Toni Ring (@ToniRing4)
RT @Littleb29872980: Reports: All workers & Captain still detained by Authorities/Massive evidence: Human trafficking/Drug trade ADRENO/Cli…
11-05-2021 16:29
RT @Littleb29872980: GAME THEORY NASH EQUILIBRIUM ALL will feel the Pain across the World After the great EVENTS the people will never agai…
11-05-2021 16:29
@ilSharko How much damage should one lying bandito be able to do before a sheriff takes him down? He is well past h…
11-05-2021 16:27
RT @ilSharko: FIRE FAUCI!!!
11-05-2021 16:23
RT @CraigKellyMP: Another Indian State officially adopts Ivermectin. For how much longer can our government health bureaucrats maintain t…
11-05-2021 16:23
RT @LawyersCity: "TO FLANNERY": to make up nonsense for money. ie say that it won't rain sufficiently in future to meaningfully increase wa…
11-05-2021 16:23
RT @LawyersCity: LIE TO US, DAN ! KNOCK YOURSELF OUT ! Tell us how you were (naturally) partying with Portsea plutocrat$ lobbying for airpo…
11-05-2021 04:25
@catturd2 Awwww. Understood the message in that. Thank you. I’ve loved your tweets. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😘 WWG1WGA.
11-05-2021 04:25
RT @catturd2: I say this with a heavy heart - but I’m quitting social media to find myself again, and this will be my last tweet until I do.
11-05-2021 04:24
RT @Littleb29872980: Chief Justice of the United States John Roberts has 800 Billion HIDDEN (so he thought)/ his connection to General Mill…
11-05-2021 04:22
RT @Littleb29872980: EVIL Patriot ACT Took all INFO from emails. Phones &computers.BUT Also implanted pedophilia pics, videos & fake receip…
11-05-2021 04:22
RT @Littleb29872980: Italian Cables:; President Mattarella, Pope Francis &16 other officials flown to DC the past 72 hours to testify in MI…
11-05-2021 04:21
RT @Littleb29872980: Isreal getting bombed with a barrage of missiles this moment/// Good people caught between the [DS] attempt to cause…
11-05-2021 04:18
RT @mark16pg: $3.5 trillion has been spent on Climate Change since snake oil salesman Gores Inconvenient Lie. So what has happened? A lot…
11-05-2021 01:17
RT @katy3710: This is a Wiggles concert from the weekend sent to me. Now you tell me how it’s reasonable to have this concert inside but ha…
11-05-2021 01:16
RT @CaldronPool: "Great" Britain
10-05-2021 14:20
RT @kicknrip: UK GOVERNMENT REPEALS GENOCIDE ACT MAY 8th 2021.... what are they openly preparing for ALL of us? Where the hell are our lawy…
10-05-2021 14:18
RT @DogDuffy:
10-05-2021 14:17
RT @aus_spirit: I hope he knows how many around the world would March with him if possible. ❤ and respect
10-05-2021 14:16
RT @ilSharko: To the coolest, smartest and most beautiful Patriotos in the worldo... Give that awesome Familia lots of hugs, let them know…
10-05-2021 14:16
@ProtectKidsAU It is a disgrace. We are total mugs for accepting it. One long holiday thanks to Andrews. What a to…
10-05-2021 13:56
RT @ProtectKidsAU: The Andrews government is a total DISGRACE — 50,465 public servants still working from home on top of good money and bon…
10-05-2021 13:54
@ronInBendigo @jkalbrechtsen Bring on Australia One and Riccardo Bosi. This Liberal and Labor tag team is not worki…
10-05-2021 13:49
RT @NotHappyJann: Beautiful
10-05-2021 13:44
@NotHappyJann @LawyersCity Awww. Bless their hearts. Both of them. Thank you God for balancing the scales like this. ❤️
10-05-2021 13:44
RT @ilSharko: Love.
10-05-2021 01:38
@AusAntiLeft Utterly disgusting. Suspect voting machines and half the Arab world forced upon that country by traitors.
10-05-2021 01:37
RT @catturd2: Arrest Fauci !!!
10-05-2021 01:33
RT @DMasa: @WatchtowerRome Never asked him to keep me safe nor did millions of others. Whoever doesn't feel safe can stay home indefinitely…
10-05-2021 01:32
RT @catturd2: Still my favorite meme of the year ...
09-05-2021 21:05
@Francis_Hoar Anyone who followed and obeyed needs to take a good, hard look at themselves. Seriously? Pathetic.
09-05-2021 21:04
RT @dbonthepiste: @Francis_Hoar 100% agree. People, brainwashed, following this advice..... please sit down and seriously think about it. Y…
09-05-2021 21:03
RT @Francis_Hoar: ‘From tomorrow, people from different households will be able to hug.’ Will people look back at their collective infanti…
09-05-2021 21:03
RT @Littleb29872980: WEAPON GRADE CYBER ATTACKS this only the beginning Cables:, Water infrastructure is next Gas lines in Europe is fighti…
09-05-2021 20:29
RT @PaulLaugh45: Hundred pounds says there’s a coyote under there!?🤔👀
09-05-2021 20:26
@LawyersCity @R_Impiombato Always been incestuous. Just more obvious currently.
09-05-2021 20:25
I see Jack Dorsey and his twatter are removing more and more tweets. Also removing anyone who tweets the greatest P…
09-05-2021 20:23
RT @CraigKellyMP: Just stop a think, that we have politicians in Australia ceding economic, political & military advantages to China - by d…
09-05-2021 20:18
RT @OMGTheMess: If the vaccine were a true vaccine, any individual, once immunised, should be safe and free to travel, anywhere.
09-05-2021 20:18
RT @catturd2: I won't be getting any moral lectures from the parents who raised Hunter Biden.
09-05-2021 20:17
RT @AusMiray: If you still believe this Covid narrative, we can’t be friends. It’s over.. It’s not me, it’s you 👋🏼👋🏼
09-05-2021 20:17
RT @ProtectKidsAU: [email protected] is the WORST premier in Australia's HISTORY.
09-05-2021 20:17
RT @ronInBendigo: @CraigKellyMP @sammyfranz Defund, ABC, Defund.
09-05-2021 20:17
RT @R_Impiombato: The Age has a large piece on Andrews, suggesting his office fucked up the spin on his disappearance. Everyone’s denying t…
09-05-2021 20:17
@stevoB59 @EEnuph Yes! This is sounding very much like what I heard.
09-05-2021 20:13
@EEnuph @veryluckyphil Please tell more.
09-05-2021 20:12
RT @EEnuph: I have it on 100% authority that Daniel Andrews will not be back.
09-05-2021 20:10
RT @CraigKellyMP: IVERMECTIN IN MEXICO A Mexico City study team generated compelling results which saw hospitalisation rates drop by 52% t…
09-05-2021 15:37
RT @RealMarkLatham: NSW Labor Leader Jodi McKay has just wished a Happy Mother’s Day to “the fathers who take on the role of mums”. Is that…
09-05-2021 15:37
@AusAntiLeft More. He got 80 million votes in November. Even more now after watching this other moron, Biden, destroy the world.
09-05-2021 15:34
RT @Littleb29872980: CABLES;AZ [DS][MSM] C_ia trained leaders AN,TIFA/ planning to create major FF/ Will be dressed as 45 Patriots/ SAME PL…
09-05-2021 08:33
RT @Littleb29872980: 10,000 D.U.M.B's around the world U.S has 1800 ... It's not a simple job to fix this.. Kill this. Take control. Lots o…
09-05-2021 08:32
RT @Littleb29872980: You have no idea the GLOBAL task and work on the Shoulders of White Hats, Military SOLDIERS, Whistle Blowers, and Patr…
09-05-2021 08:31
RT @Littleb29872980: U.S. Military w/GERMAN Command centers(u s ops) & NATO MiL allies doing Joint Exercises(Cover story) almost all across…
09-05-2021 08:31
@PupAnon4 @scooterbdoodle @DanScavino Don’t forget the rest of the world. Australia here. We Love him. 🇺🇸🇦🇺🇺🇸🇦🇺🇺🇸🇦🇺🇺🇸🇦🇺🇺🇸🇦🇺🇺🇸
09-05-2021 08:29
@scooterbdoodle @DanScavino Another brain dead liberal.
09-05-2021 08:28
RT @DanScavino:
09-05-2021 08:28
@robirdie777 Thank you gorgeous one. ❤️
08-05-2021 20:19
RT @maybe60794885:
08-05-2021 07:52
@LawyersCity One of many. All of which need to take responsibility for their actions against the people of this Sta…
08-05-2021 07:50
RT @LawyersCity:
08-05-2021 07:48
RT @Littleb29872980: Before Epstein was Hefner (c_ia blackmail/honey traps) who blackmailed over a million politicians, influencers,& Elite…
08-05-2021 07:48
RT @Littleb29872980: CABLES,: BILL GATES desperately trying to reach out MiL. GENERALS In U.S./AZ Senate/including Mike Lindell direct. As…
08-05-2021 07:46
RT @Littleb29872980: _Chinese Falling Rocket _NASA Rocket Launch -Both on the same day??? -Within hours of (MiL.ops) StarLink silent comm…
08-05-2021 07:45
@Windzeit3 @BuggaThe Utterly disgraceful. Brain dead climate zealots.
07-05-2021 11:39
RT @Windzeit3: We need more wind power #gogreen
07-05-2021 11:39
@TAWilson3 @AusAntiLeft @JohnRuddick2 Really? Even though masks do not work? Every study says exactly they. Whateve…
07-05-2021 11:38
@oraphimblue11 😂😂😂😂❤️ can just see him saying that! ❤️
07-05-2021 11:22
RT @oraphimblue11: N. C. S. W. I. C.
07-05-2021 11:22
RT @catturd2: Get woke - go broke.
07-05-2021 11:20
RT @catturd2: It gets hot in the summer and cold in the winter. Please don’t tell this to a Democrat - it’ll only confuse the hell out of…
07-05-2021 11:20
RT @CraigKellyMP: Interesting results from the grand 💉 experiment. Somehow, it’s the exact opposite what the experts foretold.
07-05-2021 11:20
@catturd2 😂😂😂😂 he is a complete moron. Humiliating to watch.
07-05-2021 11:19
RT @galapagosreigns: @Littleb29872980 Military needs to step in now. Tired of the fucking games and being strung along. Again, the awake ar…
07-05-2021 11:18
Being back the real President. We miss him. ❤️
07-05-2021 11:18
@damo_pelham3 @LaborIsTrash Oh look. Tony Blair’s horse faced mouthpiece. 👿👿👿
07-05-2021 07:42
RT @Trumpsta55: 💯👇
07-05-2021 07:40
@Grannyjob @BBCNews They DO support the French, that is why! They were in the French boats. They are a national dis…
07-05-2021 07:39
RT @Grannyjob: Why is the @BBCNews reporting the Fishing dispute as if they support the French???
07-05-2021 07:38
RT @mikepompeo: Facebook’s ban of President Trump is yet another overreach in the Left’s crusade to silence conversative voices. We must st…
07-05-2021 07:38
@carolyn2813928 What a funny number. Rings a bell that one. 👿👿👿
07-05-2021 07:38
RT @Roninriders1: @carolyn2813928 @Cloudwalker2019 66.6% where have we heard that before? Ephesians 6:12 “For we wrestle not against flesh…
07-05-2021 07:37
RT @carolyn2813928: WHAT are We Really Trying To Say here Gov. cOo PeR.... 👇👇👇👇
07-05-2021 07:37
@ned06665981 I’m hearing you. Happily pay to watch some of these. How on earth did we end up with so many evil bastards running the planet?
07-05-2021 07:36
07-05-2021 07:26
RT @ned06665981: This prick is everywhere. The world DICTATOR NEEDS THE SAME AS MUSSOLINI
07-05-2021 07:26
RT @CraigKellyMP: Pro-Mask lunatics that force school children to wear masks during an 800m race deserve to be jailed.…
07-05-2021 07:26
RT @chardonneyz: This Covid shite has forced me to re-evaluate relationships/friendships that I thought were rock solid. Anyone else found…
07-05-2021 07:25
RT @MrMichaelBurkes: Why are Democrats so against the audits? Because they know Trump won in a landslide!
07-05-2021 07:25
RT @LawyersCity:
07-05-2021 07:25
RT @RealMattCouch: SpaceX in the sky tonight... bizarre as Musk brings Global Internet...
07-05-2021 07:24
RT @ilSharko: Creepy Joe´s youtube videos get waay more dislikes than likes...😂😂😂 GET YOUR DOMINION DEAD VOTERS TO CLICK ON THAT LIKE BUTTO…
07-05-2021 07:24
So Jack is working on AI that will alter tweets. He is frightened of the election fraud tweets, human trafficking…
07-05-2021 07:23
RT @robirdie777: When Conspiracy Theorists have made more sense and better predictions than scientists, When lives and true facts really m…
07-05-2021 02:22
RT @LaborIsTrash: I don’t give a Rats Testicle how "Christian Porter" is funding his case against their ABC as long as he’s successful and…
07-05-2021 02:21
RT @Littleb29872980:
07-05-2021 02:09
@jsolomonReports Too much funny smoke inhaled from those Indian campfires, I think. Pocahontas is as corrupt as they come.
07-05-2021 02:08
RT @ilSharko: BOOOOOOOM!!!💥💥💥
07-05-2021 02:04
@robirdie777 Love these words Rob however.... sometimes I do love kicking a leftie head in. Ascending but in my own time. 😂😂😂
07-05-2021 02:04
RT @CSLewisDaily: “You may forget that you are at every moment totally dependent on God.”-C.S. Lewis
07-05-2021 02:01
RT @jsolomonReports: BREAKING: Maricopa County withholding subpoenaed hardware from election audit, citing alleged ‘security risk’ | Just T…
07-05-2021 02:01
RT @AmberX994874: Hates everything about Australia ....except all that lovely money we pay her and spending time in the Qantas Chairman's L…
07-05-2021 02:01
RT @DogDuffy: Woke psy-op technique: "Repetition reduces vigilance" Antidote2: 1. Ridicule their repetition. 2. Ridicule what they repeat…
07-05-2021 02:00
RT @BreitbartNews: Restaurants owned by white men will be last in line for federal relief under President Joe Biden's "Restaurants Revitali…
07-05-2021 02:00
@EnglandFootball What total BS. Woke W⚓️s.
07-05-2021 02:00
@Meggone2 Bring it all out. Don’t let them get away with burying it all. They will have no choice when the militar…
07-05-2021 01:58
RT @Meggone2: Daniel Andrews government fights to keep pandemic documents secret
07-05-2021 01:57
RT @Corleone_Roller: The Paris Agreement should be renamed as THE CHINA GOVERNMENT WESTERN CON JOB.
07-05-2021 01:56
RT @Jim_Jordan: Democrats cheer on #BigTech’s censorship of conservatives. Why are they afraid of free speech?
07-05-2021 01:56
@AusMiray This is so incredibly ridiculous that I’m sure it must be part of some ghastly joke. There will be no wom…
07-05-2021 01:55
RT @JennaEllisEsq: INBOX:
07-05-2021 01:51
RT @CraigKellyMP: Victoriastan is going to ban gas cook-tops to stop bad weather, end droughts & floods. A demented cult was taken contro…
07-05-2021 01:50
RT @CraigKellyMP: The death knell for International Vaccine Passports ? Over 1/3 of the Seychelles active cases are of people that have ha…
07-05-2021 01:10
07-05-2021 01:10
RT @oraphimblue11:
07-05-2021 01:09
RT @JackPosobiec: Please do not RT this clip of @RepVernonJones destroying woke professor Mark Lamont Hill over Critical Race Theory https…
07-05-2021 01:08
RT @Carmilla5:
07-05-2021 01:08
@Sashii_mii @DanScavino Hey. Serious question. Is it hard for you to breathe and stuff? Sure sounds like it would be....
06-05-2021 16:18
RT @GandBLawyers: Clearly there are documents that will prove that there was no justification for the Andrews, Sutton and Mikakos Victorian…
06-05-2021 16:11
RT @del_griffth: @JackPosobiec Notice how the interview between Mike Lindell and Jimmy Kimmel got almost no exposure? It’s cause Jimmy came…
06-05-2021 16:10
RT @CraigKellyMP: Ivermectin saves lives. Ivermectin suppression & denial kills ☠️ With 52 out of 53 published studies showing Ivermecti…
06-05-2021 16:04
RT @dsr150250: What gives you any right to demand anything
06-05-2021 16:04
RT @CariKelemen: Looks like Broka–Cola got hit in the wallet.
06-05-2021 16:03
RT @Julian_74: Some of the people I’ve met on here are some of the greatest people I’ve met in my life. A smaller number I’ve had the chanc…
06-05-2021 16:01
RT @goodfoodgal: Can you believe in 2021 that people in western countries are actually protesting to get their freedom back? Be forever vi…
06-05-2021 16:01
RT @Littleb29872980: [They] DNC RINO's BLM ANTIFA [DS] [MSM] are all AWARE a COUP is happening!! & MAGA, PATRIOTS Q & ANON'S are on a WAR P…
06-05-2021 15:32
RT @Littleb29872980: Here we Go.. Hang tough Patriots... Don't fall apart// We all knew this was coming
06-05-2021 15:28
RT @Littleb29872980: AZ audit update/puzzle _Gates divorce _Dominion machines vote tally can be changed by Microsoft SQL Server _AZ Democts…
06-05-2021 15:28
RT @Littleb29872980: CABLES; MiL Courts possession of Durham Report OBAMA stole over Trillion to fund Wars, Iran nuke programs & funneled m…
06-05-2021 15:26
RT @goodfoodgal: New definition of a “conspiracy theorist”: Anyone who asks a question.
06-05-2021 10:46
RT @JTS_1957: @Dr_Rick_H @KristenMeghan @mamasaurusMeg My favorite lately (because I have a small mean streak) is to challenge the idiot ma…
06-05-2021 10:46
RT @DogDuffy: Seychelles have vaccinated 62% of adult population, two doses each. They used the Chinese vaccine via UAE then added a AstraZ…
06-05-2021 10:45
RT @Redpilled9: @FatEmperor Covid deaths total Australia: 910 Covid deaths total Victoria: 820 Almost all deaths in Aged Care were labelled…
06-05-2021 10:44
RT @BreesAnna: BREAKING.. lots of new faces signing up to the celebrity campaign... Please share
06-05-2021 06:10
06-05-2021 05:11
06-05-2021 05:11
@CraigKellyMP Whata complete disgrace. That we share the planet with these low life cockroaches offends me, no end.
06-05-2021 05:09
RT @Littleb29872980: COUP TAKING PLACE; Even BLM knows a COUP is taking place! [DS] PANIC is REAL =Audits. BLM plans to ban Trump from hold…
06-05-2021 05:07
@aus_spirit You’ve got to be kidding. I feel as if we are living in one of those sliding doors situations. The quic…
06-05-2021 05:05
@Littleb29872980 An internal militia that must be destroyed. The bikkies and mafia are watching.
06-05-2021 05:02
RT @Littleb29872980: If you still don't know BLM Antifa is a voice for [DS] (soros hrc OBAMA Rothchls Rockerfls Msm JB ext ext ext..) BLM…
06-05-2021 05:01
RT @Littleb29872980: Gates divorce> Bill knows the Market is going to crash _he can't sell his shares would create chaos/later Gov. Would c…
05-05-2021 15:30
The Democrats are “swarming” the Great State of Ari…
05-05-2021 05:27
The Fraudulent Presidential Election of 2020 will be, f…
05-05-2021 05:27
@catedempsey We are in dangerous times when a persons life is ruined, their name besmirched forever because ‘the me…
04-05-2021 18:12
RT @catedempsey: Notice how quiet the media are about the acquittal of Craig MacLachlan? They drum up a lot of hatred, but when there's an…
04-05-2021 18:07
RT @OMGTheMess: China has problems with; Australia New Zealand India Hong Kong Taiwan Phillipines Vietnam Japan Mongolia PNG Vanuatu F…
04-05-2021 18:07
RT @ilSharko: Buenos días to everyone excepto señor pizza sheet himselfo Twitter Jacko. HAVE AN AMAZING DÍA, PATRIOTOS!!! I❤U
04-05-2021 18:06
RT @Littleb29872980: DC Capt. Board up again?? Blocked? GENERALS force to step down last night??JB admin. Blocked from Pentagon??DC live fe…
04-05-2021 15:12
@ilSharko 😅😅😅😅 ❤️ mi amori Il Presidente. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🇦🇺🇺🇸🇦🇺🇺🇸🇦🇺🇺🇸🇦🇺🇺🇸🇦🇺🇺🇸🇦🇺🇺🇸🇦🇺
04-05-2021 15:12
RT @ilSharko: Spanisho word of the day...
04-05-2021 14:20
@ilSharko @TrumpoDon Done.
04-05-2021 14:20
RT @ilSharko: 😂😂😂
04-05-2021 14:19
RT @ilSharko: Buenas Noches to the most amazing Patriotos in the world. I LOVE YOU WITH ALL OF MI HEARTO. Love and hug that beautiful Famil…
04-05-2021 14:19
04-05-2021 14:17
RT @LawyersCity: Under Belt & Road, Andrews gave away huge infrastructure contracts to CCP companies: West Gate Tunnel, Metro Tunnel & high…
04-05-2021 13:06
RT @goodfoodgal: These two people get paid by Australians to hate Australia...
04-05-2021 13:06
RT @catedempsey: Well? Get to it then! It was never a good idea to lease a key strategic port to a country that keeps talking about how Aus…
04-05-2021 13:04
RT @HankMeyerNAPP: Unified Security to sue the Vic Govt over $11m in unpaid invoices. I’d love to see what falls out of that case.
04-05-2021 13:03
RT @LucasBSdetector: I found Sutton & Andrews #SlugGate
04-05-2021 12:29
RT @KonstantinKisin: The last year has reinforced a well-known truth: most people will happily trade a lot of freedoms for a bit of safety…
04-05-2021 12:29
RT @LawyersCity: Who made the call to shut down the investigation ? This is Victoria so we can trust The Age & the ABC not to find out. Tim…
04-05-2021 12:29
RT @iliasofjohn: Major Percy Black. DSO, DCM, MID x3, Croix De Guerre "Australia's bravest ever soldier" We lost him at 1st Bullecourt, 1…
04-05-2021 12:29
RT @JGademski: Isn't Sutton quiet. The silence started when you know who fell down some stairs.
04-05-2021 12:28
RT @JGademski: I Just heard on 3AW that John Holland is owned by the chinese government. Is that the same John Holland who have the cream o…
04-05-2021 12:28
RT @PhilMarsom: @ozhomeschool Yep Patten with injecting rooms . Animal justice deal to open dog grooming during shutdown and green wind far…
04-05-2021 12:28
RT @826Maureen: Look at this disgrace-disband them! “THE Australian Human Rights Commission has been forced into embarrassing backdown aft…
04-05-2021 12:03
RT @HankMeyerNAPP: Needs to be seen again for sure
04-05-2021 12:02
RT @LawyersCity: I have no confidence in this man and he has a dangerous activist mindset. How can a native Autralian be "nationalist" ? Do…
04-05-2021 12:02
RT @Advance_Aust1: @theheraldsun Yet no deaths, none in ICU & hospital beds empty ! But it's hyper infectious, sneaky & cunning.... So ve…
04-05-2021 12:02
RT @DocWilliams18: Can any Chinese person, even a troll explain to me why china has the right to own a harbour in our country , namely Por…
04-05-2021 12:02
RT @AndyMelb28: 40% of ASIO's budget is devoted to right wing extremism.I'm calling this bullshit. Apparently they say misogynist chatter i…
04-05-2021 12:01
RT @ronInBendigo: @theheraldsun Did Sutton plant the Covid in the sewage like the slug in the factory?
04-05-2021 12:01
RT @hooksbaited: Here us roar 🦁
04-05-2021 12:00
RT @LawyersCity: hype. All ALP MPs send their kids to private schools & when the veil is lifted they're dancing with billionaires down in P…
04-05-2021 11:59
RT @LawyersCity: Why do I have to read this from a Cairns newspaper ?Where's The Age & the ABC ? Our socialist left Premier dances with the…
04-05-2021 11:59
RT @goodfoodgal: This is probably one of the most sickening “vaccine” interviews I have seen so far.
04-05-2021 11:58
@robirdie777 Yes. Mine used to take peanut butter on whole grain bread ( they love it!) out of my hand. So trusting. ❤️❤️❤️
04-05-2021 02:58
@SayNoToSino 😂😂😂😂
04-05-2021 02:57
@WatchtowerRome Such a nasty plandemic that if you turned the TV off, no one would know it existed.
04-05-2021 02:57
RT @AusAntiLeft: “BLM Global” Group Calls for the Rape and Murder of White People: “It Ain’t Murder When It’s For Equality”…
04-05-2021 02:55
@AliciaVincler @CraigSobey The hypocrisy of it takes my breath away. Really? What a damn cheek. 😲
04-05-2021 02:55
RT @AliciaVincler: Bill Gates just asked us all for privacy..... let that sink in. Privacy.
04-05-2021 02:54
@robirdie777 They are so cute. I feed them too. ❤️❤️❤️
04-05-2021 02:54
RT @catturd2: Democrats want to control every aspect of your life.
04-05-2021 02:53
@ned06665981 @goodfoodgal Straight to Bill Gates. 😡😡😡
04-05-2021 02:53
@ronInBendigo Protecting their assets so that when the President’s (Trumps) Executive Order about forfeiting any as…
04-05-2021 02:51
@dsr150250 Australia One’s Riccardo Bosi but in this Government let’s put the man with goolies in charge, Peter Dutton.
03-05-2021 23:06
RT @JamesShorthous3: @CraigKellyMP Not just Darwin. All of our ports and critical infrastructure. The government should also limit foreig…
03-05-2021 23:04
RT @CraigKellyMP: Let's get the Port of Darwin back in Aussie hands NOW I'm sure the Chinese owner will understand & cooperate with handi…
03-05-2021 23:04
@ilDonaldoTrumpo Jack is another commo wanker Il Presidente. Cannot wait to see all assets and all pesos are taken from him.
03-05-2021 23:03
RT @catturd2: 15 months to flatten the middle class and small businesses - while making mega-corporations 5x richer.
03-05-2021 16:11
RT @OMGTheMess: This must be why so many are dying
03-05-2021 14:52
RT @seanhannity: Mr. Climate Kerry owns $15 million in oil and gas stock 👇
03-05-2021 14:51
RT @catturd2: Buh-Bye: Never-Trump TX Candidate Endorsed by Adam Kinzinger Only Gets 3% of Vote in Texas Congressional Race…
03-05-2021 13:52
RT @TiceRichard: I saw & listened to this delightful well dressed gentleman preaching the Gospel on Friday in Uxbridge centre. @metpoliceuk…
03-05-2021 13:52
RT @LawyersCity: MY SON THINKS THIS IS FUNNY: I have been to inherent self loathing - intrinsic bias training & know, now, that it is wrong…
03-05-2021 13:52
@LawyersCity 😂😂😂😂
03-05-2021 13:52
RT @Littleb29872980: MIL. NEWS _Russian troops>> Ukr. 2 million Activated for duty. heavy artillery& tanks >going West _Gaza strip missiles…
03-05-2021 13:19