Charlie (@awkwardundead) — I'm a person
22-01-2021 17:04
RT @VP: Ready to serve.
21-01-2021 12:11
RT @daveweigel: @jonathanchait "and then there was Donny Two Times, who got that nickname because he was impeached two times."
14-01-2021 00:36
Happy 2nd Impeachment!
14-01-2021 00:27
RT @BernieSanders: A number of Administration officials are resigning in protest to Trump’s horrific acts of sedition yesterday. Not good e…
08-01-2021 17:52
@nytimes Wtf...
06-01-2021 22:44
RT @TheSims: Let the investigation begin! 😱👻 Tune in January 12th for the first pack reveal of 2021! #TheSims4StuffPack…
06-01-2021 20:51
Nothing else needed to say
07-11-2020 04:44
Gosh, the Prime Minister looks so lovely here 😍
20-10-2020 21:37
@rachael_letts @Levishawttea @TheSims I agree with this. Also knowing sims, the hotels wouldn't run properly and be annoying to play with.
20-10-2020 18:16
20-10-2020 18:12
@TheSims Better late than never. Still not getting my hopes up.
25-09-2020 16:02
@Gwen6930 @TheSims Not even just that. I would like to just have a natural dark blonde/light brown that most blonde…
25-09-2020 16:02
RT @TheVandelay: @TheSims Cool, but Star Wars is still a bad fit for TS4. * can't build in Batuu * Rey/Kylo can't be romanced * Batuu outfi…
04-09-2020 09:58
@TheSims I'm glad you guys made a response and I look forward to the next expansion pack... but I'm not getting my…
04-09-2020 09:37
@TheSims No 🍤
01-09-2020 21:10
@AdeleLauraG I just want my sim to woohoo Kylo Ren; the rest makes me infuriated.
27-08-2020 22:58
@TheSims This is so far from what simmers wanted that it's actually comical at this point. 2020 really has been a d…
27-08-2020 22:42
@TheSims I'm glad someone pointed out it was a bird. I thought the guy was hugging a worm.
06-05-2020 19:23
@BongosBingo She's in Newcastle and needs some love for her bday so please shout her out!
20-12-2019 22:25
@BongosBingo Shout out to my friend @georguacarr_ it's her bday!! Happy 23!!!
20-12-2019 22:23
As an expat, I can concur
14-11-2018 03:01
@CallMeKevin1811 @stellarlunatic Hey, found this free game on steam! I think it would be a good one to try out!
14-11-2018 02:48
The only thing that has been keeping me going during my battle with strep throat and getting broken up with.…
08-11-2018 14:33
RT @skaime_: “DO I PASS??” MICHAEL: #ahs
20-09-2018 05:37
When you're sure everyone is going to forget your birthday because it's near Thanksgiving #ItsNovember27
16-11-2016 04:05
3rd party fucked us. #uselection
09-11-2016 08:48
#TLC #90dayfiance You have to accept his Moroccan culture if you want to accept him. It's not going to fucking disappear. GTFO
30-10-2016 21:31
#TLC Watching 90 day fiance and cringing over how much I hate the fat bitch from Florida but love her're not in America anymore
30-10-2016 21:29
Honestly I would hate to have Shelley as a sister-in-law too #AHS6
15-09-2016 05:53
RT @fkatwizzlers: Watch Evan Peters end up being one of these nasty hillbillies. Yall will still go out your way to pretend he fine #AHS6
15-09-2016 05:46
When American Horror Story mentions the town you live in :/ #AHS6
15-09-2016 05:22
Good sides of not being home for Christmas: No one will be asking me why I'm single.
18-12-2015 00:06
There are some things that I innately know but it is not the time. Right now, this is my journey.
09-12-2015 19:01
Won the lottery on getting all of my childhood sicknesses at one time. Woot.
28-05-2015 17:11
I could probably bitch if I wanted to but right now things are good :)
09-04-2015 06:36
The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return.
04-02-2015 07:48
My cat's an idiot, one bestie is hungover and the other is cooking for me. Life is great
04-10-2014 20:12
Titanic; a movie that I haven't seen in years but still makes me cry
25-09-2014 06:02
And if you feel like you need to get away, let me be your escape
23-09-2014 17:41
Dear lover, I'm bipolar in all the best ways
12-08-2014 08:47
I was wondering what I would forget on this trip. Headphones... motherfucking headphones... #fml #firstworldproblems
16-04-2014 10:40
I've been in work everyday this week and it's to party. I'm loving this. I'm happy for great friends and beer on special!
13-04-2014 08:38
That moment when you put your teeth whitening stuff in and realize you never finished your cheerwine.... #africa
11-04-2014 17:27
Sushi gods you have failed me.
10-04-2014 22:40
Drunk me loves Lady Gaga....
08-04-2014 16:30
Oh Billy Idol... #swoon
07-04-2014 04:07
First day off work in a long time and I literally don't know what to do today
05-04-2014 17:41
I think I need a cup of joe #snoozealert
03-04-2014 20:59
Hungry eyes
01-04-2014 05:03
Have fun with those basic bitches.
31-03-2014 00:26
Fortunately not as hungover as I thought I would be... actually pretty much not hungover at all! #blessed
29-03-2014 15:31
About to run a stypidly hot bath and veg out for a while! Yay!
02-03-2014 01:13
I genuinely believe that everything happens for a reason. I believe that the best surprises take years to happen.
25-02-2014 20:32
The worst thing about my #insomnia is hearing the birds chirp. It's just a reminder that I've been awake all night #nosleep
24-02-2014 12:18
I want to be inspired again...inspired to love, be vulnerable, and to dream. Now I feel as if I am the farthest thing from that.
03-02-2014 07:23
Sometimes I think I was stronger when I was little. #insomnia
03-02-2014 07:21
No class tomorrow. I love my life.
29-01-2014 06:58
Movies in bed with spiked hot chocolate! Yay snow days!
29-01-2014 06:22
I'm just going to sit in my safe place and wait for my mood to dissolve. Sometimes I wonder if I should get back on my meds.
26-01-2014 22:25
Social justice has been served
25-01-2014 20:00
@midnight Battle Royale on Brokeback Mountain
17-01-2014 09:12
Drinkin' white wine straight from the bottle #Africa
17-01-2014 08:12
I just finished two loads of laundry. Tomorrow will start the other two.. yay me #africa
16-01-2014 09:36
Now that I've filled my belly with much deliciousness, time to park thine car. #africa
16-01-2014 04:52
Finally tired enough for sleep. Goodnight.
14-01-2014 10:17
Just spent 3 hours cleaning my room. Now all that is left is the clothes #yayadulthood
14-01-2014 09:55
So I now live alone and my car is still my ultimate hiding spot...
12-01-2014 19:16
If I hear this little girl say "mine ball" one more time I'm going to make it my ball....
03-01-2014 19:59
"@BuzzFeed: 34 American Lady Scientists Who Changed The World" Talk about a real lady boner
03-01-2014 12:36
Yea...this is looks like there is a doctor's appointment waiting for me
03-01-2014 12:27
Beer and Pizza at NYP Gboro. This is the life.
03-01-2014 09:27
Heading to Gboro tonight with @discodirge #happyhunting
26-12-2013 19:15
Up at 3am sewing for tomorrow's photoshoot. This is the life #nosleep
21-12-2013 09:59
My head is fuzzy. I like unicorns.
20-11-2013 22:15
I just entered to #win & you can too: "Free wig given away at every 5000 entries.". Enter the #giveaway here:
12-06-2013 23:36
The only downside to this job is waking up at 6am. #tooearly #nosleep
11-06-2013 16:31
I would want to do everything before I go to bed: from learning french to writing down my grocery list... #firstworldproblems #insomnia
07-06-2013 07:50
Nothing better than a recruiter for a pyramid scheme getting an attitude with your for changing your mind.
06-06-2013 17:26
Everyday, it seems like I'm just waking up and waiting to go to back to sleep.
31-05-2013 22:03
I'm not America's biggest fan but if it pisses off the foreigners I teach, I sure as hell am. #MERICA
31-05-2013 01:01
I have no life. The bed has become my best friend.
31-05-2013 00:24
I guess I am a little bit lovesick.
30-05-2013 23:56
Now that all my conventions are over, I have no idea of what to do with the rest of my summer.
29-05-2013 14:38
My knee hurts so bad today.
10-03-2013 18:51
Sometimes I wonder how weird my roommate actually thinks I am..
27-02-2013 00:41
I'm too awake for it to be this late at night.
26-02-2013 08:04
Going out tonight. I love Charleston
24-02-2013 04:15
Finally broke down and bought a new battery for my laptop. Goodbye sweet sweet money.. #brokecollegestudent
21-02-2013 00:09
Awkward Charlie is awkward
19-02-2013 21:34
Just as yesterday was symbolic of all my failures, today represents a new hope and rebirth after the fall.
15-02-2013 14:48
Time to fail a test
11-02-2013 23:31
Adam Scott is the everything I want in a man...just give him Ben Wyatt's personality. #drool
09-02-2013 17:42
One day I'll wake up next to the person I can't live without. Until then, I can dream.
04-02-2013 07:16
"And I've lived and I'm okay." - Lemon Meringue Tie #DGD #lyrics
03-02-2013 02:24
I've never punched someone before (in a fight) but today I'm tempted to.
01-02-2013 19:28
I have the two qualities you require to see absolute truth. I am brilliant, and unloved. #DrWho
01-02-2013 01:06
Give me peace to make it through the day, and rationale to keep these emotions at bay.
30-01-2013 16:25
It's therapeutic when people that you love come back into your life. Tonight was great. I needed this.
30-01-2013 08:16
My day is shaping up to be pretty shitty.
29-01-2013 16:48
Good things come to those who wait.
24-01-2013 05:23
#SinceWeBeingHonest grammar nazis bug the hell out of me.
04-01-2013 19:27
@discodirge "All roads lead to Summit Ave."
30-12-2012 23:33
After two years of dieting and working out, I've finally hit my goal weight! Now time too keep it up and lose 10 more lbs!!
14-12-2012 18:12
It's hard to be good.
09-12-2012 05:21
2 exams down, 3 to go.... I'm really not looking foreword to Tuesday
07-12-2012 16:22
It's crazy people who think the normal people are crazy.
29-11-2012 01:02
Someday the tide will lower and we'll be able to wade out in ease
26-11-2012 08:40
And after the last couple of weeks without food, my dad has stocked me up with so much that I don't think I'll be able to eat it all.
25-11-2012 21:43
Listening to cheery music and putting up the Christmas tree! My mood for today is steadily increasing. Good :)
25-11-2012 00:47
The therapist said I like to run away. I wonder how far it will take me to run from this.
24-11-2012 09:01
Thank you for never sharing the stars with me. That way it's not just a beautiful thing associated with a bad feeling.
24-11-2012 08:20
After watching doomsday preppers, I'm not sure how many of these people I would want to survive after a major castatrophe...
23-11-2012 21:33
Fuck, just realized that going to see my family means I have to learn how to shut my mouth.
22-11-2012 19:46
@discodirge BUT I STILL LOOOOVE YOU <3333
22-11-2012 00:00
I'm not going to be bitter. It's better to have loved than to never loved at all. I have plenty of pleasant memories and wish them the best.
20-11-2012 03:03
Things I want for my birthday: headphones, a sweater, money to eat, and memory foam for my bed.
17-11-2012 00:25
How can I study when I have so much going on? I don't know if I can do this...
16-11-2012 08:16
Ever since I was little, I've been the type of person to cry for only a day and bounce right back. Thank god for resilience.
10-11-2012 18:41
“You know, you left without saying good-bye. That's not like you, not that I have the slightest idea what you're like.” ― Warren Beatty
06-11-2012 04:45
I've tried to be really girly but I'm think I'm forever going to be daddy's little tomboy.
06-11-2012 02:44
Have to stay busy.
05-11-2012 07:19
You mess up my one day of rest....I mess up your love life...
02-11-2012 22:52
I don't want to get up. Bleghhh. Let's make it through the next 4hrs unscathed.
02-11-2012 15:26
It's creepy when you read the last post before someone dies. #RIPMitchLucker
01-11-2012 21:16
Two tests in one day... I'm about to kill it.
31-10-2012 15:32
At this rate I'm going to go insane ....
30-10-2012 17:48
@drstephenconnor thanks for the quote, it made me feel better :-)
22-10-2012 18:18
Hell or glory, I don't want anything in between #lyrics
22-10-2012 18:17
Every time I even so much as THINK to take a shower, someone steps in.. EVERY TIME
15-10-2012 05:56
Just made a crop top put of my alesana shirt.
14-10-2012 20:18
Part of me wishes I didn't cut off all my hair.
14-10-2012 18:03 wonderful weekend has had some change of plans...ha.
14-10-2012 02:01
I need a break...
11-10-2012 07:42
There are so many things I want to do and people I want to see but I feel as if I'm being stretched too thin to meet these obligations.
11-10-2012 07:41
I don't see the point of being back in Raleigh when people can pick and chose when they care to give a shit about me.
08-10-2012 04:57
Nothing hurts worse than someone saying that you don't have anyone in your life.
07-10-2012 21:26
I got my wisdom teeth out today. The drugs get rid of my pain but doesn't quite help the loneliness.
06-10-2012 05:22
@discodirge haha okay!
06-10-2012 05:21
I hate being back in Lexington
04-10-2012 00:24
I need sleeping pills ora couple glasses of wine tonight...ugh.
03-10-2012 08:16
I'm pretty sure my boyfriend wears tighter pants than me. @tacosforgilles
03-10-2012 01:47
I love my Frenchies. I wish they didn't have to leave in December :(
27-09-2012 08:34
#QuestionsIHateBeingAsked Did that piercing under your eye hurt?
26-09-2012 04:59
Time shows again and again that you can't do anything without a scene kid copying it.
26-09-2012 04:59
Well it hasn't been two weeks and my hair has successfully managed to reach the awkward stage.
20-09-2012 01:21
It's going to be a struggle to make it through the rest of the day.
17-09-2012 19:27
I have a test in less than thirty minutes and I cannot even think. Still upset over last night. #fml
17-09-2012 17:48
That awkward moment when you keep seeing some old broad staring at you.
15-09-2012 00:36
I love it when Japanese restaurants have more traditional dishes.
14-09-2012 00:57
So my paper took longer than expected...about an hour longer due to me writing it and erasing it over and over again.
13-09-2012 08:27
I think the only reason you call yourself an outcast or a freak is because you wanted someone to give you enough attention to label you.
13-09-2012 07:33
@discodirge #insidejokes ;)
13-09-2012 07:30
Well I thought my cousin was wearing a necklace but then noticed it was just a shadow on one of her extra chins.. #fatgirlproblems #wow
13-09-2012 07:02
Wish me goodluck on today's test
12-09-2012 15:07
About to take a nap and then study for History. yayyy
11-09-2012 23:22
This is probably the worst bit of procrastination I've had in a while
11-09-2012 06:45
Today is definitely a K-Pop day.
09-09-2012 22:36
I'm really about to skip class.
06-09-2012 19:27
I give up. I fucking get back to this shit.. not cool.
05-09-2012 03:06
Dungeons and dragons night. Fuck yea
02-09-2012 03:55
Probably the scariest thing on earth - #teapartiers
01-09-2012 18:09
It would be our luck to hit every damn red light
01-09-2012 02:00
RT @StephenAtHome: Mitt Romney has won the GOP nomination! So inspiring. The man overcame crushing privilege to make it here.
29-08-2012 06:49
This weather is making me sick.
26-08-2012 07:15
Check out's #loyalty programs by @punchtab. Get cool rewards! #socialrewards RT!
25-08-2012 17:31
I can't believe Super Junior is on MTV now. I'm really happy for them! via @Artists_MTV
24-08-2012 07:05
Laundry is taking forever tonight...
24-08-2012 05:43
"What chiefly frightens me is the common routine of life from which none of us can escape." - Terror, Anton Chekhov
21-08-2012 03:53
#NothingIsBetter than a new sketch pad!! First drawing of tthe night!
20-08-2012 06:49
I've been feeling pretty introverted today.
20-08-2012 06:45
What do I have to do around here to get some goddamn cuddles?! #girlfriendproblems
20-08-2012 06:09
@divinityINK @TylerDurden1974 Bonjour!
20-08-2012 01:06
Idk why but rainy days and Japanese food always go perfectly together
19-08-2012 18:43
19-08-2012 03:45
The homesickness is already hitting. Fuck this..
19-08-2012 02:05
Getting ditched by my boyfriend, probably my least favorite part of the day.
19-08-2012 01:38
@discodirge well miss you should hop on that train. My roommate is gone for the weekend and there is so much going on right now.
18-08-2012 02:08
There's fucking Christian hippie music outside my dorm......
18-08-2012 02:07
#pll is way too predictable
15-08-2012 05:47
I'm really good at pretending to care.
15-08-2012 02:52
I always manage to find a way to make myself seem even more awkward
13-08-2012 18:15
@discodirge I liked him better as a soccer coach ;)
11-08-2012 20:28
I think the bags under my eyes and the bags I packed for school are competing to see who can get bigger #ineedsleep
11-08-2012 08:42
People say I've changed since high school. The truth, they just didn't notice what was right there in front of them.
11-08-2012 04:52
RT @GrandadJFreeman: I saw a fat girl with a damn Guess shirt on, so I approached her and said "380lbs?"
08-08-2012 00:43
Having four kids fight for my attention all day has left me tuckered out.
07-08-2012 06:07
#PlacesYouWontFindAWife in your mother's basement.
04-08-2012 08:03
For the first time in a while, I'm excited to live life.
04-08-2012 06:43
Nothing is more annoying than seeing someone else called before you while waiting at the doctor...when you were supposed to be first.
03-08-2012 18:05
RT @robdelaney: [email protected] Will Obama’s ShariaCare require all women to become “Octomoms for Mohammed”? A Chick-fil-A nugget told me i ...
03-08-2012 17:57
Dentist. Sleep. Work. This is my life.
03-08-2012 17:51
The only thing that makes this any better is knowing that it wasn't my fault.
02-08-2012 22:05