messiah (@Uriel_Mendoza10) — ⚽️🇲🇽
RT @Corridosmp3: Un hombre compró todo los pepper sprays y los regalo a los vendedores para que se protejan 💯
08-07-2020 08:16
RT @leenerz2thaBONE: i just thought you should see this
07-07-2020 19:35
RT @pichosandoval1: Más mujeres así por favor 🙏!!!!
07-07-2020 19:33
RT @Droolianna: Did y’all see this? And knowing all the suspicion towards her parents after her disappearance....
06-07-2020 22:27
RT @kylekuzma: Look at the Fox News agenda.
06-07-2020 22:26
06-07-2020 00:27
05-07-2020 23:46
05-07-2020 23:45
RT @FigGetIt: Drake is the only artist who prolly has 5 hours worth of music on this list lol
05-07-2020 01:32
RT @YaBoiRaw25: Looks good but the owner is a racist, homophobe, and a trump supporter so I’m good! ✌🏽
05-07-2020 01:31
RT @sierra289brown: like this tweet if you actually KNOW someone who currently has or had COVID-19........ just tryna see something 🧐
05-07-2020 01:28
RT @Heyits_flaco: Done looking for ppl that don’t look for me, Friendships and family members✊🏻
05-07-2020 01:26
RT @xhxrzz: May Allah keep him smiling like this forever
05-07-2020 00:40
RT @ArjanaEjupi: To the Americans that say immigrants are stealing their jobs... now is your time to shine
05-07-2020 00:38
RT @RegionaIMexican: Qué se siente ser feliz solamente cuando tomas...🎵🍻🤩
05-07-2020 00:33
RT @Modelo2582: Esto dice la mera neta. 💯💯🇲🇽🇲🇽✊🏽
05-07-2020 00:21
RT @saaaxxv: ever since covid started all the hand sanitizer smells like cheap tequila and I hate it 😭
05-07-2020 00:21
RT @mjaayzee: I just wanna move to Texas already 😭
04-07-2020 23:35
RT @filupmolina: I Am Karen (2020)
04-07-2020 20:48
RT @76Hunnid: For whoever needed to hear it
04-07-2020 20:47
RT @adri_alonsoo: I think it is an appropriate time to share this.
04-07-2020 20:38
RT @RgmzVane: This is so sad ..
01-07-2020 11:27
RT @_pinche_gordo: I don’t see anyone sharing this alv donde andan 👀🤡
01-07-2020 08:53
5 members of INTOCABLE got COVID-19 😬... dios porfavor
01-07-2020 08:52
RT @NewCuIture: Let’s not forget when this mans car caught a cramp
01-07-2020 04:58
RT @_amadorIvaaan: Coleaderos & Jaripeos are two different things lol
01-07-2020 00:31
tiki taka papa🥵... cercasssss vamossss
01-07-2020 00:31
RT @_Futbolero_: 700 goles del mejor jugador de la historia. 💪👍👏
01-07-2020 00:25
RT @BarcaWorldwide: WTF HE CLEARLY DIVED...
01-07-2020 00:25
RT @BarcaStat: 2-2 Thats bullshit!!!!
01-07-2020 00:24
se callo solo no mames😭
01-07-2020 00:24
01-07-2020 00:12
penalti!! vamos carajo!! 💪🏼
01-07-2020 00:11
RT @FutbolLionel: Messi doing Messi things
30-06-2020 23:43
RT @tariqnasheed: Some alleged KKK members were arrested in #Richmond for impersonating police officers. These men had fake badges, police…
30-06-2020 06:55
me gustas por coqueta y altanera
30-06-2020 06:53
RT @UFWupdates: Alma shared this video of the green bell pepper harvest in Bakersfield CA. She skillfully makes her way down each row on he…
30-06-2020 06:45
RT @rojas_arath: Wearing a face cover in who knows what fucking heat for 8 hours but y’all can’t wear your fucking mask for 30 minutes insi…
30-06-2020 06:45
RT @SalePues_IV4: Baltazar dipped 🏃🏾‍♂️💨
30-06-2020 06:35
RT @alvaradobecky01: 🔥🔥
29-06-2020 08:13
29-06-2020 02:15
RT @MotivacionesF: “Si tengo que quedarme con uno, es con Arthur. Todos los que han llegado son muy buenos , pero Arthur me sorprendió. Es…
29-06-2020 02:13
RT @jvalencia1929: If I’m single a ti qué te valga verga lo que haga 🤦🏻‍♂️
29-06-2020 01:36
RT @GregMidoriya: it’s the laugh for me 😭😂😭
29-06-2020 00:05
RT @davenewworld_2: A lot of people were interested in the #Resister in black, so here ya go, her name is Sharon Sandler:…
29-06-2020 00:03
RT @davenewworld_2: Seniors from The Villages in Florida protesting against each other:
29-06-2020 00:01
RT @RexChapman: Dallas, Texas: Lovely young Karen throwing a fit over being asked to wear a mask...
28-06-2020 23:29
RT @CorridosYBandas: Cuando me subo al carro de mi compa
28-06-2020 22:40
RT @NewCuIture: Posting this everytime I see it 💀
28-06-2020 22:39
RT @Alonsitooo__: Is anyone else having a weird ass Saturday night? Like the vibes just ain’t there today???
28-06-2020 10:37
RT @CorridosYBandas: Cuando llegas a tu casa bien pedo a las 4 de la mañana, después de que sólo ibas a salir un ratito a tomarte dos cerve…
28-06-2020 05:05
RT @niyaaaaazz: Pedofiles come in both genders
28-06-2020 04:37
RT @treyvxughn: NAH SON they did my boy dirty 😭😭😭😭
28-06-2020 04:31
RT @allstate_andy: Told y’all she was trash
28-06-2020 03:16
RT @KayAleMac: realizing that some people just aren’t supposed to be in your life no matter how bad you want them to be
28-06-2020 03:15
RT @fuckumweball: Iron man? Nah this nigga death hit different
28-06-2020 03:14
RT @SosaOnTopVI: it’s all temporary. make your money
28-06-2020 03:09
RT @chillxbell: my dad who has been working for a company for 20+ years, has recently been fired due to racial profiling and decided to res…
28-06-2020 01:37
RT @miakrystal1: Only in bakersfield 😂😂 y’all give this man $1
28-06-2020 01:31
RT @bloopie_: Son.... the way they snatched him up 😂😂😭😂
27-06-2020 11:03
RT @ClubAmerica: 📸 1⃣1⃣ 🦅
27-06-2020 05:37
RT @0_erj: They gave this man 40 bands and he said :
26-06-2020 09:32
RT @ediiitthh: ban trophy hunting. stop going to the circus. don’t go to sea world. donate to sanctuaries and foundations. get educated . t…
26-06-2020 04:34
RT @30SECVlDEOS: I’m never letting this video die
26-06-2020 04:33
RT @SamGarVid: Can’t wait to fight other parents and the ref at my future sons U6 soccer game
26-06-2020 04:00
RT @KingleafDaDon: This is why I don’t fuck with water 😩
26-06-2020 04:00
RT @marchucol: Descansa en paz amigo, te amo🤍
26-06-2020 03:51
RT @xbxdvibesxx: Me quiero perder un rato
26-06-2020 03:51
RT @Heyits_flaco: El problema de mucha gente es que no aceptan sus errores😏✊🏻
26-06-2020 03:51
RT @ThatGuyNando: My money changed but I ain’t change with it
26-06-2020 03:51
thinking bout moving to Norcal 🤔
26-06-2020 03:46
RT @mjaayzee: y’all be tripping too much on what people be doing now a days, worry about yourselffff 🤣
26-06-2020 03:40
RT @Abdulmir19: Damnn, that was kinda deep
26-06-2020 03:26
RT @Whereisblockaye: When her card declines while we at the register buying my PS5
26-06-2020 03:25
RT @nots1eez: WWE: “DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!” me and my cousins:
26-06-2020 03:23
RT @CorridosYBandas: Yo después de hacer 10 minutos de ejercicio en mi casa.
26-06-2020 03:20
RT @NOONSOLDIER: stop looking for yo soulmate. look for yo soul. mate.
26-06-2020 03:20
RT @ddupreejr: Black athletes pay attention
26-06-2020 01:46
RT @dripjaime: Id rather be alone than have a shady ass circle of friends....🧐
26-06-2020 01:45
RT @yanez2342: Te dirán lo que parace, pero nunca lo que es 🌚
26-06-2020 01:44
RT @chon_slp: All I got to say is that beer has never broke my heart 🤷🏽‍♂️
26-06-2020 00:55
RT @jackie_0range: My mom beat cancers ass not once but twice‼️
26-06-2020 00:07
RT @Efren_soto4: Busted a nut in jail call it sperm cell
25-06-2020 20:58
RT @yeseniiaa_17: Y’all embarrassed to wear a mask but y’all wear chivas jersey??? Cmon
25-06-2020 03:33
RT @xbxdvibesxx: Im busting my ass off rn cause I just know my wife is gonna be expensive
25-06-2020 01:48
RT @Faitelson_ESPN: No sé si Raúl Jiménez valga 100, 200 o 1000 millones de euros. La única realidad tajante es que ha mostrado su valía en…
25-06-2020 01:47
RT @effiewalkr: Half of Black Kentuckians live in Jefferson County. 600,000 registered voters live in Jefferson county. There’s one poll…
25-06-2020 01:46
RT @Messi_Worldwide: Messi - Road to Olympics Gold🇦🇷🏅
25-06-2020 01:41
RT @Chinohoven: Joe Biden is a fucking snake too don’t get it twisted but at this point, ain’t nothing worse than trump.
24-06-2020 23:52
none 🤮
24-06-2020 23:51
RT @nanisxo: I’m this close 🤏🏼 to deleting all social media & going MIA for a bit
24-06-2020 23:49
RT @yackisieras: one thing I hate about twitter is you can’t tweet ANYTHING without someone trying to come for you
24-06-2020 23:49
peda segura this weekend?? 🤔
24-06-2020 22:35
RT @oHardenJr: He’s holding back the tears bruh 💀 🍙
24-06-2020 21:35
RT @ShannonSharpe: He did everything asked of him, complied, provided I.D and yet here we are.😔😔😔
24-06-2020 21:34
RT @SalePues_IV4: A quien llevan??? 🤔
24-06-2020 06:34
RT @ajplus: A 7.4 earthquake hit southern and central Mexico, causing buildings in Mexico City to sway and thousands to run into the street…
24-06-2020 00:56
RT @CorridosYBandas: Ya cálmate 2020.😣
24-06-2020 00:54
RT @claribelfloress: !!!!!!!!!!!!!
24-06-2020 00:54
RT @wammiri: Which made your childhood?
24-06-2020 00:53
RT @BarcaWorldwide: ANSU FATI and RIQUI PUIG That's it, that's the tweet.
24-06-2020 00:53
RT @_supaflyry: time to grab some friends and make a village
24-06-2020 00:51
RT @CorridosYBandas: Gracias a Dios por otro día más de vida y salud.
24-06-2020 00:50
ansu fati 🔥
24-06-2020 00:50
RT @BarcaStat: GOAL Rakiticcccc!!!!!! 😂😂😂 No way the way the team celebrated, it shows that they're under huge pressure 1-0 72'
24-06-2020 00:33
RT @totalBarca: FINALLY! 1-0
24-06-2020 00:33
RT @barcagalaxy: Rakitic ⚽️
24-06-2020 00:33
vamosss !!! 💙❤️
24-06-2020 00:33
RT @CorridosYBandas: Pinshi 2020 te dije sorpréndeme, no matame.
24-06-2020 00:15
RT @CorridosYBandas: Yo tampoco.☹️
24-06-2020 00:00
RT @ricardo32t: Una orden por el whatsapp
23-06-2020 23:57
RT @_yaasssss: The older you get the more you realize that not just anyone is your “Friend”
23-06-2020 23:57
RT @jafelix562: if you think like this unfollow me
23-06-2020 23:56
RT @PaisaTweets_: Este si es un corridon! 😂
23-06-2020 23:53
RT @_StegenismoFCB: Yo viendo a este Barça.
23-06-2020 23:53
vamos barca❤️!!
23-06-2020 23:04
RT @zayWRLD: it’s about respect, don’t do shit you wouldn’t want me doing
23-06-2020 23:01
RT @chatoomp: apenas es martes y ya me cayó gorda la semana
23-06-2020 23:01
RT @griscoco_: Hijodesupincheeeeeeema, el capítulo de drake & josh se volvió realidad en méxico jajajajjaa
23-06-2020 23:00
RT @_StegenismoFCB: Eres mi mejor relación tóxica @FCBarcelona_es por mucho daño que hagáis, aquí estoy como un subnormal esperando a la ho…
23-06-2020 22:58
RT @xbxdvibesxx: i dont carry no hate in my heart
23-06-2020 08:00
RT @xbxdvibesxx: Some of y’all can’t move in silence because you desire attention more than progress..
23-06-2020 01:48
RT @Elroywealthy: When they ask where all my strength comes from:
22-06-2020 23:06
RT @xbxdvibesxx: Still confused from betrayal
22-06-2020 23:05
RT @mattmazurk4: She’s only 65 years old today. Her white classmates are the generation running this country right now. That’s the problem.
22-06-2020 23:00
RT @LATACO: Andrés Guardado’s father speaks
22-06-2020 22:59
RT @yackisieras: #JusticeForAndresGuardado ♥️
22-06-2020 22:58
RT @KingSavionE: lmao when yo homies show you what you did when you were drunk
22-06-2020 22:56
RT @Jolvera2320: A las viejas de ahora les gusta los vatos corriente 🤮 mejor solo
22-06-2020 22:54
RT @Capitanfutbool: Obra de arte 😍
22-06-2020 22:54
RT @andrew77725329: Hi my name is Andrew and today I am 4 weeks clean of alcohol and cocaine.
22-06-2020 22:53
RT @babiegvk: they bought all the paletas so he can go home for father’s day 🥺
22-06-2020 21:51
RT @dirtyydlana: no offense but idc what i allowed in the past try me again TODAY
22-06-2020 21:51
RT @poonierod: Black Lives Matter. COVID-19 still exists. Arrest the cops who murdered Breonna Taylor. Defund the police. Fund communit…
22-06-2020 21:50
RT @xtokris: Justin Bieber was just accused of sexual assault and he cleared his name by bringing receipts, let's imagine he didn't have th…
22-06-2020 21:36
RT @angela_TLK: Put George Lopez on Netflix
22-06-2020 21:36
RT @Anthony_Wiggle: To be fair , we had a better light show!
22-06-2020 21:32
RT @melanatedmomma: it’s ok to take alone time when you feel like it. it’s ok to say no when you don’t want to do something.
22-06-2020 21:31
RT @Dahlia_pdf: Manifesting money, success and positive blessings.
22-06-2020 21:31
RT @Official_Tink: People lie so much, idk what to believe.
22-06-2020 21:31
RT @Doaud_: When you include your friends and family in your prayers but then guilt kicks in so you end up praying for the whole world
22-06-2020 21:30
RT @xbxdvibesxx: I need to get back on my grind no more bullshitting
22-06-2020 21:30
RT @yagirljoss: anyways my dad built my mom a closet in the attic 💅🏼
22-06-2020 21:28
RT @Heyits_flaco: Happy Monday, animo ya casi viernes🥰🍺
22-06-2020 21:19
RT @tyomateee: 演技も凄いし映像技術も凄い、全てが凄い
22-06-2020 11:24
RT @nowthisnews: Scrolling through Vanessa Bryant’s Instagram makes one thing clear: Kobe loved being a dad
22-06-2020 11:19
RT @LandoSoReal: Spread the Word
22-06-2020 11:12
22-06-2020 11:11
RT @dgdtillidie: everyone deserves to see this
22-06-2020 11:02
RT @Phil_Lewis_: Protesters are out in Compton demanding justice for Andres Guardado, an 18-year-old who was fatally shot 7 times in the ba…
22-06-2020 09:56
RT @mjsgc_: Ay nomas Chayan!
22-06-2020 09:55
RT @Corridosmp3: Le compraron todas las paletas pa que se vaya temprano a la casa pa celebrar el día de el padre 👏
22-06-2020 09:54
RT @chico_vasquez01: “No te acuerdas de mi? Te cambiaba los pañales”
22-06-2020 09:54
RT @carlaossf: i cant
22-06-2020 09:54
RT @the_chaparrin: Just wanna be showed off like one of these mfs 😔
22-06-2020 07:50
RT @DavidSpade: 3 germs
22-06-2020 07:49
@AngelGarciaa__ se tenia que decir 😂
22-06-2020 05:04
ima simp for vaqueritas
22-06-2020 04:30
RT @xomelurs: help him find his family 😓
22-06-2020 03:48
RT @CallMe__Emmy: This is disgustinggggg asf. Don’t @ me. This is disgusting. She’s disgusting.
22-06-2020 01:59
@christiangn_ yess 😂
22-06-2020 01:46
@christiangn_ vine a la tienda wey, y que la veo con su ex JAJAJA ... que verguenza weyyy
22-06-2020 01:41
RT @rorroechavez: Esta cabrón cuando te das cuenta que la vida sí te puede cambiar en un instante.
21-06-2020 10:07
RT @bgcslave: feeling like him today
21-06-2020 09:59
RT @NailsNCrowns: Im going over there to cry
21-06-2020 09:57
RT @el_tragon_de_LA: UPDATE: came to speak with the manager. Andres ran down the driveway, got on his knees and put his hands behind his he…
20-06-2020 23:20
RT @el_tragon_de_LA: He was at his job as security It was his second job He was paying for school Sheriffs rolled up & pulled out guns. H…
20-06-2020 23:20
RT @YourAnonCentral: 18-year-old Andres Guardado street executed by police in L.A. According to witnesses, he was shot in the back at least…
20-06-2020 23:19
RT @PaisaTweets_: Here’s the family’s go fund me account for Andres Guardado’s funeral. If you are able to donate please do. #JusticeForAnd…
20-06-2020 23:19
RT @HugoSotoMartinz: LA County Sherffis just murdered this 18 year old child as he was running away for his life two days before Father’s D…
20-06-2020 23:19
RT @LeoCast34: Find my rims and I’ll pay you $500. Bring me the rat and I’ll give you $2000. 20” aluminum stocks on Bridgestone tires. http…
20-06-2020 21:20
RT @baked_potato1: On god I’m going MIA next time I get cuffed😭😭😭😭
20-06-2020 21:19
@AlphaKingMario yess maineeee
20-06-2020 00:33
RT @Montsogyny: This shit had me paranoid as a kid
20-06-2020 00:22
RT @curlyheadgio: Bitches be like “sorry I was asleep” REALLY FOR 15 HOURS YOU WERE SLEEP?
20-06-2020 00:19
RT @WannaBeReeceJr: i’ll never forgive the WWE for giving this nigga screen time
20-06-2020 00:13
@sssjvxgi1 @alaaan__xD 😝
20-06-2020 00:04
todo a su tiempo
19-06-2020 23:56
RT @JefferyxBball: Me as soon as Skate 4 drops:
19-06-2020 23:55
RT @Bite_Sizzee: U ever spend so much u scared to check ya account ? 😂😂😂
19-06-2020 23:46
RT @sher_xo: Nahhh this one I haven’t seen before 😂😂😂😂😂😂
19-06-2020 04:23
RT @Fayemous___: Doctors? Teachers? Essential workers?
19-06-2020 04:22
RT @kalnewp: open ur snaps ur not a celebrity
19-06-2020 04:19
19-06-2020 01:05
RT @WeAreMessi: Lionel Messi during today’s training session ahead of Sevilla clash.
18-06-2020 21:01
RT @_myyyaaa: Blanca Gomez legit just left the meeting cause she heard officers outside were covering their badge numbers. A QUEEN. PROTECT…
18-06-2020 21:01
RT @SalePues_IV4: Quiero Pistear!! 🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺
18-06-2020 19:48
RT @purosbailes: Mooood 😍😍🥵
18-06-2020 19:47
RT @abeldashit: it hurts, i can’t breathe....
17-06-2020 18:38
RT @jujubangzz_: everything reminds me of her 😔
17-06-2020 18:34
RT @emilyxce:
17-06-2020 04:57
RT @Anthony93485914: Dude this cumbia go stupid hard 😭😭
17-06-2020 04:20
RT @hilariamirelez: no fr
16-06-2020 21:48
RT @OmarBagwell: They refused to admit that the black boy won until he did it the African way😂😂
16-06-2020 21:47
RT @GER4RDOSTX: Her current BF is mad goofy for agreeing to do this, have some fucking self respect bro.
16-06-2020 21:46
ninguno alv 🤮
16-06-2020 21:45