Caius Cosades (@cooldel23) — Del for whom it concerns, any pronouns are fine BLM
RT @GravelInstitute: His $6/hour salary in 1977 would be $25/hour today if pegged to inflation.
25-02-2021 11:56
RT @lunch_enjoyer:
25-02-2021 11:52
RT @formalsorcery: When you’re in the thick of a depressive episode but manage to cook yourself something
25-02-2021 09:38
RT @TribalSpaceCat: Tuba guy still playing in these harsh conditions proves it was never just about getting bitches
25-02-2021 09:37
0 21964
RT @_p0eia: Just wait until you hear what he did to an entire wedding party in Yemen
25-02-2021 08:10
RT @BlasianBytch: I solidly believe sex workers need to be a protected class because the discrimination faced is disgusting.…
25-02-2021 02:31
RT @DeepLeffen: my son just joked about my gaming talent. i don't want to kill him but for fuck's sake dude.
25-02-2021 01:32
0 30871
RT @Grey_IsTrue: "My child isn't traumatized." You child says "I'm sorry" before everything they say because they learned they needed to d…
24-02-2021 20:26
RT @9BillionTigers: guy who thinks "social construct" and "not real" are synonyms
24-02-2021 20:14
RT @lo_lifer: just keeps going
24-02-2021 09:14
RT @RukA_narchy: Oof, real talk.
24-02-2021 09:10
RT @Okiwont_Is_Bad: comic about therapy
24-02-2021 09:09
RT @eatinginmycar: It's literally one of the facilities that was considered "kids in cages" under Trump, that's what they just reopened htt…
24-02-2021 04:25
RT @viperwave: The Sissy Cube
24-02-2021 04:19
RT @headfallsoff: did everyone who is aghast at the willingness of every lib poster on this site to suddenly defend children in cages (unde…
24-02-2021 04:16
RT @devilishbri: stfu i'm gaming
24-02-2021 03:01
RT @dbessner: For people defending Biden: FDR passed over 3000 executive orders. That’s what you do when you want to transform things. Bide…
24-02-2021 01:35
RT @happyroadkill: i feel like this cant be dumber than whats actually happening
24-02-2021 00:07
RT @deep_beige: @willmenaker Was this their high school yearbook
23-02-2021 21:32
RT @DanPriceSeattle: Billionaires pay the lowest tax rate of any wealth class. "but they donate" They donate a smaller % of wealth than n…
23-02-2021 21:29
RT @JoshuaPotash: When you hurt a cop car vs. when you send 6 BLM protesters to the hospital with your car.
23-02-2021 21:16
RT @mrgracemugabe: daft punk split up? guess they were feeling... blue da ba dee da ba da 😂
23-02-2021 21:06
RT @Devon_OnEarth: I think we can split the difference of acknowledging that China is almost certainly performing human rights abuses to th…
23-02-2021 21:05
0 48071
RT @Merman_Melville: kind of a bummer to have been born at the very end of the Fuck Around century just to live the rest of my life in the…
23-02-2021 21:01
RT @GarbageApe:
23-02-2021 20:37
RT @RzstProgramming: Rahm Emanuel to an Asian-American climate activist in 2019: Are you “up for adoption? ...You’re quiet, right? You do…
23-02-2021 12:23
RT @socialistdogmom: poor people: should they be allowed to own things?
23-02-2021 12:18
RT @AmbJohnBoIton: lol
23-02-2021 12:17
0 38620
RT @ChefWaites: That’s a lot of candles for somebody that owe me $2,000
23-02-2021 12:07
RT @bravenewfilms: U.S. Senators make $83/hr. Think about that the next time you hear one of them say a fast-food worker doesn’t deserve…
23-02-2021 12:06
0 22122
RT @DrUndergradPhD: Happy Monday
23-02-2021 12:06
0 11679
RT @PoorlyAgedStuff:
23-02-2021 10:12
RT @keelyclove: im the gamer girl of your nightmares i use the volt in apex because i like collecting the pretty light green ammo and that’…
23-02-2021 06:40
RT @mutual_ayyde:
23-02-2021 06:25
RT @jeremysmiles: i kinda love that zack snyder thinks every character should be jesus. why stop at one? give everybody a chance https://t.…
23-02-2021 06:22
RT @leftistthot420: claims to be minister of loneliness
23-02-2021 06:22
RT @advertisedtwit:
23-02-2021 04:15
RT @ASovietOnion: Men are NOT: - their genitals - their height - their ability to grow body hair Men ARE: - a miserable little pile of…
23-02-2021 04:09
RT @roun_sa_ville: hey "nice" manbun haha it fuckin sucks you hipster asshole [he turns around and reveals he is a debate streamer and you…
22-02-2021 23:58
RT @strike_dr:
22-02-2021 23:58
RT @roun_sa_ville: the Democratic Party is the grave of all social movements
22-02-2021 23:42
RT @leftistthot420:
22-02-2021 21:46
RT @Devon_OnEarth: Ah, the last Good Thing that has ever happened
22-02-2021 21:45
RT @riverstepper:
22-02-2021 20:49
RT @MommyBigDick: "pronouns are confusing" bro wtf is this
22-02-2021 19:47
RT @exiliaex: understanding political change through the hands of officials erases the necessity of the social movements to make change, ei…
22-02-2021 19:41
RT @westonpagano: When Rahm was my mayor he covered up how his cops shot Laquan McDonald 16x in the back. Biden won’t fight for $15/hr, he…
22-02-2021 19:37
RT @MatttGFX: 50 minutes of online class vs 50 minute summoning salt video about mario kart tricks and shortcuts that I will never learn to…
22-02-2021 19:24
0 38458
RT @PhilayeFilms: The concept of debt is so dumb. We are literally floating in space 😂
22-02-2021 19:20
0 15482
RT @honeybled: ‘pronouns are confusing’ bro literally what is this
22-02-2021 19:02
RT @queer_queenie: Hey can y'all help me out here this reminds me of something but I can't figure out what, the subtle symbolism on display…
22-02-2021 18:55
RT @mariofuneral:
22-02-2021 18:55
RT @muke10101: I believe corporal punishment could work if the kids were allowed to team up and hit the teachers back
22-02-2021 18:55
RT @bencjenkins: Okay well, good work I guess guys.
22-02-2021 18:49
RT @GarbageApe: man this felt so fucking good
22-02-2021 11:56
RT @exiliaex: im not listening to anyones take on "what a woman is" until they give me a concrete definition for a chair
22-02-2021 11:49
0 30304
RT @cisjender: "pronouns are confusing" bro wtf is this
22-02-2021 11:49
RT @HITWOM4N: McDonald’s taking away all day breakfast is a microaggression towards the NEET community
22-02-2021 11:48
0 19684
RT @PTSDGuts2:
22-02-2021 11:47
0 38283
RT @visualbyjake: i can’t do this anymore
22-02-2021 07:38
RT @osamabishounen: hmm i noticed that while the guy in the clip says "population," you substituted "israeli citizen." wonder why you would…
21-02-2021 23:05
RT @HITWOM4N: Jesus is Among Us every day
21-02-2021 22:32
RT @WaitingOnBiden: Today marks 1 month that Biden has chosen not to “believe in science” and ban fracking.
21-02-2021 13:05
21-02-2021 13:04
RT @opinion_left: It’s astonishing to me how much landlords think they should never lose money.
21-02-2021 13:03
0 10962
RT @PTSDGuts2:
21-02-2021 13:00
RT @TanentzapfLab: Virtually every aspect of the COVID vaccine, from the lipid nanoparticles to the mRNA technology, was developed in acade…
21-02-2021 08:31
RT @WolfeScratch: I love Terminal Montage so much
21-02-2021 08:28
RT @shaun_vids: "our victory was narrow. now is not the time for radical ideas, we must appeal to moderates by playing it safe" "our victo…
21-02-2021 08:23
RT @alecrobbins: saw the words "year 2 of quarantine" and thought "i am going to kill the united states of america"
21-02-2021 08:23
RT @_Ninji: having ADHD means I need more RAM than people without ADHD because if I close my IDE to open something else then it means I won…
21-02-2021 08:13
RT @OldMemeArchive:
21-02-2021 08:13
RT @J_ManPrime21: We pay the government taxes just to have to raise and donate our own money again when a crisis happens... what kinda syst…
21-02-2021 08:08
RT @coherentstates: The funniest thing about Kyle Kulinski's old tweets is that it's just how guys talked back in 2011
21-02-2021 07:48
RT @CaseyExplosion: "You stood on the shoulders of geniuses to accomplish something as fast as you could, and before you even knew what you…
21-02-2021 07:31
0 86120
RT @Thamsanqa_4:
21-02-2021 07:25
RT @ShammyTV: holy shit
21-02-2021 07:09
RT @Vazkii: while I have photoshop open
21-02-2021 07:03
RT @HITWOM4N: There’s at least 5 Justin Trudeau blackface photos on a hard drive somewhere waiting to drop I can feel it, and it’s why I ke…
21-02-2021 07:01
RT @BeowulfDay:
21-02-2021 07:00
0 17219
RT @elmur__: "you'd never survive a cod lobby" ok you wouldn't survive a discord server full of gay furries
21-02-2021 06:54
@blueman444444 @Fishpelt @BejGaming @NDSUathletics @BWWings Only wings we got were yours, CHICKEN #n00b #doesntgetit
21-02-2021 06:53
0 18165
RT @WikiOoc:
21-02-2021 01:15
RT @SAMOYEDCORE: white people love to be named "thatcher chonka"
21-02-2021 00:32
0 24467
RT @BenjaminPDixon: I don’t want to hear a word from politicians when the people finally snap.
21-02-2021 00:29
RT @HITWOM4N: Youth Pastor: You could say Judas would have been good at Among Us
21-02-2021 00:29
0 11660
RT @Bran_the_Onion: 4 am flashback to that one person who glued rocks and crystals to their steering wheel airbag effectively making a clay…
21-02-2021 00:23
@Hoot_Luke what are they even booming exactly?
21-02-2021 00:22
RT @reedaretheunion:
20-02-2021 22:54
RT @HardDriveMag: Upcoming Baby to Be Voiced by Troy Baker
20-02-2021 22:51
0 32072
RT @MikeHenriksen: A white guy kills a man with his car. A Native grabs a shield & refuses to leave a protest. First is facing 90 days in j…
20-02-2021 22:16
RT @hisirdoux: this how the atla netflix remake gonna be
20-02-2021 22:15
RT @theserfstv: It be like that tho...
20-02-2021 22:14
RT @DanPriceSeattle: Biden said he won't cancel student debt above $10,000 because he doesn't want to bail out students from elite colleges…
20-02-2021 22:08
RT @Speed_Freak01: "we gave these characters all-new looks for overwatch 2"
20-02-2021 22:03
RT @dellcam:
20-02-2021 21:59
RT @josh_philosophy:
20-02-2021 21:22
What are they in sync with exactly?
20-02-2021 21:07
RT @RagnarRoxShow: how are they even going to remake that in the US, where there's no functioning train system in the first place https://t…
20-02-2021 20:29
RT @Schnumn: I'm not ignoring your DMs, I'm just terrified of them (and it's not your fault)
20-02-2021 20:13
0 107682
RT @katierpacker: “are you ok?” no but I’m funny
20-02-2021 19:48
RT @nekokonut22: hollywood loves representation so much they're gonna make a white-washed version of a non-english language korean film htt…
20-02-2021 19:40
RT @SAMOYEDCORE: this is clearly fake. where are the tiny colosseums that they all lived in
20-02-2021 19:36
RT @SAMOYEDCORE: remember how old people decided that young people love to say “there’s an app for that”. well fuck you i hate apps. i want…
20-02-2021 09:58
RT @osamabishounen: bernie sanders meekly rolled over and voted to confirm the lady who called him a russian government asset while joe man…
20-02-2021 09:11
RT @saintknives: Actually they cost $1400 if you add the $600 he’s spent on a different pair of shoes
20-02-2021 06:46
0 13363
RT @adoptedhighway: chess is all luck, no strategy. it all depends on what pieces you get
20-02-2021 06:46
RT @happyroadkill:
20-02-2021 04:25
RT @zachsilberberg: i am tired of earth, these people. i am tired of being caught in the buying of their zoos.
20-02-2021 00:23
0 20161
RT @DaveMcNamee3000: Scientists have successfully combined every Seinfeld character
20-02-2021 00:13
0 30091
RT @carterhambley: being 21 without a drivers license is one of the bravest things u can do in america. oh you’re a nurse? i had to look my…
20-02-2021 00:13
RT @shoe0nhead:
19-02-2021 21:35
RT @austin_DSA: Huh!
19-02-2021 21:25
RT @FoldableHuman: Now that I’ve been in some state of heightened isolation or full quarantine for over a full year, I don’t know if I’ll e…
19-02-2021 21:25
RT @SleepyDjango:
19-02-2021 18:46
RT @shaun_vids: i like when biden gets asked if he'll do some good thing or not and he's just like "no. no way. i'd veto it" and if anyone…
19-02-2021 18:44
RT @HITWOM4N: Umm a bit Anti-Semitic of you to expect your stimulus check before Benjamin Netanyahu gets his stimulus check ($3.8 billion p…
19-02-2021 06:24
RT @ashleyc0re: the ariana grandefication of goku
19-02-2021 06:20
0 43553
RT @MikalebRoehrig: “Two tickets to Cancun, please.”
19-02-2021 06:10
0 13364
RT @shaun_vids: *points at failure of capitalism* this is like socialism
19-02-2021 06:05
RT @lightfantastic: Any dipshit wealthy politician who wants to argue that people like this don't deserve at least 15 dollars an hour deser…
18-02-2021 22:50
RT @muke10101:
18-02-2021 22:49
RT @tgracchus1848: they realized this’ll be a way to break teachers unions and no amount of dead kids will stop them
18-02-2021 22:32
0 10492
RT @whispers_finest:
18-02-2021 22:29
RT @doinkpatrol: communism is when capitalism
18-02-2021 22:29
RT @CodySDax: “How would you like it if Republicans celebrated your death?!” I’m queer, republicans celebrate it in advance.
18-02-2021 22:28
0 90342
RT @LarinzoMosley: Idolizing a politician is like believing the stripper really likes you.
18-02-2021 22:25
0 35497
RT @DVDJXX: No shutdown. No reparations. No student loan debt canceled. No 2k stimulus checks...just vibes. My president 😍
18-02-2021 22:24
RT @jaboukie: i know trump is jealous as fuck watching biden get away with saying hispanic and black people can’t use computers
18-02-2021 02:19
RT @Lor_Creations: The funniest thing about nintendo directs is going onto twitter afterwards to see all the people who over hyped it compl…
18-02-2021 02:17
RT @Lefty_Jew: Remember when US was trying to foment a coup in Venezuela and our news would show people eating out of garbage trucks to sel…
18-02-2021 02:10
RT @RachelMComedy: Don't celebrate Rush Limbaugh's death. Mourn his life
18-02-2021 02:06
RT @aidan_smx: This is what “school reopening” looks like. Reopening schools before every teacher is vaccinated is sanctioning mass death.
17-02-2021 21:53
0 48171
RT @dusserita: Adults talking about they lost a whole year but it’s really the kids. We’ll be alright but the kids lost time that only come…
17-02-2021 21:52
RT @docnifkin_md: Sir! Mr. Representative! Here’s the report on the problem with the electricity!
17-02-2021 21:47
RT @happyroadkill: the lefts reaction to the death of a man who trivialized the lives of everyone else will tell you everything you need to…
17-02-2021 21:24
RT @gaybugfeet: by the time ur 25 u should: - have to take stimulants to clean ur apartment - have a world record speedrun - 7 year old me…
17-02-2021 21:23
RT @ThoughtSlime: Sicko leftists will rejoice in Rush Limbaugh's death, simply because each day he was alive he deliberately made the world…
17-02-2021 21:21
RT @GarbageApe: Limbaugh died after living a life where he achieved every goal and had almost endless ideological triumphs. He's dead but y…
17-02-2021 21:17
0 81208
RT @StuffCCLikes: If a church isn't open to shelter people experiencing homelessness during a blizzard then it isn't a church, it's a busin…
17-02-2021 21:17
RT @existentialfish: i had to update
17-02-2021 20:11
0 12699
RT @besf0rt: hot take (apparently): you should also care about people who live in a red state
17-02-2021 20:00
RT @equalityAlec: Our society chooses not to call it a "crime" when a bank takes money from your account because of "overdraft." For the pa…
17-02-2021 19:55
RT @osamabishounen: "in my opinion the constitution says i can only cancel $10k, not $50k" theyre not even trying anymore with these excuse…
17-02-2021 19:53
RT @SamAdlerBell: when you disparagingly call unions a "special interest" what you mean is: working people should not have any power in Was…
17-02-2021 19:53
RT @shoe0nhead: losing my shit
17-02-2021 19:52
RT @mcs212: Can we get a second?
17-02-2021 19:35
RT @guy_freire: All the smug liberals laughing about Texans facing hypothermia need to understand that the communities experiencing prolong…
17-02-2021 19:29
RT @WaitingOnBiden: Today is the 29th day that Biden has not sent $2,000 checks “out the door immediately.”
17-02-2021 19:26
RT @PTSDGuts2:
17-02-2021 19:06
RT @eatinginmycar:
17-02-2021 19:05
RT @googleymoogley:
17-02-2021 19:03
RT @Synthocado:
17-02-2021 18:51
RT @spurtmagoo: obama said he would do this when i was 14 years old
17-02-2021 18:47
0 34496
RT @westonpagano: let’s check in on how America/capitalism is handling the latest crisis
17-02-2021 18:45
0 11945
RT @GIRBAUDJEANZ: ngl it’s kinda weird to me that the current president lies all the time but it doesn’t bother anybody because he’s not th…
17-02-2021 18:42
0 85817
RT @tlhicks713: So, you say you hate socialism? If you make $50,000/year, $36 of your taxes goes to food stamps. $4,000 goes to corporate…
17-02-2021 12:35
RT @cirkelnio:
17-02-2021 12:34
0 29641
RT @MikeKofiA: My bro in Georgia is in prison on a weed charge working for 12 cents an hour. Slavery didn't go anywhere
17-02-2021 12:32
mental illness
17-02-2021 12:02
RT @RMac18:
17-02-2021 11:23
RT @makeupaguy: guy who uses him/he pronouns. him likes to be contrarian hoping people will start arguments with he
17-02-2021 06:04
RT @halaljew: If this is even true, I’m glad the North Koreans did it. Every country should have access to the science behind these vaccine…
17-02-2021 05:27
RT @bunnygirlpilled: legalizing all drugs as environmental policy to reduce the usefulness of bitcoin
17-02-2021 04:17
0 71400
RT @Neyogems: Teachers be like "i know these are troubling times" then be the trouble during the times
16-02-2021 12:02
RT @elizaskinner: How many fucking steaks are people eating????
16-02-2021 04:19
RT @2damntrans: same energy etc
16-02-2021 04:17
0 16463
RT @ghostofjohnbro: happy presidents day
16-02-2021 03:24
0 60430
RT @brainsoupp_: stop saying “money doesn’t buy happiness” to people that can’t afford healthcare or rent
16-02-2021 00:51
RT @janie2932: @jasonsulli This is the shit that irritates me.... it’s so unequally balanced and the party over people BS is such a blatant…
16-02-2021 00:50
RT @PoorlyAgedStuff:
15-02-2021 23:55
RT @roun_sa_ville: fuck you where the fuck is my money
15-02-2021 23:52
0 18360
RT @1conmunist: HEARTWARMING: 114 year old grandmother picks up 3rd job to help grandchildren afford rent
15-02-2021 23:08
0 12625
RT @KhloePrower: That number of ‘once in a lifetime’ weather events I’ve lived through in the last decade probably exceeds 20.…
15-02-2021 22:57
RT @Johntheduncan: This dull wanker took a quote about how we should collectively band together to protect the one fragile thing that we al…
15-02-2021 22:54
0 12078
RT @Katana_Rei: I'm a twin. I had a brother His name was... Pietro
15-02-2021 22:53
0 15211
RT @whispers_finest:
15-02-2021 22:51
RT @LivPosting: yep. just as orwell predicted
15-02-2021 22:09
RT @roun_sa_ville:
15-02-2021 22:03
0 20746
RT @laureIthrone: words genuinely cannot describe how much i despise rich people
15-02-2021 22:00
RT @shaun_vids: sick of the attacks on western history by academics who insist on teaching all of it, even the really bad bits like the mas…
15-02-2021 21:56
0 35767
RT @folkloredean: the "we needed therapy but instead they gave us a show" crew
15-02-2021 10:06
RT @alex_shephard: the two genders
15-02-2021 08:49
RT @cisjender:
15-02-2021 07:52
RT @carolynmichelle: Huh.
15-02-2021 07:52
0 24035
RT @ItsZaeOk: y’all be working TOO hard for yalls $9 dollar jobs! my friend just said “hey i’ll text you later i’m at work” girl me too tf?…
15-02-2021 05:58
RT @AliceAvizandum: okay but you didn’t expose it, you just did the thing you said you were trying to prevent
15-02-2021 05:57
RT @ninaturner: Policy is my love language: ❤️Medicare For All ❤️Canceling Student Debt ❤️Recurring survival payments ❤️Ending our fossil…
15-02-2021 05:56
RT @Lubchansky: feeling so fucken VALID thank you to citibank for achieving trans liberation
15-02-2021 05:55
RT @Pockicchi: happy valentines day !!! my heart burns for u 💗🔥
15-02-2021 05:55
RT @imonly5feet: It’s kicking my ass rn
15-02-2021 04:50
RT @MPleasing72:
15-02-2021 03:40
RT @seanmaciel: you know what..... if your mcmansion is 8 feet deep i'm actually happy for you
15-02-2021 03:37
0 10686
RT @MeganBitchell: the absolute hubris of making these this big
15-02-2021 03:36
RT @babadookspinoza: Kids will spontaneously think up communism on their own and then spend the rest of their lives getting it beaten out o…
15-02-2021 03:35
0 13813
RT @_FizzyDog: This is legit one of the funniest posts on Tumblr
15-02-2021 03:35
RT @KenzoShibata: The Democrats are rehabilitating the image of the police. They want us to forget about last summer.
15-02-2021 03:34
RT @SAMOYEDCORE: I am going to gouge Mine own Eyes out with an IceCreamScoop
15-02-2021 03:30