Brian Killin (@Thepowerdresser) — Professor of Urban Design and Planning, artist, Master backyard rink builder, BA MES, Dad, Coach. All opinions are my own, with respect and dignity.
I love “following the science.” Cheers
08-12-2021 23:42
@stepville @cjp_still Please, look after your folks
08-12-2021 23:41
@BrucewMitchell You bet!
08-12-2021 23:37
Maybe my next painting subject…. Probably should be 12”x24 … just took the shot…
08-12-2021 22:58
“Nino’s on a Snow Day” 9”x12” board
08-12-2021 21:35
RT @CIP_ICU: . @CityofLdnOnt is seeking a Planner II. Visit for details. #PlanningJobs
08-12-2021 08:35
RT @EnvHamilton: Hey @cityofhamilton check it out - Portland's Residential Infill Project - 'is designed to increase the supply of housing…
08-12-2021 08:35
RT @alex_taranu: Interesting article, there is a lot to say about the importance of urban trees but ... OTOH according with @PeterWohlleben…
08-12-2021 05:57
RT @JoshLipnik: 1932 Art Deco apartment building in Gary, IN
08-12-2021 05:55
Why I love our #backyardrink…priceless #Toronto #hockey #Canada
08-12-2021 05:53
RT @extremetemps: Really extreme temperature difference today in Canada. From -44.6C in Saskatchewan to a max. of 18.3C in Nova Scotia. 12.…
08-12-2021 05:43
RT @artisthopper: Hotel Window, 1955 #americanart #edwardhopper
08-12-2021 02:36
A really nice before and after …
08-12-2021 02:33
RT @TheoMoudakis: Please enjoy my #vaccine cartoon for Wednesday's @TorontoStar #COVID19
08-12-2021 02:14
RT @Toon_Dreessen: @semaj_d It’s completely possible to do this. This photo is from the rebuilt St Catherine St. in Montreal; Long linear t…
07-12-2021 22:23
@midwestplanner Definitely all the appropriate utilities and infrastructure was placed prior to finishing paving an…
07-12-2021 22:20
RT @LeBrunJames81: Today in 1941, four hours after the attack on Pearl Harbor, the Royal Rifles of Canada and the Winnipeg Grenadiers, alon…
07-12-2021 18:00
“Snow day on Crawford Street” 11”x14” #Toronto
07-12-2021 14:20
RT @CanadaPaintings: North Shore, Lake Superior Lawren Harris 1926
07-12-2021 14:17
RT @createstreets: Create buildings worth reflecting. Five storeys. Nobody minds.
07-12-2021 14:17
RT @theoldbuilding: Streets of Prague.
07-12-2021 14:16
RT @urbanismxdesign: Announcing the 2021 Canadian Architect Award Winners Via @CdnArch
07-12-2021 11:54
RT @artisthopper: New York, New Haven and Hartford, 1931 #socialrealism #americanart
07-12-2021 09:55
RT @EdTubb: Toronto housing in a nutshell: The city approved a plan to convert this 17-unit Forest Hill apartment building into a pair of…
07-12-2021 09:52
RT @MilHistNow: On this day in 1941, 353 Japanese warplanes strike the U.S. Pacific Fleet anchored at #PearlHarbor, Hawaii. The raiders sin…
07-12-2021 09:03
RT @inhabitat: High-tech Infinitus Plaza by Zaha Hadid completed in China. What do you think?…
07-12-2021 03:33
RT @Toon_Dreessen: Of course there is. Of. Course.
07-12-2021 03:01
Something to think about as I give away antique armoires, chests of drawers and Chippendale dining room pieces that…
07-12-2021 02:10
RT @BrentToderian: Too often urban density & urban green are seen as a trade-off, a false choice. But creatively integrating green into urb…
07-12-2021 01:56
RT @berkie1: Bike delivery hauling 4-trees (at least) around Boston tonight 🌲 🚲 #treebybike
07-12-2021 01:11
@livingarchitect And be frightened as well! He was such a classic actor
07-12-2021 01:08
@Mikeggibbs Thanks for this Mike, hopefully 🙏 this is a trend
06-12-2021 17:33
RT @CP24: 17 COVID-19 cases identified on cruise ship now docked in New Orleans
06-12-2021 17:32
RT @Puglaas: On December 6, 1989—14 women were murdered at l’Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal. They died because they were women. 🕯 #Dec6 #W…
06-12-2021 17:29
A special type of “flex housing.”
06-12-2021 17:27
RT @Painting_Frank: Some more progress on the detailed layer of this large painting.
06-12-2021 16:39
RT @restot50: Edward Hopper
06-12-2021 16:30
RT @CPHO_Canada: Today’s #COVID19 in Canada info and updates: → #GOC website on #coronavirus disease:…
06-12-2021 16:19
RT @livingarchitect: Absolutely desolate ...
06-12-2021 09:50
RT @artistvasilyev: Return of the Herd, 1868 #vasilyev #realism
06-12-2021 06:14
Oh my!
06-12-2021 06:04
RT @Reuters: ICYMI: UK startup is planning to launch thermal and infrared imaging satellites into space to help monitor carbon emissions. S…
06-12-2021 06:03
@GouldenJonah Shoot out time… cheers
05-12-2021 05:59
RT @1sidewalkballet: From First Nations architects, a new vision for Northern housing. Subscribers ⁦@WillowFiddler⁩ ⁦@globeandmail⁩ https:…
05-12-2021 04:15
@ConsumerSOS I’m not sure how to process this. One aids his brother and faces consequences. Wondering how this may pan out…
05-12-2021 02:43
RT @WorldBollard: This could actually catch on. #WorldBollardAssociation @TonyHom33
05-12-2021 02:16
RT @TrentCapelli: I’ve lived in Canada for 52 years, in Toronto (now North America’s 4th largest city) for more than 30 years. I’ve never e…
05-12-2021 02:15
RT @mateosfo: Slight edit: "If city traffic engineers had won the battle against safe streets advocates, this man would be dead."
05-12-2021 02:14
This is disturbing and yet, probably more common than not..
05-12-2021 02:14
An interesting observation..
05-12-2021 02:13
Sittings on the sidewalks, in all types of weather. 9”x12” , sold. Have a wonderful Saturday night!
05-12-2021 01:23
RT @jodiemartinphd: I looked up how long Australia’s had 10 days paid sick leave after BC introduced 5 days and patted itself on the back:…
05-12-2021 01:15
RT @Reuters: Citing ancient Greeks, Pope Francis laments threats to democracy today
04-12-2021 16:38
RT @livingarchitect: Decades ago, the Donora smog disaster exposed the perils of dirty air via @NatGeo
04-12-2021 10:42
RT @RegionalStudies: With congratulations to Martin Jones [@SpatialityJones], more details on his book 'Cities and Regions in Crisis', here…
04-12-2021 07:06
RT @PamKeithFL: For every person who insists that we can’t prosecute a former president without devolving into civil war, may I ask if th…
04-12-2021 06:48
RT @NCFST: We'll celebrate this year's #WinterSolstice through music; featuring talented Indigenous artist James Wilson. Join us in this Zo…
04-12-2021 06:05
@50buts Beautiful
04-12-2021 06:03
RT @WhiteHouse: This year, for the first time, we’re bringing the White House Holiday decorations to you, so you can take a virtual tour fr…
04-12-2021 05:43
The horror!
04-12-2021 05:38
@kellyfairchild2 Oh no! We lost our guy this March. Condolences
04-12-2021 05:37
@meg_inthecity So sorry for your loss
04-12-2021 05:34
@mssinenomine Have a nice evening
04-12-2021 05:07
@akgerber Wow! Happy holidays!
04-12-2021 05:06
@alex_taranu @Toon_Dreessen Iconic inspiration! Cheers
04-12-2021 05:03
@Toon_Dreessen @alex_taranu Oh my goodness! I just had an idea for a mid rise design!
04-12-2021 04:55
@alex_taranu @Toon_Dreessen I enjoy the “meet” part, but Shirley will entertain having more veggies…😉
04-12-2021 03:37
@walterkirn @JasonSzegedi One is curious whence this incuriosity originated ?
04-12-2021 03:33
@RobinMazumder Yes sir! 🧣 and toque, etc..
04-12-2021 03:31
@LeBrunJames81 None of the five sons ( my dad and uncles) that served in the second war served in the army subsequ…
03-12-2021 23:55
RT @OLearyJames: There is a 15.1% difference in pay between men and women in higher education. #PayGaps. This is why we are on strike. #uc…
03-12-2021 23:52
Real “Best Practices!”
03-12-2021 23:24
One can only dream of walking or cycling to work!
03-12-2021 23:23
RT @NanaimoCommons: Encore.
03-12-2021 23:22
RT @theoldbuilding: The streets of Bath.
03-12-2021 23:21
@LeBrunJames81 SPR had a lot of impact on our family simply because of the loss of our four great uncles in the fir…
03-12-2021 23:19
RT @Thepowerdresser: DYK, that a painting that one might have worked on for 30 hours, such as this one, and sold for $430 would earn an ar…
03-12-2021 23:00
Indications of America’s “Escape from Freedom.”
03-12-2021 13:38
Academically speaking, Bravo!
03-12-2021 13:36
RT @mhdksafa: Do you hold the door open for the person behind you regardless of their sex, age, color, religion, appearance or ability to s…
03-12-2021 13:35
RT @sisleyalfred: Main Street in Argenteuil, 1872 #impressionism #sisley
03-12-2021 13:32
RT @Reuters_Health: COVID-19 vaccines made by Pfizer and Moderna that use mRNA technology provide the biggest boost to antibody levels when…
03-12-2021 13:30
RT @JordanRossMedia: The one thing I enjoy about being stuck in traffic while on a bus is I'm allowed to complain about traffic without peo…
03-12-2021 13:26
RT @cjhamblin: This @michaelwoodnz is another good reason why above grade is better. If I have to spend time going up and down something li…
03-12-2021 13:23
More from the theatre of the absurd!
03-12-2021 13:21
RT @CBCToronto: Modular housing project to open in Oshawa next month as Durham homeless numbers spike…
03-12-2021 13:11
RT @MaesJoachim: Urban trees🌳🌳🌲keep European cities, on average, 1.07 °C cooler ❄️during summer. Every 16% increase in tree cover adds 1 ad…
03-12-2021 13:06
The theatre of the absurd!
03-12-2021 13:05
Thinking about vernacular architecture and urban design, particularly apropos with the seasonal aesthetic
03-12-2021 13:00
RT @TO_Transport: The 2021 Cycling Network Plan Update has been released. Learn more about completed bikeway projects in 2019 & 2020, imple…
02-12-2021 17:54
RT @irarchaeology: The ruins of an early medieval house at Dunbeg, Dingle, Co. Kerry
02-12-2021 12:42
RT @bmdoucet: Hamilton’s decision to limit sprawl & build a denser city has the potential to make it a leader in inclusive & sustainable gr…
02-12-2021 10:13
RT @blogTO: Distillery District causes uproar over plan to turf 70 artists from their Toronto studios #Toronto #Dis…
02-12-2021 06:04
RT @jkwan_md: Let's take a moment to remember the 10,000 people in Ontario who died due to #COVID19. They will always be in our hearts.💔🙏🏻…
02-12-2021 05:49
RT @alexbozikovic: My take on downtown Toronto’s “East Harbour” district: a corporate anywheresville in the making…
02-12-2021 01:54
RT @APA_Planning: 🚨 2022 National Planning Conference call for proposals has been extended! Share your outlook with the planning community…
02-12-2021 01:54
DYK, that a painting that one might have worked on for 30 hours, such as this one, and sold for $430 would earn an…
02-12-2021 01:21
RT @LindaViking77: 🇳🇴Norwegian vandalism !!!
01-12-2021 22:29
RT @GYamey: How to prolong a pandemic—a guide for rich nations: 1️⃣ Hoard vaccines 2️⃣ With Pharma, block low & middle income countries (…
01-12-2021 15:26
RT @LanrickBennett: Gearing up for an early commute to work, I’m listening to Jennifer Allen on @metromorning & my X-mas wish is to have tr…
01-12-2021 15:25
On another note…
01-12-2021 15:21
RT @BBCWorld: Tel Aviv named as world's most expensive city to live in
01-12-2021 15:17
RT @pkbwood: Has anyone written about the parasitic business that is the “staging” of houses for sale in Toronto, and the role it has playe…
01-12-2021 15:16
RT @DanPriceSeattle: You notice how every other country with a higher minimum wage, stronger unions, regulations against corrupt employers,…
01-12-2021 15:04
RT @OPP_News: Is your vehicle ready for winter? Make sure to go through this checklist: ✅ install winter tires ✅ top up your washer fluid a…
01-12-2021 15:03
RT @CityLab: A conservation foundation in Costa Rica is trying to help the tree-dwelling mammals survive encroaching urbanization by buildi…
01-12-2021 11:57
RT @MarksLarks: Naturally coloured eggs showing the variations produced by different chicken breeds.
01-12-2021 11:57
RT @GeorgeMonbiot: This should be all over the front pages. The government's terminating our right to protest, through amendments sneaked i…
01-12-2021 11:48
RT @MarcDavenant: Lone protester, Cuban missile crisis, Whitehall, London in 1962 by Don McCullin. Under the government’s new law this man…
01-12-2021 11:43
01-12-2021 01:18
RT @YorkUnews: [email protected] PhD Candidate Mohsen Alavi says the findings of a @StudentMoveTO survey of some 18,500 post-secondary students sh…
01-12-2021 01:16
RT @livingarchitect: The urgent need to protect the Serengeti’s intricate web of life via @NatGeoMag
01-12-2021 01:02
RT @Thepowerdresser: This painting is a celebration of two lawyers of which I am very fond. #Toronto #Canadianartist #TTC #transit #QueenSt…
01-12-2021 00:41
RT @restot50: René François Xavier Prinet (1861-1946), Kreutzer Sonata
01-12-2021 00:27
RT @Thepowerdresser: Start of a snow day in #Toronto painting, 24”x30”… near Cedarvale, sold
30-11-2021 23:09
RT @LiorSteinberg: Over 200 people left their email in 5 hours. This is amazing! Hope to get it out very soon. I've also got an idea for a…
30-11-2021 16:43
RT @wright1000: Here’s what’s causing inflation in Canada | Canada's National Observer: News & Analysis
30-11-2021 16:41
RT @Limerick1914: At this point it is criminal negligence not to provide all health workers with FFP2 and N95 grade respiratory masks. htt…
30-11-2021 16:26
RT @helenmakesmaps: Penultimate day of the #30daymapchallenge! Who else needs a nap!? #day29 #null : Where is no one? The areas of the wo…
30-11-2021 16:25
RT @WCO_OMD: Customs&Police strike down on illegal wildlife and forestry crime in massive Operation Thunder 2021 ➡️…
30-11-2021 16:24
RT @ScottDuncanWX: The temperature contrast across Europe this morning was simply outrageous. 67°C difference between southern Greece 🇬🇷…
30-11-2021 16:23
RT @Kerry_Official: What else would you be doing on a stormy day in South Kerry?!!
30-11-2021 16:22
RT @globebusiness: Down on Main Street, has the pandemic created revitalization opportunities?
30-11-2021 16:03
Start of a snow day in #Toronto painting, 24”x30”… near Cedarvale, sold
30-11-2021 16:02
RT @ChiefPeggTFS: Have you ever met @TaraSlone? Tara will be hosting Friday night’s Turtle Project event in honour of Anne Marie D’Amico a…
30-11-2021 15:58
RT @drneilharris: Check out "The Future of Sustainable Placemaking" @EventbriteUK
30-11-2021 15:54
RT @Walk_TO: The City plows main street sidewalks, but only after a certain amount of snowfall. But it doesn't take a lot of snow to create…
30-11-2021 02:05
RT @NaomiAKlein: We are hiring a full time research manager for @UBC's new Centre for Climate Justice. Come work/build with us!
30-11-2021 01:55
RT @PaulMcCartney: Hard to believe that we lost George 20 years ago. I miss my friend so much. Love Paul.
29-11-2021 22:45
Bold measures are required during these times..
29-11-2021 22:18
The original…
29-11-2021 22:14
Always wanted one of these too! 16”x20”
29-11-2021 22:14
The original…
29-11-2021 22:04
I always loved this painting, so I painted myself a version… with artistic license, of course. 20”x24”
29-11-2021 22:04
RT @createstreets: We’ve had gherkins, walkie-talkies, tulips: now towers as USB sticks anyone? 😶😞 So many ways to create beautiful #Gentl…
29-11-2021 13:02
RT @createstreets: The Dutch do it so well. Creating greenery little & often. And ideally well-overlooked by windows & doors, as here. De…
29-11-2021 13:00
RT @JeffSpeckFAICP: This completely blows my mind. I studied arch. and arch history for nine years, two of them in Italy, and nobody ever t…
29-11-2021 11:54
RT @restot50: At the Louvre (1894). Étienne Azambre (French, 1859 -1935).
29-11-2021 11:51
RT @PlanningShit: On the Wonk!
29-11-2021 09:32
RT @JoshLipnik: Kaufmann & Wolf Department Store, one of the lost buildings of downtown Hammond
29-11-2021 06:04
RT @wrathofgnon: "Older housing costs less to maintain and occupy over the long-term life of the dwelling than more modern housing. Largely…
29-11-2021 06:03
@Marimaxllins Great idea! Just trying to set up for printing some of folks favourites for sale. Cheers
29-11-2021 00:24
So many avenues, main streets and boulevards in #Toronto present airspace opportunities for housing, office and oth…
28-11-2021 20:38
After the Snowstorm on St. Clair W, painting 12”x24” @_TheRushton , #Toronto #RangeRover #TTC
28-11-2021 20:33
RT @TrafficServices: See snow? Remember to drive slowly. Many winter collisions happen because drivers are going too fast in dangerous road…
28-11-2021 17:12
RT @MichaelsteinNy: Interest in civil #engineering jobs is soaring. Happy to hear that! #schlaichbergermann #sbp h…
28-11-2021 16:46
RT @TheStephenRalph: Good Morning Everyone. 😊 Feathered creatures enjoy playing just was much as furry creatures or human creatures even wh…
28-11-2021 13:33
RT @theoldbuilding: Good morning from Stamford. Wonderful mixed buildings of High Street St Martin’s. #stamford
28-11-2021 13:19
RT @PKashwan: Billionaires hurt economic growth and should be taxed out of existence, says bestselling French economist #Inequality #Fossil…
28-11-2021 13:17
RT @EllueTravel: I'm with Don on this!
28-11-2021 13:13
RT @BBCPolitics: "If we have to make a brand new vaccine, that's going to be early 2022" in terms of when it's available, says Paul Burton,…
28-11-2021 13:08
RT @createstreets: Create corners with pubs on
28-11-2021 11:06
RT @BrentToderian: The only thing better for showing what’s possible thru urban transformation than before-&-after photos… before-&-after v…
28-11-2021 10:34
RT @ericvery: Also, I think it's obvious that a large version of the painting must be installed on the side 659 Yonge. If this does not h…
28-11-2021 04:14
When it snows on Roncesvalles! 12”x16”. Have a great Saturday nite!
28-11-2021 02:18
RT @JackDeTate: Wanda drops the mic on this year's hurricane season.
27-11-2021 14:04
Seriously, one last painting.“Shinny,” 20”x24” … why one may love winter. Sorry sold
27-11-2021 03:05
Snow day in the neighbourhood!
27-11-2021 02:45
A painting just for snow day in Hillcrest, sorry sold. #Toronto
27-11-2021 02:42
RT @JoannaLavoie: JUST IN: Downtown #Toronto Out of the Cold program could be forced to shut down if money, support runs out; Twice-weekly…
26-11-2021 23:15
@Craig_A_Spencer It kinda makes one not a fan of globalization and government austerity…
26-11-2021 23:12
RT @alexbozikovic: Toronto moves to end single-family zoning. This is big. #topoli #toronto #urbanism
26-11-2021 23:09
An urban snow painting for shopping on this Friday. 9”x12”, cheers.
26-11-2021 23:04
@dmrider This reporting borders on the bizarre… btw, there’s a great cookware sale of Lagostina @CanadianTire cheers
26-11-2021 21:06
More info at …
26-11-2021 21:01
Following the Science with regard to the threat of variants of Covid 19….
26-11-2021 21:00
@JHUPress @PeterHotez Thank you
26-11-2021 20:51
RT @JHUPress: States have already endorsed widespread use of Pfizer, and Moderna boosters after the FDA's approval for vaccinated adults.…
26-11-2021 20:51
“Snow in the Woodlot” painting 9”x12”, near Phelpston, Ontario. Yep, it’s snowing here today!
26-11-2021 16:03
@iSlutsky Thanks
26-11-2021 15:57
@iSlutsky It has been difficult during Covid. My last show was at The Rushton, March 2020
26-11-2021 15:45
@iSlutsky Actually, yes, most recently
26-11-2021 15:42
RT @grescoe: "Siri, show me how messed up food-consumption, commuting, and land use have become on the North American continent in the 21st…
26-11-2021 15:39
RT @MariekeWalsh: Contradictory spending, slow pace trouble Trudeau government’s emissions-reduction plans, Environment Commissioner says.…
25-11-2021 22:58
@lloydalter @Toon_Dreessen @CBCAdrianH Bringing back memories..
25-11-2021 22:47
@shaunabrail We see so little in the discussion about Neighbourhood transition, empty nesters, extended families li…
25-11-2021 22:08
This sounds very interesting …
25-11-2021 20:07
“Cedarvale After a Storm”. 10”x14” painting by me, some folks just love a good snow day!
25-11-2021 19:59
RT @restorm: RECONOMICS: Atlanta Artists Find a Home in a Rehabilitated School Building. from National Trust for Historic Preservation. htt…
25-11-2021 19:55
RT @1sidewalkballet:
25-11-2021 19:54
RT @TO_Cycling: College St is one of the busiest corridors for cycling in Toronto, with over 6,800 trips/day in the summer & 2,500 trips/da…
25-11-2021 19:48
RT @TO_Cycling: ...the existing roadway design and consider changes that will improve safety, including adding physical separation to the e…
25-11-2021 19:48
RT @cityoftoronto: The clocks are back one hour, which means reduced visibility and fewer daylight hours during the evening commute. Whethe…
25-11-2021 19:41
RT @hockey_samurai: Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends! I hope that you have much to be thankful for and that you are spending i…
25-11-2021 17:51
RT @QAGreenways: I wonder if this is what tram heaven looks like. #Sevilla
25-11-2021 15:02
RT @anneramsey740: Please @GliderBelfast @Translink_NI can you train the drivers not to overtake cyclists approaching a bus stop. This driv…
25-11-2021 14:57
RT @bmdoucet: Average home costs are up 30 per cent since before the pandemic, a spike CHMC links to speculative investors /via @globeandma…
25-11-2021 14:56
When I was wee and Davenport had a streetcar line. 12”x16” Painting by @Thepowerdresser
24-11-2021 22:56
RT @blogTO: Huge new development in Mississauga will have the longest pier on Lake Ontario #LakeOntario #Mississauga
24-11-2021 22:52
@FPWellman Black mould is also quite toxic
24-11-2021 22:51
24-11-2021 20:45
RT @SouthsideReleaf: A map of tree cover in any city in the U.S. is too often a map of race and income. Trees are critical infrastructure t…
24-11-2021 20:40
RT @bmdoucet: Please read this article before uncritically advocating for ‘build build build’. There’s also a lot of scholarly research th…
24-11-2021 19:51
RT @HoussamElokda: Wow wow wow
24-11-2021 09:53
@Sulu1980 Very traumatic as well!
24-11-2021 03:13
I was in grade three in Miss Danforth’s class when we heard the news over the school intercom.
24-11-2021 02:29
Those of us alive at that time will not forget where we were when we heard of this horrible happening.
24-11-2021 02:28
RT @EngineerDustin: Don’t know who needs to see this, but this is who we should be designing for. The rest will take care of itself. #8to80…
24-11-2021 02:25
@oaarchitects @Toon_Dreessen Absolutely… including Planning interns, coop etc…
24-11-2021 02:20
News & Insights - OAA President Calls for Fair Treatment for Architecture Interns and Students
24-11-2021 02:15