goldengaytim (@TimMannering) — full time homo
04-07-2020 10:20
@macleanbrendan Ãccęñtś ïs hård
04-07-2020 07:55
@abcnews @joewilliams_tew Appalling
04-07-2020 04:47
RT @deanevangeliou: YVIE!!!
04-07-2020 04:41
Apparently there are no queer actors
04-07-2020 04:41
RT @emily_murnane: The queen is tethered to my belly inside of a cage. Poetry.
04-07-2020 04:36
Yaass physics
04-07-2020 04:35
RT @tfswebb: the sydney medical facility baboon escape happened on 26 february 2020
03-07-2020 09:20
@andrewrdn463 @NeCWe @RealMarkLatham Why did you like and retweet your own tweet?
03-07-2020 09:17
@andrewrdn463 @NeCWe @RealMarkLatham I've never been worried about it babe. Pls don't @ me anymore. I literally do…
03-07-2020 08:34
@andrewrdn463 @NeCWe @RealMarkLatham Could I suggest you do the same. I sure hope you've never had a hair cut, sha…
03-07-2020 08:32
@andrewrdn463 @NeCWe @RealMarkLatham No but it sure will be one hell of a journey 🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈
03-07-2020 08:20
@margotxmargot Mine makes a really nice table placemat
03-07-2020 05:19
@andrewrdn463 @NeCWe @RealMarkLatham My parents literally planned my ceremony and I don't even have a boyfriend yet.
03-07-2020 05:16
03-07-2020 05:13
lets up our starting price though we're worth more
03-07-2020 05:06
@ChromaticaGov @johnnyware
03-07-2020 05:05
RT @TevinJC: Since you all were so nice to me today, you can have this know, as a treat.
02-07-2020 03:40
@nicheholas This thread needs to be dramatised for historic record keepsake
02-07-2020 03:38
@MoreblessingMa I wish SOMETHING like this would happen to me so I could do a viral twitter
02-07-2020 03:36
Y'all thought Tati breaking her silence was tea? Think again
01-07-2020 12:47
@samueldevonport Born and raised
01-07-2020 12:46
@missmirandatap Just finished watching!! Loved it
01-07-2020 12:36
@samueldevonport My version of sag is not this
01-07-2020 12:30
We love
01-07-2020 03:49
@amymaiden I truly hope they are run by mygov also
01-07-2020 02:58
@ThomasEsmore @gumballgoof @bespinfatigues The Phantom Menace
01-07-2020 02:54
@amymaiden Hmm this looks like cyber attack, because the website is normally really good and works all the time with no issues.
01-07-2020 02:53
RT @Raymartin55: The dole. Ffs ‘Dole bludgers. The hundreds of thousands of lazy buggers who sponge off us’... yeah? Australia doesn’t d…
30-06-2020 09:40
@RobbyClapham Dubai 2005-2012
30-06-2020 08:50
@RobbyClapham My live laugh love sign is pride themed 😅
30-06-2020 08:49
@RobbyClapham Mine started when I moved once I started living here again. There are so many things I would love to…
30-06-2020 08:47
@DrewLawDesign JUST COME OUT
30-06-2020 08:42
@RobbyClapham I won't accept they also had these blue-tacked to their walls.. because I absolutely did(n't)
30-06-2020 08:40
@RobbyClapham I will not confirm, rather strongly deny accusations, that for a number of years I had the flag hung above my bed.
30-06-2020 08:37
@RobbyClapham So this used to be me... then I grew up, and threw out the flag
30-06-2020 08:31
@amymaiden @trixiemattel You heard it here first
30-06-2020 05:47
@amymaiden @trixiemattel MUM WHERE IS MY EASY BAKE OVEN?!?
30-06-2020 05:42
RT @mrbenjaminlaw: Things we could all normalise saying to make Twitter a better place: • “Sorry, I fucked up and I apologise.” • “I cou…
30-06-2020 05:30
@PatrickLenton ✔️Twinkesque boys doing the same dances in every corner of their houses. ✔️Cute queer couples being…
29-06-2020 06:22
RT @DanielMonks: 🏳️‍⚧️Happy London Pride from your friendly neighbourhood G'daybled* 🏳️‍🌈 ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 *Gay, Disabled Australian
28-06-2020 09:32
Interviewer: is sexist and homophobic AG: let’s change the world Interviewer: yes, change AG: let’s start with y…
28-06-2020 02:24
RT @Briggs: The most powerful & iconic image in Australian Sport. This pic is everything. #ThankYouNicky!
27-06-2020 08:47
@redscribe Y
25-06-2020 05:12
@sbstryker In Australia we have the Ibis bird or more commonly called the Bin Chicken, and I, along with most Austr…
25-06-2020 05:11
RT @Christian_Zamo: When you don’t see Ryan Seacrest at the LGBTQ Community
25-06-2020 04:10
RT @itsbambibanks: Me this week
25-06-2020 04:09
RT @joeynolfi: arriving at the LGBTQ community
25-06-2020 04:09
RT @admtrrs: Bob Katter's weird rant about same-sex marriage and people getting torn to pieces by crocodiles but it's set to the Chromatica…
25-06-2020 04:05
RT @TomCBallard: Stop complaining ABC your job is easy just make great content with no money that everybody loves but that doesn’t compete…
24-06-2020 10:50
If you need me, I'll be at the LGBTQ community. Working hard and passionately to articulate everything I do
24-06-2020 06:25
RT @LeeDawsonPT: You’ll lipsync against one of the Werq The World cas- I mean.. a secret lipsync assassin.
23-06-2020 02:29
#TakeTheStage. Invest in Australia's creative future via @ChangeAUS
22-06-2020 13:28
RT @Anthony_Wiggle: To be fair , we had a better light show!
22-06-2020 06:45
RT @urdadssidepiece: Trump rally vs. Lizzie McGuire concert
22-06-2020 06:39
21-06-2020 13:30
RT @oz_f: Oh hell yeah, Andrew Bolt’s column tomorrow is about how @ms_michellelaw and I are “race hustlers”. I don’t know what that means…
21-06-2020 13:27
RT @kimho_au: RT if you would buy a digital subscription to see plays from theatres all around Australia in 2021
21-06-2020 05:31
@benjnielsen Maybe they’ll do the ABBA mega mix and there will be a glitch in the matrix where they all sing together
21-06-2020 02:45
@benjnielsen But what songs will they use
21-06-2020 02:40
So fucking help me god if this is true
19-06-2020 18:10
Mehreen for PM
19-06-2020 10:27
RT @PastPrainFor: Raising the price of art degrees isn’t gonna stop people from doing art degrees. It’s just gonna make sure art stays excl…
19-06-2020 08:06
RT @PatrickLenton: I mean honestly, just take a moment to consider the implications of this. "The research... shows there are very few pla…
19-06-2020 05:31
RT @SandraHive: Sandra Oh talking about racism in the industry (1999?). The way the interviewer tried to gaslight her and she was like NOPE…
19-06-2020 04:53
RT @MehreenFaruqi: If the Government closed the loopholes that let 1 in 3 major corporations pay no tax and stopped giving tax breaks to th…
19-06-2020 04:48
RT @vornietom: Homophobic jokes are still homophobic when you’re making them about conservatives 🙄🙄🙄
19-06-2020 04:45
RT @AndrewPStreet: Anyone shocked that the PM who knows nothing about Australia’s history is also dead keen on ensuring fewer people ever g…
19-06-2020 04:40
RT @JoshuaPotash: I love when they invite the wrong one on Fox.
19-06-2020 02:51
RT @Tegan_Writes: PM: “Australia doesn’t have a history of slavery” Education Minister, a week later: “history degrees now cost double”
19-06-2020 02:50
RT @PatrickLenton: Happy Pride to David Yost only, who played Billy the Blue Ranger, and who was homophobically bullied on the show until h…
17-06-2020 13:31
Can we consider getting rid of the current dinosaurs, the oldwhitepolitician-Rex before we reintroduce these?
17-06-2020 02:42
@PatrickLenton Tomato / tomato Potato / potato Pegging / sex
16-06-2020 10:13
@MoreblessingMa On the flip, I’ve never cared about stories that are ‘str8, white and able’
16-06-2020 10:07
@sarahinthesen8 YAS NEW AUSTRALIAN WORK.
15-06-2020 11:42
@lilyachty @MIStateGay Is this even a question?
15-06-2020 07:30
RT @local__celeb: i’m awake at 3 am and i just want everyone to know what gen z says about millennials on tiktok.....…
14-06-2020 14:54
14-06-2020 06:13
RT @marcuskelson: This is an actual economist.
13-06-2020 08:45
@Anteportas7 @sharileesebbo I think if you read Shari's tweet, it says "Pull down the statues, destroy the system…
13-06-2020 07:51
@RobbyClapham Ohh mine was a read
13-06-2020 07:45
Is this LG6?
13-06-2020 04:27
@StandAustralia If you didn't here for this, why would be standing un the statue of c**k the same night there was a…
13-06-2020 02:58
And with that, the graduating class of the @nswpolice is reminded to protect the statues over lives. I know it seem…
13-06-2020 02:33
13-06-2020 02:28
RT @mrbenjaminlaw: Oof, I could watch this Tiktok for the rest of my life, @SBSNews.
13-06-2020 01:58
RT @abc730: A group of traditional custodians in NSW is fighting the federal government to protect a number of scared sites, arguing they’r…
12-06-2020 10:00
@MoreblessingMa Can confirm, I am the people
12-06-2020 08:21
@MoreblessingMa Why use blasphemy when you can use racism..
12-06-2020 05:43
RT @quintabrunson: Arrest the cops who killed Breonna Taylor.
11-06-2020 10:39
RT @PPantsdown: Take 3 ! Adam Goodes mural, Foveaux St / Cnr Crown St Surry Hills ❤️💛🖤
11-06-2020 09:45
RT @nakkiahlui: If you’re so upset about the removal Chris Lilley because CENSORSHIP then be upset about the government threatening to fine…
11-06-2020 09:30
This is why representation matters
11-06-2020 08:40
@benjnielsen I can’t.. this isn’t.. a safety warning?
11-06-2020 07:05
Is he... you know... absolutely slaying a popular culture reference?
11-06-2020 05:12
@hughriminton Oop a popular culture reference
11-06-2020 05:10
RT @Carter_AndrewJ: Since JK Rowling has blocked any reply to this litany of half-truths and transphobic dogwhistles, I thought I'd catalog…
11-06-2020 02:26
👏🏼IN 👏🏼 THE 👏🏼 BIN 👏🏼
11-06-2020 02:16
RT @EmmaWatson: Trans people are who they say they are and deserve to live their lives without being constantly questioned or told they are…
11-06-2020 02:14
RT @TaylorRivera99: DID SHE FUCKIN STUTTER??? put some respeck on lizzo
10-06-2020 15:34
@coopesdetat defeated bangers and mash
10-06-2020 15:33
RT @SPSSS: ONLY Channel 7 could create a competitive TV show where 4/24 of the cast are POC, and eliminate 3 of them in the first 3 episode…
10-06-2020 14:17
J.K is gonna love this
10-06-2020 14:13
@AlkalineCapital @sharileesebbo @KenPressey @HBassols @QandA Justin read the room champ. What are you aiming to gai…
10-06-2020 14:11
@WerhnerS @ClareHennessyAU Ok champ.
10-06-2020 13:58
RT @alyagabriele: i was today years old when i found out “thou shall not use the lord’s name in vain” is meant for people who use religion…
10-06-2020 12:19
@TrentYeates Chrome..atica
10-06-2020 12:02
@TrentYeates Dad
10-06-2020 12:02
@TrentYeates Marry me
10-06-2020 12:01
RT @amymaiden: This has made my day
10-06-2020 11:59
RT @jackthefrograt: rt to scare jk rowling
10-06-2020 01:20
@cryptomaniacxxx @wolfxmobz1 Darl, this is an example of racism. “I stopped you because you’re a black male.”
10-06-2020 01:13
@ClareHennessyAU @WerhnerS Don’t ask me, I’m just a girl
09-06-2020 13:36
@WerhnerS @ClareHennessyAU Clare, apparently you’re an illiterate nincompoop. How on earth did you complete your masters in writing?
09-06-2020 12:55
@benjnielsen This is a satirical account ya?
09-06-2020 06:13
@ms_michellelaw Daniel Radcliffe as a trans ally is my new patronus
09-06-2020 06:08
Literally a conversation I had this morning about the actors needing to speak up.
09-06-2020 05:54
RT @NotTheTimCurry: I've finally decided to share why I turned down the role of Dumbledore. Buckle up because it's a long story...
08-06-2020 17:00
RT @QandA: Meyne Wyatt closes #QandA with a monologue from his play, City of Gold.
08-06-2020 16:48
@YveBlake @ms_michellelaw adding dude, bro, mate and dudebro
08-06-2020 16:42
RT @jvn: We just hate transphobia lady
08-06-2020 08:23
RT @axios: BREAKING: There are no known COVID-19 cases in New Zealand for the first time since the virus was first confirmed in the country…
08-06-2020 08:22
07-06-2020 05:52
@MattHancock Read the fucking room
02-06-2020 06:25
RT @courtneyact:
02-06-2020 06:20
@IvankaTrump Read the fucking room
02-06-2020 06:06
@MoreblessingMa I am.. I can't.. Is this..
02-06-2020 01:55
@benjnielsen I'm moving to SA for a brief moment because gyms here aren't open
02-06-2020 01:53
29-05-2020 07:41
I don’t love it
29-05-2020 03:21
@LokerCalvin @alibaabee @_KingWook Which government
29-05-2020 03:13
RT @shancalista: Racism will forever confuse me. Because what did we actually do for them to hate us this much? Idgi
29-05-2020 03:10
RT @zotdotcom: DEAR STRAIGHT PEOPLE, this weekend is huge for the gays, the finale of Drag Race and the new Gaga album. If they don’t answe…
29-05-2020 02:39
RT @_adamcarmody: My new poem - You: A Faggot Me: A Faguette The End
28-05-2020 13:54
RT @lilldannyy: This was way to powerful. Twitter has got to see this.
28-05-2020 13:50
@nicheholas Same
28-05-2020 07:32
RT @SchittsCreek: no one does acceptance speeches like Catherine O'Hara
28-05-2020 04:48
RT @myah_mr: Even white ppl are tired of Karens 😂
27-05-2020 13:44
RT @paulludwig: Straight guys love to run shirtless while wearing shorts that go below the knees.
27-05-2020 01:35
@meganwildthing I say boca seca, which translates from Spanish to dry mouth
26-05-2020 17:53
@JamesTavares_ Don’t you fucking forget
26-05-2020 02:11
26-05-2020 01:48
@danbeckstrand Raining on you since childhood
25-05-2020 02:01
RT @joelcreasey: THIS IS AMAZING !!!
24-05-2020 17:01
RT @KorraTate: me after expressing any kind of vulnerability with someone
24-05-2020 15:02
RT @GKuhlenschmidt: what is the purpose of a tattoo?
24-05-2020 05:41
RT @meganwildthing: Saying “don’t worry it’s just a bit I’m working on” after crying for half an hour is the highest form of comedy, right?
24-05-2020 05:39
@benjnielsen Pls
24-05-2020 04:25
RT @PPantsdown: Simple example of using non-binary pronouns
24-05-2020 03:16
@meganwildthing Two scissors for you this Scorpio season
23-05-2020 14:41
RT @BennyDRAMA7: Car choreo pt. 3 ft. #RAINONME 🌧🌧🌧 @ladygaga @ArianaGrande
23-05-2020 14:34
@meganwildthing Bae when’s your bday?
23-05-2020 14:34
@meganwildthing I think more
23-05-2020 14:20
23-05-2020 05:29
RT @mlchaelsun: i think we can all agree that kathleen from hi-5
23-05-2020 05:25
RT @Nick_LGrant: End of shift be like... #RainOnMe @ladygaga @ArianaGrande
23-05-2020 02:48
RT @PowerRangers: WE’RE READY #RainOnMe ⛈
23-05-2020 02:40
RT @TrentYeates: My heart can’t take it ✨
23-05-2020 02:33
RT @danbeckstrand: Rain On Me song & music video is a pop culture reset. The two biggest pop girls in the world. 😭
23-05-2020 02:33
RT @TrentYeates: Someone come revive me
23-05-2020 02:33
RT @thomasjohn86: My plans: 2020:
22-05-2020 18:13
@benjnielsen Willing to help eat
22-05-2020 08:00
RT @danjlevy: Give her the Emmy for this photo shoot alone?
22-05-2020 02:00
@johnnyware @ianolympio Gaaaah
21-05-2020 09:46
RT @MatthewBacker: My plans 2020
21-05-2020 06:31
RT @sbstryker: Lorde returning from hibernation ... Carly Rae Jepsen releasing Dedicated Side B ... Lady Gaga coming with a dance pop recor…
21-05-2020 04:23
RT @plastiquetiara: Here we viral again 🤦‍♀️
21-05-2020 04:19
RT @DireenHera: Why during sex is it ok to say "Yes daddy!" But people freak out if you scream "Correct, father!"?
21-05-2020 03:58
RT @drugproblem: My Plans 2020
20-05-2020 14:31
RT @JayBeeTadena: My plans 2020
20-05-2020 14:25
RT @nicheholas: Anyone who says “peanut paste” should be monitored by ASIO.
20-05-2020 14:24
My grandfather is wise (though not beyond his years because he’s old) however, we’re playing 500 and hea lost is th…
20-05-2020 13:40
20-05-2020 11:44
@danbeckstrand I’m so sorry this is happening 🧡
20-05-2020 08:22
RT @samttaggart: My Plans 2020
20-05-2020 01:53
RT @SchittsCreek: my plans: 2020:
20-05-2020 01:22
@colynelliott I wish I’d done it a) 10 years sooner B) never at all and just talked about the boys I liked
20-05-2020 01:21
RT @Laine_Mitchell: Me the entire time watching the #WatermelonSugar MV
19-05-2020 11:03
RT @PowerRangers: my plans 2020
19-05-2020 11:02
@KirstyWebeck I’ll chip in
19-05-2020 10:55
RT @urdadwayne: she ended straight white girls
19-05-2020 09:55
@incorrectdrag @johnnyware this thread
19-05-2020 09:54
Homos of the world, spice up your life
19-05-2020 04:00
@ebryxnt Yes
19-05-2020 01:49
RT @sbstryker: I mean this in the most homosexual way possible but I want Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande to murder me
19-05-2020 01:45
@ClareHennessyAU I’ll make you one too
19-05-2020 01:01
@laughjodie I'll have to make it for you! Not to toot my own horn but it's actualllllllllllllllly that good
18-05-2020 12:04
Apple Tarte Tatin Room for improvement. But still a freaking amazing first attempt. DM me for a snack
18-05-2020 09:58
@JamesTavares_ There were moment when she just stopped playing and was watching the performance. I scream
18-05-2020 05:58
@AllCharisma @MatthewBacker Happy Monday
18-05-2020 01:59
RT @toekneepraysick: the early 2000s “you’re gay now” starter pack:
18-05-2020 01:55
RT @CrystalMethyd: She’s a look queen. 💁‍♀️
17-05-2020 06:11
RT @JatneyWhitmo: Today is 30 years since WHO removed homosexuality from the Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems. Here i…
17-05-2020 05:19
@Laine_Mitchell Why am I the only one who can’t find it
16-05-2020 08:20
RT @nicheholas: Peter Dutton is trying to take asylum seekers’ phones away. These phones are a lifeline, and help hold Border Force account…
15-05-2020 02:47
@PatrickLenton Already 5 eps in
14-05-2020 10:10
14-05-2020 06:42
@170708_b Is he.. you know...
14-05-2020 06:41
@TheRealRickP @ me
14-05-2020 01:22
@benjnielsen Looooool I texted the same this an hour to my friends
13-05-2020 15:16