front yard frank (@damnitshaheen1)
21-01-2021 07:48
texting and driving is 100x more dangerous than drunk driving
21-01-2021 07:47
sometimes i’m philosophical when i’m wasted
21-01-2021 07:26
small minds don’t see it until there’s large bread
21-01-2021 03:01
y’all still in the point proven phase
21-01-2021 02:59
slowed myself down too many times to help folks who held me up down the line
21-01-2021 02:59
RT @nocb205: Kamala Harris' nephew-in-law wore Dior 1s to the inauguration??
21-01-2021 02:30
RT @desusnice: flo rida performing "low" at the inauguration would've united the nation
20-01-2021 18:49
either you makin plays or you in the way
20-01-2021 18:48
RT @dril: dont know why everyones up my ass over this. i didnt say she smells like urine, i said she has the energy of someone who smells l…
20-01-2021 18:13
RT @bestinsio: what’s the chillest way to ask someone why they arent in love with you
20-01-2021 17:33
RT @northstardoll:
18-01-2021 18:52
RT @CaucasianJames: it’s not that bad
18-01-2021 18:49
vencer o morir
17-01-2021 21:59
RT @realnealthedeal: Somebody gets it
17-01-2021 20:13
RT @dril: for like 8 months i thought covid was one of those joke diseases where you ask "what's covid" and the other guy tells tou to suck…
17-01-2021 18:12
since a jit stood tall
17-01-2021 10:21
RT @danibelmontes1: why is everyone talking about the 14th of february ??? what’s going on
16-01-2021 17:46
i was nothing at all
16-01-2021 10:33
if god don’t like ugly why should i
15-01-2021 20:06
first rule when pushing forward is never look back again
15-01-2021 19:57
RT @Ayodelefx: Me trying not to zone out while someone is talking to me.
15-01-2021 18:12
RT @tamagotchimilf: post-long-sea-voyage dick was probably fucking unreal
15-01-2021 08:37
RT @plantjoys: I made a visual representation of what this male lesbian erotica writer was thinking of
15-01-2021 01:34
15-01-2021 01:30
RT @zrf47:
15-01-2021 01:29
RT @MIA_mea_:
15-01-2021 01:29
RT @SupremeDreams_1: How Lebron was when he found out James Harden went to the Nets 🏀🤣💀
15-01-2021 01:29
RT @aunomdelart: I can’t stop watching this artwork.
14-01-2021 22:36
RT @ShanonBrianna: I can’t unsee it.
14-01-2021 20:42
RT @MiraPitaaa: JAIL!! 💀
14-01-2021 19:18
morray sounds like what rod wave was supposed to sound like
14-01-2021 19:13
RT @nahimdifferent: the damn shawty ok drawing just wanted top now he buying plants and adopting cats
14-01-2021 18:36
14-01-2021 17:34
RT @ilNeroBack: “Ur password weak” well so is my memory so pls let me keep it
14-01-2021 09:52
RT @ceraliza: i did not peak in high school, in fact I was ugly the entire time i was there
14-01-2021 07:40
RT @downbadpatrol:
14-01-2021 07:39
14-01-2021 03:45
i need a rim shot
14-01-2021 03:45
RT @ComplexMusic: A sequel to MF DOOM and Madlib's classic project 'Madvillainy' could be on the way:…
14-01-2021 00:27
RT @JimMFelton: Super Mario failing to fix his VCR
14-01-2021 00:27
RT @xylo__phone:
14-01-2021 00:26
RT @ABsmoove: That dude’s fitted cap is insane.
13-01-2021 20:01
RT @OGyellakydd: "it's quack round here nigga, fuck is that coocooo shit?"
13-01-2021 18:59
RT @jessicashortall: ✅
13-01-2021 18:31
RT @ScamNewton64: gordon ramsey only be funny cause that nigga not talking to me
13-01-2021 18:31
RT @ZoumaIdini: “WTF your dick is so small💀” says the bitch with literally no penis???
13-01-2021 18:26
RT @aust_inpain:
13-01-2021 18:06
RT @carterhambley: so apparently it’s still a dui even if youre the birthday boy
13-01-2021 17:54
RT @preblondedaang: i like ppl who both hate themselves with a burning passion and think they could effortlessly surpass god at the exact s…
13-01-2021 17:52
RT @irish1stslaves: adult twins are cringe. no one’s impressed anymore dipshits
13-01-2021 17:51
RT @ILoveJameson30: When men get to the point of when pussy don’t move them. Those are the men these women do not like. Because now they go…
13-01-2021 01:40
RT @mariaisabelsev: “sorry im just feeling weird today” little do they know i have been feeling weird since 2006
12-01-2021 22:39
RT @elonmusk:
12-01-2021 19:37
RT @lincnotfound: more bans
12-01-2021 18:19
a womp’ll do ya
12-01-2021 02:01
i need more homies in dallas proper
12-01-2021 02:00
RT @StephenPunwasi: Elon Musk is now worth $208 billion. You want to know how he did it? He skipped 34.67 billion lattes. It's that easy.
12-01-2021 00:44
RT @userjaymes: shitting and pissing all over my toilet before the bros come over so they know i’m still straight
11-01-2021 23:58
RT @777jorgeivan: I only been in 2 relationships my whole life y’all mfs be dating anybody😭
11-01-2021 21:19
RT @topshuur: Why on earth would u say “half a dozen” when u can literally say “six”
11-01-2021 20:57
RT @TheIDSmiths: My brain every time I get a slight headache
11-01-2021 18:37
RT @asantethetoad: gm
11-01-2021 18:37
yo boyfriends an alcoholic but gucci a reefa chiefa
10-01-2021 17:12
RT @barronjohn1946: Hello I am brand new to Twitter, what are you guys up to
09-01-2021 10:07
RT @TompOfficial:
08-01-2021 23:55
RT @badgirIkiki:
08-01-2021 23:21
RT @DTXslicc: I made one Yall lol
08-01-2021 22:45
RT @jaboukie: silk road eastern european vendors in 200BCE receiving a new shipment of rice
08-01-2021 20:41
today i’m feeling boojee where the wine at
08-01-2021 20:40
she likes it chopped not slopped
08-01-2021 19:51
mfs at a dispensary will look you in the eye with a straight face and tell you it’s $500 for the zip
08-01-2021 19:43
RT @CallMeCra_Z: Niggas be like... “You got a good one bruh, stick with her” nigga are you in love wit my bitch??!!
08-01-2021 18:35
RT @marie_phalange: @rishipuff they think this shit is coming lol
08-01-2021 01:43
RT @KeshY0U: Princess Peach introducing herself to Bowser
08-01-2021 01:16
RT @Luiseach: hahahaha he wore his work lanyard to a coup
07-01-2021 21:12
RT @SyTheLocDon: I’m not surprised America
07-01-2021 19:45
RT @jaboukie: they trying to say the DC coup is antifa knowing damn well none of them have blue hair
07-01-2021 19:11
knowing when to act the fool will get you so far in life
07-01-2021 19:00
RT @aaronotsosteezy:
07-01-2021 18:58
RT @Tichavakunda: We in a panny...barely got a the beginning of a...civvy?
07-01-2021 18:56
RT @AJ_Jeremiah: instagram tomorrow
07-01-2021 18:09
RT @B__Hen: McGraw-Hill gotta be overwhelmed making these new history books
07-01-2021 05:33
07-01-2021 05:31
if she try to make me facetime i’m blocking her
06-01-2021 18:59
RT @avantnard: bad romance? nah me and my boys have a rad bromance
06-01-2021 18:49
RT @desusnice: brace yourself, we're going to see a piece of artwork that has MF DOOM, kobe, rbg, and john lewis looking down lovingly at s…
06-01-2021 18:20
RT @FreddieGibbs: Everyday U don’t wake up like this is a good day.
06-01-2021 18:01
RT @platini954: Take me back. 😭😭😭
05-01-2021 22:16
RT @CurrenSy_Spitta: Man I made the fuck out that sandwich.... like I wanna make another but I don’t think I could recreate that miracle I…
05-01-2021 22:14
RT @partyhardyfardi: If you're living in fear you might as well be dead
05-01-2021 20:41
RT @1charvo:
05-01-2021 18:27
RT @RexChapman: In case you’ve never seen two giraffes fighting...
05-01-2021 18:24
RT @tiddyaddict: high asf my dog bout to make me have a panic attack what the hell do i do 😩
05-01-2021 18:24
RT @cryb0i: this is how it all started
05-01-2021 18:10
RT @BelongsToBoston: Homophobia is a deal breaker in people that can even speak to me, much less date.
05-01-2021 18:08
RT @FreddieGibbs: I want all my fat homies to have a race on my birthday.
05-01-2021 18:07
RT @StrappedHH: These projects are all turning 10 this year... Tyler the Creator - Goblin Drake - Take Care Mac Miller - On and On Beyon…
05-01-2021 13:45
RT @peterxinping: When You Listen To NBA Youngboy Discography In One Sitting
05-01-2021 13:03
RT @obiquawn: my dentist say i’m grinding even in my sleep
05-01-2021 12:54
RT @thisyearsgurl: getting physically sick at the thought of linear time
05-01-2021 12:42
RT @waterbxby:
05-01-2021 04:07
indian food is so fucking fire
05-01-2021 04:05
RT @asia_theeog: 😭😭😭
04-01-2021 21:25
when you’re up, it’s never as good as it seems. and when you’re down, you never think you’ll be up again. but life goes on
04-01-2021 21:24
04-01-2021 20:24
RT @diorkenn: bitches wanna be around you for character development.
04-01-2021 07:41
RT @comradec0re: going cashless is classist and it hurts our unhoused neighbors
03-01-2021 23:46
RT @solisolsoli: Scream of the art
03-01-2021 20:16
RT @Gen_8_Ju: That’s how half of them Nipsey drawings looked
03-01-2021 20:16
RT @moshahrulfitri: No more tears😭😭😭☝🏾
03-01-2021 20:16
RT @nbj1k: this is da one
03-01-2021 19:11
RT @jiggyjayy2: Your partner needs a life outside of you and vice versa.
03-01-2021 19:06
RT @rmvnda: Odd future had mfs screaming “free earl” cause that nigga got sent to boarding school lmaoooooimmfsoooooo
03-01-2021 10:52
RT @jzux: hey my girlfriend saw you from across the bar and we hate your vibe. she’s gonna beat the shit out of you
03-01-2021 10:17
RT @katiemedleyy: just found out 57 is divisible by 19 i am SICK TO MY STOMACH
02-01-2021 23:04
RT @sh4diia:
02-01-2021 20:26
never killed nothing, you just wait on it to die first
02-01-2021 20:25
RT @skinny_que: Nvm, stay where you at.
02-01-2021 20:25
RT @downbadpatrol:
02-01-2021 20:24
life is just a fight against your disbeliefs
02-01-2021 20:23
could help em out but nah fuck it let em suffer
02-01-2021 19:16
RT @JLerma14: Bruh you can’t be serious right now 😂 pray for west Dallas 🙏🏽
02-01-2021 18:17
RT @gambinoo94: tiktok is ruthless
02-01-2021 17:44
RT @2ksIut: when a bad hoe ask for a pen
02-01-2021 17:44
what am i doin all this for
02-01-2021 17:30
sweet like purple fanta
02-01-2021 17:24
RT @jackharlow: My New Years resolution is no more ejaculating. 💯 I’m prepared to go the length of the year without a single orgasm.
02-01-2021 10:53
someone said they wouldn’t even post their girl on insta if she went missing 💀
02-01-2021 10:52
i just can’t sit around broke
02-01-2021 09:58
i need that my brother 😔
01-01-2021 19:54
RT @dans_nld: Have scissors Twitter started telling us how many people they’re cutting off yet??
01-01-2021 19:00
RT @BarkyBoogz: We calling Halloween “DOOMSDAY” now? I’m w/ the movement
01-01-2021 18:56
01-01-2021 18:02
i know exactly who i am, you mfs lost
01-01-2021 18:01
see a million cash and you gonna talk different
01-01-2021 17:55
fuck a bad bitch and you gon walk different
01-01-2021 17:55
mf just shot a shotgun in the air in my neighborhood 💀💀💀
01-01-2021 11:40
money all around me make me feel like that goldlink track
01-01-2021 11:39
RT @Thundercat: thank you for everything DOOM.
01-01-2021 11:36
living on borrowed time the clock ticks faster
01-01-2021 11:33
RT @tylerthecreator: safe travels villain
01-01-2021 11:06
31-12-2020 22:08
RT @QuestMalloy: Why CNN withholding her name but blasting the black kids name all over the internet?
31-12-2020 21:46
31-12-2020 21:24
i need more friends on CH
31-12-2020 20:35
RT @downbadpatrol:
31-12-2020 19:57
i love you all and there’s nothing you can do about it
31-12-2020 19:48
2021 i’m not changing anything, i’m the shit
31-12-2020 19:36
RT @HeyOcho_:
31-12-2020 19:02
RT @ceeeeejayyyyyy: stimmy turner
31-12-2020 19:02
fuck pretty, i’m gorgeous
31-12-2020 18:58
RT @skinny_que: I made one.
31-12-2020 17:54
RT @LilBibby_: A wise man once said nothing, Move in silence...
31-12-2020 03:00
RT @LeviDoe: @damnitshaheen1 the person who waters it
31-12-2020 02:48
RT @metalgearobama: Reading Mein Kampf and shaking my head the whole time so the people on the bus know I disagree with it
31-12-2020 02:33
whats a plug if you can’t keep money flowing
31-12-2020 02:27
judge a man by his character and not by his wealth
31-12-2020 02:24
whats more important: the flower or the soil that grow it
31-12-2020 02:23
then selling candy and gum in middle school
31-12-2020 02:18
my first hustle was selling origami in elementary school
31-12-2020 02:17
RT @hashjenni: Sorry I ghosted you I wanted to die
31-12-2020 02:12
31-12-2020 01:24
@PayDarel broke boys 2k20 😔
31-12-2020 01:24
my mom and sister raised me to be a gentleman but these girls stay testing me 😭
31-12-2020 01:23
RT @SaeedDiCaprio: @bocxtop As a matter of fact I will GIVE the government $2000. This would only put me in a position where I can grow men…
31-12-2020 00:14
RT @iAintHarden: She 16x all NBA ?
30-12-2020 22:58
liberals love virtue signaling
30-12-2020 22:49
effortless style
30-12-2020 22:40
RT @jeremysmiles: idk the "I'm Just a Bill" sequel is way too dark for me
30-12-2020 20:10
RT @kingCONQUER_: I made one... cuz btchs hang with anybody 😂😅😂😅
30-12-2020 20:10
@realnealthedeal smh
30-12-2020 20:05
can’t relapse off these drugs
30-12-2020 20:05
30-12-2020 19:59
raise the bar like exotic prices
30-12-2020 19:31
welp XRP is done for 😭
30-12-2020 18:39
RT @Sandernista412: If I were Bernie Sanders I would just punch every senator in the face until they all agreed to give us 2000 dollars.
30-12-2020 17:59
RT @desusnice: the bible is jesus onlyfans page. be blessed.
30-12-2020 16:43
RT @KAASHMYCHECKS: You can double text me I like bugaboos
30-12-2020 09:00
when it come to beef i get diabolical
30-12-2020 08:09
RT @desusnice: that first trial where they play audio from clubhouse as evidence is gonna be wild
30-12-2020 03:14
@_la_fia @Big_Eazy65 y’all are both racist
30-12-2020 02:18
RT @StevenAvocado: when you don’t let the pizza rolls cool off
30-12-2020 01:26
RT @solisolsoli: Details of Statue
30-12-2020 01:09
@_la_fia 🆗
30-12-2020 01:07
all my homies hate mitch mcconnell
29-12-2020 23:03
RT @FREEDDDEM: Ravioli ravioli give me the stimuoli
29-12-2020 23:01
@_la_fia guess
29-12-2020 22:45
liv.e is the new badu
29-12-2020 22:36
RT @omarruizz10: When Bad Bunny said “A ti te doy hasta la clave de mi cel” I skipped that shit
29-12-2020 22:32
RT @realnealthedeal: I got partners & patnas
29-12-2020 20:17