pratyasharath: But the scarier part is that a lot of it may not be about politics or social media points, but about a more deep seated…
08-12-2021 15:10
RT @pratyasharath: No politics, no social media points is worth garnering the bad karma that comes with gloating over the misfortune of oth…
08-12-2021 15:10
RT @ShefVaidya: Only two journos I trust when it comes to defence related news. @ShivAroor and @gauravcsawant. Won’t believe any news unles…
08-12-2021 15:10
@vikrams09 I was thinking the same. More likely Naipaul got a bit carried away.
08-12-2021 15:09
RT @vikrams09: "no country was so easily raided and plundered"? Naipaul was a great writer, but even he got this wrong. Every country was r…
08-12-2021 15:08
RT @zeneraalstuff: Leaving it here. https://t.co/vHDP8raMfE
08-12-2021 15:07
RT @AjiHaaan: So many emotions running in mind,so many thoughts put in draft and then deleted. Crux is, India must prepare for very tough t…
08-12-2021 15:05
RT @visaraj: Do away with pensions of those ex servicemen who are disrespecting the CDS.
08-12-2021 15:05
@AishwaryakiRai Hating Bharat and hating Hindutva is one and the same.
08-12-2021 15:04
RT @harshmadhusudan: These few years are very critical for India. Leadership matters. I know when I say it, some do take it as partisanship…
08-12-2021 15:02
RT @harshmadhusudan: We are not at that stage where we can elect inexperienced or dumb or sold out politicians, and still do fine because o…
08-12-2021 15:02
RT @shaksingh: I wanted to check whether all these profiles are from Pakistan but No. Go to NDTV and check their profiles. These people are…
08-12-2021 14:48
RT @vikrams09: leave it - u won't get why Hindus got hurt when someone compares Devi worshippers to rapists. Just stick to whichever "ism"…
08-12-2021 14:47
RT @ARanganathan72: I don’t know what to say, how to react. Terrible tragedy. My sincere condolences; may the families find the strength; m…
08-12-2021 14:46
RT @VikasSaraswat: MI 17V5 is absolutely top notch. Even President and PM use it. One should have waited to know the reasons for the crash.…
08-12-2021 14:46
RT @Ateendriyo: A Khalistan in so many officers, and so many Pakistans across this nation. Parameshwara alone keeps this nation, this civi…
08-12-2021 14:46
@sharmarohitraj I didn't get it. Explain?
08-12-2021 14:44
RT @Ateendriyo: The entire nation, today, seems to be plunged in pain. We pray for a miracle. But, my minds go to the women and men of #Gar…
08-12-2021 14:42
RT @veekay122002: Don't like to speculate but I've flown the Mi17 1Vs and they are among the sturdiest helicopters flying around the world…
08-12-2021 14:39
RT @ShivAroor: JUST IN: PM Modi to chair Cabinet Committee on Security (CCS) meet at 6.30pm in the wake of the Coonoor helicopter tragedy.
08-12-2021 14:39
RT @Pyaasa_: @divya_16_ @Spirit_Hindutva Those are Pakistanis who never caught the train.
08-12-2021 14:39
RT @Indraditya_: Chandigarh lobby, it's a coiterie of Retired Military officers who use their position to lobby for foreign arms imports T…
08-12-2021 14:39
RT @rahulroushan: This chadarmod is an out an out Khalistani and he's not the only one
08-12-2021 14:38
RT @GitaSKapoor_: Ashlin Mathew rejoices the CDS helicopter crash. Ashlin is a journalist for National Herald. https://t.co/npMQJqGnfX
08-12-2021 14:24
RT @coolfunnytshirt: no amount of appeasing 'secularism', ganga jamuni drama, bollywood whitewashing can change this fact 👇
08-12-2021 14:24
RT @divya_16_: What about the "Indians" though?
08-12-2021 14:24
RT @5522Bhuvan: @EricRWeinstein Don't u know..? Asians and Indians are included in white privilege group. Cuz they get into STEM jobs and h…
08-12-2021 14:21
RT @EricRWeinstein: Q: Is Math Racist? Why do “students of color struggle with the subject”? A: Congratulations to our first place US Math…
08-12-2021 14:21
RT @coolfunnytshirt: our govts are just too soft against the internal enemies and parasites of our nation.. 🙄
08-12-2021 14:18
RT @SuryahSG: Dear Conspiracy Theorists. There’s absolutely not a single insurgent organisation operating in any part of Tamil Nadu. You ca…
08-12-2021 14:17
RT @vikrams09: already pension is major chunk of defence budget. when will it stop? how much more does tax-payer keep paying...i too come f…
08-12-2021 14:17
RT @JoeAgneya: Why does this country produce so many traitors willing to sell national interest for a pittance or a pat from the enemy? The…
08-12-2021 14:15
RT @kshetragnya: Hope the GoI acts on characters like that Bakshi, Panag and that ricebag scumbag Ashlein who expressed joy at the CDS's ac…
08-12-2021 14:15
RT @amishra77: This character is a journalist in Sonia Gandhi’s personal newspaper. Celebrating death of a BJP person, though abominable,…
08-12-2021 14:15
RT @mvmeet: List of people who think or call Modi ji a fascist: * Asaduddin Owaisi * Mamata Banerjee * Pinarayi Vijayan * Akhilesh Yadav *…
08-12-2021 14:10
RT @tathagata2: মিডিয়াতে বচন ঝাড়া খুব সহজ। কিন্তু একবার তাকিয়ে দেখুন, বিচ্ছিন্নতাবাদীরা আমাদের নিরাপত্তা বাহিনীর জন্য কেমন ফাঁদ পাতে!…
08-12-2021 14:09
RT @harshmadhusudan: This Hindu nation was born with the Sanatan Dharma, with it it moves and with it it grows. When the Sanatan Dharma dec…
08-12-2021 14:05
RT @AjiHaaan: When entire country is praying in desperation, the so called Youth Icon and Captain of Indian Cricket Team is flaunting the…
08-12-2021 13:41
RT @iShashiShekhar: Can u see the difference. That's what a decisive leadership does. Thank you @narendramodi Ji. #DivyaKashiBhavyaKashi…
08-12-2021 13:35
RT @archeohistories: Xoloitzcuintle, an Aztec dog native to Mexico. It is one of oldest races that inhabit with more than 7000 years. For…
08-12-2021 13:32
RT @Anuraag_Shukla: Didn't we get to hear a similar story in our Mahābhārata? https://t.co/NmE4QjvM6i
08-12-2021 13:31
RT @avarakai: These 3 pics. What stands out is anyone's guess. Let the investigation happen. And truth be out at the earliest. https://t.co…
08-12-2021 13:31
RT @kaushkrahul: You are a BASTARD
08-12-2021 13:29
RT @dhaval241086: That does not give license to convert people especially from our Tribal Community. RSS (Vidhya Bharti & Saraswati) runs 1…
08-12-2021 13:27
RT @total_woke_: Difference between Baljit and Basheer is we foolishly trust Baljit. #bipinrawat #Coimbatore #khalistan https://t.co/5UGoC…
08-12-2021 13:27
RT @Soumyadipta: Every time India stares at a tragedy, some parasitic insects crawl out of a shitty gutter.
08-12-2021 13:26
RT @mvmeet: In Andhra, a man is so much influenced by movie 'Akhanda' that He brutally bashed missionaries who came to convert & asked the…
08-12-2021 13:26
RT @bcchristopher: Dear media channels, CDS was travelling with his wife and other army personnel and not ‘family members’. Families of def…
08-12-2021 13:25
RT @sushantsareen: Terrible tragedy and a lot of good people lost today
08-12-2021 13:25
RT @IndianSinghh: CDS BIPIN Rawat sabka baap tha ,Hai aur Humesha Rahega. This tweet is for Chandigarh Lobby.
08-12-2021 13:25
RT @Brahamvakya: Helicopter crash with CDS onboard must be investigated at highest level including within the military and veteran nexus.…
08-12-2021 13:24
RT @SJha1618: Both the Turkish Lira and Pakistani Rupee are falling like rocks. New brotherhood?
08-12-2021 13:24
RT @sidhant: Defence Minister Rajnath Singh reaches the residence of CDS Bipin Rawat in Delhi
08-12-2021 13:24
RT @surnell: Why was this not a BIG news. Much bigger company and real Desi CEO Linde appoints Sanjiv Lamba as CEO https://t.co/mH3KQf38U3
08-12-2021 13:23
RT @nisheethsharan: Nobody has belittled his rank the way Mr Know-it-all-Panag has in recent years. Disgustingly cheap man.
08-12-2021 13:23
RT @shashank_ssj: Big!!! CAA rules will be notified on January 9, 2022 - Modi government in Parliament.
08-12-2021 13:23
RT @muglikar_: It is just a garb, a facade that they hate Modi and RSS. What they hate is India. Indians and everything good.
08-12-2021 13:23
RT @alok_bhatt: Repairing India is such a difficult job and the system that current Govt has inherited from Cong is so heavily mined that t…
08-12-2021 13:22
RT @TheAtulMishra: The Haha emojis explain why you are asked to produce a certificate of patriotism in this country.
08-12-2021 13:22
RT @amishra77: Some people get angry when it is pointed out that Khalistani elements exist. But is there any other way to describe @Baljit…
08-12-2021 13:22
RT @SuryahSG: Traitors. Definitely worth finding every single traitor & extradite them out of our country! Preferably to their favourite na…
08-12-2021 13:18
RT @iMac_too: Panag, Bakshi, Shukla is the half front we need to encounter today https://t.co/KeJJkTdjkj
08-12-2021 13:15
RT @brakoo: Shouldn't it be Black and Native American "birthing people" in this context? Such cis-gender heteronormative patriarchy! Shame!
08-12-2021 13:14
RT @IAF_MCC: An IAF Mi-17V5 helicopter, with CDS Gen Bipin Rawat on board, met with an accident today near Coonoor, Tamil Nadu. An Inquiry…
08-12-2021 13:14
RT @Brahamvakya: Indian army in ethos and characteristics is closest to the Khalsa army of Maharaja Ranjit singh.
08-12-2021 13:13
RT @Brahamvakya: People condemning and using words like murder and massacre for Nagaland’s unfortunate incident shed no tears when a CO of…
08-12-2021 13:12
RT @TheSkandar: Yesterday they killed a person on the name of blasphemy and today they stripped two girls in public for stealing goods. Pak…
08-12-2021 13:11
RT @Suhas_AN: "A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is…
08-12-2021 13:09
RT @shaksingh: Keep praying and wait for official confirmation. Hope CDS survives. Sir abhi bahut kaam baaki pada hai, aur apko hi karna ha…
08-12-2021 13:09
RT @Dextrocardiac1: Panag should be ideally investigated for being so sure to tweet RIP while the entire nation still has no clear informat…
08-12-2021 13:09
RT @TheAtulMishra: Panag announced CDS Rawat's death 38 mins ago. There hasn't been any official word yet and Rajnath Singh is still to mak…
08-12-2021 13:08
RT @PTI_News: Ninety-six civilians, 81 security forces personnel and 366 terrorists were killed in Kashmir since the repeal of Article 370…
08-12-2021 13:07
RT @ANI: I have reached here (chopper crash site) on the instructions of the CM. Out of the 14 people on board, five people have died and t…
08-12-2021 13:06
RT @AdityaRajKaul: Indian Air Force (IAF) Chief is rushing to the crash site immediately. Prayers for all the 14 passengers onboard includi…
08-12-2021 13:06
RT @surnell: Yes. @IYCMadhepura Not surprsing. You perfectly fit the @INCIndia CONgi Culture. Keep going https://t.co/4JkjjWvvB8
08-12-2021 13:05
RT @BhagwaanUvacha: I will be chanting Hanuman chalisa. Just 3x now, for the health of Bipin Rawat ji. I will begin in exactly 9 mins, 3.30…
08-12-2021 13:05
RT @MrSinha_: This ISI stooge/KhaIstani never fails to show his hatred towards India.. Look how he’s like celebrating… https://t.co/SD8EZjZ…
08-12-2021 13:04
RT @adityanarayanh: National Herald Journalist on Army chopper crash! Now deleted. @coolfunnytshirt @BefittingFacts @TajinderBagga @abar…
08-12-2021 13:04
RT @ARanganathan72: A four-star General who has put his life on the line for us countless times is battling for his own. Battling along wit…
08-12-2021 13:04
RT @kaushkrahul: This is not news, but a wish!
08-12-2021 12:59
RT @Hardism: Every Bollywood & five-star activist who opposed the Mumbai Metro must be made to travel in locals till the Metro is functiona…
08-12-2021 12:53
RT @smitabarooah: As the nation grapples with an air tragedy & hopes against hope, these kind of ghouls emerge from the woodwork #bipinrawa…
08-12-2021 12:52
RT @brakoo: Just a couple of days ago, you guys immolated a Lankan alive. And now you have the gall to weave in Kashmir in the hope of crea…
08-12-2021 12:52
RT @PTI_News: India should migrate from 2G to 4G to 5G at earliest; confining millions to 2G deprive them of benefits of digital revolution…
08-12-2021 12:52
RT @bhartendu2206: True
08-12-2021 12:52
RT @kshetragnya: Tulukkan will never be able to overcome his inherent revulsion. True of tulukkans from across India.
08-12-2021 12:51
RT @TheAtulMishra: Stay strong CDS Rawat. Prayers of 1.4 Billion People are with you. 🙏🙏🙏
08-12-2021 12:50
RT @alok_bhatt: In keeping with the sentiments of people he deleted the tweet, and in keeping with the sentiment of the same people @Baljit…
08-12-2021 12:47
RT @bhartendu2206: u r a curse on this nation, the force u served , 3rd rate person
08-12-2021 12:47
RT @Valprajj: Every retired armymen tweeting such should be stripped off their pensions. https://t.co/ubw0MFQol8
08-12-2021 12:47
@Lawlust1 @ythodge @BBTheorist @_SiddharthNayak When did the Supreme Court become a private firm?
08-12-2021 12:46
RT @BBTheorist: Slated to become the Chief Justice of India in November 2022, Justice DY Chandrachud, a Deshastha Rigvedi Brahmin, is the s…
08-12-2021 12:44
RT @AndColorPockeT: Batao ase bsdwalo ke haath me bhi desh ki suraksha ki jimmedari thi, https://t.co/BjgSUY706x
08-12-2021 12:44
RT @surnell: This @rwac48 was an AH was beyond doubt from Day 1. Here is just a confirmation https://t.co/fdMeTZykeX
08-12-2021 12:43
RT @alok_bhatt: The gang that never liked him for the mandate he was working on and the work he was doing- no wonder they all are on one pa…
08-12-2021 12:43
RT @Atithigva: Bacha bazi
08-12-2021 12:43
RT @harishbpuri: Liberals, please shed a tear for Paratrooper Gautam Lal too. Showing restraint, he did not fire at the person charging at…
08-12-2021 12:42
RT @maisooru: Absolute lowlife. https://t.co/mkVeQGjsIN
08-12-2021 12:42
RT @NarenMenon1: That the Japanese occupation of China drained the strength of the Kuomintang making it easy for the CCP to take over after…
08-12-2021 12:41
RT @BrownMisanthrop: @BaljitBakshi .. It was Intentional Bakshi.... Kisi aur ko jaake Chutiya bana
08-12-2021 12:39
RT @skininthegame19: @BaljitBakshi https://t.co/oWC9jjqzC8
08-12-2021 12:39
RT @bhaiyafromup: @BaljitBakshi Sir ek kaam kro , ap0l0gy ka pr!nt out leke , r0ll bana lo , aage pata hai aapko ki kya krna hai
08-12-2021 12:39
RT @urbanmonnk: @BaljitBakshi given your whole timeline, one wouldn’t be too surprised if it was intentional
08-12-2021 12:38
RT @notawokedesi: @BaljitBakshi Never forget, never forgive. https://t.co/hCv9O2jwGV
08-12-2021 12:38
RT @surajchopde313: @adgpi @DefenceMinIndia ,@rajnathsingh @NorthernComd_IA @ChinarcorpsIA @majorgauravarya @MajorPoonia
08-12-2021 12:34
RT @vibhavarms: माँ भारती के किसी सपूत का रोम भी दुखे तो लबारपंथियों की प्रसन्नता छिपाए नहीं छिपती… https://t.co/ZRAu6LzAaN
08-12-2021 12:34
RT @iSaakshi: @alok_bhatt @adgpi There are many such retired men spewing venom day in and out on the CDS
08-12-2021 12:34
RT @Neeraj_179: @alok_bhatt @adgpi Order Departmental Proceeding and stop his pension & other benefits.
08-12-2021 12:34
RT @alok_bhatt: FOE at what cost @adgpi -how difficult it is to hunt him down the street ! https://t.co/AdkBUJOTbr
08-12-2021 12:33
RT @sharmarohitraj: https://t.co/uo57yhLdS6 What happened to librus being happy about upcoming coal shortage ..
08-12-2021 12:32
RT @rightistankita: They laughed at Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s death,they laughed at Rohit Sardana’s death. Today they are laughing at the acci…
08-12-2021 12:29
RT @KanchanGupta: Anybody who adds up the cost of the promises being made by this conjurer of fokatiya politics would know that it’s way mo…
08-12-2021 12:29
RT @FrustIndian: Almost 100% Consistency. Reactions on NDTV's news report about CDS #BipinRawat https://t.co/s494QaRp9e
08-12-2021 12:29
RT @Telegraph: President Emmanuel Macron of France warned the European Commission against dabbling in woke "nonsense" https://t.co/qOAW5uJF…
08-12-2021 12:28
RT @proaudience: If the SOPs were observed and the helicopter being used was among the safest in the world for flying people, then what cou…
08-12-2021 12:28
RT @_TibetanGirl_: @MeghBulletin ChivChena backstabbed Marathas by joining Congress and NCP. Balsaheb Thackeray ji never wanted his family…
08-12-2021 12:26
RT @Hungrynfool: Marathas, Cholas, Wodeyars, Vijayanagaras, et al. can all take a hike. They will not be recognized. 🤦‍♂️
08-12-2021 12:25
@arya_amsha The first Japanese warships in their navy were built in England under British instructors first and the… https://t.co/MTLpRg6M8F
08-12-2021 12:24
RT @iMac_too: Of course, this rule doesn't apply to ecosystem henchman @pbhushan1
08-12-2021 12:06
RT @alok_bhatt: Prayers for safety of Gen Rawat and all his Co-travellers on board MI17!
08-12-2021 12:05
RT @Newsbox_India: CDS Bipin Rawat is reportedly safe and is being taken to hospital. #Bipinrawat
08-12-2021 12:05
RT @ShefVaidya: Praying for CDS Bipin Rawat ji and the other passengers injured in the chopper crash in TN.
08-12-2021 12:05
RT @TheSkandar: CDS Bipin Rawat rescued from crash site, he has burn injuries and shifted to hospital for treatment. Wishing him a speedy…
08-12-2021 12:05
RT @vikrams09: "500 year Buddhist rule" -that's a new one. Bauddha Dharma is a branch of Hindu Dharma, don't confuse wt neo-Buddhism of Amb…
08-12-2021 12:04
RT @swati_gs: Beginners, please read this :) https://t.co/JJ69nRMube
08-12-2021 12:00
RT @swati_gs: If you wish to know about the subject through anecdotes and stories, this :) https://t.co/Jx7qppEJkO
08-12-2021 12:00
RT @kshetragnya: Twitter’s decision to replace CEO Jack Dorsey with Parag Agrawal was finalized more than a year ago, cementing activist in…
08-12-2021 11:53
RT @auldtimer: Isn’t it getting tiresome for us Indians to become overly excited every time a person of Indian origin attains distinction i…
08-12-2021 11:49
RT @Manik_M_Jolly: How does asking someone to be decent and respectful towards fellow veteran become ‘ tell that to your political master’…
08-12-2021 11:49
RT @iAnkurSingh: Dhruv Rathee Lied.. edited out the Abuses, joke on Hindus burning to give clean chit to Munawar Faruqui. Why didn't he sh…
08-12-2021 11:49
RT @greatbong: 90s kids know that as the LK Advani. https://t.co/5tVz3hvCyR
08-12-2021 11:48
RT @Atithigva: 😥
08-12-2021 11:47
RT @maisooru: May the mahAkAla protect! 🙏🏽
08-12-2021 11:47
RT @vadakkus: The Moscow Metro opened 7 new stations yesterday. All are on the Line 11. The stations designs are mind blowing and as grand…
08-12-2021 11:46
RT @naren_kumar06: USA citizen @svaradarajan in service of USA https://t.co/YNPHuvMjl1
08-12-2021 11:45
RT @GemsOfBollywood: "My son is an a******. He makes collage of me kissing around nipple of a man. Ha ha ha" Choose your role models wisely
08-12-2021 11:44
RT @AbhinavAgarwal: See this: "Leading car brands in the United States in 2020, based on vehicle sales" Three of the top five brands (51% o…
08-12-2021 11:37
RT @AbhinavAgarwal: Ford was unable to compete in India. Neither was GM. Neither has been able to compete with Japanese and German models e…
08-12-2021 11:37
RT @jaTAdhArI_: “Devi Prasad Mishra” 🤡
08-12-2021 11:36
RT @Raghav1M: @kavishala Aise kavi ko protection nahi.. Peechwade pe laat padni chahiye.
08-12-2021 11:36
RT @gauravcsawant: IAF confirms CDS Gen Bipin Rawat was on board the IAF Mi 17 V 5 helicopter that crashed. Information also is that there…
08-12-2021 11:35
RT @AgentSaffron: @KarikadaiBoy @by2kaafi more than popularity.. He's one the very miniscule few whose work was groundbreaking and produced…
08-12-2021 11:34
RT @divya_16_: A duly elected PM who was born poor should not be given benefits that the State confers on him. But Sonia and her pups shoul…
08-12-2021 09:49
RT @shallakaul: After watching this ,do we have a right to lament about anything in life https://t.co/Aak6gygHDa
08-12-2021 09:40
@jaTAdhArI_ Hindu scholars can get emotional and that's perhaps the weak point. Europeans hold their emotions in ch… https://t.co/GkyYEfJncK
08-12-2021 09:39
@jaTAdhArI_ I've read that entire discussion thread. I don't get how so many believe AIT/AMT/OIT can be ever divorc… https://t.co/Ys2Lidt6Rm
08-12-2021 09:37
RT @jaTAdhArI_: This is the new breed of brown sepoys in Western hoomanities departments. Unlike the other outright Hindu-haters, this one…
08-12-2021 09:26
RT @zeneraalstuff: @DhritSrutavan @Spirit_Hindutva Reservations are here to stay. What would have made them unnecessary are universal high-…
08-12-2021 09:24
@bushidoseppuku @zeneraalstuff You need to come down from that high perch. I'm GC too. Many like me who will remain… https://t.co/y6hL9iYc2y
08-12-2021 09:00
RT @zeneraalstuff: @Spirit_Hindutva Those who use reservations to escape Indian Republic will also demand reservations in their new home. L…
08-12-2021 08:56
@SinaYanka @zeneraalstuff Very small place.
08-12-2021 08:55