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RT @richreadalot: Good morning all...been up since 5am but didn't want to disturb your well-deserved lie-ins! #teacher5oclockclub @PaulGarv…
04-07-2020 15:16
@LukeCHale @VerandaThought My kids got me into community - u can buy Abed's t-shirts that he wears! I like the dino…
04-07-2020 12:53
@LukeCHale @VerandaThought I did 5 reports then a This is us episode... I am done with reports and nearly done with the season 🙈
04-07-2020 10:53
03-07-2020 19:20
RT @Place2Be: We've teamed up with @BAFTA Kids for our latest Art Room project: River to Sea. This project will support children to cope wi…
03-07-2020 18:23
RT @MindCharity: Our research with over 16,000 people has shown that prioritising mental health has never been more important. New mental h…
03-07-2020 18:17
RT @DorsetLibraries: Children's mental health matters. Place2Be have a range of assembly and class activity ideas to promote emotional well…
03-07-2020 18:17
03-07-2020 18:09
@TJGriffiths @DisneyPlusUK @Lin_Manuel @HamiltonMusical @HamiltonWestEnd First time joining in but can't resist Ham…
03-07-2020 08:53
02-07-2020 19:37
RT @EYTalking: Friday tomorrow means chat day with me Juls and Aaron. Looking forward to hearing from you! #EYTalking, #EYShare #EYMatters…
02-07-2020 19:33
@SDRHarrison @deputygrocott Sounds great! I am going write a very basic curriculum overview for MHWB in school and…
01-07-2020 16:37
@Miss_H_NQT Happy to share - EY is my happy place!
01-07-2020 09:06
Find some new friends... 😊
01-07-2020 08:59
@deputygrocott Good morning all! EY Lead, finishing up MA in school mental health and wellbeing! #FFBWednesday Coun…
01-07-2020 08:59
@Toriaclaire @deputygrocott Thank you @Toriaclaire, my class calendar has 31 on, no wonder I don't know what day it is!
01-07-2020 08:51
@Toriaclaire One of our parents brought them in for everyone! So kind ❤️
30-06-2020 09:03
How to grow pln... And your voice.. 😊
30-06-2020 09:01
@Toriaclaire Good Morning! EY Lead, passionate about wellbeing in school, trying to balance bubble life with planni…
30-06-2020 08:57
@SVazEdu @Toriaclaire @early_miss @EYFS_TfW_Guru @EYEearlyEd @EyfsMagicBegins They love (& need routines) - but als…
30-06-2020 08:49
@katrina_berry2 Thank you! I love playdough ideas!
28-06-2020 14:26
RT @EdRoundtables: #AttitudeofGratitude “Gratitude is the ability to experience life as a gift. It liberates us from the prison of self-pre…
28-06-2020 08:59
@EdRoundtables Good morning - grateful for friends, family and new episodes of "This is us" on Prime…
28-06-2020 08:58
@mrlockyer Daughter got one for England, but was on lockdown in Scotland, so they let her off! Should have started…
27-06-2020 21:23
@ambrose_l @clcsimon @TeacherPaul1978 @richreadalot @NexusEdUK @MrPat3l @Missymusician81 @MrHtheteacher…
27-06-2020 15:21
Thinking of everyone suffering 🙏❤️
27-06-2020 14:56
@fidsta77 @TeacherPaul1978 @clcsimon @teacher_mr_r @thegiddyteacher @richreadalot @NexusEdUK @MrPat3l…
27-06-2020 13:18
@LukeCHale @MrHtheteacher @fidsta77 @TeacherPaul1978 @richreadalot @NexusEdUK @MrPat3l @Missymusician81…
27-06-2020 12:21
@richreadalot @TeacherPaul1978 @NexusEdUK @MrPat3l @Missymusician81 @MrHtheteacher @chrisparkhouse @teacher_mr_r…
27-06-2020 12:15
@NexusEdUK @richreadalot @MrPat3l @Missymusician81 @TeacherPaul1978 @MrHtheteacher @chrisparkhouse @teacher_mr_r…
27-06-2020 12:14
@richreadalot @TeacherPaul1978 @NexusEdUK @MrPat3l @Missymusician81 @MrHtheteacher @chrisparkhouse @teacher_mr_r…
27-06-2020 12:13
@MrPat3l @TeacherPaul1978 @Missymusician81 @MrHtheteacher @chrisparkhouse @richreadalot @teacher_mr_r @LukeCHale…
27-06-2020 11:48
@FrankiLopezzz @deputygrocott He doesn't seem to get to the point much...
27-06-2020 11:43
@deputygrocott Where was the pencil advice? With the table advice?
27-06-2020 11:43
@MrHtheteacher @MrPat3l @chrisparkhouse @TeacherPaul1978 @richreadalot @teacher_mr_r @Missymusician81 @LukeCHale…
27-06-2020 11:29
@MrPat3l @TeacherPaul1978 @Missymusician81 @MrHtheteacher @chrisparkhouse @richreadalot @teacher_mr_r @LukeCHale…
27-06-2020 11:26
@MrPat3l @TeacherPaul1978 @Missymusician81 @MrHtheteacher @chrisparkhouse @richreadalot @teacher_mr_r @LukeCHale…
27-06-2020 11:25
I love books! 😍😊📚
27-06-2020 09:31
@MissHeadOfScho1 @GavinWilliamson @PaulGarvey4 Who is advising this guy??
27-06-2020 09:25
@MrPat3l @MrHtheteacher @chrisparkhouse @TeacherPaul1978 @richreadalot @teacher_mr_r @Missymusician81 @LukeCHale…
27-06-2020 09:21
@bennewmark Hamilton 1) My Shot 2) Yorktown 3) What'd I miss? 4) Book of Mormon Turn it off 5) Lion King They live…
27-06-2020 09:20
@MrHtheteacher @chrisparkhouse @TeacherPaul1978 @richreadalot @teacher_mr_r @Missymusician81 @LukeCHale @clcsimon…
26-06-2020 23:38
@chrisparkhouse @MrHtheteacher @TeacherPaul1978 @richreadalot @teacher_mr_r @Missymusician81 @LukeCHale @clcsimon…
26-06-2020 23:25
@StarraEducation @YourMindWell Good--stay safe!
26-06-2020 19:32
@StarraEducation @YourMindWell You OK Joanne - not near city centre at the minute are you?
26-06-2020 19:17
@WELL4educators @LukeCHale @MrHtheteacher @clcsimon @AshED_PD @TsuiAllen @Carcher_PD @amylouwelsh @MmeButterfly123…
26-06-2020 19:16
@richreadalot @Missymusician81 @StarraEducation @LukeCHale @MrHtheteacher @clcsimon @AshED_PD @TsuiAllen…
26-06-2020 19:10
@Missymusician81 @richreadalot @LukeCHale @MrHtheteacher @clcsimon @AshED_PD @TsuiAllen @Carcher_PD @amylouwelsh…
26-06-2020 18:57
@LukeCHale @MrHtheteacher @clcsimon @AshED_PD @TsuiAllen @Carcher_PD @amylouwelsh @MmeButterfly123 @TJGriffiths…
26-06-2020 18:01
@MrsSmanwar We have had a number of thankful parents! One sent in an afternoon tea and flowers for everyone and one…
25-06-2020 19:15
RT @MrsSmanwar: If you are a parent &your school has done all that they can(probably all of them!)please take a minute to write an email to…
25-06-2020 19:13
@OSaunders92 @E326Abey We do birthday months... Have a great one for as long as you decide to celebrate! 🎉🎂🍰🍩🍾🍷🥂🥃
25-06-2020 18:41
This looks great - I will check in when my bubble goes home 🙂
25-06-2020 18:35
@MrD_evolveyou @chris_larke @jazampawfarr Good morning! Hot already here in Teesside - week 2 of EY bubbling 😊 has…
25-06-2020 08:55
@emmccatt We have just done the Tees Valley Virtual S hool games- some great challenges.
24-06-2020 18:17
@cosydirect @MrsAEYFS @ABCDoes
24-06-2020 08:11
RT @cosydirect: 💚 Flash Giveaway! 💚 We have a copy of @ABCDoes new book to give away to one lucky winner. To be in with a chance... ☀️ Fo…
24-06-2020 07:59
Love it - thought provoking ♥️
23-06-2020 22:58
RT @ty_goddard: Great line-up of speakers & panellists at #DevelopingDigital @IanHabs @independenthead @AlisonMPeacock @urban_teacher @Ka81…
23-06-2020 22:51
Good morning - time to connect! #TinyVoiceTuesdayUnites
23-06-2020 08:46
22-06-2020 21:09
RT @JPBrown5: Did you know this?? 😮 @coursera is providing access to several courses that you previously had to pay for certificates--but…
21-06-2020 22:17
@MrsOleary1814 @MrD_evolveyou Good ideas here! I will be smiling as the weather will be good too!
21-06-2020 22:08
@early_miss I did it this week (first week back) got little pots off amazon. The children loved it - we did countin…
21-06-2020 19:54
@spark1ing_sugar Yes please get a rescue - there will be loads due to kitten season.
21-06-2020 09:59
@DrRLofthouse @teachwellall @bbceducation I think schools should be able to choose what suits the school best.
21-06-2020 09:49
@9teaNinePercent @Toriaclaire @wordpressdotcom A fantastic first blog! ❤️
21-06-2020 09:28
RT @9teaNinePercent: A first for me - blogging. A blog I read yesterday made me want to share my experiences - memories I thought were dead…
21-06-2020 09:27
RT @SchoolMHealth: Our new online Mental Health and Wellbeing Lead Governor programme launches next week. For more information e: [email protected]
20-06-2020 22:51
RT @Toriaclaire: #DailyWritingChallenge: Diversity How could I - a white, heterosexual, middle-aged woman - discuss diversity? The question…
20-06-2020 22:33
RT @TPositiveTC: Free downloads! Please share! We have made these for our TPTC Community! We bought a license for our 8 planner designs so…
20-06-2020 20:51
20-06-2020 15:03
RT @stokesynic: I’m starting a pact. It’s called #ignoreteacherbashing DO NOT share, comment, or give the time of day to anyone so poorly…
19-06-2020 08:51
This looks amazing!
18-06-2020 10:48
@ArticuLaight @primary_geog That sounds interesting - I am originally from California. The history and change in Or…
18-06-2020 08:55
RT @SarahCombe: T H A N K F U L • T H U R S D A Y Finish the sentence and spread some positivity through thankfulness... I am T H A N K F…
18-06-2020 08:50
@SarahCombe I am thankful for my family/friends/cats. #ThankfulThursday #Thankful 🐱 Have a good day!
18-06-2020 08:49
@MrTs_NQTs I like this too, but do they keep it or wear it for the day?
18-06-2020 08:42
@MissSEYFS 13 reasons why
17-06-2020 23:30
@EPInsight @ClairMunton @DrTinarae @beyondbehaviour @marymered @MarkGoodwin8 @_LisaCherry @EpsSouthend @gdmorewood…
17-06-2020 23:29
@ClairMunton @TheOther16Hours Welcome! Some great people to follow: @OSaunders92 @WELL4educators @YourMindWell…
17-06-2020 23:20
@Mr_K_Teacher Versatile - can use for counting, number bonds, part model, doubling, halving, number recognition/mat…
17-06-2020 21:40
@KindnessCoach_ @deputygrocott Thank you for your kindness 🙂
17-06-2020 19:24
@Amazing_Schs @deputygrocott Love it - I will pass the ideas on to my other colleagues! 😊
17-06-2020 19:23
@Amazing_Schs @deputygrocott Super! Thanks!
17-06-2020 14:39
@whatSFSaid Absolutely agree!
17-06-2020 08:59
@MrsAEYFS @deputygrocott Love ur seascapes!
17-06-2020 08:58
RT @deputygrocott: It’s #FFBWednesday time again! Let’s make those connections and build up our support network! It works best by pressing…
17-06-2020 08:57
@deputygrocott Good morning! We call today Wellbeing Wednesday in school! What will you be doing today for your own…
17-06-2020 08:57
RT @LTRBookChain: 𝗪𝐡𝐨𝐬𝐞 𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐲 𝐭𝐨 𝐣𝐨𝐢𝐧 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐜𝐡𝐚𝐢𝐧?⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣To start us off we’ve got 8 fantastic books for you. Please find blurbs for each boo…
16-06-2020 19:02
@LTRBookChain Queenie and/or Antagonists please! Thank you 😌
16-06-2020 19:02
RT @UofGVC: I wrote this because of the strange way in which the media characterises universities as being ‘closed’. We have never been clo…
16-06-2020 18:55
RT @Toriaclaire: Welcome to #TinyVoiceTuesdayUnites. To be part of it: - Like this tweet & retweet it - Reply to my tweet by introducing y…
16-06-2020 08:59
@Toriaclaire Good morning @Toriaclaire and everyone! EY Lead, Bubble A, second day with 5 from my reception class t…
16-06-2020 08:59
@Booky_Lillz We moved from 2 Simple to Tapestry purely because it was cheaper. We observe the children and interact…
16-06-2020 08:53
RT @Toriaclaire: Guess what tomorrow is? Yes it it Tuesday and that means two things #TinyVoiceTuesday & #TinyVoiceTuesdayUnites If you st…
15-06-2020 23:15
@MrsAEYFS @PaulGarvey4 U too!
15-06-2020 09:12
@MrsAEYFS @PaulGarvey4 Good morning! First day back with my EY bubble! Let's go Bubble A!
15-06-2020 08:57
RT @Toriaclaire: Okay - I am seriously being 10% braver now!!!!!
13-06-2020 14:30
@amandamdavey 😂
13-06-2020 13:35
@emmccatt Does anyone have a shopping face mask (for everyday) and their special face mask (like Sunday best)? just…
13-06-2020 13:29
@emmccatt They pop their head out to see if there are any treats going on in the kitchen and if it's worth coming down the stairs! 😂😊🐱
13-06-2020 11:16
RT @ZoeParamour: Who likes FREE BOOKS? To celebrate publication week/our marriage surviving writing a book together, we're giving away a co…
13-06-2020 11:08
@KeithMaxwell21 @Toriaclaire So people need to DM their email?
13-06-2020 10:38
@AJMagicMessage These look amazing! What do you think @Le4nd490?
13-06-2020 10:34
So good for EY classrooms!
13-06-2020 10:25
@WRDmag Yes we are thanks! Take care!
13-06-2020 10:21
@WRDmag thank you for the magazines! They keyworker children loved them!
13-06-2020 10:17
@KeithMaxwell21 Hi Keith If you tag @Toriaclaire for #TinyVoiceTuesday the #TVTTagTeam can help.
13-06-2020 10:15
@emmccatt Have good weekend!
12-06-2020 23:19
11-06-2020 22:32
RT @lancsearlyyears: New EYFS- Supporting schools in planning an enabling environment on their return to the classroom during COVID 19 @Whi…
11-06-2020 08:56
10-06-2020 19:31
RT @clcsimon: Please join us for #NT2tEU tonight where we will be discussing the 6 Ws of Twitter! @DavidPollardIRL
10-06-2020 19:02
@wishesandstars Following because of cats 🐱🐈❤️
10-06-2020 18:59
@Miss_Mills44 @mini_lebowski I have done hot seating with EY children after modelling of course - great for languag…
10-06-2020 18:55
@FrankiLopezzz @NAHTnews I don't understand - I thought we are not paid for summer?!
10-06-2020 10:00
@jnfrlinsdell Happy to help.
10-06-2020 09:44
@deputygrocott @EduFuturists Good morning @deputygrocott and all, getting ready for our wider reopening! EY Lead -…
10-06-2020 09:15
@littlewishes @SwailesRuth @Toriaclaire @mini_lebowski @MissSEYFS @missycrobs @MrHtheteacher @MrsAEYFS…
09-06-2020 21:15
@littlewishes @SwailesRuth @Toriaclaire @mini_lebowski @MissSEYFS @missycrobs @MrHtheteacher @MrsAEYFS…
09-06-2020 21:08
@PaulineStirlin3 @Toriaclaire @Schools_British Beautiful doggie!
09-06-2020 20:39
@StarraEducation 😂 Yeah there's that - we got lucky when we stayed a week but yes dear daughter says it is rarely sunny 🌞
09-06-2020 19:51
@MistrEff Love!
09-06-2020 19:37
@Toriaclaire Sweet!
09-06-2020 19:13
@StarraEducation She is studying at Uni of Glasgow - Human Physiology - but lives and works there - we love it there 😊
09-06-2020 19:11
@KyrstieStubbs Love it!
09-06-2020 18:28
@alfiepeters4 I would look at the website to see if you can find planning, curriculum maps or schemes used - it could help. 🤞
09-06-2020 18:27
@RussInCheshire Thank you for helping me keep up to date - can't keep track of the shambles!
09-06-2020 18:24
@RussInCheshire 😂
09-06-2020 18:14
@StarraEducation I wish - soon... Daughter already studying/living in Glasgow... 😊🤞
09-06-2020 18:11
@whatSFSaid @jojojo90 @Toriaclaire I sure will! She is called Trixie - her mum (Bella) also a rescue looks grumpy b…
09-06-2020 18:08
@StarraEducation I wish I lived in Scotland...
09-06-2020 15:20
@jojojo90 @Toriaclaire @whatSFSaid Yes she does! 😊
09-06-2020 09:35
Time to connect! #TinyVoiceTuesdayUnites
09-06-2020 09:08
@Toriaclaire Good morning Toria! Thank you for all you have done on here to help me feel more connected. EY Lead, M…
09-06-2020 09:07
@EdRoundtables Love this! Today I am grateful for sunshine, feeling more relaxed about my bubble and family. ☀️#attitudeofgratitude
09-06-2020 09:00
So exciting, get ready! @Le4nd490
08-06-2020 19:57
This is fab! @DepHead_Jones
08-06-2020 19:51
RT @RachJayneParky: My gorgeous friend @OSaunders92 And her friend Josh have set up this book chain " Let's talk Racism " It's on #instag…
08-06-2020 19:08
@d_a_ellison Me too--the first one where Ellie and Alan see the dinosaurs for the first time and John Williams score... 🦕🦖♥️
08-06-2020 18:01
RT @OSaunders92: What are you this morning? I am this 👇🏾💞 Be you this week (and every week actually), don’t ever apologise for it and have…
08-06-2020 09:56
@OSaunders92 Good morning! Have a lovely day! 😊
08-06-2020 09:56
08-06-2020 08:45
RT @lucy_welzel: Question for teachers: Are you familiar with the Special Educational Need Meares-Irlen Syndrome (sometimes known as Scotop…
07-06-2020 22:25
@lynnecaulhotma1 @chrisdysonHT Me too.
07-06-2020 19:52
@Miss_Mills44 @MrBoothY6 @MrTs_NQTs @Callum_SEND @Missworcester05 This is my new favourite!
07-06-2020 12:39
RT @AlwynFJH: Do any schools/libraries need more books by black authors on their shelves? Tweet me if so and I'd love to help send some cop…
07-06-2020 12:19
@AlwynFJH Yes please, if any left!
07-06-2020 12:18
@MrD_evolveyou Coffee and pancakes are good for this! ☕🥞 Hope things improve!
07-06-2020 12:16
This looks great!
07-06-2020 11:25
@MrHodgeTeaches It was so good, incredible story...
07-06-2020 11:12
@SENDISaundersRE Little Mermaid and Fantasia
06-06-2020 23:35
Ooh, this sounds amazing!
06-06-2020 22:50
Omg- this is something to aspire to... 😊
06-06-2020 17:23
@EducationThrive It sure does seem that way...
06-06-2020 16:21
This is such a great way to meet new people - I have learned so much, gotten so many ideas and had some great chats…
06-06-2020 16:20
@amandamdavey @MrHtheteacher @ICTEvangelist @Toriaclaire @LSignedStories @clcsimon @AshED_PD @TsuiAllen @Carcher_PD…
06-06-2020 14:34
Love these @Le4nd490 ❤️
06-06-2020 11:12
@teacher_mr_r @TJGriffiths @ambrose_l @sphoenix78 @MrHtheteacher @wishesandstars @ms_manak @grahamandre…
06-06-2020 11:07
@OSaunders92 Have a great weekend! My self care will be reading my book - what is yours? 📚❤️
06-06-2020 10:57
@TsuiAllen @clcsimon U r welcome - u can send me ur best buy too! 😊
06-06-2020 10:54
@stokesynic U enjoy whatever u choose to do today 😊
06-06-2020 10:53
@stokesynic Happy Saturday! I am going to try NOT to work and read my book with my little mate. #caturday
06-06-2020 10:28
@mini_lebowski @EarlyImpact1 Thank you ❤️
06-06-2020 10:20
@amandamdavey @MrHtheteacher @ICTEvangelist @Toriaclaire @LSignedStories @clcsimon @AshED_PD @TsuiAllen @Carcher_PD…
06-06-2020 10:15
Very good advice for EY bubbles ❤️
06-06-2020 10:07
@mini_lebowski @EarlyImpact1 Which book is this? Thanks for all the info and ideas - we are not back yet.
06-06-2020 10:06
RT @jojojo90: Updating our book band tracking info. Does anyone have current info matching BBs & phonic stage, and which BB children should…
05-06-2020 22:23
RT @MrHtheteacher: 1. Are there any authors out there who might fancy judging a writing competition for our wonderful children at @grove_ro…
05-06-2020 22:22
@amandamdavey @MrHtheteacher @ICTEvangelist @Toriaclaire @LSignedStories @clcsimon @AshED_PD @TsuiAllen @Carcher_PD…
05-06-2020 20:30
@amandamdavey @MrHtheteacher @ICTEvangelist @Toriaclaire @LSignedStories @clcsimon @AshED_PD @TsuiAllen @Carcher_PD…
05-06-2020 20:28
@amandamdavey @MrHtheteacher @ICTEvangelist @Toriaclaire @LSignedStories @clcsimon @AshED_PD @TsuiAllen @Carcher_PD…
05-06-2020 20:26
@Chickpea8A @deputygrocott There is @YoungMindsUK that has tons of resources - personally I like to read and watch…
05-06-2020 20:23
@Chickpea8A @deputygrocott Hi I think many people are feeling this way and people with anxiety have it worse becaus…
05-06-2020 20:20
RT @OSaunders92: Fantastic resource #BlackLivesMatter #blackedutwitter #EducationMatters
05-06-2020 19:46
@MisterFirth Already happening! A group of people are tasked with establishing the U.S. Space Force... @SteveCarell 🤣🚀
05-06-2020 19:42
@amandamdavey @MrHtheteacher @ICTEvangelist @Toriaclaire @LSignedStories @clcsimon @AshED_PD @TsuiAllen @Carcher_PD…
05-06-2020 17:59
RT @aini_butt: Which 3 words can you see? Reply below.
05-06-2020 17:17
@ParveenKaswan Connect, change, alignment
05-06-2020 17:17
@MrHodgeTeaches No but read all The Dark Tower Series - always blown away by @StephenKing been reading him since I was ten 🙈
05-06-2020 14:44
@ICTEvangelist @clcsimon @Toriaclaire @LSignedStories @AshED_PD @TsuiAllen @Carcher_PD @amylouwelsh…
05-06-2020 13:23
@MissKingsley85 @Sue_Cowley Have you seen this? Can find the original tweet - but saved it, I like rain before rain…
05-06-2020 13:10
RT @clcsimon: OK, it's that time again! You know the drill, like and retweet this tweet then tag upto 10 people to follow. This week's reco…
05-06-2020 11:38
@clcsimon @AshED_PD @TsuiAllen @Carcher_PD @amylouwelsh @MmeButterfly123 @TJGriffiths @h_allen28 @ershivanand…
05-06-2020 11:38
@Toriaclaire @LSignedStories @clcsimon @AshED_PD @TsuiAllen @Carcher_PD @amylouwelsh @MmeButterfly123 @TJGriffiths…
05-06-2020 11:22
oh - this sounds good!
05-06-2020 11:02
@SarahCombe @heyamberrae Have a lovely Friday and weekend!
05-06-2020 09:01
@Toriaclaire @grahamandre @TJGriffiths @ambrose_l @d_a_ellison @oozogg @mini_lebowski @MrsAEYFS @DepHead_Jones…
05-06-2020 08:44
RT @OSaunders92: 𝐋𝐞𝐭’𝐬 𝐭𝐚𝐥𝐤 𝐫𝐚𝐜𝐢𝐬𝐦. Read what is below👇🏾. Ways you can get involved: - Request a book from collection and pass it on -…
04-06-2020 21:03
@MrD_evolveyou Good morning! Yes we are #TTstrongertogether Here is our "Gratitude Tree" made with keyworker childr…
04-06-2020 09:45
Excellent! More to reflect on and books to buy, you might appreciate this @d_a_ellison #BlackLivesMatter…
04-06-2020 09:15
RT @ljhill85: I’m really excited about being a guest on this webinar with such an incredible wealth of knowledge. I will be spending most…
03-06-2020 20:39
RT @antisocialbritt: Teacher in me had to do this.. CHILDREN’S BOOKS THAT DISCUSS RACE & RACISM THREAD:
03-06-2020 18:07
@StarraEducation Nearly brushed but hair cut is bad
03-06-2020 14:26
03-06-2020 14:26
Reflecting on what I can do differently. #BlackLivesMatter
03-06-2020 10:12
@deputygrocott Good morning, in school today, no wider opening yet. EY Lead, wellbeing lead, new IT lead September…
03-06-2020 09:53
@MrHtheteacher @deputygrocott Happy Birthday! 🎉🎂😊
03-06-2020 09:25
RT @Misterbodd: As educators we need to make sure that not only do children see themselves represented in the books they read. We also need…
02-06-2020 21:17