BJ is not my PM, I've never voted Tory :) (@Tinkerbell32112) — Very anti all animal experiments,shooting,hunting.Want people to have a decent home,food to eat & enough money for heating.Very anti tory/fibdem
@janwh_54 @DrAdrianHeald @jacqui703 I'm glad to hear you worked like that at DWP & others around you I knew someon…
24-01-2021 13:56
@elusiveman01 You're more than welcome flower :))
24-01-2021 13:51
@ShawnHades @TheresaSchroe14 @ThiaBallerina @ThinkRunPat @ThisFallen @ThisIsTheDawnin @Thistimeandrace…
24-01-2021 13:49
@Worthless_Film @Christi52075501 @HTC_ShelbieM I'm not following her anyway!
24-01-2021 13:33
RT @AJScattergood: After a full scale and politically motivated attack was launched today on firefighters and the FBU by Tory appointed ins…
24-01-2021 05:01
@grantshapps shouldn't resign he should be sacked Why isn't he being questioned by police for manslaughter?
24-01-2021 05:00
RT @GeraintDaviesMP: UK Minister provokes 500 Covid cases at DVLA Swansea as symptomatic told to work, vulnerable refused home-working, Cov…
24-01-2021 04:58
RT @HuntSabs: BREAKING: Grove and Rufford Hunt caught attempting to bolt a fox from an artificial fox earth back in December, just weeks af…
24-01-2021 04:45
RT @KernowSabs: C¥■!$
24-01-2021 04:44
RT @JohnOberg: This poor calf, raised for #veal, is forced to face all the elements. Including a blizzard. 💔 Farm animals are completely i…
24-01-2021 04:44
RT @JohnBlairMLA: Delighted with the response thus far on my proposed Bill to ban hunting of wild mammals with dogs, which includes the cru…
24-01-2021 04:43
@estrellasadie I believe you 😉🤣
24-01-2021 04:37
RT @ClarkeIanm: @vegannutrition1 @Tinkerbell32112 It's the owl neck that spooks me.
24-01-2021 04:36
RT @HopeForRonnie: HAPPY SATURDAY everyone 😃THANK YOU for being such amazing followers . Your comments spur me on each and every day .…
24-01-2021 04:35
RT @vegannutrition1: Omg.. I'll admit right now at 28 yrs old, oh goodness look at those legs!! 🤣😍🤣😍 #owls #legslegslegs #animallovers http…
24-01-2021 04:18
RT @vegannutrition1: Lemon balm has many benefits from being good for sleep, relaxation, helping digestion and even easing headaches and ot…
24-01-2021 04:18
RT @EstherThePig: Good morning, beautiful. #BreakfastInBed
24-01-2021 04:15
@estrellasadie 😱😱😱
24-01-2021 04:09
@Chrissy1b It's a pretty whiskers 😉❤️
24-01-2021 04:07
@Chrissy1b @Guitarista4 The look of horror is due to the fact it ever went on at all 👍🤣
24-01-2021 04:06
RT @PeterLewis55: To cheer everyone up as part of the @Britnatureguide #BirdsSeenIn2021 drive, here's a Jay going all Punk! @BTO_GBW @Natur…
24-01-2021 03:59
@simonmaginn @JezzabeauC LB is the bully, look at what she did to Marc Wadsworth 😡
24-01-2021 03:58
@Chrissy1b Night night, sweet dreams x
24-01-2021 03:57
@Chrissy1b @Guitarista4 lol
24-01-2021 03:54
@nearspaceman @estrellasadie How strange! Chickie G - wireless of course 🤣
24-01-2021 03:53
@ell12891774 Crumpets, that must have been some hangover - 3 bottles of asti 😱🤣
24-01-2021 03:51
@nearspaceman @estrellasadie Goodness that's a distance and a half - why do you keep the modem in the chicken shed?!! lolo
24-01-2021 03:48
@Chrissy1b @Guitarista4 Oh thank goodness 👍❤️
24-01-2021 03:47
@DrAdrianHeald @jacqui703 That's the DWP to a tee, they care nothing about a person who is dying - they are quite h…
24-01-2021 03:44
RT @DrAdrianHeald: I was talking with friends who took in a child temporarily as the mother is dying and the family is struggling, stage 4…
24-01-2021 03:42
@estrellasadie Mine's like that too - we've had to get the best internet we can to accommodate sir play a lot🤦‍♀️🤣…
24-01-2021 03:40
@ell12891774 That's an unusual round 👍🤣
24-01-2021 03:37
@Chrissy1b @Guitarista4 Sorry Chrissy, I'm not doing very well with my apology to you here - I definitely know you…
24-01-2021 03:36
@Chrissy1b @Guitarista4 It's so difficult to catch it early and some drs aren't on the ball either, better to be ov…
24-01-2021 03:34
RT @TheMendozaWoman: Asa Winstanley is our finest investigative journalist on Israel-Palestine. He has never demonstrated or promoted anti…
24-01-2021 02:49
@michaeljswalker @Jaafacakes @kennardmatt @AaronBastani @novaramedia @AyoCaesar This POS is a liar, I've blocked MW…
24-01-2021 02:48
RT @BenjaminNorton: These are the Western media's and NATO's favorite angelic "peaceful protesters" in Russia: fanatical supporters of far-…
24-01-2021 02:45
RT @skwawkbox: Exclusive: Black Labour members go on ‘strike’ – no campaigning in 2021 for MPs who ‘look other way’ on anti-black racism ht…
24-01-2021 02:42
RT @TheMendozaWoman: That’s it. Black Labour members are going on strike. I’m sure the MSM will be all over this story, because there’s cl…
24-01-2021 02:42
RT @simonmaginn: For the ignorant, angry cattle who wish to call me unpleasant names for calling Luciana Berger 'a liar', a little bit of r…
24-01-2021 02:41
@StarPower4000 @starmerung @andrewfeinstein @KevinGr40077068 @ActionAgainstD I've reported and blocked that one 😪 Thanks for the heads up 👍
24-01-2021 02:39
@ell12891774 I used to love that but not so keen anymore - my taste buds have changed in my older years 😪
24-01-2021 02:31
@Chrissy1b @Guitarista4 Ohhh poor little baby, I'm so sorry to hear how terribly he's suffered from meningitis - th…
24-01-2021 02:28
@Chrissy1b @Guitarista4 Sorry Chrissy - didn't realise the photo was someone you actually knew and I believe you 10…
24-01-2021 02:24
@redflag3rd @Gareth_Ap_Tom We did have it with mash, but my son put horseradish in it and it didn't go well with th…
24-01-2021 02:22
@expressionessd1 @JackieKane I know, it's bad that this is happening so much 😪
24-01-2021 01:44
@FrasierHarry @Bron1954 I bought my first one last week-it tastes nicer than milk, I love it. It's got a bit too mu…
24-01-2021 01:42
@Gareth_Ap_Tom @redflag3rd Family had haggis last night, I had veggie haggis - loved mine👍 Good tweet about the labour party, quite true!
24-01-2021 01:40
@gplondon They'll have a bit of difficulty as we're on lockdown unless they pose as one of the 1%, they can and do get away with murder😡
24-01-2021 01:35
@DrewLawDesign Oh you lucky bugg-r I can't name just one gelato prosicuttio mortadella with pistachios pizza ohh…
24-01-2021 01:34
@Ottojizzmark That's no knight, that's a puny, corrupt, charlatan and traitor to the people 😉
24-01-2021 01:32
@elusiveman01 You take care of your mental health flower - report and block them all Any you want us to help you w…
24-01-2021 01:30
@LithaR @HarryPaye omg 🤦‍♀️
24-01-2021 01:28
@HarryPaye When are explosives ever useful?!
24-01-2021 01:28
@Ajaywillow1 @TrimmerGraham There lies the problem - some employers can afford to pay but are so tight they squeak when they walk 😉😡
24-01-2021 01:26
@Guitarista4 @Chrissy1b If you're from Irish traveller background, you get a follow, I love the traveller community…
24-01-2021 01:21
@Guitarista4 @Chrissy1b Are you sure flower? What convinces you that this is fake? I'm open minded, I just want your side 😉
24-01-2021 01:19
@HarryPaye 😪😭😪😭
23-01-2021 22:07
@mgacramer @Lynneth1000000 We have to get them out of gov next election - only vote for left wing independents so n…
23-01-2021 22:06
@AlCmarmite @RaffertyRy There's no end to this awful C19, poor family. I hope this poor little mite recovers soon…
23-01-2021 22:04
RT @AlCmarmite: Friend's 8 yr old son just tested +ve. Has nasty symptoms. Picked up at his school. Friend has woken up with symptoms to…
23-01-2021 22:03
@HarryPaye Fireworks are no joke flower My dog used to be terrified of them in his old age 😪
23-01-2021 22:01
@HarryPaye Your tweet said someone had gone to buy them 😉
23-01-2021 22:01
@eliistender10 Long walks in the rugged countryside
23-01-2021 21:59
@Lynne04289004 @eliistender10 😪
23-01-2021 21:59
RT @TeeJayney: Facts 😈
23-01-2021 21:58
@TeeJayney oooohhhhhh - nice bit of man candy there 😉👍🥰
23-01-2021 21:57
@Chrissy1b omg - my hubby has heard that the Pizer one is causing a lot of problems What with this and not being a…
23-01-2021 21:57
RT @Chrissy1b: Fuck the vaccine, you can have them if you want to, but I will take my chances I think.
23-01-2021 21:55
@HarryPaye Noooooooooooooooooooooo - no fireworks, animals suffer immensely with them, some are terrified and suffe…
23-01-2021 21:54
@RealDarrenRob @Alfiecatmumof5 @SofiaBSocial God what a nightmare for you 😪🥰
23-01-2021 21:51
RT @TrimmerGraham: @Tinkerbell32112 @Ajaywillow1 Employers are REQUIRED to make up the 20% !
23-01-2021 21:49
@TrimmerGraham @Ajaywillow1 Some people have tweeted they're only on 80%
23-01-2021 21:49
@ooAjCoo Take it back to shop, I would if it's new
23-01-2021 21:48
@Knightie48 @Lotx @TheMendozaWoman No, they don't work for us, not ever
23-01-2021 21:47
RT @gletherby: Again and again the Government does its own, dangerous, thing with no challenge from the Opposition. If, or most likely wh…
23-01-2021 21:46
@gletherby This has decided me, until this is sorted out I am not having vaccine
23-01-2021 21:45
@LeeKennedy12 😂🤣
23-01-2021 16:50
@VictorK43995989 @katedodd3 @marie_kate2 @MayjustbeeMe @CrispianWheldon @DameLozza @LoveIntegrity9 @AspieMum…
23-01-2021 12:19
@LindumGreene @branston_f lol 👍🤣
23-01-2021 12:18
RT @LindumGreene: @branston_f @Tinkerbell32112
23-01-2021 12:18
@branston_f That is me to a tee!!!! lol
23-01-2021 12:10
@Ajaywillow1 I'm not happy with the furlough either - it's 80% pay - that isn't enough for most, people can't take…
23-01-2021 12:04
@stimmo Annoying when people do that - if they want to know, look it up themselves instead of being lazy and then a…
23-01-2021 12:00
@TeeJayney Hope it stops soon and you get home safely xx
23-01-2021 11:58
23-01-2021 03:15
RT @paysupplystaff: I’m hearing that more and more parents are ringing schools looking for keyworker places for their children- class sizes…
23-01-2021 03:13
@The_Bladesman What a terrible disease to suffer from, poor man RIP Luton
23-01-2021 03:11
RT @allthecitizens: The Cabinet Office is 30 working days late replying to @allthecitizens request for an internal review as to why they re…
23-01-2021 03:06
@1CheshireCheese What sort of oversight has made it impossible?
23-01-2021 02:58
@KevinPascoe @nytimes No, it's owned by the chairman - on Wiki it's got this info "Arthur Ochs Sulzberger Jr. (Chai…
23-01-2021 02:52
@StabbyJesus_ I have my coffee table for my things, they're safe on there, lol - no one takes anything from there,…
23-01-2021 02:43
@KevinPascoe How can that possibly be legal?! Flump should be arrested for that alone and all the other stuff, I'd…
23-01-2021 02:42
RT @KevinPascoe: Former President Donald Trump’s campaign paid more than $2.7 million over two years to individuals and firms that organize…
23-01-2021 02:41
@MWatts3376 @xxCarmxx Ohhhh poor Jack, give him an extra cuddle and kiss from me x ❤️
23-01-2021 02:40
@fr33palest1ne Thanks for that info, I was unaware, won't ever buy another HP from now on 😉👍
23-01-2021 02:37
RT @fr33palest1ne: @Tinkerbell32112 Strangely enough I used to like HP stuff a lot, superb printing quality and I always found their laptop…
23-01-2021 02:36
@StabbyJesus_ Yes, there is that advantage for you! 😉🤣 I frequently have to buy something again because it's disap…
23-01-2021 02:35
RT @soopagaz: Just to let everyone know, the operation on my new knee went well.😉
23-01-2021 02:33
@soopagaz Glad to hear the knee op went so well, did they throw in any extras as well?!! 😱🤣😂
23-01-2021 02:33
@StabbyJesus_ ohhhh I've not had one of those for years - I buy them but they've always gone when I remember they're in the cupboard😉🤣
23-01-2021 02:29
RT @fr33palest1ne: @Tinkerbell32112 Well, they are notoriously difficult to install (at least they were last time I installed one). I did l…
23-01-2021 02:28
@HarryPaye The number of times I've gone searching around both back and front gardens, making sure nothing is being…
23-01-2021 02:28
@fr33palest1ne It took hours to finally be installed, I wouldn't even attempt, lol Don't tell me this POS is made in Israel?!
23-01-2021 02:26
@Mushen13 Whilst hubby was fuming, I was so glad I'd done it because it got rid of one of the most annoying applian…
23-01-2021 02:24
@KevinPascoe The police need to question him 😉 and quickly before anything "happens" to him, the royals are good at that sort of thing
23-01-2021 02:22
Childhood neglect leaves generational imprint: Distinct neural connectivity found in the babies of mothers who expe…
23-01-2021 02:20
@HarryPaye omg they are so noisy aren't they, sounds like something is being attacked instead of a bit of rumpy thumpy 🤦‍♀️
23-01-2021 02:15
@fr33palest1ne It's not what I call it but yes, it's got HP Envy 520 or something similar to that number - are they…
23-01-2021 02:12
@Mushen13 Mine loves to waste paper, loads of it - constantly prints out one line of type on a whole page, drives m…
23-01-2021 02:10
@dbooth3 Keep thinking positively - I've heard that helps, believe you will get better, tell your cancer to go away…
23-01-2021 02:04
@Prague_Tony 👍🤣
23-01-2021 02:01
@dbooth3 Ohhhh sorry to hear this David, hope it's fully treatable and everything goes well for you, sending you a…
23-01-2021 02:00
Why do printers never work for me 🤦‍♀️😡😡😡😡😡
23-01-2021 01:58
@TurnItUp79 👍❤️
23-01-2021 01:57
@expressionessd1 Oh thank goodness, brilliant news 👍❤️
23-01-2021 01:55
RT @expressionessd1: Just had a call to let me know Kyle is ok.
23-01-2021 01:54
@TurnItUp79 Water - same as usual 🤣
23-01-2021 01:04
RT @willhuw: @mywifeisjoanie @Tinkerbell32112 @Pandypooch21 @hstplabour Agreed. There is no such thing as an ex-spy. They are merely re-ass…
23-01-2021 00:58
@BFujer @Battersby1888 @Lotx @TheMendozaWoman I wish they would but as it's a bit overcrowded there, they use peopl…
23-01-2021 00:57
RT @Official_MRLP: We will redefine senior bankers job titles: CEO - Chief Embezzlement Officer CFO - Corporate Fraud Officer. #Manicfe…
23-01-2021 00:53
RT @DuncanHarkis: @Official_MRLP @Matthew_Wright Can we use the current government to test our open on impact parachutes
23-01-2021 00:48
@Thehopper7 @socialist0770 Those terrorists in the IDF did that on purpose, that is murder 😪😡😡😡😡
23-01-2021 00:37
RT @Thehopper7: A Palestinian woman 7 months pregnant lost her baby this week as Israeli soldiers lobbed several rounds of tear gas shells…
23-01-2021 00:37
@Anxiety_Jack_ @SulkingSkulker Sorry to hear this news about your poor mum, I hope she gets the help she needs in h…
22-01-2021 19:36
@greggwatson90 I think the biggest worry at present is that you might be able to get the 1st one but when's the 2nd…
22-01-2021 19:35
@SofiaBSocial Glad to hear it 👍
22-01-2021 19:27
@SofiaBSocial Don't worry until then 😉👍
22-01-2021 19:26
@mak_nono @HarryPaye @elonmusk Shame that a few people own so much of the land in UK, like the Queen 😡
22-01-2021 19:25
RT @SofiaBSocial: Apparently I have a significant clot on both lungs. I am very worried. I overheard the doctor talking asking what my mort…
22-01-2021 19:24
@SofiaBSocial Ask to speak with the consultant in charge of you. Ask them about this & what they have found Do no…
22-01-2021 19:24
@TheHarryHaz Wow!! Oh to be that flexible 🤣
22-01-2021 19:18
RT @TheHarryHaz: Absolutely love this. Amazing talent and synchronicity ❤️👍
22-01-2021 19:17
RT @halcyonorder: @elonmusk Or, if you and the four other richest people in the world clubbed together half your fortunes you could end wor…
22-01-2021 19:15
@elonmusk Can you also donate towards the homeless please - building new homes for them would be a start, millions…
22-01-2021 19:14
@aja1979 😂🤣👍
22-01-2021 19:13
@SueSuezep Left wing independent or anything stupid like raving loony monster party
22-01-2021 19:13
@Lotx @TheMendozaWoman Ruthie and starmzi are working for a country beginning with I and ending in L
22-01-2021 19:11
@FFSKarz It's not the arm that's turning my stomach, it's the needle going in 😪🤢
22-01-2021 19:04
@MaggieP31069 That's normal where I'm concerned 😉🤦‍♀️🤣
22-01-2021 19:02
@mywifeisjoanie @Pandypooch21 @hstplabour I know he isn't, you know he isn't 😉👍
22-01-2021 19:01
@thebraes20 Ahhhh that's lovely ❤️👍
22-01-2021 14:57
@StabbyJesus_ This will maybe help you 😉🤣
22-01-2021 13:48
#ToryCorruption by #ToryScum 😡
22-01-2021 13:46
@ellie0393 😂🤣😂🤣
22-01-2021 13:46
RT @ellie0393: Been crying at this for the past 10 minutes 🤣🤣🤣
22-01-2021 13:45
@PBProjects That looks like a 60's sort of vibe lampshade 😉🤣 The squirrel is so cute!
22-01-2021 13:43
@Taj_Ali1 @4kmaI @PeopIesPodcast Happy birthday @4kmal Wishing you a year ahead of happiness and good health and mega success 👍
22-01-2021 13:41
RT @19MW98: #StopTheBritishGasFire
22-01-2021 13:40
RT @cns46z: Plz rt and share with anyone you think can help, URGENT, out of time. A lifesaver needed today!! 🆘🆘🆘🆘🆘🆘🆘🆘🆘🆘🆘🆘🆘🆘🆘🆘🆘🆘🆘🆘🆘🆘 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏…
22-01-2021 13:39
@grmram A true history is a little of all the truth, not the lies you and I were taught and kids are still getting…
22-01-2021 13:34
@thebraes20 Glad you managed to get warm with cuppas 😉👍 Ah ha Scotland, you'll have to go Haggis chasing next time then! 🤣😂
22-01-2021 13:32
@SusanFairweathe @TheSerpentina Considering the injuries sustained, I think culprit was generous 😉🤦‍♀️🤣
22-01-2021 13:30
@CliveJamesYoun1 @itxaropena 👍🤣🤢
22-01-2021 13:29
@grmram The 1% have always been this way, people don't rise up against them, never have in UK 🤦‍♀️😡
22-01-2021 13:26
@grmram I think our history is interesting, our true history - not the rubbish we're taught in schools
22-01-2021 13:24
Someone adopt this gorgeous little baby !
22-01-2021 13:06
@POSH_JOCK @TheSerpentina Ohhhh yes, witch hazel, that's brilliant stuff 👍❤️
22-01-2021 13:02
@GreenBagOG I think he's one of those that is too arrogant to use, I just hope he ends up like Henry 8th 😉🤣
22-01-2021 13:02
RT @TheSerpentina: @POSH_JOCK @Tinkerbell32112 Thank you, on it with the tablets, will seek out witch hazel, my mum used to use that!🙏🙂
22-01-2021 13:00
@expressionessd1 omg poor you - that's a terrible response from all those different people 😪😡 You've done everythi…
22-01-2021 13:00
RT @expressionessd1: I stayed up till nearly 4am. I called the police, I called their local mental health team. I even called the Smartians…
22-01-2021 12:56
@SofiaBSocial @roundtheedges Good luck with getting it all sorted soon, wishing you a very speedy recovery flower x
22-01-2021 12:55
@lademocratietue You've found the way to go flower 👍🤣
22-01-2021 12:52
@cactus_woman 👍❤️
22-01-2021 12:50
RT @cactus_woman: It's #Followbackfriday #FBPE people, at the end of a terrible week that's pretty much entirely down to the #ToryScum we h…
22-01-2021 12:49
@GreenBagOG Only if you're a tory 🤣
22-01-2021 12:49
@DrewLawDesign I fed the seagulls - at 9.12, I'm not allowed to do this before 9am as they are soooooooo noisy 😉😱🤣…
22-01-2021 12:45
@leannef55 @happyjack1981 You can still block it - go to it's page, I would 👍🤣
22-01-2021 12:41
RT @TheSerpentina: So now the bruising from my wrenched shoulder is coming to the surface in a dizzying array of colourful mess, how to get…
22-01-2021 12:40
@TheSerpentina Ohhhh look at that little sweet and innocent face, butter wouldn't melt 😉❤️🤣 Sorry to hear about yo…
22-01-2021 12:40
@frangenever I'm glad it worked for you 👍
22-01-2021 12:29
@grmram Why? Many people are born in UK, EU countries now after their parents, grandparents emigrated Have a read…
22-01-2021 12:27
@vegannutrition1 The clue to that is "Day 1653" 😉👍🤣
22-01-2021 12:19
@ArtCrunchy Not forgetting the fabulous 1 million new homes for the homeless - giving builders and many others an income for some time 👍
22-01-2021 12:17
@Mike78894815 That little eh - I'm amazed it's not a lot more knowing what tories are like, must be a lot of people who just left 😉
22-01-2021 12:16
@JayJay08752584 @stiptop1 @iainmartin1 @GMB @GavinWilliamson Ohhh I've blocked that one! That's what I like to do…
22-01-2021 12:15
@grmram 1600 ?!!! omg That must have taken some time and some doing He was lucky Ohhhh yuck - can you imagine t…
22-01-2021 12:14
Why does muting someone have no effect at all?! You still get their tweets, they can still reply to your tweets, m…
22-01-2021 12:12
@kvltvs @EddieFetherman @LindaEver4 TBH I don't like tortillas - I'd eat an omelette on its own 🤣
22-01-2021 12:10
@Dublinnewsguy @earthygirl011 @Lynne04289004 Not after the way they behaved when in charge of Brighton and Hove cou…
22-01-2021 12:08
@kvltvs @EddieFetherman @LindaEver4 I've not heard of that place
22-01-2021 12:01
@earthygirl011 @Lynne04289004 Not fib dem either - they enabled this gov from the beginning, clegg being the liar h…
22-01-2021 12:00
@Mike78894815 I'm not anymore!! Wrote to them to cancel TV license, then cancelled direct debit, even got a refund for part of it 👍🤣
22-01-2021 11:57
@kvltvs @EddieFetherman @LindaEver4 We went once - never again! oh god muck yuck is so gross, I don't understand p…
22-01-2021 11:55
@happyjack1981 That's not a vest - that's a leotard, he's a ballerina in his spare time or maybe even full time😉🤣…
22-01-2021 11:40
@CalumWebster @SulkingSkulker Apart from writing to our MP's and filling in petitions, there is very little else th…
22-01-2021 11:37
@HarryPaye That is just stupid money IMO, 100% unjustifiable - some people have more money than sense🤦‍♀️
22-01-2021 11:34
@kvltvs @EddieFetherman @LindaEver4 It's a restaurant chain, we have them in UK, food is terrible
22-01-2021 11:33
@kvltvs @EddieFetherman @LindaEver4 😂🤣
22-01-2021 11:19
@welshgoldigger @wolfette70 Ohhhhhh how wonderful for a vet to do that, so kind ❤️
22-01-2021 11:18
@JONATHANGOUGH16 @hstplabour Nothing 😉👍
22-01-2021 11:02
@hstplabour Can you ask starmzi why he's employed an Israelli ex spy
22-01-2021 03:28
I wish our media would stop printing stories of people getting C19 vaccines with needles going into peoples arms, b…
22-01-2021 03:19
@EddieFetherman @LindaEver4 @kvltvs 😱🤦‍♀️
22-01-2021 03:15
@EddieFetherman @LindaEver4 @kvltvs USA - lol So none of the other countries you visited then, gosh!
22-01-2021 03:13
@EddieFetherman @LindaEver4 @kvltvs You've seen quite a variety of places then, did you like any of them?
22-01-2021 03:10
@EddieFetherman @LindaEver4 @kvltvs Which countries did you serve in? Which state is Hood in? I've no idea what y…
22-01-2021 03:08
@nikpet1 😭
22-01-2021 03:01
@EddieFetherman @LindaEver4 @kvltvs Did you go abroad to serve?
22-01-2021 02:59