🌈Triky🌈 (@Triky99286906) — just doing things. proud gay guy. I like video games and stuff. have a good day.
@IntroSpecktive Another character for little Timmy to play vs the AI.
08-07-2020 01:10
@LandonHood4 @Kemmo_Ado @Schaffrillas Boi, it's just a statement for fun, like if I were to say that a picture of a… https://t.co/Vsm1GfCIj7
07-07-2020 17:21
@ReviewsPokemon On most "most hated mons" lists
07-07-2020 06:39
@IntroSpecktive It took me my whole summer vacation to finish Naruto and Naruto shippuden from start to finish. So… https://t.co/lIMTLv6muu
06-07-2020 21:32
@PushDustIn Blonde lady picks vegetables.
06-07-2020 17:08
@JisuArtist Nvm, took some time but I managed to find a way to read it all. To think such an awful person could put… https://t.co/D8OHdOYMGN
05-07-2020 21:43
@JisuArtist I physically cannot open the document, can someone please tell me what she said? A summery is fine if i… https://t.co/5NsghP3R23
05-07-2020 20:45
@Dislike24 It would be really fun to have like a klefki, it has personality and it also wouldn't mind keeping track of car keys
03-07-2020 07:03
@kiravera8 I pray you didn't run into many steel types
02-07-2020 22:13
@kiravera8 One words describes the moon team.....FAIRY
02-07-2020 22:12
@LuxieGames No hate or shade btw, just a question I've always wanted to ask streamers
02-07-2020 09:10
@LuxieGames Just curious. Why do so many streamers hate backseating? The chat is more interactive with you as you t… https://t.co/uBwEfhx4at
02-07-2020 09:10
RT @PuppehSSB: My experience with Cinnpie Read: https://t.co/fUXxYXshhc
02-07-2020 01:28
RT @zel_kinne: The Smash community is fucking weird, man https://t.co/N9DY1F8PoR
02-07-2020 00:42
@SmogonU I want to see a doubles version of this as well, anyone got any sources similar to this that has info for doubles?
01-07-2020 21:40
@ilapaperx I hate getting dirty, plus that blue scarf and weird hair do NOT fit with me
01-07-2020 21:18
@ilapaperx Easily the worst character in Sun and moon...lily that is, lusamine rocks in terms of character development, plot, and design
01-07-2020 19:15
I know not all the sword characters are easy, or viable. But I still find it shocking that in a fighting game that… https://t.co/7ReUiOYOXI
30-06-2020 08:03
Know what I miss about old #SmashBros games? That half the roster didn't wield some sort of sword or weapon that ha… https://t.co/8Lkj6rUjz3
30-06-2020 08:03
@IntroSpecktive If i like her than she has potential to be one of my mains, however I'm not going to decide just ye… https://t.co/dzaKhEsXaa
30-06-2020 02:15
@KirbyBeast @Yansaboom @IntroSpecktive Boi, the internet is at your fingertips, do some research before you waste time again 😂
29-06-2020 17:33
@DiazKmrn @Pokemon It was a joke fam.
27-06-2020 00:30
@Pokemon Question...fire types are weak to water and saliva has water like qualities so technically wouldn't the wa… https://t.co/YIuffqkmG9
26-06-2020 21:24
@Reggie05131617 @Stealth40k It's fine, no worries
26-06-2020 21:20
@Reggie05131617 @Stealth40k I'm lost, I said i like a few of gen 1 and 2 mins even with their designs. In fact my f… https://t.co/uQrqY5eTG0
26-06-2020 21:03
@VolksDK @JoeMerrick Ah ok, I thought it might have been a universal glitch
26-06-2020 19:57
@neophenx @Getthedraco @JoeMerrick @VolksDK I'm confused on this, I got Pokemon from home and they were already reg… https://t.co/QeVumllW52
26-06-2020 19:48
@Reggie05131617 @Stealth40k What's wrong with objective pokemon? They are fake creatures so wacky stuff like object… https://t.co/8bfXvP90TP
26-06-2020 19:47
@SelphieSquall @MetroidSoldier @Sora_Sakurai I think smash 4 has beat fur texture but ultimate has best model and stuff.
26-06-2020 09:46
@Reggie05131617 @Stealth40k Tbh gen 1 and 2 had so little compared to what we have now that it's hard to consider t… https://t.co/zcmOfIG36C
25-06-2020 18:52
@aenima72826 @NintendoAmerica Ok thank you, sorry for the annoying questions
24-06-2020 07:19
@aenima72826 @NintendoAmerica Just to be 100% sure you did this AFTER you downloaded the isle of armor right?
24-06-2020 07:04
@NintendoAmerica This isn't really a question for just Nintendo but for anyone who knows. Can you delete save data… https://t.co/AoZ7qosE4k
24-06-2020 06:45
@Nindroid560 @AshRetweets But that's the thing, you have to delete saved data so doesn't that mean the downloaded d… https://t.co/DByrro1fgH
24-06-2020 06:26
#pokemonSwSh #PokemonSwordShield Anyone know if deleting save data AFTER buying the dlc and having it downloaded… https://t.co/qGXKPCmIm8
24-06-2020 06:05
@smiIeyman @SamuelChurch14 @Fog_TXPH I agree he would enjoy the creative aspects of finding this stuff out tjough,… https://t.co/W51fHbjpBw
23-06-2020 20:21
@smiIeyman @SamuelChurch14 @Fog_TXPH Doesn't he himself say smash was always intended to be a party game and nothin… https://t.co/T4PirZSq0T
23-06-2020 20:20
@smiIeyman @SamuelChurch14 @Fog_TXPH Not really, he only left it in because he thought nobody would abuse it to the… https://t.co/9UPDFQL3YA
23-06-2020 19:58
@Draconitix @Technoblast649 @Scrubahhh @MrNobodyJP @zerowondering And there are not many pockets. There is pocket f… https://t.co/NIuBY72Jn4
23-06-2020 19:55
@Draconitix @Technoblast649 @Scrubahhh @MrNobodyJP @zerowondering All I'm gonna say is that the gods of melee who a… https://t.co/tCA68A7rAU
23-06-2020 19:53
@TKatt187 @NintendoAmerica Min Min is still cool and looks really fun, but when thinking about arms the first chara… https://t.co/3jSFZgFo9V
22-06-2020 22:56
@TKatt187 @NintendoAmerica I would have rather had Twintelle myself, I was looking at the roster yesterday in smash… https://t.co/ITPqo34Id1
22-06-2020 22:55
@Mr_Gamer915 @SuperButterBuns I love him, my only issue is that his romance plot that's kinda there is a bit rushed… https://t.co/BP8Xg6YM29
21-06-2020 21:32
@Amytitt Every gen besides 4, 5, and 7 suck. Gen 5 had an amazing story and brought some cool competitive items, ge… https://t.co/H529j9EpVR
21-06-2020 20:59
RT @tempestSSBU: The Yoshi Infinite in Smash Bros. Ultimate rt to scare a yoshi main lol https://t.co/5L0FL89VYp
21-06-2020 20:54
@zerowondering For me the hardest part is that I feel like nothing has changed, I've changed my diet, worked out, a… https://t.co/wCHhjBEVVm
20-06-2020 20:39
@TheMaxxus2 @BadPkmnTakes Ah ok, still pretty cool theory though
20-06-2020 20:35
@abcboy101 I thought all mythical and legendary Pokemon were returning? Yet I don't see meloetta? (Forgot her spell… https://t.co/VkhSPeHkVH
20-06-2020 19:09
@Touyarokii Between Jynx or my snowflake boi
20-06-2020 18:52
@TheMaxxus2 @BadPkmnTakes Does the pokedex state its based on a blimp? I thought that was more drifblim and togekis… https://t.co/XpoSOAd6g7
19-06-2020 22:58
@DynamoUltimo @BadPkmnTakes That's just my opinion tho, I don't think the game is ruined, but an annoyance it is Indeed
19-06-2020 22:55
@DynamoUltimo @BadPkmnTakes Well, for gameplay reasons all Pokemon should be at a set following distance. I don't w… https://t.co/PkqEOvnQV7
19-06-2020 22:52
@BadPkmnTakes Ok, but is he talking about slowpoke you catch or the trained ones from mustard. Because people autom… https://t.co/Num8v4rbg0
19-06-2020 22:46
@Alpharad I want twintelle, gimme the time freezeing/floating zoner who I can make people cry with in style.
19-06-2020 22:34
#PokemonSwordShield #Pokemon I feel as if Avery and Klara would make awesome rivals in the main game. They have in… https://t.co/aeWem2dseF
19-06-2020 19:58
@RyxnUK @EeveeA_ @A_Seagull @Chintzy_OW @agilities I thought they needed it from that a while ago? Idk, I don't pla… https://t.co/bNYoIAbEOX
19-06-2020 19:36
@CooleosFire @IntroSpecktive I would be down to have a doc of first parties than to wrap up this fighters pass we g… https://t.co/ovuAxA8UcD
18-06-2020 22:34
@EeveeA_ @A_Seagull @Chintzy_OW @agilities He is non-nano genji going against 60 hps mercy ult, plus anas nade perc… https://t.co/kbV8WRchl7
18-06-2020 21:03
@CooleosFire @IntroSpecktive I'm personally fine with first party reps as long as they are from new first party ser… https://t.co/NHI1kjcJOS
18-06-2020 20:54
@AsterNixxx @krissanthimum Oh. Well good to know that the curry I made for growth each time literally went in the g… https://t.co/x7CPhwCWG1
18-06-2020 02:36
@AsterNixxx @krissanthimum I'm sorry, but there no way a flying moth is so slow that it can't keep up with me, how… https://t.co/Pc2XymTyck
18-06-2020 02:28
@vinwin1997 That's a horrible design decision, I want my Pokemon to travel beside or behind me, not lightyears away from me.
18-06-2020 01:04
#PokemonSwordShield #NintendoSwitch Why are like all the pokemon sooo slow? I cant enjoy them following me if they… https://t.co/DOJo2Iq7nF
17-06-2020 23:50
@JoeMerrick Yes, those are options, bit Pokemon home is stupid to begin with since features are locked behind a big… https://t.co/LfDD15sdKQ
16-06-2020 01:51
@kittymingi Sorry for the confusion
13-06-2020 07:27
@kittymingi @Youngfo143340 @cakefacecutie I'll be honest, I was looking at somwthing else when typing that out so p… https://t.co/SEa8RZWaz6
13-06-2020 07:25
@Youngfo143340 @kittymingi @cakefacecutie Or both genders could mutually respect each other, like none is better th… https://t.co/71GXwPzmsh
13-06-2020 00:16
@IntroSpecktive Shake things*
03-06-2020 09:29
@IntroSpecktive Honestly I think the game needs major stuff to shale thongs up, I love smash but with animal crossi… https://t.co/Px8T8kf2pf
03-06-2020 09:28
RT @Tyler_Sederwall: @YourAnonCentral I have a feeling that this movement is starting to become larger than just black lives matter. people…
02-06-2020 05:22
There are many more issues, but that's where I'll stop, just like the racism and police brutality on civilians need… https://t.co/HVfhHxn3IG
01-06-2020 18:21
-resort to violence just because you didn't follow one specific order they said when in reality they probably got b… https://t.co/cLFSnmQ5Yx
01-06-2020 18:21
-carry weapons to kill someone with them 24/7 -have killed innocent children or harmed them including recent events… https://t.co/dq3lC4tDYy
01-06-2020 18:21
Someone please answer me this: how am I supposed to feel safe around people who -tear gas and pepper spray peacefu… https://t.co/PE7A0gPDcr
01-06-2020 18:21
@BenOwen7 @scubast82567667 @MichaelSosis @SleekHorizon @ZackBornstein @BradleyWhitford @LukeMacGregorUK It doesn't… https://t.co/J7PB4gAT8W
01-06-2020 18:09
RT @jwytae: listen to this strong woman words to the cops. for sure they have nothing else to say in embarrassment! #BLACK_LIVES_MATTER ht…
31-05-2020 00:25
RT @busansflirt: these are the things they couldn’t do without fear of being harmed or killed. nobody cares about ur property getting destr…
30-05-2020 23:22
RT @demxnsplay: this is so disturbing. Ppl who are supposed to protect "us" are doing shit like this to INNOCENT PPL LIKE FORGET ABOUT UR F…
30-05-2020 23:21
RT @moonftlwt: this spoke volumes. #JusticeForGeorgeFlyod #RAISETHEDEGREE #BlackLivesMatter https://t.co/z1gboP5w7u
30-05-2020 07:29
RT @Julianna_126: please read, share, and retweet. #blacklivesmatter #JusticeForGeorge #JusticeForGeorgeFlyod https://t.co/H8uOMkNW7n
30-05-2020 07:22
@MPJr @Tyler_Sederwall Sorry, but that is not a good option, why wait for "god" to change something when people hav… https://t.co/Ybfhl8sF4m
30-05-2020 02:24
RT @hankgreen: It is wild that we live in a country with such a deep cultural disconnect and lack of empathy that a call to recognize the v…
30-05-2020 02:22
RT @Tyler_Sederwall: It’s simple. Charge the white man who murdered the black man with murder. Don’t just fire him and then protect him fro…
30-05-2020 02:21
RT @TrueThoughts82: @realDonaldTrump Can you explain this to me please? I’m trying to see something... https://t.co/tPLi2UrLYE
30-05-2020 02:14
RT @todopokie: pls sign it will only take a moment out of ur day #BlackLivesMatter https://t.co/8K5V4wNBvD
30-05-2020 02:02
RT @Alpharad: https://t.co/TEHZA6Q4WZ
30-05-2020 02:02
RT @Tyler_Sederwall: Black lives matter. I stand with our brothers and sisters fighting to be treated more fairly by a system and nation th…
30-05-2020 01:56
RT @TheCamSteady: One of the biggest issues with our corrupt Police Force is that we have ZERO way to physically interfere. Dozens saw Geor…
30-05-2020 01:40
RT @AskFareeha: Hey! #BlackLivesMatter . And If you're tired of seeing all the posts about protests and racism.. Imagine how tired the pe…
30-05-2020 01:39
@supremegamer76 @IntroSpecktive 30 dollars for both, it's a bundle
25-05-2020 08:59
@Michael64DS @Antiant27 @IntroSpecktive I would still at least try it if I were you. The new story, fashion, and co… https://t.co/Jw9yNUl42e
25-05-2020 08:56
RT @Jihi_chan: A fanart i made that describes @xQc chat LULW https://t.co/2vfOE6FeuW
19-05-2020 07:39
@emonggtv The one on the ground
18-05-2020 22:20
RT @WaluigiWAAAHAHA: Retweet to scare a Paper Mario fan https://t.co/TRPt7gcWPA
17-05-2020 05:29
@MasaeAnela Will VVVVV return
17-05-2020 00:28
When you spend many miles on tickets just to not get a single good villager. Feelsbadman
29-04-2020 01:02
@tark_kx @UltimateViolet The best boi
28-04-2020 18:15
@DynamoSuper Only issue I have is peach, something is off about her and I can't pinpoint it.
22-04-2020 23:15
@TAHK0 This is mostly a joke don't hurt me Pokemon fan people
21-04-2020 21:59
@TAHK0 It's almost like a game that promised free updates delivers on said updates. Instead of locking half the con… https://t.co/7PDQTGxVWc
21-04-2020 21:59
Who do you think is the worst #Overwatch hero right now? I would put my money on either Bastion or solo main heal mercy.
21-04-2020 21:36
How is everyone enjoying echo in #Overwatch I'm enjoying her a lot, tho I need a lot of practice since I'm very inc… https://t.co/ICbDqQ0FI9
15-04-2020 22:45
@CartoonHangout @MasaeAnela I don't hate him, he's probably my second favorite designed event characters
14-04-2020 02:41
RT @MasaeAnela: Happy Bunny Day... #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch https://t.co/hL12NWqOo5
12-04-2020 19:17
@MasaeAnela Just remember...after today....NO. MORE. EGGS! WE ARE FREE
12-04-2020 19:17
@PlayOverwatch Thanks! I can't wait to try her out now.
09-04-2020 22:21
RT @PlayOverwatch: Following the flight plan. Echo swoops into Overwatch on April 14! https://t.co/BWO8W6ivDO
09-04-2020 22:18
@lucahjin I ask the same thing daily as I struggle to get a single new piece of furniture
09-04-2020 07:54
RT @trevordarrena: @lucahjin Danganronpa V4: Horizons Forever Changed https://t.co/nujSIrqXhS
08-04-2020 21:29
@Fitzyhere We all love you Fitzy, and are here to support you ❤
06-04-2020 23:39
@MasaeAnela I would like a more direct way of removing villagers, it's so easy to recrute them but so hard to get r… https://t.co/MpJxzb0VbE
06-04-2020 23:32
@lofirabbit Ah I see, thank you so much for the info, cause like I have a wooden bench for furniture and that's it lol
04-04-2020 08:46
How do y'all decorate your homes so well in #AnimalCrossingNH ? I can't find a single piece of furniture I like to… https://t.co/NkcZ6NsvKP
04-04-2020 08:02
Making a cafe area in acnh, it just needs tables n'stuff! My island can soon enjoy some soda and tea.… https://t.co/xUIX7khaRE
04-04-2020 01:15
RT @GoNintendoTweet: The Animal Crossing grandma has finally gotten a copy of Animal Crossing: New Horizons https://t.co/4NO7tEEmYq https:/…
03-04-2020 14:35
@MasaeAnela Have you left it on the title screen over night too long? Or anything like that? I've never had a singl… https://t.co/HK2DxN3Phl
03-04-2020 14:27
RT @MasaeAnela: No memes or jokes here, I just really really love how this picture of Twiggy turned out. #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwi…
01-04-2020 22:50
You might like this @lucahjin https://t.co/SkUTZFej0M
30-03-2020 19:45
@lucahjin Use the y button to fill in the holes, it's quicker and doesn't use your shovel
29-03-2020 23:55
RT @Wattereo: Paper Mario room!! Saw the cutout trees and had an idea... #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch https://t.co/0CDfDGHOLs
29-03-2020 03:09
@MasaeAnela I love the bow! I haunt even seen one of those till now
29-03-2020 02:35
@SIECrimson @HoodlumCallum I don't think any Pokemon game is hard. We only thought that way cause we were kids. Eve… https://t.co/6GXN0S8LfU
29-03-2020 02:32
@BetsyMWebb Just curious, do you think that school will be out of session longer for 2 weeks? If so what will we d… https://t.co/7XQk9WkTJ5
20-03-2020 05:23
The hardest part about watching a let's play on YouTube is that you get absorbed into the story and feel like you c… https://t.co/VgTj9FJznP
14-03-2020 10:12
@5foot1girl Then just ask him out the normal way next time, before you say "I'm NeRvOuS" well he could be NeRvOuS r… https://t.co/qTSTr1GoBI
15-02-2020 03:00
@FawfulsMinion Clarifying: by beat the game I mean getting all the moon's period.
14-02-2020 14:56
@FawfulsMinion To be fair, Mario odyssy struggles with what every other Mario game struggles with, once you beat th… https://t.co/MGevKV2gvd
14-02-2020 14:56
RT @emonggtv: Unpopular opinion but I don't enjoy playing against mei.
11-02-2020 05:53
RT @EnvyJayne: CRUNCH TIME!!!
08-02-2020 23:45
Note: idrk if hanzo counters widow, I just needed a dps hero tbh.
07-02-2020 22:28
#Overwatch https://t.co/v79II6Vg1n
07-02-2020 22:27
@meatresendez @PlayOverwatch Why? These are pretty decent balance changes overall imo.
07-02-2020 22:25
@ChrisRGun @VxPhoenix Fun fact: Pokemon and Mario have more representation and characters than fire emblem. And tha… https://t.co/xHEfLkMekl
19-01-2020 10:07
Meant to say (1/2) not (1/3) r.i.p
18-01-2020 19:04
Has multiple weapons, and his design actually looks pretty cool. I don't really see what the issue is here, as lon… https://t.co/J2rZ2HJYrj
18-01-2020 19:03
#SmashBrosUltimate I feel the dlc reveal honestly wasn't that bad. Yes it was another fire emblem character, but th… https://t.co/lOGmF4zSNf
18-01-2020 19:03