chazelle (@chazelle_farmer) — 🦂🏳️‍🌈 || she/her
RT @Bhut_Tshutsha: Tweeps in EL, if ikhona indlela yonceda please DM me.
11-05-2021 09:50
RT @UncleKennyBw: Be sick but make it entertaining
11-05-2021 09:17
RT @DuduZeeLe: Please help me find my cousin, who has been missing for almost a month now and we only found out this past Sunday that he ha…
11-05-2021 03:42
RT @makusekholofelo: I choose you ❤️
10-05-2021 21:51
RT @godbringmepeace:
10-05-2021 20:06
RT @nevadapaints: My paintings for the month of April! Please rt my customer could be on your TL 🥳❤️
10-05-2021 18:17
RT @dilshaadkamishh: why you eat bat 😭😭😭
09-05-2021 16:32
RT @saniamutwanamba: My name is Sania (the placard lady on the street/robots). I hold LLB (Wits) and looking for a job. I sent emails almo…
08-05-2021 10:29
RT @mx_mokgoroane: my cousin has an N6 financial management qualification, please let me know if you have an opportunities for him.
07-05-2021 22:16
RT @nvrfallstudio:
07-05-2021 17:58
to lose a loved one during test week is so difficult because there’s barely time to mourn & still face the struggles of varsity
06-05-2021 23:56
not happy, just distracted
06-05-2021 22:29
RT @bad_dominicana: and this is it. this.
06-05-2021 19:28
RT @SaraSeth21: Hi everyone. I'm a full time llb student & I'm struggling to pay my fees this year. If you are able to help please do or pl…
06-05-2021 14:00
RT @cebadisim4: “GOOD “gm MORNINGGG” bestie”
06-05-2021 09:49
RT @rifqahdavids: Hi guys! With Eid around the corner, I’d really appreciate if you supported my little business 🥰 I literally make any ki…
06-05-2021 08:12
RT @_UncleAsanda: Hey guys 🙋🏾‍♂️ Please help me find employment. I hold a BA with Psychology and Sociology, as well as a PGDip in Sustain…
05-05-2021 21:35
please tell me why i act surprised when these lecturers stay disrespecting us?
05-05-2021 15:14
RT @pinky_collectio: MISSING CHILD 😭😭😭😭. Guyz plz help my family and I my 15years old sis who’s naive n innocent is missing. It’s been 24ho…
04-05-2021 13:03
RT @advovolicious: The girl who went for a job interview and got kidnapped hasn't been found yet. If this tops on your timeline, please re…
03-05-2021 07:31
RT @maxjaay426: I..... just.... wanna.... graduate....
01-05-2021 23:04
RT @haybee_69: Hey guys I'm selling these mini sneaker keyrings. There are multiple brands and designs available. They come with their ow…
01-05-2021 23:04
RT @saarahgierdien_: Guys I started a lil business 🥺 please RT and place your orders for eid 💕
01-05-2021 09:35
@thisisnotKayyy @jepietersen you snappppeeeddddd 😤
29-04-2021 12:53
RT @thisisnotKayyy: I'm posting these everywhere😠
29-04-2021 12:53
RT @simphiwe____: !!!!!
29-04-2021 07:39
RT @caseydejongh: 👁👄👁
28-04-2021 23:29
RT @YoungstaCpt: Some light reading...
28-04-2021 13:47
RT @makusekholofelo: more than enough 🤍
26-04-2021 18:39
RT @baba_ganoosh_: In the Closet Vs living my truth
26-04-2021 16:26
RT @_thatopenny: My cousin is missing, please share this as much as possible. 🙏🏽
24-04-2021 15:04
RT @kazmarijeni: Being a student right now is really really hard😭
23-04-2021 22:25
need my back tatted asap 😭😭
23-04-2021 21:39
The only meal I wanna eat every night 🍴
20-04-2021 11:53
RT @tharaajohaar: Pray for capetown 😭😭🤲❤ #capetownfire #CapeTown
19-04-2021 17:05
RT @bio_oiled: Hi everyone, my father recently got diagnosed with a very progressive cancer and struggles to hold himself up when he needs…
15-04-2021 23:26
RT @rifqahdavids: My mommy makes the most amazing spicy tomato chutney. And we finally convinced her to start selling it! The perfect Rama…
15-04-2021 09:19
RT @_MuzieB: Lesbians are not rehabilitation centers for women who were badly treated by men..
14-04-2021 19:23
RT @KEEPTHEENERGY1: Lufuno Mavhunga, a student from Mbilwi High School in Limpopo, commited suicide after a video went viral of her being b…
14-04-2021 14:37
RT @lovelypotatoph:
13-04-2021 08:13
RT @vewz_za: MISSING CHILD - North West, Taung. Please RT for awareness 💔
12-04-2021 10:32
RT @thisisnotKayyy: Oh hi there🥺
11-04-2021 20:11
RT @vewz_za: 19-year-old female missing - Johannesburg! Please Rt for awareness
10-04-2021 13:33
RT @ThandoPeaches: Guys my little brother is still missing. His friend has also been missing since the day Katlego left and we are trying t…
09-04-2021 09:33
RT @fateama16: no HE always understood the assignment
05-04-2021 17:28
RT @_MveloMakhanya: guys, all we’re asking for is that if you know absolutely ANYTHING or having ANY kind of information, please come forwa…
05-04-2021 12:07
RT @yangaa__: My girlfriend and I haven’t been dating long but this is the softest and kindest relationship I’ve ever been in. She doesn’t…
04-04-2021 23:12
RT @AlyssaKatelynG: 📍Happiness
04-04-2021 13:45
RT @noloo_nolz: My man makes me feel like the most beautiful girl it’s constant praise and affirmation 😭🤞🏽
04-04-2021 08:47
RT @KendraS28_: THE DUKE?? NOT IN SEASON 2 OF BRIDGERTON??? Don't they know he's the reason we watch the show
03-04-2021 19:50
RT @thepoeticson: My Aunty’s nephew is missing. Please help us find him! 🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿 https://t.c…
31-03-2021 16:57
RT @RabuTheApe: I have managed to get my debt owing to UCT from R73 439.32 to R10 279,32. I need my debt to be less than R1000 to be able t…
31-03-2021 16:57
RT @lwaziiduma: This weekend in waterfall my mates and I(4 girls) were robbed at gun point, beaten and shot at in this Uber & another car t…
31-03-2021 16:57
RT @lelomkwe: please help. any assistance will be greatly appreciated. ❤️
31-03-2021 11:21
RT @therealcvguru: THINGS TO REMOVE FROM YOUR CV IN 2021. Thread.
31-03-2021 09:09
RT @alyssadamonse__: PLS SHARE !!
31-03-2021 08:52
baecation w/ my man 🕯🕯🕯🕯
30-03-2021 09:26
RT @spicebae_: who he wants me to be: who i'm gonna be:
29-03-2021 12:45
RT @wehikeandso: You showed up today. You got out of bed. Even that is enough. The little things matter.
29-03-2021 12:43
RT @niqita11: Where are u 😢😢😢😢😢😢💔💔💔💔
28-03-2021 18:22
RT @thisisnotKayyy: The sun and I were besties this weekend🥺
28-03-2021 15:22
RT @Rsmith24_: Missing person (black female) she’s our age help find her please !!!
27-03-2021 18:54
RT @KenosiMorajane: Please help us find my cousin Kagiso she was last seen on the 23rd of March wearing Elspark Hoerskool uniform please an…
27-03-2021 12:44
RT @Tshepiso_Says: Hey y’all, so my dad makes + sells these bird’s nets for your garden. They range in size & are priced R90-R150 each. The…
27-03-2021 10:23
RT @lordchazz1: Please support my g Roman, operates on Northcliff cnr, just copped 5 massive avos for R60 🤲🏽🤲🏽🤲🏽
26-03-2021 23:50
RT @srir4cha: #NewProfilePic + one.
26-03-2021 20:28
RT @srir4cha: he’s so fine, man. 😍😍😍
26-03-2021 17:43
@kelsdejongh i’ll bring the pipe if you got the flavor 😘
25-03-2021 15:58
RT @calebgounden: Use the code “university” to get 100% off your happiness
25-03-2021 15:08
smoking a pipe w/ @kelsdejongh really solves all my problems
25-03-2021 14:25
RT @ThaboNdawonde: I’ve been doing this for a while now and I officially launched this past weekend. We don’t just cater, we also consult o…
25-03-2021 14:00
RT @LeratoMannya: Really love this initiative by Nando’s. 👌🏾
25-03-2021 11:38
RT @TwoFour7Hustler: Hello Everyone, my name is Percy and I'm humbly asking for (R2, R5 and R10) Donations to help in paying my outstanding…
25-03-2021 11:37
RT @geekish_saint: sun kissed
25-03-2021 10:12
RT @KatlegoMaseng1: Pads are R5 @Shoprite_SA, RT to spread the word ....
24-03-2021 11:06
RT @poesalations: Your future needs you more than your past ever will, stay wys keep climbing up your ladder. Poesalations 7:97 https://t.c…
24-03-2021 11:02
@srir4cha ma’am 🥺🥰
23-03-2021 23:54
@JodyClarke_ hella fresh 😤
23-03-2021 23:54
@mahierdieds @kelsdejongh thank you 🙏🏻
23-03-2021 23:53
RT @bilallatiff: If you're a coloured female studying towards a degree in Accounting, Teaching, Engineering or HR and need a bursary PM me…
23-03-2021 23:52
If you’re looking, you’ll find him next to me 🖤
23-03-2021 15:05
RT @zaibaxoxo: hi guys :) i’m still doing school / uni assignments from just R300 ❤️ even its last minute ! rt, you never know who might ne…
23-03-2021 12:31
RT @GontseMohlatlo: “Am I finishing this degree... or is this degree finishing me”
23-03-2021 06:26
RT @postzol_clarity: looking for models in jhb/pta that are looking to build their portfolios. Pls hmu & share :)
22-03-2021 17:31
RT @RexChapman: The international sign for HELP is demonstrated here. Please learn it and pass it along...
22-03-2021 13:38
RT @cyrilswhore: i miss my bf
20-03-2021 23:25
RT @VAELGARIA: thinking of pink vintage cars...
20-03-2021 20:08
RT @yawningemoji: “pls don’t be scared of me” 🥺 WHO MADE FUN OF HIS JOY BEFORE? i wanna fight
20-03-2021 20:08
RT @shesbeauty__: Me, closing this app after telling y’all to leave y’all man:
20-03-2021 20:06
this test gotta write itself bc i’m tired.
20-03-2021 19:51
RT @MandisaNyilika: If you're a Wits student and haven't registered because of outstanding fees please send me a DM or email me on src.depu…
19-03-2021 15:37
RT @babytamagotchi: i saw a tiktok that said “normalise knowing absolutely nothing about your degree” and i felt that
19-03-2021 09:53
RT @TheBig4Tweets: pray for your friends in accounting. we are not okay
18-03-2021 23:12
RT @TinsiiM: hey guys please help, @ThandoPeaches brother has been missing please retweet 🙏🏾
18-03-2021 10:46
RT @lileeeee2: If you guys know of any job vacancies with good hours for students. Please let me know. I’ve been job hunting with no succes…
18-03-2021 00:12
RT @ISMAAEEL_ADAM: Dear Lecturer, Even me I can just read the slides
17-03-2021 14:04
RT @caseyystein: Mother Nature 🌿
14-03-2021 12:04
RT @srir4cha: 🐎🐎.
14-03-2021 00:30
RT @RuvaMaps__: Ladies.. for those with iPhones❤️
13-03-2021 10:24
RT @tsholofelo_m: Sitting pretty 🏮
13-03-2021 01:07
RT @Ameenbigpeen: The process vs the outcome
12-03-2021 18:16
RT @vuyimkhize__: 1.
12-03-2021 10:03
RT @LeeAnnJohnson98: I miss my s/o🥺
12-03-2021 00:35
RT @ChatWithChauke: Beloveds, this opportunity is being re-advertised. The position is for a software developer at UCT and the pay is betwe…
11-03-2021 19:03
RT @whitedank_: If you’re having trouble with bursaries & NSFAS, apply for the GCRA bursary. They fund for your tuition, textbook, grocery…
11-03-2021 15:18
RT @jeffmbambo_: My Friend’s Company Is Looking For An Unemployed Disabled Graduate. Kindly Retweet & Share With As Many People As Possible…
11-03-2021 13:49
RT @jeffmbambo_: Any UJ students looking to buy brand new textbooks at a discounted price? Don’t hesitate to hit me up 🙏🏾
10-03-2021 12:25
RT @Sphesihle96341: I am a student at Nelson Mandela University and i am currently asking for help in raising funds to pay for my outstandi…
10-03-2021 11:37
RT @anabellezoe_: dm me if interested . Kuils river , Cape Town based 🧡. All prices are excluding fiber
08-03-2021 23:52
RT @_utalent: My girlfriend finished her degree in Geography and Environmental Management in 2019 but she cannot take job offers outside th…
08-03-2021 08:13
RT @shamiahendricks: this weekend >>>
08-03-2021 00:05
RT @postzol_clarity: it costs $0 to retweet my work
07-03-2021 23:35
RT @dimetor_: If you know the process of starting testosterone in South Africa please hmu. RT for awareness 🙏🏼
07-03-2021 23:35
RT @kholofelo_mm: I’m gonna urgently need the student in me to awaken
07-03-2021 10:29
RT @almastfu_: Maybe not for you but for someone ❤ GBV Helpline : 0800 150 150 National Counseling Line : 0861 322 322 Childline SA : 0800…
06-03-2021 14:27
feeling like a sunday
06-03-2021 14:27
RT @Leatile_kowa: Conservation ❤
06-03-2021 12:37
@kelsdejongh 😭❤️ bro
06-03-2021 07:47
i’m genuinely so happy
06-03-2021 01:38
it’s so early & im this lit??
05-03-2021 19:06
RT @whosaayesha: Hey guys, so my friend makes and sells these bags for only R90-R120 😁😁 follow her on insta (@bymegs__) for orders & more i…
04-03-2021 20:36
RT @elm0swh0r3: pls pls pls pls rt
04-03-2021 09:11
RT @Rajeev_The_King: Merissa Pillay was diagnosed with TB Meningitis and her family are seeking assistance to help her in her road to recov…
04-03-2021 09:06
Just bringing this back to the TL bc wow 😍😍
04-03-2021 00:43
RT @malikahwill_: disposable masks in pink and black. R150 for a pack of 50 🔌 RT for awareness pls 💞
04-03-2021 00:41
RT @edensmith__: Getting a tattoo rn would solve all my problems.
03-03-2021 17:12
RT @Phislash: University of Pretoria MA Clinical Psychology applications opening on 08/3/21 closing 31/05/2021‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️
03-03-2021 15:51
RT @__NaailahS: Hi guys I need your help I’m a recent BA in fashion design graduate looking for a paid internship/job. If anyone knows of…
03-03-2021 09:09
off to do grocery shopping w/ my man 🥰
02-03-2021 17:54
02-03-2021 09:14
RT @greyblankies: School starts tomorrow and I still haven’t registered due to outstanding fees. Everything I’ve tried thus far hasn’t work…
02-03-2021 04:03
RT @sammy_saucee: yeses not my lightie, please share guys. 😭😭😭
01-03-2021 16:40
RT @_ammarahx: its the small thoughtful gestures that mean the most <3
01-03-2021 12:49
RT @justannalese: “gender is what’s between your legs” ok my pronouns are gorilla/grip
28-02-2021 09:33
RT @MandyMthimkhulu: She’s been accepted to study Actuarial Sciences at @UPTuks but has no funding. Please help with funding or share any…
27-02-2021 12:02
RT @TapiTapiRumba: I need R5500 to register 😭😭 I came from R33000😭😭 I know the Lord will pull through. Thank you to everyone who helped by…
26-02-2021 13:26
RT @HickeyShamer: i’m thinking i’m in need of a tattoo
23-02-2021 09:38
@adriannebritz happiest of birthdays 🥰😤
22-02-2021 15:13
RT @AyaWatt: I'm with her mom. Please HELP! IT'S INEXPLICABLE 😭😭😭
21-02-2021 10:15
RT @aduItmoods: streets not for me i’m tryna be like this
20-02-2021 23:56
this mans fade is in & idk how to act
20-02-2021 12:00
RT @wtfshanique: here’s some speciality cakes i made in the past 🥰🥰 business details coming soon🤠
19-02-2021 13:31
RT @WinileNdzimand1: #zinhlemabena Ladies be careful of such places
19-02-2021 11:10
RT @little_nisi: Any BCom Finance students looking to buy any of these textbooks second-hand DM me 💕 (bc no one wants to pay R50k for a tex…
17-02-2021 18:16
RT @thisisnotKayyy: Am I cute or am I cute??🥺
17-02-2021 11:59
RT @recoflyoung: Twitter do your thing 🙏🏽
16-02-2021 23:44
RT @mugambiiii: Realizing you have a degree to save
16-02-2021 23:41
RT @RealBigVibes: People with tattoos can ruin my life , it’s one of my weaknesses
16-02-2021 23:36
RT @_neemrod: hey guys, i have a BCom Economics and Risk Management degree and currently looking for a job. please send any relevant vacanc…
16-02-2021 16:09
RT @geekish_saint: She ain’t me though
16-02-2021 14:46
RT @iam_skamal: Please don't pass without retweeting.
16-02-2021 14:23
RT @aqsaNess: To my Cape Town friends: CHECK YOUR CARS. if you notice a spot of blue paint on the front passenger side of your car please W…
16-02-2021 13:36
RT @karabo_27Dec: Share with friends❤
16-02-2021 08:56
RT @srir4cha: i’m so grateful for this gent. 🥺♥️
16-02-2021 00:03
RT @sekodiane_me: Please I beg you in the name of God retweet my work my clients may on your timeline 🙏🙏🙏🙏
15-02-2021 14:19
RT @Jene_Burgers: My momma and I bake cakes 🥺 DM me for order details 🥰
15-02-2021 14:19
RT @Samaai_Ishmaeel: Hey twitter peeps 😊 so I just found out that I got in for LLM (Postgrad in Law). Unfortunately, I still need to get fu…
14-02-2021 08:29
so much butterflies for tomorrow
13-02-2021 23:51
RT @tbecarlos: Mood😩
13-02-2021 21:41
heartburn being this lit? shoot me
12-02-2021 01:59
RT @odedanilo: It will end in a Graduation gown and a Permanent job 🕯🕯🕯🕯🕯🕯🕯🕯🕯🕯🕯🕯🕯🕯🕯🕯🕯🕯🕯🕯🕯
08-02-2021 08:52
RT @srir4cha: screenshots or whatever 🤍
08-02-2021 01:36
the butterflies before a date omg
07-02-2021 12:37
RT @Ceebby_1: I need a V day dress 😚😚
05-02-2021 19:15
RT @sweetsimpany: a rare sight, aa-isha in a dress👀
05-02-2021 18:49
RT @charlizebester_: Chop-chop 💇🏽‍♀️
04-02-2021 23:59
RT @NgiphileKing: The school confirmed that she did not pick up her report card. #HelpBringLuyandaHome
04-02-2021 23:53
RT @caseyystein: Valentine’s Day is literally around the corner and who doesn’t want 16 red roses? Is this the perfect gift you were lookin…
04-02-2021 21:14
RT @caseyystein: Hi everyone, thank you so much for the overwhelming love and support that I’ve gotten, it means the absolute world to me!…
04-02-2021 21:14
RT @Peer__Pressure2: hogwarts baby 😩
04-02-2021 19:37
RT @umkhulucheese: Hey guys, I've started selling these custom plaques as a side hustle (covid really is fucking things up) and I'd really…
04-02-2021 19:28
really hate Aquarius season
04-02-2021 18:48
RT @TapiTapiRumba: Dm for beautiful cake orders!!🤲🏾❣️ About R18k left to raise🕯
04-02-2021 13:48
RT @Mamii_cray: 🚨 she's missing let's retweet until it reaches the right people who'll help 🥺
04-02-2021 10:28
RT @selabae_: “You wanna put on some Brent Faiyaz?”
03-02-2021 20:44
RT @VeganPlasdick: If I like you, you’ll get spoiled. I’m a simp...
03-02-2021 20:37
RT @DehLyia: Please share🙏🏿❤️
03-02-2021 19:54
RT @SetseRanta_: I'm literally crying as I am typing this . I just found out that NFSAS rejected my application to fund me to study in 2021…
03-02-2021 18:00
RT @kuhle_tofo: hey guys! i do knotless braids for R250 with your own hairpiece. i’m based in Port Elizabeth, Summerstrand but i also do ho…
03-02-2021 16:22
RT @lildedjanet: How I wanna be on Feb 14th
03-02-2021 09:38
RT @NabilaJay: @Aasif_Patel If its cookies and cupcakes then I can can supply 😌
02-02-2021 22:42