TP (@TamAlmighty300) — gleeful
People in Florida say food slap and that’s why y’all will never be ass good as Cali
24-02-2021 06:33
RT @BabyScoop_: You got it = I disagree with everything you just said but I dont feel like arguing
24-02-2021 04:37
I want a bitch to show me off like she show off her bag of seafood boil
24-02-2021 04:15
RT @lijdabarbarian: Sideshow city my dude
24-02-2021 03:41
All money In THC
23-02-2021 09:45
Keep moving until I see improvement and there is always room for that
23-02-2021 09:44
Swear to god I didnt stick him up my gun robbed him
22-02-2021 23:48
I miss going to Oakland just for tacos
22-02-2021 21:15
I love my life
22-02-2021 03:19
If you don’t like it we can hit bout it !
22-02-2021 02:30
RT @sexwright_: 😭😭😭😭😭😭
22-02-2021 02:09
RT @IceBerg305: When you connected to serious people you have to be fuckin serious
22-02-2021 01:02
RT @brythax: @SixBrownChicks Wait until they learn you can put a fire inside of an igloo
22-02-2021 00:27
RT @HighOffMemories: Lol I don’t stop at stores if I see a police car out front
22-02-2021 00:25
RT @melanatedho: After a certain age ion care about yo sad story. Shit my story was sad too, either u mold or fold
22-02-2021 00:14
RT @YackkGarcia: u a nobody what u sayin dont matter she spend time w me then go to u right after
21-02-2021 23:18
RT @_Hazpilicueta: Best not tell this guy any secrets
21-02-2021 15:03
RT @22NDWAYS: Niggas granny invented the 🚂
21-02-2021 15:03
RT @sexwright_: Shorties get some liquor in them and get dumb bitch syndrome 🥴
21-02-2021 15:02
I’m such a boiiii
21-02-2021 12:53
RT @IceBerg305: They been telling me I’m looking older like they was expecting me to just die Lol
20-02-2021 15:39
Opportunity and Preparation when they meet it’s nice
20-02-2021 13:38
RT @4EJMurda: ask yo boyfriend to read a book out loud to you 😭😭 i want u bitches to see sum
20-02-2021 13:26
I’m on my shit so I get favors difference between me and you
20-02-2021 13:01
I want 100k in all dubs fuck being humble
20-02-2021 06:15
RT @22NDWAYS: Being Selfish will get you nowhere with me ...... ever
20-02-2021 04:12
RT @IamMRMOSELY: 😭😭😭😭😭😭 on god
20-02-2021 02:26
Before the EDD y’all was 🤦🏻‍♂️
19-02-2021 21:38
Roll sumn and just breathe
19-02-2021 11:07
RT @YackkGarcia:
19-02-2021 06:30
@YackkGarcia Too hard
19-02-2021 06:30
RT @N30NGENESIS: Pussy be warm af😩. And Females have the nerve to ask “WHY YOU BUS SO QUICK 💦”? What happens when you put a hot dog in the…
19-02-2021 06:05
RT @IceBerg305: Thankful for Florida .
19-02-2021 06:04
Bruh these weed naps be fucking me up
19-02-2021 05:37
Crazy how far I’ve come and I’m still going 🍊
18-02-2021 11:10
On my momma anywhere I smoke in public “aye bro you got a wood ??!?!” Like who tf 😂
18-02-2021 10:51
RT @richoffmackinn: That’s what happens when yo house only 3 dollars
18-02-2021 09:40
I be posted w a wood and a brew I’m that man on the moon
18-02-2021 09:40
I know the truth
18-02-2021 04:12
@gaston_anthony Hurry up and hop on warzone
18-02-2021 04:10
RT @ceraliza: I love being Alone, I hate feeling's a difference
18-02-2021 04:10
I can’t remember the last time someone asked if I was straight shit even if someone did ask they still ain’t gonna do shit
18-02-2021 04:10
Been drinking on water with this weed no Hennessy or Blacks
17-02-2021 17:17
Please don’t come round me if your energy wack
17-02-2021 17:09
RT @RAZO97X: New song up on all my platforms 💕 go find that before I post the links so you can say you was early
17-02-2021 13:23
RT @KoolsamB: Niggas stressed out I’m in between celebrating and being left out
17-02-2021 13:13
I see why y’all love to be a dawg
17-02-2021 03:09
RT @NationTruckin: Fuck 😳😳
16-02-2021 21:10
RT @Flashyasf: I’m disrespectful as hell if you bring it outta me😂.
16-02-2021 21:09
RT @1DJFirstClass: 3 Years Ago Today, Nipsey Hussle Released His Debut & Final Studio Album ‘Victory Lap’ 🏁🕊
16-02-2021 21:08
RT @MoFromTheN0rth: “Lori Harvey got this for Valentine’s Day so I’m not settling for less”- a shordy who does not look like Lori Harvey
16-02-2021 20:30
RT @Pacino13_: let’s ... bread ... this get
16-02-2021 19:32
RT @22NDWAYS: 🙍🏿‍♂️she beats me for no reason & always claiming she’s tired when I ask for a Blow n Go ...🥺H E L P
16-02-2021 18:03
RT @Ohh_itsLEEK: How we in a pandemic, a winter storm, a power outage, and the servers down ? That’s like getting hit with 4 Draws 4s 😂😂🤣
16-02-2021 17:29
RT @donutssarah: Guys I just got in this Uber and ????
16-02-2021 17:25
RT @SmoovJ1: Glad ya posted ya Bfs yesterday now ya 8ths 100$
16-02-2021 02:19
God didn’t want me to be in a relationship he wanted me to be a pinche perro
15-02-2021 22:17
RT @HungLowJoe05: Lmao San Antonio can’t have nothing nice 🤣
15-02-2021 22:12
RT @22NDWAYS: Lol hellla salt 🧂 on my TL on 2-14-21
15-02-2021 22:11
RT @YackkGarcia: literally me 🤣🤣
15-02-2021 19:16
RT @misterkobee: I’d rather be single than be in this type of relationship LMFAO
15-02-2021 18:40
RT @PeaceGawdPayne: How females be feeling when u stop cuddling them and roll over
15-02-2021 16:22
Yea I’m still doing wrong and yeah I still pick up the phone
15-02-2021 15:48
Y’all be posting this shit and it be making sense the way I be acting
15-02-2021 09:18
I can’t wait to live the life I always talked about
15-02-2021 09:01
Yeah I’m not even gonna cap like I could’ve made someone’s daughter happy today
15-02-2021 07:11
RT @JAKYRICK: I dont like unnecessary stress.
15-02-2021 06:25
RT @nelsonn_x33: she posted a mirror selfie in a hotel... i'm sick 😭😭
15-02-2021 06:25
RT @Flashyasf: if i knew what i know now, i would’ve took a different route.
14-02-2021 21:29
RT @LarryJuneTFM: You are not a product of your past... we gotta keep going 💪🏽
14-02-2021 17:43
RT @LarryJuneTFM: Work ethic wins the game.
14-02-2021 17:43
That no more parties in LA a banger no cappp😂 @coi_leray
14-02-2021 12:29
This my destiny fuck everyone who went left on me
13-02-2021 18:54
RT @IceBerg305: I go hard with no audience
13-02-2021 17:50
RT @Almighty_JP:
13-02-2021 09:25
Major L
13-02-2021 00:04
RT @sexwright_: Peace and love
12-02-2021 03:03
RT @LarryJuneTFM: Don’t let negative people break you down. GO HARDER.
12-02-2021 03:01
One thing bout me if I see someone asking for money outside a food establishment ima make sure they get a lil sumn to eat
12-02-2021 02:10
It was destined like this had to get a check cause I ain’t stressin off shit
12-02-2021 01:56
We still gon fuck but can we do all that first 🥰
12-02-2021 01:21
RT @CHICKLET_HF: This how you keep a healthy relationship
10-02-2021 19:40
RT @james__looney: Bout my paper like a mf scratch and win!
10-02-2021 08:39
I miss the bay
10-02-2021 08:37
RT @KoolsamB: I would never have high expectations for anyone . People are real disappointment , they barely can live up to the little pote…
10-02-2021 08:36
RT @BigKevyoubitch: There’s no way 😂😂😂 they on shit
10-02-2021 08:36
Can you tell me who you do it for
10-02-2021 08:35
RT @22NDWAYS: Daily
09-02-2021 16:58
RT @aRiEL2432: Man is a 🐐
09-02-2021 16:31
RT @MVKDRE: deeply in love with my alone time
09-02-2021 16:18
RT @IceBerg305: Shoutout to the bosses keeping the business alive
09-02-2021 16:18
He said “who do you think you are ??? I AM HIIIM”😂😂😂
09-02-2021 15:21
RT @h8jax: Always sex.... like why can’t you turn into a chef and whip me up sum food
09-02-2021 05:57
I just seen Pooh shiesty and lingo and the runtz gang in tampa
09-02-2021 01:06
This shit is not as comfortable as y’all make it seem
08-02-2021 17:57
RT @im_BrienWalker: When a city has a year like Tampa has had ... Tampa becomes the capital of Florida I don’t make the rules
08-02-2021 17:46
RT @TTfue: I’m so fucking happy
08-02-2021 17:46
RT @LilBnerr: Im Always Workin Like a Machine💔
08-02-2021 16:20
RT @RyanClouserr: If this isn’t your 🐐... watch more football
08-02-2021 16:05
RT @Gresham2x: AB did everything wrong and became a champion this nigga living my dream
08-02-2021 16:04
I hate being out of my daily routine now I’m up no tree sober as fuck and my weedman sleep
08-02-2021 15:21
RT @solodeauxleaux: They don’t make white women like this no more. Not even at the surgeons.
08-02-2021 13:22
Title town
08-02-2021 07:33
Only in Oakland
07-02-2021 19:39
Tired of being tired
07-02-2021 19:36
Keep some eggs in your shoes and beat it! Bitch scramble
06-02-2021 17:54
RT @oopzallberryz: Niggas be scared of psychedelics because they scared of they own mind
06-02-2021 17:53
@NefThePharaoh 🎤🐐
06-02-2021 17:53
RT @gaston_anthony: I’m back asking for help to save my home, please retweet and help is possible. I’m sorry i have to ask again, but as yo…
04-02-2021 01:07
RT @gaston_anthony: the info is under the pictures when clicking read more, sorry the pictures only loaded on the top sadly .…
04-02-2021 01:07
I’m in my own lane so please don’t get in my way
03-02-2021 03:58
RT @Strip4Jon: My attendance was so bad teachers use to ask me you coming tomorrow? I might😭
01-02-2021 19:42
Did shit off the muscle never had to do no crime 📈
01-02-2021 17:36
RT @gencatttt: if your family hasn’t been affected by COVID you should really be thanking God
01-02-2021 04:40
RT @Flash15k: Where my Lebanese folkz at Im tryna get litty🤲🏿
01-02-2021 04:36
RT @ULTRAGLOSS: just realized i actually have to reply to people’s texts to form a relationship with them
01-02-2021 02:42
Being broke wasn’t the life for me
01-02-2021 01:03
I want my vision to be clear I went and bought some Cartier🎤
01-02-2021 00:35
RT @Flash15k: For all you “stay inside” ass goofys
01-02-2021 00:29
I’ve never felt road rage til I drove in Florida y’all mf retarded really special Ed idk who gave y’all L’s
31-01-2021 22:02
I just got fucked over by the leasing office but shit this what happens when you’re doing things all on you’re own…
31-01-2021 21:52
RT @spanishcvndy: alright i ate i need something sweet
31-01-2021 08:05
I don’t bang nothing but being healthy
31-01-2021 05:51
RT @IceBerg305: When I’m figuring shit I try to stay away from people . Being that I understand nobody has the answers , this a new world .…
31-01-2021 03:45
RT @IllInIllinois: @bratzxdesss He's just making sure you don't get dicknapped
31-01-2021 03:06
RT @bryan__925: Real nigga and I can’t change it
30-01-2021 23:50
One thing bout me I’m gone go get it
30-01-2021 23:49
Me to pop
29-01-2021 07:37
Lmfaooooo dude was tryna take his shoes 😂
28-01-2021 19:03
RT @lilyachty: So everybody a stockbroker now lmao
28-01-2021 18:45
RT @KoolsamB: If you make the journey enjoyable the destination is going to be heaven
28-01-2021 18:44
RT @WSBChairman: They have just rigged the market in plain sight, and they don’t even care that we know.
28-01-2021 18:42
Don’t ask me how I did it I just kept going believe in yourself that’s really all you got
28-01-2021 18:33
This time last year I was down on my dick, Now I got my own place own whip and a good career I’m really doing numbe…
28-01-2021 18:32
It’s a different feeling no cap
28-01-2021 17:33
Listen more than I speak
28-01-2021 17:27
RT @Joe77026304: They took our stimulus. We took their hedge funds. $GME, $AMC, $NOK, $BB.
28-01-2021 05:04
RT @stoolpresidente: Emergency Press Conference - The Suits Shut Down @wallstreetbets @WSBChairman My prediction is tomorrow will be interg…
28-01-2021 05:04
Lost 1000 times and bounced back 1001 times
28-01-2021 04:35
RT @Hii_frennn: I’m the laziest hardest worker, you’ll ever meet.
28-01-2021 03:36
RT @Maraculousness: The Stock Market when it saw who is making money off of them today
28-01-2021 03:35
I have recreated myself 📈
28-01-2021 03:16
RT @cuddieceez: Girl I’m still a kid gettin money like ur dad
28-01-2021 02:39
I agree with this but I promise you the world ain’t gonna wait for you ... Keep going Pimp
28-01-2021 02:34
Only if you knew the shit that I would think when I’m alone
28-01-2021 00:57
Yeah y’all can tell when I’m bored I be posting on my story hella 😂
26-01-2021 04:36
RT @DevInTheLab: U know what’s crazy...tomorrow it’ll be a year since Kobe passed....I don’t even ............Iono man...
26-01-2021 04:14
RT @IceBerg305: Everything and everybody round me gotta be powerful
26-01-2021 04:12
Stay in pace with your own progress 📈
26-01-2021 03:00
RT @_bariiii: I wish this made sense after playing 48 minutes of contact basketball
26-01-2021 01:45
RT @notcapnamerica: I JUST FELL THE F*CK OUT
26-01-2021 01:42
RT @Dr_Kingsley: Yup. True or not, that “blow up” theory gonna live with me forever lol
26-01-2021 01:39
My mentality
26-01-2021 01:03
RT @Money__Walks91: No such thing as a life that’s better than yours...
26-01-2021 00:44
RT @sho3m4r: I know nobody’s obligated to support me or show love cuz they know me, and trust me I don’t trip off stuff like that but it’s…
26-01-2021 00:34
26-01-2021 00:05
RT @cubafargo: Go follow my IG @ cubaiverson
25-01-2021 19:45
RT @JadoreSiwoh: Dating is for people who have their life together. You have no business dating if you’re fighting demons...and losing
25-01-2021 17:01
RT @sexwright_: 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
25-01-2021 16:36
I’m finna buy a 40 when I get off work that’s just how I feel
25-01-2021 08:11
21 21 21 and Tampa to the Bowl this year gonna be lit fasho
25-01-2021 08:08
RT @Sugar_ShaneM: Tampa, Florida. Sports Town, USA
25-01-2021 08:06
RT @_DJPicasso: Don’t forget y’all from St Pete...not Tampa. We ain’t forget
25-01-2021 08:04
RT @sexwright_: Stay off drugs kids
25-01-2021 08:03
I went to pick up my pizza from dominoes and when the dude walked up to my car to hand it over he was like “gawwd you smoking gasss”😂
25-01-2021 03:30
If I never got the chance to tell you I love you im tellin you now
25-01-2021 00:50
RT @BYCRIVERA: If you came this far, don’t do anything that’ll possibly have you fall back into square one.
25-01-2021 00:16
RT @lilyachty: Durk: his ass playin bitch I’m really icy Me screaming at my tv : 🗣🗣POOH SHIESTY DAS MY DAWG... BUT POOH U NO IM REALLY SHI…
24-01-2021 23:32
24-01-2021 23:13
RT @Shashankie: Unfortunately, people have a right to decline your love no matter how pure your intentions are. You are not what they want…
24-01-2021 21:24
The least you can do is put the key in the ignition, just gotta try and put the grind with it. Stay consistent
24-01-2021 19:25
24-01-2021 02:53
Turning 21 ina couple of days and I still got shit planned looks like it’s just gonna be another day
23-01-2021 13:51
RT @_Likybo: Somebody gotta take my phone 😂😂😂😂😂😂
23-01-2021 13:29
Seeing my lil nieces grow up I’m front my eyes gives me a whole different feeling 💛
23-01-2021 04:53
I wish I can visit you casey till then I’ll be smoking reminiscing
23-01-2021 04:01
On my momma the whole Warehouse be jumping and we be getting all the fucking work done 😂🦾📈
23-01-2021 02:35
RT @lilyachty: I promise dressing like this not gone make u no richer.. neither is “ dripping” in designer... that shit starts within. Mone…
23-01-2021 02:34
RT @lilpete: 😂😂😂 hell nah
23-01-2021 02:33
RT @LarryJuneTFM: You’re not broke. You might just be overcoming a cash flow issue. We gotta be careful with the words we use.
23-01-2021 02:32
RT @taystlykjb3: weed
23-01-2021 02:32
RIP to my Dawgs
23-01-2021 01:25
Who knew we would have to visit the grave for you 🤦🏻‍♂️
23-01-2021 01:25
Speaking to the skies 🕊
23-01-2021 01:19
Pull up on that dumb shit we love tha nonsense
22-01-2021 09:28
This get deeper than you think
21-01-2021 03:50
RT @DevInTheLab: If a player suffers from depression that can lead to ..something a lot more drastic...THEN everyone wants to be sensitive.…
21-01-2021 03:47
RT @codymac12701: You’ll lose alot of money chasing females but you’ll never lose females chasing money
21-01-2021 03:37
RT @cubafargo: Not every day is a good day. but every day is a day to get closer to God 🤞🏼
21-01-2021 02:15
This stock market shit is like gambling but hella calculated
21-01-2021 01:44
Ima be the first millionaire in my family tree
21-01-2021 00:28
And if she can’t do it another bitch will
20-01-2021 18:06
Had to get it out the mud I wasn’t born rich 🤧
20-01-2021 18:06
RT @lilkjay12: if we break up don’t use none of my lingo and delete all the songs i put you on
20-01-2021 11:25
RT @jonicakeating: loving every part of me @SavageXFenty
20-01-2021 08:08
RT @ohthatsNajee22: For the Bay❤️
20-01-2021 07:13
It’s on everybody’s top
20-01-2021 07:03
RT @22NDWAYS: Whatever comes with this life Bro I want it all
19-01-2021 17:31