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RT @DrakesHelper: Niggas been fighting hard af for them interracial relationships these last few months
08-07-2020 09:19
RT @CartuneNetwerk: Mans went to Silicon Valley to soak up game not play em
08-07-2020 09:19
RT @forevrblushing: “Your voice is very irritating” 😩😂
08-07-2020 09:06
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RT @KingLan__: Where the blue lives matter folks at?
08-07-2020 09:05
RT @talktometay: They smoked his ass 😭💀💀
08-07-2020 08:56
RT @BlockaIsBack: Black people...y'all wanna know who else REALLY needs to wear #Bodycams? Surgeons.
08-07-2020 08:55
RT @2sandz: you snitching on your son ????
08-07-2020 08:55
RT @HeThatOneNigga: Niggas told Hannah baker her ass fat and she slit her wrists. You tell a bitch her sss fat in real life and she says “o…
08-07-2020 08:54
RT @tariqnasheed: There were dozens complains about a NYPD officer named Jeremiah Williams RAPING dudes. He even had the nickname "Ass Man"…
08-07-2020 08:54
RT @ThatBlameGuy: That’s 1 percent of the entire population
08-07-2020 08:54
RT @tariqnasheed: Looks like dude don't want to mess up his relationships with other white people......Zaddy must have got in his ear. Bir…
08-07-2020 08:53
RT @HeThatOneNigga: Travis Scott has never been good
08-07-2020 08:53
RT @ThatBlameGuy: Pic surfaced of Drake being in blackface and his fans said “but he’s black tho”. That’s when I knew
08-07-2020 06:52
RT @tariqnasheed: A suspected white supremacist in #SantaBarbera casually called a Black man a “n***er. And then he casually got the fist…
08-07-2020 06:52
0 21314
RT @SplashyStackss: Y’all bullied Kylie into giving a black owned business a million dollar promo I love black twitter…
08-07-2020 06:51
RT @B_REInvest: 300 bands in 3 months. I only talked to the nigga like once.
08-07-2020 06:11
RT @willpremo: Build better habits = become a better man.
08-07-2020 06:10
RT @AblessedLeo: Pusha T really went at drake again and drake called the labels and stopped them from getting the song out. Pusha fr in his…
08-07-2020 05:32
RT @SayNoToLeaks: Pusha T’s verse from Pop Smoke’s Ieaked track also featuring Young Thug & Gunna.
08-07-2020 05:26
RT @BrandonLarnell: This how LightskinKeisha wigs be.
08-07-2020 05:24
0 11315
RT @illwillie_: now wait just a damn minute
08-07-2020 05:21
RT @politicalpanini: Open for a surprise.
08-07-2020 05:21
RT @Brokesixteen: This how 42 Dugg make breakfast
08-07-2020 05:05
RT @TheRapAgenda: Pusha T will forever be an icon. Bro literally said on a song: “Obama opened his doors knowing I was a criminal.” That,…
08-07-2020 05:04
RT @LordBalvin: Tweets with a simple thought getting 6,000 retweets <<<<<<
08-07-2020 05:02
0 11712
RT @1liludeh: Maan that nigga Balijeet BUSSIN off a perc 30😂😂 HALLO !
08-07-2020 05:01
0 14779
RT @skinny_que: I mentally disconnected from the year in March
08-07-2020 05:00
0 25582
RT @uhhlexysAha: You??? Literally?? Cut?? School?? Funding??? And ?? Increased?? The?? Police?? Budget?????????
08-07-2020 05:00
RT @princesseroni: A lot of their entire personalities are built on imitating black women
08-07-2020 04:59
RT @_svbeee: if we having sexual intercourse your business is my business🥴
08-07-2020 04:59
0 32979
RT @itsjustfatimah: very interesting
08-07-2020 04:57
0 13570
RT @lildurk: People who never did shit for me expect me to jump for them 💀
08-07-2020 04:57
0 37686
RT @kobcritic_: BLM failed to consider
08-07-2020 04:55
RT @AyeYoJDoe_: POP hol it down
08-07-2020 04:55
0 36054
RT @Druski2Funny: Niggas LOVE tryna take Credit for EVERYTHING 😂😂😂😂😂😂
08-07-2020 04:47
0 22993
RT @NateTheGreat713: Latinos make 50k and turn republican
08-07-2020 04:46
RT @Humble_Slim: Nobody rep NY harder than niggas who moved to South Carolina when they was ten and go back up north every other summer
08-07-2020 04:46
0 53949
RT @ErikCLN96: Pablo escobar taking a picture infront of the whitehouse while being a wanted drug lord
08-07-2020 04:45
RT @willpremo: Not using women to distract you from what you think/feel will make you strong as hell bro. You give up a lotta power doing t…
08-07-2020 04:45
RT @OHMYGODSPIRIIT: Y’all be false advertising your vibe. Really be boring as shit
08-07-2020 04:42
RT @BayouBun: Young Thug wrong for speaking on that ... Let Drake be a big boy and handle his own shit
07-07-2020 18:35
RT @BLACK_JEEZUZ: @KINGOFMAGICCITY “A black man ain’t got no place in the army!” - Jason “Furious” Styles
07-07-2020 18:34
0 42924
RT @KINGOFMAGICCITY: I served for this country, I fought for this country, 3x war veteran and let me tell you....girl fuck that piece of sh…
07-07-2020 18:34
0 25607
RT @marinaraHQ: To clarify - A Fort Bend ISD police officer shot his wife in the chest during a domestic dispute in southeast Houston.
07-07-2020 18:16
07-07-2020 18:11
RT @FuckYaDeadGuys: Niggas be tryna made everything a competition lmao boy I do not care about you or ya life
07-07-2020 18:09
RT @HeThatOneNigga: Sending you back to dr miami
07-07-2020 18:08
RT @DangItLee: If a woman’s intuition is always right why y’all always end up with the wrong men?
07-07-2020 18:08
RT @DragonflyJonez: Seriously. Never in my life have I seen rap fans tell a rapper to leave another rapper alone until Drake got bodied. I'…
07-07-2020 18:08
RT @ThatBlameGuy: “What does he gain from responding?” - OVO fans
07-07-2020 17:52
RT @gaofficia1: @fatimmldn Your boyfriend after he finds out 🤝
07-07-2020 17:51
RT @SiRiUSCUJO: Muhammad Ali. Kobe Bryant. Nipsey Hussle. Fela Kuti.
07-07-2020 17:50
RT @willpremo: Black women thirsting over crackas ain’t got shit to do with me. Literally. I’ll have nothin to do with women who fw crackas.
07-07-2020 17:50
RT @JudusMaximus: 😭😭😭 Drake being a cry baby about whoever he knows that makes music with Pusha T.
07-07-2020 17:49
RT @willpremo: Lmao Drake is the king of prolonging his problems with people. Women and other rappers. Dude don’t let shit go.
07-07-2020 17:48
RT @TheTrillAC: If the finer friend stamps you, you can hit anybody in the squad.
07-07-2020 17:48
RT @DragonflyJonez: This is exactly my point. Drake knows better than to respond to Pusha T. Drake found the lesson in that ass whupping he…
07-07-2020 17:46
RT @AllLoveHipHop: If you still to this day claim Drake didn’t lose to Pusha T you can’t be trusted
07-07-2020 17:46
RT @ComplexAmbition: here is Pusha T’s unreleased verse from the Pop Smoke album, he disses Drake
07-07-2020 17:45
RT @SubToOptimus: "Bro who even is Pusha T" "Drake is the GOAT" "Pusha is obsessed with Drake"
07-07-2020 17:44
RT @sam__zilla: After all the shots Drake sent over the last 2 years, Pusha T responds one time and the internet makes him the bad guy.… t…
07-07-2020 17:44
RT @OfficiallyIce: Sometimes I want Pusha T to go full Thanos on these niggas man. Only sometimes tho.
07-07-2020 17:44
07-07-2020 17:44
RT @bansky: If drake is calling labels to get push taken off songs.... lol... That’s dorky.
07-07-2020 17:43
RT @TheTrillAC: It’s not that he doesn’t get it. He REFUSES to. Sad.
07-07-2020 16:57
RT @DangItLee: Them voices in their head be kicking their ass
07-07-2020 16:52
RT @Danrich12_: Them fake Cubans gotta go.
07-07-2020 15:48
RT @mstrilliviapope: Y’all willingly post yourselves on the Internet at nightclubs and pool parties in the middle of a pandemic and then ca…
07-07-2020 14:42
RT @LJones0702: People really have a problem with women doing things for men. 🤔 If you’ve never met a man who you’ve wanted to take out for…
07-07-2020 14:38
RT @_SwallowMyStyle: This was one of most terrible cyphers in XXL Freshman Class history.
07-07-2020 14:37
RT @tryna_be_famous: Crying
07-07-2020 14:37
0 40504
RT @IanSams: So Kanye and Jared Kushner's family got PPP loans. No wonder the Trump White House wanted to keep all this secret. That progra…
07-07-2020 14:37
RT @Cj2Solid: I’ll say nvm before I explain myself more than twice
07-07-2020 13:42
RT @knicknamej: @ReciteSocial @heybtwj @washingtonpost If that murdered civilian actually had a gun, that cop would NOT be standing DIRECTL…
07-07-2020 13:38
0 49597
RT @heybtwj: My friend’s cousin was killed today while sleeping in his OWN driveway by Phoenix PD. He was unarmed and shot at close range.…
07-07-2020 13:37
RT @ampaveli: He palming a coochie and still look zesty
07-07-2020 11:46
0 47187
RT @Droolianna: Did y’all see this? And knowing all the suspicion towards her parents after her disappearance....
07-07-2020 11:37
RT @SLUTCAM_: @TharaMendoza @jodyizm niggas do the running through and hoes gets ran through.
07-07-2020 11:16
RT @SLUTCAM_: @TharaMendoza @jodyizm even the niggas that treated women right daughter become hoes😭
07-07-2020 11:15
0 23666
RT @KodakOverrated: Obama flew 60 bands worth of “pizza” and “hot dogs” from out of state for a “private party” bro everybody guilty
07-07-2020 10:37
RT @1HunnitDash: Oh so this ain’t about 50 Cent... he want smoke with the whole city 😂😂
07-07-2020 09:43
RT @TheTrillAC: Mendeeces was ready to throw a nigga through a glass wall for videos he took TRAINING his girl. I’m not buying that.
07-07-2020 09:41
RT @TheTrillAC: It’s not the lie that pisses me off. It’s the insult to my intelligence.
07-07-2020 09:41
RT @TheTrillAC: Success is everybody in the family being strong enough to carry the team on their back if necessary. Your homies can’t ea…
07-07-2020 09:40
RT @TheTrillAC: Too many niggas around you don’t serve a purpose. That’s your biggest problem.
07-07-2020 09:40
RT @lildurk: Lamron boys fasure @LilReese300
07-07-2020 09:39
RT @terrybrozier: @PatrickMahomes Patrick Mahomes played 2 years of great football, and now has secured generational wealth for his family.…
07-07-2020 09:39
RT @PatrickMahomes: Had to make a quick trip I’ll be back tomorrow 😂😂😂
07-07-2020 09:39
0 11643
RT @Boiler4evr: I looked online at one of the Bloomington news sites. Not a fucking word about this. Twitter is the new news. This happened…
07-07-2020 09:33
Niggas loaded up on too much
07-07-2020 09:32
0 94915
RT @KevOnStage: Beating this pandemic is a group project. This is why I always hated group projects.
07-07-2020 09:31
RT @DangItLee: Feet rubs Wine And one golden ticket to pound town 🎫 🎢
07-07-2020 09:31
RT @tariqnasheed: Black people...stop letting white supremacists & their plantation flunkies run the “yALL nEeD tO sToP KiLLiN eaCh oThEr”…
07-07-2020 09:31
RT @HeThatOneNigga: Niggas going to sleep without getting love and affection again. You fucking ugly and no one loves you
07-07-2020 09:30
RT @queerxcreep: @LonelyScribe
07-07-2020 09:29
0 32061
RT @LonelyScribe: Meanwhile Africans and Asians been carrying entire babies with a cloth since the beginning of time
07-07-2020 09:28
0 35337
RT @gswchris: Pau Gasol spending time with Kobe’s daughters is so heartwarming
07-07-2020 09:28
This is why misogynistic 😂
07-07-2020 09:28
0 13618
RT @birdman__jr97: Me looking outside to see what chapter of Revelation we doing today
07-07-2020 09:26
RT @FTL_Prime: @youniqsy Quavo saw her mom and was like “oh yeah this the one for the long haul”
07-07-2020 09:20
RT @SeanTheTerrible: Poor men's wives complain, rich men's wives complain...
07-07-2020 09:05
RT @misterjtt: prefer loneliness over fake company.
07-07-2020 09:04
RT @further_from: @d_veebee @AidanSmith2020 @proustmalone Yeah. All these "self made" Jeff Bezos articles fail to mention that his mom is m…
07-07-2020 09:03
RT @AidanSmith2020: The tale of Warren Buffett is told as if he was a scrappy upstart living in a lower-middle class suburban home in Omaha…
07-07-2020 09:03
RT @AidanSmith2020: Gates is a talented individual but his career break wouldn’t have happened if he wasn’t the child of wealthy, well-conn…
07-07-2020 09:02
RT @AidanSmith2020: You can find this in the backstory of almost every billionaire. The story of Bill Gates is told as if he was a normal g…
07-07-2020 09:02
0 141086
RT @AidanSmith2020: Cute propaganda. In reality Bezos's mommy and daddy gave him $245,573 to stop Amazon from failing in 1995, but you'd ne…
07-07-2020 09:02
RT @tariqnasheed: The white LGBT community is mad at Halle Berry because they feel like she is trying to capitalize of the LBGT publicity w…
07-07-2020 09:02
07-07-2020 09:01
RT @tariqnasheed: A suspected white supremacists in #Louisville got into an argument with a Black woman, and then he attacked her. Then a…
07-07-2020 09:01
RT @kcamp: My next album harder 🤦🏾‍♂️
07-07-2020 09:00
0 35968
RT @abowlofserio: Issa-me! Beyoncé! I-a singa the halo! The love-a issa right-a on top-a!
07-07-2020 08:47
Idk wtf Lil Wayne and 49 cent been talking about niggas crazy ..
07-07-2020 08:43
RT @DangItLee: Because it’s trendy on here. Meanwhile they full time raccoons offline
07-07-2020 08:36
RT @tariqnasheed: A Black bike messenger reminded people sitting outside to abide by the social distancing laws, and a suspected white supr…
07-07-2020 08:35
RT @TheHustle247: @SeanTheTerrible Majority men don’t marry the Woman they want. They marry the woman who’s there when they’re ready.
07-07-2020 08:35
RT @SeanTheTerrible: One day men gon have to tell y'all the truth about how we settle.
07-07-2020 08:34
RT @__M_PMP31: They refuse to believe this cause men don’t uphold the standard. Terrible women with horrible character, poor women, etc be…
07-07-2020 08:34
RT @VonGarcon: Many Men > Hail Mary
07-07-2020 08:34
Pet peeve of mines
07-07-2020 08:33
RT @jade1of1: This easily the funniest video i seen all year 😭 these niggas dumb dawg
07-07-2020 08:33
RT @goodmiad: is that a white arm ?
07-07-2020 08:32
RT @XaviercMiller: I don’t even argue with my woman so why the hell would I argue with a stranger on the internet 😂
07-07-2020 08:32
0 15673
RT @Demetrius_wrigh: Cheating. we can argue, fight, not speak or disagree but if you step outside our relationship it's over. Big no no
07-07-2020 08:30
0 166097
RT @RealMMyers78: Don’t disrespect me like this.
07-07-2020 08:30
RT @veIvetines: Brother Nature really got his ass beat and we stopped seeing him on our tl immediately
07-07-2020 08:30
0 155566
RT @OGCORLIN: Police murdered 12 year old Tamil Rice for having a toy gun
07-07-2020 08:29
RT @b_a_l_l_s_: @convvr I can’t take feminism seriously with all the ppl trying to center it around men’s issues and feelings... 😒
07-07-2020 08:29
0 24932
RT @convvr: why do y’all wanna make feminism comfortable for men lmao
07-07-2020 08:28
0 10503
RT @tomgara: NYPD detective Jeremiah Williams has been accused of anally penetrating 4 different detainees; had 60 complaints and 11 lawsui…
07-07-2020 08:27
0 20420
RT @49ersGab: Tough day for this couple lmao
07-07-2020 08:26
0 20407
RT @MoistCrevices: “Why can’t I do it? Because I’m a blonde whites woman wearing a $40,000 Rolex?” I’m dumbfounded. How can you simultaneo…
07-07-2020 06:37
RT @HeThatOneNigga: While rubbing the clit >>>>>>>
07-07-2020 06:37
RT @HeThatOneNigga: Bitches that disrespect your relationship <<<<<<<<
07-07-2020 06:36
07-07-2020 06:36
0 47850
RT @rileyaulani: The owners are trump supporters. Buy from vendors walking on the street instead ❤️
07-07-2020 06:35
0 45275
RT @zoeyy227: Kylie Jenner is refusing to tag the designer of the dress she just posted, which is a black owned brand, and now limiting her…
07-07-2020 06:35
0 44841
RT @Luvsinner1: What the fuck is light skinned white man?
07-07-2020 06:20
0 15102
RT @FutureTheWizrd: He tryna trick his wife into thinking he Future LMAOOO
07-07-2020 06:20
0 37770
RT @DabSquad_Slank: a redneck attacked a Black woman at the Nia Center on Broadway after his girl spit was spitting on ppl. A Black man st…
07-07-2020 06:19
RT @DangItLee: If you don’t trust venting to your girl why are you with her? I understand a lot of situations where some women use men’s pe…
07-07-2020 06:18
RT @NateHipHopHead: Cuz the South didn’t follow what the East did. Plain and simple. The South went in a completely different direction and…
07-07-2020 06:17
0 159425
RT @schmmaryy: She is not a “fallen soldier” she was murdered and the army tried to cover it up
07-07-2020 06:16
0 172462
RT @Michael_Krieter: A black child was murdered for having one of these
07-07-2020 06:16
RT @Jbsteez_: WingStop just called my girl saying he had a great time last night
07-07-2020 06:16
Lmao y’all really act like yandy don’t like women . Y’all don’t know these ppl lives man
07-07-2020 06:15
0 10818
RT @MuvaofGotti: When chicks find out their man can’t stop cheating so they pretend they like chicks too :
07-07-2020 06:15
RT @CryptoNewsYes: Momentum Shift Will Drive #Bitcoin to $50K in Six Months or Less, Says Nexo’s @AntoniNexo | BTC Is the ‘New’ #Apple - Ho…
07-07-2020 02:14
Please god sell off so I can cop at a lower price
07-07-2020 02:12
0 24276
RT @korejay: No one in the history of Television has ever been closer to God than this man
07-07-2020 01:54
RT @KarlousM: Nigga so dumb they don’t even know that black is the most exotic shit on the market!
07-07-2020 01:53
Bitcoin can be worth $60,000 in 2023? Right now it’s at $9,000.. I gotta go get that ..
07-07-2020 01:53
RT @TheDailyShow: Four years ago today, Philando Castile was shot by cops while sitting in his car, and this is how his girlfriend reacted:…
07-07-2020 01:43
RT @ConnorJRogers: Wild to think Mahomes signed a 10 year extension and he'll only be 34 when that deal is up. 34 is still prime age for…
07-07-2020 00:13
RT @BleacherReport: Final numbers on the Mahomes deal: 💵 10 years 💵 $450 million 💵 No salary cap % Historic. (via @AdamSchefter) http…
07-07-2020 00:12
RT @Ar1stot1e: It was a Molly’d up yt boy from Aiken back around 2010. Snorting telling me about Bitcoin 🥴 🤦🏾‍♂️ I thought this nigga was…
06-07-2020 23:51
0 46733
RT @angie_endless: Just so you know this was in CONNECTICUT. Southington, CT. The 2 suspects fled to NY and police are still looking for th…
06-07-2020 23:51
RT @Nec3ssary3vol: Posting your S/O has no benefit to your relationship. Ppl just wanna be in your business. It’s like you/y’all want every…
06-07-2020 23:50
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 gtfoh
06-07-2020 23:07
That’s suicide bro lol
06-07-2020 22:39
@AyeYoJDoe_ Shit was I had 1000 shares I’ll be worth 1.5m right now
06-07-2020 22:10
This just ain’t fair. Motherland women got the chest codes
06-07-2020 22:00
RT @B_REInvest: Asians are POURING money into Washington right now. That market never crashing
06-07-2020 21:37
RT @MaadyNYC: Sun this shit got me cryin 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
06-07-2020 21:36
RT @HeThatOneNigga: No thanks I’ll rather see her asshole
06-07-2020 21:35
RT @ImInThisBihhhhh: So niggas can’t say no? Let’s talk 👀
06-07-2020 21:30
RT @iamivianna: @ImInThisBihhhhh men get sexually assaulted just like women it’s sad y’all grown and still don’t understand what NO means
06-07-2020 21:29
0 37147
RT @DJZeeti: Covid gave me PTSD .. every social gathering just looks dirty now
06-07-2020 21:29
I hate niggas like this give the credit where it’s due
06-07-2020 21:29
0 60897
RT @antiidesi: wait until u guys find out what the military does to women in other countries
06-07-2020 21:28
RT @TheCaliNerd: The white man is spouting all of the racist rhetoric, while the white woman is literally doing all the work of erasing the…
06-07-2020 21:28
Inspiring bruh I swear ..
06-07-2020 21:28
RT @HeThatOneNigga: Yo mana carried you for 9 months just for you to become a lame ass nigga
06-07-2020 21:23
Woooh yea that’s that pain
06-07-2020 21:16
Chris sounds like 98% of women with standards
06-07-2020 21:16
RT @tariqnasheed: All the people in the dominant society using phony concern for Black children being harmed in Chicago, as a DEFLECTION fr…
06-07-2020 21:15
0 20837
RT @DecaturDane: He's literally in the NBA....
06-07-2020 20:49
RT @Nez_216: @manbeast1000 @ItsAccFifteen_ If the system punished these people without being bullied into it do you think these protest wou…
06-07-2020 20:49
RT @Nez_216: @manbeast1000 @ItsAccFifteen_ When a Black person shoots another Black person and people know who it was that person either go…
06-07-2020 20:49
0 17117
RT @Nez_216: The same people in the street saying black lives matter are not the same people running around the neighborhood shooting every…
06-07-2020 20:48
RT @iGetCurved_: Cuz you had a mask on but you was still sharing the Jay wit niggas you bozo 😂😂
06-07-2020 20:48
RT @ThatBlameGuy: Former Obama officials tweeting to get people to not give up hope. It’s a wrap man. Federal government left us out here o…
06-07-2020 18:38
RT @jworks7: Today i made back all $2,500 dollars i lost on the stock market with amazon
06-07-2020 17:08
RT @sololeveIing: 1 share if Tesla stock is more than the stimulus check lmao. Sheesh @elonmusk
06-07-2020 17:08
RT @Model3Guy: J.P. Morgan analyst Ryan Brinkman lifted his stock-price target on Tesla to $295 from $275. Its trading at $1300.
06-07-2020 17:07
RT @KyleJOliver: Amazon is a monopoly that will soon run this country and Tesla will follow in their steps one day
06-07-2020 17:06
@slay369 You think it’s gonna go up
06-07-2020 16:58
RT @Drepleasure1: #foogiano when rappers say reach for my chain you gone die . Yall dont say nothing then its always a loose loose cuz if…
06-07-2020 16:26
RT @ModestlyShai: There’s a war on the “black” man and the “black” woman is really helping the enemy. I hate it here.
06-07-2020 15:51
Money is root to all ass
06-07-2020 15:51
0 60341
RT @Numbers28: Can you believe that cops are resigning all over America because they’re being told not to choke, beat or kill black people…
06-07-2020 15:39
RT @lilduval: What do kids wanna be nowadays when they grow up? Cuz majority of the careers we grew up thinking was good are gon be nonexis…
06-07-2020 15:33
RT @oldmanebro: Did you know the sculptor of Stone Mountain & Mt. Rushmore was involved with the KKK. Mount Rushmore sculptor Gutzon Borgl…
06-07-2020 15:32
0 64434
RT @mhaleighw: this might be the funniest thing
06-07-2020 15:31
0 179792
RT @deadmetaphore: Breonna Taylor was shot to death by police in her own home. She was shot 8 times. She did not deserve to die. Let’s ampl…
06-07-2020 15:30
RT @phillipmbailey: NEW: The warrant that led to #BreonnaTaylor's shooting is connected to a larger @LMPD operation to help @louisvillemayo…
06-07-2020 15:29
RT @_ozzzie_: most hoes want that “social media” relationship and this is why i choose to be single lmfao
06-07-2020 15:29
RT @Bobbin_Singh: When you dress for war, then all you see is a war. It continues to shock the conscience that the City continues to belie…
06-07-2020 15:29
0 19842
RT @gucci1017: Pick a side and stay there!
06-07-2020 15:22
0 124315
RT @bluskyz: So baseball players will get tested for COVID-19 every two days. How often will teachers and students be tested?
06-07-2020 15:22