garry edson (@cheffygarry)
@jeremycorbyn Whats this support a different strike a day
26-02-2021 08:34
@strangelyperpl1 @DavinaLamont @NicolaSturgeon @FT @PeterMurrell You seem to be of the opinion The Tory government…
26-02-2021 08:15
@DavinaLamont @NicolaSturgeon @FT @PeterMurrell Both sound a bit fishy
26-02-2021 08:13
@NicolaSturgeon @FT Wonder how long you're singular and only policy bash England will last
26-02-2021 08:13
@JohnPapworth4 @RaverOldskool @jeremycorbyn ???
25-02-2021 15:52
@missallot @Andrew_Adonis Another 1 track pony
25-02-2021 15:52
@Andrew_Adonis Finally I agree with you
25-02-2021 15:42
@SLWest20 @jeremycorbyn Yes a party yo celebrate the end of comrade Corbyn from politics
25-02-2021 14:30
@RaverOldskool @jeremycorbyn Typical scouser supporting no work
25-02-2021 14:28
@gomiriam63 @humanenergy5 @TheRoundhead42 There is nothing decent about Comrade Corbyn he allowed his Communist Lef…
25-02-2021 08:16
@gomiriam63 @humanenergy5 @TheRoundhead42 Yeah and I'm the king of persia
25-02-2021 08:13
@humanenergy5 @TheRoundhead42 Does idiot run in your family or is it only u
25-02-2021 08:11
@RichardBurgon U also support in fact are the leader in the increase in stupidity
25-02-2021 04:14
@scouser_cat @jeremycorbyn @Keir_Starmer Hell no
24-02-2021 07:52
@GemDebW @RichardBurgon Labour was lost under Corbyn and now slowly 2 slowly finding its way back
24-02-2021 05:34
@wirralphil1 @FredMadagascar @RichardBurgon @LeftLabour Rather u just left labour
24-02-2021 05:32
@FredMadagascar @wirralphil1 @RichardBurgon As long as that movement moves u all out of the labour party and into t…
24-02-2021 05:31
@dan_pettit23 @KidKawazaki @KDPEP64 @jeremycorbyn @RichardWatts01 Type in corbyn and communist and take the time to…
23-02-2021 15:24
@dan_pettit23 @KidKawazaki @KDPEP64 @jeremycorbyn @RichardWatts01 You are 1 long real and untamed idiot absolutely…
23-02-2021 15:22
@dan_pettit23 @KidKawazaki @KDPEP64 @jeremycorbyn @RichardWatts01 There is plenty of evidence of his communist tend…
23-02-2021 15:19
@dan_pettit23 @KidKawazaki @KDPEP64 @jeremycorbyn @RichardWatts01 He will fail is failing not failure u r not very smart r u
23-02-2021 15:18
@dan_pettit23 @KidKawazaki @KDPEP64 @jeremycorbyn @RichardWatts01 Polls and will fail in May are or failing not fai…
23-02-2021 15:16
@dan_pettit23 @KidKawazaki @KDPEP64 @jeremycorbyn @RichardWatts01 As he has never been PM thank god what's the poin…
23-02-2021 15:14
@dan_pettit23 @KidKawazaki @KDPEP64 @jeremycorbyn @RichardWatts01 You could say I disagree strongly with Starmer an…
23-02-2021 15:09
@dan_pettit23 @KidKawazaki @KDPEP64 @jeremycorbyn @RichardWatts01 How can Starmer be a failure. To be a failure u h…
23-02-2021 15:05
@dan_pettit23 @KidKawazaki @KDPEP64 @jeremycorbyn @RichardWatts01 Mmmm defending communist regimes
23-02-2021 15:03
@dan_pettit23 @KidKawazaki @KDPEP64 @jeremycorbyn @RichardWatts01 Hell no the only thing I'm confused about is allo…
23-02-2021 15:02
@dan_pettit23 @KidKawazaki @KDPEP64 @jeremycorbyn @RichardWatts01 So far your only point had been Corbyn is a socia…
23-02-2021 15:01
@dan_pettit23 @KidKawazaki @KDPEP64 @jeremycorbyn @RichardWatts01 To be fair nor have u
23-02-2021 14:58
@dan_pettit23 @KidKawazaki @KDPEP64 @jeremycorbyn @RichardWatts01 Corbyn actions lol is actions through history dir…
23-02-2021 14:53
@dan_pettit23 @KidKawazaki @KDPEP64 @jeremycorbyn @RichardWatts01 I can see why u support Corbyn hypocrisy being your strong point
23-02-2021 14:50
@dan_pettit23 @KidKawazaki @KDPEP64 @jeremycorbyn @RichardWatts01 And who is Gary he must be a pal of corby
23-02-2021 14:43
@dan_pettit23 @KidKawazaki @KDPEP64 @jeremycorbyn @RichardWatts01 Aren't u the 1 who has been saying they call them…
23-02-2021 14:43
@dan_pettit23 @KidKawazaki @KDPEP64 @jeremycorbyn @RichardWatts01 If he is a dictator he is a failed 1 he only lead…
23-02-2021 14:18
@dan_pettit23 @KidKawazaki @KDPEP64 @jeremycorbyn @RichardWatts01 No idea I'm guessing he is Corbyn spelled with fat fingers
23-02-2021 14:13
@dan_pettit23 @KidKawazaki @KDPEP64 @jeremycorbyn @RichardWatts01 Bit like corby ?
23-02-2021 14:01
@KidKawazaki @jeremycorbyn @RichardWatts01 They both couldn't be more far apart politically 1 a communist the other centrist
23-02-2021 14:00
@RichardBurgon Now what moron would celebrate a 6% success rate ohh yeah dopey @RichardBurgon MP
23-02-2021 12:22
@salahmaker @jeremycorbyn @RichardWatts01 Sorry I'm having trouble dealing with your idiotic manner
23-02-2021 12:11
@salahmaker @jeremycorbyn @RichardWatts01 Wow nothing worse than someone thinking they are funny and failing misera…
23-02-2021 12:06
@salahmaker @jeremycorbyn @RichardWatts01 Pity u don't remember where u lost your brain. And for that matter why u…
23-02-2021 11:51
@salahmaker @jeremycorbyn @RichardWatts01 As r u
23-02-2021 11:45
@KidKawazaki @jeremycorbyn @RichardWatts01 What's Blair got to do with Comrade Corbyn absolutely 0 get a grip man
23-02-2021 11:37
@salahmaker @jeremycorbyn @RichardWatts01 Lunatic
23-02-2021 11:36
@themachineowl @jeremycorbyn @RichardWatts01 Ahhh the old Blame the media for everything tactic right out of Donald Trumps playbook
23-02-2021 11:35
@RichardBurgon @RichardBurgon way nobody does any work ever and the sate pays u for not working
22-02-2021 05:37
@redarsebandit @RichardBurgon Rather join an onion than a union u get more use out of 1
20-02-2021 11:03
@SeenMikeRoss @TomGribbin6 @JoshreynoldsC10 @jeremycorbyn Starmer is electable if he can root out and get rid of th…
19-02-2021 06:05
@SeenMikeRoss @JoshreynoldsC10 @TomGribbin6 @jeremycorbyn This guy loves telling u what to do and who u r a typical communist
18-02-2021 16:54
@SeenMikeRoss @JoshreynoldsC10 @TomGribbin6 @jeremycorbyn U r trying to be rid of all the centrist from labour prob…
18-02-2021 16:53
@JoshreynoldsC10 @SeenMikeRoss @TomGribbin6 @jeremycorbyn My big concern is lurking left in the background ready to…
18-02-2021 16:51
@SeenMikeRoss @TomGribbin6 @JoshreynoldsC10 @jeremycorbyn We all have been calling u crazy for 2 days now at last you listen
18-02-2021 16:16
@SeenMikeRoss @JoshreynoldsC10 @TomGribbin6 @jeremycorbyn Again u r showing your stupidity u have never heard of evolution and change
18-02-2021 16:09
@SeenMikeRoss @TomGribbin6 @JoshreynoldsC10 @jeremycorbyn 1 thing is for sure u need the help in so many ways
18-02-2021 16:02
@SeenMikeRoss @TomGribbin6 @JoshreynoldsC10 @jeremycorbyn I've explained it 2 u
18-02-2021 15:59
@SeenMikeRoss @TomGribbin6 @JoshreynoldsC10 @jeremycorbyn U r so stupid u actually think centrist voters don't work
18-02-2021 15:57
@SeenMikeRoss @TomGribbin6 @JoshreynoldsC10 @jeremycorbyn Workers party as in centrists people who work every day p…
18-02-2021 15:57
@TomGribbin6 @SeenMikeRoss @JoshreynoldsC10 @jeremycorbyn Problem with labour was they were embarrassed with succes…
18-02-2021 15:53
@SeenMikeRoss @JoshreynoldsC10 @TomGribbin6 @jeremycorbyn Labour wins as a centrist party if u want a left wing par…
18-02-2021 15:43
@JoshreynoldsC10 @SeenMikeRoss @TomGribbin6 @jeremycorbyn Agreed, we have seen endlessly around the world the damag…
18-02-2021 15:38
@SeenMikeRoss @JoshreynoldsC10 @TomGribbin6 @jeremycorbyn U do love losing
18-02-2021 15:37
@JoshreynoldsC10 @SeenMikeRoss @TomGribbin6 @jeremycorbyn Of course he would he's an idiot
18-02-2021 15:36
@SeenMikeRoss @TomGribbin6 @jeremycorbyn I asked u 2 go and after u sent me 2 replies u have a hard time with facts
18-02-2021 10:34
@SeenMikeRoss @TomGribbin6 @jeremycorbyn It's the start of a new day now do me a favour take the day off from being…
18-02-2021 09:09
@Dave_Smith1970 @sean_antrim @Nigel_Farage Join an onion
18-02-2021 07:29
@JoshreynoldsC10 @SeenMikeRoss @TomGribbin6 @jeremycorbyn There has to be an electable alternative. Tories Right wi…
18-02-2021 04:33
@JoshreynoldsC10 There is an argument out there that Left actually prefer to be in opposition
18-02-2021 04:30
@SeenMikeRoss @TomGribbin6 @jeremycorbyn Mate you've been on your way for years
18-02-2021 03:41
@SeenMikeRoss @TomGribbin6 @jeremycorbyn I have no interest in it stop bothering me I'm sure u can find someone on…
17-02-2021 20:19
@SeenMikeRoss @TomGribbin6 @jeremycorbyn At losing yes I already did Kinock in case you are confused again I also t…
17-02-2021 20:08
@SeenMikeRoss @TomGribbin6 @jeremycorbyn Ahh I get it now your a parody and was just winding us up you also despise corbyn
17-02-2021 20:07
@SeenMikeRoss @TomGribbin6 @jeremycorbyn Whats your fetish for being glorious in defeat. Go on pls admit it just th…
17-02-2021 20:04
@SeenMikeRoss @TomGribbin6 @jeremycorbyn The labour leadership election
17-02-2021 20:02
@SeenMikeRoss @TomGribbin6 @jeremycorbyn I insult u because u have failed so far to understand jack a true sign of lack of intelligence
17-02-2021 19:57
@SeenMikeRoss @TomGribbin6 @jeremycorbyn Simple is your forte
17-02-2021 19:57
@TomGribbin6 @SeenMikeRoss @jeremycorbyn Callahagn was a brown didn't win an election I could be wrong on that
17-02-2021 19:56
@SeenMikeRoss @TomGribbin6 @jeremycorbyn U wake up this morning and on your word for the day loo roll was - aside
17-02-2021 19:55
@SeenMikeRoss @TomGribbin6 @jeremycorbyn God u could put an insomniac to sleep
17-02-2021 19:54
@SeenMikeRoss @TomGribbin6 @jeremycorbyn
17-02-2021 19:53
@TomGribbin6 @SeenMikeRoss @jeremycorbyn Tom what allocated time do they allow the patients these days on their mob…
17-02-2021 19:51
@SeenMikeRoss @TomGribbin6 @jeremycorbyn I don't rate losers
17-02-2021 19:49
@SeenMikeRoss @TomGribbin6 @jeremycorbyn Asked and answered. I myself have no interest in rating losers that's your fetish
17-02-2021 19:48
@SeenMikeRoss @TomGribbin6 @jeremycorbyn The only dots I see are your ears and nothing but air in-between
17-02-2021 19:47
@SeenMikeRoss @TomGribbin6 @jeremycorbyn I didn't call u names I just quoted a saying that applied to u. And I'm si…
17-02-2021 19:45
@SeenMikeRoss @TomGribbin6 @jeremycorbyn U seem to be missing the point doesn't matter how good u do if u don't win…
17-02-2021 19:43
@TomGribbin6 @SeenMikeRoss @jeremycorbyn This guy seems to think losing is winning
17-02-2021 19:41
@SeenMikeRoss @TomGribbin6 @jeremycorbyn I did Keil Kinock did better at losing than corbyn do keep up
17-02-2021 19:41
@SeenMikeRoss @TomGribbin6 @jeremycorbyn Still lost but very interesting u put Corbyn and his Labour equal to non l…
17-02-2021 19:40
@SeenMikeRoss @TomGribbin6 @jeremycorbyn U know the old saying and applies perfectly to you. Its hard arguing with…
17-02-2021 19:38
@TomGribbin6 @SeenMikeRoss @jeremycorbyn Twice
17-02-2021 19:37
@SeenMikeRoss @TomGribbin6 @jeremycorbyn Don't wait all day just go away and BTW are you referring to the polls whe…
17-02-2021 19:36
@SeenMikeRoss @TomGribbin6 @jeremycorbyn Well I can't name Corbyn has he took losing to a new level. I'm not sure w…
17-02-2021 19:33
@SeenMikeRoss @TomGribbin6 @jeremycorbyn Better at losing none maybe kinock
17-02-2021 19:29
@SeenMikeRoss @TomGribbin6 @jeremycorbyn All u keep saying is Corbyn is a glorious loser
17-02-2021 19:23
@SeenMikeRoss @TomGribbin6 @jeremycorbyn LOST now repeat after me LOST
17-02-2021 19:22
@officialspigsy @dump_doctor1 @TomGribbin6 @hino_danze @Tilsta U seem to be failing to understand but hey that's pr…
17-02-2021 19:19
@officialspigsy @dump_doctor1 @TomGribbin6 @hino_danze @Tilsta 1 positive Corbyn wasn't a Tory
17-02-2021 19:14
@officialspigsy @dump_doctor1 @TomGribbin6 @hino_danze @Tilsta Let me shout it out 4 u to understand THEY VOTED FOR…
17-02-2021 19:13
@officialspigsy @dump_doctor1 @TomGribbin6 @hino_danze @Tilsta U can't even listen to a simple answer
17-02-2021 19:12
@TomGribbin6 @officialspigsy @dump_doctor1 @hino_danze @Tilsta Because the left are still lurking in the background that's why
17-02-2021 19:10
@officialspigsy @dump_doctor1 @TomGribbin6 @hino_danze @Tilsta Typical lefties unable to listen. I did answer they…
17-02-2021 19:09
@officialspigsy @dump_doctor1 @TomGribbin6 @hino_danze @Tilsta The working class turned their backs on comrade its…
17-02-2021 18:53
@dump_doctor1 @TomGribbin6 @hino_danze @Tilsta Agreed but sadly there was no alternative
17-02-2021 18:48
@officialspigsy @dump_doctor1 @TomGribbin6 @hino_danze @Tilsta They did because they didn't want a Corbyn governmen…
17-02-2021 18:47
@Grays_Myers @dump_doctor1 @TomGribbin6 @hino_danze @Tilsta If you're crap and the media says you're crap u can't t…
17-02-2021 18:46
@SeenMikeRoss @TomGribbin6 @jeremycorbyn Smear and sabotage works now where have I heard that before ahhh yes Donold Trump
17-02-2021 18:18
@TomGribbin6 @SeenMikeRoss @jeremycorbyn The left blame Boris and May but they can't bring themselves to blame Comr…
17-02-2021 18:16
@dump_doctor1 @TomGribbin6 @hino_danze @Tilsta Nor does voting for comrade Corbyn but some still voted for him
17-02-2021 18:12
@Tilsta @jeremycorbyn Yeah no one listens to the old fart
17-02-2021 18:11
@SeenMikeRoss @TomGribbin6 @jeremycorbyn And still LOST mate a team that scores 2 but concedes 3 still loses
17-02-2021 18:09
@ShaneWarne It's like golfers moaning the coarse is 2 hard when they lose they all play the same course
16-02-2021 04:52
@ShaneWarne Agreed both teams play the same pitch
16-02-2021 04:51
@Andrew_Adonis Idiot number 1
16-02-2021 04:51
@MelaniaBarronUS Hell no
16-02-2021 04:46
@brianma68 @neilwallis1 @BorisJohnson Fair point but on that basis u can't blame the government for the high death toll then.
16-02-2021 04:11
@RobManess Interesting Trump was leader at the last election he had 4 years to arrange a fair election so what u r…
14-02-2021 07:05
@SkyJacquie @ParksideHosp Strong trooper all the best
13-02-2021 16:24
@DessieMByrne @RichardBurgon Unfortunately u carry no credibility
12-02-2021 10:48
@RichardBurgon Thats Wee Jimmy im on TV Sturgeon for u a 1 track pony
12-02-2021 10:48
@KimberleyeLeo Follow kimberley for an early rubdown
12-02-2021 10:14
@RichardBurgon And he has probably never met a bigger idiot
11-02-2021 14:27
@Throbber12 @Conaenae117 @AyoCaesar Be careful by saying parents u may be implying a man and a women u could be offensive
11-02-2021 12:56
@Throbber12 @Conaenae117 @AyoCaesar He/She is so anti everything it actually becomes it
11-02-2021 12:53
@Conaenae117 @AyoCaesar With u
11-02-2021 12:48
@francisbeckett Jeremy Corbyn lost badly because he is completely useless and followed by a band of losers anti semite was only part of it
11-02-2021 12:46
@jeremycorbyn The irrelevant single party independent member for Islington says what
11-02-2021 12:44
@sean_antrim U cleaned up your twitter account then
11-02-2021 12:37
@sean_antrim Porn Kings asks what
11-02-2021 12:32
@sean_antrim U get porn on your xbox?
11-02-2021 12:26
@MarinaNigrelli Not sure what your political persuasion is but I totally agree with you, what a wet blanket he is
11-02-2021 12:21
@iamlynnmckay @dominiquetaegon Yes no time for or place for far left and far right extremists are dangerous
11-02-2021 12:17
@TomGribbin6 Will always be in mess until they eradicate the left
08-02-2021 05:00
@KimberleyeLeo Even with the face mask on u can spot beauty
08-02-2021 04:59
@Jamiecrosbie10 @NicolaSturgeon @Scotlandteam Yes pls God ahead and complete your stubborn self destruction
07-02-2021 04:47
05-02-2021 16:52
@RichardBurgon Apart from comrade Corbyn and a few lefty losers no 1 cares what u have to say
05-02-2021 02:57
@RichardBurgon Anything negative from Burgon is a massive massive plus for Labour leadership. The habitual loser speaks crap again
05-02-2021 02:53
@demilynne701 I don't hate man u in fact I only hate LFC and Leeds
03-02-2021 14:43
@demilynne701 Nothing to get over do as u wish
03-02-2021 14:42
@demilynne701 I know I disagree with taking the knee and supporting racism through BLM
03-02-2021 14:40
@demilynne701 NFFC NCCC Lee Westwood England any sport And that's my lot
03-02-2021 14:40
@demilynne701 U can support as many clubs as u like but kinda dilutes the 1u love. I don't support any other club o…
03-02-2021 14:39
@The_Fads @duke1808 @SiobhanBenita U can support remain rejoin that's your perogative but don't stoop to belittling…
03-02-2021 14:26
03-02-2021 14:22
@demilynne701 I do realise u can only serve 1 master well at least with football or your hearts not true
03-02-2021 14:14
@ChrisSmith10_ @ClaraBellaTV @NicolaSturgeon It's all about timing and u have no which unfortunately makes u a sick f___
03-02-2021 14:12
@demilynne701 So not a real NFFC supporter then
03-02-2021 14:10
@Northernmanv2 @RichardBurgon I'm looking forward to the zero burgon policy aube it will come after the zero Corbyn policy is achieved
03-02-2021 13:30
@RudyGiuliani Rudy giuliani once said let's meet at the 4 seasons
28-01-2021 12:57
@mykelhawke Legend that is mykel
26-01-2021 15:46
@leon_nesbeth @_SaveOurStatues @ObserverUK @DavidOlusoga Always spot a prat when i see 1
26-01-2021 07:39
@lulurespecter And BTW Wayne Rooney
21-01-2021 03:00
@lulurespecter So that's why so many Muslims smoke
21-01-2021 02:55
@lulurespecter You fail to mention the massive partaking of smoking in the Muslim faith. What a total idiot you are
21-01-2021 02:54
@lulurespecter Idiot
21-01-2021 02:53
@lulurespecter No
21-01-2021 02:51
@paulafr68963440 @adamboultonSKY How would u describe him
20-01-2021 17:39
@sean_antrim @Nigel_Farage Don't forget Jan 6th riots
20-01-2021 17:33
@sean_antrim @MattJNorman @Nigel_Farage I doubt Biden will run in 2024 he just wanted to be president having tried…
20-01-2021 17:32
@Andrew_Adonis Isn't that what u also said after we left the EU haha
20-01-2021 17:31
@sean_antrim @Nigel_Farage Thats like saying murder can kill u pls don't state the obvious a riot by definition are extremely dangerous
20-01-2021 17:29
@sean_antrim @MattJNorman @Nigel_Farage Don't doubt the republicans want trump out of the way with no chance of run…
20-01-2021 17:27
@sean_antrim @Nigel_Farage BLM want black supremacy not equality
20-01-2021 17:25
@sean_antrim @Nigel_Farage BLM are always angry they had a black president and nothing changed
20-01-2021 17:23
@sean_antrim @MattJNorman @Nigel_Farage Who cares I'm more interested in what happens to trump next court cases imp…
20-01-2021 17:21
@sean_antrim @Nigel_Farage It brought down trump. Bleach covid19 and BLM brough down trump
20-01-2021 17:19
@sean_antrim @MattJNorman @Nigel_Farage Thats the nature of politics. The truth is in UK as I'm from UK so I'll onl…
20-01-2021 17:18
@sean_antrim @Nigel_Farage I really have no support for either Democrats or republicans I live in Asia and I'm fro…
20-01-2021 17:15
@sean_antrim @MattJNorman @Nigel_Farage It will be almost the same as Corbyn being defeated the cult extremist neve…
20-01-2021 17:12
@sean_antrim @MattJNorman @Nigel_Farage Because trump is the 1 who dived America grow up sean
20-01-2021 17:11
@JeremyCordite Agreed
20-01-2021 16:59
@sean_antrim @Nigel_Farage America at war with itself are u mad
20-01-2021 16:58
@suejr1 @EricTrump It is disgusting that he is still the president of the United States
20-01-2021 13:10
@glenncole55 @NicolaSturgeon No she isn't and never was bottom of the barrel
20-01-2021 11:48
@jeremycorbyn @We_OwnIt @pplsassembly @keepnhspublic
19-01-2021 17:46
@TarekHHussein @jeremycorbyn @Keir_Starmer Go
19-01-2021 16:26
@RudyGiuliani Bit like your brain
19-01-2021 16:24
@jarek2705 @RichardBurgon Must tell u something then of how bad comrade Corbyn is
19-01-2021 15:41
@demilynne701 Not much call to watch ice skating on onlyfans me thinks
11-01-2021 06:02
@ExiledBitch @trojan1963 @RichardBurgon However bad Boris and co are and they are bad they are a dam site better th…
11-01-2021 05:57
@nigib1 @VeritasPrimor @RichardBurgon Reinstate corbyn, black lives matter, pro Palestine jeez u have it all wrong
11-01-2021 05:54
@ExLionTamer__ @RichardBurgon He is a communist so he would believe anything china tells him
11-01-2021 05:52
@KaijuFunk @LJ23GOAT @orichic @itsJeffTiedrich
09-01-2021 04:37
@ross_baglin @thecoastguy @SCogitans Pls not fair on anyone to be tagged alongside comrade Corbyn
08-01-2021 15:03
@tommundaycs @jeremycorbyn Thank God he is your PM and no one elses
06-01-2021 05:10
@JennaEllisEsq And come on own up 2 it u support stupidity as well
02-01-2021 14:02
@the_resistor @realDonaldTrump Dont think its a crime to be married to Trump just greedy bad judgement and poor tas…
02-01-2021 13:49
@realDonaldTrump Jeez this guy loves losing
02-01-2021 13:47
@maguirelesley @to_mfoolery @NicolaSturgeon @UN Yes because Scotland didn't get a vote ot was a UK vote clear?
01-01-2021 16:09
@AmandaJB___ @RudyGiuliani Try thinking about what you're saying stop being dizzy
01-01-2021 12:21
@KEdge23 Thatcher was a great pm and an awful 1 50/50 for sure
31-12-2020 16:12
@hoopydays07 @AndrewBowie_MP Worst part of all that is, it maybe 2 late 1 day for you Scots to realise being indepe…
28-12-2020 09:40
@DangoFruit @seanhops6 @JessAlice1992 U have the personality of a dead rotting fish
28-12-2020 03:37
@realDonaldTrump Remember leave white house 19th January and hire a good lawyer for your sake definitely not Rudy f…
28-12-2020 03:34
@hoopydays07 @AndrewBowie_MP U meant in many ways unified
28-12-2020 03:09
@hoopydays07 @AndrewBowie_MP And the worse part of it all is u dumb asses are more or less independent anyway u r Scotland
27-12-2020 17:09
@hoopydays07 @AndrewBowie_MP Maybe and while getting your independence she will have destroyed Scotland 1 track pony in a 1 horse race
27-12-2020 17:09
@hoopydays07 @AndrewBowie_MP And u daft asses voted 4 that
27-12-2020 14:04
@memysel42291039 Play misty 4 yourself im busy
27-12-2020 14:01
@DangoFruit @TiggerBaws @AwayFromTheKeys @gwpurnell @BameFor @ukhomeoffice @pritipatel Thats irony 4 u stupid as calling someone F ing thick
27-12-2020 09:42