BlameitonmyWildheart🌈 (@TlWildheart) — Just your typical guy I'm his early mid 40's
@dionnewarwick @donlemon @ChrisCuomo They are pretty amazing
15-01-2021 23:53
@oliverdarcy I retweeted this story @SenTedCruz @laurenboebert @HawleyMO @mtgreenee and @Jim_Jordan oh and i guess…
15-01-2021 23:41
@dionnewarwick All i can is when it comes to Twitter @dionnewarwick ..."You Really Started Something"
15-01-2021 23:37
@RepBradWenstrup @RepBoebert @mtgreenee @SenTedCruz @HawleyMO
15-01-2021 23:34
@911onFOX Angela Bassett deserves an Emmy
15-01-2021 23:06
@ChrisCuomo Ok i work early (4am) so i have to dvr but OMG the "ugly guy with the beard" comment. I just cant LMFAO
15-01-2021 22:30
@jaketapper 🙏 prayers and love being sent
15-01-2021 22:04
With the heart of a sparrow, tell me what arrow, could ever bring you down.
15-01-2021 21:40
@SenHawleyPress You helped spread lies that caused a group of individuals to believe a false narrative. The rest of…
15-01-2021 21:37
@The_Ms_Mulligan I got led to the 80s-90's female trio...a much better result.
15-01-2021 19:06
@Jim_Jordan Im just gonna leave this here.
15-01-2021 00:48
@mtgreenee @JoeBiden
15-01-2021 00:03
@mtgreenee @JoeBiden Im suprised she hasnt tried to impeach Hillary yet. She's that stupid
15-01-2021 00:01
14-01-2021 23:32
@AmericanWifeABC @LiveKellyRyan I am loving @hollyrpeete on the show!!!
14-01-2021 22:55
@RepMeijer Thank you again for yesterday! I know it is not always easy to do the right thing.
14-01-2021 22:20
@SenKamalaHarris I have registeres for and can not wait to get my first vaccination
14-01-2021 21:51
@ladygaga @BidenInaugural @JoeBiden @KamalaHarris Be safe out there Gaga. We love you
14-01-2021 21:45
@zachbraff Well she did bring the United States together for a moment in our disgust of her desicrating the rose ga…
14-01-2021 21:43
@eliehonig Im suprised she hasnt tried to impeach Hillary yet...she is bats**t crazy
14-01-2021 21:38
@travisakers God Bless @TeamPelosi
14-01-2021 21:35
RT @DannyDeraney: Because you want to see a puppy doggy hugging a goose.
14-01-2021 15:54
@RepBarryMoore How do we know Trump was behind the attack on the capitol
14-01-2021 01:57
@eliehonig It is now a regular thing that someone in my household will say at some point.."shh Elie is on" lol
14-01-2021 01:48
@ChrisCuomo Living in his state i can not wait to help campaign for whoever runs against him.
14-01-2021 01:34
14-01-2021 01:32
@TeamPelosi Thank you @TeamPelosi
14-01-2021 01:25
@kylegriffin1 @KimMangone Yes he can now finally say he has the most votes of any president
14-01-2021 00:42
@KimMangone Hey Trump now can say he got the most votes of any president ever.
14-01-2021 00:40
@RepMeijer Thank you for voting for impeachment! Thank you for your courage.
14-01-2021 00:34
@KimMangone Its still sad 197 plus republicans choose party over country
14-01-2021 00:27
@kerrywashington It is now official he is IMPEACHED!!!!
14-01-2021 00:23
@eliehonig @CNN As much as i am enjoying this impeachment arguements I look forward to seeing you discuss this on CNN.
13-01-2021 23:46
@SteveScalise 2) what exactly do you need a hearing on. He fueled the fire by lying and false allegations then told…
13-01-2021 23:40
@SteveScalise 1) ido not want to hear you talk about dividing the county and how we need to unify. You shouldve wor…
13-01-2021 23:35
@sethmoulton Well said at the hearing! ❤
13-01-2021 23:29
@CathyH60491268 @pamcalling Riiight i have a lovely 16 followers lol. But i tweet like a son of a gun lol
13-01-2021 23:27
@funder I love @CoriBush
13-01-2021 23:24
@RepLeeZeldin @NYGovCuomo I need to understand how you got elected. Its was preplanned. It started getting planned…
13-01-2021 23:21
@RepBarryMoore @CapitolPolice Hey dm me and i will give you a FULL list of why trump shoukd be impeached...since you asked.
13-01-2021 23:14
@RepHarshbarger Impeach convict remove disqualify
13-01-2021 23:10
@RepHarshbarger I oppose people who call for unity after they stood silent while trump lied about election fraud that caused the devide
13-01-2021 23:10
@RutherfordRocks Welcome to the second extravaganza of seditious republicans who have nothing but dividing comments…
13-01-2021 23:08
@RepHerrell You are clearly wrong. Impeach convict remove disqualify.
13-01-2021 23:02
@BrianMastFL You shouldve just stood there silent the whole time. It wouldve been better
13-01-2021 22:57
@RepBobGood @jfradioshow Trump is gulity. You talk about dividing the county how about when you all stood by in sil…
13-01-2021 22:52
@RepPatFallon You just spoke again I see and said nothing of importance impeach remove convict disqualify!
13-01-2021 22:49
@chiproytx Impeach convict remove disqualify.
13-01-2021 22:45
@RepArrington You are on the wrong side of history. It is not a dangerous precident, its a dangerous president.
13-01-2021 22:39
@mtgreenee @realDonaldTrump You are a total idiot. Dont try to gaslight us. We have a very good memory.
13-01-2021 22:29
@gregsteube @KLoeffler @Perduesenate You have made a mockery of your cabinet position
13-01-2021 22:15
@GOPLeader You have this on you. By not standing up for the election and allowing false narratives of a stolen elec…
13-01-2021 22:09
@ImAngelaBassett @HairJunkieRandy @DAndreMichael @jlynnstyle @adrianaigles Godess!!!
13-01-2021 22:08
@RepScottPerry Wanna know how there were iuds because it was PRE-PLANNED. Hmmm doesn't take a genious i mean he has…
13-01-2021 22:07
@DanaBashCNN Let us all remeber those who put party before country.
13-01-2021 21:45
13-01-2021 21:45
@abbydphillip Really @abbydphillip i have a lot of words for this, however, they are way too impolite.
13-01-2021 21:37
@LindseyGrahamSC "I'm done" out wait I get to fly to Texas with you...nevermind Sir.
13-01-2021 21:28
@RepTrentKelly And i hope when your up for re-election i hope your constituants vote no on you.
13-01-2021 21:24
@RepMattGaetz @mattgaetz You are a moron.
13-01-2021 21:22
13-01-2021 15:49
@GeraldoRivera @LizCheney Intent on destroying him from day one...umm more like racing to save our country from day…
13-01-2021 11:26
@CoriBush Impeach convict remove disqualify
13-01-2021 02:28
@sarasidnerCNN Everyone is proud of you.
13-01-2021 00:27
@abbydphillip @InStyle So deserved!!!!
13-01-2021 00:20
@HispanicCaucus @AOC @RepRaulGrijalva @RepGonzalez @RepJuanVargas @RepLindaSanchez @RepBarragan @RepEspaillat…
13-01-2021 00:08
@ChrisCuomo is anyone investigating how all of these people were able to afford all of these roundtrip airline tick…
12-01-2021 23:50
@Jim_Jordan So was it unifying when baseless lies and falsehoods about election fraud and rigging were being spread…
12-01-2021 22:24
@RepMattGaetz @Jim_Jordan
12-01-2021 22:22
@Jim_Jordan You are an embarrasement to all of us goid citizens of Ohio
12-01-2021 22:20
@LooksEnzo @jaketapper @sarasidnerCNN I was going to retweet some nasty vile reply but i honestly have no words for…
12-01-2021 21:45
@sarasidnerCNN just a note to send you some love today. You have all of our respect. Thank you for gracing with you…
12-01-2021 21:43
@KimStrassel I personally do not want to unite with nazis and white supremacists
12-01-2021 21:36
@KimStrassel I personally am not interested in uniting with nazis and white supremacists.
12-01-2021 20:14
@PattyArquette @LindseyGrahamSC Hey @PattyArquette i have noticed we comment on a lot of the same posts. Great minds think alike
12-01-2021 01:33
@LindseyGrahamSC Impeach remove convict disqualify!!!!
12-01-2021 01:32
@RepMattGaetz Yes let's all worry about Twitter because thats whats imortant right now. You moron.
12-01-2021 01:20
@DEADLINE @AmazonStudios Debra Messing is the one that should be playing Lucy
12-01-2021 00:51
@eliehonig Well i can't take credit i did see "someone" use these four words earlier. They are just definatley my w…
12-01-2021 00:30
RT @OliviaTroye: Timeline of evidence of our sitting President’s incitement of violence is right here. #25thAmendmentNow #impeachment
12-01-2021 00:27
@eliehonig My four words of the day...Impeach Remove Convict Disqualify
12-01-2021 00:14
@mattgaetz No we want expulsions for helping the sprwad of false narratives and lies that led to an act of terrorism
12-01-2021 00:11
@Asensii20 @JoeBiden
11-01-2021 23:48
@davidcicilline @RashidaTlaib Impeach convict remove disqualify
11-01-2021 23:37
@cspan @RepAlexMooney @LeaderHoyer @VP Which means he stands with the wrong side of history and will be remembered for that
11-01-2021 23:33
@RepRosendale @RepAlexMooney @RepScottPerry @RepHerrell And i hope history will remember the three of you as men wh…
11-01-2021 23:32
@laurenboebert Guuuurl ...Ummm i suggest you buy yourself a mirror
11-01-2021 22:54
@IlhanMN My four words of the day... Impeach Remove Covict Disqualify
11-01-2021 20:45
@senrobportman As an Ohioan let me say the best way to instill confidence in elections is to STOP letting a delusio…
11-01-2021 19:26
@sfpelosi Impeach convict remove disqualify
11-01-2021 17:24
@josephazam @DebraMessing These are the people Trump told "I love you you're very special"
11-01-2021 17:23
@hughhewitt That message would have had much more meaning in Novemeber when the gop and its members allowed a madma…
11-01-2021 17:17
@marcorubio Nooow you call for unity? Where was that message when false election lies were being allowed to spread...#complicit
11-01-2021 17:15
@ananavarro "That is a pretty pathetic tent" hell yes @ananavarro
11-01-2021 16:37
@ananavarro Watching you on @CNN right now ❤
11-01-2021 16:34
@ananavarro Impeach remove convict disqualify
11-01-2021 16:17
@KateBennett_DC @jaketapper @FLOTUS Here is what i think about what Melanie has to say...I don't really you
11-01-2021 16:10
@benyt @jaketapper @politico Impeach remove convict disqualify
11-01-2021 16:08
@ossoff Congratulations and Thank you!
11-01-2021 16:03
@JustSchmeltzer @PattyArquette @SpeakerPelosi Impeach remove convict and diqualify
11-01-2021 15:44
09-01-2021 21:57
@tedcruz Nooow you wanna talk about unity? You are PATHETIC
09-01-2021 21:44
09-01-2021 03:17
@PeterValley3 @WhoopiGoldberg Love you @WhoopiGoldberg ignore this moron.
09-01-2021 02:54
@PeterValley3 @WhoopiGoldberg
09-01-2021 02:53
09-01-2021 02:52
09-01-2021 02:38
@eliehonig But will he?
09-01-2021 02:35
RT @Patrick_Fenelon: How it started: how it's going:
09-01-2021 02:32
@RepBobGood 2) or falsely believe that he would take his base away from them and without him and his base that they…
09-01-2021 02:30
@RepBobGood 1) You know what WOULD have helped unify the country? If the gop and its reps would have denounced Trum…
09-01-2021 02:28
@GOPLeader @GOP Soooo crickets @GOP .....
09-01-2021 02:06
@dionnewarwick #PeaceAndPets my good boy Tooter.
09-01-2021 01:20
@thekjohnston @FBI @FBIWFO Parler should be shutdown
09-01-2021 01:15
@davidwebbshow @RepKinzinger @realDonaldTrump @GOP Ewww maybe I should go him some boots so he can shake in them.
09-01-2021 00:36
@GOPLeader @GOP What do you honestly think about that @GOPLeader ?
09-01-2021 00:17
@GOPLeader Gee i dont know but maybe some unity could be brought to this country if the spineless @GOP stood up to…
08-01-2021 21:49
@GOPLeader Sorry but
08-01-2021 21:46
@always_margot @PattyArquette @Miller_Congress She is a disaster
08-01-2021 21:44
@LindseyGrahamSC @realDonaldTrump
08-01-2021 21:38
08-01-2021 21:33
@laurenboebert Girl..bye if all you are going to do is keep spreading false narratives after everything that has ha…
08-01-2021 21:31
@realDonaldTrump I dont really care do you
08-01-2021 21:21
@LSims_ Yes yes yes
08-01-2021 03:18
@TeamPelosi Please do not wait to see what Pence will do. Impeach TODAY! NOW!
07-01-2021 23:48
@AOC Please do this TODAY!
07-01-2021 23:44
RT @Reds: 🚨 #NationalBobbleheadDay GIVEAWAY! 🚨 𝗥𝗘𝗧𝗪𝗘𝗘𝗧 for a chance to win a Sonny Gray bobblehead! We will select five random winners. Mu…
07-01-2021 23:18
@jaketapper what would be worse? Having two people arguing they are both president or, having an unhinged man start…
07-01-2021 23:17
@IlhanMN @AOC @chuckschumer
07-01-2021 23:09
@SpeakerPelosi DO NOT WAIT for Pence #ImpeachTrumpAgainNOW
07-01-2021 23:06
@LindseyGrahamSC Too little too late. You are part of the cause of this. You have unclean hands and YOU have this on your conscience.
07-01-2021 22:54
@SenTedCruz You are the problem. You are part of the cause. You have unclean hands. You have this on your conscience YOU DO.
07-01-2021 22:52
@SenHawleyPress @HawleyMO Remove @HawleyMO from office!
07-01-2021 22:50
@MollyJongFast @thekjohnston Everyone should retweet this and tag the fbi
07-01-2021 22:46
@RudyGiuliani You are also guilty for this insurrection. This is on your hands and your conscience. Dont try to be…
07-01-2021 21:22
@zacjanderson @jaketapper #complaciente you cant take the moral high ground now that you have already shown who you are
07-01-2021 21:20
@SenTedCruz You are part of the blame with your baseless lies and spreading false information that you KNEW was fal…
07-01-2021 21:18
@ProfessorCrunk As a white male i am asking this same question. Why os nothing being done
07-01-2021 21:16
@LesleyAnnBrandt My family and i had the discussion on the horrific actions of not only the terrorists that stormes…
07-01-2021 21:11
@SidneyPowell1 @realDonaldTrump @GenFlynn @realMikeLindell @PatrickByrne @LLinWood @RichardGrenell @robertjeffress…
07-01-2021 21:05
07-01-2021 19:13
07-01-2021 17:49
@Reds @Tucker_Barnhart Happy Birthday!!!
07-01-2021 17:19
RT @mkraju: These seven voted to throw out the Pa electoral votes Ted Cruz Hawley Lummis Marshall Rick Scott Tuberville Hyde-Smith A…
07-01-2021 15:44
@AOC #ImpeachTrumpNow
07-01-2021 03:52
RT @sarahcpr: Retweet if you will never vote for another republican ever again
07-01-2021 03:50
@TwitterSafety @realDonaldTrump Do it already
07-01-2021 03:47
@JustinTrudeau I so look forward to just two weeks when we can rebuild our American relationship with Canada.
07-01-2021 02:56
RT @britwhiteford: Help me RT this thread of images collected from Twitter so these terrorists can be prosecuted to the fullest extent of t…
07-01-2021 02:53
RT @BryanDawsonUSA: RETWEET if you agree with Gen. Colin Powell that Trump “is a national disgrace and an international pariah" #TrumpRall…
07-01-2021 02:46
@ossoff Thank you I am SO PROUD to call you Senator Ossoff!
07-01-2021 02:45
@KenPaxtonTX You are a disgrace. This is all MAGA and if you are ashamed of it should be.
07-01-2021 02:34
@eliehonig I will say it again those who particpated in the lies and falsehoods and are looking for someone to blam…
07-01-2021 02:23
@taradublinrocks @DebraMessing @tedcruz @HawleyMO @SteveScalise @TTuberville @MarshaBlackburn @SenatorBraun…
07-01-2021 02:20
@LesleyAnnBrandt @verified @TwitterSupport tell them to do something MORE than just "flag" his tweets as they are dangerous.
07-01-2021 02:14
0 139713
RT @lanceallred41: So is Kaepernick taking a knee still an inappropriate way to protest?
07-01-2021 02:13
@verified dooo something besides flag his tweets. They are dangerkus
07-01-2021 02:12
@SenateGOP This is on YOUR HANDS AND YOIRUR CONSCIENCE. This is EXACTLY waht you asked for.
07-01-2021 01:43
@introvertedme3 @mattreed89 @RachelRileyRR Amen!!!!
07-01-2021 01:42
@introvertedme3 @mattreed89 @RachelRileyRR I wouldnt know ive never shed a tear except on election night in 2020 wh…
07-01-2021 01:38
@mattreed89 @RachelRileyRR He will also go down in history as the worst president in history...his supporters must be so proud
07-01-2021 01:36
@mattreed89 @RachelRileyRR He also lost the gop the senate the house and the presidency. Gee soooo much winning.
07-01-2021 01:35
@mattreed89 @RachelRileyRR But if they do it a second time he can never run for president again hahaha
07-01-2021 01:31
@RachelRileyRR I have been messaging my american senators to #impeachTrumpnow
07-01-2021 01:29
@Wolfiesmom I love you Valerie!!!
07-01-2021 01:26
@KamalaHarris @JoeBiden I love you @KamalaHarris stay safe ❤❤❤
07-01-2021 01:14
@BetteMidler Hey @cnn are you goning to report on this? And the police that were taking selfies with the terrorists
07-01-2021 01:04
@abbydphillip And gee did u like the way the riot police were gently helping all the terrorists down the stairs?
07-01-2021 01:01
@LindseyGrahamSC You are part of the blame. You helped make this happen with your false rigged election comments. Y…
07-01-2021 00:52
@IlhanMN #impeachTrumpnow
07-01-2021 00:50
@ChrisCuomo I really hope news media reporting this story does not use the headline rioters storm capitol but rath…
07-01-2021 00:48
@SenHawleyPress @HawleyMO You are part of this. You are part of the blame. This is on your hands and your conscience.
07-01-2021 00:46
@marcorubio You are part of the blame wether you admit it to yourself or not. This is also on YOUR HANDS AND YOUR CONSCIENCE
07-01-2021 00:42
07-01-2021 00:40
@eliehonig Amen!!!!!
07-01-2021 00:38
@KellyannePolls You can stop tweeting your party and president caused this!
06-01-2021 23:35
@ChrisCuomo They are all guilty!!!!
06-01-2021 23:32
@LesleyAnnBrandt They should ALL be tried for sedition
06-01-2021 23:29
@Jim_Jordan You are part of this. You helped cause this!
06-01-2021 23:25
@tedcruz You helped cause this. Shut your mouth! I hope i doubt but i hope you are ashamed of what YOU helped cause.
06-01-2021 23:22
@briantylercohen @thekjohnston The president is a #traitor to our contry
06-01-2021 22:43
@eliehonig He should be charged of inciting a riot
06-01-2021 22:41
@Cybergroupie2 @eliehonig @tedcruz And when did 31% become half of something? I do not think he is smarter than a fifth grader.
06-01-2021 21:54
@eliehonig @tedcruz Hey @tedcruz dont go away mad...just go away
06-01-2021 21:52
@LesleyAnnBrandt You mean no tear pepper bullets for "rioters" hmmm why am i NOT suprised in the least
06-01-2021 21:34
@eliehonig I am just gonna say it... I heart @eliehonig
05-01-2021 21:28
@CongressmanHice If the election wasnt valid why are you letting yourself be sworn in?
04-01-2021 01:17
@leonardcook_ Welcome to the creek bebe'
02-01-2021 11:42
#RIPDawnWells. I hate this year SO MUCH
31-12-2020 01:36
30-12-2020 21:18
30-12-2020 21:17
I think #MitchMcConnell should be forced to live on a one time payment of 600.00 for six months and see how well HE does.
29-12-2020 22:25
29-12-2020 18:50
@jaketapper You must be doing something right then Sir!
29-12-2020 00:52
@EvilJoeyVotto Hope you had a great Christmas!
26-12-2020 10:50
@jonnyumansky The house of yes. Edie and Pen
26-12-2020 10:30
@HillaryClinton Merry Christmas to you, one of THE most important figures in political history. Love to you and your family!
25-12-2020 18:35
@JoeBiden Merry Christmas! Cant wait for January 20th!
25-12-2020 18:33
@AlisonKosik @PoppyHarlowCNN @jimsciutto Just got to see you and another one of my favorite faces @eliehonig
25-12-2020 17:50
RT @jimgolby: The holidays can be tough. People expect you to be joyful, but you may be depressed. Others expect you to be peaceful, but…
25-12-2020 17:48