Nokukhanya (@_Khanya_Dube) — The man above👑 SU graduate🎓An Accountant 👩🏾‍🎓Aspiring CA(SA) 📚OWLAG ‘17🎓
RT @bridgettevocal_: same my boy , same
11-05-2021 03:47
RT @_Khanya_Dube: #DearBody I am no longer afraid.
11-05-2021 02:35
RT @FOCALISTIC: Friendly reminder: Modimo ke Star 💫🙏🏾
10-05-2021 21:30
RT @mpiiilo_: God, I just wanna get married
10-05-2021 15:28
@lotsofwings @KagiisoM any day with you 😂😂
10-05-2021 11:59
Indoda enemali
10-05-2021 00:03
Needed to hear this🥺thank you so much for these kind words ❤️😘
09-05-2021 23:15
Thank you 🥰 You should be sliding into my DMs ngikuzwe kahle ukuthi uthini
09-05-2021 22:59
Awww🥰🥰Thank you so much ❤️❤️
09-05-2021 22:39
@sbubreathe If it doesn’t make sense to you don’t do it. Some other people love out loud which includes posting th…
09-05-2021 22:19
I find it so hard to answer this question because I’m not finding CTA as hard as everyone says it is. Yes the work…
09-05-2021 22:03
09-05-2021 22:00
I’m bored. Let’s play
09-05-2021 21:14
RT @auntyy__: May 8th🥺🥰
09-05-2021 21:07
RT @yonwaba_mzizi: Someone can literally wake up one day and decide they no longer want you and you have to be okay with it
09-05-2021 20:12
RT @Nino_deRosario_: One thing about me, I will sleep. Through pressure, pain or boredom, I will sleep
09-05-2021 19:45
RT @leboranks: *abusive incident takes place* SA men: where’s the proof? *abusive incident takes place with evidence backing it* SA men:…
09-05-2021 18:50
RT @Kokoleo_zn: I’m sorry but we live in South Africa If a woman accuses u of any sort of abuse I will believe her before I even hear you…
09-05-2021 18:38
RT @theblackwendy: I would give anything to hear my mother’s voice again. Anything. To be held by her. To know that if I dialed her numbe…
09-05-2021 15:46
RT @Khanya2ZN: 🕯️🕯️🕯️For me to get a driver's licence before the end of this year🕯️🕯️🕯️
09-05-2021 14:49
RT @cnehshuga: Walking with God will not always be easy. But do it anyway. Do it consistently.
09-05-2021 14:46
RT @NalediMOfficial: Mother’s Day is always such a trigger 🥲
09-05-2021 14:18
@Ursula__ursh ❤️❤️
09-05-2021 14:15
RT @MprueDie: Sending healing and comfort to everyone who's triggered by this day ❤
09-05-2021 14:13
RT @ZamazayM: I hate being shouted at. Khuluma nami kahle.
08-05-2021 22:56
RT @mpiiilo_: I believe in sleep more than anything in this world
08-05-2021 22:05
RT @setja_l: The glasses may be skew but my priorities are straight 🚶🏽‍♂️
08-05-2021 18:31
RT @anelisa_tuswa: Hi Fam, A friend of mine, who is currently taking care of 3 kids (1 hers and 2 of her late sister) is currently unemplo…
08-05-2021 14:32
@__kayise__ Me too😂😂it finished me
08-05-2021 13:28
“Makwenzenjani baba”🤣🤣
08-05-2021 12:19
@King_Nkuli Bakwenzeni?
08-05-2021 01:19
@nella_landa Yaz! I wonder yini le engaka that OWLAG girls do to these men
08-05-2021 00:59
Just imagine if they went to both institutions 😂💀
08-05-2021 00:52
RT @hawemuurhh: Shekhinah said...
08-05-2021 00:08
RT @entlemtangayi_: i said face 🤌🏽
07-05-2021 22:46
It has been a week of answered prayers. I’m so grateful to God🥰
07-05-2021 22:44
RT @M_Tinkie: Please help me get to 10k votes 🥳🥳 #Mohau4MissCosmosSA #TeamMohau
07-05-2021 20:53
RT @Sipho_Says: I got a question for you guys, come this side quickly and let’s talk vernac 🤔#TalkLocal @wimpy_sa
07-05-2021 17:55
RT @lingsss_m: Aybo saze sanzima iskolo.
07-05-2021 16:57
RT @Gcina_Gee: Wait on the Lord. He will renew your strength ❤️
07-05-2021 15:03
RT @anelisa_tuswa: I don’t know maan - but I’ll never be okay with the fact that a man will fetch you at your singleness and peaceful state…
07-05-2021 15:01
RT @SfundoKaManzini: 1st year vs CTA
07-05-2021 14:52
@__luthando This is so annoying 🥴
07-05-2021 14:50
RT @mbalii_mia: So smooth 🔥
07-05-2021 13:35
@Life_of_Nana @Mlingisi_Wethu Sending you love and hugs ❤️❤️
07-05-2021 11:53
RT @KasiEconomy: Soweto's Lindiwe Tsope (27) is the first Oprah Winfrey school learner to obtain a PhD. She obtained her doctor of philoso…
07-05-2021 05:38
I just love watching @Guugu_lethu’s YouTube videos. Sis is amazing❤️
07-05-2021 02:37
11 years
06-05-2021 20:23
RT @Nomfundo_Brukwe: NATURENA PRIMARY SCHOOL is looking for a qualified teacher who can teach Maths, SS and English. Closing date: 06 May…
06-05-2021 12:20
@Bavuyise_ Happy birthday 🥳
05-05-2021 14:32
RT @cnehshuga: Jireh, you’re enough. ♥️
05-05-2021 13:56
@NaahBee Thank you so much babe ❤️
05-05-2021 04:36
@ndeshikoalepe Thank you so much babe ❤️
04-05-2021 21:11
Yaz I really want to ask my late parents ukuthi when they both decided to leave me in this world at such a young age bebathi ngenze njani
04-05-2021 20:25
RT @shelovesmealot: idc how drunk i am, i’m not losing my phone
04-05-2021 20:05
@Tsholo_Ramdee Well done sis!!🔥❤️👏🏾
04-05-2021 18:22
RT @Tsholo_Ramdee: 👩🏽‍🎓- 23/04/21 I am who my bloodline has been waiting for👑 The very first graduate from my maternal side of the family…
04-05-2021 18:22
RT @anelisa_tuswa: I hope someone marries me for my good heart and ability to think on my toes. I’m not a great chef 😂 and I don’t like cle…
04-05-2021 13:03
@loveLifeNGO Thank you so much 🥰
04-05-2021 12:32
RT @loveLifeNGO: Ncaaw!!! Naledi looks sooooo happy. A big congratulations from #loveLifeZA to her with love. We wish her all the best!!!🎓🎊…
04-05-2021 12:31
@Luyanda_Maf Happy birthday sis!!🥳❤️
04-05-2021 11:04
@enhle22iii ❤️❤️
04-05-2021 10:16
RT @Joekiash: I hope you don’t give up on yourself. Blessed Week.
04-05-2021 00:23
RT @Rhodes_Uni: First Oprah Winfrey Academy alumnus at Rhodes University graduates with PhD
03-05-2021 23:31
@ChumaniDintsi You are not doing it with the right person🌚
03-05-2021 19:37
@princessLopie 17 July
03-05-2021 12:27
RT @Tshoki_Moses: My name is Boitshoko Moses. I am an Arts in Journalism graduate and a creative. I am looking for a job. I have experience…
03-05-2021 12:22
@Sean_mathibe All the best with your test✨
03-05-2021 03:38
RT @sthaxbuthez: mina bengsacela abafana bengiyeke.
03-05-2021 01:52
@nella_landa Thank you so much my love🥰
02-05-2021 20:44
Naledi’s graduation celebration 🥳 We really prayed for these moments🥺God you’ve been really faithful! Congratulati…
02-05-2021 20:38
RT @Guugu_lethu: an overachiever 🤌🏽
02-05-2021 01:40
RT @simplykeneilwe_: I jus-
01-05-2021 14:07
@nella_landa @A__Nirvana Congratulations my love 🥳🥰🥰🍾🍾🍾
01-05-2021 14:02
RT @nella_landa: a whole TUKS graduate
01-05-2021 14:02
RT @sne_mbhele08: I find it so funny how in most cases, your fathers side of the family is usually the most problematic, most expectant and…
01-05-2021 13:49
RT @inqobile_ingwe: Spicy food is such a therapeutic experience. All that passion & drama; the tears, the runny nose, the regret, the break…
01-05-2021 00:37
@jxjx23_ It’s not about that. Do you know bad this soap smells like?
30-04-2021 12:46
@jxjx23_ Ngeke!😂
30-04-2021 10:05
RT @SphiweBT: School got me thinking tweets like “Hey SAICA, how many retweets to be a CA”😭
30-04-2021 00:32
@Luyanda_Maf Same sis but I love defining friendship
29-04-2021 23:45
That’s why ngingajoli ke
29-04-2021 19:37
RT @Guugu_lethu: wait on the Lord, he will renew your strength so wait I say 😭😭❤️🙏🏽
29-04-2021 12:37
RT @TamiaJuliet_M: Another referencing tip for future reference esp. if the MS word method isn’t your fave 💗
29-04-2021 11:55
@__kayise__ ❤️❤️
29-04-2021 11:06
RT @unclevuzi: Job Alert ⚠️
29-04-2021 02:58
RT @AndreBothmaTax: Dear monetized YouTubers (in SA) - if you haven't submitted your tax details (W8-BEN) form to YouTube yet, let me know…
29-04-2021 02:12
God is able to do just what He said He will do He’s gonna fulfill every promise to you Don’t give up on God cause…
29-04-2021 02:11
RT @SinoGxalaba: ithini kanene laweyi yenu of being constantly desired & not loved all the way through?😭
28-04-2021 18:02
@Taa_ndo They did the same thing to us😭😭bokungathi kuphela iMovie🤧
28-04-2021 17:44
At least you guys got a slide. What Stellies did to us was a joke💀
28-04-2021 17:24
RT @Le_NtokaziEnhle: Not how I envisioned celebrating my day but we wouldn't be graduates if we weren't adaptable right? Doctor of Philosop…
28-04-2021 17:22
RT @SiboSeale: If there's one thing about the girlies from 534 Wargrave Avenue, they will sore and nna personally ke proud blind❤️
28-04-2021 17:22
@mntanethongo_ Happy birthday sthandwa 🥳❤️
28-04-2021 17:21
RT @SiboSeale: And just like that, The Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls, South Africa™ has its first ever Doctor of Philosophy! @…
28-04-2021 16:43
RT @cnehshuga: 🧡
27-04-2021 13:13
27-04-2021 13:12
RT @MphoMoalamedi: I'm 23 and if I were to fall pregnant today, I would still consider it a teenage pregnancy.😭😭😭
27-04-2021 13:12
RT @Lmrampedi: 🕯🕯🕯In October/ November I’ll have two degrees 🕯🕯🕯
27-04-2021 12:00
RT @okQhawe: APC is really stressing me. We can’t invest 6 years into a profession for it to simply be denied at the end and no one can eve…
27-04-2021 02:22
@Basi_eM You did well my love👏🏾👏🏾 She’s smiling from above 🥰🥰
26-04-2021 20:56
RT @Basi_eM: To mama🕊❤
26-04-2021 20:56
RT @KingKhanya91: We will be unpacking the dismal APC board results live on my IG @KingKhanya91 tomorrow at 10am. I want to hear from you g…
26-04-2021 14:41
RT @cnehshuga: I’m definitely going to have a good week this week & I’ll make sure kuthi it’s productive.
26-04-2021 03:05
RT @MasekoValencia: May God bless your week. I pray something good happens to revive your hope. May you not encounter any disappointment th…
26-04-2021 02:38
RT @PaballoM_: I’m going to “my boyfriend” you guys to death 😭😭😭
25-04-2021 22:33
RT @Fruity_Jude: Wow we really had heated floors ko boarding school...soft living kgale re e phela moes
25-04-2021 00:30
@Life_With_Munch Love your nails😍
24-04-2021 20:27
RT @neomokss_: i don’t like that men think their feelings don’t matter. i want my man to be able to pour his heart out to me. tell me every…
24-04-2021 15:42
RT @uluyanda_gama: Angikwazi okuningi, but I know it’ll definitely end up in this!
24-04-2021 02:23
@tthivhafuni Are you okay?
24-04-2021 02:19
RT @pollyswrld: I am literally obsessed with this. ✨TL cleanse✨
24-04-2021 00:07
RT @Lmrampedi: 🕯🕯I will finish my second degree🕯🕯
23-04-2021 23:31
RT @kazmarijeni: Being a student right now is really really hard😭
23-04-2021 22:53
23-04-2021 22:14
RT @jxjx23_: Hello. It’s me again. Here to remind you not to get married in community of property. Okay bye for now
23-04-2021 15:07
@mhlatze Why ubakhulumela??
23-04-2021 10:32
RT @tiisetso_real: They don’t miss anything these ones 😂🙈
23-04-2021 10:31
RT @noluthando_u: Prayer calms me down Prayer leads me Prayer protects me God you’re above me ❤️😫
23-04-2021 02:13
RT @mpiiilo_: Frame 4 ends me all the time 😭😂
23-04-2021 00:34
Management Accounting💀
23-04-2021 00:33
RT @M_Tinkie: Please vote for me and help me win the Miss Cosmos SA 2021 pageant. You can vote every day
22-04-2021 20:39
RT @ThusoMbedu: With each step she grows closer to the destination... with each new day we draw closer to the premiere of #TheUndergroundRa…
22-04-2021 13:47
RT @KayNgonyama: 🥺🤍
22-04-2021 13:22
RT @SangaMamiya: 2 Thessalonians 3:16 Now may the Lord of peace himself give you peace at all times in every way. The Lord be with you all.…
22-04-2021 12:31
RT @__luthando: A P R I L Dumb🎀
21-04-2021 20:06
@Taa_ndo Congratulations!!🎉🎉🎉🥳🥳🥳
21-04-2021 18:21
RT @hlengiwedongo: Please RT
21-04-2021 14:53
@Lisher_Rayze So gorgeous 😍😍
21-04-2021 14:38
RT @amukelani_02: When you give up uzoba umthwalo kabani? Pusha oe.
21-04-2021 14:17
RT @landzygama: Nca.
21-04-2021 14:15
@kumkanikazi__ Sis👀
21-04-2021 02:26
RT @Guugu_lethu: I WOULD LIKE TO GREET YOU ALL IN THE NAME 50 THUGGA THOUSAND SUBSCRIBERS 🚀🤩🥂 thank you so much to everyone that subscribed…
20-04-2021 19:52
RT @ItumelengM__: Is it just me or are you guys also not feeling like yourselves at the moment?☹️
20-04-2021 19:08
RT @JoelOsteen: You don’t have to prove to God that you’re worthy. He’s already made you worthy. You don’t have to prove that you deserve H…
20-04-2021 14:23
RT @YolandaKarabo: Did you notice how heavy things get when you stop praying?🥲
20-04-2021 11:19
RT @kamogelo_marema: I know yal always think i am kidding but it's a hustle i am Willing to make a success. I wash blankets any two Blank…
20-04-2021 10:45
RT @mlangeni32: 29th of March 2021, I officially graduated from @StellenboschUni . I never received my qualification because I am owing the…
19-04-2021 23:39
RT @GogoMoyoSpeaks: I take all my calls on speaker. There is something about holding a device up to my ear the doesn't sit well with me.
19-04-2021 19:21
@Kokoleo_zn @KileMswane_ Then he will be with someone else
19-04-2021 17:59
RT @Fruity_Jude: Ko re every month motho gets marriage requests from random strangers and still motho ga nyale 😂😂😂
19-04-2021 17:33
RT @M_Tinkie: Please vote for me and help me win the Miss Cosmos SA 2021 pageant. Every vote counts 💃💃…
19-04-2021 15:02
@Gwyn_Monau is hosting a Mother’s Day high tea at Maboneng. Be sure to attend with the women of your life 😉
19-04-2021 11:38
@yoli_dukashe @BuhleGeleba Hooray!!!🎉🎉🎉 Congratulations babes!!!💃🏾💃🏾
19-04-2021 09:13
RT @hotboyleeks: Ngaze ngathola iDegree ngimncane😭🥰
19-04-2021 01:30
RT @nuhaasoeker: Please circulate widely Anyone with supplies for students please drop off!! RT ‼️‼️
18-04-2021 18:30
RT @RayLoveJr_: I paid my therapist a stack to find this out. 🧎🏾‍♂️
18-04-2021 13:38
@PShalang Happy birthday sis!🎉🍾
18-04-2021 13:24
RT @M_Tinkie: Please vote for me and help me win the Miss Cosmos SA 2021 pageant. You can vote every day
18-04-2021 12:24
Cape Town
18-04-2021 11:27
@uluyanda_gama Happy birthday Nsika!!🎉🎉
17-04-2021 22:34
RT @uluyanda_gama: Khula mfana kababa ✨
17-04-2021 22:33
17-04-2021 13:46
@MakaLino_S ❤️❤️❤️
17-04-2021 13:11
RT @M_Tinkie: Let's secure position 1!! 💃💃💃💃💃💃💃 VOTING LINES HAVE OPENED 🥳🥳🥳🥳 Please vote and share as much as you can. Thank you so much y…
16-04-2021 09:47
RT @Lera_Mkay: I’m so emotional today cause I just realized that my grad is exactly a week from now. After 7 years, 2 academic exclusions,…
15-04-2021 15:41
RT @M_Tinkie: Good news alert!! I am proud to announce that I am officially a @misscosmossouthafrica finalist!!! 🥳 I look forward to this…
15-04-2021 15:39
@Thula_Mnisi There’s even heart emojis for you 😅
14-04-2021 21:55
RT @_NompumeleloS: I’m so sorry but I really believe in alcohol
14-04-2021 21:30
@DennisNgango ❤️❤️❤️
14-04-2021 03:54
RT @t0nit0ne: Since I moved into my new apartment, I don’t know how to act.
14-04-2021 03:08
RT @Tshepo_Ranko: I get that marriage is not easy and some people regret it, but me? That’s exactly where I’m going. Sign me UP!
13-04-2021 02:02
RT @SoooRofhiwa: Just posted a new video on my channel ❤🙌🏼
13-04-2021 01:52
@jxjx23_ Please stop going back and forth with this person. He’s not going to hear you and Wena you know what you b…
12-04-2021 13:40
RT @itstexasboyy: the friends that i got rn... we really family fr
12-04-2021 13:17
RT @iam_bussie: Never seen a silence this loud
12-04-2021 02:29
RT @sindivanzyl: The Dutchess of Healing , Dr Sindi Van Zyl, is now truly at rest. Dr. Sindi passed away on Saturday morning, the 10th Apr…
11-04-2021 22:49
RT @Difela_Hymns: Joko ea hao e bobebe E nkhatholola pelo; Tumelo ho 'na ke thebe E tla mphemisa lefu. Nyakallo ke e fumane Tseleng ea hao,…
11-04-2021 21:00
RT @yung_picassooo: Don't take a ride in a Bolt/UBER Nissan DY 95 KH GP. Please retweet for awareness.
11-04-2021 20:59
RT @sindivanzyl: I'm going to do a thread about this cake. If after this thread, you still continue to eat this cake at least you're making…
11-04-2021 18:51
RT @Fizicss: There are wounds that never show on the body that are deeper and more hurtful than anything that bleeds.
11-04-2021 17:55
@Karab0Koma What did she say?
11-04-2021 17:42
RT @lonlyvibz: i love it when things stop bothering you. like two months ago i was totally bitter about so many things and now im like “u k…
11-04-2021 16:13
@princesssfab Yes sis😂it means that you are ready for your character to be built because you’ll most probably go through the most.
11-04-2021 02:48
@ndeshikoalepe That’s the mistake that most families make. They tell themselves that “such things happen so they’ll…
10-04-2021 23:48
RT @ndeshikoalepe: I was just having this conversation with my aunt. My siblings and I were really expected to be strong and ok from the ag…
10-04-2021 23:46
Losing a parent is so heartbreaking. It’s pain I don’t wish on anyone and it’s pain I want to take away from people…
10-04-2021 23:38
This songs brings so much sadness to me and it makes me cry because it reminds me of my mom’s funeral. They sang i…
10-04-2021 23:34
RT @Gorge_Diamond: No matter how pressed I am, I must do this.
10-04-2021 23:31
RT @sindivanzyl: #InfluencerChallenge with the #Caramellos #Sundaying
10-04-2021 22:45
RT @NalediMOfficial: Losing a mother is the worst feeling anyone could ever feel. 💔☹️
10-04-2021 20:38
RT @NeoRapetsoa: I had so much hope that she’d make it 💔 RIP to one of the kindest souls I’ve interacted with - #RIPDrSindi ❤️🕊
10-04-2021 18:22
RT @kulanicool: Dr Sindi 💔💔💔😭😭😭
10-04-2021 17:05
RT @_ShaunKeyz: 🥺🤝Ukujola nomuntu omuhle and smart at the same time, is really a big flex.
09-04-2021 22:58
@__luthando Yintsomi😂
09-04-2021 22:35
RT @Majj_manuel: By the time I remember to text back it's too disrepectful to even do it
09-04-2021 21:20
RT @DBNGOGO: Intokazi
09-04-2021 14:13
RT @ThaSha_Tha: Dress by me 💙
09-04-2021 14:06
@ThaSha_Tha Thank you so much love🥰❤️
09-04-2021 13:41
@luh_amilla @Hunadi_Tshepi 😊😊
09-04-2021 13:41
@Kim_Khandashisa Mvuse sis
09-04-2021 01:34
RT @_Hlumelo: Affirmations for all future CAs 🕯🕯 1. I will pass undergrad 2. I will pass CTA 3. I will pass ITC 4. I will pass APC 5.…
09-04-2021 00:02
@Leo_Radebe Thank you sm mntase🥰❤️
08-04-2021 23:45
08-04-2021 23:42
RT @Hlalumi__: I can’t imagine life without friends. I’d collapse. Yheyyy those people will carry you. Okay????
07-04-2021 19:58