Meeesh - Mother of Triffids (@Troglit) — 🧚‍♂️Faery🐾Furry ⚔️Fencer🎨Artist🐉SavagePlants🌱SFW☀ A big green fuzzy MedievalMonster stuck in the wrong year. Suspiciously plant-shaped.
@xLazyCreations ooof need to catch you on VR! :D
11-05-2021 14:19
RT @Sketchbuck: Had an absolute wild time with this illustration for @/_pyewacket_ & @/Drayygon. The colours were SO fun. Looking forward t…
10-05-2021 12:52
@cocotherabbit3 happy birthday! :D
09-05-2021 14:03
i could be a hairy frog.
09-05-2021 13:03
Very proud of the newly opened nepenthes jug <3 #nepenthes #pitcherplant #carnivorousplant
09-05-2021 12:45
RT @Pineapples_Derg: #FursuitFriday #fursuit #furry Join me on the couch? 💜💙💚💛
07-05-2021 21:16
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Rawr! #FursuitFriday #furry #fursuit
07-05-2021 16:03
29 12
livestreamed doodles and took requests. obv the channel was full of furries ;)
06-05-2021 23:21
@tryst_me 3: doesnt sound good *hug*
06-05-2021 15:39
@JayDaArcticWolf Happy Birthday!!! <3 <3 have a good one :D
06-05-2021 12:11
a little WIP which i streamed last night. i just wanted to draw a smol cute plantymeeesh
05-05-2021 11:00
RT @BrickRaccoon: I miss playing DnD, if any of y'all got space in campaigns I'd love to join 😭😭😭
04-05-2021 13:03
@imagni dont even get me started on the blue venus flytraps..
03-05-2021 19:32
RT @Pineapples_Derg: Hanging out with @Troglit, being all fuzzy and adorable!
03-05-2021 11:04
@TrollDoodle 💚🧡💛 would love to do another collab with you at somepoint 👍
02-05-2021 23:53
@Poodle_Tastic @sticksthefox ngl mermaiding interests me so much <3
02-05-2021 21:20
RT @TrollDoodle: A gift for @Troglit over at @TrollsCanPaint, who has helped introduce me to a wonderful community and have more confidence…
02-05-2021 16:15
RT @TrollDoodle: First head shot of 3 for @Steinwill1 and of their snow leopard bandit, Azemn. Thank you for the love and support. https:/…
02-05-2021 16:13
old meeeeeeeesh (2013)
02-05-2021 13:22
its important to know that Meeesh began as a jungle troll. i still love the idea but since then shes kinda deviated…
02-05-2021 13:21
@Lucalbio It's so snug to wear :D
30-04-2021 09:49
113 8
Someone got a revamp! MUCH happier with her overall look now!! Also a much neater build, tidied some issues up and…
30-04-2021 09:43
RT @WooferMollia: Trash-vali asserting dominance
29-04-2021 23:14
@RenTradewind @ccjellis @JasmineKingArt and myself are dragon artists 🐉
29-04-2021 19:12
@LozsBakingCo yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
28-04-2021 14:13
@Reskell492 i cant stop tinkering with meeesh >.> remade about a third of her during lockdown..
28-04-2021 11:44
RT @Reskell492: HEY! Not touched your fursuit during this pandemic? Pull it out, pull that head down from a shelf or bodysuit out of stora…
28-04-2021 11:43
@ccjellis Happy Birthday!!! <3<3
28-04-2021 11:42
@MustanHorse Happy Birthday hoss!!
27-04-2021 21:21
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RT @sungmoomoo: [Florist]
27-04-2021 11:52
@xXbloodymess can i take 1 bust plz :D
27-04-2021 11:50
making your own fursuit early 2000s edition. i am loving the resources we now have available to budding builders an…
26-04-2021 13:10
Also this means i haven't drunk any alcohol for a year.
25-04-2021 13:24
This time last year i was admitted to hospital for the second time with another intestinal complication. got over t…
25-04-2021 13:23
@GradientDragon My name is Meeesh and I am on fire
23-04-2021 00:38
@KaoruFox HAPPY BIRTHDAY <3<3<3
22-04-2021 12:08
@StefiHeartlilly hun i agree with everyone else please have a glass of water and something easily digestible 3: we…
22-04-2021 12:08
@orinoxide @Mycotae replied :D
21-04-2021 15:38
@K_ScienceArts @Mycotae theres a great segment about greenhouse style terras in the book 'The Savage Garden' that i…
21-04-2021 15:38
@K_ScienceArts @Mycotae allooo! ive just been prodded this way regarding the carniplant terra. light, humidity and…
21-04-2021 15:36
@StefiHeartlilly *biggest of hugs* you're going to be ok Xxxx
21-04-2021 11:47
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RT @Doc_Wolverine: Dear cops, If you are worried about being held accountable for "accidentally" murdering someone, might I suggest a care…
21-04-2021 10:53
baked bread. contains chopped black olives, rosemary, crushed garlic & cubes of violife cheese. 10/10 would make a…
20-04-2021 19:44
@LapresOfficial Stag beetle. theyre so neat
19-04-2021 15:05
one of my venus flys has decided it wants to be bigger than the rest.
19-04-2021 12:55
the reduced-to-clear nepenthes seems to be producing pitchers! Meeesh is rather excited about it.
18-04-2021 20:35
RT @radpandaUK: Happy Fursuit Friday everyone! We are getting closer to going Live for business and excited to see what colourful critters…
16-04-2021 21:13
RT @Asherfox91: Seen as #FursuitFriday is trending in the UK, heres some lovely floofs for you. @DragonYogoloth @Astro_Fenn @Lozbunneh @T…
16-04-2021 19:33
Huge shout to @JawsNpawsUK for supplying the 3d printed base <3
16-04-2021 16:20
111 27
So when you have a stockpile of fur/fursuit bits you need rid of after constantly buying stuff from FB/other builde…
16-04-2021 09:32
38 17 this headline.
15-04-2021 13:56
RT @orinoxide: COVID-19 vaccination bookings are now open for over-45s.
13-04-2021 12:57
@TimbyWolf Happy Birthday!! :D
13-04-2021 09:46
RT @Troglit: Something silly found on FB that I found funnier than what it should be. An Orchestra
10-04-2021 20:45
my excuse this week has been down to hyperfocusing on commissions. ive -just- finished.
09-04-2021 17:29
RT @Kudalyn: It's #GumroadDay! For today only, all my model bases are half off! Interested? Go check out my Gumroad, link is in the reply!…
07-04-2021 19:18
RT @DerangedLeech: Dreaming of candy...
07-04-2021 18:53
@avon_deer this is good to know!
07-04-2021 14:46
@DanzaDragon honestly not even sure, but what i do know is that i want a book about carnivorous plants done & publi…
07-04-2021 14:45
change of hospital plan, happening a couple of weeks later and im going to Dewsbury hospital. never been to Dewsbury..
07-04-2021 14:43
i need more clothing with plants on them. give me your flashy textiles
07-04-2021 11:34
RT @Kerijiano: @Willow_Marten @Troglit @ThatCatLune @YeenyMartini
07-04-2021 11:29
@Kerijiano @Willow_Marten @ThatCatLune @YeenyMartini Keri you are wonderful for doing these pieces of art and im lo…
07-04-2021 11:29
@Kerijiano <3<3<3 Demi here :3
06-04-2021 15:44
@Weremoco love this *.*
05-04-2021 11:17
@CityMuttFursuit OH GOSH this is so lovely!!
05-04-2021 11:17
RT @Weremoco: Happy Bunmas everyone! Hope the day is full of chocolate and happiness!
04-04-2021 12:20
@Reskell492 Happy Birthday!!! Hope you have a good one :D <3
04-04-2021 12:02
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RT @ScienceIsNew: The breathing Forest. This is a result of a excess space under a trees root system and strong winds. The wind blows the…
04-04-2021 11:53
RT @WerepuppyArt: #FF #FollowFriday Mutual edition Celebrating Artists who support other Artists! @rocket_akita @Troglit @StefiHeartlill…
03-04-2021 21:15
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RT @wonder_m_r: This is fine 🪴
03-04-2021 21:11
0 268
RT @PepperNPals: This Trans Day of Visibility Mango would like to say:
31-03-2021 17:15
RT @Troglit: Workspace selfie. Also I have a wooden board that comfortably sits ontop of my graphics tablet with space inbetween surface &…
31-03-2021 16:42
@StefiHeartlilly everything crossed for you! <3
30-03-2021 15:33
#VisibleWomen My name is Meeesh and i am a fantasy/green/savage botany enthusiast. Currently i am working on a book…
30-03-2021 15:13
Workspace selfie. Also I have a wooden board that comfortably sits ontop of my graphics tablet with space inbetween…
30-03-2021 11:54
as a fursona, Meeesh the FuzzyTroll just makes me happy. shes a great big doofy oddity and loves a lot of stuff. pl…
29-03-2021 19:27
OH i kinda misread this and just posted an example of the art that i paint 8D;; OH WELL, have some extra Meeesh any…
29-03-2021 19:26
@Luxe_Trash oh its not that bad xD tbf im preferring my 30s to my 20s
29-03-2021 13:04
Im just a very weird plant person.
29-03-2021 11:17
RT @Troglit: RL + SUIT + ART
29-03-2021 11:16
@keymonster Happy Birthday!!! <3<3
28-03-2021 13:06
28-03-2021 11:07
@SharpySketch armorel is amaazing!
27-03-2021 20:53
@VolfMech @FrostyWuffle
27-03-2021 20:48
RT @Troglit: 🪴The American Triffid🌿 Celebrating our boggy carnivore friends of North America! My Northern hemisphere monster #sarraceni…
26-03-2021 20:40
A lot of folk having a real rough time on my TL so sending a lot of love, hugs and cookies 🍪💚🌿
26-03-2021 10:20
70 18
🪴The American Triffid🌿 Celebrating our boggy carnivore friends of North America! My Northern hemisphere monster…
25-03-2021 13:09
Once upon a time when we had Londonfurmeets...
24-03-2021 14:42
RT @ShimmiArt: A cel-shaded commission for @ArtyCorvale! God what a pleasure this was to draw, I just kinda lost myself in the details. I’m…
24-03-2021 10:56
@DerangedLeech ooohhhhh looking great!! :D
24-03-2021 00:49
@PlantPupper i share this lifegoal 🌿
23-03-2021 21:41
@OdynFire fab! :D Venus fly should be ready around mid/end of april. theyre all still recovering from the initial s…
23-03-2021 21:35
@OdynFire do you want one of my venus fly cuttings? they need homes!
23-03-2021 21:29
RT @Troglit: Myself & @FederWyrm practicing Social Distancing
23-03-2021 14:21
RT @AoifeZebra: Todays earworm <3 I absolutely love this song, especially the quintet version, it hits all the right spots <3 what's eve…
23-03-2021 14:11
@AoifeZebra YES WOODKID. found them last year. the Golden age album is a masterpiece.
23-03-2021 14:09
RT @StefiHeartlilly: Godly work here. Give them a follow 🤍 They are one of my fav artists and I even own an original piece :)…
23-03-2021 14:01
@StefiHeartlilly Thankyou 💚🧡💛 So glad you like my work hearts ^^
23-03-2021 14:01
One species, several cultivars. Venus flytraps are so neat💚🌿 #houseplant #plant #carnivorousplant #vft
23-03-2021 13:59
@entailapps this looks heckin neat! :D
22-03-2021 18:45
@Poodle_Tastic Meeesh is a medieval mad thing :p
22-03-2021 13:55
95 31
🪴The King of Borneo🌿 Mostly mistaken for a mess of foliage and pitcher plants. my first big painting of 2021 dep…
22-03-2021 12:03
@mlyeko this character is beautiful 💚🧡💛
22-03-2021 11:57
@PocketMew aaahahahahaha i feel this D8
21-03-2021 16:34
RT @ThatThereTim: This... this is a joke, right?
21-03-2021 15:18
@TimbyWolf pffffft im sure some of you do bite :v
21-03-2021 15:02
21-03-2021 14:57
@TimbyWolf honestly im a bit anxious to get involved in the voice chat X)
21-03-2021 14:56
Spring is here💚 🌿🌾🪴🍄🌼#ostara
21-03-2021 14:55
@ChaosInvert good luck with growing from seed! let me know how it goes :)
21-03-2021 14:51
RT @dinursery: Nepenthes rafflesiana 🌈 rainbow 🌈
21-03-2021 13:52
@DanzaDragon hnnngh those perspectives are spot on. Personally im a fan of A
21-03-2021 13:52
#FursuitFriday #furry #fayble #faery HELLO TINY MEEESH 💚🌱🧚‍♀️
19-03-2021 11:14
@ShimmiArt @FederWyrm I ADORE THIS SO HARD <3<3<3 Thankyou again ;.;
19-03-2021 11:03
@IrishFurries @Skirmisher47 im a sucker for avalis :x
18-03-2021 20:27
@XanderShadows Thankyou <3 theyre all wonderful folk and we all need to be here looking out for one and other
18-03-2021 20:12
@Skirmisher47 youre a goodboye :3
18-03-2021 20:11
@GradientDragon i am SO GLAD i got to see you before you moved away last year Xxxx
18-03-2021 20:11
@Foonerisms oh gosh yes i agree to all of this, including the partying :D
18-03-2021 20:11
@FederWyrm @HugdiSpencer @Drayygon @_pyewacket_ @Evilsquirrel123 @seadragom @Skirmisher47 @GradientDragon…
18-03-2021 13:22
108 18
My heart. my god-damned heart. Thankyou for organising this @FederWyrm 🎨@ShimmiArt
18-03-2021 13:10
@_likeshine_ Green chars are underrated and always awesome 💚
18-03-2021 12:46
@davuu i went by this recommendation: The general weighted blanket guidelines for adults is 10 percent of your own…
18-03-2021 11:33
@XavierFox19 found mine on Ebay :)
18-03-2021 11:31
@Schnee_Plushfox Let us know how it goes schnee :)
18-03-2021 11:31
@Draco14872076 this is exactly why ive decided to get one. my sleeps been atrocious of late and the anxiety on high…
18-03-2021 11:31
@MustanHorse @ShemaLioness hahaha nice! :D
18-03-2021 11:30
@TheRealZipwolf waiting on mine to arrive C: ngl im looking forward to it!
18-03-2021 11:30
@MrAshCrisp waiting on mine to arrive C: also bought one based on reviews from friends
18-03-2021 11:30
@GradientDragon @MicoHone BIG MEEESH ENERGY GO *flails arms* <3<3<3
18-03-2021 11:23
RT @IrishFurries: @Troglit keeping our moderator @Skirmisher47 safe
18-03-2021 00:40
bit the bullet and finally bought a weighted blanket
16-03-2021 10:53
@SupernerdsT Dungeon keeper. Started playing at 10 yrs old, still playing at 33.
16-03-2021 00:36
@Lucalbio I was 10yrs old too...playing their 15+ game B:
16-03-2021 00:33
@Lucalbio Also fun fact: I sent a christmas card to the bullfrog office in guildford after finding their address in…
16-03-2021 00:33
@Lucalbio How have you not played Dungeon keeper?!??! That game made me who I am xD
16-03-2021 00:32
@Starcourser omg thats cute af <3
15-03-2021 23:33
@KaoruFox sushibar & drinks 👍
15-03-2021 23:32
@orinoxide oh heck i need to visit once done
15-03-2021 21:09
@_35millimetre yah its so fuzzy!! <3
15-03-2021 18:37
@thepinkestpuppy the Leedsfurs one? already a member :)
15-03-2021 15:41
@MikuPlantman Meeesh#1649
15-03-2021 15:41
@KanizoArt Meeesh#1649 heres mine :)
15-03-2021 15:41
Can anyone recommend any discord channels to join (Arty or general hangouts). trying to learn this discord thing an…
15-03-2021 12:41
My official Fayble Meeesh photos <3
14-03-2021 17:18
RT @Troglit: SCREAMING. LOOK AT THIS NOW!!!! Done by the AMAZING Amorel <3 please check out their faybles! https:/…
13-03-2021 17:16
SCREAMING. LOOK AT THIS NOW!!!! Done by the AMAZING Amorel <3 please check out their faybles!…
12-03-2021 22:31
I miss the ball 3: I miss the fairy folk and friends. Definitely need to take meeesh back to troll around Glastonbu…
12-03-2021 10:15
ill never get sick of drawing Nepenthes. Sundews however...
11-03-2021 20:29
The King of Borneo (cropped WIP) 1 of 2 highly detailed paints for my book. #nepenthes
11-03-2021 20:21
@Kerijiano My absolute favourite film <3
11-03-2021 15:48
@KanizoArt HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! <3<3
11-03-2021 15:47
@unic0rnvomit thankyou! C: i am a sucker for rich warm colours C:
10-03-2021 21:28
@SamSantala my doofy carnivorous plants & Troll doodles just make me happy.
10-03-2021 19:24
RT @Lozbunneh: Open for art commissions! Icons: £10 Flat colours: £20 Telegram stickers: £25 for 6 Shaded commissions: £30…
10-03-2021 14:02
@orinoxide oh this is a good instance, but then im a sucker planty places sooo...
09-03-2021 22:49
0 434
RT @keymonster: Strawberry Slush Boba Dragon 🍓 Cool Dragon Drink request for a Patron! ⭐️ Thank you! #digitalart #procreate #dragons https…
09-03-2021 22:45
@zyrena198 @Mycotae these are Cephalotus and they are small and adorable! found in a small area of south-west austr…
09-03-2021 22:45
@ChaosInvert they look like the angriest little beans!
09-03-2021 22:43
RT @_pyewacket_: It's #InternationalWomensDay - remember that we can't smash the patriarchy while transphobia is propping it up. Sisters no…
08-03-2021 14:39
The mother plant & cutting baby #cephalotus #albanypitcherplant #pitcherplant #carnivorousplant
07-03-2021 13:26
@Evilsquirrel123 @Kerijiano Keri is magical x)
06-03-2021 13:15
Couple of headshots for folk @WooferMollia (you are so lovely <3 )& Pineapples (massive jerk)
04-03-2021 13:34
03-03-2021 15:32
@FoxToshin iou Meeeshhugs B:
26-02-2021 19:48
@hr_bananabird Yes :D
26-02-2021 15:36
76 15
#fursuitfriday #furry #fursui #plants PLAMTS
26-02-2021 13:55
the loveliest giftart T_T Thankyou so much @WooferMollia <3<3<3
26-02-2021 12:12
49 10
Plants are coming out of dormancy. its time to wake up... ... ok maybe 5 more minutes.. Zzzzz
25-02-2021 16:22
@Evilsquirrel123 @sticksthefox im always available to armour up fursuits 👍
25-02-2021 13:19
Post an image of yourself as the final boss without downloading any new pictures.
25-02-2021 12:14
RT @EchoVulpine: Post an image of yourself as the final boss without downloading any new pictures. Dual wielding zweihanders. Ultimate kn…
25-02-2021 12:11
RT @Evilsquirrel123: All these final bosses , then there’s my ass trying to remember the last bonfire I rested at [email protected] https://t.c…
25-02-2021 12:11
RT @StefiHeartlilly: I’m now offering these as coms to my followers :3 please sign up below. £20 GBP via PayPal invoice only. #heartlilly #…
25-02-2021 12:10
it feels really nice to be painting using this method again. of late ive been painting underneath graphite images w…
24-02-2021 22:26
@DeakonBuck Happy Birthday!! <3
24-02-2021 13:48
@StefiHeartlilly :O
24-02-2021 12:55
@_35millimetre Ooohhh! :D
22-02-2021 20:01
RT @DracorumOrder: Hey, folks! I’m still making sona envelope stickers - almost filling up the 3rd Telegram pack. They’re pay what you wan…
22-02-2021 19:59
@_35millimetre *scream* i would have these in a heartbeat if i didnt have a track record for losing earrings D8
22-02-2021 19:08
0 900
RT @stereogum: Daft Punk announce breakup
22-02-2021 18:33
RT @indfnsofplnts: Luminous moss, dragon’s gold, goblin’s gold… when a moss has this many common names, you know it must catch the eye. Fin…
22-02-2021 17:33
@ccjellis yes! such yes :D
22-02-2021 17:25
#nepenthes My more exotic pitcherplants
22-02-2021 16:03
RT @LozsBakingCo: Hello I am Loz! An avid homebaker from England trying to build up a business! Menu is linked below & all orders currently…
22-02-2021 12:33
RT @StefiHeartlilly: Some watercolour romance for Christmas just gone. Commission for @FederWyrm featuring @Troglit of their trip to Icelan…
21-02-2021 14:19
@StefiHeartlilly @FederWyrm i love this so darned much '^' was so wonderful to wake up on christmas day to this lov…
21-02-2021 14:19
0 33734
RT @goldendoqqs: im here for my friends even when im not:D
20-02-2021 11:00
@karaway93 Happy birthday buns!! :3
20-02-2021 09:38
RT @Troglit: Aaaaahhhhh so many tiny circles and lines x.x #carnivorousplant #plant
19-02-2021 21:28
0 439
RT @Crowwingwolf: Please come visit my garden 🌿🌷💮🌺🌸
19-02-2021 16:49
@Crowwingwolf This is such a mood xD
19-02-2021 16:49
#FursuitFriday #furry Stole a crown from @Avianary who stole it from @PrinceLynxie I'd like to see you try and ta…
19-02-2021 10:30
Aaaaahhhhh so many tiny circles and lines x.x #carnivorousplant #plant
19-02-2021 10:27
RT @Troglit: TIME FOR PLANT FACTS. Venus flytraps are native to the coastal plains of North & South Carolina. They are the only places yo…
18-02-2021 23:11
@StefiHeartlilly @Skirmisher47 <3<3
18-02-2021 17:03
RT @StefiHeartlilly: Will doodle another free-bee later today. 🤍Tag someone who you think needs a pick me up 🤍 🤍share this post to spread…
18-02-2021 17:02
OH HECK i have a VR meeesh Props to @Kudalyn for the smashing avvie <3 #VRChat
18-02-2021 12:48
@VolfMech @DerangedLeech specialises in anthropomorphic carnivores 👌ngl id love to see their characters made into a suit
18-02-2021 12:45