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RT @markgoldbridge: This is unbelievable. How can we talk about a relentless schedule then have 4 of the top 5 players for minutes played w…
05-03-2021 14:08
@JH83271941 @markgoldbridge I think if we got a CB in sancho martial would be as good as he was last season. Martia…
05-03-2021 12:57
United get sancho he will make as big as an impact Bruno has done. 🤷‍♂️
05-03-2021 12:55
I know our recent performances have not been top notch (understatement) however we are having a better season that Liverpool 😂
05-03-2021 12:54
Ngl I’ll rather watch southgates England playing in a friendly 😑
04-03-2021 00:44
@Daejohntn11 @ManUtd Why are you allowing this guy in yoyr heard rent free?
04-03-2021 00:34
@utdWAFl @markgoldbridge Wait just to clarify does he not have to play one of the duo? Like if it was bailly and Ma…
03-03-2021 00:52
RT @AmitMukherjee87: @utdreport Cavani ban-- Everyone agrees that was not racism Martial ban-- Soap Opera acting by Lamela, no way a 3 mat…
01-03-2021 15:48
I wouldn’t mind Paulo Torres on the condition we use the money we save on transfers. If the money goes in the back…
28-02-2021 16:35
Why did this get so deep so fast 😅
27-02-2021 23:44
We really bullied City so much about having no history for them to put the date their club was founded in their bio…
26-02-2021 22:11
26-02-2021 15:22
Manchester City, Liverpool, Everton, West Ham, Real Sociedad and now AC Milan. How unlucky have we been this season....
26-02-2021 15:22
@utdarena I’m doing good @utdarena! How do you feel about tuanzabee playing CDM?
26-02-2021 14:16
Amad needs to come on 😞
25-02-2021 23:56
So glad we have Bruno he wouldn’t have missed that #MUNRSO
25-02-2021 23:16
Lingardino will show his worth against city (I hope) 😂#WestHam #ManchesterCity #WHMC
25-02-2021 16:18
RT @utdarena: A beautiful duo.
24-02-2021 18:11
@KingBea51884024 @SkySportsPL Well I think I need to correct myself wanting to buy Declan rice and actually buying…
24-02-2021 14:53
@KingBea51884024 @SkySportsPL That’s why we are gonna buy him :)
24-02-2021 14:52
@markgoldbridge I just watched the Henderson interviewing Rashford video published by MUTV. Henderson isn’t leaving…
24-02-2021 13:56
So Dortmund want Henderson... Sancho swap? Thoughts #BVB #MUFC #mulive
23-02-2021 21:57
RT @B_Fernandes8: A day to remember... really miss the fans at Old Trafford though @manutd 🔴⚫️
23-02-2021 20:34
@kingafrikaa @ManUtd @Cristiano Retirement home or not he’s Ronaldo any sane united fan would bite someone’s hand o…
23-02-2021 12:06
@_Moe7ii @ManUtd @Cristiano Get yoyr notifications off + ratiod
23-02-2021 11:29
@ManUtd @Cristiano What is stopping us from getting
23-02-2021 11:28
RT @goal: Yes, we're still watching Erling Haaland's bicycle kick. No, we won't stop watching Erling Haaland's bicycle kick. 🤤 https://t.…
22-02-2021 19:56
Bruno when he realises he can’t take the penalties in the euros 😂
22-02-2021 19:21
Just to clarify fans won’t be returning to old Trafford* Some teams like Manchester City will also have no advanta…
22-02-2021 19:01
This means Manchester United fans will not be returning back to stadiums this season.... We do have a game on the 2…
22-02-2021 18:59
This argument with de gea is utterly stupid. However i do prefer Henderson as it matches Oles building for the futu…
22-02-2021 17:24
@utdarena Take care, wish you a speedy recovery!
22-02-2021 00:06
Bruno pen puts us to 3:1. Amad time?
21-02-2021 23:33
James scores to make it 2:1 . Guess what another assist from king Bruno #MUNEW
21-02-2021 23:18
The de gea agenda is real 😂 #MUFC #MUNNEW #BT
21-02-2021 22:59
Rashford cuts inside and finds the bottom corner at the near post to put United ahead WHAT A GOAL! #MUNNEW
21-02-2021 22:33
RT @utdarena: @UTD_Fan22 The possible tactical reason I can think of is that in the 4-1 victory earlier this season we tried to draw Newcas…
21-02-2021 21:06
@utdarena Ahh okay thank you!
21-02-2021 21:05
@FriendlyNobody_ @utdarena Agreee to disagree
21-02-2021 21:04
@utdarena Is there a tactical reason for why he’s dropped greenwood for James @utdarena ?
21-02-2021 21:02
RT @markgoldbridge: Love people who speak English with a foreign accent lol! Why?
21-02-2021 16:02
RT @utdarena: Please RT if that is OK with you: I've been told that I need to promote my Patreon more so if you're interested in analysis…
21-02-2021 14:46
RT @nbernste: On course to be the worst premier title defence ever. Never forget Keane had to sit through Carragher telling him this team w…
20-02-2021 23:48
@MufcDemon @UnitedStandMUFC Like I said I love haaland but greenwood development has to come first imo. I think gre…
20-02-2021 16:09
@MufcDemon @UnitedStandMUFC They’ve been talking about in recent press conferences developing greenwood into a stri…
20-02-2021 16:05
@MufcDemon @UnitedStandMUFC We have greenwood up and coming striker I do like haaland but my boy greenwood has to take priority
20-02-2021 16:03
@markgoldbridge Jezus mark you’re really fishing for arguments here. I can already taste the saltines in these Twitter replies
19-02-2021 22:11
@utdarena What I expect now I don’t know. No signings in January while teams like Liverpool did do shows their hung…
19-02-2021 16:46
@utdarena Mine was 4th as I thought we had a disastrous transfer window with not getting sancho and a CB
19-02-2021 16:33
Our captain!
19-02-2021 14:30
RT @utdarena: Bruno Fernandes has 21 goals and 11 assists in 31 90s this season. If we remove penalties it's 13 goals and 11 assists which…
18-02-2021 23:07
@iamjuantorres_ @CuleA7mad @goal Bruno is 25 years old in 2-3 years he’s gonna leave. Barcalona will buy because he…
18-02-2021 23:03
United best Real Sociedad 4-0
18-02-2021 23:01
RT @utdarena: Bruno Fernandes on Dan James’ assist: “I thought it was a touch. I gave him an assist.” This guy lol.
18-02-2021 23:00
@CuleA7mad @goal Dude your team is begging for him to come and when he does leave united and join a Barcelona or a…
18-02-2021 22:57
RT @MikeUTD_: @UTD_Fan22 @UnitedStandMUFC I love you
18-02-2021 22:52
@MikeUTD_ @UnitedStandMUFC I was more happy with diallo coming on tbf 😂
18-02-2021 22:52
WHAT DID I SAY! What did I say!
18-02-2021 22:49
@MikeUTD_ @UnitedStandMUFC Hehee I was rightttt
18-02-2021 22:48
FT 4-0 Manchester United with the ruthless win. Winning arguably the hardest match we will have in the tournament (…
18-02-2021 22:47
WHAT A GOAL!!! Danial James making it 4-0
18-02-2021 22:40
Mats for Bruno and greenwood for diallo
18-02-2021 22:33
18-02-2021 22:33
Ole...please... just put diallo on....
18-02-2021 22:30
Okay Ole get diallo on now we are 3-0 up 😂 probably will finish 5-0
18-02-2021 22:20
Rashford is coming off for marital
18-02-2021 22:19
VAR check complete offside
18-02-2021 22:19
Greenwood squares it to danial James looks offside. Great awareness from greenwood tho.
18-02-2021 22:18
3-0 Manchester United! 64 minutes
18-02-2021 22:16
RASHFORDDDDDDD!!!! This time as clinical as a shark in a sea full of fish!
18-02-2021 22:15
We’ve gone two goals up now let’s put diallo on
18-02-2021 22:14
Must’ve been a injury
18-02-2021 22:10
Matic subbed on for Mctominay
18-02-2021 22:10
GOAL GIVEN!! 2-0 to Manchester United!!!
18-02-2021 22:08
BRUNOOO Beaty! VAR however are checking! Very tight call!
18-02-2021 22:07
Also can’t forget shoretire
18-02-2021 21:30
United have impressed me so far! I think we need another goal or two to be safe. Another goal tho would mean a like debut for diallo
18-02-2021 21:30
1-0 Manchester United!
18-02-2021 21:22
BRUNOOOOOOO! Brilliant ball rashford! Poor defending, their own defender gets it past their goalkeeper right into the hands of Bruno!
18-02-2021 21:22
Rashfords runs have been good so far. We just need him to convert his chances.
18-02-2021 21:20
Brilliant pass from Telles to Bruno. Bruno then tries to square it to Rashford but rashfords shot was saved. We nee…
18-02-2021 21:14
Close chance for Mctominay. Easy save for the goalkeeper. It looked like Mctominay was looking to square the ball but no one was there.
18-02-2021 21:11
Both defences making mistakes. I assume they’ll grow into the game but which one will make capitulate first?
18-02-2021 20:59
Back to front start! Januzi goes for the long shot going just outside. Henderson long ball gets Rashford the ball o…
18-02-2021 20:58
Kick off! Come on United!
18-02-2021 20:54
RT @ManUtd: 💪 Applying the final touches 💨 #MUFC #UEL
18-02-2021 20:48
@ManUtdMEN Ole will have to be a good 2 goals up before he even thinks about putting shoretire or diallo on. If he…
18-02-2021 19:46
Who do you think will prevail? #UEL #EuropaLeague #MUFC #RealSociedadManchesterUnited
18-02-2021 19:34
He’s a player who got too arrogant too quickly into his career and stopped putting the work in.
18-02-2021 19:31
RT @goal: A magical goal from David Beckham 🧙‍♂️
18-02-2021 19:28
Big game today! Real Sociedad are going to be tough but I think with the recent poor form Ole will show why he’s a…
18-02-2021 17:03
Don’t understand the argument of who’s better Haaland or Mbappe. Great talents but at completely different stages o…
18-02-2021 17:00
RT @FabrizioRomano: Erling Haaland: “Real Madrid fans want me? It’s always nice when someone wants you! Tonight I wanna say ‘thanks’ to Mba…
18-02-2021 01:59
@markgoldbridge Apparently he was going down before contact was made.
18-02-2021 00:55
Big game tonight. If city win they would have taken 9 points from 3 difficult games. Showing true qualities of a ti…
17-02-2021 22:06
@Jwgray7 @UnitedStandMUFC @WhoScored Also very true
17-02-2021 15:25
@UnitedStandMUFC @WhoScored Mold*
17-02-2021 14:37
@UnitedStandMUFC @WhoScored Obviously there’s a clear difference with De gea as he’s proven himself in past games.…
17-02-2021 14:36
@UnitedStandMUFC @WhoScored He’s a young defender, I don’t understand why he’s getting hate for a couple of bad gam…
17-02-2021 14:32
Just saw Kounde is now our number 1 priority this summer. I agree with us focussing on a CB but if the rumours are…
17-02-2021 14:03
What a hat-trick! Mbappe truly world class!
17-02-2021 00:43
2 goals in 5 minutes for PSG! Wheres Barca’s defence may as well be a training cone at this point #BARPSG #BarcaPsg #
17-02-2021 00:34
Just saying this now... if mbappe ever comes to the premier league he would tear it up. Watching him play at 22 yea…
16-02-2021 23:44
Honestly think Kounde will be a good signing for us. However, what worries me is will Ole play him? Bailly is clear…
16-02-2021 20:41
@markgoldbridge Liverpool have a point to prove due to recent poor form but I think Barcelona will pull through tonight
16-02-2021 19:53
@ManUtd Great Thursday night football...again...
16-02-2021 19:18
@premierleague 🇨🇿
16-02-2021 18:35
@BBCMOTD Real Madrid is that even a question?
16-02-2021 17:24
@masongreenwood @ManUtd Congratulations Mason!
16-02-2021 17:24
RT @masongreenwood: @ManUtd ❤️
16-02-2021 17:23
@ManUtd @masongreenwood Best youngster in England
16-02-2021 15:11
@Ro2Tekky @markgoldbridge I don’t understand why pellistri is below average when he hasn’t started in a competitive…
16-02-2021 13:50
@utdarena I think I’ve been seeing us at the start of games we are too slow and don’t move the ball quick enough it…
15-02-2021 22:36
@UnitedStandMUFC Ole master class incoming. Screenshot this tweet.
15-02-2021 19:01
@JonAlecMuzz @Deano22 @Dave_SS10 @SkySportsPL @Carra23 @GNev2 Pogba on his day, I feel like pogba is very inconsist…
15-02-2021 18:35
@Dave_SS10 @SkySportsPL @Carra23 @GNev2 I mean I’m judging him based on the transformation he’s done to the team li…
15-02-2021 17:55
@Messi_LM10_ @SkySportsPL @Carra23 @GNev2 When Messi comes to city I’ll judge him then as I wanna see him perform i…
15-02-2021 17:53
@OriginalGold85 @SkySportsPL @Carra23 @GNev2 Why is your name 2021 champions when your team hasn’t won a competitiv…
15-02-2021 17:52
@SkySportsPL @Carra23 @GNev2 Ronaldo, Eric Cantona, Bruno Fernandez
15-02-2021 17:52
I don’t understand the de gea out argument. He’s made 1 error leading to goal. Not to mention before the likes of B…
15-02-2021 17:48
@ManUtd But how many have we conceded?
15-02-2021 17:40