𝚙𝚘𝚕𝚢 𝚙𝚛𝚒𝚗𝚌𝚎 ❄️ (@calebphantom) — Faith In God 🙏🏽
@RIPKobe2482 @HolzwarthJack @GMAINE97199783 @SOF_Jayden @Zak08H @Troydan They count the playoff games I think
16-01-2021 00:43
RT @TheJesusMessage: In your hands everything is better.
16-01-2021 00:41
@CantStopCook @JakeSmithbob @isyrafhamimx I feel like the TVA will come into this and snag up wanda for starting th… https://t.co/GDx9wyxKFn
15-01-2021 21:26
@ad13013 @CantStopCook @JakeSmithbob @isyrafhamimx Tbh this is being well received just a small group of people tha… https://t.co/w8zmpGsnYV
15-01-2021 21:24
@JackOLoughlin @notlesliecastro I know I read it in the comics also it was showed in the Loki teaser
15-01-2021 21:22
@wandaslizzie I feel dumb I searched up darcy lewis and I was like OHHH KAT DENNINGS' CHARACTER
15-01-2021 21:21
@glamourmaximoff agnes with them advices!!
15-01-2021 21:18
@JackOLoughlin @notlesliecastro Yep which is also why we could also see like someone controlling the show or maybe patrolling over her
15-01-2021 21:15
@CantStopCook @JakeSmithbob @isyrafhamimx Same Harrison Smith lol, but yeah when Mrs. Hart just repeatedly kept say… https://t.co/HN15y7YMvW
15-01-2021 21:13
@JakeSmithbob @isyrafhamimx @CantStopCook It's actually pretty good, maybe a little weird in the first half but it'… https://t.co/iiq7rTlNq2
15-01-2021 20:55
RT @BeardedDeafGuy: Steve Harvey in Mortal Kombat....We’ve asked 100 people what’s the worst fatality to receive! SURVEY SAYS! https://t.co…
15-01-2021 20:54
RT @Pastor__West: RT, if you trust God.
15-01-2021 20:47
@F_r_osty yes
15-01-2021 06:03
RT @KingJames: IM 36!!!!! IM 36!!!! STOP THROWING THE BALL 😡😡😡🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣💀 https://t.co/KkU32nQVKU
14-01-2021 23:41
@cheaterwins @LilHut51 @Seemon69420 @KingJames Ok I can respect that you at least said he’s won real rings
14-01-2021 23:40
RT @focus_thoughts: The covenant promises of God, ratified by the blood of Jesus Christ, are marvelous and manifold. Not one of the holy pr…
14-01-2021 23:27
RT @TheJesusMessage: God can turn your trials into a foundation of strength.
14-01-2021 23:26
RT @TheJesusMessage: God's blessings go far beyond anything we could ever dream.
14-01-2021 22:57
@codyrwirth Imagine that 2017 defense with just this offense on paper 😔
14-01-2021 21:35
@CobraStarGreen Bro as soon as you tweet this I go on explore and Chris evans is in talk to return as Captain America 😂
14-01-2021 21:20
RT @TheJesusMessage: God wants to give you the best, He loves you.
14-01-2021 21:19
@Mvpeterson17 @F_r_osty Couldn’t have said it better bro
14-01-2021 06:28
RT @TheJesusMessage: My prayer is to live out the purpose that God has for me.
14-01-2021 06:27
RT @TheJesusMessage: God is always there.
14-01-2021 06:26
@CobraStarGreen Have fun bro! And stay safe over there
14-01-2021 06:26
@KrispyFlakes2k Jeff Green 😎
14-01-2021 02:43
RT @TheJesusMessage: To have faith is to have the full assurance of receiving what is expected; It is to be convinced of the reality of thi…
14-01-2021 02:39
@hoodkage233 W list
14-01-2021 02:38
@hoodkage233 we can prolly get Jalen Green in the draft if timberwolves don’t reach top 3
14-01-2021 02:10
@KrisZeeTee @MagicsBurner No Jeff Green 😎
14-01-2021 02:08
RT @TheJesusMessage: I don't thank God nearly enough. Even in times when I'm uncertain I trust Him. Thank you God for giving me everything…
14-01-2021 02:08
RT @TheJesusMessage: God CAN do amazing things. We just have to believe and thank Him.
14-01-2021 02:07
@Flight23White https://t.co/0ewS3WBYTb
14-01-2021 00:33
@CobraStarGreen Idk I guess the kyrie situation but still
14-01-2021 00:32
@CobraStarGreen Spencer and Joe Harris gonna be carrying that bench 😂😂
14-01-2021 00:31
@CobraStarGreen yo rockets literally traded caris for OLADIPO. John wall and levert would’ve been cool to watch
14-01-2021 00:31
14-01-2021 00:29
@Mvpeterson17 What’s funny is that James Harden got to work with two of his OKC big three teammates back to back seasons
14-01-2021 00:27
@CobraStarGreen Also 4 first rounders but don’t think they matter when they’re all going to be late
14-01-2021 00:26
RT @TheJesusMessage: Dear God, please never let me be too busy to recognize your blessings or hear your voice.
13-01-2021 21:49
@THUNDER99943826 @whereswaldoxd10 @SeattleSonics YeH don’t know why people bashing y’all, it’s the people from here… https://t.co/ErlnbICdDd
13-01-2021 21:34
RT @TheJesusMessage: Happy is the person who learns to wait when they pray, because God's time is the best time.
13-01-2021 04:45
13-01-2021 03:46
13-01-2021 03:46
@Mvpeterson17 Wonder who we gonna replace at OC now
13-01-2021 03:45
@THUNDER99943826 @whereswaldoxd10 @SeattleSonics no one mad at okc well at least i'm not shai's a beast an a future… https://t.co/BxURx6Efc4
12-01-2021 08:22
@THUNDER99943826 @GreigJones2 @SeattleSonics lol
12-01-2021 08:21
RT @TheJesusMessage: When we pray God hears more than we say, answers more than we ask, and gives more than we can imagine in his own time…
11-01-2021 23:59
@CobraStarGreen People be slandering Laroi all over social media 😂
11-01-2021 23:06
@meatballparm47 @Officialj0nn Hoping y'all beat Bama
11-01-2021 20:56
RT @TheJesusMessage: The one who will never fail you is God.
11-01-2021 20:42
RT @JCrossover: Eugene Goodman is a real life SUPERHERO!!! 🙌🏾 https://t.co/3ASXARLgMQ
11-01-2021 20:41
@_LoveLike_JESUS Amen
11-01-2021 06:20
RT @_LoveLike_JESUS: . If the INVISIBLE VIRUS has the Power to Scare you then The INVISIBLE GOD ha…
11-01-2021 06:20
RT @TheJesusMessage: People may hurt your heart, but God will heal your heart.
10-01-2021 11:49
RT @TheJesusMessage: The moment you pray God sets miracles into motion.
10-01-2021 11:22
Team Minato or Team Kakashi 🤔 https://t.co/ckQfCOVWt7
10-01-2021 10:33
RT @TheJesusMessage: It's okay to let it go and give it to God.
10-01-2021 09:42
RT @TheJesusMessage: Tonight I am going to let my burdens go. I am going to have faith that everything will get better.
10-01-2021 09:41
RT @TheJesusMessage: Dear God, Please bless anyone reading this with a personal experience of Your love, grace and mercy.
10-01-2021 03:37
@Mvpeterson17 yea 😬
10-01-2021 01:47
RT @TheJesusMessage: I pray, not wish. Because I have God, not genie.
10-01-2021 01:47
@Mvpeterson17 Him and bobby
10-01-2021 00:50
10-01-2021 00:28
RT @_LoveLike_JESUS: . 🇺🇸 In America 🇺🇸 We do not Worship Government “WE WORSHIP GOD” Can I get an “A…
10-01-2021 00:28
@TheJesusMessage Amen
09-01-2021 11:37
RT @TheJesusMessage: God's love is more than enough.
09-01-2021 11:36
@SGothh @GirlTrilla https://t.co/NLFHpYEyNo
09-01-2021 09:43
@SGothh @GirlTrilla https://t.co/AGJ7qQBiw5
09-01-2021 09:27
@SGothh @GirlTrilla Don’t forget to capitalize the G in God bro 🙏🏽
09-01-2021 09:25
@_LoveLike_JESUS Amen
08-01-2021 20:39
@caesonn @seahawkupnxt Madden Ultimate Team
07-01-2021 22:24
@VivaLaZach13 @CorbWood3 @PatMcAfeeShow @JJWatt @deshaunwatson @fred_warner @49ers In my opinion I think that's a g… https://t.co/aXaYn1PECt
07-01-2021 21:56
@_LoveLike_JESUS amen!!
07-01-2021 21:53
RT @DangeRussWilson: Everything Changed when Jesus died on the Cross for us all! #Restoration
05-01-2021 22:17
@CobraStarGreen Now I know my go to gif
05-01-2021 00:30
@uchha_naruto May I use this?
04-01-2021 03:38
@Mvpeterson17 Kinda annoying in my opinion, wanted to face someone other than a division team. But hope we get the dub
04-01-2021 03:36
@F_r_osty https://t.co/Rg8mxzDruP
04-01-2021 03:35
@Mvpeterson17 Russ with a big gain like a minute ago tho
04-01-2021 03:02
@uchiha_alan_ @uchha_naruto thank you bro!!
04-01-2021 03:01
@MarlonForDPOY @LindaTuckerSco1 @seahawwks12 @Rudolph2Mason Yeah, also congrats on making it to the playoffs!
04-01-2021 02:38
@uchiha_alan_ @uchha_naruto May I get permission?
04-01-2021 02:34
RT @_LoveLike_JESUS: . Life is Good cause GOD is Great -- Retweet if you Believe -- .
04-01-2021 02:33
RT @calebphantom: Seattle Seahawks is going to win the SB!
03-01-2021 14:44
@_LoveLike_JESUS Amen
03-01-2021 14:41
RT @_LoveLike_JESUS: . Every life deserves a Voice Every child deserves a Chance Yo…
03-01-2021 14:40
RT @_LoveLike_JESUS: . SATAN wants to take what’s Beautiful and Ruin it GO…
03-01-2021 04:26
@CobraStarGreen @QSlingblade where are you planning to take your talents?
03-01-2021 04:26
@_LoveLike_JESUS Amen
02-01-2021 04:26
@_LoveLike_JESUS Amen
02-01-2021 02:09
RT @TheJesusMessage: Retweet if God blessed you today.
02-01-2021 02:09
@Iefart @F_r_osty https://t.co/ifOCo9TYtr
02-01-2021 02:08
Glory to God for giving me the strength to make it to another year!
01-01-2021 09:28
@ClubAugustinFan @F_r_osty https://t.co/skk3GdAqOc
01-01-2021 09:20
RT @TheJesusMessage: Doubt sees the obstacles. Faith sees the way. Doubt sees the darkest night. Faith sees the day.
01-01-2021 09:14
RT @_LoveLike_JESUS: . FOLLOWERS, I pray you all have an Amazing New Year !!! GOD BLESS YOU ALL !!! .
01-01-2021 06:57
@oregonfootball The aesthetic of this video goes craaazy
01-01-2021 04:06
@London___1 @BleacherReport Amen
01-01-2021 04:04
RT @TheJesusMessage: God, I put my trust in you..although I do not understand my situation right now.. I know it is according to your plan.
01-01-2021 03:59
@_LoveLike_JESUS Amen
01-01-2021 02:57
01-01-2021 02:57
@F_r_osty https://t.co/VoPtG2cMwb
01-01-2021 00:00
RT @TheJesusMessage: One Little prayer can change One huge Situation.
31-12-2020 10:31
RT @KayKayEsss: One more addition to the fam 👼🏻👶🏻 https://t.co/QjYU8a7GYC
31-12-2020 10:31
RT @TheJesusMessage: God's blessings go far beyond anything we could ever dream.
31-12-2020 10:30
RT @TheJesusMessage: I smile because I know God heard my prayer.
31-12-2020 05:49
@CobraStarGreen Yeah and RDC from the vids and streams actually look like their having fun and not doing it for mon… https://t.co/H3CTQoy98t
31-12-2020 04:07
RT @_LoveLike_JESUS: . GOD is Everywhere so Pray Anywhere Can I get an “AMEN” ??? .
31-12-2020 03:23
31-12-2020 03:23
@CobraStarGreen It’s crazy, 3 years ago I would’ve not seen this coming
31-12-2020 03:23
@TheJesusMessage Amen
30-12-2020 00:25
@_LoveLike_JESUS Amen
30-12-2020 00:25
RT @_LoveLike_JESUS: . If the INVISIBLE VIRUS has the Power to Scare you then The INVISIBLE GOD ha…
30-12-2020 00:25
@hhhju608 @frankboynton17 @AeRo_Juize @petrified00 @IamKrisLondon Fr 😂
28-12-2020 23:11
@CobraStarGreen Wow, uh congrats I guess 😂
28-12-2020 23:08
RT @TheJesusMessage: God holds my today and tomorrow in the palm of his hands. I know I am secure no matter what comes against me.
28-12-2020 01:51
@_LoveLike_JESUS Amen
28-12-2020 01:51
RT @TheJesusMessage: It doesn't matter what you are going through, God sees it and he can handle it.
27-12-2020 23:49
@LeBronWRLD Whole lotta red is a good idea
27-12-2020 22:52
RT @_LoveLike_JESUS: . “Bible Verse of the Day” If we Live we are Living for the LORD If we Die we are Dying for the LORD so Living or…
27-12-2020 22:52
RT @DangeRussWilson: ALL for YOUR GLORY JESUS!!! 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾
27-12-2020 22:52
@_LoveLike_JESUS Amen
27-12-2020 03:09
27-12-2020 03:09
@realpabgames No
26-12-2020 22:41
@_LoveLike_JESUS amen
25-12-2020 07:19
RT @TheJesusMessage: Merry Christmas ❤️
25-12-2020 07:19
RT @DangeRussWilson: Jesus!!! You’ve given me more than ask for! 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾
24-12-2020 22:24
RT @TheJesusMessage: Jesus Is The Reason For The Season.
24-12-2020 22:24
@_LoveLike_JESUS Amen
24-12-2020 05:39
24-12-2020 05:39
RT @TheJesusMessage: I love my life. Through the good and the bad, I know God is always with me. That's more than enough.
24-12-2020 05:39
RT @_LoveLike_JESUS: . 3 WORDS 2 SECONDS 1 MOMENT “THANK YOU GOD" -- Retweet if yo…
23-12-2020 22:06
RT @_LoveLike_JESUS: . When you get what you want that’s GOD’s Direction When you don’t get what…
22-12-2020 00:06
@_LoveLike_JESUS Amen
21-12-2020 21:31
RT @_LoveLike_JESUS: . Don't Forget to Pray Today because GOD didn't Forget to Wake You up This Morning…
21-12-2020 21:31
RT @TheJesusMessage: Come close to God and he will come close to you. - James 4:8
21-12-2020 06:33
@frankboynton17 @Ssluz1 @KikoPSD @IamKrisLondon @IntelGaming @HyperX @BestBuy There is 🤦🏽‍♂️
21-12-2020 03:56
@WooBackPrez Yessir
20-12-2020 09:24
@TheJesusMessage Amen
20-12-2020 09:24
@Dawson67320954 @USwagbuck @JaviahMaldonado @official2HYPE Well now go check out the leaked audio lol
19-12-2020 10:35
@TheJesusMessage AMEN
19-12-2020 09:31
RT @TheJesusMessage: In difficult times always repeat this: No matter what comes against me, I know that God is greater and more powerful;…
19-12-2020 09:31
@braydenfrom63rd @IamKrisLondon @Jesser 😂😂 bro this is months ago
19-12-2020 02:50
RT @TheJesusMessage: God is my one and true love.
18-12-2020 20:42
@how73016336 @ThePatMan117 @Wario64 It's a military store so of course it would be for vets or people in service
18-12-2020 20:24
@_LoveLike_JESUS Amen!
18-12-2020 18:52
@_connorneeley_ @KOT4Q Oh wow, I might have to find his email now.
18-12-2020 00:24
@_connorneeley_ @KOT4Q Does it cost anything? It’s really cool he’s willing to do that
17-12-2020 23:57
RT @TheJesusMessage: Your life is like a puzzle, and only God knows what the end result will look like. Let him put the pieces together.
17-12-2020 22:40
@jorgebaez966 @JeSuHzCHRisT @DealVibes Oh wow, that's pretty easy. Thanks for this!
17-12-2020 22:07
@KrispyFlakes2k Don't apologize man! Keep moving forward, you got this bro.
17-12-2020 19:16
@Casey https://t.co/MNn06SWiY9
17-12-2020 18:54
RT @_LoveLike_JESUS: . “Bible Verse of the Day” LORD, Be kind to us We have waited for Your Help LORD give us strength…
17-12-2020 18:49
RT @TheJesusMessage: I put all my anguish in you, my problems, my fear I give it to you. Help me Father, you don't know how much I need you.
17-12-2020 01:44
17-12-2020 01:21
RT @TheJesusMessage: Opening your eyes in the morning is already a reason to smile and thank God.
16-12-2020 11:37
RT @TheJesusMessage: It's okay to cry sometimes - tears are liquid prayers.
16-12-2020 10:26
RT @_LoveLike_JESUS: . WORRYING is expecting GOD to Fail you -- Retweet if you Believe -- .
16-12-2020 05:30
RT @_LoveLike_JESUS: . When you are down to “NOTHING” GOD is up to “SOMETHING” -- Retwe…
16-12-2020 05:29
RT @TheJesusMessage: God's love is more than enough.
16-12-2020 05:28
RT @LosPollosTV: Guys... Please send some prayers for my Mom... my Dad called me & said she isn’t feeling good & has a fever so he won’t be…
16-12-2020 05:25
RT @treytiimez: https://t.co/3D9Qx73xkk @gofundme
15-12-2020 20:50
@tipsyfishes @NewtypeHQ How much is shipping?
15-12-2020 06:26
@imdavisss @BestBuy @IntelGaming Securing the bag
15-12-2020 00:39
@ChiefMalibu @realpabgames Hopefully next year you guys are smart with drafting weapons for Hurts. There was many WRs you guys could’ve had
15-12-2020 00:38
@ChiefMalibu @realpabgames Also see you’re a Philly fan, how was is seeing Jalen Hurts ball out yesterday?
15-12-2020 00:35
@GKaiserAGE7 @TamashiiNations Oh wow not bad, adding onto the sale! Thanks for the info.
15-12-2020 00:29
RT @Wario64: https://t.co/EwZjjZsRzf
15-12-2020 00:29
@GKaiserAGE7 @TamashiiNations How much was shipping?
15-12-2020 00:27
RT @TheJesusMessage: God, you are a requirement in my life. Help me to seek you with all of my heart, mind, soul and life.
15-12-2020 00:20
RT @focus_thoughts: Salvation Is Found In Christ Alone.
14-12-2020 19:10
@_LoveLike_JESUS Amen
14-12-2020 08:27
14-12-2020 08:27
RT @TheJesusMessage: Tell your problem to God, He has the solution.
14-12-2020 08:27
RT @TheJesusMessage: Perfect in beauty, God shines forth. - Psalms 50:2
14-12-2020 08:25
RT @TheJesusMessage: The fastest thing on Earth is prayer because it reaches God before you even speak the words.
13-12-2020 03:27
RT @TheJesusMessage: I'm not perfect, only forgiven.
12-12-2020 04:20
RT @TheJesusMessage: LORD we will go together until the end.
12-12-2020 04:19
@_LoveLike_JESUS Amen
12-12-2020 04:17
RT @_LoveLike_JESUS: . GOD creates GOD loves GOD helps GOD hears GOD heals GOD saves GOD speaks GOD blesses GOD teaches GOD watches GOD ans…
12-12-2020 04:17
@_LoveLike_JESUS Amen!!
11-12-2020 08:21
11-12-2020 08:21
@_LoveLike_JESUS 🙌🏽
09-12-2020 19:55
RT @_LoveLike_JESUS: . “Bible Verse of the Day” Give your Worries to The LORD HE will take Care of you…
09-12-2020 19:55
RT @focus_thoughts: 🎵🎶🎵🎶 Jesus, Jesus, how I trust Him, How I’ve proved Him over and over, Jesus, Jesus, Precious Jesus! O for grace to tru…
09-12-2020 19:55
@Kobe4LTYB Fr? W
09-12-2020 05:23
RT @TheJesusMessage: God can't hand you something new until you are willing to let go of the things that are not good for you.
09-12-2020 05:14
@DCalfmet @DangeRussWilson @seattlechildren @WhyNotYouFdn True, but O line wasn't helping as well
09-12-2020 04:58
@Nas2four @DangeRussWilson @seattlechildren @WhyNotYouFdn bruh
09-12-2020 04:57
RT @_LoveLike_JESUS: . Please watch this video, It’s the story of a little boy “Dax Locke” His Life Story moved me to tears like few have d…
09-12-2020 04:56
RT @TheJesusMessage: God has purpose in your life.
09-12-2020 04:41
@brawadis Suns lookin dangerous this year
09-12-2020 04:40
@painfulgamer1 @mAverYw @Azul6057 @IGN It's ok bro, I get hate for liking TASM 2 lol
09-12-2020 02:28
@linuswilson I got more than a hour, should I stay?
09-12-2020 02:22
@Fred_Urban13 @Wario64 Broooo, keep us updated! Good luck to you
09-12-2020 02:21
09-12-2020 02:19
RT @_LoveLike_JESUS: . From Heaven Height’s to Manger Low There is no distance the Prince of Peace won't Go From Manger Low to Calvary's H…
09-12-2020 02:19
RT @TheJesusMessage: No matter what, trust God.
09-12-2020 02:09