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RT @alijahalleje: Nothing changed. Sunny is still that kind and sweet person to everyone. Though she met Ryla without knowing that Ryla is…
08-12-2021 20:27
RT @zamieII: She’s still the same Sunshine Aragon Del Fierro we met in EBNAB. She was kind to every employee in their company. She even war…
08-12-2021 20:19
RT @Jonaxxthebest: “Empleyado lang kita? What does that mean? That I should be ashamed because I’m holding your hand?” “Roscoe, waitress ak…
08-12-2021 20:19
RT @dailymontefalco: — #JonaxxTBIPKab39 interaction between two of the most important women in roscoe’s life. the way sunny introduced her…
08-12-2021 20:19
RT @maia_owa: Salute to Ate J for writing TFA esp the kabanata 39 so freakin' good. She points out how society blames the feminism. It's li…
08-12-2021 20:18
@jonaxx_WP @inksteadywp @maxinejiji @hiroyuu101 ♡♡♡ https://t.co/K2aD1hPtpC
08-12-2021 16:59
RT @aeaaaaee: 100 GCash. 1 Winner. Ends anytime. Retweet.
07-12-2021 15:56
RT @hourlyrafael: what a beauty ✨ https://t.co/xiT2n5xfwg
07-12-2021 02:54
RT @alijahalleje: Jonaxx's look check: The sunglasses ✨ https://t.co/dTk4yOpYx1
06-12-2021 03:50
RT @raimingfrost: ang color nalahi HAHAHA sunset pa more https://t.co/zl5QKAFluW
06-12-2021 03:46
RT @islaviste: Hector panicking when Francesca passed out and having dysmenorrhea at the school, always calling the nurse asking why is Che…
05-12-2021 21:42
RT @aeaaaaee: 250 GCash. 1 Winner. Draw in 11515 FFS. 😆 Retweet and Like this tweet.
04-12-2021 11:31
RT @misisnisolarez: happy anniversary one rebellious night #2ndORNiversary https://t.co/6MudEjuZ0y
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RT @ecko_omsim: retweet, to pass next semester. https://t.co/4iKdTT0T9n
04-12-2021 06:45
RT @vtthidalgo: one rebellious night — the story which taught us a lot how to properly handle a relationship. that sometimes it’s okay to l…
04-12-2021 05:34
RT @_jeiarts: Coreen🌹 DO NOT PRINT OR REPOST #jslfanarts #jonaxxfanarts #jonaxxstories https://t.co/6JaxOVZmtK
04-12-2021 05:33
RT @sexcrivas: — #2ndORNniversary To the wildest couple and first installment of Del Fierro series, ORN, happy anniversary !! A love that…
04-12-2021 05:33
RT @thefeliciariego: I believe in Pantaleon Revamonte IV's faithfulness supremacy. No one compares. https://t.co/ZuWYRqFOJ0
04-12-2021 05:32
RT @doremiraesyl: Entice Ralene Esquivel Story: Whipped (AGS #1) Author: jonaxx Illustration by : Doremiraesyl (DO NOT REPOST/EDIT/TRACE…
04-12-2021 05:28
RT @alijahalleje: That one rebellious night turned to a lifetime of romance for Royce and Sky. The story taught us the importance of family…
04-12-2021 05:27
RT @alijahalleje: Ang cute ng friendship ni Azi at Klare. The way she rests her chin to Azi's shoulder, they're very close to each other th…
03-12-2021 17:46
RT @adlerthebully: Rafael Douglas "Eh, tangina. Kung galit ka, supalpalin mo. Hindi 'yong tutunganga ka!" Montefalco.
03-12-2021 15:53
RT @alijahalleje: Achilles Riego has British and Spanish blood with gray eyes. No wonder 'gwapong gwapo' si Ate J kay Achi.
03-12-2021 14:21
RT @Jonaxxthebest: “No matter how hard they try to make me uncool, to tag me as weird, I’m still a Montefalco. My cousins have my back. Not…
02-12-2021 18:45
RT @vtthidalgo: — #JonaxxTBWYKab5 i don’t know if elijah was being serious right now but i think he’s right. it’s better if claudette and…
02-12-2021 18:44
RT @vtthidalgo: i love spike but i honestly hated how he acted right now. maybe it’s because he’s still immature, but the fact that he chos…
02-12-2021 18:43
RT @claudettective: see how society reacts when someone didn't meet their expectation. they laughed at her just because Claudette wasn't th…
02-12-2021 18:43
RT @zariyahviste: When Claudette said "I have to have better grades so when I ask for money for the albums and merch, hindi nakakahiya sa…
02-12-2021 18:42
RT @klareyskin: A reminder from Jonaxx: "No matter what they say, I'm proud of you," "Don't be embarrassed with who you are. I know there…
02-12-2021 18:41
RT @ArtniDIWA: DENCIO NAKI-RIDE SA TREND✨ Di pa to tapos pero nawili ako HAHAHAHAH🤣 https://t.co/V3mxTuEDWQ
02-12-2021 03:47
RT @alijahalleje: I remember Klare saying that she wants to have Elijah's eyes but she can't so she wishes that their kids will get those e…
02-12-2021 03:39
RT @ArtniDIWA: Dette Dette joining the trend https://t.co/HWS77HcG2M
01-12-2021 15:19
RT @beaumontology: machilles and their manila pen shenanigans https://t.co/bpFDa8IaB8
01-12-2021 15:19
RT @JossReiNation: Happy anniversary jossrei! 🖤 https://t.co/IU056vz8w9
01-12-2021 15:17
RT @SakeSinner: A colored version of my HendRin sketch fanart. Medyo madalian na sa damit kasi may hahabulin pang deadline. Hshs. Pasensya…
01-12-2021 15:17
RT @alijahalleje: There's something hot and cute with Josiah Travis Montefalco as the middle child and only boy. He can be protective and p…
01-12-2021 11:53
RT @riguelations: i pick my poison and it's you <3 https://t.co/sKEPxQZJsJ
01-12-2021 03:07
RT @aerinriego: CLS is an age gap young adult series, therefore, the "repetitive" parting ways of the main characters' plotline as one sub…
01-12-2021 03:05
RT @islaviste: Sleepy & tired Rozen cooking breakfast for his moody pregnant Coreen Samantha after their all-night argument because Coreen…
01-12-2021 03:03
RT @liliylenaalleje: All this time the reason why Roscoe's silence and coldness was because he is mad at himself for not being able to prot…
01-12-2021 03:03
RT @vsrsriegohdlg: best app for escape, jonapp
01-12-2021 03:02
RT @raimingfrost: Hades Vesarius Riego (Younger Version) DO NOT PRINT, REPOST, EDIT (Tiktok edits) or USE. Based on my imagination only.…
01-12-2021 03:01
RT @jizuualleje: ang cute ng date nila leon at freya after school. siomai date sila tapos kapag hindi naubos ni freya yung siomai niya si l…
01-12-2021 03:01
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RT @heyheyandre_art: the filipino urge to say charot at the end of a sentence to break the ice
30-11-2021 13:20
RT @JossReiNation: Josiah 🖤 https://t.co/sfPU52aavI
30-11-2021 13:19
RT @josiahtraves: montefalco, azucarera, & alegria series were the series who will always remind us of how fun it was to be in school. prom…
30-11-2021 13:19
30-11-2021 13:19
RT @reibolusiyon: may possibility na namisplaced ni lili ‘yung pills niya and may possibility rin na tinago or tinapon nga ni riguel pero h…
29-11-2021 17:02
RT @raimingfrost: To Stay (Colored Version) DO NOT REPOST, EDIT OR USE. Based on my imagination only. No portrayers intended. Napagtripa…
29-11-2021 16:51
RT @erinlouissemty: no one's gonna talk about Aria in Hold Me Close na cousin ni Yohan?? she has the best character development.
29-11-2021 15:11
RT @sirafaeI: I Never Hated Erin. Her reaction about klare and elijah’s relationship is a normal reaction esp in reality. Sino ba naman hin…
29-11-2021 15:11
RT @diaphous_ona: Hardcore jboys gives you butterflies pero softboy types like Alonzo na minsan lang lumabas sa story ni ate J hits differe…
29-11-2021 15:10
so trueee!! the way joss describe her, alam mo na talaga e https://t.co/OPEd35b39G
29-11-2021 15:09
RT @sidetote: The Azucarera series has the least toxic male leads 😌
29-11-2021 15:09
RT @sERINityL_: Erin's reaction was normal. Underrated ang WDYHM, To Stay, Jimenez Cousins Series, and Azucarera Series. 😫🥲 sorry mine…
29-11-2021 15:09
RT @4svlldencio: juan (friend ni alvaro from hold me close) is one of the most UNDERRATED SIDE CHARACTER. he def likes yohan, & he deserves…
29-11-2021 15:08
sa totoo lang!!! you MUST READ it talaga!!! https://t.co/CufLCxMeOi
29-11-2021 15:07
napaiyak aq dito HAHAHAHAHAH fely best girl, fely best mother-in-law 😭❤ https://t.co/W1H65CFiGa
29-11-2021 15:06
RT @cardiachilles: Yeshua and Piper deserves happy ending.
29-11-2021 15:05
RT @onlycresia: the hidalgo girls are one of the strongest jgirl istg. imagine the dark past they have, the traumatic experience lead them…
29-11-2021 15:05
RT @perseusphilips: Hidalgos deserves more recognition, do not skip KTD guys coz worth it talaga basahin!
29-11-2021 15:04
it hurts... but yeah you're right :)) https://t.co/8rQx7naIDN
29-11-2021 15:03
RT @booknerdmechii: Sometimes, it's best to read jonaxx stories without spoilers and theories, especially if you feel like you're not open…
29-11-2021 14:58
RT @ohhpoppycock: jonaxx will never be appreciated by people who only see stories as a tool for amusement bc she's more than banters & dial…
29-11-2021 14:58
RT @jolarez_: the reason why ate j wrote TTL is to show the effect of cheating (WYDYHM) and not to romanticize/normalize it 🙂
29-11-2021 14:58
RT @reipalette: rei-punzel 🎨 https://t.co/2h6iwqwKiU
28-11-2021 20:25
RT @holyradleigh: Naiisip niyo ba ang naiisip ko😳 https://t.co/EJHKxZZ2DS
28-11-2021 17:58
RT @klareyyy: tripped https://t.co/gDLl0oLYKQ
28-11-2021 16:34
RT @mksfrch: manifestingxd https://t.co/iXbdpKo1kd
28-11-2021 16:34
RT @soleildipity: happy anniversary sweet flames of vengeance 💕 #SweetcondFlamesOfVengeance https://t.co/7vTKCVp8or
28-11-2021 07:51
RT @sexcrivas: an educated man, mr. Jerry Gracio, talking about Jonaxx & her works !! https://t.co/LB0fWWeTwF
28-11-2021 07:50
RT @alijahalleje: Happy 2nd Anniversary, Sweet Flames of Vengeance! The flame of Ares and Relani's burning love that never dies out. The st…
28-11-2021 07:50
RT @theelijahriley: “Cavasa cake? Meron ka ba non?” “It’s cassava cake. Not cavasa cake.” “No, it’s not.” “But... hmm... my baby can cal…
28-11-2021 07:45
RT @lxxnx___: — Ares Vesarius Riego artwork by : ate @raimingfrost #SweetcondFlamesOfVengeance https://t.co/MIyHbZxnbY
28-11-2021 07:44
RT @josiahtraves: SFOV made us realized that we can’t really run from our problems, but we can plan & breathe first before pulling it all o…
28-11-2021 07:43
RT @zamieII: The last scene in SFOV everything. Hades annoying his brother, Ares being clingy to Relani, Felicia making flower crowns, Rel…
28-11-2021 07:43
RT @liliylenaalleje: Cute nicknames and endearments of Ares for Relani and no one beats "little devil with a pitchfork" for me. #Sweetcond…
28-11-2021 07:43
RT @jizuualleje: “I’d be your walking engagement ring. Anywhere you go, I’d be there. Your fiancee.” -Ares #SweetcondFlamesOfVengeance
28-11-2021 07:43
RT @thefeliciariego: Radleigh Riego's willingness to let go of Zariyah is on the next level. He's willing to guide her or even let her go i…
26-11-2021 03:02
RT @thevesarius: — whispers of the wind ♡ https://t.co/6306IITa77
25-11-2021 19:08
RT @jizuualleje: OUR ONLY LIVING ZARIYAH ISLA LEVISTE!!💗💗 https://t.co/zAyBFrfAID
25-11-2021 18:59
RT @josiahtraves: “fighting is not always the answer. sometimes, it’s flight. especially if it’s not worth it.” “internet fights are cheap…
25-11-2021 18:58
RT @thefeliciariego: Sumakay si Entice sa kabayo. Ipinasa kay Freya ang korona. Tumakbo si Lilienne sa flower farm. Rumampa si Rosie sa ent…
25-11-2021 18:57
RT @saintschuyler: Tumigil na kayo mga jsls. Lumalayo na at sumusobra na kayo. What differs us from them with your actions? Remember, all w…
25-11-2021 18:34
RT @mariyego: i can't imagine juanda's wrath at the zaldarriagas. she lost her brothers & her bestfriend & spent her yrs finding cassie & t…
25-11-2021 14:56
RT @saintkIare: guys, you can defend ate j w/out creating or bringing up another issue diba?? can some of you pls avoid throwing irrelevant…
25-11-2021 14:56
RT @alijahalleje: Ate J in Eden's Solace with the thought that Rei would love that place and could be a special place for Josiah and Rei is…
25-11-2021 14:56
RT @delfierrobeau: JONAXX: the trendsetter. https://t.co/SMXfhOkJQH
25-11-2021 14:55
tinutulungan ng friends nyo? 'di ba sila rumeresbak para sa inyo? nireresbakan kayo diba kasi kaibagan nila kayo e,… https://t.co/pcgm15rLPT
25-11-2021 14:19
I'm a jsl but I disagree on this one. Dapat naman talaga na hindi binabash ang author sa kasalanan na nagawa ng fan… https://t.co/Ydl9tWwZPU
25-11-2021 14:17
RT @liliylenaalleje: If not writer or teacher, haciendera daw si Ate J. https://t.co/l0eEaxTSaz
24-11-2021 19:03
ⓘ this user is missing ryla and roscoe so much. ⓘ this user wants an update on The Beast in Paradise. 🕯manifesting… https://t.co/jptDM6BWXK
24-11-2021 16:14
RT @damnwhipped: December GA 1 winner of worthless book 1 winner of heartless book 1 winner of TSH Bundle (Set B) from KHS Shop 2 winners…
24-11-2021 15:39
RT @klaredt: Those who have mocked Amber and Rei’s experiences… I only hope they wont happen to all of you. I also hope that y’all are able…
24-11-2021 15:35
RT @liliylenaalleje: "The only rose among the thorns of the Hidalgo and Riego family." "The heiress of the Hidalgo empire, sleeping in the…
24-11-2021 15:33
RT @thereivillondo: reniella villondo you will always be famous
24-11-2021 15:31
RT @madeforjonaxx: Summoning circle 🕯 🕯 🕯 🕯 TBIP…
24-11-2021 15:31
RT @JossReiNation: 📢 https://t.co/iNrBp0mtfU
24-11-2021 15:28
RT @costaleonastan: Amber, one of the strongest jgirl I know. I just can't accept that some people are making fun of her after she had lost…
24-11-2021 15:24
RT @raimingfrost: Achilles x Marem DO NOT REPOST, PRINT OR USE (LIKE TIKTOK EDIT). Based on my imagination only. No portrayers intended.…
24-11-2021 05:33
RT @slnphlstranger: Nakakaamaze lang na iyong bawat title sa CLS ay umiikot sa kung anong makikita mo sa coast. It's aesthetically pleasing…
23-11-2021 21:54
RT @mercadalgo: Everyone is willing to bow down to Senyora Domitilia, but not Annaliese Tanja and Maria Emilia. 😌 We got an interaction of…
23-11-2021 21:53
RT @vinceadlerhdlgo: Nananawagan po ako sa mga Hidalgo. Ang dami dami niyo pong pera na pwedeng bumuhay sa ilang henerasyon, kaya wag naman…
23-11-2021 12:52
RT @alijahalleje: I was actually hoping that Cassandra and Adler might still be alive but it really seems impossible now. Vince and Cassie…
23-11-2021 12:48
RT @alijahalleje: Napakagaling kung paano napapaikot ni Jonaxx lahat ng nangyayari sa Costa Leona at ang koneksyon ng ilang pamilya. Small…
23-11-2021 12:47
RT @madeforjonaxx: The end of Costa Leona Series is an end of a wondrous era, and a beginning of a new one. More series to come! Ang sara…
23-11-2021 12:47
RT @thejonaxxstyle: CLS WAKAS HASHTAGS: #JonaxxSLWakas #JonaxxWOMHulingAlon #JonaxxIOFHulingLiyab #JonaxxBBTWHulingIhip #JonaxxWLBTSHuli…
23-11-2021 02:37
RT @mercadalgo: The ending line is so memorable, "Immortal loves don't need mortal promises." I think Marem refers her love for Achilles as…
22-11-2021 21:30
RT @alijahalleje: The way Amber and Marem walked in the aisle while Jaxon and Achilles were waiting. One is for two people who were given a…
22-11-2021 19:57
RT @klareyskin: I'll just leave it here #JonaxxTSHKab40 https://t.co/RDmRrs3Her
22-11-2021 19:55
RT @shinamercadejas: SHEEET 😩 #JonaxxTSHKab40 https://t.co/rCgSBP56t5
22-11-2021 19:53
RT @alijahalleje: Imagine Josiah and Reniella staring at each other's eyes while chuckling. Reniella leans and kisses Josiah's dimple becau…
22-11-2021 19:50
RT @adlerthebully: started from here now we're here https://t.co/ER1YwCWXmQ
22-11-2021 19:47
RT @liliylenaalleje: JONAXX STORIES TIMELINE 9 years in wattpad 1 year with jonapp 45 finished stories (including stories she posted in Cr…
22-11-2021 19:47
RT @leighonlyy: marem is not owned by anyone but she owns achilles from the start. indeed a sun. #JonaxxTSHKab40 https://t.co/PwiIHxj79v
22-11-2021 19:47
RT @adlerthebully: jonaxx giving off a cls girl vibes https://t.co/WryhzUdipO
22-11-2021 19:46
RT @vousetesbeaux: reading wattpad is just as valid as reading physical books/epubs. there are some well-written stories in the platform, t…
22-11-2021 19:46
RT @liliylenaalleje: ATE J'S NOTE. ♥️ #JonaxxTSHKab40 https://t.co/sQrQbFqHyp
22-11-2021 19:45
RT @shinamercadejas: HAY NAKO MACHILLES 🥺 #JonaxxTSHKab40 https://t.co/8HSNIQ2dkb
22-11-2021 19:44
RT @alijahalleje: The heartbeat that calms. The heartbeat that gives hope. The heartbeat that gives contentment and happiness. Marem and Ac…
22-11-2021 19:44
RT @_rafaellllla: remember when elijah montefalco's line, “baby...” reached half a million inline comments on wattpad? yes. only elijah ril…
22-11-2021 17:26
RT @hadesloml: does it ever just how fast the drive you crazy? night changes https://t.co/SuKSkIA2yt
22-11-2021 07:33
RT @_rafaellllla: how it started vs. how it's going; costa leona series men 3rd generation edition. time flies so fast... https://t.co/QuIH…
22-11-2021 07:33
RT @alijahalleje: Wow, when we started this jam, we just want to have a simple get together for the JSLs. From Jonaxx being our listener, s…
21-11-2021 03:29
RT @yhangarts: Your voice could calm us in ways that you would never imagine,@jonaxx_WP We love you so much,ate J. #JamWithTheJSLs https…
20-11-2021 20:09
RT @liliylenaalleje: Nagsalita si Ate @jonaxx_wp! She corrected that the song "If Ever You're In My Arms Again" is not for Machilles but fo…
20-11-2021 19:54
RT @liliylenaalleje: Ate J, reactor. 😂 #JamWithTheJSLs https://t.co/jEJMyieNnB
20-11-2021 19:54
RT @berlyannxxi: here's a short clip of ate j clarifying kung para kanino yung song ✨ https://t.co/3r1QbEaMJe
20-11-2021 19:53
RT @vthdalgo: 2 seconds pero kaya akong paiyakin. ily ate @jonaxx_WP #JamWithTheJSLs https://t.co/s2QcqYQqiC
20-11-2021 19:52
RT @liliylenaalleje: CLS 15 was supposed to be Doveva's (baka 15 to 20 was for first gen? ) but Ate J decided to just put her POV in A Kiss…
20-11-2021 19:52
20-11-2021 19:48
RT @reiganelizlde: the sun's heartbeat, kab. 39 https://t.co/qwgYJ5Um0J
20-11-2021 19:39
RT @janellethebully: jonaxx phone wallpapers! -feel free to use -do not repost -give credits -do not print/sell https://t.co/mRoNRrj1cn
20-11-2021 19:38
RT @babyniRaoulR: SOLEIL AND RAOUL (Sands of Time by @jonaxx_WP) —- Kung hindi ninyo po alam(syempre hindi huhu) pero sila fave kong jcoupl…
20-11-2021 19:38
RT @dailymontefalco: “Ate, isang hi naman sa jsls” @jonaxx_WP: ONE OF THE BEST NIGHTS IN OUR LIVES! 🥺🤍 WE LOVE YOU ATE J! #JamWithTheJSL…
20-11-2021 19:16
RT @JonaxxFiles: Costa Leona Series will end this year 😭
19-11-2021 19:21
RT @alijahalleje: Jonaxx as a tv series scriptwriter? Dialogues had always been one of Jonaxx's strength in writing. Imagine the power of w…
19-11-2021 19:20
RT @fernart17: hirap ng anatomy https://t.co/QbIOlOa1pL
19-11-2021 01:52
RT @zamieII: Marem knows Achilles pushed her away because he thought that was what’s best for her. He sacrificed his happiness for Marem’s…
19-11-2021 01:52
RT @alijahalleje: Life may not turned like how Marem and Achilles planned their future together, in the end they were given of something mo…
19-11-2021 01:52
RT @mercadalgo: You see how Maria Emilia had different emotions in just a moment with Achilles? Anger and pain mingling with satisfaction a…
18-11-2021 19:00
RT @leilriegooooooo: OH MY GOD #JonaxxTSHKab39 https://t.co/oaoHOIB308
18-11-2021 18:59
RT @jizuualleje: ACHILLES IS A FCKING STANDARD! #JonaxxTSHKab39 https://t.co/GON80pdCYp
18-11-2021 18:58
RT @raimingfrost: Marem with dencio. Black yang damit nila, formal attire nakabase sa dating fanart ko 🤣 di ko pa alam anong item ilalagay…
17-11-2021 18:45
RT @alijahalleje: When everybody thought Elijah was cheating on Klare, Erin believed that Elijah wouldn't do that to Klare. Si Erin na tuto…
17-11-2021 15:08
0 14108
RT @spenserafica: “When they remember small things about you” https://t.co/MZYZ4mlHUM
17-11-2021 12:05
0 10665
RT @gjiovn: Kung si juan, tamad. Pareho kami ni juan
17-11-2021 12:05
0 40131
RT @Haerslayer: Retweet. Magkakapera ka bukas. 😂 https://t.co/I2qNc0vjz4
17-11-2021 01:43
RT @alijahalleje: "No man after me." "No man after you," "No love after me..." "I won't stop loving you even after this, Rix..." "Then.…
17-11-2021 01:41
RT @liliylenaalleje: JONAXX'S PUBLISHED BOOKS ♡ https://t.co/RoCc6cKxSt
17-11-2021 01:39
RT @rheapcb: Why need comedians when Queen J's bashers and trolls make us laugh more.
17-11-2021 01:39
RT @alijahalleje: 8 years ago, we witnessed how two enemies fell in love with each other. Happy Anniversary to the story with the most soli…
17-11-2021 01:38
RT @annalaese: Achilles Riego - Valedictorian Percival Archer Riego - dean's lister Jaxon Archibald Riego - topnotcher so proud of…
17-11-2021 01:38
RT @alijahalleje: Maria Emilia found the best partner when she married Dencio. She loves a man who's in love with her for years until his s…
16-11-2021 09:17
RT @thejonaxxstyle: Happy 9th anniv ate J and of course Jsl's ❤️❤️❤️ #JonaxxWattpadA9thversary https://t.co/7FhDw2kbFh
15-11-2021 02:04
RT @rheapcb: Buti nalang Jonaxx writes to express and not to impress. She'd rather be hated standing and fighting for what she wants than b…
14-11-2021 14:04
RT @jonaxxbbs: “We love jonaxx. This is truer than our other truths.” #JonaxxWattpadA9thversary https://t.co/3SGZK0MvXV
14-11-2021 08:36
RT @alijahalleje: 9 years ago, Jonaxx joined Wattpad and grew as a writer on the platform. Through those years, she taught us different kin…
14-11-2021 08:35
RT @reinieIla: Happy 9th wattpad anniversary to the most followed wattpad author worldwide and the queen of JSLs. You and your stories have…
14-11-2021 08:29
RT @porsyatorrealba: Bucket list achievement: ✅ https://t.co/x1iiFYuyjM
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RT @alijahalleje: Si Jonaxx yung author dati na araw araw may update. Napapabilib niya mga readers at ibang authors sa sipag niya. Until no…
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RT @jelaybalagtas: happy 9th anniversary to THE queen 🙇🏻‍♀️
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RT @alijahalleje: 2012: Joined Wattpad 2013: Published her first book 2015: Best Selling Author 2017: Got featured in YES! Magazine 2018: B…
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RT @dandrebs_: moms should live forever
13-11-2021 13:11
RT @ReiVelvetGyu: Reniella Villondo https://t.co/jYQvYsP0Jb
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RT @cardiacares: — jonaxx au: dencio and young amber daily convo (1/2) https://t.co/ugxERamBFW
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RT @raimingfrost: Machilles Fanart ( same pose sa tgcf fanart ko 🤣) Hindi sila matanda dito 🤣 Do not repost. Based on my imagination only…
13-11-2021 07:51
RT @annalaese: remember achilles' letter? when he said if he'll become a father someday he will never abandon his child, no matter what the…
13-11-2021 07:50
RT @alijahalleje: What I realized is no matter what happens, only the love Marem and Achilles have for each other will make them genuinely…
12-11-2021 15:40
RT @cardiacares: — jonaxx short au: young jaques and jax daily convo. https://t.co/ElPbWD1j9h
12-11-2021 15:40
RT @rheapcb: I'm more excited to witness how Queen J will execute the remaining chapters when we can't see a definite ending yet. Trust her…
11-11-2021 19:00
RT @raimingfrost: Klarijah 🤣 Tgcf inspired yung isang wedding 🤣 https://t.co/TdgmDrUzwT
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RT @dailymontefalco: — #JonaxxTSHKab38 “he’s a man with principles.” no doubts, achilles riego has proved to us countless of times that he…
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RT @hourlyrafael: kaluluwa na lang ni tin 'tong nagttweet. patay na po siya dahil dito #JonaxxTSHKab38 https://t.co/D0OMb6Vx2L
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RT @islaviste: Agree or not, but we can't deny that Achilles is the strongest jboy among the CLS boys. Working while studying just to buy s…
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RT @raimingfrost: KLARIJAH Wedding Fanart Based on my imagination only. No portrayers intended. Do not repost. https://t.co/7gGFiRYX69
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11-11-2021 18:32
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RT @theantonlienzo: “Stop staring.” “What, baby?” “Sabi ko... stop staring.” “That’s hard. You stop being so beautiful first.”
11-11-2021 18:29
RT @alijahalleje: Remember when Elijah couldn't make it to Klare's birthday so he sang for her through a phone call with Spike playing the…
11-11-2021 18:26
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RT @httpxellise: allow yourself to heal and feel the happiness again.
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RT @josiahunt: minimalist headers! <3 https://t.co/LF9lwU7gLQ
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RT @josiahunt: hi, i made some headers! <3 https://t.co/wXmxe34QVj
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RT @alijahalleje: Two types of Vincentius Adler Hidalgo: 1. A mestizo architect and business tycoon. 2. A moreno bodyguard with long hair…
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RT @MPressBooks: People change. Feelings fade. Hearts move on.
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RT @raimingfrost: 🤣 hay naku azi https://t.co/ae6S4CUkH8
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RT @ZO4ND3R: fuck it https://t.co/ZnoScCbQOJ
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RT @misisnisolarez: schuyler rockwell is indeed the luckiest no? she has her uncles, logan and rage. she has her cousins like roscoe and be…
08-11-2021 17:03
RT @kimrei_jsl: Please lang Amber is very high than THAT character. Nakaka sura, gawa din kayo sarili niyong app kung boring na sa inyo.
08-11-2021 17:01
RT @islaviste: Do you know why I admire ate J so much? I admire her not because of how big and successful she has reached as an author, but…
08-11-2021 16:50
RT @vtthidalgo: waves of memories — kab 6 aia cooked ali’s favorite, which is inihaw, for dinner as a peace offering. however, ali didn’t …
08-11-2021 01:52
RT @alijahalleje: The first time Aia said she's in love with Ali, he married her on a cruise ship. When Aia fell in love with Ali until she…
08-11-2021 01:47
RT @islaviste: Can we just all agree that Jonaxx's works just scream originality and class? The titles, the character's names, events, plac…
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