Ysbryd PPFOB 🕊🦊🐝🌳🌗🦔🦡🦇 (@YsbrydShadow) — "There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy." Hamlet (1.5.167-8), Shakespeare ✨🌑 (painting: Carlo Crivelli)
RT @CHEMTrust: The new @ProjectTENDR paper in @AMJPublicHealth calls for the elimination of the entire class of #phthalates from consumer p…
25-02-2021 12:25
RT @foe_us: 40% of insects are barreling toward extinction — and toxic pesticides like Roundup are to blame. This month, Friends of the Ea…
25-02-2021 12:22
RT @CenterForBioDiv: BREAKING: 135 wolves have been slaughtered in Wisconsin since Monday in an unprecedented wolf hunt that was enabled by…
25-02-2021 12:22
RT @libertyhq: 🆕#ProtectEveryone Bill: 🔘Suspends the racist hostile environment 🔘Respects disabled people’s rights 🔘Ensures everyone has…
25-02-2021 12:08
RT @premnsikka: Billions of people are trapped in poverty by systemic tax abuses, corruption and money laundering - 10% of the world’s weal…
25-02-2021 12:07
RT @PAN_UK: One day left to have your voice heard! If you haven't yet taken action please click on the link below. It's quick and easy. ht…
25-02-2021 11:53
RT @anti_plasticbag: #FPMcCann #Craigallrocks #habitatDestruction https://t.co/lELFaRindr
25-02-2021 01:26
It’s behaviour such as this that will see the demise of humanity, which, on balance, we have coming, given how unfo… https://t.co/pnOKEG8BW1
25-02-2021 01:13
RT @drmarkhyman: I had the pleasure of chatting with my friend, @drchatterjeeuk, about my new book The Pegan Diet. We discuss using food as…
25-02-2021 01:09
God, how awful. More of London’s skyline ruined. FFS https://t.co/soIQQEIieT
25-02-2021 01:08
RT @pablgarcia: @GreenMedInfo https://t.co/rlhepYyXM6
25-02-2021 00:48
RT @AlanMartinArt: Backstage. #edinburgh #art https://t.co/u8SCpDTcb9
24-02-2021 23:11
RT @libertyhq: The week we learned the near future could see: 💈haircuts 🏖️holidays ⚽️organised sport 🛂a two-tier society where some can ac…
24-02-2021 21:20
I didn’t know beavers were man-eaters 😉😆 https://t.co/7GNMdT3h7g
24-02-2021 21:20
@AmericaJust @DrFrankLipman @RossWenk Coconut oil or ghee.
24-02-2021 21:19
@dantegiuliano @DrFrankLipman No
24-02-2021 21:18
RT @DrFrankLipman: Vegetable oils are typically processed using harsh, petroleum-based chemicals to increase their shelf life. And when hea…
24-02-2021 21:18
RT @kennardmatt: Should say: @amnesty has unfortunately collapsed in past decade, steadily captured by the state like so much of civil soci…
24-02-2021 21:18
RT @AdamWagner1: "9 out of 10 officers" https://t.co/5DAwISvW6U
24-02-2021 20:05
RT @Jonathan_K_Cook: With Corbyn out the way, and Sir Keir Starmer firmly onside, the Israel lobby has channeled its smears at cultural and…
24-02-2021 17:22
RT @libertyhq: Vaccination is voluntary. And not everyone who wants the vaccine can get it. A #VaccinePassports system will be discriminat…
24-02-2021 17:04
RT @MarksOOTenancy: Great news for renters in Wales! From spring 2022 rental contracts in Wales will change: renters will have a minimum 1…
24-02-2021 14:34
RT @Feargal_Sharkey: Just to remind you all that just 24 hours ago the @EnvAgency admitted it will no longer be publishing serious pollutio…
24-02-2021 14:34
@bevcott @fudgiepoos The 'vaccines' doing the rounds for SARS CoV-2 do not lower transmission or contraction. The v… https://t.co/4kRRDPD2R1
24-02-2021 12:34
@KatieMagnet It's discriminatory. Coercing anyone to have a medical procedure breaches medical ethics. The vaccine… https://t.co/ScYzsDlTlM
24-02-2021 12:28
RT @ydeigin: https://t.co/uJvUYyxCxw
24-02-2021 12:16
RT @Greenpeaceafric: You don't want to miss this! ✊✊ #savetheokavangodelta [email protected]_whk https://t.co/J8c49KEwDb
24-02-2021 12:08
RT @ClareCraigPath: It is imperative that this inquiry takes place. Please sign and share. https://t.co/E2G4PpfNHz
24-02-2021 11:36
RT @declassifiedUK: New -- Charles of Arabia: How Britain’s next king bolsters autocratic Gulf regimes By @pmillerinfo and @markcurtis30…
24-02-2021 11:34
RT @grace0103: Can we get this in the UK, please? https://t.co/dVyhbX1v6s
24-02-2021 11:34
RT @DawYorks: 😮 25 of the laptops that the tech guys have managed to salvage for @CCPrimaryLeeds 😮 These laptops were destined for the ti…
24-02-2021 11:33
RT @OnjaliRauf: Lighting a candle tonight to remember the 976 #homeless souls who died in the UK last year. That's one soul with a story of…
24-02-2021 11:07
RT @DoorwaysProject: Beautiful memorials at Trafalgar Square and St Martin's church, organised by @our_MoH every candle represents one of t…
24-02-2021 10:58
RT @emptyhomes: One in 24 homes now empty in Southwark after huge rise in second home listings - Southwark News https://t.co/DXBkNr20tm
24-02-2021 10:44
RT @jpormerod: Despite being on notice from Mr Neale’s first appearance at court that he was homeless at the time of the alleged offences,…
24-02-2021 10:38
RT @jpormerod: My client, Keith Neale, was prosecuted for leaving home (although he was homeless) without reasonable excuse (although he wa…
24-02-2021 10:38
RT @BigBrotherWatch: Mr Neale called us after he was arrested during the first lockdown simply for being outside, alone, posing a risk to n…
24-02-2021 10:32
RT @emptyhomes: The current long-term numbers in Dorset and across the South West are up, as in 9 out of 10 areas. Details and regional con…
24-02-2021 10:29
@sleebubee Yes, the book also examine the adverse effects of toxic relationships, particularly marriage/partnership… https://t.co/6u5uPwiUDo
24-02-2021 00:15
23-02-2021 23:37
‘ . . social isolation increases the risk of heart disease by two to three times.’ Excerpt from: ‘Why Kindness Is… https://t.co/j8ITM8iJFO
23-02-2021 23:30
RT @DingyShears: Animals like raccoon dogs, rabbits and foxes suffer in the name of frivolous fur fashion. Please ask the UK government to…
23-02-2021 21:40
RT @jeremycorbyn: Homeless deaths rose by more than a third in 2020 to nearly 1000. The level of homelessness in this country under the To…
23-02-2021 21:31
RT @ZeroWasteChef: 'A role model': how Seville is turning leftover oranges into electricity "It’s not just about saving money. The oranges…
23-02-2021 20:28
RT @PrivacyMatters: I mean look @ICOnews This should not be allowed. 'PEE-CTV Dad outraged as school installs CCTV over urinals leaving so…
23-02-2021 18:33
RT @PrivacyMatters: Some schools still seem intent on installing CCTV in school toilets. Beyond the ethics of doing it, I hope they're clea…
23-02-2021 18:33
@airwavey @libertyhq The false equivalence of the driving licence 🙄 It goes against medical ethics to coerce or for… https://t.co/cGApQP7njP
23-02-2021 18:03
RT @libertyhq: The Prime Minister talks of 'trade-offs' to get us out of lockdown. Well our civil liberties aren't on the table. #Vaccine…
23-02-2021 17:52
I'm a similar age, this is familiar to me, and countless others, it's really depressing. People who own their homes… https://t.co/BTS5A763bO
23-02-2021 17:39
RT @TitusCrow1: @DeanPrecop @Mancunian_Mum Originally council houses built after the ww2, houses fit for heroes was to avoid theses types o…
23-02-2021 17:32
All too familiar! @MarksOOTenancy https://t.co/xBw5OfRGl3
23-02-2021 17:31
@Mancunian_Mum @drmatthewgreen Yep, me too. It's utterly depressing, particularly when you consider how unstable &… https://t.co/KLxsaZIf42
23-02-2021 17:30
RT @gj_yurko: @goddeketal https://t.co/eOlm9lXjKH
23-02-2021 17:07
RT @goddeketal: The Netherlands: 22 nursing home residents died within two weeks of the first mRNA shots. https://t.co/WhA73mzQud
23-02-2021 17:06
RT @PrivacyMatters: & "at present, vaccination status does not offer clear or conclusive evidence about any individual’s risk to others via…
23-02-2021 12:14
RT @PrivacyMatters: But worryingly, talk among some parties in the U.K. concerns me, especially after listening to the Health Secretary on…
23-02-2021 12:13
RT @haveibeenpwned: New breach: NurseryCam had over 10k records exposed this month due to a series of security flaws before the service was…
23-02-2021 12:13
RT @AdamWagner1: One of the sad and largely untold stories of the year-long lockdown is it has been illegal for many people who don’t live…
23-02-2021 12:10
RT @our_MoH: This morning we share our findings on deaths of people who are homeless in 2020. A 37% increase in deaths recorded in 2019, bu…
23-02-2021 12:08
RT @LGSpace: For advice on how to manage native hedgerows properly to benefit rather than harm wildlife and biodiversity, see for example t…
23-02-2021 12:06
RT @LGSpace: The springtime hacking of hedgerows & trees to keep nature ‘neat & tidy’ (often with ugly results) will be on us anytime now.…
23-02-2021 12:06
RT @BigBrotherWatch: We're building up a fight against vaccine passports / Covid Status Certificates - we can *only* do it together. Here’s…
23-02-2021 11:58
RT @BigBrotherWatch: RT if you’ll never download the Apartheid App, like if you’ll boycott businesses that use it https://t.co/45LIFqGrOz
23-02-2021 11:57
RT @aquasulis1998: Sights and Sounds from Hogshaw from last Spring https://t.co/z3S83lrbwn via @YouTube Help us #savehogshaw from develop…
23-02-2021 11:57
RT @PlanningShit: Kerb Appeal. #downpipeappeal #columnappeal #darkroomappeal https://t.co/KR9nwx4sfd
23-02-2021 11:57
RT @raynor_winn: All the proceeds from this amazing event go to Emmaus Cornwall who are fundraising to set up a community for people who ha…
23-02-2021 01:21
RT @privacyint: As British gov’t announces way out of lockdown there has been mentions of domestic & in’tial “immunity passports” or health…
22-02-2021 23:35
RT @samhusseini: Shock! I've been blocked by @PeterDaszak who funded the work in Wuhan that may have caused the pandemic, is now on *both*…
22-02-2021 21:51
22-02-2021 21:49
RT @fifidopeyropey: HS2 will cost £127 billion and involve the destruction of: 900 British Homes 108 Ancient Woodlands 21 Sites of Scientif…
22-02-2021 21:19
RT @charleshymas: Nine in ten police officers do not believe the Covid-19 rules and regulations have been clear, a poll has found. https://…
22-02-2021 20:00
RT @minacktheatre: Seconded... this is frustrating and just bizarre. You can go into our indoor museum from step2, but we cannot stage perf…
22-02-2021 19:59
RT @alicelouisegrif: Even husband shocked re amount of plastic that arrived with our online @sainsburys shop today. Please be more @Riverfo…
22-02-2021 19:59
RT @Pedroandco_: @AdamWagner1 Forced medical procedures. Never thought I’d see the day. As someone who is fit and healthy and never uses th…
22-02-2021 19:57
RT @Claudius1810BC: @AdamWagner1 It sets very dangerous precedents for the future and it won't be temporary either as it'll morph into some…
22-02-2021 19:55
RT @Claudius1810BC: @AdamWagner1 How these things cannot be considered coercion to take a medical procedure, as in testing or getting vaxxe…
22-02-2021 19:55
RT @AdamWagner1: “Covid certificates” AKA vaccine passports being looked into. Govt says it will be “mindful of the many concerns surround…
22-02-2021 19:55
RT @goddeketal: Vaccines are known as "leaky vaccines" when they reduce symptoms but one can still be infected by the virus. This means tha…
22-02-2021 19:54
RT @BigBrotherWatch: "Covid Status Certification" is now how you spell "vaccine passports" 🙃 A disturbing U-turn in the roadmap. And it i…
22-02-2021 19:50
RT @AdamWagner1: The legal requirement to stay at home has been in place: 🔒26 March to 31 May (Lockdown 1, 66 days) 🔒5 November to 2 Decemb…
22-02-2021 19:01
RT @BigBrotherWatch: The PM offered no information as to when the right to protest will be restored. Peaceful protest is the cornerstone o…
22-02-2021 19:00
@artroomplant @theartcriminal @InSEA_Blog @NEATENart @CPNeaat @OfInsea @PaulCarneyArts I haven't stopped creating,… https://t.co/shSSdFq8wV
22-02-2021 18:48
@artroomplant @theartcriminal @InSEA_Blog @NEATENart @CPNeaat @OfInsea @PaulCarneyArts The point of these replies,… https://t.co/FxKEAiBliA
22-02-2021 18:45
RT @HifasdaTerraUK: Strengthening the immune system is key to preventing and providing the organism with the tools it needs to defend itsel…
22-02-2021 18:43
@artroomplant @theartcriminal @InSEA_Blog @NEATENart @CPNeaat @OfInsea @PaulCarneyArts I learned more from my Engli… https://t.co/HpNcTHQI86
22-02-2021 18:43
@artroomplant @theartcriminal @InSEA_Blog @NEATENart @CPNeaat @OfInsea @PaulCarneyArts An artist since I was tiny,… https://t.co/2iloFeOEy1
22-02-2021 18:41
RT @LaurenSJCook: Excited to see my illustrations in the latest issue of @Resurgence_mag alongside an article by @brownmariannes with @gow_…
22-02-2021 18:19
RT @BigBrotherWatch: Today, the Prime Minister will announce the roadmap out of lockdown 3, nearly 2 MONTHS after it came into force. This…
22-02-2021 17:57
RT @HarleyShah: And yes people on benefits do often have to choose between food or heating because £300 is not covering anyone’s bills, no…
22-02-2021 17:18
RT @anhcampaign: The measure of efficacy or ‘success’ for these experimental vaccines is merely a reduction of symptoms. Symptoms that just…
22-02-2021 11:29
RT @LGSpace: The UK has eradicated many of its orchards and now imports 70% of its apples, often from across the world. Planting more apple…
22-02-2021 01:39
RT @emptyhomes: During National #EmptyHomesWeek2021 we've looked at the data -after last years big 20% rise; the solutions -and how Governm…
22-02-2021 00:23
RT @AzieDee: The situation is Texas is absolutely abominable. But I want you to also know that this Native community in Alaska has not had…
21-02-2021 23:00
@goddeketal Irrespective of CoViD-19, I wouldn't trust any doctor who couldn't tell me in detail the cons/benefits… https://t.co/Opc58vdfe0
21-02-2021 22:10
RT @EssexPR: A follower @‘d me this earlier, what a talented family lol Very clever, loved it. 🙌🏽 https://t.co/Rv3iDOmdzL
21-02-2021 18:56
@holmanm Thalidomide HPV vaccine #TheContaminatedBloodScandal Drugs for made up 'mental' illnesses - the myth of th… https://t.co/MY2RAm25wj
21-02-2021 16:27
RT @Gian_TCatt: You'd be forgiven for thinking Keir Starmer, as a former Director of Public Prosecutions would take a dim view of corrupt l…
21-02-2021 16:06
RT @BigBrotherWatch: ✊NO ID CARDS✊ Today is an important day to say loud + clear: no national ID, no vaccine ID, no voter ID! 69 yrs ago…
21-02-2021 15:55
RT @Two_Brews_: Sunday morning outreach 🙌🏻 Bacon butties and brews for all ❤️ #oneaimonemission #thankyou #homeless #businesseswhogivebac…
21-02-2021 15:54
@AbstractPatrick Big job, good luck, hope the weather is kind.
21-02-2021 14:23
RT @Mrsjw91Wells: Mostly raggedly pieces of plastic bag/sheet today and a couple of lids and straws. #2minutebeachclean https://t.co/7iUPf…
21-02-2021 12:28
RT @Tim_Hayward_: It is very concerning that the coordinated group of ZeroCovid promoters refer to people who disagree with them 'as needin…
21-02-2021 11:46
RT @Tom_Warman_: Do read @thegentleauthor in the Jan 21 edition of @WofInteriors who, quite rightly, despairs at London’s heritage (an anci…
21-02-2021 02:35
RT @Andreajane71: #colour_collective A page from my sketchbook. https://t.co/xrtYy3SemL
21-02-2021 02:14
RT @RobertBohan: Here we see the boat taking on symbolic forms with wings & anthropomorphic features. All representing the journey & freedo…
21-02-2021 02:13
RT @RobertBohan: Francis Bacon (1909-92) was the greatest Irish painter of the 20th C. His subject was nihilism & he addressed it with prof…
21-02-2021 02:12
RT @baconartbot: Painting #francisbacon #bacon https://t.co/uTk49D2Zof
21-02-2021 02:10
RT @baconartbot: M.C. Escher @artistescher #mcescher #followart https://t.co/yMJkfFo6sw
21-02-2021 02:10
RT @baconartbot: Fury, 1944 #expressionism #francisbacon https://t.co/8btJY2jXru
21-02-2021 02:09
RT @baconartbot: Untitled (Pope), 1954 #francisbacon #bacon https://t.co/ElXSiEIBbb
21-02-2021 02:08
How very poignant https://t.co/StUsZhqDVs
21-02-2021 02:07
RT @artistmondrian: Windmill in the Gein, 1907 https://t.co/UHtnkOkJjQ #impressionism #pietmondrian https://t.co/h9lYfPs4PC
21-02-2021 02:07
RT @goddeketal: 8/: If our health really mattered, physicians and politicians would heavily propagate and subsidize #VitaminD, and campaign…
21-02-2021 01:01
RT @womensart1: Solitude entonnoir (Funnel of solitude),1921 and Radiation de deux seuls éloignés,1916 by Suzanne Duchamp, French Dadaist p…
21-02-2021 00:59
@goddeketal Vaccine passports & also compulsory vaccines for CoViD-19 clauses are looking likely for employers in t… https://t.co/RoKZxExlvY
21-02-2021 00:33
@NaomiMeeks1 Fear has distorted many people’s behaviour. It is very concerning, the divisions that have surfaced in… https://t.co/3BcBk6f85E
20-02-2021 22:14
RT @Teamdecodeh: 2. When you're Homeless people spend every moment struggling to find their next meal, shower and shelter. Most homeless pe…
20-02-2021 21:09
RT @IphotoMat: https://t.co/jiXdCmwwB4
20-02-2021 21:08
Fearful people are SO easily manipulated. Hitter knew this, as has every other dictator, or authoritarian. Vaccine… https://t.co/HqEKm1BZ61
20-02-2021 20:28
@PrivacyMatters It’s immoral.
20-02-2021 20:15
RT @CazHumphreys: #HS2 speeding us to #climateemergency https://t.co/1Ph4k5OrQM
20-02-2021 20:10
RT @Biggreenbooks: More scamming in action https://t.co/nO0MVkA4El
20-02-2021 20:07
RT @Biggreenbooks: @Itsatrashcan There's also another scummer/scammer doing the same thing called @biggreenbookz (bookz, ffs)who has blocke…
20-02-2021 20:06
RT @Biggreenbooks: Some scumbag is trying to scam people who buy books from me. Please ignore/block/report any DMs you get similar to this…
20-02-2021 20:06
This is horrifying. https://t.co/K0gAJseKXN
20-02-2021 20:05
RT @willjennings80: This garage always upsets me. https://t.co/fxnud8ECDW
20-02-2021 20:02
This is ignored by the over zealous defenders of lockdown. https://t.co/G6UUt8AB96
20-02-2021 18:48
No response. I guess my life, little as it is, as well as many others, is evidently worthless. Nice. Just nice. Com… https://t.co/xiqdXZor5F
20-02-2021 18:47
#BBCAQ https://t.co/GOk05EIj9f
20-02-2021 18:45
RT @lizaadamczewski: Three more jewels made from an empty tomato purée tube for my diadem hares & snails chasing each other through the flo…
20-02-2021 18:45
Assuming one trusts the bollocks that is PCR testing. Stop testing healthy people & the numbers look VERY different… https://t.co/PfrT6ueVh9
20-02-2021 18:44
@MaisonGladys Yeah, sure, depends who’s spinning the data. Lockdowns do NOT work, nor do masks. We need to focus on… https://t.co/6sBaV19VoP
20-02-2021 18:38
@MaisonGladys @Melonhead999 Isolation kills. It’s not ‘life’ - the strain that’s put on anyone living alone (me inc… https://t.co/mPuukBAuaK
20-02-2021 18:37
@MaisonGladys @Melonhead999 The flu may have been the cause, it kills many, looking at the data presented by variou… https://t.co/EEkKAUfkSA
20-02-2021 18:35
@MaisonGladys @Melonhead999 The unnecessary, punitive austerity imposed on UK by the Tories was savage & vindictive… https://t.co/TNqNB8aGwy
20-02-2021 18:33
@MaisonGladys @Melonhead999 The poverty ppl now face from losing livelihoods & homes caused by lockdowns is immeasu… https://t.co/rJeO0wJU9L
20-02-2021 18:30
@MaisonGladys @Melonhead999 Not necessarily, the data isn’t clear, did people die *from* or *with* the virus? Those… https://t.co/ZqHBjRXDHF
20-02-2021 18:28
@magic_stag @Flashmaggie @BBCPolitics Some people would rather look after their own health & support their natural… https://t.co/nWTekSXBv4
20-02-2021 18:24
No, it doesn’t. This is false. #BBCAQ https://t.co/pJzZcOzHUA
20-02-2021 17:47
Morally wrong! This is coercion. It’s medically unethical to force or coerce them into having a medical procedure.… https://t.co/dFwUoPgBnF
20-02-2021 17:45
This is the whole problem, people believe that the vaccines for SARS CoV-2 are the only solution. Ridiculous brainw… https://t.co/OW3PxpVmWC
20-02-2021 17:43
@Gurudoc No, that is a false equivalence, evidently. You’re more likely to die of a RTA than SARS CoV-2.
20-02-2021 17:42
@LynneHaywood @BBCPolitics @tweeter_anita No, if vaccines work & IF the residents of care homes want the vaccine, t… https://t.co/p3BiYgzLCl
20-02-2021 17:41
@Melonhead999 No, flu vaccines are pointless, FAR better to support people’s natural immunity with good nutrition.… https://t.co/8RjfKHLUQC
20-02-2021 17:39
@Mabbes1408 That’s not true, when I worked in care I wasn’t required to have any vaccinations. Forcing people to do… https://t.co/CT372dh27O
20-02-2021 17:37
RT @woodhead_alison: If anyone thinks care workers are in it for the money then they have never worked in care #BBCAQ
20-02-2021 17:35
RT @donnarainey4: Truly awful to think how little protection there is for wildlife. 15 species of bee at this site. #systemfail https://t.c…
20-02-2021 17:11
RT @anti_plasticbag: This small charity could do with some support- Feed A Family For A Fiver. February 5K Challenge. https://t.co/2sP8uchj…
20-02-2021 16:49
RT @SwindonCouncil: Empty homes can quickly become a target for anti-social behaviour. Often the most effective way to bring a property bac…
20-02-2021 16:13
@BigBrotherWatch Signed already. Will you be also looking at preventing employers bringing in compulsory vaccinatio… https://t.co/bX0xMwoZ4W
20-02-2021 16:05
RT @BigBrotherWatch: We're building up a fight against mandatory vaccine passports - we can *only* do it together. Here’s what you can do.…
20-02-2021 16:02
RT @johnevigar: St Ursula in 15th century glass at South Elmham, All Saints, Suffolk. She left East Anglia in the 4th century by boat to ta…
20-02-2021 15:24
RT @slowfooduk: Dear @Tesco your customers are saying #NotInMySupermarket. Please commit to not stocking genetically engineered (#GE) Foods…
20-02-2021 15:23
RT @inthewychelm: And here's an article about how the LDNPA's own staff caught the Blencathra Foxhounds digging out a badger sett but still…
20-02-2021 14:35
RT @centre_alt_tech: Tired of cold, damp houses? To rise to the #ClimateCrisis we must power up #renewables and reduce energy consumption…
20-02-2021 14:34
RT @BigBrotherWatch: NEW: Vaccine IDs mean the future we are being offered bears more control, not more freedom. How + why we must stop Br…
20-02-2021 14:21
RT @CHEMTrust: The environment is #polluted by hundreds of different substances, including pesticides, plasticisers, flame retardants, and…
20-02-2021 14:12
RT @RecycleDevon: To grow the cotton for a single T-shirt requires 715 gallons of water, according to the World Wildlife Fund – that’s enou…
20-02-2021 14:11
RT @gu_bellini: a 2010 study showed that T lymphocytes are only activated when there are sufficient levels of vitamin D (https://t.co/KWcbl…
20-02-2021 14:06
RT @gruffdavies: RCTs are NOT the only type of trial and they are NOT a gold standard, despite the moans from brainless medical science zom…
20-02-2021 14:03
RT @gruffdavies: v3 up on medRxiv: Evidence Supports a Causal Role for Vitamin D Status in COVID-19 Outcomes https://t.co/9ljkUkfHjF
20-02-2021 14:03
RT @AbeParkin: These are amazing! 👏🔥 https://t.co/UG9QyZVLEv
20-02-2021 13:57
RT @Dartmoor_AC: This is the best environmental speech of the year so far, Dr Mike Ryan is a superstar - Covid, biodiversity and climate ch…
20-02-2021 13:54
RT @OsNosh: PART 2: And a special little mention to Jo, who walked all the way across town with 15kg of spuds in her backpack, and a weight…
20-02-2021 13:51
RT @emma6564: @raynor_winn I have read the salt path and half way through the wild silence both are brilliant reads. And as a result set th…
20-02-2021 13:51
RT @paulnewmanart: Recent Barn owl, now on its way to The Netherlands. Graphite on Fabriano sketchbook paper, 23 x 15 cm . #drawing #grap…
20-02-2021 13:50
@MarkM1177 @atulharia @BBCPolitics @lewis_goodall It's not about 'success', it's to do with the fact the UK is the… https://t.co/VXoZbEnbcm
20-02-2021 13:43
@EinsteinsAttic https://t.co/gIXuXUS0xa I can't find the info. re the UK reports, they're widely dismissed by MSM.… https://t.co/TvRTzqoN8I
20-02-2021 13:42
@EinsteinsAttic I don’t take anything for specific disease prevention, wrong approach! The holistic naturopathic wa… https://t.co/uM8PkD5gJn
20-02-2021 13:36
@EinsteinsAttic https://t.co/yumGjsQr3L
20-02-2021 13:33
@EinsteinsAttic Hmmm - the people who founded that study. 🙄 Pharmaceutical companies are not in business of disease prevention.
20-02-2021 13:29
RT @Jonathan_K_Cook: I've been beating the drum on this since early summer. Time to listen. The case for Vitamin D offering significant pro…
20-02-2021 13:24
RT @Jonathan_K_Cook: Headline: Heidelberg study suggests there might have been 93,000 fewer deaths in UK from Covid had Vit D deficiency be…
20-02-2021 13:15
RT @anhcampaign: The use of nutritional supplements such as vitamins C and D and zinc to support the immune system, is essential, so it’s r…
20-02-2021 13:06
@EinsteinsAttic The issue also being that said ‘vaccines’ if MRNA aren’t trad vaccines per se & given the limited s… https://t.co/DB99TTMsVY
20-02-2021 02:37
@EinsteinsAttic Interesting observations of care home residents dying after the second vaccination which seems to c… https://t.co/NYytsNy2kb
20-02-2021 02:35
@EinsteinsAttic Far too early to call: Most 2nd vaccines still to be given, & it’s early days, ADRs can take time to manifest.
20-02-2021 01:47
RT @LGSpace: 10 flowers to grow in your garden or community to help bees and other pollinating insects... 🐝 Scabious 🐝 Lavender 🐝 Snowdrops…
20-02-2021 01:42
RT @DanPriceSeattle: Get money out of politics, now. It is the poisonous tree from which so many of our problems grow.
20-02-2021 01:42
RT @magazine_aha: The Great Reset: Bill Gates & Farming - WHAT'S GOING ON? https://t.co/yRNYKbC992 via @YouTube
20-02-2021 01:00
RT @womensart1: Emillie Ferris, contemporary English embroidery artist #womensart https://t.co/tAOFhjC4iR
20-02-2021 00:55
RT @jgjcarey: How to even comprehend this. My heart is broken. I can only hope that nature will recover in some small way. https://t.co/a…
20-02-2021 00:55
RT @dotslondon: So far we fostered our 3 dogs; Miss R , Mr C & Mr G So far 3 failed fosters with permanent homes ahead for them 🥰 Mr B is…
19-02-2021 23:46
RT @WinSpinCIC: Great idea!!! https://t.co/bZYdfwzpsW
19-02-2021 23:13
RT @dharford79: Here’s today’s #fridayfun Yep, of course we’re ready for electric vehicles 😂😂 https://t.co/5d36egjGlf
19-02-2021 22:09
RT @PAAW_House: Friday feeling! I'm a lucky dog, my landlord accepts that I'm family. Not all pets are so lucky. Help me help them #APetInE…
19-02-2021 22:08
RT @corbyn_project: The huge Indian farmers’ struggle is one for justice, decency, and workers’ rights everywhere. Where they win, we win…
19-02-2021 22:07
RT @tanita_tikaram: Dear ⁦@BBCNews⁩ people are more concerned with today’s judgment that Matt Hancock & the government have broken the law…
19-02-2021 21:14
RT @DrDrCope: Do you want to make London greener, healthier and wilder? London National Park City is searching for 50 volunteer Rangers to…
19-02-2021 20:59
RT @Kerouac2020: https://t.co/vTuVppcRnN https://t.co/4HQdo7yTTw
19-02-2021 20:49
RT @IphotoMat: https://t.co/dARxdmx85d
19-02-2021 20:39
RT @goddeketal: How everything started: https://t.co/i2ozCfzKNH
19-02-2021 20:37
RT @goddeketal: We have to call a spade a spade. If we either stopped testing at all or solely symptomatic people using a Ct of <30, the pa…
19-02-2021 20:36
RT @PrivateEyeNews: Once again, dodgy UK shell companies turn out to be involved in some of the world's worst abuses: this time the massive…
19-02-2021 20:31
RT @NonPlasticBeach: We have written a blog on the petition to ban fragile polystyrene bodyboards that are bad for the user and the environ…
19-02-2021 20:31
@El_Toro46 @thatginamiller @ThatTimWalker @lewis_goodall @GoodLawProject They should go to prison for stealing publ… https://t.co/BbxmZmKVCz
19-02-2021 20:29
RT @HarryZiegler9: @thatginamiller @lewis_goodall @GoodLawProject The party which likes to bang on about individual responsibility is led b…
19-02-2021 20:28
@atulharia @BBCPolitics @lewis_goodall Should be a court case leading to prison sentences 'matter', but the likelihood of that is remote.
19-02-2021 20:24
@BBCPolitics @GoodLawProject Prison or The Tower??? Justice won't be served, it never is.
19-02-2021 20:23
RT @PPUtoday: The #RAF are bombing #Iraq again. #BorisJohnson's government claim that "there were no signs of any civilians who might be pl…
19-02-2021 20:22