𝙎𝙥𝙧𝙞𝙩𝙚 👑💞 (@charlenesprite8) — Lost boy from Neverland 🏝🌌
Litrato bago mangyare ang sakunang BANGS at SHORT HAIR 🥴😓😂 https://t.co/67gtDut1CQ
30-06-2020 08:49
Blinks ✨ Hahaha try lang po blackpinks dance 🥰❤✌ https://t.co/dq6r4yKf72
30-06-2020 08:44
Hah! How you like that? 💥🖤 $+a¥ saf€ 🤑🥴 安全で健康を保つ https://t.co/3QRmJhGDJQ
27-06-2020 16:59
RT @_TheGbemisola: Saying ohhhhhhhh when you still don't understand >>>>>>>>>
27-06-2020 16:51
RT @ohhitsmekiersty: correct me, pls??? i'm not always right, but i'm willing to grow.
27-06-2020 16:46
RT @potatomssgs: potato wants to see you smile again, potato always pray for your genuine happiness
27-06-2020 16:43
RT @YourMajo: I'm proud of myself for how I been handling certain situations
27-06-2020 16:43
RT @Martial_15: Highkey don’t wanna tell anyone whats going on in my life ever
27-06-2020 16:43
RT @blackpinkjpgs: their beauty is out of this world https://t.co/Kn9zB63Lnx
27-06-2020 16:43
RT @xmoodandrew: praying for a clear mind and a happy heart.
27-06-2020 16:40
RT @HttpsUnspoken: My mind is more talkative than my mouth.
27-06-2020 16:39
RT @shimpangilinan: di ako galit, di ko lang maintindihan kung bakit
27-06-2020 16:39
RT @textsthetics: https://t.co/gjGpkmEUVW
27-06-2020 16:39
RT @textsthetics: https://t.co/P6X8EVfeCW
27-06-2020 16:38
RT @Pontifex: If you are looking for meaning in life but, not finding one, you throw yourself away with "imitations of love", such as wealt…
27-06-2020 16:36
RT @aerongrcia_: "having someone that actually gets excited to talk to u everyday" i want that
27-06-2020 16:35
RT @joenasandiego: You are allowed to be a masterpiece and a work in progress at the same time. On your bad days, know that you are still l…
27-06-2020 16:35
RT @MLNLph: “Don’t go back. I’m doing a new thing.” https://t.co/Kqy2mCd5Js
27-06-2020 16:34
RT @worldofxtra: y’all think japan is this paradise of soft kawaii anime boys and girls who are soft spoken and innocent. i’m japanese livi…
27-06-2020 16:34
27-06-2020 16:34
RT @marvsfojas: “wAg mo nalang ulitin bHie ah, wala nang samaan ng loob pRamis” https://t.co/CCIO4rtYbv
27-06-2020 16:33
RT @thegreatkhalid: Protect your self esteem. Y’all don’t know what people go through behind closed doors. Everybody ain’t perfect, and I’m…
27-06-2020 16:33
RT @xmoodmaico: With or without conversation, you’re still the one i want. https://t.co/VGbw80mesL
27-06-2020 16:33
RT @titsay: do not be too hard on yourself https://t.co/U6ahfGKpuf
27-06-2020 16:32
RT @ilytrish: never use “ang tagal na non” as an excuse. di nyo alam yung trauma and pain na dinadala ng mga babae sa sinasabi nyong “matag…
27-06-2020 16:32
RT @albertraqueno: grabe feel ko talaga minsan sobrang disposable ko as a person hahshshshhh
27-06-2020 16:32
RT @gayforblckpivk_: 𝗕𝗟𝗔𝗖𝗞𝗣𝗜𝗡𝗞 𝖺 𝗀𝗂𝗋𝗅𝗀𝗋𝗈𝗎𝗉 𝗍𝗁𝖺𝗍 𝗁𝖺𝗌 𝗇𝗈 𝗏𝗂𝗌𝗎𝖺𝗅 𝗁𝗈𝗅𝖾. https://t.co/iC5G3efZWS
27-06-2020 16:31
RT @marvsfojas: Luh bHie pag napapagod ka pahinga ka ah. ❤️
27-06-2020 16:31
RT @lamlexuscando: hindi natin kasalanan kung hindi nila tayo maintindihan
27-06-2020 16:30
RT @jermainencole: cant believe i allowed myself to be disrespected so many times just because i care about other people’s feelings more th…
27-06-2020 16:30
RT @yadailymood_: if i tell u about my family, it means i trust u
27-06-2020 16:30
RT @ra_rubiano: hala ang bitter naman 😟 learn to clap in someone's success hindi yung sisiraan mo huhu 🥺
27-06-2020 16:30
RT @rltbletexts: Me after hearing hurtful words and trying my best not to cry. https://t.co/n0clb0Do9J
27-06-2020 16:30
RT @JuiceKing5x: Not the greatest at math but I know when shit don't add up
27-06-2020 16:29
27-06-2020 16:29
RT @Seludooooo: Ikaw yung nasaktan pero ikaw iintindi? 🤡
27-06-2020 16:29
I couuld be Red 🎶🥀💖 https://t.co/c6RJukeThX
17-06-2020 11:37
Inulet! 😂 Bat ba? hahahaha! ZUMBA PA MORE & MORE 😂jusko para maalis lang ang atabs❤ hehe fave ko na to i-zumba. Kun… https://t.co/fxpIkXhowf
15-06-2020 18:08
Another one uli hahaha zumba muna pag may time🤩🤗 para bawas atabs😂 #MOREandMORE #MOREandMOREChallenge… https://t.co/swJHdPcd38
15-06-2020 18:00
Oyeee haha 👌😂❤ https://t.co/fr5XJRizbH
15-06-2020 11:50
Im 'gon ride baby 😘💖 https://t.co/bYN58i8Dzo
15-06-2020 11:46
Much better this HAHAHAHA! 😅💖 #MarikitChallenge #Marikit #binibiningmarikitchallenge #BinibiningMarikit… https://t.co/kGGqaABYdK
09-06-2020 17:37
I'll just leave it here HAHHAHA #Marikit ❤ https://t.co/XaEBEucpEn
09-06-2020 17:04
Life is temporary, love the shit out of those who love you, & love yourself. ✨🙏❤
07-06-2020 11:52
RT @_hoelysad: Can't wait to glo up mentally, physically and financially
07-06-2020 11:49
RT @DogieOfficial: Maikli lang ang buhay, lagi mong piliin ang sumaya.
07-06-2020 11:49
RT @MoodFlix: "You're too young to be stressed about love. Chase your dreams, not people.= "
07-06-2020 11:48
RT @unIuvd: my heart so big that even after you HURT me i will still try and find the good in you.
07-06-2020 11:48
Change for the better me and for the better life. ❤🙏
07-06-2020 11:45
Trust God & trust the process of healing. ❤🙏
07-06-2020 11:43
Eto na ang huling iiyak ang mga mata ko sayo at huling sakit. Pinapalaya kona sarili ko sa mga taong diko deserve n… https://t.co/sQmmnsoEwX
07-06-2020 11:41
Inulet pa nga hahhaaha😅❤ Tiktokerist! https://t.co/5BPzwO5g0F
07-06-2020 11:36
Full chorus dance MORE & MORE! Requested. (try lang hehe) 😅✨💖 @JYPETWICE @TWICE_GLOBAL @twice_instagram… https://t.co/3ZKz2viSUb
07-06-2020 11:34
More & more @JYPETWICE @TWICE_GLOBAL Part 1(not full dance) ❤ https://t.co/1i67W7NPN9
07-06-2020 11:20
Ngi hahahah https://t.co/CuS91zxqAm
07-06-2020 11:15
Papawis muna. 😅 kala ko hanggang chorus na ung kanta, putol pala hahahha hataw panaman lol. https://t.co/Ldldl9KKhp
07-06-2020 11:12
RT @spacexluv: who's sensitive and cries over little things? https://t.co/tFXLrFhOF4
07-06-2020 11:08
RT @khyliecanales: This quarantine made me realize a lot.
07-06-2020 11:07
Hirap maging ako pati ako di ko na kaya. 😅💔💔
07-06-2020 08:03
RT @alonefeeIings: sometimes u gotta be like "okay" & leave that shit alone
07-06-2020 08:02
RT @sighkiss: No one’s freakier than a drunk woman who’s in love with you..
07-06-2020 08:02
RT @heyitsmekyleee_: umay sa lungkot putangina.
07-06-2020 08:02
Mali bang maging marupok kahit alam mo dun ka sasaya at dun ka din masasaktan ng paulit ulit? 💔😅😢
07-06-2020 08:02
Hahahaa try lang diz trending challenge tho😂✨ pati ko nagulat eh 😅🤩 #WipeItDownChallenge https://t.co/1i2rIZ1Pdo
31-05-2020 16:53
Twice muna tayo hahaha ❤❤ https://t.co/uRdZPqbTv2
26-05-2020 05:59
Luh Hahaha https://t.co/aAQyoWOQ95
26-05-2020 05:55
First tym ko mag edit hahhaha transition epek😅😍😍 https://t.co/o1KS61149Q
23-05-2020 19:54
𝓐𝓲𝓷'𝓽 𝓪𝓮𝓼𝓽𝓱𝓮𝓽𝓲𝓬 https://t.co/ZasbiXzpci
22-05-2020 12:14
we all broke rules for someone and in the end they broke us too. 💔
21-05-2020 14:26
RT @Supergirlerksz: One person with pure love is enough. https://t.co/mmyhxZ6rz6
21-05-2020 14:19
I just want everything to be normal again.
21-05-2020 14:19
Akala siguro nila kapag iniwan o nasaktan tayo ganun lang like iniwan at nasaktan lang tayo. Pero di nila alam kung… https://t.co/xugs4hGdjm
21-05-2020 14:18
RT @ronalucas_: to the girl who's reading this, you're beautiful and worth it.
21-05-2020 14:14
I feel there's something with you ,  Can I be your lover? ~💔🎶🎵
19-05-2020 09:21
Run from the bullsh*ts with you,  Let's hide in the covers. ~🎵
19-05-2020 09:20
I want all summer with you, Boy, let's get in trouble. Drive through the city with you, Let's leave it in rubble. ~🎶
19-05-2020 09:20
Leave it all behind me, I need to BREATH.  I look at you and I see, You might be the key. ~🎵🎶
19-05-2020 09:14
Baby, I'm in spring,  You know your my sunshine, You look at me and I'm alright. ~🎵🎶
19-05-2020 09:13
Huling yakap napala yun kaya pala sobrang higpit ng yakap ko at sinusulit na parang ayaw kona umalis sya o ayaw ko… https://t.co/mSzEHHpbyt
19-05-2020 08:57
Gusto ko ako lang ang gusto~❤🎶🎵
19-05-2020 07:52
Nakalimutan ko password ko sa student portal ng Plmar, diko malaman grades ko hutek. Haha.
19-05-2020 07:41
I'm trying my best for you & forgive but still... Hehehe well I understand again and I got it what you like to said about, so I'm done.
18-05-2020 19:05
Goodnight self! 😌
18-05-2020 18:45
The damage can change the person you hurt. Be careful.
18-05-2020 18:45
Again, sorry self for the hurt that you've been through. I promise, It would be the last.
18-05-2020 17:43
Wala naman na talaga eh hays. Binaliwala moko. Wala na din akong pake sayo. Igets? Mukha mo intindihin mo.
18-05-2020 17:37
Lublob nako sa attensyon at pagmamahal sayo na parang wala lang lang lahat para sayo to.
18-05-2020 17:36
Pag alam mong mas mahal at dika makakahigit sa una niya, tama na self.
18-05-2020 17:34
I automatically stop trying when i feel unwanted
18-05-2020 17:33
This year taught me that putting yourself first isn't selfish, it's necessary
18-05-2020 17:32
Lahat nalang natitiis ko wala nakong natira sa sarili ko dahil lagi nalang sinasabi igets ko at intindihin, tangina!
18-05-2020 17:31
No excuses just leave me!
18-05-2020 17:30
At kumakapit ako kase mahal ko? Duh self naman tanga ulit? Okay! I understand ulit haha! So I let them be nalang. Pakasaya sya.
18-05-2020 17:30
I dont understand myself bat pa ko kumakapit sa taong kumplikado sitwasyon niya.
18-05-2020 17:28
Sweet nyo naman HAHAHA a lil bit cringe but cute. 🤣 Whatever! Corney.
18-05-2020 17:27
I'll just leave it here. His favorite photo of mine. 💖😔🥰 https://t.co/y3f3pP8mLv
18-05-2020 15:07
nobody cares how u feel, just smile self.
18-05-2020 14:43
Episodre 7 na agad yey! hahahaha
18-05-2020 14:41
Hurt me whatever you want kung yan ang ikakasaya mo.
18-05-2020 07:37
RT @Supergirlerksz: One day you will meet someone who will understand your story and protect you because they won't want you to suffer the…
18-05-2020 07:36
RT @AwraBriguelaaa: sobrang sakit ng taon na to para saken.
18-05-2020 07:23
You hurt me, and I said sorry. 💔
18-05-2020 07:02
RIP to my unhealthy sleeping routine.
18-05-2020 07:01
Sometimes, the person we want the most is the person we are best without.
18-05-2020 07:01
RT @DripJutsu: Why does this commercial have a better plot than half of the shows y’all be watching? https://t.co/4Y0MZ5Is4B
18-05-2020 06:54
Unting puyat at walang kain pa self. Mamatay kana hehe adv. Congrats agad.
18-05-2020 06:15
I felt like gusto ko na mabura sa mundo.
18-05-2020 06:14
Nuod na uli kdrama ❤
18-05-2020 05:15
Di nako katulad ng dati na kilala mo.
18-05-2020 03:16
Ohhh.. Pwede bang magpahinga muna saglit ~🎶🎵💔
17-05-2020 22:11
Yung mga taong gusto mabuhay sana pwede i donate nalang yung buhay ko sakanila kase mas may purpose sila at mahalag… https://t.co/mbsnPmhAmz
17-05-2020 22:05
Pls patulugin nio nako
17-05-2020 22:02
Bwesit na buhay to!!!
17-05-2020 21:55
Sana pag natulog ako yung mahaba na at makabawe bawe naman at sana sa sobrang haba di nako magising! Sana ganun nalang!
17-05-2020 21:50
Gusto ko na matulog!
17-05-2020 21:50
Gusto ko lang naman matulog bakit di ako pinapatulog ng inet at badtrip saka lungkot? Tangina naman!
17-05-2020 21:47
Mabilis ako mag care, ma inlove, ma attach pero pag binaliwala at sinaktan moko mabilis din ako mawalan ng interest at pake sayo.
17-05-2020 21:44
Pag mahal ko isnag tao, pinapahalagahan, interesado at inaalagaan ko sya. In short mabilis ako mainlove sa taong gu… https://t.co/8YFNgirKUM
17-05-2020 21:43
Pinangarap kong maging Flight Attendant at gustong gusto ko dati yun, di man ako palarin maging Flight Attendant, m… https://t.co/navslWSEte
17-05-2020 08:22
yoko na mag jowa.
17-05-2020 08:15
Try ko lang mag transition epek kineme! 🥴😅🥰 https://t.co/zTokiGdtpL
15-05-2020 15:06
Thank you Mamshi sa permanent kulot ng hairlalooo ko! Love you Ma! 💖🥰 #NewHair #NewMe #curlyhair ❤ https://t.co/2VolZfLzYm
15-05-2020 15:04
Favorite weather for sad people. ❤💦
15-05-2020 11:15
i don’t cry over people, i cry over the way i get treated because i don’t deserve that. 💔
15-05-2020 10:25
RT @AwraBriguelaaa: sad people love the rain because they are no longer crying alone.
15-05-2020 10:24
I want to feel someone's priority again.
15-05-2020 10:24
I miss you so much Neal! 💔
15-05-2020 10:23
Mahal pa din kita Neal kahit ilang beses mo nako binalewala o sinaktan
15-05-2020 10:22
@Mistery0831 HAHAHAHAHA
15-05-2020 08:48
Thank you, next! ~🎶🎵🎧❤
15-05-2020 08:33
I'm done & looking forward! I pray to God that I hope I find a Man who is same as my vibe or laugh all day & everyd… https://t.co/xhVPe4Bknw
15-05-2020 08:32
I hope someday I find my true & right Man for me. Someone who accepting me for all my flaws, someone who's lucky fo… https://t.co/pkL87QhSjz
15-05-2020 08:30
I'm so happy for you right now, Im happy for you coz you find ur true happines in your heart. Im moved on and I fin… https://t.co/ilmDeSFzNa
15-05-2020 08:29
Hope you never forget all our moments together and im so grateful and Im not regret it to know all about you and ou… https://t.co/V11EUYGjXk
15-05-2020 08:29
Thank you to all the chances that I making you happy and & making me happy too though, I thought were not meant but… https://t.co/HDxCdaerGY
15-05-2020 08:25
Thank you for the day that we spent much time to enjoy and take all the day before I leave one year ago. It means a… https://t.co/3grtZPDCQ5
15-05-2020 08:24
And the woman, your gf who is making you happy today, I hope u two together may have lasted longer or in a lifetime… https://t.co/l1W2LjYh53
15-05-2020 08:23
But It turns out. Im the only one who holding up our promises to each other. you forgotten me and our promises. Our… https://t.co/AFNHpwCyGZ
15-05-2020 08:23
And lastly. We both promised. The day we have words to each other that you never leave and you would'nt find any or… https://t.co/j0WspaIvaB
15-05-2020 08:22
We take a rest for a while and talk about our childhood when you got bullying me and have some fun to play with you… https://t.co/be21kLjGzc
15-05-2020 08:21
We take pictures & We travel that I never experience that place with u in my whole life and I cant believe on that… https://t.co/AmvRQqOjht
15-05-2020 08:21
You teach me how to drive motorcycle. And I cant forget the day when were slipped off when I drive it haha. But sti… https://t.co/lCdgpGNBKf
15-05-2020 08:21
Still remember at that place/day when were open up feelings and past crushes that we have when were a child, you as… https://t.co/Zbb8VAHf10
15-05-2020 08:20
One year ago. I still renember when we roadtrip at simmacbot mt. province coz it's my last day at Isabela and I wan… https://t.co/qh2F58Kam7
15-05-2020 08:20
@ Simacbot, and Mt. Province with my childhood crush. A thread; https://t.co/7dI3momMHY
15-05-2020 08:18
Wag mo sayangin ang oras mo sa taong walang ginawa kung di ang paiyakin at saktan ka. 💔
14-05-2020 23:39
i hate myself from being sensitive, soft hearted and easily to cry.
14-05-2020 19:31
RT @intim8t: Be careful who you make memories with. Those things can last a lifetime. https://t.co/jk05ufIgeh
14-05-2020 19:28
RT @intim8t: If you fall for their soul before you touch their skin, it’s true love. https://t.co/wBP0EMvXlw
14-05-2020 19:28
RT @BobOngPhrases: Just for once, I want someone to be afraid of losing me.
14-05-2020 19:26
I know people are temporary but please just this once, be permanent.
14-05-2020 19:07
RT @BobOngHugots: I always say "sus, sanay na 'ko" pero deep inside, "bat ganito na naman?"
14-05-2020 19:06
RT @DogieOfficial: i miss you but i'm keeping it quiet
14-05-2020 19:05
RT @DogieOfficial: too much on my mind but nothing to say
14-05-2020 19:05
RT @imNikMakinobish: pinalungkot ako ng taong akala ko don ako sasaya
14-05-2020 19:05
RT @imNikMakinobish: Wag mong antayin na mapunta sa iba bago mo marealize na ang swerte mo pala.
14-05-2020 19:05
RT @imNikMakinobish: sa una lang naman tayo mahalaga
14-05-2020 19:05
Strength is when you have so much to cry for but you prefer to smile instead.
14-05-2020 15:42
No matter how busy you are, if you really care, you’ll find time for someone.
14-05-2020 15:41
All I need is someone who can stay no matter how hard it is to be with me.
14-05-2020 15:41
RT @BobOngHugots: Real feelings don't just go away.
14-05-2020 15:40
i hate when you can’t explain the shit you feel
14-05-2020 15:36
RT @UnhappyLian: Imagine watching Ben&Ben concert with you. https://t.co/4qATiS28XZ
14-05-2020 15:34
RT @cruable: uncontrollable laughter is honestly the best feeling.
14-05-2020 15:34
RT @intim8t: one day i’ll call you mine https://t.co/YxgkFLZHUx
14-05-2020 15:33
It hurts, but it’s fine
14-05-2020 15:33
RT @imjannaalea: Piercing ideas https://t.co/Rc7lArPmpg
14-05-2020 15:33
RT @iFeelings: https://t.co/5k5bwwsK6o
14-05-2020 15:32
Be thankful in everything you have ❤️
14-05-2020 15:32
life is short do whatever makes u happy
14-05-2020 15:31
RT @Gamboaxkyle: Parang gusto ko bigla ng bebe na taga LPU 🥺❤️
14-05-2020 15:31
If u got me, i got u & that’s on everything
14-05-2020 15:30
Tong araw nato yung araw na nahagkan ko sya nun feeling ko parang lumilipad ako ng kasama ko sya, san saan kami nagpunta ng gabing yun.
14-05-2020 15:30
Still young, still doing mistakes, still growing, still learning.
14-05-2020 11:15
Real is rare, fake is everywhere.
14-05-2020 10:17
It’s “never again” for a lot of shit.
14-05-2020 10:15
sometimes it feels better to not talk.
14-05-2020 10:13
RT @shingkatz: RIP sa dede kong nilamas ng maling tao.
14-05-2020 10:12
RT @mydeepestmsgs: i wish i could delete the memories
14-05-2020 10:12
RT @DogieOfficial: i’m trying my best not to lose you
14-05-2020 10:12
RT @ItsACsLife: uy tangina ha nakakasawa rin maging mabait
14-05-2020 10:11
RT @SamLeepettit_: i saw your flaws and loved you more
14-05-2020 10:11
RT @pimpdxddi: shoot your shot & become my friend bitch i’m fun & i will be there for you
14-05-2020 10:10
RT @sadfeeltexts: https://t.co/I7lcZcCc3S
14-05-2020 10:09
Nakalimutan ko ipahinga at nakalimutan ko uli maging masaya ng buo dahil lang sa nasaktan ang puso ko. 💔
13-05-2020 20:36
I killed my own happiness in such a young age by loving someone who did fake love & fake promises more than myself. 💔
13-05-2020 20:35
RT @VevenelLazaro: Masayahin pero i easily cry, i easily get hurt,i am afraid and i am weak.
13-05-2020 20:35
RT @yadailymood_: no wifi, just peace of mind https://t.co/lPYLZh4Fvi
13-05-2020 20:24
RT @_CongTV: after this quarantine pag niyaya niyo kong uminom pass agad passundo
13-05-2020 20:19
RT @hoyluwi: we all deserve pahinga.
13-05-2020 20:19
RT @intim8t: You deserve someone who checks up on you when you’re sad. Who makes an effort to make sure you’re okay because they know you’r…
13-05-2020 20:19
13-05-2020 20:18
RT @urrrrrpapiiiii: nakakamiss umuwi ng gabi dahil sa kakagala
13-05-2020 20:18
RT @BobOngPhrases: Stop pretending that you care, I know you don't.
13-05-2020 20:18
RT @made_lineart: "Surely" Katulad ng pangako ng Lord. Hindi katulad ng pangako ng iba.
13-05-2020 20:17